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to Spain
Spain welcomes
the new baby Rhino
he nature and animal park Terra Natura Benidorm
this morning officially the first breeding Indian
rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis) born in
captivity in Spain. The small sample, whose weight is
around 55 kilos, was born in early February. Since then
it has remained one of the shelters inside the complex
and has now finally been able to travel for the first time
one of the meadows outside the complex.
The arrival of the small specimen has been marked
by small complications. At birth, it took nearly
two hours to rise as usual in this species after
delivery has occurred. This difficulty, also with a
further difficulty with nursing, so could not feed by
himself. In this situation, experts of the park had
to open the manual feed by bottle for the baby to
help him through the first days of life.
As a reinforcement, he was also was given a
vitamin supplement. To was necessary to continue
the manual feeding protocol and to take turns with
the careers 24 hours a day to manage the baby calf
every two hours taking the milk from the mother.
This process continues until the professional team
has ensured that the mother can nurse the baby
calf naturally and take the milk from the breast of
his mother.
Currently, under close surveillance by cameras at
the shelter interior and with direct observation.
Also scanned daily by veterinarians to ensure vital
control to the growth and evolution of the weight,
which increases at a rate of half a kilo per day. The
initial weakness of the rhino is now getting to be
normal. The little animal has gained greater mobility
and ease, and has enough strength in his legs to
move up and down slopes of considerable angles.
Although the young animal loves to explore the
environment, does not dare to separate from the
mother more than two meters. Shiwa the new
mother, had a delivery of 16 hours. Since the birth
of her first foal she has not been separated for
a single moment. The female is responsible for
guiding the baby and is attentive to every sound
that concerns its young. At night, the female curls
up to leave a gap for cuddleling and so to give heat.
The Careers regularly try to entice the young to
drink a bottle, but fortunately the little rhino refuses
and prefers to nurse from his mother. This operation
is part of thr comprehensive after care so the rhino
has complete development . If the young look for
the bottle instead of breast feeding this would
mean that it has trouble feeding and would have to
activate the manual feeding protocol with bottles.
The baby, not yet named, will start from today to be
outside for several hours, and each day outside to
get comfortable with the future environment. At the
moment they will not join the other female of the
group or his father, called Niko, to avoid potential
conflicts. Males of this species do not recognize their
offspring as their own, so if could meet even attack it.
As a precautionary measure the water pond has
been emptied, as the baby rhino cannot swim and
it is still too cold for him.
Experts from Terra Natura Benidorm envision
applying the same protocol of reproduction in
captivity, this time with Shiwa have continued
with the other female rhino named Nisha. The
reproduction of this species is of great conservation
value, since it is endangered. Reproduction in
captivity ensures its survival on the planet and can
be reintroduced into the future in areas where their
population has been reduced.
Markets on the Costa Blanca
Agres, Callosa d’En Sarria, Cox,
Denia, Elche, Formentera, Granja
de Rocamora, Ibi, La Nucia, Llocnou
de Sant Jeroni, Parcent, Petrer,
Penaguila, Playa de Miramar
(summer evenings), Monover, Real de
Gandia, Santa Pola, Sax, Xeraco
Alicante, (Rastro), Aspe, Altea, Barx,
Bellreguard, Benijofar, Campo
de Mirra, Castalla, Elda, Orihuela,
Palma de Gandia, Piles, Playa de
Piles (summer evenings), Rafelcofer,
Relleu, San Fulgencio, Sella, Tibi,
Villalonga, Xalo(Jalon), Xeresa
Ador, Albatera, Alcoi, Alqueries,
Almoines, Banyeres, Barx, Benjema,
Beniaries, Benidorm, Benilloba,
Benitatxell, Biar, Callosa de Segura,
Calpe (Rastro),
Llocnou de Sant Jeroni, Pego, Playe
de Bellreguard (summer evenings),
Rafelcofer, Rojales, Tavernes de
Valldigna, Villajoyosa, Xabia (Javia),
Xixona (Jijona)
Albatera, Almoines, Banyeres,
Benejuzar, Beniarres, Benidoleig,
Crevillente, Daimus, Denia (Rastro),
El Verger, Finestrat, Gata de Gorgos,
Granja de Rocamora, L’ Alfas del
Pi, Monforte del Cid, Monstesinos,
Moraira, Muro de Alcoi, Oliva, Onil,
Petrer, Pilar de la Horadada, Playa de
Daimus (summer evenings), Rafol
d’ Almunia, Sella, Tibi, Torrevieja,
El Cammpello, Elda, Guardamar
del Segura, La Font d’en Carros,
Muchamiel, Monforte del Cid,
Novelda, Orba, Ondara, Petrer,
Polop, Potries, Rotova, San Miguel de
Salinas, Sella, Teulada
Alcoi, Alicante, Almoradi, Alqueria,
Banyeres, Bellreguard, Benifairo,
Benissa, Callosa d’En Sarria, Calpe,
Castalla, Castell de Castells, Catral,
Elche, Elda , La Font d’En Carros, La
Romana, Gaianes, Hondon de las
Nieves, Novelda, Ondara, Pedreguer,
Tavernes de la Valdigna (summer
evenings), San Vicente del Raspeig,
Salinas, Relleu, Santa Pola, Xalo
(Jalon) Rastro
Agost, Agres, Albatera, Alguena,
Alicante, Aspe, Benidoleig,
Cocentaina, Hondon de los Frailes,
Benidorm, Elche, La Nucia,
Campoverde, Camp de Guardamar,
Algorfa, La Marina, Zoco.
Bienvenido a España
l parque de naturaleza y animales Terra
Natura Benidorm ha presentado esta
mañana de manera oficial a la primera
cría de rinoceronte indio (Rhinoceros unicornis)
nacida en España en cautividad. El pequeño
ejemplar, cuyo peso ronda los 55 kilos, nació a
principios del mes de febrero. Desde entonces,
ha permanecido en uno de los cobijos interiores
del complejo y hoy por fin ha podido recorrer por
primera vez una de las praderas exteriores del
La llegada del pequeño ejemplar ha estado
marcada por pequeñas complicaciones. Nada
más nacer, tardó casi dos horas en levantarse
mientras que lo habitual en esta especie es
que se levante a la hora de haberse producido
el parto. A esta dificultad, se añadió que tuvo
problemas para mamar, por lo que no podía
alimentarse por sí mismo. Ante esta situación, los
expertos del parque tuvieron que iniciar la fase de
alimentación manual mediante biberones para
que la cría superara sus primeros días de vida.
Como medida de refuerzo, se le administró
también un complemento vitamínico. Para
mantener el protocolo de alimentación manual
ha sido necesario que los cuidadores hagan
turnos correlativos durante las 24 horas del día
para administrar a la cría cada dos horas la toma
de leche que le correspondía. Así se ha mantenido
el proceso hasta que el equipo profesional ha
conseguido que la hembra amamante de forma
natural a la cría y ésta tome la leche directamente
del pecho de su progenitora.
Actualmente, se mantiene a la cría bajo una
estrecha vigilancia a través de las cámaras
instaladas en su cobijo interior y de la observación
directa. De manera diaria es explorada por
los veterinarios y también es pesada para
controlar su crecimiento y la evolución de su
peso, que aumenta a un ritmo de medio kilo por
día. La debilidad inicial del rinoceronte se ha
transformado ahora en vitalidad. El pequeño
animal ha cobrado mayor movilidad y soltura, y
tiene fuerza suficiente en sus patas para ascender
y bajar laderas de considerable inclinación.
A pesar de que al joven animal le encanta
explorar el entorno, no se atreve a separarse de
la madre más de dos metros. Shiwa, así se llama
la madre primeriza, tuvo un parto de 16 horas
de duración. Desde que nació su primera cría no
se ha separado ni un solo momento de ella. La
hembra se encarga de guiar al pequeño animal
cuando cambian de instalación. Está atenta a
todos los sonidos que emite su cría, y cuando ésta
le busca para mamar se apresura a colocarse en
la posición adecuada. Por la noche, la imponente
hembra se acurruca para dejarle un hueco a la
cría y así administrarle calor.
