Typhoon Relief Collection


Typhoon Relief Collection
1201 Alma Dr., Plano, TX 75075 (Parish) 1105 West 15th St., Plano TX 75075 (Office)
Church: 972-423-5600
Fax: 972-423-5024
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 9AM-4PM; Friday 9AM-12PM
Fr. Clifford G. Smith, Pastor • Fr. Jack Hopka, Parochial Vicar • Fr. Lauro González, M.N.M, Parochial Vicar
Deacon Shawn French • Deacon Ed Putonti • Deacon Juan Jorge Hernandez• Deacon Dominic T. Hoang
PARISH MANAGER: Deacon Gregg Kahrs & Melissa Humason • PASTOR’S ASSISTANT/OFFICE MANAGER: Cathie Seibold • SAFE ENVIRONMENT: Connie Istas
YOUTH MINISTRY: 972-578-9583
DIRECTOR: Megan McQuaid
ADMIN. ASSIST: Cristina Ochoa
CO-DIRECTORS: George & Judy Clark
ADMIN. ASSIST: Delma Brennan
FAITH FORMATION: 972-423-4715
FORMATION: Debbie Betz
RICA & AFF (Spanish) Coordinator:
Sr. Esther M. Guerrero, mcdp
FF COORDINATOR: Ruth Sanchez (Bilingual)
CHOIRS & MUSIC: 972-423-6041
PRINCIPAL: Suzanne Bacot
PRESCHOOL COORDINATOR: Toni Jobes 972-423-7926
Coordinator: Kenton Kravig
ADMIN. ASSIST: Christine Carrington
Adult Community: Candy Butcher 972-578-9293
Charismatic Prayer Group (CCR On Fire): Dan Garcia 972-750-1809
Communion to Home Bound: Parish Office 972-423-5600
ENDOW: Family & Adult Ministry 972-424-5794
Eucharistic Adoration: Kathy Keenan 972-596-8550
Fuente de Vida: Pedro García 214-536-4039
Liturgy Coordinator: Marilou Hernandez 972-985-0732
Communion Ministers: Mary Jane Heiting 972-664-0188
Lectors: Jack Carlisle 972-549-0740
Ushers: Sandy Ptacek 972-424-6507
Altar Servers: Kathi & Parker Thompson 972-965-0563
Military Support Group: Andy & Ellen Ray 972-334-0255
Mom’s Group: Teresa Knode 972-437-9277
Mujer a Mujer: Viviana Olmos 214-809-4538
Nursery Coordinator: Judy Lyons 972-423-5600
Pastoral Council: Julius Chambers 972-881-7015
Pro-Life: JoAnn Murray 972-442-1127
Provida Ministry: Silvia Caballero 972-916-8345
Renovación Carismática Católica: Evelyn Colón 214-636-0282
Rosary Group: Lore Profaizer 972-424-7326
Rosary Makers: Margaret Woollett 214-808-8277
Rosario Biblico:Olivia Rojas 972-985-0051
Rosario Tradicional: Pilar de la Torre 214-745-9831
Women of St. Mark: Dorette Putonti 972-898-0421
Boy Scouts: Ron Imel 972-423-3500
Catholic Daughters: Mary Cieslewicz 817-995-2928
Cub Scouts: Michael Karicher 479-769-0207
Cursillos: Nancy Saucedo 972-989-1531
Families of Nazareth: Miles & Claudine Humphries 972-423-8834
Knights of Columbus #6065: 469-450-6651
Ladies Auxiliary: Alice Alt 972-423-9450
Marian Movement & Mother Thrice
Admirable Schoenstatt:
Josephine: 972-867-2192
Marguerite: 972-424-9779
Marriage Encounter: Ed & Ann Cabrera 972-424-3885
Movimiento Familiar Cristiano: Pedro & Jackeline Sanchez 214-994-6151
Homeschooling: Janet Moos 972-213-6437
St. Mark Home & School Assn: Theresa Meyers 469-939-7729
St. Mark School Advisory Council: Bill Wray 214-912-2722
St. Vincent De Paul: 972-423-1877
That Man is You: Bryan Quarrles 972-359-0185
[email protected]
BAPTISM: English classes are held the 1st Saturday of each month from 9:30 to 12:30 PM. Call the Family & Adult Ministry Office for registration
form. CLASSES MAY BE TAKEN BEFORE THE BABY IS BORN. Baptisms are held the 2nd and 4th Saturday at 3:45 in English.
