July 5, 2015 - St. Mark the Evangelist


July 5, 2015 - St. Mark the Evangelist
1201 Alma Dr., Plano, TX 75075 (Parish) 1105 West 15th St., Plano TX 75075 (Office)
Church: 972-423-5600
Fax: 972-423-5024
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 9AM-4PM; Friday 9AM-12PM
Fr. Clifford G. Smith, Pastor • Fr. Jack Hopka, Parochial Vicar • Fr. Henry Erazo, Parochial Vicar
Deacon Shawn French • Deacon Ed Putonti • Deacon Juan Jorge Hernandez• Deacon Dominic T. Hoang
YOUTH MINISTRY: 972-578-9583
DIRECTOR: Megan McQuaid
ADMIN. ASSIST: Cristina Ochoa
Faith Formation Assistant: Mario Beltran
PRINCIPAL: Patricia Opon
COORDINATOR: Toni Jobes 972-423-7926
CO-DIRECTORS: George & Judy Clark
ADMIN. ASSIST: Delma Brennan
PRE-PLANNING 972-424-5794
Rosie Hernández
FAITH FORMATION: 972-423-4715
FORMATION: Debbie Betz
RICA & AFF (Spanish) Coordinator:
Ruth Sanchez (Bilingual)
FF Ministry Assistant: Sandra Lopez
CHOIRS & MUSIC: 972-423-6041
Coordinator: Kenton Kravig
ADMIN. ASSIST: Christine Carrington
Adult Community: Candy Butcher 972-578-9293
Communion to Home Bound: Parish Office 972-423-5600
Compassionate Ministry: 972-424-5794
ENDOW: Family & Adult Ministry 972-424-5794
Eucharistic Adoration: Kathy Keenan 972-596-8550
Fuente de Vida: Pedro García 214-536-4039
Liturgy Coordinator: Marilou Hernandez 972-985-0732
Communion Ministers: Mary Jane Heiting 972-664-0188
Christ Renews His Parish: 972-424-5794
Lectors: Jack Carlisle 972-549-0740
Ushers: Sandy Ptacek 972-424-6507
Altar Servers: Kathi & Parker Thompson 972-965-0563
Military Support Group: Andy & Ellen Ray 972-345-4336
Mom’s Group: Kristin Hyman 314-601-2934
Mujer a Mujer: Viviana Olmos 214-809-4538
Nursery Coordinator: Erin Minor 469-585-6215
Pastoral Council: Julius Chambers 972-881-7015
Pro-Life: JoAnn Murray 972-442-1127
Provida Ministry: Silvia Caballero 972-916-8345
Renovación Carismática Católica: Evelyn Colón 214-636-0282
Rosary Group: Lore Profaizer 972-424-7326
Rosary Makers: Margaret Woollett 214-808-8277
Rosario Biblico:Olivia Rojas 972-985-0051
Rosario Tradicional: Pilar de la Torre 214-745-9831
We Care Ministry: Martha Bernatis 214-914-4670
Women of St. Mark: Dorette Putonti 972-898-0421
American Heritage Girls: Elizabeth Muzyka 469-855-2001
Boy Scouts: Joe Schichl 469-463-7959
Catholic Daughters: Mary Cieslewicz 817-995-2928
Cenacle: Josephine 972-867-2192, Marguerite 972-424-9779
Cub Scouts: John Petroff 469-408-0895
Cursillos: Edel Yolaina Escobar 214-284-0767
Encuentro Matrimonial: Juan and Sandra Salazar 469-386-2434
Families of Nazareth: Miles & Claudine Humphries 972-423-8834
Knights of Columbus #6065: 469-450-6651
Ladies Auxiliary: Mary Ann Schumacher-972-727-3923
Schoenstatt Mother’s Group Rosary: Jo Ann Scamardo 817-368-6024
Marriage Encounter: Ed & Ann Cabrera 972-977-5884, 972-571-8930
Movimiento Familiar Cristiano: Araceli & Raul Ramirez 972-662-7708
Homeschooling: Janet Moos 972-213-6437
St. Mark Home & School Assn: Ashley Ternan 214-502-1217
St. Mark School Advisory Council: Janiece Evans-Page 408-406-3946
St. Vincent De Paul: 972-423-1877
Talleres de Oración y Vida: Lupita Bautista 469-831-3700
That Man is You: Bryan Quarles 972-359-0185
PLEASE SUBMIT ENTRIES TO [email protected]
BAPTISM: English classes are held the 1st Saturday of each month from 9:30 to 12:30 PM. Call the Family & Adult Ministry Office for registration
form. CLASSES MAY BE TAKEN BEFORE THE BABY IS BORN. Baptisms are held the 2nd and 4th Saturday at 3:45 in English.