Los cuidadores periódicamente tratan de tentar
a la cría para que beba el biberón, aunque
afortunadamente el pequeño rinoceronte
lo rechaza y prefiere mamar de su madre.
Esta operación forma parte del seguimiento
exhaustivo que se hace al rinoceronte para
confirmar que su desarrollo se está completando
correctamente. Si la cría buscará el biberón, en
vez de la mama materna, significaría que tiene
problemas para alimentarse y se tendría que
volver a activar el protocolo de alimentación
manual con biberones.
La cría, que aun no tiene nombre, empezará
a salir a partir de hoy durante varias horas
todos los días a la pradera exterior para que se
acostumbre a su futuro entorno. De momento, no
se unirá a la otra hembra del grupo ni a su padre,
llamado Niko, para evitar posibles conflictos.
Los machos de esta especie no reconocen a sus
crías como suyas, por lo que si se juntan podría
incluso atacarla. Como medida de precaución se
ha vaciado de agua la charca de la instalación,
ya que el pequeño rinoceronte no sabe nadar y
todavía hace demasiado frío para él.
Los expertos de Terra Natura Benidorm prevén
aplicar el mismo protocolo de reproducción en
cautividad, que esta vez han seguido con Shiwa,
con la otra hembra de rinoceronte, llamada Nisha.
La reproducción de esta especie resulta de gran
valor conservacionista, puesto que se encuentra en
peligro de extinción. Su reproducción en cautividad
garantiza su supervivencia en el planeta y que
pueda ser reintroducida en el futuro en zonas
donde su población haya sido mermada.
March 14th – 19th FALLAS
“Burning of the giant monuments”.
A traditional celebration held in
commemoration of Saint Joseph.
In Benidorm we are in Fiesta; the
light, color and fire ... above all
the fire will floods the streets of
our town for a few days. From
this hospitable town we invite
you to fully live and experience
the Fallas, undoubtedly our most
internationally known festival.
For five days the castles,
monuments and “mascletaes”
become the protagonists of
Benidorm, where the smell of
gunpowder is interspersed with
the smell of flowers and the music
of the bands with the sound of
A transformation that occurs
as a prelude to spring, and on
March 19, everything ends and
everything begins; with the last of
the ashes people start to dream of
Fallas again for the following year.
There are three Fallas
Commissions: falla “centro”, falla
“rincón” and falla “els tolls”, which
are responsible for creating
their Fallas constructions in their
respective districts and organise
the fiesta. Parades, and flower
offering are the most significant
events, culminating in the feast
day (the 19th) with the “cremá”
(burning of the fallas).
St Patricks Day 17th March
Fun for all on 17th St Patrick’s day
celebrated all over the world and
Benidorm Spain number 1 holiday
destination is no different. With
Fancy dress and loads of visitors
for the fiesta going throughout the
day and night. Calle Gerona and
the Square are the centre point of
the festivities.
Dia de St Patricks 17 de Marzo
El dia de San Patricio el 17 de Marzo
se celebra por todo el mundo y en
Benidorm numero uno con turistas
uno de ellos,con disfraces y muchos
visitantes que estan de fiesta dia
y noche en La calle Gerona y la
Calle Mallorca son los puntos mas
High Heel Hike March 25th
For the second year the sponsored
high heel hike for “Help the Heroes”
is returning to Benidorm. So with
more people involved than the
200 last year who raised a massive
17,679 euros who knows what will
be achieved this year!
Taking place on Sunday 25th
March anyone can join in the fun
and raise money for a great cause.
Meeting at Camping Benidorm
11am and starting at 12 midday. 15
bars are included in the hike and
there will prizes for the best fancy
dress. Contact the organisers for
information 699 289 134 or e mail
[email protected]
Caminata de tacón alto
El dia 25 de Marzo hay un Caminata
de tacón alto
Es el segundo año de la caminata en
tacones en Benidorm para ayudar a
los heroes.Este año hay mas de los
200 personas que participaron el
año pasado que lograron conseguir
17,679.Que tendra lugar el Domingo
25 de Marzo en el Camping
Benidorm alas 11am ,salida als 12
del medio dia se pueden apuntar
todos en la diversion para recaudar
dinero para una gran causa.Hay
15 bares incluidos en la caminata
y habra premiso para los mejores
desfraces.Para contactar con los
699 289 134 y para mas
informacion e mail
[email protected]
Clocks go forward
March 25th
Enjoy the light
Continued >>>>>>>
Benidorm Gastronomico
2012 Calander
2nd event Tapas and Canapés
competition from 26th March until
1st April also 2nd Wine Culture day
29th March.
The competition will include a
number of restaurants in Benidorm
mainly in the Old Town, join in the
culture of eating Tapas all priced
at 2e enjoy great new flavours and
new creations. In 2011 La Cava
Aragonesa won the competition
winning with Kate & Wills Royal
Tapa. Customers can text their
choice of to the judges and the bar
that will receive the most votes will
be announced the winner.
Elvis Festival
30th March- 1st April 9
Elvis Festival 30th March-1st April
Follow the action each day from
lunchtime in the Elvis Beach
Bars and then onto the Elvis
themed bars along The Benidorm
Strip, where Europe’s top ETAs
will perform non-stop until the
evening. That’s when the Vegas
Floorshow venues open with
Headline acts backed by full Elvis
Show bands. Then, if you’re still
going after all that, it’s onto the
Aftershow Party…….
And there’s also The (Poolside) Elvis
at The Movies Show on Saturday
and The Elvis Gospel Show on
Join the organisers of Porthcawl
– the biggest Elvis Festival in the
World – for three days of wall to
wall Elvis in the Spanish sun!
[email protected]
Contact 965 854 750 for tickets
and information or visit Round
Town Travel shops
Festival de Elvis
el 30 de Marzo- 1de Abril
Numero de contacto 965 854 750
para entradas y informacion entra
en las tiendas de Round Town Travel.
Elvis en Benidorm comienza con
una fiesta de bienvenida junto a la
piscina del hotel Melia, el viernes a la
hora del almuerzo.
Todos los días abrímos nuestros
bares de tema Elvis a lo largo de la
tira de Benidorm.
Nuestros bares son:
Cada uno tendrá un presentador
diferente. Los bares también estarán
mostrando los mejores actos tributos
de Elvis de toda Europa sin parar
hasta las 9 de la noche.
A las 10 de la noche abrímos los
locales de Vegas donde varios actos
tributos de Elvis aparecerán junto
con las mejores bandas de Elvis.
Después, a las una de la mañana, te
invitamos a la fiesta posterior.
Y si eso no es bastante, también
tenemos el ‘Espectáculo de cine’ el
Sábado a mediodía y el ‘Espectáculo
evangelio de Elvis’ el Domingo.
Todos los locales están a poco
distancia el uno del otro. Tu
entrada te dará acceso a todos
los espectáculos y locales. No
permitirímos acceso al público
general y no será posible comprar
entradas para espectáculos
individuales. Para más información,
ir a la página de entradas.
Actos tributos de Elvis que aparecen
son: Johnny Lee Memphis, Ciáran
Houlihan, Mencis Elvis,
Mike Nova, Paul Larcombe, Tom
Gilson, Steve Caprice, Gordon Elvis,
Ben Portsmouth, Simon Patrick,
Darren ‘Graceland’ Jones, Rockin’
Dave Riley, Pete Storm, Juan Lozano,
Ricky Aron.
