September 4, 2016 - Ascension Catholic Church


September 4, 2016 - Ascension Catholic Church
Twenty Third Sunday In Ordinary Time  September 3rd & 4th, 2016
905 Water St. Bastrop, TX 78602
Office Phone# : (512)321-3552
Emergency: (512)549-3709
Weekend Masses:
Saturday: 5:00 p.m.
Sunday: 8:00 a.m. & 10:00 a.m.
Domingo: 12:00 p.m. (Español)
Weekday Masses:
Tuesday-Friday English Only in Chapel
7:30 a.m Mass
Holy Hour English 7:00 p.m.
Last Thursday of Month
Hora Santa-Español
7:00 p.m.
Primer Jueves del Mes
Fall Festival Countdown
Office will be closed on
Monday, September 5th
Weeks Away!!
Baptism & Marriage:
Please call the office
Reconciliation: Saturdays
3:30 –4:45 p.m.
Anointing of the Sick:
Upon Request
Bautismo & Matrimonio:
Favor de contactar la oficina
Reconcilacion: Sabados
3:30—4:45 p.m
Enfermos: Por Peticion
Our Religious Education program provides catechetical classes
for all students in K through 12th grade who are not attending
Catholic schools. Please note: applications will not be accepted on
Mondays, Fridays or on the first day of CCD Class.
2016-2017 Year Schedule
K-7th: Wednesday Session: 4:30 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. starts September 14th
SAC\RCIA: Thursday Session: 6:30 p.m. starts September 15th
8th—12th grade: Sunday 5:00 p.m. starts September 18th
Director of Religious Education: Deborah Esquivel
[email protected]
As you know this is our once a year MAJOR fundraiser for the church. Everyone has always come through and made this
event possible and it is time for us to come together again! Below you will find the commitment form for auction items for
this year’s festival. You do not have to pick one of the items listed below, these are suggested items that could bring some
good bids.
Help us improve our silent and live auctions by committing early so that we can
better publicize the event and build some anticipation and enthusiasm!
Donor/Donor Group: ______________________ Contact Info:_________________
Item Description: ______________________________ Estimated Value: $_______
Picnic Table
Dinner Party
Fishing/Hunting Trips
Calf/Pig/Deer for Processing
If you have further questions contact Benny Drozd (361)550-3594 or [email protected]
Drop off your commitment form in the box at the entrance of church or at parish offices
Regular Collection
Operating Expenses
Debbi Lowry
Bernell Sample
Julia Tucker
Byron Appelt
Tomas Silva
Leroy Lott
Lydia Peña
Irma Vazquez
Silvia Trujillo
Dennis Platt
Sara Barkley
David Falcon
Elaine Weiss
David Barkley
Jim Peery
Joann McCoy
Silvia Castillo
Ramon Magaña
Barbara Bienfang
Arlene Does
Collin Camp
Doris Reed
Mary Owen
Lia Lopez
Briana Lopez
Gilbert Pacheco
Warren Beauclear
Ron Sebert
Richard Ashline
Nova Leigth
Nazaria Rodriguez
Pete Vigil
Sandra HernandezAdame
James Robertson
Sara Elizabeth Collins
Joyce Cheyney
Lupita Vigil
Makenna Wilhelm
Ronnie Broce
Monique Hennington
Charlie Pacheco
Jim Pivar
Deborah Reed
Arthur Rivas
Josh Lopez
Myrtle Wilhelm
William Lopez
Jerry Meredith
Liz Hurd
Sarah Ramos
Benita C. Segura
Amy Buettener
Susana Castillo
Maria Lara
Lauren Nicole
Aaron Pineda
† Barbara Wernette
Elois Harknder
Dock Jackson
Rosemary Rubio
Crystal Uzomba
Alphonse Barbato
Elizabeth Hurd
Rev. Ramiro Tarazona: Pastor [email protected]
Bill Hobby: Deacon [email protected]
Raymond Tatum: Bus. Admin. [email protected]
Deborah Esquivel: D.R.E. [email protected]
Robyn Carter: Youth Director [email protected]
Debi Goode: Director of Liturgy [email protected]
Kathy Venzon: Bookkeeper [email protected]
Steve Urrutia: Maintenance [email protected]
Sue Durango: Secretary [email protected]
Altar Servers: Nicole Herring - [email protected]
Altar Society: Dora Castañeda
[email protected]
Baptism: Rita Dickman—[email protected]
English Choir: Raymond Tatum—[email protected]
Spanish Choir : Ismael Vences (512)850-1922
Evangelization: Tessy Dorantes—(512)848-4420