RECONCILATION: Wednesdays: 6:30-8PM; & Fridays: 4:30-5:15 PM Saturdays: 3:30-5PM, also by appointment.
MARRIAGE: Contact the Family & Adult Ministry Office at least 6 months prior to the wedding date.
ANOINTING OF THE SICK: 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month at 8:30 AM Mass or call the parish office and request a priest.
VOCATIONS & CONSECRATED LIFE: Call Fr. John Szatkowski (214-379-2860)
BAUTISMO: Para niños menores de 7 años las pláticas pre-bautismales son el 3er sábado de cada mes. Es requisito inscribirse en la oficina del
Ministerio de Familias y Adultos. Los bautizos son el 2º y 4º sábado del mes. Para niños de 7 años o mayores llame a la oficina de Formación de Fe.
CONFESIONES: Viernes a las 4:30-5:15PM y sábados: 3:30-5PM.
MATRIMONIO: Favor de llamar a la oficina del Ministerio de Familias y Adultos para hacer una cita. Se requieren 6 meses de anticipación.
UNCIÓN DE LOS ENFERMOS: 1° y 3er sábado del mes en la Misa de las 8:30AM en Ingles, último miércoles del mes en la misa de las 7:30PM en
español o llame a la oficina.
ORDENES SAGRADAS y LA VIDA CONSAGRADA: Llame al P. John Szatkowski (214-379-2860)
NOVEMBER 24, 2013
Saturday ‐ Sábado (11/23) 8:30 AM  John Collins 5:30 PM  Agnes Briggs Sunday ‐ Domingo (11/24) Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe 2 Sm 5:1‐3 Ps 122 Col 1:12‐20 Lk 23:35‐43 7:30 AM  Jim Hogan 9:00 AM  Remedios Gallardo 10:30 AM People of St. Mark 12:00 PM  Maura Lara 1:30 PM  José Ignacio Aguilar
3:00 PM  María Eugenia García 4:30 PM  John Collins 6:00 PM  Milagros Barcenas Monday ‐ Lunes (11/25) St Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr Dn 1:1‐6, 8‐20; Dn 3; Lk 21:1‐4 6:30 AM  John Collins 8:30 AM  Jim Hogan Tuesday ‐ Martes (11/26) Dn 2:31‐45; Dn 3; Lk 21:5‐11 6:30 AM  John Collins 8:30 AM  Charles & Adeline Wacha Christ the King Today we celebrate Christ the King and are reminded that all was created through Him and for Him. Does my stewardship of the blessings entrusted to me give evidence that Christ is Lord of my life? Cristo el Rey Hoy celebramos la fiesta de Cristo el Rey y senos recuerda que todo fue crado a través de Él y para Él. ¿Da evidencia mi administración de las bendiciones confiadas a mí de que Cristo es Senor de mi vida? NOVEMBER 17 COLLECTION Weekend Collection $ 42,210 DEBT REDUCTION Weekly Mailed in Donations $ 2,423 Weekly Donations $ 344 Online Donations $ 1,152 Total for 2013 $ 58,629 Wednesday ‐ Miércoles (11/27) 6:30 AM  Linda Antro Dn 5:1‐6, 13‐14, 16‐17, 23‐28; Dn 8:30 AM  Esteban Egea 3; Lk 21:12‐19 7:30 PM  Luis Bravo Thursday ‐ Jueves (11/28) Dn 6:12‐28; Dn 3; Lk 21:20‐28 9:00 AM  Rev. John Hennessy 10:30 AM  Peter Nguyen Friday ‐ Viernes (11/29) Dn 7:2‐14; Dn 3; Lk 21:29‐33 6:30 AM  Ronald Honore 8:30 AM  John Collins 5:30 PM  Jim Hogan Saturday ‐ Sábado (11/30) St Andrew, Apostle Rom 10:9‐18; Ps 19; Mt 4:18‐22 8:30 AM  Betty Stewart 5:30 PM  Jose Baetiong Total Collection $ 45,785 Attendance 6,671 Budget $ 55,000 Sanctuary Improvement Goal $ 250,000 Collections over budget for $ <39,195> Sanctuary Improvements fiscal year since 7/1/2013 $ 83,349 Constance Gorman is the winner of the children’s stewardship envelopes. SAFE ENVIRONMENT SESSIONS