April 2012
5-8 April Costa Blanca Cup
International Youth Soccer
6th – 9th Easter 2012
National holidays start on 5th April
6th & 9th
Matches shown live March/April
Sunday 18 March 2012
14:30 Wolves v Man Utd
17:00 Newcastle v Norwich
Wednesday 21 March 2012
20:45 Man City v Chelsea
Saturday 24 March 2012
13:45 Chelsea v Tottenham
18:30 Stoke v Man City
Sunday 25 March 2012
17:00 West Brom v Newcastle
Wednesday 11 April 2012
21:00 QPR v Swansea
Saturday 14 April 2012
13:45 Norwich v Man City
Sunday 15 April 2012
17:00 Man Utd v Aston Villa
Monday 16 April 2012
21:00 Arsenal v Wigan
Sunday 1 April 2012
14:30 Newcastle v Liverpool
17:00 Tottenham v Swansea
Saturday 21 April 2012
13:45 Arsenal v Chelsea
18:30 QPR v Tottenham
Monday 2 April 2012
21:00 Blackburn v Man Utd
Sunday 22 April 2012
13:30 Man Utd v Everton
17:00 Wolves v Man City
Saturday 7 April 2012
13:45 Sunderland v Tottenham
18:30 Stoke v Wolves
Sunday 8 April 2012
14:30 Man Utd v QPR
17:00 Arsenal v Man City
Tuesday 10 April 2012
21:00 Blackburn v Liverpool
Monday 26 March 2012
21:00 Man Utd v Fulham
Friday 6 April 2012
17:30 Swansea v Newcastle
Monday 9 April 2012
21.00 Fulham v Chelsea
Saturday 28 April 2012
18:30 Norwich v Liverpool
Sunday 29 April 2012
14:30 Chelsea v QPR
17:00 Tottenham v Blackburn
Monday 30 April 2012
21:00 Man City v Man Utd
The current sporting fixtures are providing us all
with so much to talk about as well as hours of
enjoyment and fun watching live action.
The next few weeks are packed full of excitement
with some of the best fixtures so far this season.
FA cup quarter finals on Saturday 17th & 18th
Champions league represented now with only one
English club Chelsea have it all to prove, with their
Saturday 17 March 2012
13:45 Everton v Sunderland
16:00 Fulham v Swansea
16:00 Wigan v West Brom
18:30 Tottenham v Bolton
Sunday 18 March 2012
14:30 Wolves v Man Utd
15:05 Chelsea v Leicester
17:00 Newcastle v Norwich
17:00 Liverpool v Stoke
Tuesday 20 March 2012
20:45 Aston Villa v Bolton
21:00 Blackburn v Sunderland
Wednesday 21 March 2012
20:45 Man City v Chelsea
20:45 Tottenham v Stoke
21:00 Everton v Arsenal
21:00 QPR v Liverpool
Saturday 24 March 2012
13:45 Chelsea v Tottenham
16:00 Arsenal v Aston Villa
16:00 Bolton v Blackburn
16:00 Liverpool v Wigan
poor performance in the domestic league this is
their opportunity to make it all right, but can they
do it? Watch live semi final action on 27th & 28th
March and 3rd & 4th April.
The premiership table gets even more exciting as
Manchester United hit top by only one point over
rivals Manchester City, Arsenal have kept good
form and go into fourth spot and trailing Spurs
who have lost their last three games. Chelsea are
16:00 Norwich v Wolves
16:00 Sunderland v QPR
16:00 Swansea v Everton
18:30 Stoke v Man City
Sunday 25 March 2012
17:00 West Brom v Newcastle
Monday 26 March 2012
21:00 Man Utd v Fulham
Saturday 31 March 2012
16:00 Aston Villa v Chelsea
16:00 Everton v West Brom
16:00 Fulham v Norwich
16:00 Man City v Sunderland
16:00 QPR v Arsenal
16:00 Wigan v Stoke
16:00 Wolves v Bolton
Sunday 1 April 2012
14:30 Newcastle v Liverpool
17:00 Tottenham v Swansea
Monday 2 April 2012
21:00 Blackburn v Man Utd
Friday 6 April 2012
17:30 Swansea v Newcastle
Saturday 7 April 2012
13:45 Sunderland v Tottenham
16:00 Bolton v Fulham
16:00 Chelsea v Wigan
16:00 Liverpool v Aston Villa
16:00 Norwich v Everton
16:00 West Brom v Blackburn
18:30 Stoke v Wolves
Sunday 8 April 2012
14:30 Man Utd v QPR
17:00 Arsenal v Man City
Monday 9 April 2012
16:00 Everton v Sunderland
16:00 Newcastle v Bolton
16:00 Tottenham v Norwich
18:30 Aston Villa v Stoke
21.00 Fulham v Chelsea
Tuesday 10 April 2012
21:00 Blackburn v Liverpool
Wednesday 11 April 2012
close behind and remain a threat after edging the
gap over Liverpool and Newcastle.
At the bottom QPR find themselves joint with
Wolves and Wigan remain the bottom team by
only two points.
Rugby lovers can enjoy the final day of the Six
Nations on 17th March England meet Ireland a St
Patricks day special at 18.00 Wales meet France
earlier on in the afternoon.
20.45 Man City v West Brom
20:45 Wigan v Man Utd
20:45 Wolves v Arsenal
21:00 QPR v Swansea
Saturday 14 April 2012
13:45 Liverpool v Fulham
13:45 Norwich v Man City
16:00 Chelsea v Newcastle
16:00 Stoke v Everton
16:00 Sunderland v Wolves
16:00 Swansea v Blackburn
16.00 West Brom v QPR
Sunday 15 April 2012
17:00 Man Utd v Aston Villa
Monday 16 April 2012
21:00 Arsenal v Wigan
Saturday 21 April 2012
13:45 Arsenal v Chelsea
16:00 Aston Villa v Sunderland
16:00 Blackburn v Norwich
16:00 Bolton v Swansea
16:00 Fulham v Wigan
16:00 Newcastle v Stoke
18:30 QPR v Tottenham
Sunday 22 April 2012
13:30 Man Utd v Everton
17:00 Liverpool v West Brom
17:00 Wolves v Man City
Saturday 28 April 2012
16:00 Everton v Fulham
16:00 Stoke v Arsenal
16:00 Sunderland v Bolton
16:00 Swansea v Wolves
16:00 West Brom v Aston Villa
16:00 Wigan v Newcastle
18:30 Norwich v Liverpool
Sunday 29 April 2012
14:30 Chelsea v QPR
17:00 Tottenham v Blackburn
Monday 30 April 2012
21:00 Man City v Man Utd
Easter Fun in the Sun
Good Friday this year falls on 6th April, Benidorm and all of the coastal resorts will
have thousands of visitors during the week before as many other city’s will have the
whole week before Easter off of work.
Easter is the busiest time of the year giving the first
opportunity for many Nationals and foreign visitors to
head for the sun and sand.
According to a report released on 12th March, the National
Meteorological Institute predicts a good start weatherwise to Easter Week.
Throughout Easter the weather will be warm with clear
blue sky and the sun will be shining, as families pitch up on
the beach to enjoy a day of fun ice-cream, barbecues and
ice-cold beers.
Thousands of people descended on the north to enjoy
some welcome fun in the sun.
Windbreakers, sunscreen and sports equipment are
unpacked from the hundreds of cars parked around the
local streets and car parks so arrive early if you want a
Easter is a time to relax in the sunshine, while friends meet
up to enjoy the time off work and there is no where better
to do that than on the beach away from all of the hussle
and busstle of daily life.
Over the next few weeks temperatures will be around 21C
to 23C in inland parts and a bit cooler along the coast.
Valencia City of the future
What this great City has to offer is attracting more and more
property buyer, young professionals and families thrive on the
stimulating culture, life style and infrastructure that Valencia has
modernised including excellent road links to the rest of the country.
Property on offer is certainly
varied and interesting, a two
bedroom apartment in the
upmarket Ensanche area of the
city is on offer for 380,000€ on
the other hand a six bed room
house with a 1,800m2 garden
in the foothills of the Sierra
Calderona which is half hour
drive from the City, cost just over
Much of Valencia’s current
attraction is due to a decade of
development that has resulted
in some of the most spectacular
architecture in Spain.