RECONCILATION: Wednesdays: 6:30-8PM; & Fridays: 4:30-5:15 PM Saturdays: 3:30-5PM, also by appointment.
MARRIAGE: Contact the Family & Adult Ministry Office at least 6 months prior to the wedding date.
ANOINTING OF THE SICK: 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month at 8AM Mass or call the parish office and request a priest.
VOCATIONS & CONSECRATED LIFE: Call Fr. Edwin Leonard (214-379-2860)
BAUTISMO: Para niños menores de 7 años las pláticas pre-bautismales son el 3er sábado de cada mes. Es requisito inscribirse en la oficina del
Ministerio de Familias y Adultos. Los bautizos son el 2º y 4º sábado del mes. Para niños de 7 años o mayores llame a la oficina de Formación de Fe.
CONFESIONES: Viernes a las 4:30-5:15PM y sábados: 3:30-5PM.
MATRIMONIO: Favor de llamar a la oficina del Ministerio de Familias y Adultos para hacer una cita. Se requieren 6 meses de anticipación.
UNCIÓN DE LOS ENFERMOS: 1° y 3er sábado del mes en la Misa de las 8AM en Ingles, último miércoles del mes en la misa de las 7:30PM en
español o llame a la oficina.
ORDENES SAGRADAS y LA VIDA CONSAGRADA: Llame al P. Edwin Leonard (214-379-2860)
JULY 5, 2015
Saturday - Sábado (7/4)
Sunday - Domingo (7/5)
14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Ez 2:2-5; Ps 123; 2 Cor 12:7-10;
Mk 6:1-6a
Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
During this time, we celebrate the independence of our country.
We would do well to echo the psalmist, saying, “Our eyes are
fixed on the Lord, pleading for His mercy.” May we always recognize and use wisely the gifts of freedom and abundance He has
showered upon us.
8:00 AM  Teodorica Dagdag
5:30 PM
Vernon Vidal
7:00 PM  Ricardo Castillo
7:30 AM
9:00 AM
10:30 AM
12:00 PM
1:30 PM
3:00 PM
4:30 PM
6:00 PM
 Mr. & Mrs. Zacherl
 Amparo Gandionco
People of St. Mark
 Sr. & Sra. Morales
María Álvarez
 Victor Rafael Gonzalez
 Florence Trenkle
 Aleixo Proenca
Monday - Lunes (7/6)
St. Maria Goretti
Gn 28:10-22a; Ps 91; Mt 9:18-26
Mt 16:13-19
6:30 AM  Myron Susoreny
8:30 AM  Elaine Webb
Tuesday - Martes (7/7)
Gn 32:23-33; Ps 17; Mt 9:32-38
6:30 AM  Patrick Coman
8:30 AM  Elaine Webb
Wednesday - Miércoles (7/8)
Gn 41:55-57, 42:5-7a, 17-24a; Ps
33; Mt 10:1-7
6:30 AM  Elaine Webb
8:30 AM  Agnes Briggs
7:30 PM  R. Herrera & E. Valles
Thursday - Jueves (7/9)
St Augustine Zhao Rong
Gn 44:18-21, 23b-29, 45:1-5; Ps
105; Mt 10:7-15
6:30 AM  Deacon Jack Gulino
8:30 AM  Michael Conley
Friday - Viernes (7/10)
Gn 46:1-7, 28-30; Ps 37; Mt
6:30 AM  Jim Stephenson
8:30 AM  Jose Isaac Marquez
5:30 PM  James Hernon
Saturday - Sábado (7/11)
St Benedict, Abbot
Gn 49:29-32, 50:15-26a; Ps 105;
Mt 10:24-33
8:00 AM  Georgia W. Carlton
5:30 PM
Vincent Paul Moran
7:00 PM  Clemente R. Aparicio
Jesus Cruz is the winner of
the children’s stewardship envelopes.
Membership and Registration Updates
Have you recently had a new addition (or additions) to your
family? Have you recently married or changed your marital
status? Have you moved and changed your address and phone
number? We'd like to hear from you! It is important to update your
membership records at St. Mark. Please email Nadya Collard at
[email protected] or call 972-423-5600 X 258 with any
recent changes.