Please call the Parish Office to add or remove someone from the list. Names will be listed for four weeks. John Paul II High School “Family of Faith” Tuesday, January 7 at 7PM Judy Ahr; Payton Ahr; Robert Ahr; Sofia Alvarado; Tom Anderson; Saturday, January 11 at 10AM Elvia Arias; Erica Arias; Raquel Ávila; Jerry Bonniol; Anthony Captino; Clemente Carroso; Marina Devlin; Michael Thomas Donovan; Deacon Bill Flynn; Real Giguere; Ronnie & Phillip THANKSGIVING DAY MASS
Jannetto; Mike Kabaj; Brenda Kinsella; Patricia Kozuch; Arny MISA DE ACCIÓN DE GRACIAS
Landry; Ellie Leonard; Jerry Lewallen; Judy Looney; David Luciano; Sydney Marquis; Margarita Mena; Victoria Mena; José 9:00AM Thanksgiving Day Mass (English) Luis Mendoza; Teresa Mercado; Rita Michael; Mike Murray; 10:30AM Misa de Acción de Gracias (Español) Persia Family; Carlyn Prince; Ray Rivera; Angel Reyes; Paulina Reyes; Francisco Rivera; María Sanchez; Anita Schoeneberger;
Scott Stimberman; Patricia Vigil; Sofia Ventura; Gustavo Vergara St. Vincent de Paul Society is in need of the
following items:
THE PARISH OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED NOV. 27, 28 & 29 FOR THE THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY. Tuna Fish, Spaghetti Sauce, Mac and Cheese, Chili, Peanut Butter, Jelly, diapers (newborn) and bed frames in any size. Place items in donation box located in the Narthex. Pick up of large items can be arranged by calling SVDP at 972‐423‐1877. LA OFICINA PARROQUIAL ESTARÁ CERRADA EL 27, 28 & 29 DE NOV. POR EL DÍA DE ACCIÓN DE GRACIAS. 2
Typhoon Relief Collection
A few weeks ago one of the most powerful storms ever recorded destroyed entire villages and devastated cities across the Philippines and Vietnam. Our church mourns the terrible suffering of our brothers and sisters affected by this powerful storm. St. Mark will take up a collection benefiting the victims of this tragedy the weekend of Nov. 30‐Dec. 1. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. CHRIST RENEWS HIS PARISH Men Apr 5‐6 Women Jan 18‐19 Weekend retreat provides an atmosphere for individual growth through prayer, inspiring presentations, and personal reflection. It is also an opportunity to share with others in the parish about the joys and challenges of living a Christian lifestyle in our family life, at work, with friends, and in society. CRISTO RENUEVA SU PARROQUIA Hombres abr 26‐27 Mujeres feb. 8‐9 El retiro provee un ambiente para crecimiento indi‐
vidual por medio de la oración, presentaciones conmovedoras, y reflexión. También es una oportunidad para compartir con otros en la parroquia sus alegrías y desafíos de vivir una vida Cristia‐
na en su vida familiar, en el trabajo, con amigos, y en la sociedad. Christ Renews His Parish
Annual CRHP Family Celebration
Bring the whole family!
4:30PM Bilingual Mass – Main Sanctuary Potluck Supper ‐ St. Mark Parish Center What to bring: (Dish to serve 12) English & Spanish Men: Meat dish Spanish Women: Side Dish/Salad English Women: Dessert Every Family: One liter bottle of your drink of choice WELLNESS CENTER FREE OFFER
The Plano Senior Center of Plano has been given a grant to offer free blood pressure and blood sugar testing to those 55 years and older. They will be at St. Mark on Dec. 2 to offer the screen‐
ing for no Cost. Call the St. Mark Family & Adult Ministry (972‐424‐5794) to schedule your screen‐
ing. It will be held in the St. Mark Parish Center and take less than 15 minutes.
