Quesadillas Seafood / Mariscos Caldos/ Soups Tortas (Mexican


Quesadillas Seafood / Mariscos Caldos/ Soups Tortas (Mexican
Appetizers / Antojitos
Seafood / Mariscos
*Con Carne (w/ Meat) - Al Pastor ( Shepherd Style Pork), Asada (Grilled Steak)
Carnitas (Pork), Pollo (Chicken)
Served with Rice, Beans, Tortillas and Salad / Servido con Arroz, Frijoles, Tortillas y Ensalada
*Fried Combinations come with Fries
*Extra Items (Sour Cream, Tomato, Lettuce, Cheese, Guacamole, Rice, etc.) $.90
Chips con Queso (Chips w/ Cheese) $5.69
Sope (Corn Patty) *Con Carne (w/ Meat) $5.79 Vegetarian $4.69
Nachos (Beans, Cheese & Ranchera Sauce) $6.79 *Con Carne (w/ Meat) $9.79
Combinations / Combinaciones
Served with Rice, Beans and Salad / Servido con Arroz, Frijoles y Ensalada
#6-18 Come with Tortillas
1. Enchiladas Rojas (2)
10. Lengua en Chile Verde o Rojo
(Red Enchiladas- Cheese or
(Beef Tongue in Green or Red
Chicken) $10.29
Chile) $11.89
2. Enchiladas Rancheras (2)
11. Chile Rojo
(Ranch Style Enchiladas– Cheese (Beef in Red Chile) $11.19
or Chicken w/Guacamole and
12. Chile Verde
Sour Cream) $10.29
(Pork in Green Chile) $11.19
3. Enchiladas Verdes (2)
13. Bistec Ranchero
(Green Enchiladas– Cheese or
(Ranch Style Steak-Steak w/ Bell
Chicken) $10.29
Pepper, Onion and Tomato)
4. Tacos Dorados (2)
(Hard Shell Tacos– Shredded Beef 14. Milaneza
or Chicken) $10.29
(Breaded Beef Steak) $11.89
5. Taquitos con Guacamole (3) 15. Pollo Ranchero
(Taquitos- Shredded Beef or
(Ranch Style Chicken– Chicken w/
Chicken w/ Guacamole and Sour Bone, Bell Pepper, Onion and
Cream) $10.29
Tomato) $11.19
6. Chiles Rellenos (2)
16. Lomito de Puerco Asado
(Stuffed Peppers w/ Cheese)
(Grilled Loin Pork) $11.19
17. Al Pastor
7. Carne Asada
(Shepherd Style Pork– *Signature
(Grilled Steak) $11.89
Meat) $11.19
8. Carne Asada con Enchilada
18. Chuletas de Puerco
(Grilled Steak w/ Enchilada(Pork Chops) $11.19
Cheese or Chicken) $12.29
19. Brisas Especial/ Brisas Special
9. Carnitas
(Enchilada– Cheese or Chicken,
(Pork) $11.19
Hard Shell Taco– Shredded Beef
or Chicken and Chile Relleno, NO
SALAD) $11.19
Light Combinations / Combinaciones Ligeras
Served with Rice and Beans / Servido con Arroz y Frijoles
20. Enchilada y Taco Dorado
22. Chile Relleno y Taco Dorado
(Enchilada– Cheese or Chicken & Hard Shell (Stuffed Pepper w/ Cheese and Hard Shell
Taco- Shredded Beef or Chicken) $9.29
Taco- Shredded Beef or Chicken) $9.29
21. Chile Relleno y Enchilada
(Stuffed Pepper w/ Cheese and EnchiladaCheese or Chicken)$9.29
Cocktails / Cocteles
*Abulon (Abalone (Imitation Only)) *Camaron (Shrimp)
*Pulpo (Octopus)
*Campechana $2.00 Extra (Mexican Style – Large Only)
Chico/ Small $7.99
(To Go) $8.99
Grande/ Large $10.99
(To Go) $11.99
23. Camarones A la Diabla
(Deviled Shrimp *Very Spicy) $11.99
24. Camarones A la Plancha
(Grilled Shrimp) $11.99
25. Camarones Al Mojo de Ajo
(Garlic Shrimp) $11.99
26. Camarones Empanizados