New Members,
We welcome you to share our life, worship and
mission. Register online at stmarkplano.org or
ask an usher for a registration form.
Altar Flower Honorariums
If you would like to dedicate the weekend flowers
for a special intention, please contact the Parish
Office at 972-423-5600.
Attention St. Mark Registered Parishioners
If you DO NOT want your name listed in our new pictorial
directory, please contact Nadya at
[email protected] or 972-423-5600.
Have you Seen our New Logo?
Please call the Parish Office to add or remove someone from
the list. Names will be listed for four weeks.
Judy Ahr; Payton Ahr; Robert Ahr; Fernando Alegre; Maren
Angelotti; Carmen Arias; Elvia Arias; Evelia Arias; Filipinas Baga;
Ken Belter; Jan Burton; Joy Carillo; Michael Coleman; Shirley
Collier; Randy Cremar; Ritchie Dailey; Ed Demers; Frances
Dougherty; Erika Duran; Nina Egan; Michele Foust; Christy
Graves; Pat Haney; Vicki Hannon; Roger Harvey; Jerry Heckman;
Joan Hromalik; Elvia Ibarra; Marie Jacoby; Howard Johnson;
Kathleen Kekesi; Margaret Kelly; Gloria Knies; Millie Leonard;
Maria Lopez; Betty Lutz; Bob Martin; Elizabeth Muzyka; Paul Olivares; Persia Family; Edward Phillips; Francisco Ramirez; Joan
Rivera; Joel Rivera; Ray Rivera; Eduardo Rodriguez; Manny Rodriguez; Patricia Rodriguez; Jeanette Sullivan; Patty Stratman;
Stephen Souders; Irma Surgent; Jeannette Thurman; Michael
Watkins, Wendy Wessling; Adean Woods.
In honor of our upcoming 50th Anniversary St. Mark
Catholic Church has redesigned its logo. The new logo is
designed by David Figenshue of Fig Design and is inspired
by the stain glass windows that are in the main sanctuary.
The colors match the new school logo, also designed by
Figenshue, in order to promote unity and cohesion
between the church and school.
Knights’ Corner
CONSEJERIA 972-424-5794
Council 6065
Assembly 2266
Blood Drive Sign-Up: July 11/12
We are planning another blood drive in conjunction with Carter Blood
Center for July 19. Sign-ups will be on July 11/12 after all the Masses.
Please consider giving this gift of life to those in need.
Meets for 9 weeks on Thursday evenings, began May 28 to Aug.
6, 7 PM – 9 PM in the Parish Library, Room #105 and can join the
class at any point. Group provides a supportive environment for
anyone adjusting to divorce and journeying toward healing.
Cost: $35 fee which includes Rebuilding book. For more information or to register, call 972-423-5794.
After Mass Refreshments: July 11/12
The Knights are sponsoring refreshments after all Mass on July 11/12.
Please stop and say “hello”. Pick up a cup of coffee, a glass of punch
and a cookie on your way out of the Narthex. We are also assisting at
the Information Table in the Narthex.
Women Jan 16-17, 2016
Men Oct 17-18, 2015
Meet and Greet Knight: July 14
Our Council is holding its monthly “Meet and Greet Knight” on Tuesday,
July 14 beginning at 5:30PM. This fun event is held every second Tuesday at Tino’s Two restaurant. All Knights, whether members of Council
6065 or not, please attend and share this evening of camaraderie with
your brother Knights.
Weekend retreat provides an atmosphere for individual
growth through prayer, inspiring presentations, and personal
reflection. It is also an opportunity to share with others in the
parish about the joys and challenges of living a Christian
lifestyle in our family life, at work, with friends, and in society.
Knight’s Bingo: July 18
The Knights of Columbus Council 6065 is holding another “Knight’s
Bingo” on Saturday, July 18, at 7:30PM in the Cafetorium. See the article
elsewhere in the Bulletin for details. Proceeds from this Bingo Knight will
go to our various Council projects and activities for St. Mark’s Parish and
SUNDAY, JULY 12, 2015
Bring the whole family!