Cristo Renueva su Parroquia
Celebración Anual Familiar de CRSP
Hoy Domingo!
¡Para toda la familia!
El Plano Senior Center ha otorgado exámenes gratuitos de Presión Arterial y Glucosa en la San‐
gre, para todas aquellas personas de 55 años de edad o mas. Estarán en St. Mark el 2 de Diciem‐
bre, para ofrecer los exámenes a ningún costo. Llame a la oficina de Familia y Adultos al teléfo‐
no 972‐424‐5794 para hacer una cita. Se llevará a cabo en el Centro Parroquial de St. Mark y tomará menos de 15 minutos. 4:30 PM Misa Bilingüe – En la Iglesia Cena para compartir – En el Salón Parroquial ¿Qué puedes traer? (Suficiente para 12 personas) Grupo de hombres en ingles y español: Comida principal Grupo de mujeres en español: Acompañamiento/Ensalada Grupo de mujeres en ingles: Postre Cada familia: Botella de refresco de 1 litro NEW DAY GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP begins on TV MASS FOR THE HOMEBOUND 9:00am on KPXD Channel 68 Prayer intentions from viewers, uplifting homilies, a Prayer for Spiritual Communion, and closed captioning make "My Sunday Mass" a time of spiritual comfort. January 16 and meets for 9 consecutive Thursdays, 7PM – 8:30PM, St. Mark Parish Center, 1105 W. 15th St. New Day is for any‐
one who has lost a loved one to death. Par‐
ticipants work through the tasks of grief in an atmosphere of caring and understanding. Cost: $20 (workbook). Registration required. For more information or to see the Mass online, visit www.MySundayMass.org TV or online liturgy does not meet the Sunday Mass obligation if you can come to church. Advent Book Sale
There will be books and materials on Advent for sale in the Narthex on December 8 after all the masses. Mark your calendars now and plan to stop by to get your Advent materials. Venta de Libros
Habrá una venta de libros de Adviento en el vestíbulo de la Iglesia el 8 de Diciembre des‐
pués de todas las misas. ¡Marquen sus calen‐
darios y no falten! 3
St. Mark Youth Group
For information, call the Youth & Young Adult Ministry office at 972‐578‐9583 or Karen Ptacek at 214‐215‐7231. 24 DE NOVIEMBRE DEL 2013
NOVEMBER 24, 2013
Council 6065
Happy Thanksgiving !
Assembly 2266
Happy Thanksgiving
The officers and members of both Council 6065 and Assembly 2266 of
the Knights of Columbus wish all parishioners a Happy Thanksgiving.
There will be no Elementary Faith Formation classes on Sunday, November 24; Wednesday, November 27; and Sunday, December 1st. Welcome to Council 6065
We welcome Anthony Migliacco, Thomas Stephens, Kevin Stitch and
Ronald Vehige to our Council. Anthony transferred from Council 1642 in
Freehold, New Jersey; Thomas is reapplying for membership and is
transferring from Council 665 in Effingham, Illinois; Kevin transferred
from Council 9903 in McKinney, Texas; and Ron is reapplying for membership from Council 6065. We look forward to seeing Anthony and his
wife Jean; Thomas; Kevin; and Ronald and his wife Elaine at many of
our future events.
A Family Thanksgiving Prayer God, our heavenly parent, look down with favor on the (Say Family Name) family on this Thanksgiving Day. Be with us as we share this wonderful meal. Bless those who have prepared this food and bless all of us assembled here today. We ask your blessing on loved ones who are not with us today. We thank you for all the blessings you have showered on us in the past year, especially: (Insert blessings). We also ask your blessing on our family, our friends, and our nation for the coming year. Make us truly grateful not just this day but on all our days. We ask this in Jesus’ name. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. (Adapted from Pflaum Publishing Group)
Knight of the Month
Congratulations to Tom Collingwood who
was named Knight of the Month for November. Tom was chosen for this honor because
of all his work with the people in Colorado
during the recent storms and subsequent
damage. It was through his personal
involvement that supplies were made
available to those in need in cities that were
isolated by the loss of roads, etc.