(Breaded Shrimp) $11.99
27. Camarones Rancheros
(Ranch Style Shrimp-Shrimp w/
Bell Pepper, Onion and Tomato) $11.99
28. Filete de Pescado A la Plancha
(Grilled Fish Fillet) $12.99
29. Filete de Pescado Al Mojo de Ajo
(Garlic Fish Fillet)$12.99
30. Filete de Pescado Empanizado
(Breaded Fish Fillet) $12.99
31. Mojarra Al Mojo de Ajo
(Garlic Fried Fish) $12.99
32. Mojarra Frita
(Fried Fish) $12.99
Caldos/ Soups
Daily Specials
*Served with Rice and Tortillas
*Sunday/Monday Res/ Beef $6.99
*Tuesday Albondigas/ Meatball $6.99
*Wednesday Pollo/ Chicken $6.99
*Thursday Pescado/ Fish $9.99
*Friday Camaron/ Shrimp $9.99
Saturday Menudo/ Tripe $6.99
Available Everyday
Caldo 7 Mares (7 Seas Soup) $11.99 Caldo de Camaron (Shrimp Soup) $11.99
Caldo de Pescado (Fish Soup) $11.99 Menudo (Grande/Large) ( Tripe Soup) $8.99
Menudo (Mediano/Medium) (Tripe Soup) $7.99 *Extra Meat for Menudo $3.99
*Con Carne (w/ Meat) - Al Pastor ( Shepherd Style Pork), Asada (Grilled Steak),
Carnitas (Pork), Pollo (Chicken)
Quesadilla de Harina (Chica/Small)
Quesadilla de Harina (Grande/Large)
(Flour-Cheese Only) $5.49
(Flour-Cheese Only) $6.69
*Con Carne ( w/ Meat) $7.99
*Con Carne ( w/ Meat) $9.99
(Camaron) $9.99
(Camaron) $11.99
Tortas (Mexican Sandwich)
*Con Carne (w/ Meat) - Al Pastor ( Shepherd Style Pork), Asada (Grilled Steak),
Carnitas (Pork), Pollo (Chicken)
Comes with Butter on bread, Beans, Choice of Meat, Lettuce, Cheese, Tomato,
Sour Cream and Guacamole
*Con Carne (w/ Meat) $6.09 (Desebrada, Lengua, Tripas) $6.99
(Milaneza-Breaded Beef Steak) $6.99
No Substitutions
15% Gratuity added to Parties of Six or More
Everything that is not on the menu will be charged extra/ Todo lo que no esta en el menu se cobra extra
* Extra Meat $Extra Taco *Mix Meat $1.10 *Meat ONLY $Double Taco
*Wet– Wet Sauce, Cheese, Guacamole, and Sour Cream $1.99
Choice of Wet Sauce (Chip Salsa, Green, *Ranch Style, Red) *Signature
Regular (Dry)
Comes with (Choice of Meat, Beans, Cilantro, Onions, and *Salsa) *Signature
Al Pastor
(Shepherd Style Pork- *Signature Meat) (Shredded Beef w/ Bell Pepper, Onion,
and Tomato) $8.89
Carne Asada
Frijoles con Queso
(Grilled Steak) $5.99
(Bean and Cheese) $4.99
Jamón con Huevo
(Pork) $5.99
(Ham w/ Scrambled Eggs) $6.69
(Shrimp w/ Bell Pepper, Onion, and
(Beef Tongue) $8.89
Tomato) $8.89
Machaca con Huevo
Chile Relleno
(Shredded Beef, Scrambled Eggs,
(Stuffed Pepper w/ Cheese) $6.69
Bell Pepper, Onion, and Tomato) $8.89
Chile Rojo
(Beef in Red Chile) $6.69
(Chicken) $5.99
Chile Verde
Steak Picado
(Pork in Green Chile) $6.69
(Ranch Style Steak– Steak w/ Bell pepper,
Chimichanga w/ Salad, Guacamole and Onion, and Tomato) $6.69
Sour Cream
(Asada, Carnitas, Chicken, Al Pastor) $8.99 (Tripe) $8.89
Chorizo con Huevo
(Chorizo w/ Scrambled Eggs) $6.69
(Vegetarian) $6.69
*Con Carne (w/ Meat) - Al Pastor ( Shepherd Style Pork), Asada (Grilled Steak),
Carnitas (Pork), Pollo (Chicken)
Tacos Dorados (Hard Shell Tacos)
