This Week - St. Mary Star of the Sea


This Week - St. Mary Star of the Sea
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 21, 2016
This Week’s Schedule:
Current Weekend, August 20 and 21:
4:00 pm Mass, Hammond – Wayne Olmscheid (Gordon &
Darlene Story)
8:30 am Mass – Bridget Leigh Grant (Jerry & Cathy Olson)
10:30 am Mass – Nancy Dunkin and Mary Nerenberg
1:00 pm Spanish Mass – Our Parish Family
Tuesday, Aug 23
8:00 am Mass – Bill Wilson (Jim and Barbara Larkins)
Wednesday, Aug 24
8:00 am Mass – Tim Buchman (Lori Buchman)
After Mass ~ 6:00 pm – Adoration
5:00 pm – Reconciliation
Thursday, Aug 25
12 Noon – Souls in Purgatory (Matthew & Deidre Herman)
Friday, Aug 26
8:00 am – Bud & Bonnie Manning (Lori Buchman)
Saturday, Aug 27
4:00 pm Mass, Hammond – Bill Wilson (Jim & Barbara
Sunday, Aug 28 – 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
8:30 am Mass – Issac Anderson (Greg & Lisa McIntosh)
10:30 am Mass – Richard V. Kearney (Molly, Patrick & Bob
1:00 pm Spanish Mass – Our Parish Family
 Parish Offertory 
Sunday, August 14, 2016
Online Giving:
22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 28, 2016
1st Reading: Sirach 3:17-18, 20, 28-29
2nd Reading: Hebrews 12:18-19, 22-24a
Gospel: Luke 14:1, 7-14
Liturgy: The Work of the Church
On Sunday August 28 we will use the 4 week schedule:
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:
8:30 am – Judy Dugan, Teela Evans, Ed Johnson, Bob &
Rosann Karby
10:30 am – Barbara Donlon, Toni Mitchum, Ray Prom, Greg
& Christine Riehl
4:00 pm, Hammond – Dolores Sharp
8:30 am – Cindy Van Arsdall
10:30 am – Ed Mosey
1:00 pm Spanish: Ramon Alcantar
Daily Masses (Aug 23~26) – Kathleen Mansfield
Hospitality Ministers:
8:30 am – Mike Wallis, Joel Guzman, and Steven Davis
10:30 am – Rivena Emonds, Barbara Donlon, Peter
Alcobendas, and Gale Scobie
Altar Servers:
8:30 am – Maria and Annie Heyen
10:30 am – Jose Romero, Owen Bergman, and Thayne
Church Cleaning: Sunday, August 28 – Group 4 and
Sunday, September 4 – Group 1
PLAY, have FUN & maybe take home
some CASH!
TONIGHT at 6:00 pm in the Auditorium
FREE Popcorn, Bottled Water & Coffee
Hosted by
William J. Leahy Council 1307
Knights of Columbus
Summer Office Hours:
During July and August, the office will close at noon
on Fridays. Normal 8:30 am – 4 pm office hours will
be maintained the rest of the week.
Durante julio y agosto, la oficina estará cerrada al
mediodía del viernes. El horario normal de 8:30 a 4
de la tarde se mantendrá el resto de la semana.
Bulletin announcements should be submitted by 12 noon on
Wednesday to the Parish Office or Amy’s e-mail for the following
Mass announcements should be submitted in writing by Friday
noon to the Parish Office or Fr. Ben’s e-mail. Also, speakers
need to be arranged in advance and must speak at all the
weekend Masses.
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 21, 2016
Fr. Ben’s Message:
Youth Faith Formation
Thank you for your survey responses. I am still
reading them and compiling the results.
The response to the Youth Faith Formation survey
was too small to conclude anything.
This week the readings speak of all nations coming
together to see God’s glory. In our recent Olympic
experience, we witnessed the nations coming together
to compete and test their skills against one another.
The world is not perfect, but we can come together.
Our inspirational quote comes from
Rosy Doyle will speak at all
Masses next weekend and we will
also begin registration for classes
and Sacraments.
K-6th grade begins Thursday, September 22nd
7th & 8th grade begins Sunday, Sept 25th, 6-7:30 pm
*Registration forms are available in the vestibule
throughout the month of September or at the parish
Gift Bearers are needed at all masses!
(especially at the 8:30 Mass)
We are in need of people to sign up to
bring the gifts forward during the
Preparation time. Please sign up on the
calendar in the vestibule.
Six ethics of life
Before you Pray – Believe
Before you speak – Listen
Before you spend – Earn
Before you write – Think
Before you quit – Try
Before you die – Live
Congratulations to Brady &
Stefanie McLaughlin who
received the Sacrament of
Marriage on Saturday,
August 6th!
Fr. Ben
Vacation Bible School – VBS
Parish Picnic Weekend Mass
Begins tomorrow, Aug 22nd
Pray for our youth, teachers and volunteers;
that God may bless them abundantly.
Thank you to our coordinator’s Carla
Banducci and Jessica Jones. Next Sunday at
the 10:30 Mass the youth
will share what they
Schedule –
Sunday, September 11th
No Vigil Mass
8:30 a.m. Mass at Star of the Sea
11:00 a.m. Mass at St. Francis de Sales
in Hammond with the Parish Picnic
Thanks to a generous parishioner, we
met our ACA goal of $24,547.00!