¡Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!
No habrá clases de Formación de Fe el domingo 24 de noviembre; Miércoles, 27 de noviembre, y el domingo, 1 de diciembre.
Family of the Month
Congratulations to the Chuck
Oración Familiar de Acción de Gracias Schumacher family who was
Dios, nuestro padre celestial, bendiga a la familia (Mencione el named Family of the Month for
November. Chuck and his wife
nombre familiar) en este Día de Acción de Gracias. Quédese con nosotros mientras compartimos esta maravillosa comida. Maryanne were selected because
of their work in the parish as
Bendiga a los que han preparado esta comida y a todos reunidos sacristans, their work on the
hoy. Le pedimos que bendiga a los seres queridos que no están Parish Festival committee and
con nosotros hoy. Le damos las gracias por todas las bendiciones que nos ha dado en el último año, en particular: (Mencione much more. They are both very involved with all parish events.
bendiciones). También le pedimos que bendiga a nuestra familia, Thank You Parishioners Blood Drive Results
amigos, y nación el próximo año. Haga que seamos verdadera‐
The Knights of Columbus and Carter Blood Care would like to thank all
mente agradecidos no sólo hoy, pero en todos nuestros días. Se parishioners who visited the Blood Drive a few weeks ago. We now
lo pedimos en nombre de Jesús. have the final results of your efforts. Our parishioners donated 41 units
En el nombre del Padre, y del Hijo, y del Espíritu Santo. Amén. of blood. An additional 5 donors were deferred. Included in that total
(Adaptado de Pflaum Publishing Group) were 14 new donors. Thank you all. Watch for our next blood drive
scheduled for early next year.
Information Night: December 2
All men who are interested in learning more about the Knights of Columbus are invited to attend an information night on Monday, December 2 at
7:30PM in McGivney Hall in the Parish Center. Spouses and fiancées
are also invited. You must be a practical Catholic man at least 18 years
old. This informal presentation will last approximately one hour. Please
call one of our Membership Chairmen, Armando Guerra at 214-272-3537
or Paul Krusac at 972-516-0659, if you will be attending. For general
information on joining the Knights, please see our website, www.kofc6065.org, or call our Grand Knight, Bill Butcher at 469-450-6651. On the
website, click on the “Want to Join Our Council or Get More Info?” button
on our Home Page and complete the form that is shown. You will be
contacted promptly. Much more information about the Council is also
available on the website.
PARISH LIBRARY Open Mon‐Thurs 9AM‐12PM & Wed. 3:30‐5PM Book Drop in 2nd Library door is open 24/7 DVD: Apostolic Fathers ‐ Handing on the Faith (Footprints of God Series) Guide for parents, grandparents, and caregivers: The Catholic Family in a Changing World by Fr. Robert J. Hater, Ph.D.
Leading us to Mary: Mary's Immaculate Heart ‐ A Way To God by Gabriel Allegra, O.F.M.
The beautiful altar flowers gracing our sanctuary this week are in memory of Deceased Knights of Columbus and were donated by The Knights of Columbus. 4
Youth & Young Adult Ministries News! ¡Noticias del Ministerio de Jóvenes & Jóvenes Adultos!
E-mail: [email protected]
Youth Grades 6-12
2013/2014 Faith Formation!