Tacos de Maiz (Soft Corn Tacos)
(Desebrada/Shredded Beef—
*Con Carne (w/ Meat) $1.71
Pollo/Chicken) $1.99
(Desebrada, Lengua, Tripas) $2.99
Tacos de Camaron (Shrimp Tacos–
Tacos de Harina (Soft Flour Tacos)
Bell Pepper, Onion,
*Con Carne (w/ Meat) $3.49
and Tomato) $2.99
*Con Carne (w/ Meat) - Al Pastor ( Shepherd Style Pork), Asada (Grilled Steak),
Carnitas (Pork), Pollo (Chicken)
*Comes with Tostada, Beans, Choice of Meat, Lettuce, Cheese, Tomato,
Sour Cream and Guacamole
Tostada (Chica/Small-Corn)
Tostada (Grande/Large-Flour)
*Con Carne ( w/ Meat) $6.99
*Con Carne ( w/ Meat) $8.99
*Vegetarian) $5.99
*(Vegetarian) $7.99
(Camaron) $8.99
(Camaron) $11.99
(Ceviche) $7.99
Breakfast / Desayunos
Served with Rice, and Beans / Servido con Arroz y Frijoles
* Breakfast Specials / Especiales de Desayunos (No Salad) $5.99
(10:00 a.m. - 12:00 pm) Everyday
33. Chilaquiles Con Huevo (Rojo, Verde) 36.*Huevos Con Jamón
(Cooked Tortilla Chips w/ Eggs
(Scrambled Eggs w/ Ham, and Salad) $7.49
(Red or Green Sauce) $8.29
37. Huevos Con Machaca
34.*Huevos A La Mexicana
(Scrambled Eggs w/ Shredded Beef,
(Mexican Style Eggs– Scrambled Eggs w/
Bell Pepper, Onion, Tomato, and Salad)
Bell Pepper, Onion, Tomato, and Salad)
38.*Huevos Rancheros
35.*Huevos Con Chorizo
(Ranch Style Eggs– Fried Egg w/Ranchera
(Scrambled Eggs w/ Chorizo, and Salad)
Sauce, and Salad) $7.49
Kids Menu / Menu Para Niños
*Con Carne (w/ Meat) - Al Pastor ( Shepherd Style Pork), Asada (Grilled Steak),
Carnitas (Pork), Pollo (Chicken)
39. Taco de Carne* con Arroz y Frijoles
45. Burrito Chico de Frijoles y Queso
(Soft Taco w/ Meat*, Rice, and Beans)
(Small Bean and Cheese Burrito) $3.49
46. Quesadilla de Queso con Papas
40. Papas Fritas, Arroz y Frijoles
(Cheese Quesadilla w/ French Fries) $4.99
(French Fries, Rice and Beans) $4.99
47. Quesadilla de Queso con Arroz
41. Burrito Chico Con Carne*
y Frijoles
(Small Burrito w/ Meat*) $3.49
(Cheese Quesadilla w/ Rice and Beans)
42. Burrito Chico Mojado Con Carne*
(Small Wet Burrito) $4.99
48. Plato Chico de Arroz y Frijoles
43. Un Huevo con Arroz y Frijoles
(Small Plate of Rice and Beans) $3.49
(Egg (1) w/ Rice & Beans) $4.09
49. Combinación (Combination)
44. Un Huevo con Papas Fritas
Un Huevo servido con Arroz, Frijoles y Pa(Egg (1) w/ French Fries) $4.09
pas (Egg (1) served with Rice, Beans and
French Fries) $4.99
Side Orders
Arroz (Rice) $2.54
Frijoles (Beans) $2.54
Chile Relleno (1) (Stuffed Pepper w/ Cheese)
Chips $1.39
Crema (Sour Cream) $1.39
Enchilada Roja o Verde (1)
(Red or Green Enchilada) $2.99
Enchilada Ranchera (1)
(Ranch Style Enchilada) $3.19
Flan (Mexican Custard) $2.19
Guacamole $3.11
Aguacate (Avocado) $1.39
Papas Fritas (French Fries) $2.54
Pico de Gallo $2.99
Ensalada (Sm. Salad) $3.22
Taquito (Flauta)
(Maiz/Corn)(3) $5.99
(Harina/Flour)(2) $7.99
(Maiz/Corn (5)) $1.39
(Harina/Flour (2)) $1.39
Beverages / Bebidas
Aguas Frescas (Mexican Refreshments)