Extraordinary Ministers: Debbie Moore (225)802-4702
Finance Council Chair: Reid Sharp
Hispanic Ministry: Robert & Aida Casillas
Knights of Columbus: Mike D’Antonio—
[email protected]
KOCA: Mary Szelag—[email protected]
Lectors (English): Debi [email protected]
Lectors (Spanish): Oswaldo Toj—[email protected]
Men’s Fellowship: Virgil Almogabar—
[email protected]
Nursing Homes (weekdays) Dan Krischke—
[email protected]
Pastoral Council Chair: Robert Casillas (512)581-7336
Prison Ministry: Dan Krischke- [email protected]
Sacristans: Generosa Lowden (512)321-3552
Sandwich Ministry: Steve Venzon (512)629-7833
Legion of Mary English: Ginger Morris
[email protected]
Legion of Maria Español: Leticia Vasquez
Ushers: Jose Gonzalez—(512)633-0162
Pro Life: Charles Elliott—
[email protected]
Funeral Food Coordinator: Putzie Martin
[email protected]
CRSP Hombres: Edwin Montenegro (512)748-8003
CRSP Mujeres: Veronica Sanchez (512)466-1580
Movimiento Conyugal: Fransisca Ramirez
Children’s Collection
Youth Mass
Building Fund
Thank you for your faithful Stewardship of our Parish
and for your generous donations
Mon. September 5th:
6:00 p.m.:
CRSP Men Spanish-Hall
Parish Office will be closed
Tuesday. September 6th:
6:00 p.m.:
CRSP Women-Hall, RE204
6:30 p.m.:
Legion of Mary English-Old Parish Ofc
6:30 p.m.:
6:30 p.m.:
7:00 p.m.:
Men’s Group-RE103
7:00 p.m.:
Rey Jesus-RE Meeting Room
7:00 p.m.:
Wednesday, September 7th:
5:30 p.m.:
Teacher Orientation—Hall
Thursday, September 8th:
8:30 a.m.:
LOC Day of Reflection –Hall
9:00 a.m.:
Devocion de la Sangre Preciosa-Chapel
6:00 p.m.:
Legion de Maria –Old Parish Office
6:30 p.m.:
Pastoral Council –RE104
7:00 p.m.:
Movimiento Conyugal—RE203,205,206
Friday, September 9th:
8:00 a.m.:
Eucharistic Adoration
7:15 p.m.:
Saturday, September 10th:
9:00 a.m.:
Scripture Study—Parish Hall
10:00 a.m.:
Pro Life-RE Meeting Room
10:00 a.m.:
Acts Women’s Team –RE206
3:30 p.m.:
4:00 p.m.:
Baptism Class– RE Building
Altar Flowers for this weekend:
For Ascension Parishioners
Honor someone special by offering altar flowers $45.00 call
parish office to reserve your weekend
Mass Intentions and Daily Readings
Mon. Sept 5th
Tue. Sept 6th
Wed. Sept 7th
Thur Sept 8th
Fri. Sept 9th
Sat. Sept 10th
Sun. Sept 11th
1 Cor 5:1-8\Lk 6:6-11(437)
Communion Service
1 Cor 6:1-11\Lk 6:12-19(438)
Makenna Wilhelm
1 Cor 7:25-31\Lk 6:20-26(439)
Bart Phillips
Mi 5:1-4a\Mt 1:1-16, 18-23(636)
Mary Pohlman
1 Cor 9:16-19, 22b-27\Lk 6:39-42(441)
†Angela Malek
1 Cor 10:14-22\Lk 6-43-49(442)
†Joan Foytik
Ex 32:7-11,13-14\1 Tm 1:12-17\Lk 15:1-32(132)
8: †Angela Malek
10: †Irma Helmcamp
12: Aida & Roberto Casillas
Gospel Meditation
Jesus continues to stress the seriousness of true discipleship. In today’s Gospel, Jesus attempts to give a wakeup call to his followers.
Jesus wants us to give ourselves entirely to him. To hold onto or seek
anything more than God can be seen as idolatry. What possessions or
relationships prevent us from offering ourselves completely to God?
Jesús continúa poniendo énfasis en la seriedad del verdadero discipulado. En el Evangelio de hoy, Jesús trata de despertar a sus seguidores. Jesús quiere que nos entreguemos por completo a Él. Aferrarnos o buscar algo más que a Dios puede ser visto como idolatría ¿Qué
posesiones o relaciones nos impiden ofrecernos a nosotros mismos
por completo a Dios?
With Deacon Bill Hobby
Saturday, Sept 10 at 9:00 a.m.
Parish Hall
“God of peace, bring your peace to our violent world…
Comfort and console us, strengthen us in hope,
and give us the wisdom and courage
to work tirelessly for a world
where true peace and love reign.”
— Pope Francis, “Prayer of Remembrance”
“Dios de la paz, concede tu paz a nuestro violento mundo:…
Confórtanos y consuélanos, fortalécenos en la esperanza,
y danos la sabiduría y el coraje
para trabajar incansablemente por un mundo
en el que la verdadera paz y el amor reinen”.