Registration by appointment only for grade 6‐12. Office Hours: Mon‐Thurs 10am‐6pm and Friday 10am‐2pm. Sunday, Nov. 24 Domingo 24 de Nov. •MS ‐10am, 12pm, 2pm & 4pm •HS ‐7pm to 9:30pm All sessions will meet in the Youth Center High School R.A.D. Night Tues., December 3,10 &17 7‐9PM in the Youth House Catechists Needed
We are looking for Catechists and Catechist Aids for the following sessions: Mon. at 7‐8:30PM, Wed. at 7‐9:30PM & Thurs. at 7PM Call or visit our office for more information Spirit Mass Sunday 6PM Our Office will be Closed Nov. 25‐29. We will reopen Dec. 1. Middle School Youth Group Social
Saturday, January 25 from 7‐9pm in Youth Center / cost: $5 Need Youth Ministry information form signed by parents. Azteca Dance Group High School Teens perform for the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe and other events. Contact Laura Salazar at [email protected] or Ar‐
mando Vazquez at 214‐916‐9027 St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Plano
Grand Opening! November 23, 2013
St. Vincent de Paul is excited to announce the opening of a Thrift Store in Plano. The Store is located at 3305 N. Central Express‐
way in The Ruisseau Village Center. It is at the NW corner of Parker and the Central Expressway in the same center as The Burlington Coat Factory. Please stop by the store and take a look at the many bargains available. You can also drop off your gently used merchandise at that location. Pick up is available for large items. Proceeds from the Thrift Store are used to provide aid to those most in need in the North Texas Community. Thank you for your continued generosity. All are welcome to an Advent Retreat presented by Fr. Jarek Zanienski & Fr. Tadeusz Kopcynski of the Families of Nazareth Movement and will include Conference, Eucharistic Adoration, Confession, & Holy Mass. Registration forms located in the Bethany Narthex rack. LOCAL 24 HOUR CRISIS LINE 972‐423‐7233 NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOT LINE 1‐800‐799‐SAFE (7233) EMERGENCIES: 911 El teléfono LOCAL para ayuda esta abierto las 24 horas del día 972‐423‐7233 El teléfono NACIONAL para ayudarle con asuntos de violencia domestica 1‐800‐799‐7233 En EMERGENCIAS, llame a 911 Date: Wed., Dec. 4, 2013 ‐ please register by Nov. 29 Time: 8:00 AM ‐ 12:15 PM Where: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish 2700 W. Spring Creek Pkwy. Plano, TX 75023 Cost: $10/person by Nov. 29 ‐ $15/person at the door Morning snack included in the registration fee. Contact: Claudine Humphries at [email protected] or 214‐236‐9916 www.familiesofnazareth.us Awaiting Christ teaches us to think like and love
His church as the Blessed Mother did.
NOVEMBER 24, 2013
If you have an extra vehicle you have been considering donating, please call Charity Motors Car Donation Program to donate your vehicle and designate the proceeds to ST. MARK CATHOLIC CHURCH. WHAT’S HAPPENING AT
Students Sharing their Time Talent and Treasure
Did you know the motto of St. Mark Catholic School is “Where Faith and Knowledge Meet” Students are truly putting their faith into action once again for the 2013/2014 school year. Students from Kindergarten through 8th grade are learning that by serving others, they are in fact serving God by participating in monthly school‐wide service projects. The year started off with many of the students volunteering their time and talents for the Parish Carnival in September. Students brought in canned food to fill the shelves of the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry during Octo‐
ber. This month, they are bringing in items to pack boxes for the deployed troops in the St. Michael Society. During December, each class will choose 2 or 3 names from the St. Mark Advent Tree and will provide them with joyful holiday gifts. Future pro‐
jects for 2014 will include collections and time given for other groups in need. In January students will participate in the Laps for Leukemia Walk. February collections will be for the Baylor Cancer Treatment Center giving goodie bags for patients under‐
going radiation and chemotherapy. In March, students will host a Respect Life Baby Shower and April they will collect items for Nursing Home patients. The school year will conclude with one final collection in May for the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry. If you see a student in a St. Mark uniform, thank them for giving their time, talent, and treasure to our Parish. You will receive a tax deduction while helping our church. For information, call 972‐242‐7489. Pray the Rosary after the 6:30am & 8:30am
Come pray with us for the Church, Government and the
salvation of souls. Benefits:  Gives us a perfect knowledge of Jesus Christ  Purifies our souls, washes away venial sin.  Gives us victory over all our enemies.  Makes it easy to practice virtue and enriches us with grace  Sets us on fire with love of Our Lord and Our Lady. We would like to inform you that tax‐free distributions to St. Mark from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) has been extended until December 31, 2013. 