No Refills
(Horchata/Rice), (Jamaica/Hibiscus)
Md. $1.89 Lg. $2.19 XLg. $2.79
Agua de Botella
(Bottled Water) $1.39
Café (Coffee) $1.89 1 Free Refill
Chocolate Mexicano (Mexican Chocolate)
Sm. $2.29 Md. $3.19 Lg. $3.69
Jugo de Naranja
(Fresh Squeeze Orange Juice) $3.59
Leche (Milk)
Md. $1.99 Lg. $2.49 XLg. $3.49
Refrescos Mexicanos (Mexican Sodas)
(Coca, Jarrito, Sangria, Sidral) $2.19
Refrescos (Sodas) 1 Free Refill
(Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta-Orange,
Hi-C Fruit Punch)
Md. $1.89 Lg. $2.19 XLg. $2.79
Te Caliente (Hot Tea) $1.89
Te Frio (Ice Tea) Lg. $2.19 1 Free Refill
Meat by the Pound/ Carne Por Libra
Includes Tortillas, Onion, Cilantro, Lemons, Fried Jalapeños, Chips and Salsa
Al Pastor (Shepherd Style Pork) $15.49
Carne Asada (Grilled Steak) $15.49
Carnitas (Pork) $15.49
To Go Orders/ Ordenes Para Llevar
Include Courtesy Chips and Salsa/ Incluye Chips Y Salsa de Cortesia
Due to Sharp Cost Increases we will be charging for Extra To Go
Salsa, and Fried Jalapeños. Thank you for your understanding.
2oz. $.55
4oz. $.99
Fried Jalapeño $.35
Designs by “Hilary”
[email protected]
The Original
Las Brisas
Mexican Food
We Provide for your Catering Needs!
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Meet the Business Owner: Gilberto A. De Haro
Recipient of Congressional Recognition Award by Congresswoman Janice
Hahn on September 16, 2014 for 32 years of dedicated service to the San
Pedro community. In a statement to the San Pedro Today publication The
Original Las Brisas is a San Pedro Landmark November 26, 2014.
Gilberto A. De Haro was born in Los Haro Jerez Zacatecas, Mexico in 1949. He
began his humble journey in Mexico City when he started working at his first
restaurant at the age of 14. He later immigrated to the United States and from
1972 to 1982 he worked at Largo’s Mitote a very popular and established Mexican Restaurant in East Los Angeles. It was there where he developed his passion for cooking. He then pursued the American Dream and opened up his own
Gilberto started serving the San Pedro Community in 1982, the year Las Brisas
was established. He takes great pride in his famous Al Pastor Meat, which has
14 secret ingredients in the marinade. To this day, he continues to serve the
same one of a kind original recipe, along with his home style Signature Dishes.
Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner
It is Gilberto’s personal attention, dedication and delicious food that keep his
customers coming back. This is evident in the five generations of families that
have been dining at his establishment.
Free Local Delivery!
Take Out
Minimum Purchase $10
(310) 833-4395
1110 N. Gaffey St. ● San Pedro, CA 90731
Atendido Por Sus Amigos: Familia De Haro Mejia
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Prices Do Not Include Tax/Los Precios No Incluyen Tax

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