Also high profile sporting events
such as the American Cup and
the Formula One have lifted
the profile. Valencia is now one
of the most modern and most
popular cities for the heritage
and culture as well as the more
trendy and fashionable place
to live.
How technology
is making
Are you
Social media is playing a vital role in business and also
allowing potential house buyers, and visitors to Spain to
build up a relationship with businesses offering up to date
information on their products and services.
Twitter accounts and Facebook sites run by businesses in
Spain offer easy to use links along with short messages so
you can pick out what it is that you want to see. You Tube
Videos are also playing a big role in today’s online business
information service.
For business owners using these online services it’s all about
building trust with their customers. Being able to have
conversations with prospective clients and getting to know
what they are looking for.
Tourist information are putting residents and visitors in
touch with the right products and services available on
a number of first class web sites. This business marketing
tool is moving so fast across Europe more and more
people use the web as their first point of contact. For
some business owners it is a struggle to keep up with the
technology and most simply under estimate the benefits
and shy away from the set up cost. The speed of growth in
today’s business world is undoubted reliant on the tools
of technology available with faster internet connections,
phone applications and being able to accsess information
from where ever you are.
Launching here in the Costa Blanca the Vista Phone App
available early April 2012 you will be able to use the GPS
navigator to find the best bars, restaurants, shops and
services all at the touch of your smart phone.
Search for what you are looking for where ever you are also
with the benefit of an electronic Vista Card (discounts and
offers across the region) so you will have it with you all of
the time.
What makes the Vista Phone App the number 1 online
guide is that it completely FREE to users and will be
available on both I Phone and smart phone.
You may have noticed already in this magazine that you
have a QR code on each advert this will allow you to use
your phone to view the information, videos, map, menus
and reviews giving you much more information about the
places, products and services that you are interested in. The
phone App is free so download it now search QR in your
App store or read page 2 for more information.
10% off Sunday
lunch 1pm-5pm
Avda Europa 11. Benidorm
96 680 3306
Lunch Special
2 Course
Mon - Sat
from 1pm
Pie Night
10% off main meals
(Excludes specials)
from 6pm
Sunday Lunch
2 course
from 12.30pm
Live the life of Spain
More and more people
looking at living abroad surf
the net for the information
on property, life style and
So before you even think to travel
you have everything you need at a
click of a mouse. Watch videos on
the web and experience the magic
of the Internet.
In the property market on the
Costas where so much money was
made during the boom are where
the prices are now reflected in the
current economic climate. In some
areas house prices have seen a drop
of up to 50%, the property Market
has seen a rise of 60% in the interest
of overseas investors. It is reported
by more than one estate agent that
things have never been so good!
What you get for your Euros...
Central Valencia with views over the
landscape river bed a three bedroom,
fourth floor apartment next to the
old city gates of Torres de Serrano has
a asking price of €135,000.
Montserrat 32km inland from
Valencia a four bedroom 140m2
villa with pool, barbecue area and
garage with stunning views over the
surrounding countryside from its
1.700m2 garden with a asking price
of €255,000.
Pinar De Campoverde, Southern Costa
Blanca a luxury four bedroom villa
just a 10 minute drive from the beach
and the nearest golf course with
swimming pool, landscaped gardens,
garage and ample parking for several
cars, recently sold for €589,950.
Southern Costa Blanca and Murcia
Coastal areas tend to attract much
different types of people looking to
re locate to Spain many more holiday
home buyers and also retirees.
Murcia is also set to take off with the
building of the Paramount Theme
Park due to open in 2015 at a cost of
over a billion euros, the Paramount
Pictures Theme Park is set to be the
biggest of its kind in Europe and a
rival to Disneyland Paris. Also add to
that the new airport at Corvera and
a proposed high speed rail link to
Madrid, and people are looking to
buy in this part of Spain where the
sun is really shining.
01 Beach Terrace Bar
10% Discount
Edificio Torre Principado,
Avenida de Madrid, Local 26,
672 856 131
02 Churchills Fun Pub
Karaoke. Free Shot on Arrival
Edificio Torpa, Local 4-6,
Calle Lepanto 14, 03500
Benidorm.696 493 685
03 Daytona Rock Bar
20% Discount off drinks
Playa de Levante
03503 Benidorm 667 463 382
04 Lazy Cow
Free bottle of wine with 2
main meals on Tuesday &
Free shot with first drink
05 Guinness Bar
20% Discount off all drinks
Playa de Levante
03503 Benidorm
965 853 062 659 411 879
06 KM Playa
Closed until late March
Edificio Payma Bajo, Av
Almeria 5, 03503 Benidorm.
607 805 142
07 KU Lounge
20% Discount off all drinks
Avenida de Alcoy 6, Playa
de Levante s/n, 03503
Benidorm. 607 744 802
08 Yorkshire Pride 3
Free Shot on Arrival
Calle Dr Severo Ochoa,
Rincon de Loiz, Benidorm
03503. 649 788 887
09 Little Belfast
Free bottle of wine to take
away with main meal for 2
Hotel Marina, Benidorm
10 Moon Beach Lounge Bar
20% Discount off all drinks
Avenida de Alcoy 6, Playa de
Levante 03503 Benidorm.
965 850 919/607 744 802
11 Outback Sport Bar
10% Discount off all drinks
Calle Philippines 8, Benidorm
627 142 381
12 Rachels Bar
10% Discount off drinks
(Excludes other offers)
Avenida Doctor Severo
Ochoa 6, Local 6-7, 03503
635 688 885
13 Red Dog Western Bar
Free Shot. Calle Ibiza 12,
Planta 12, Puerta 3, 03503
Benidorm 679 179 424
14 Regent Bar
Free Drink with a main meal
Edificio Rincon, Local 9-10,
Avenida Estocolmo 2,
Benidorm 636 915 432
15 Sinatras Entertainment
Venue 10% Discount
Calle Ibiza 12, Planta 12,
Puerta 3, 03503 Benidorm
679 179 424
16 Yorkshire Pride 2
Free Shot on Arrival
Calle Londres, Benidorm,
649 788 887
17 Yorkshire Pride 1
Free Shot on Arrival
Calle Gerona 5, Benidorm
649 788 887
18 Buddies Bar
Free Shot
Edifico Triomar II, Local 5,
Calle Ibiza,
Benidorm New Town,
Benidorm 965 856 220
19 The Last Stop Karaoke
Sports Bar
10% Discount on drinks
Calle Gerona 03503,
20 The Plaza
Free Shot
Edificio Don Pepe, Avenida
de Estocolmo, 03503
696 493 685
21 The Village Pub
10% off all food and a Free
Shot. Edificio Gemelos XX,
Calle Lepanto 9, 03503
Benidorm. 696 493 685
22 Tikki Beach
10% off all food
Avenida de Alcoy, Playa de
Levante, 03503 Benidorm.