The donor is at least age 70 1/2 at the time the gift is made. The charitable gift is made directly from an IRA to the charity. An individual can give a maximum of $100,000 in 2013. A spouse can give an equal amount from his/her IRA. Individuals can make as many gifts in any amount to as many charities as desired as long as the total does not exceed $100,000 for 2013. The gift qualifies as all or a portion of the Required Minimum Distribution. ST. MARK COLUMBARIUM: Niches are available. If you would like information or to purchase a niche, please call Cathie Seibold at 972‐423‐5600 ext. 222 to schedule an appointment. Brochures are available in the Narthex. COLUMBARIO DE ST. MARK: Los nichos del columbario de la parroquia están en venta. Para más información llame a Cathie Seibold al 972‐423‐5600. Folletos disponibles en el Narthex. 6
Come Home for Christmas
Do you know someone who has left the Church? Most of us don’t have to look very far to find someone in our circle of family and friends who is an inactive Catholic. We are concerned about these loved ones, but we don’t know how to help them. Many people can’t explain why they stopped com‐
ing to church except that life just got in the way. Some inactive Catholics bear a tremendous amount of guilt, legitimate anger, or misinformation, but they are afraid of rejection if they ap‐
proach the Church. For a variety of reasons, some may mistak‐
enly think they are unwelcome or feels excluded in the Catholic Church. Most non‐practicing Catholics are simply waiting for an invitation to return. If you or someone you know are thinking of coming home to the Catholic Church, we welcome you to come to a quiet place to ask your questions and voice your concerns. An initial private meet‐
ing will allow you to discuss any individual matters that you may have. You are not under any obligation to continue, but if you desire to come home again, you will have the opportunity to talk and be listened to; learn the up to date teachings of the Church; pray and socialize with other members of our parish family. If you would like to talk about this process, have questions, or would like additional information, please call Debbie Betz at 972‐423‐4715, ext. 232. The St. Mark Church choir will be singing the national anthem at the Allen American's game on January 4. As a member of St. Mark, you along with family and friends have the opportunity to take advantage of discounted seats to the game vs. Rapid City at 7:05pm (doors open at 6:05pm). All St. Mark seats will cost $14 (gate price will be $18). To purchase tickets visit: www.formstack.com/forms/?1578460‐0ARwKy4DYg Recycling Opportunity for St. Mark Community At St. Mark church, we have a recycling container behind the Smyth Pastoral Center. By placing your recyclables here, you can help both the environment and your parish. The church is reimbursed for collecting these materials YES! Please recycle these Paper and Cardboard products in the St. Mark recycling container: Brown paper bags, catalogs, junk mail, envelopes, paperback books, newspapers, magazine, greeting cards, wrapping paper and tissue paper and office paper (paperclips & staples are ok). ¡Ven a Casa esta Navidad!
¿Conoces a alguien que se ha alejado de la Iglesia? Immigration & Legal Services‐West Dallas Branch No tenemos que ver muy lejos para encontrar a 2843 Lapsley Street, Dallas TX 75212 alguien dentro de nuestra familia y amigos que es (214) 217‐5600 * By appointment Only un católico inactivo. Nos preocupan estos seres Hours of Operation: queridos, y no sabemos cómo ayudarles. Mucha M‐W & Friday 8am‐12noon and 1‐4pm gente no puede explicar porque dejaron de venir a la Iglesia, so‐
Thurs. 8am‐12noon and 1‐2pm lamente que la vida intervino. Por varias razones, algunos Closed SAT & SUN equivocadamente piensan que no son bienvenidos y se sienten excluidos de la Iglesia Católica. La mayoría de los católicos no Have your next event or celebration at the St. practicantes simplemente están esperando una invitación para Mark Parish Center… regresar. inside the Great Hall or McGivney Hall! These venues Tú puedes hacer una diferencia tremenda en la vida de alguien are perfect for weddings, quinceañeras, baby showers, simplemente diciéndoles que los extrañamos y nos gustaría que conferences, meetings, seminars and more. regresaran a nuestra familia de Iglesia. Si tú o alguien que tú conoces están pensando en regresar a casa, la Iglesia Católica, te DID YOU KNOW? invitamos a que vengas a un lugar silencioso para hacer tus There are two impressive venues available for rental? preguntas o cualquier inquietud que tengas. Una reunión privada Great Hall seats 320 ; McGivney Hall seats 125. For te permitiría dialogar cualquier asunto personal que tengas. Si information or to schedule a tour, please contact the deseas regresar a casa nuevamente, tendrás la oportunidad de parish office at 972­423­5600 or email at hablar y ser escuchado, aprender las últimas enseñanzas de la [email protected] .