4:30PM Bilingual Mass – Main Sanctuary
Potluck Supper - St. Mark Parish Center- Great Room
Computer Refurbishing
Used CPUs (especially Pentium 4 or equivalent
and newer), monitors, pointing devices (mice)
as well as CDs and DVDs are being accepted
for donation to the Computers for the Blind
organization. Please contact Gil Brand at 214-282-2581 or
[email protected] for information. Please
do NOT leave any used computer equipment in the Bethany
Narthex or Ushers Room.
What to bring: (Dish to serve 12)
English and Spanish Men: Meat dish
Spanish Women: Side Dish/Salad
English Women: Dessert
Every Family: One liter bottle of your drink of choice
St. Mark Mobility Ministry
Flag Retirement & Small Electronics
Recycling for Special Olympics
Unserviceable flags are being collected in the flag box located
in the Usher’s Room. Small electronics such as used cell
phones, inkjet cartridges, digital cameras, camcorders, and
hand held electronic games can also be placed in this box. The
flags will be disposed of in a proper manner. All electronic
equipment will be recycled by an environmentally responsible
company and the proceeds from the recycling will be donated
to Special Olympics. NOTE: Computers and peripherals are not
included in this recycling.
Special Note: If you see a flag on a business establishment that
is in need of replacement, please ask that the flag be replaced
and given to you. You should then place the flag into the flag
box identified above. The flag is the symbol of our nation and it
needs to be displayed and maintained properly. If you would
prefer not to speak with the store manager, please provide the
necessary information (store name and location) to either Bill
Ptacek on 972-424-6507 or Paul Krusac on 972-516-0659 and
we will contact the appropriate store personnel.
This Ministry has available electric scooters at no
expense. Parishioners would have to pay for new
batteries and pick-up and delivery. Please call for
more information: 972-424-5794.
The Center for Children and Families at the University of Texas at Dallas invites parents with children
ages 0-3 to participate in the Juega conmigo (Play
with Me) program. This is a free program that seeks
to promote positive parent-child relationships and promote children’s physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and language development. Sessions include guided discussions about
parenting and child development, games, group activities, music
and more. For info. call 972-883-4827 or 972-400-0283. The program will start on August 19th at 10AM. Space is limited to 12
children and their parents.
Please Note: we are offering the program in Spanish for now. If
we have a good response from English speaking parents we will
offer the program in English too.
JULY 5, 2015
Escuela de Formación para Adultos
“Los adultos tienen el derecho y el deber de hacer madurar el
germen de la fe que Dios les ha dado.” DNC # 48:4
Decimocuarto Domingo en el Tiempo Ordinario
Durante este tiempo, celebramos la independencia de nuestro
país. Haríamos bien en repetir lo que dijo el Salmista: “Nuestro
ojos están fijos en el Señor, implorando Su misericordia.” Que
siempre reconozcamos y usemos los dones de la libertad y de la
abundancia que Él ha hecho llover sobre nosotros.
Los invitamos a participar en la Formación para Adultos. Estas
oportunidades ayudan a crecer en nuestra relación con Jesús,
conocer las enseñanzas de la Iglesia, y formar comunidad con
otros miembros del Cuerpo de Cristo.
Se ofrecerá Profesión de Fe – presentado por Claudio Mora para
todas las personas de 18 años en adelante que desean conocer
más su fe, los bautizados que quieran responder a su compromiso cristiano. También, evangelizadores, catequistas, coordinadores de catequesis o movimientos apostólicos, ministros extraordinarios de la comunión, lectores, acomodadores, jóvenes
integrantes de los grupos parroquiales o de algún movimiento
eclesial, etc.
Ministerio de Familia y Adultos
Mujeres Julio 25-26, 2015
Hombres Oct 10-11, 2015
El retiro provee un ambiente para crecimiento individual por
medio de la oración, presentaciones conmovedoras, y reflexión
personal. También es una oportunidad para compartir con otros
en la parroquia sus alegrías y desafíos de vivir una vida Cristiana
en su vida familiar, en el trabajo, con amigos, y en la sociedad.
Cuando: 23 de julio al 17 de septiembre, 2015 (9 semanas)
Horario: Todos los jueves de 7 - 9 PM
Dónde: Centro Pastoral de St. Mark en el Great Room
Costo: $30
Para más información contacte a Ruth Sanchez al
972-423-4715 x225 o [email protected].
¡Los esperamos!
Trae a toda la familia!
4:30 PM Misa Bilingüe – En la Iglesia
Cena para compartir – En el Salón Parroquial-Great Room
Novena en Honor
a la Santa Virgen del Carmen
El Grupo de la Vela Perpetua invita cordialmente
a toda la comunidad de St. Mark a celebrar a la
Santa Virgen del Carmen, Intercesora de las
Animas del Purgatorio.