660 26 1052
23 Why Not Bar
Free Shot on Arrival
Avenida del Mediterraneo
41, Benidorm 03503
649 788 887
24 Triangle Karaoke Bar
Free Shot on Arrival
Edificio Coblanca 6,
Avenida de Estocolmo 3,
03500 Benidorm.
696 493 685
25 Tropical Entertainment
10% Discount
Calle Ibiza 12, Planta 12,
Puerta 3, 03503 Benidorm
679 179 424
26 Coco Paradiso
10% off Drinks bill
Avda Severo Doctor Ochoa
Rincon De Loix Benidorm
27 Bodhran Irish bar
Free baby Guinness
Principado Playa,
Calle Doctor Orts Llorca,
28 4 Kings Restaurant
10% Discount on food
Avendia del Mediterrano 43,
Benidorm, 03503
29 El Senyoret
Playa de Levante
10% Off Your Bill
Calle Doctor Perez Llorca, 1
1° 101, 03503 Benidorm 965
853 883
615 453 866 - 618 280 309
30 Grill House
10% Discount on all food
and drinks
Avenida del Mediterráneo
33, 03503 Benidorm
31 El Italiano
Free after dinner Liquor
Plaza Triangular Benidorm
32 Bellagio Restaurante
Free Limo Pick up and return
for groups – 10% discount
from the bill
Urban. Sierra Cortina, Calle
Roma 36. 03509 Finestrat,
Alicante. 966 831 837
33 The Magic Roundabout
Free Tapa on arrival
Edifico Gemelos IV, Local 9,
Calle Ibiza s/n, 03503
Benidorm. 696 493 685
34 Rays II Chippy
10% off main meals
Av, Mediterraneo 58,
35 Simply Delicious
Sausage Roll Only 1 euro
with Vista Card
Avd Ametta de Mar 26,
36 Gateway of India
10% discount
C/Lepanto 15, Benidorm
tel- 966 811 211 ______________________
37 Spice of Life Indian
10% Discount off the bill
Calle Doctor Orts Llorca 11,
03500 Benidorm.
965 866 881/660 148 620
38 India Gate
10% discount from the bill
C/ Gerona num 2,
Old Town Benidorm,
Benidorm, 03503
39. Hepburns Hair & Nail
Hepburns - Save 10% with
Vista Card on any of their
products on TuesdayWednesday and Thursday
every week!!!! Also get a full
set of acrylic nails – cut and
blow dry for 40 euro great
deals with Vista Card call
Hepburns now 965 866 557
Indoor Market Benidorm
Rincon De Loix
40 Aqualandia
Closed until May
2 adults 44€ 2 children 33€
41. Benidorm Palace
3€ Discount with your Vista
Card when booked online
Avenida Severo Ochoa 13,
Benidorm New Town
673 652 340
42 Jail Rock
Free Shot on Arrival
Edificio Payma Local 1, Calle
Gerona 35, 03503 Benidorm
669 262 595
43 Molino Showbar
Avinguda de Beniarda 2,
Benidorm 03502
677 341 726
44 Amigo 24
Opposite Benidorm Market
10% off mini Scooter Hire
45 Rock and Roll House
Free Shot on Arrival
Avenida Doctor Severo
Ochoa 6, Benidorm 03503
965 856 020
46 Mundomar
Save 6€ on Adults & 4€ on
47 Easy Hire Centre
Calle Lepanto 22
900 900 240
966 445 812
Vista Card offer - 4 Euro
cash back per weeks hire on
Scooters - When you collect
& return from the centre only
(not on deliveries) your 20
euro deposit will grow!!!! So
when you return and collect
your deposit will be 24 Euros
48 Mail Box
1 euro per gram extra on
Calle Ibiza 16
96 58535 86
49 Euroclinica Rincon
Avenida dr. Severo Ochoa 6
Benidorm, 03503
Tel: 96 6830849/ 96 5867801.
Free Blood Pressure Test
50 Levis Showboat
Avenida dr. Severo Ochoa
Benidorm, 03503
Now Open
51 Topo Gigio
52 Subway Playa
53 Subway Rincon
54 Nawab
55 White Horse
56 Monroes
57 Toscana
58 Tobaco Ibiza
59 Topo Gigio rincon
60 Clinica Benidorm
61 Jokers
62 Chaplins
63 Sinatras 2
64 La Salamanda
65 Terra Mitica
66 Terra Natura
67 Michaels
68-71 Eurotobacco
72 Gallowgate
73 Indoor Market
74 La Cava Aragonesa
75 Michaels
76 Rich Bitch
77 Klee
78 Patrizi
Vista Card offers are not available in conjunction with any other offers
4 KM
Bus Station
Av. Emilio
Free Liquor
Av. de Almeria
Your Free Vista Card Is Accepted At the Following Locations
Free Shot
Benidorm Old Town
Town Hall
Old Town
01. Patrizzi
Free glass of wine and tapas
Calle Rosario 9, Local 2,
02. El Rincon Navarro
Free glass of wine and tapas
Calle Travesia de
San Miguel 7,
Old Town Benidorm
03. Diferente Bar
10% Off
C/ Tomas Ortuno 11,
Old Town Benidorm
04. Bar Domino
10% off food with Vista Card
965854476/603 891600 Calle Martinez Oriola 15,
Old Town Benidorm
05. La Taberna del Norte
Free glass of wine and tapas
Calle Rosario 9, Local 3,
06. Michaels Restaurant
10% off Steak Menu
10% off 3 course Sunday Lunch
Free after Dinner Liquor
07 10% discount when making a
Calle Santa Faz 9,
Old Town Benidorm
08. Al Terrazzo
10% Discount
Travesia San Miguel 6,
Old Town Benidorm, Benidorm,
03501 Tel 627 777 265
09. La Taperia
10% discount from the A la Carte
6 Santo Doming Street, Alicante,
Benidorm 618131873
10. El Italiano
Free after dinner liquor
Plaza Triangular, Plaza Hispanidad 3
Benidorm Tel: 965 859 533
11. Duomo Italian Restaurant
Free after dinner liquor
Calle Alicante 6, Old Town
Benidorm, 03500
Tel: 965865118
12. La Cava Aragonesa
Free bottle of CAVA with a Combo
4 Tapas / La Tabla. Plaza de la
Constitucion 2,
Calle Martínez Oriola, Old Town
13. Ritch Bitch Show Bar
Free Shot. Calle Del Pal 4,
Old Town Benidorm
14. Klee Kaffe Show Bar
Free Shot on Arrival
Calle Pal 9, Old Town Benidorm
Alfaz del Pi
Bar El Niu
Free Glass of Wine or beer with
Fridays Fish n Chips
Ejercites Espanoles 4,
Alfaz Del Pi,
686 241 685
01 El Italiano
Free after dinner liqueur
Paseo Mediterraneo 29,
Alicante, 03590 965 843 416
02 Pizza & Cia
15% Discount Calle San Miguel 1,
Casco Antiguo, Altea, Alicante,
03590 966883477
03 America Cup
When you eat a main meal get Free
½ loaf of bread from the bakery to
take home
Calle Conde de Altea 28,
Paseo del Mediterraneo,
01 Antica Roma
10% discount
Calle Pintor Sorolla
Calpe 03710
966 445 151 | 662 380 049
01 El Guitarra
10% discount off food
Avenida Dr Jose Maria Esquerdo 10
Villajoyosa 96 685 1410
La Nucia
01 Deja Vu
Discount for groups
On the CV-70 near Mas Y Mas
LA NUCIA 634 358 545
The Winery Enrique Mendoza
The Winery was born thanks to a passion of
wine. The project was forged at the end of the
70’s when Enrique Mendoza became extremely
interested in the world of wine and decided to
continue the tradition of “La Marina Baixa” of
making wine for family consumption.
Today the two plants have transformed into two
wineries, one for the aging and bottling of wine in
Alfaz del Pi and a second one in Villena
The price is 20€ per person and you can also
buy wines at the Winery. Catering can also be
provided for groups of 10 or more by prior
Opening Hours: The visits will be from Tuesdays
to Fridays at 10.00am, 12.00 and 16.00 and
Saturdays at 10.00am and 12.00 with 5 minutes
courtesy waiting time. Please ask for availability
for groups on Sundays and bank Holidays.
Appointment required, please book online. (see
web address at bottom of page)
They will be professional guided tours with a
duration of 1.30 hours including a wine tasting
of several of our wines (All our latest harvest)
accompanied by a snack
You may choose the language of the visit and the
wine tasting to be either English or Spanish.