~May God Bless You~
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 21, 2016
Ministry Help is needed for
Parish Picnic Mass:
Sunday, Sept 11th at 11:00 am at St. Francis
de Sales Mission. Please call Amy to
3 altar servers  2 Lectors  Gift Bearers
5 Eucharistic Ministers  4 Hospitality Ministers
St. Vincent de Paul
Pantry needs - Tuna, Top Ramen, Soup
In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us to “strive to
enter through the narrow gate.” Our call to be
disciples and to follow Jesus demands that we
learn to live for the sake of others.
With love for your neighbors who have
nothing, your gift will to the Society of St.
Vincent de Paul will help provide food to the
Hours: Tuesdays 1 - 3 pm, Fridays & Saturdays 10 am - 12 Noon
SVDP is an equal opportunity provider
Saturday, September 10, 2016
Register & more information online at:
Time: 5:00 pm
Location: Ft. Stevens State Park (Peter
Iredale Shipwreck in Warrenton)
Entry Fee: $40 – Includes shirt, Subway
sandwich and Ft. George beer (21 & over)
Thank you St. Francis Mission
for being a sponsor!
Thank you to the following business for their
continued support of our parish bulletins:
A Coastal Lock-N-Key
Astoria, Oregon
SVDP is looking for
volunteers to work the
second Friday and second
Saturday of each month in
our food pantry, it’s a great
way to put your faith in
action as you experience the joy of helping
others. For more information please
contact Lorrie (503) 325-4640 or
[email protected]
St. Mary’s in Seaview Mass Change:
SUNDAYS: 9:00 am
(Moves to 11:15 am in October)
Welcome to our Parish Family!
Bienvenidos a nuestra familia parroquial
~ Filadelfo López, Oralia Néstor y Familia ~
~ Brittany Boehler ~
XXI Domingo
21st Sunday
in Ordinary
de Agosto
del 2016
21, 2016
 Liturgia: El trabajo de la iglesia 
El 28 de Agosto vamos a utilizar el programa de la semana 4:
Ministros Extraordinarios de la Sagrada Comunión:
Nombre: ________________
Nombre: ________________
Nombre: Ramón Alcantar
Nombre: José Goicochea
Recolectores de ofrendas:
Nombre: Rodrigo Palacios and Fidel Palacios
Nombre: Sagrario Diego, Verónica Valdez & Selin Palacios
Si usted está interesado póngase en contacto con
José Goicochea al tel.: 503-325-3671
Mensaje del Padre Ben:
Gracias por sus respuestas a la encuesta. Todavía
estoy leyendo y juntando los resultados.
La respuesta a la encuesta de formación de fe de los
jóvenes es demasiado pequeña para concluir
cualquier cosa.
Esta semana las lecturas hablan de todas las Naciones
que se reúnen para ver la gloria de Dios. En nuestra
reciente experiencia olímpica, fuimos testigos de las
Naciones que se reúnen para competir y probar sus
habilidades contra otro. El mundo no es perfecto,
pero podemos juntarnos.
Nuestra cita inspiradora proviene de
6 éticas de la vida
Se necesita ayuda de ministerios
parroquiales para la Misa del día de
Domingo 11 de septiembre a las 11:00 en la
misión de St. Francis de Sales. Por favor
llame a Amy para ser voluntario.
3 Monaguillos  2 Lectores  Alguien para
llevar las ofrendas 
5 Ministros Extraordinarios de la Sagrada
Comunión  4 Ministros de Hospitalidad
Horario de Misas del fin de semana
del día de Campo parroquial –
El Domingo, 11 de septiembre
No abra misa de vigilia el sábado, 10 de
septiembre, en Hammond
Tendremos misa de las 8:30 de la
mañana en St. Mary
Tendremos misa a las 11:00 de la
mañana en Hammond y después de la
misa continuaremos con el día de campo
afuera de la iglesia.
Antes de orar – Cree
Antes de hablar – Escucha
Antes de gastar – Gánalo
Antes de escribir – Piensa
Antes de dejar de hacerlo – Trata de hacerlo
Antes de morir - Vive
Padre Ben
Las clases de biblia de verano – VBS
Mañana, 22 de agosto
Orar por nuestros jóvenes, maestros y voluntarios;
que Dios les bendiga abundantemente. Gracias a
nuestra coordinadora Carla Banducci y Jessica Jones.
El próximo domingo a las 10:30 tendremos misa
con los jóvenes ellos compartirán lo que
Por favor reunirse en el auditorio a las 9 de la mañana!
Formación de fe para los jóvenes
Doyle Rosy hablará en todas las
Misas el próximo fin de semana y
también se iniciará el registro
para las clases y los sacramentos.
Grados K – 6 comenzará el jueves 22 de septiembre
Grados 7 y 8 comenzará el domingo 25 de septiembre,
de 6-7:30 de la noche
* Los formularios de inscripción estarán disponibles en el
vestíbulo durante todo el mes de septiembre o en la oficina

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