¿Qué puedes traer? (Una comida para 12 personas)
Grupo de hombres en Ingles y Español: Plato principal
Grupo de mujeres en Español: Acompañamiento/Ensalada
Grupo de mujeres en Ingles: Postre
Cada familia: Un refresco de tu preferencia (botella de1 litro)
Cada noche rezaremos el Rosario en la iglesia
Miércoles, Julio 8
7:30 PM Misa y Rosario
Jueves, Julio 9
7:30 PM Rosario
Viernes, Julio 10
7:00 PM Rosario
Sábado, Julio 11
7:00 PM Misa y Rosario
Domingo, Julio 12
7:30 PM Rosario
Lunes, Julio 13
7:30 PM Rosario
Martes, Julio 14
7:30 PM Rosario
Miércoles, Julio 15
7:30 PM Misa y Rosario
Jueves, Julio 16
7:30PM Rosario e
Imposición del Escapulario
El Centro de Niños y Familias de la Universidad de
Texas en Dallas invita los padres con niños de 0 a 3
años a participar del programa Juega Conmigo. Este
es un programa semanal gratuito que busca
fomentar el las relaciones padre-hijo positivas y promover el
desarrollo físico, cognitivo, social, emocional y de lenguaje de los
niños. Las sesiones incluyen conversaciones dirigidas acerca de la
crianza y el desarrollo del niño, juegos, actividades en grupo,
música y más. Para más información llame al 972-883-4827 o al
972-400-0283. El programa comenzara el 19 de Agosto a las
10am en el centro pastoral. Cupo limitado para 12 niños con sus
El Escapulario de la Virgen del Carmen
El Escapulario es un símbolo de la protección de la Madre de
Dios a sus devotos y un signo de su consagración a María. El
que recibe el escapulario participa de los privilegios, gracias e
indulgencias concedidas a la Orden del Carmen.
El fruto del Escapulario consistirá en que quien lo lleve se
esfuerce eficazmente en la imitación de las virtudes de la
Santísima Virgen. Representa el compromiso de seguir a Jesús,
modelo perfecto de todo discípulo de Cristo. Este compromiso
tiene su origen en el bautismo que nos transforma en hijos de
Caballeros de Colón
Para más información sobre las actividades de los
Caballeros de Colón, llame a Armando Guerra al
214-272-3537, Jose Romero al 214-499-2660 o Lucas
Gonzalez al 972-669-3023.
Youth & Young Adult Ministries
Ministerio de Jóvenes y Jóvenes adultos
FORMACION DE FE: 972-423-4715
[email protected]
New Office Hours:
Mon.-Thurs. 9AM-4PM
Fri. 9AM-12PM.
This summer as part of our Vacation Bible School registration the
teen volunteers were asked to share “Why do you want to
participate in VBS?” below are some of their responses.
Registration for 2015-16 Youth Faith Formation classes is now
open for all families.
From Lucey, “…I can help teach the kids about the bible and I’ve
been a student in VBS since I was in kindergarten.”
From Oscar, “It was fun working with the children last year, VBS
is always a blast, plus it is my third year to volunteer.”
From Hannah, “When I was in elementary school I participated
and I always loved the older kids who were helping in my group,
and I want other kids to have the same opportunity.”
From Sarah, “Influence the people younger than me to follow in
Christ’s footsteps.”
From Lydia, “…I want to show and help others learn about their
faith. I want to do this so they can become closer to God.”
From Daniel, “I wish to bring a smile to the faces of the VBS attendees.”
Time: Wednesday 6:30pm– 8:00pm
Where: Youth Center
When: July 8, 22, and 29
August 5, 12, and 19
From Savannah, “I would like to participate in VBS because it
allows me the opportunity to be in a Christ centered environment
learning about biblical teachings and Catholic traditions. This
also gives me a chance to serve my community and the parish
which I attend, helping young people become closer with God.”
For Teens entering grades 6th-12th grade & graduating Seniors
Summer Sports
From Scott, “I immensely enjoy the aspect of educating children
in a Catholic education in an entertaining atmosphere. Most of
the other adults and teen volunteers are extremely enjoyable to
work with to build the community, … to construct the Kingdom of
God together.”