Partida El Romeral s/n • Alfaz del Pi (Alicante) • España • Tel. +34 965 888 639
[email protected]
01 Bistro Mayer Mexican
Free Glass of Wine with Unlimited
Ribs offer
Edificio Playa Mar II, Avenida del
03581 Albir.
966 868 213/637 189 558
02 dLux Restaurant & Bar
Free Glass of CAVA when dining
Paseo de las Estrellas 3, 03581
Albir, Alfaz Del Pi. 673 086 266
03 Pizza & Cia
15% Discount
Calle Joaquin Rodrigo 3, Albir,
Alfaz Del Pi, 03581
04 Indonesia Restaurant
Free Spring Roll Starter & 10%
Calle de Pau, Casals 7, Albir,
966 864 969
05 La Roca Restaurant
10% off your bill
Camino Vell del Far 2, 03581
Albir, Alfaz Del PI - 966 864 899
06 Le Grand Cafe – bar/restaurant
Free Glass of Wine with your meal
Avenida del Albir 20, 03581, Albir,
Alfaz del Pi. 625 513 837
07 Restaurante El Sacristan
Free after dinner coffee with your
Vista Card
C/Juan Sebastian Bach 2b Albir
03581 966865950/633152909
08 Ritz Restaurant & Bar
10% off your bill
Paseo De Las Estrellas,
Edificio Playa Mar III,
Local 2-3, Albir.
966 867 448/616 076 688
09 Sarita Indian Restaurant
Card holders Only “Free Banoffee
Evenings Only
Avenida del Albir 11,
03581 Albir, Alfaz Del Pi.
966 864 394
10 Scandinavian Home Cooking
Free glass of wine with your meal
Avenida de L’Albir 4, 03581, Albir.
690 011 209
11 Coco Loco bar / restaurant
Free Glass of wine with your meal
Paseo de las Estrellas 1,
Local B, 03581
Alfaz del Pi.
697 213 111
12 Noggy’s
Free Tea, Coffee or small
beer with any food order
Avd Del Albir 15,
Albir Alicante, 03581 tel 966 866
13 Yuan Teppanyaki Restaurant
10% Off the Bill
Calle Pau Casals,
Edificio Mistral Local 5-6-7, Playa
del Albir, 03581,
Alfaz del Pi.
966 867 221
14 Transilvania Restaurant Albir
10% off a la carte menu
Camino Viejo de Altea 36,
Alfaz Del PI
966 864 199
15 Flavours
Buy 1 & get the 2nd half Price on
C/ Manuel de Falla 2,
El Albir,
630 507 150
16 Country Ribs
10 % Discount
Paseo de las Estrellas,
Playa de Albir, Albir,
Alfaz Del Pi, 03580
966 865 507
17 Sinclairs
10% off
Avda del Albir 8
966 864 8222
18 Cappuccino
Free Coffee when you buy the
Apple Pie 10% discount A la Carte
Paseo de las Estrellas,
Alfaz Del Pi,
03581 - 96 686463
Indonesian cuisine
Indonesian cuisine is diverse, in part because Indonesia is composed
of approximately 6,000 populated islands Many regional cuisines
exist, often based upon cultural and foreign influences. Indonesian
cuisine varies greatly by region and has many different influences.
Throughout its history, Indonesia has been involved in trade due to its
location and natural resources. Additionally, Indonesia’s indigenous
techniques and ingredients were influenced by India, the Middle
East, China, and finally Europe. Spanish and Portuguese traders
brought New World produce even before the Dutch came to colonize
most of the archiepelago. The Indonesian islands The Moluccas
(Maluku), which are famed as “the Spice Islands”, also contributed
to the introduction of native spices, such as cloves and nutmeg, to
Indonesian and global cuisine.
Some popular Indonesian dishes such as nasi goreng, gado-gado,
sate, and soto are ubiquitous in the country and considered as
Indonesian national dishes.
Sumatran cuisine, for example, often has Middle Eastern and Indian
influences, featuring curried meat and vegetables such as gulai
and kari, while Javanese cuisine is more indigenous. The cuisines of
Eastern Indonesia are similar to Polynesian and Melanesian cuisine.
Elements of Chinese cuisine can be seen in Indonesian cuisine: items
such as bakmi (noodles), bakso (meat or fish balls), and lumpia (spring
rolls) have been completely assimilated.
Some popular dishes that originated in Indonesia are now common
across much of Southeast Asia. Indonesian dishes such as satay, beef
rendang, and sambal are also favoured in Malaysia and Singapore.
Soy-based dishes, such as variations of tofu (tahu) and tempe, are
also very popular. Tempe is regarded as a Javanese invention, a local
adaptation of soy-based food fermentation and production. Another
fermented food is oncom, similar in some ways to tempe but using
a variety of bases (not only soy), created by different fungi, and
particularly popular in West Java.
Indonesian meals are commonly eaten with the combination of a
spoon in the right hand and fork in the left hand (to push the food
onto the spoon), although in many parts of the country, such as West
Java and West Sumatra, it is also common to eat with one’s hands.
In restaurants or households that commonly use bare hands to eat,
like in seafood foodstalls, traditional Sundanese and Minangkabau
restaurants, or East Javanese pecel lele (fried catfish with sambal) and
ayam goreng (fried chicken) food stalls, they usually serve kobokan,
a bowl of tap water with a slice of lime in it to give a fresh scent. This
bowl of water should not to be consumed, however; it is used to wash
one’s hand before and after eating.
Saturday 17 March
Sevilla v Barcelona. 20:00
Sunday 18 March
Real Madrid v Malaga 21:30
Monday 19 March
Espanyol v r Santander. 21:00
Tuesday 20 March
Barcelona v Granada.
Wednesday 21 March
Atletico Madrid v Bilbao 20:00
Valencia v Zaragoza
Villareal v real Madrid. 22:00
Thurs 22 March
R Santander v Sevilla. 20:00
Malaga v R vallecano. 22:00
Saturday. 24 March
Mallorca v Barcelona. 18:00
Real Madrid v sociedad. 20:00
Getafe v Valencia. 22:00
Sunday 25 March
Zaragoza v atletico Madrid.
Bilbao v sporting gijon. 16:00
Real betis v. R Santander 19:45
Monday 26 March
Granada v. Sevilla. 21:00
Sunday 1 April
Barcelona v Zaragoza. 17:00
Osasuna v real Madrid. 17:00
Valencia v levante. 17:00
Sunday 8 April
Real Madrid v Valencia 17:00
Zaragoza v Barcelona. 17:00
Bilbao v Sevilla
Wednesday 11 April
Barcelona v Getafe. 17:00
Atletico Madrid v real Madrid.
Valencia. V. R vallecano.
Sunday 15 April
Barcelona v real Madrid. 17:00
Kenny Corris brings you the horoscopes.
Enquires 686 361 594 and/or appointments: 96 587 8424.
Meet Kenny on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Bistro Maya Albir from 17.00
details and further information call Els on 966 868 213
Aries: March begins with the entry of Mercury, and an important message is to be
heard but maybe not believed. This month is punctuated by an affair of the heart
as Goddess Venus spends her time telling you that love is what you need right now,
urging you to get your priorities right. The entry of the Sun at the Spring Equinox
puts you in pole position but take it easy, above all. A busy month!
Taurus: A strong almost month long connection with Venus, Goddess of Love and
your Planetary leader, puts you back on track as you succeed in finding that something special you have been waiting for. Often you do not value your worth, and
this month shows what you are capable of, and that you are no pushover. Saturn
inconjuncts Venus on the last day of the month bringing you a worthy surprise.
Gemini: Cosmic energies are inspiring you and you may very well feel that change
is due, and that you must bring on what you have to. You have been indecisive and
unsure, but a tinge of anger, brought about by the Mercury retrograde on March
12th really shows you just what you are capable of, and why you now have to be
openly honest with yourself, if you are to succeed.
Cancer: A great time to start a new project, and to actively enjoy putting all your
energy into something that shows a good end result. You very often underestimate
your skills and natural talents, but you have an eye for quality control and a determination that gets things done and dusted. Chiron enters Pisces on the 10th, and if
you hold your temper, and resist hiding in your shell, all will be well.