— Papa Francisco, “Oración conmemorativa”
Feature for September: Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa will become a saint on September 4th. She was known as the "saint of the
gutter" for her tireless work and unconditional
love for the poor and abandoned. This month we honor and celebrate
her dedication to Catholic Social Teaching and her witness to the gospel of life.
"May we never forget that in the service to the poor we are offered a
magnificent opportunity to do something beautiful for God."
- Blessed Mother Teresa
At the request of the U.S. Conference of Catholic
Bishops all parishes in the Diocese of Austin are
asked to take up a special collection to aid the victims of the 2016 Louisiana floods. The money collected the weekend of Sept. 17-18 will be used to support the humanitarian efforts of Catholic Charities USA and to provide pastoral and
rebuilding support to the dioceses with flood damage. For more information, visit
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
How much are we willing to give up to be a follower of
Jesus? In the Gospel, Jesus asks us to let go of everything
important and dear to us: family, friends, possessions, position and even our very selves. Have we calculated the cost of
discipleship? Philemon in the second reading had to give up
social status in order to receive his runaway slave as a brother
as Paul asked. Do we accept as brothers and sisters those
whom society rejects because of Christ? How do we live that
23ro Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
¿A cuánto estamos dispuestos a renunciar para ser seguidores de Jesús? En el Evangelio, Jesús nos pide que dejemos
ir todo lo importante y querido para nosotros: familia, amigos, posesiones, posición e incluso nuestro propio ser
¿Hemos calculado el precio del discipulado? Filemón en la
segunda lectura tuvo que renunciar a su estatus social para
poder recibir a su esclavo fugitivo como hermano, tal como
Pablo había pedido ¿Nosotros aceptamos como hermanos y
hermanas a aquellos cuya sociedad rechaza por Cristo?
¿Cómo vivimos esto?
Volunteer for the month of July
Congrats to our July nominee, Debbie Baldwin. We apologize for delay in this announcement but we wanted to make sure Father Ramiro had time to review nominees after he returned from his trip.
Debbie is being recognized for several ministries that she is involved in including Extraordinary minister,
nursing home service, and lector. She never hesitates to volunteer wherever needed. Debbie and her team did an outstanding job on the new directory. They put in countless volunteer hours preparing and organizing as well as working
several hours and nights of checking in folks for their pictures. We are so grateful and proud of our new directory. It
truly shows how active this parish is and has allowed us to
reconnect with other members as well as be very useful for
outreach. Congrats Debbie!
Felicidades a nuestra candidata del mes de Julio, Debbie
Baldwin. Nos disculpamos por la demora en este anuncio,
pero queríamos asegurarnos que el Padre Ramiro tenía tiempo para revisar los nominados después de regresar de su
Debbie está siendo reconocida por diversos ministerios, que
está involucrada en la inclusión de ministro extraordinario,
servicio de ancianos y lector. Ella siempre esta disponisble a
tomar cualquier compromiso que se le pide. Ella y su equipo
hicieron un trabajo excepcional en la creacion del nuevo
directorio. Trabajaron innumerables horas en preparacion y
organización, del mismo. Estamos muy agradecidos y orgullosos por este trabajo que realizaron. De esta manera podemos darnos cuenta del crecimiento de la parroquia y nos
ha permitido volver a unirons como familia. Felicidades Debbie!
Next Pre Baptismal Class\Proxima clase pre bautismal
October 8th
4:00-6:00 p.m.
Must signed up at least a week in advance
Necesario anotarse con una semana de anticipacion
Get 20% Cash Back
On gas, diesel, groceries,
hardware, restaurants,
clothes, etc. No products to
buy, sell, no recruiting.
Legal, moral, ethical.
Proven system, it works.
William M. “Willie” Piña
[email protected]
Rent The Mansion at
OFFICE: 512-581-4001
DIRECT: 512-332-7295
Frontier Bank of Texas
“Know You By Your First Name Banking”
Member FDIC
For details call Pat or Jim Peiffer
(512)549-3140 for details.
Quincaneras & Parties
Ascension parishioner
Martha Granger 512 944-2112
Wedding Receptions
Wanda Rucker, Mgr.
1500 Chestnut St.
Bastrop, TX 78602
New CASA Volunteer
Join us for a casual discussion
and find out if helping kids the CASA way is right
for you!
Please RSVP by email:
[email protected] or call:
Kristi Glasper 512-303-2272
815 HWY 71 WEST
1202 Pine St.
Monday 9-12:30
Wednesday 9-5
Friday 9-12:30
Saturday 9-12:30
Women Working Together
Against Poverty
Call the store to volunteer or
become a member
Find us on Facebook/
Serving Texas Families for
over 20 years!
1109 Church St
Bastrop, TX 7862
Accepting same day appointments
Discount for uninsured.
Please patronize our advertisers and let them know you found them through our Sunday bulletin.

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