High School Co-Ed Softball
Teens entering 9th-12th grade
and Graduating Seniors.
Contact the YM Office to complete paperwork and
pick up the game schedule.
July 12, 19, 26 and Aug. 9, 10
From Natalie, “When I was younger, I attended VBS and loved it,
mainly because of the teen volunteers, and could not wait to be
one myself.”
From Joann, “VBS is a place where teens and adults reach out to
help children with their faith. I want to be a part of this special
A morning Grief Retreat for those who are grieving the death of
a loved one. (Includes prayer, scripture, information about the
grief process, private reflection and small group sharing. $10 fee
for materials.)
Saturday, August 1, 2015, 9:15AM – 12:00PM
St. Mark Parish Library, Rm 105 in the
Smith Pastoral Center building
1100 W. 15th St. Plano, TX 75075
From Abby, “I love working with kids and helping them grow in
their faith. It is a great way to help the St. Mark Community and I
always have a blast helping out.”
From Matthew, “I enjoy being around all the younger kids and
putting on skits for them. I love teaching them about God.”
This is an AMAZING group of young volunteers that will be
participating in AMAZING APOSTLES’ CREED VBS. From all the
answers received, “Why do you want to participate in VBS?” I
think St. Mark Parish is in good hands!
To register: Flyers in St. Mark Church narthex
or call: 972-424-5794
JULY 5, 2015
1201 Alma Dr, Plano, TX 75075
St. Mark Catholic School is accepting applications for the 2015-16 school year.
At St. Mark, it is our mission “to educate each child in a spirit of faith, gospel values, and academic
excellence according to Roman Catholic principles.” We do this by educating the whole child – mind, body,
and spirit. Visit us, and see what has made us special since 1982!
For additional information or to schedule a school tour, please visit our website at www.stmcs.net, or call 972-578-0610.
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA)
SVDP Food Pantry is in need of the following items :
Mac and Cheese, Spaghetti, Spaghetti Sauce,
Boxed/bagged pasta, canned tuna
Place items in donation box located in the Narthex.
Pick up of large items can be arranged by calling SVDP
at 972-423-1877
Are you interested in finding out more about
the Catholic faith? Perhaps you’ve considered
becoming Catholic and would like to find out
more about the RCIA process. Maybe you
were baptized Catholic, but have not received the Sacraments
of Confirmation and/or First Communion. Our RCIA sessions
for adults will begin on Sun. Aug. 23, with a “Come and See”,
at 10AM, in the Upper Room #208, of the Smyth Pastoral Center. The “Come and See” is a wonderful opportunity to ask
questions and to find out more about the RCIA process.
Each year our parish needs sponsor/companions for men and
women who are interested in becoming Catholic. To find out
more about this valuable ministry, call John Lemburg at 214475-5416 or Debbie Betz at the Parish Office 972-423-4715. A
sponsor training/meeting will be scheduled in late August or
early September for those interested in being sponsors.
Volunteers needed for St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry
A few volunteers are needed to help in the food pantry. This
would require a commitment of one two hour shift from
9 – 11AM on one Saturday a month. If you are interested in
volunteering, please call the SVdP help line 972-423-1877 and
leave your contact information.
Volunteers are Needed for Shoe Ministry
St. Mark participates in a Multi-church "Shoe
Ministry" at the Plano Assistance Center, 900
18th Street, Plano, TX (corner 18th & Ave H).
This is a six week ministry to help children in
need prepare for school with new shoes, backpacks, and toiletries. It assists 80-90 children a day during the
six weeks. During St. Mark’s week, four volunteers are needed
per day on July 20 & July 23 (9 AM – 12 PM and 12 PM – 3 PM).
Two volunteers are needed per day on July 21 & 24 (12PM 3PM). Call 972-424-5794 to sign up.
Rosary Makers Meeting
Meet new people, enjoy a new craft all while
honoring Our Blessed Mother. Our next meeting
is Tuesday July 7th in the Library from 7-9pm. We
will be reciting the Patriotic Rosary followed by
an ice cream party. We’ll teach you how to make a Rosary and
then give you supplies to take home to make Rosaries in your
spare time. ALL ARE WELCOME!
For information call Margaret Woollett at 214 808-8277
Many thanks to our Bulletin Sponsors!
If you’re interested in advertising your business in our bulletin
contact Bill at [email protected] or 972-743-3864.