Leo: Energies are tempting you to make a sideways move when all that is needed
is for you to take control of the situation and stop your foolish pride. Things could be
better if you just took the time to lift yourself and put on a brave face instead of seeing doom and gloom. With wily Saturn in balanced Libra mid month there comes a
chance to kiss and tell, but will you? It may be the right thing to do for all concerned.
Virgo: With Mars at your side this month you take things in your stride. You are
protected when taking on both mighty Uranus and the fall out from the Mercury
retrograde, when your communication levels hit an all time low. Do not feel that this
is an uphill struggle, better to put your best foot forward and lay down the law and
to show others, once and for all, that you are not to be messed with.
Libra: As Venus directs you this month you are shown the open door, and how
things could be when you are ready. Actions in your sister Planet of Taurus are indicators that you are awaiting an instruction that does not come. Saturn enters into
your space at the end of the month, bringing light and wisdom, and the encouragement that you need to make changes, though not please for change sake, for you.
Scorpio: The sting you are accredited with is poised for action, but you face a calm
month with some very good Cosmic connections and a brief to explore that which
you must. Getting involved is what it’s all about this March as you find for yourself
that your inner powers are inspiring. Mighty Uranus and Knowing Saturn bring
control into a situation that may very well be getting out of hand. Walk away!
Sagittarius: The absence of Jupiter means that you will have to write your own
story this month. Someone needs putting in touch with reality, and they must know
that there are some things you just have to do for yourself. This isn’t selfish it’s self
preserving! Actions midmonth with Saturn and Libra shed some light on a matter
that you seek to clear once and for all, go for closure, and a quiet life, above all.
Capricorn: The Mercury retrograde brings things to a new level, but fuels for you
sensitivity in a personal relationship where wires seemed to be crossed, and there is
some confusion. Take steps to clear the way forward since there is a chance to put
your cards on the table and forge a new understanding, if you really want to, rather
than feel that you are compromised or under fire from all angles.
Aquarius: Walk away, walk on with your head held high, and for once do not
give in to excuses and a tissue of lies that have been used as a smokescreen that
surrounds you right now. Blame any pressure on an indecisive energy of Pisces and
a warring Mars, serving to pour oil on already troubled waters. Solution and resolve
beckon, but here do not take second best when so much more could and should be
Pisces: An intriguingly busy astrological month lies ahead. Actions at the start of
the month connect you with Mercury, where a message must be sent before the
midmonth retrograde. Inspiration is brought on from Chiron and this is enabling
and fundamental as you take on something new and inspiring in your everyday life.
Finally twists and turns are sent by Saturn and retrograde Mercury directing you
safely onwards.
15 Years in
Bistro Maya
Els Van Dooran has proven that continued
success in running a restaurant is possible!
After 15 years in Albir running what is
now one of the most successful restaurant
businesses in the area I asked Els has it all
been worth it?
Els replied “I love to welcome people new
and old into Bistro Maya, it’s my life”.
Els is part of the community in Albir
and has many many friends as well as
customers, asking Els
“what do you think has helped you make
Bistro Maya a success”?
“Giving a personal service and getting
to know people it is always my goal to
meet and greet and offer the warmth of
being comfortable and relaxed”. Els also
hold Spiritualist meetings twice each
week on both Monday and Wednesday
afternoons; this is very popular and brings
people together. Kenny Corris is one of the
mediums who take part in the sessions.
The truth is speaking from experience
and also hearing from many other
business owners in Albir I can tell you
the sucsess for Bistro Maya is down to
the good quality fresh food and great
value for money! If you have not yet been
to Bistro Maya Albir then we can highly
recommend it and also the unlimited
ribs offer only 10.95 and you get to eat as
much as you like, even better with a Vista
Card you get a Free glass of wine or beer
as well!!!!
Well done to Els and her team and we
wish you all many many more years in
Vista Costa Blanca Editor
What is KYBOE !
KYBOE ! is a global lifestyle fashion brand inspired by colors.
KYBOE ! has successfully launched watches and sunglasses
across the world.
A KYBOE ! timepiece is a rocking
colorful fashion accessory with
plenty of attitude.
With its contrasting outer bezel, dial
and band, a KYBOE ! timepiece is a
badge of fun that represents amusing,
contemporary or formal style
effortlessly. KYBOE ! sunglasses are
well known for their colorful frames
and optics. A must have high quality
fashion item with interchangeable
For people that work hard and play
harder KYBOE ! grabs attention for all
the right reasons. Hockey, soccer and
cricket celebs, tv personalities and
artists have been spotted wearing
these highly fashionable accessories
and the buzz around KYBOE ! is
New models and colors are being
added continually, and this fresh face
in the world of luxury watches and
sunglasses has its own member clubs
and A-list events, so make sure you
don’t miss a second of the action.
Our fashionable watches and
sunglasses make you stand out in
a crowd. Whether you are going to
the beach, go clubbing or just stroll
the boulevards, KYBOE ! accessories
complete your outfit and make you
want to party and enjoy life to the
max! Watch before you dress!
When two trendy dutch
guys, Kees de Bruine and
Dick Sijmons, decided to
join forces their ambition
was to build a lifestyle brand
inspired by their lifetime
experiences and colors of the
With their complementary
backgrounds and experiences
Kees and Dick rapidly
decided designing a range
of watches, inspired by their
love of Holland’s big, bright
tulip fields. The KYBOE !
collection now stretches
from bold to bling. After
successfully introducing
their watch collection it
was time to develop their
next fashionable accessory.
It was time to see…KYBOE
! introduced their colorful
sunglasses collection in 2009.
Currently KYBOE ! is sold
worldwide and new models
and colors are being added
continually. Next to the
current product range Dick
and Kees are already planning
other products to enhance
their product portfolio. So
be aware of this fresh face in
the world of luxury lifestyle
Where to buy
54, BAJO 1º
[email protected]
96 686 8765
Joyeria Amor
Plaça Creu, 1, 03501
Benidorm, Spain
+34 965 85 19 22
Have you yet tried Padel a sport played here in Spain?
If not visit Sierra Cortina resort..
Padel tennis (or just pádel) is a racquet sport played
extensively in Spain and Latin America.
Padel is typically played in doubles on an enclosed court about
half the size of a tennis court. The balls used and the scoring is
the same as normal tennis, just with a little less pressure, and
so the biggest difference is that the court has walls and the
balls can be played off them in a similar way as in the game of
The sport was invented in Acapulco, Mexico, by Enrique
Corcuera in 1969. It is currently most popular in Argentina,
Mexico and some other Latin American countries and in
Europe mainly in Spain, although it is now beginning to spread
rapidly across Europe and other continents. The sport’s huge
popularity along the Costa del Sol in southern Spain has
exposed it to a large number of British residents and holidaymakers and this is one of the reasons it is beginning to take off
in the UK.
Padel is great for players of all ages and
skills, as it is both quick and easy to pick
up, and is less physically demanding
than similar sports like squash. Most
players get the grasp of it within the first
20 minutes of playing and find it easy
to achieve a level of proficiency so that
they can enjoy it because the game is
not as dominated by strength, technique
and serve as tennis (in fact, the serve in
padel is under-arm).
Padel Pro Tour (PPT) is the professional
Padel Circuit which was created in 2005
as a result of the agreement between
a group of organizers of matches of
Padel and Association of Professional
Players of Pádel (AJPP) and the Spanish
Feminine Association of Pádel (AFEP). In
2006 the winners were Juan Martín Díaz
and Fernando Belasteguín in
the masculine category and
Lisandre (Neki) Berwig and
Iciar Montes in the femenine
category. All of them won
again in 2007. Both teams
dominated the PPT during
those seasons winning more
than 80% of the tournaments.
Padel has recently been
launched in the UK - a group
of private investors have
managed to get together and
properly launch the sport
in 2011 after many other
unsuccessful attempts from
others. It has proven to be very
difficult classifying the sport
even though it has always
been recognised abroad.