Iglesia, orar y convivir con otros miembros de nuestra familia parroquial. Si te gustaría hablar de este proceso, tienes preguntas, o te gustaría más información, por favor de llamar a la New Members, Hermana Esther M. Guerrero al 972‐423‐4715 ext. 225. Gracias. We welcome you to share our life, worship and mission. Please register online at www.stmarkplano.org or ask and usher for a Altar Flower Honorariums registration form. Honorariums for the Altar Flowers are accepted. If you would like to dedicate the weekend flowers for a special intention, please contact the Parish Office at Listen to Catholic Radio KATH 910 AM 972­423­5600. Escucha Radio Católica KJON 850 AM 7
NOVEMBER 24, 2013
5th Annual Christmas Bazaar
Saturday, December 14th
Children who have been removed 9AM-4PM
from their homes and placed in the Bishop Lynch High School child welfare system because of abuse 9750 Ferguson Road at Peavy in Dallas and neglect rely on CASA of Collin County Volunteer Advocates to be their voice in court throughout their journey to a safe, lov‐
More than 75 area vendors are expected. They will feature one‐
ing, forever home. With staff support, volunteers work directly of‐a‐kind items such as home décor, clothing and accessories, with children and their families. These volunteers are the “eyes handbags, jewelry, religious articles, artwork, candles, kitchen and the ears” of the court, gathering invaluable information and wares, children's items, delightful goodies and much more. making impartial recommendations so that the best interest of Supporting The Bishop Lynch Brigade Drill Team each child is served. Please join with CASA of Collin County, FREE ADMISSION become a Volunteer Advocate and speak up on behalf of Raffle drawings all day children. It is an effort of time and heart. For more information visit casaofcollincounty.org For booth rental information please email [email protected] Ursuline Academy, an all‐girls college preparatory school for grades 9‐12, will host its annual Open House on Sunday, Nov. 24 from 3‐5PM. Students of all ages and their families are welcome. Visit www.ursulinedallas.org/openhouse for more information. Applications being accepted for the 2014-15
school year at Regina Caeli Academy- Dallas
RCA is a resource center in the Catholic tradition offering all academic and extra‐curricular classes for homeschoolers. Our mission is family‐centered, grounded in the Magesterium, and devoted to excellence in classical education. Serving PK3 ‐ 12th grade students, students attend university style classes using the Socratic method two days per week and are home schooled the remaining days. RCA provides a highly structured environment to support the values of the Catholic faith taught in the home. For more information: Kari Beckman, Executive Director at 404‐729‐1795 or visit our website www.reginacaeliacademy.org To arrange a tour, contact: Jorja Baumgarten @ 678.995.6848, Classes are held at Christ the King Knanaya Catholic Church 13565 Webb Chapel Rd. Dallas, TX 75234 Annual JWA Jesuit Christmas Bazaar
Saturday, December 7, 9AM-5PM
Shop for beautiful handcrafted jewelry, gorgeous clothing and accessories, art, crafts, handmade crosses and rosaries, delicious food items and more from over 100 vendors. Our incredible Bake Sale of homemade goodies will provide the perfect dessert for your holiday party or "special treat" for your favorite teacher! Santa will be available for photos 10am‐3pm, and there will be over 100 raffle items. 15th Annual Landregan Lecture December 7, 2013 | 7:30 PM Lynch Auditorium ‐ University of Dallas Drawing on his breadth of experiences as a Trinitarian theolo‐
gian and a U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Dr. Miguel Diaz will highlight the call for Catholics to listen to the world's needs, to offer a wealth of Catholic resources for the benefit of all, and to welcome human diversity along with what is good, beautiful and truthful to advance the common good. Come early and shop ‘til you drop at Jesuit College Preparatory School, 12345 Inwood Road, Dallas 75244. Admission is free. Now on Facebook! Check out & “LIKE” two pages for St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church & School St. Mark Catholic Church – Plano,TX St. Mark Catholic School – Plano,TX 8
Thank you for your
continued generosity
and support of our
mission to build God’s
You are a blessing!

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