Knights of Columbus Information Night
All men who are interested in learning more about or in joining the Knights of Columbus are invited to attend an information night on Monday, July 6, at 7:30PM in McGivney Hall located in the Parish Center. Their spouses/fiancées
are also invited. You must be a practical Catholic man at least 18 years old. This informal presentation will last approximately one hour. Please call one of our Membership Chairmen, Armando Guerra at 214-272-3537 or Paul Krusac,
on 972-516-0659, if you will be attending so that appropriate seating is available. For general information on joining
the Knights, please see our Council website, www.kofc-6065.org, or call our Grand Knight, Bill Butcher at 469-4506651 or one of our Membership Directors. On the website, click on the “Want to Join Our Council or Get More Info?” button on our
Home Page and complete the form that is shown. Then click on the “send” button in the upper left corner of the form. You will be contacted promptly. Much more information about the Council is also available on the website.
St. Mark 50th Anniversary Celebration
Celebración del 50 Aniversario de St. Mark
April 25, 2016 marks the 50 Anniversary date of St. Mark the
Evangelist Catholic Church. For the next year up to the Anniversary date, we have many activities planned for our
Parish to celebrate this milestone.
El 25 de abril de 2016 celebramos el 50 Aniversario de St.
Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church. Para el próximo año
hasta esa fecha, tenemos planeadas muchas
actividades para esta celebración.
We began our celebration back in April with the project
of a new St. Mark Directory. This new Directory will provide pictures and up-to-date contact information for our
parishioners. It also serves as a successful fundraiser for
our celebration. The month of October has been designated for the Youth of our Parish and School. They will
be joining forces to participate in several celebration
activities and Masses. We will be celebrating with our
past Clergy a special Mass on January 29, 2016 followed
by an all Parish reception. Our numerous choirs within
the Parish will be performing before, during and after the
Mass. A Parish-wide Fellowship dinner is being planned the
weekend before our actual Anniversary date. Our year-long
celebration concludes with his Excellency Bishop Kevin Farrell
celebrating Mass at St. Mark on April 25, 2016 with a reception
to follow.
Empezamos nuestra celebración en abril con el
proyecto del nuevo directorio de St. Mark, que
incluye fotografías e información actualizadas
para nuestros feligreses. Esto también ha sido
una buena y exitosa recaudación de fondos para
nuestro festejo. El mes de octubre está
designado para la juventud y escuela parroquial,
que unidos, participarán en varias misas y
actividades celebratorias. El 26 de enero de
2016 se celebrará una misa y recepción especial
honrando a los sacerdotes que fueron parte de St. Mark,
anteriormente y escucharemos a los varios coros parroquiales
durante y después de la misa. También se está planeando un
convivió o cena parroquial para el fin de semana antes de la
fecha actual del aniversario.
En boletines futuros presentaremos a los numerosos ministerios parroquiales y organizaciones asociadas con nuestra
We will also be featuring the numerous ministry groups within
the Parish, as well as other organizations associated with the
Parish, in our upcoming Bulletins.
Desde su humilde principio en un centro comunitario, hasta
este día, St. Mark ha recibido y dado la bienvenida a parroquianos de todo el mundo. Nos hemos convertido en una comunidad Católica fuerte y vibrante en Plano.
From the humble beginning in a community center to our present day, St. Mark has welcomed parishioners from all walks of
life. It has become a vibrant and strong Catholic community
within the City of Plano. Look for our featured articles along
with the details of all activities as the year unfolds in our
weekly St. Mark Bulletin. Please plan to join us in celebration
of this very special 50th Anniversary of St. Mark the Evangelist
Catholic Church.
Esté pendiente de nuestros titulares en el boletín semanal de
St. Mark, con detalles de los sucesos parroquiales del 2016. Por
favor haga planes para formar parte de la celebración de este
50 aniversario muy especial de St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic
The Trinitarian Auxiliary is currently accepting donations for Welcome Baskets which are provided to all seminarians at
Holy Trinity Seminary when classes resume this August. Please consider making a donation towards these baskets.
Donations will be accepted through August 2, 2015.
List of Suggested Items
Walmart gift cards (seminarians do the majority of their shopping here) • Monetary cards • Flash drives • Reams of copy/computer
paper • 3 subject spirals • Single subject spirals • Folders • Index cards • Notebooks (9x11) • Blank stationery • Post-it notes • Postage
stamps • Thank you note cards • Envelopes, #10 white • Black socks
Important: No personal items such as toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant, etc...