Contact bookings:
Spa - 965 867 519
[email protected]
Bellagio Restaurant 966 831 837 / 679 431 713
Sierra Cortina Spa & Sports Club Resort
C/Roma 35 Finestrat Alicante 03509
The stunning promenade
Calpe is a town exuding History
everywhere. Its privileged
geographical location and its
exceptional climate made it
possible for many civilizations
to settle in the Villa of the Rock
in far-off times. According
to several historians, the
Phoenicians found refuge in
the rock while crossing the
Mediterranean Sea; the Romans
set up in the Baños de la Reina,
on the seashore of the rock’s site,
and elaborated and dealt with
salted fish. Later on, arrived the
Muslims, who mainly worked as
anglers and farmers.
Calpe es una ciudad que emana
historia por todos sus rincones. Su
privilegiada situación geográfica
y su exquisito clima han hecho
posible que numerosas civilizaciones
se asentaran en la villa del Peñón
desde tiempos remotos. Según
algunos historiadores, los fenicios
en su ruta por el Mediterráneo
encontraron refugio en el Peñón
de Ifach; los romanos se asentaron
en los llamados “Baños de la
Reina”, a orillas de la bahía de la
villa del Peñón, y se dedicaron
a la elaboración y comercio de
salazones; y, tiempo después,
llegaron los musulmanes para
dedicarse a la pesca y a la
Thirteen kilometres of coast
harbours coves and beaches
where you can enjoy the sea. ISO
9001 and 14001 certifications
of management quality and
environmental excellence
guarantee your repose.
Trece kilómetros de litoral guardan
calas y playas donde poder
disfrutar del mar. Las certificaciones
ISO 9001 y 14001 de gestión y
calidad medioambiental junto con
la Q de calidad de las playas ArenalBol y Levante-Fossa garantizan tu
The beautiful beach
Welcome to La Table restaurant
in Altea
La Table is a French restaurant in
Altea, located directly opposite
the beach and close to the port
with access to easy parking.
For lunch we can offer a 2 or 3 dishes menu, which
changed every day, following the season. This
place is perfect for business lunches as we provide
round tables, chic dishes and tasty food. If you
wish we can even send you an Email every morning with the daily menu.
Spend an unforgettable evening at La Table and
enjoy a fine dining experience where the chef will
prepare for you delicious food with the finest quality ingredients. On demand, we will be able to propose you menus from the most simple to the most
elaborated, and find for you the rarest ingredients
La Table can organize Private lunches and dinners,
which will be presented in this exquisitely decorated restaurant which over looks beautiful beaches.
La Table restaurant is open Tuesday to Sunday from
12:30 to 15:30 and in the evening from 19:30 till
Closed on Mondays.
Don’t forget to book!!!
Map of Altea
Getting around
The revolutionary Trikke
EV it is proven to be the
smartest Choice in efficient,
emissions-free personal
mobility vehicles.
Trikke’s patented 3 point, cambering frame
technology provides stability and maneuverability
at all speeds, outperforming all of its competitors.
The Trikke weighs less than 50lbs, making them
extremely portable and easy to transport.
Learn within minutes, its easy to operate and
corners superbly at fast speeds and is very
manoeuvrable when moving slowly or negotiating
tight spaces.
Powered by a quick removable rechargeable
battery that costs less than 15 cents to fully charge
and weighs just a few lbs, this will run up to 38km
on a single charge.
The Trikke is a simple Green way to save time and
Trikee Tours are now available daily with Easy Trikke – Freephone 900 900 240 for prices and information.
Easy - Fun – Family – Fitness
Cover up
Time to remember
your protection...
Cosmetics and Sun
protection: Q&A
What is SPF?
SPF stands for “Sun Protection Factor”. This describes the
amount of protection your
sunscreen, sunblock, makeup, or
moisturizer provides for you. The
chemicals that comprise SPF protection block most of the harmful UVB rays emitted by the sun,
while some even protect from
the UVA rays only more recently
recognized as damaging.
What do the numbers mean?
The numbers are an indicator
of the amount of time your SPF
enhanced product will protect
you from sunburn without re-application, relative to the amount
of time you can safely sustain
exposure to the sun without
any protection at all. While the
amount of time a person can
stay in the sun without risking
sunburn varies depending on
the expert consulted, and the
individual considered, most
often this is estimate fits into the
10-30 minute range. Therefore an
SPF value of 15 basically means
that you can safely stay in the
sun 15 times longer than normal,
approximately ranging from less
than three hours to over seven
hours depending on your initial
safety range.
Why is SPF important?
Few of us nowadays haven’t at
least heard of the potential dangers of extensive sun exposure.
While some of the more compelling reasons to limit sun damage
include the risk of sun poisoning,
skin cancers, melanomas, and
other serious skin conditions,
also equally convincing for some
people are the purely cosmetic
ramifications. People who tan
significantly in their early years
tend to appear to age faster.
Their skin takes on a leathery,
significantly wrinkled appearance at much younger age, and
they have an extremely unattractive, even artificial, appearance.
My makeup has SPF, is this
good enough?
No, although many modern
cosmetics, particularly certain
moisturizers, contain SPF ratings
as high as 15, this protection
is actually far more limited
and should not be considered
sufficient without additional sunscreen for prolonged exposure.
Cosmetic SPF is usually absorbed
by the skin rather than kept on
the surface as makeup seeps into
your pores. For minimal durations (ie. walking to and from
your car) the SPF of your moisturizer or makeup may be sufficient,
but for extended periods in
the sun, or any summertime
exposure, it is almost always
necessary to have additional
How do make certain that I
get enough SPF protection?
For everyday amounts of sun
exposure, ie. walking to and from
your car, spending a few minutes
outside on a break, etc, the SPF
in your makeup might actually
be enough, especially if coupled
with a SPF enhanced moisturizer.
If you are going to spend any
more than 15 minutes or so in
the sun on a given day, experts
recommend that a sunscreen
product should be applied under
your makeup. Whenever possible try to apply sunscreen at
least one hour before exposing
yourself to significant sunlight, to
allow the chemicals time to bind
to your skin and provide maximum effectiveness. Even when
wearing sunscreen, you should
reapply every two hours, or after
going in the water. Keep in mind,
also, that your lips contain the
most sensitive skin on your face,
and should be protected with an
SPF enhanced lip balm of some
sort before each time you go out
into the sun.
What SPF number is right for
me? Perhaps a better question to
first ask yourself is “how easily do
I burn?” Despite the theoretical
duration of protection inherent
in the numbers, the protection
is not flawless, as SPF 15 only
blocks out 93% of the sun’s
harmful UVB rays. Compare this
to the 97% deflected by SPF 30
sunscreen, and it makes sense
that experts recommend that
fair-skinned people use at least
this strength protection. Darkerskinned individuals should wear
at least SPF 15 to prevent “sun
spots” even when sunburn is less
of a danger.
So why not use the highest
level possible?
While athletes are recommended
to use higher SPF levels because
they tend to sweat away lesser
protections more quickly, some
experts express concerns that
levels of protection that are significantly higher
than necessary can lead to vitamin D deficiencies, since the sun provides most of our supply of
this vitamin, particularly in Caucasians. The perfect number also varies based on your location.
The best suggestion is to consult a dermatologist familiar with your background if you spend
significant amounts of time in the sun and need
advice on the proper protection. There have not,
in fact, been any conclusive studies proving that
SPF levels higher than 30 provide any greater
protection than those with SPF 30, suggesting
that reapplication is more effective than simply
using excessively high numbers.
Hottest swimwear
Hot temperatures are rising and
beads of sweat are breaking
out over the sexier cuts of
monokinis, one piece swimwear
and two piece swimwear.
Someone has defiantly turned up
the heat in designer swimwear 2012.
Hot beach wear is taking the beaches to flames of sexy in the new
collections of chic womans swimwear.
Surprising and playful animal print will bring out your sexy and playful
sensualities for a day in the sun.
Look at all of the fabulous swimwear & beach wear
online at
www.swimwear.360.com or scan the QR From your
Free Phone App

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