Checks can be made out to: Trinitarian Auxiliary and mailed to the seminary to the attention of the Trinitarian Auxiliary.
Collection basket for donations will be in the St. Mark Narthex.
For your cash, checks, or money card donations, call Vicky Leland 972-491-1112, to coordinate a pick up.
JULY 5, 2015
Mon-Thurs 9AM-12PM
Book Drop in Library door is open 24/7
Books for Adults: Rediscover Catholicism - A Spiritual Guid to
Living with Passion and Purpose by Matthew Kelly
DVD: Children on Their Birthdays
Libro en español: ¿Me quieres, mamá? escrito por Barbara M.
Joosse, illustraciones de Barbara Lavallee
Presented by the Knights of Columbus
Saturday July 18, 2015
6:30 PM Social Hour and Registration
7:30 PM First Game in the St. Mark Cafetorium
Monthly Prayer Service for the Parish
July 9 at 7PM in the Chapel
The Knights of Columbus and the Ladies Auxiliary are
sponsoring a monthly prayer service in the Chapel at
7PM for those in the parish who are ill, recovering from surgery
or for any other intention. All parishioners are invited to attend
and submit the names of those individuals for whom prayers
are requested. These names will be read during the service.
You need not be a member of the Knights of Columbus to
participate or to have your requests included. Please call Will Alt
at 972-423-9450 to add names to the list of those for whom
prayers are requested. You can add names just prior to the
service if you are in attendance.
$25 Pre-Register online at www.KOFC-6065.Org
Or Fill out form available in the Narthex
$30 at the Door
You Can Also Become a Table Sponsor
or Make a Donation
Contact Mike Bernatis at [email protected]
Or 972-985-9455 for details
Benefiting St. Mark’s Parish and School; Altar Server’s
Banquet; St. Mark Youth and Young Adult Ministries;
St. Mark School Tuition Aid and Drug Awareness Program, and numerous other programs and activities
Are you or your family looking to get involved and to make a difference this summer? If so, The Samaritan Inn is in urgent
(or desperate) need of the following items:
* Wash Cloths
* Twin/Double Sheets (gently used is fine)
* Tissue
* All Purpose Cleaner
* Individually Wrapped Kids Snacks for Sack Lunches
* Children’s swimsuits (new - all sizes)
Monthly Mass for Catholics in Recovery – July 11th
This month’s Calix Mass will be offered at 10AM on July 11, at
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish (2700 West Spring Creek Pky,
Plano). The Mass, and meeting that follows, is open to
members of all parishes who are recovering alcoholics and
addicts, and their families and friends. Calix meetings provide
for sharing the experience of Catholicism and 12-Step recovery. For more information on this meeting please contact your
parish or call 214-906-0605.
* Lunch Meat and Sliced Cheese
* Small Bags of Chips - For Resident Sack Lunches
Any of the items in their needs list can be delivered to their
facility at 1710 N. McDonald St. in McKinney any day of the week
from 9AM to 7PM. We will also collect non-perishable items at
the parish office and in the Bethany Narthex, beginning this
weekend. Please do not bring items requiring refrigeration to
the parish; these must be delivered directly to the Samaritan
Inn. If you have any questions please contact Debbie Betz at
972-424-5817 or [email protected]
For more information on the Calix Society, see calixsociety.org
or for the Northern Dallas Unit, see calix.stjudeparish.com
Ark Adventure Preschool is currently looking for
part-time (8:30am-12:30pm) certified and/or
experienced teachers. Ark Adventure is a licensed, NAEYC accredited, Catholic preschool
located in the Seton Faith Formation Center. We provide enjoyable, age-appropriate learning activities throughout the
morning in a warm, nurturing environment. If you are interested in helping us provide this wonderful learning opportunity and positive daily experiences for our children, please
email Cheri Gazda at [email protected] or call our Ark
office at 972-398-5498.
Interested in volunteering? The contributions from volunteers
are invaluable to the success of The Samaritan Inn. Volunteers
are an integral part of the work team and perform a wide range
of diverse services. The Samaritan Inn loves their volunteers!
For information on volunteering, please visit
Thanks for your support!
Planning has begun for
the 2015 Fall Festival,
run and raffle!!!
Please start saving books, stuffed animals, and small toys to donate.
Donation box will be located in the narthex soon!
Event Date: October 31, 2015
Find it on Facebook at StMarkFallFestival!

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