June newsletter - Oak Grove Elementary School


June newsletter - Oak Grove Elementary School
June 2016
1301 West 104th Street, Bloomington, MN 55431
Attendance Line 952.681.6802 952.681.6800 Office 952.681.6808 Health Office
District Web Site: http://www.bloomington.k12.mn.us
OGE Web Site: http://oge.bloomington.k12.mn.us
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Hi OGE families,
Summer is a time for fun and play. It’s also a great time to hook your student(s) on
reading for fun. Children regressing over the summer in their reading skills/ability
is a real thing, but there are ways to eliminate that loss and actually help your child
grow. Research suggests that the key ingredients to reducing summer reading loss
- Students choosing their own books based on their interests; this is especially important for early
readers; matching books to students’ Lexile or reading levels is less important than interest
- Students getting 10-12 books for the summer
- Students owning the books (versus borrowing them); research across 27 countries found that a
home library is as important as parental education and twice as important as the father’s
occupation in predicting educational outcomes
- Students getting series books with familiar language and literacy elements
- Students selecting slightly more challenging books each summer
- Students getting e-book or audio formats that provide access to more-challenging material
- Guidance to parents on reading and interacting with their children (but not making it too much
like school)
- Teachers and parents framing summer reading as fun rather than work, with the goal being
enjoyment and exploration rather than remediation and achievement gains.
Thank you and have a book-filled summer!
Brian Cline
Oak Grove Elementary School
Questions About Summer School? For students who are enrolled in Summer School if you have any questions you may contact Lindsay Heisel Before July 6th at 952-681-6512 From July 11-Aug. 5, call the Summer School Office At 952-681-6844 VEAP’s Summer Youth Food Program There are still plenty of openings for VEAP’s Summer Youth Food Program. Summer Youth Food provides additional groceries including fresh milk, produce & bread to prepare breakfasts and lunches at home throughout the summer. Registration is by phone by calling 952.888.9616. Spanish and Russian voicemails are available to have a translator return your call. We begin serving families June 6th. Call today to register. 2
Free Little Library! Need Summer Reading? Visit OGE’s Free Little Library! By now you probably have noticed the little house-shaped box right outside OGE’s main door. This is our very
own Free Little Library. Here is how it works: The FLL holds a variety of books. These books are for anyone to
take, anytime! If you are looking for summer reading material you may swing by and get a book. When you
finish reading it, either return it or pass it on to a friend. Do you have books at home you no longer want?
Consider stopping by and dropping them off in OGE’s Free Little Library!
This is a great resource to help you keep reading all summer long!
Library Books As the school year comes to an end, overdue notices have been sent home with students if they have overdue library books or fines for lost or damaged books. Please help your student look around your house or in the car for his or her books. We really would prefer to have the library books back on our shelves. If you cannot locate the books, however, you will be asked to pay a lost book fee of $4 for paperback or $7 for hardcover and non-fiction books. If you are paying the fee by check, please make the check out to ISD #271. Meet the Teacher Open House is Thursday, Sept. 1st from 4:30 - 6:00 PM First Day of School!
Remember, the first day of school next year is Sept. 6th for Grades 1-5. Also, Tuesday, Sept. 6th is Kindergarten Registration at 10:00 a.m. Mark your calendar! 3
PARKS AND RECREATION Parks and Recreation provides the following programs: Summer Adventure Playgrounds, Playground Partnership,
The View, The Mini-View, Camp Kota, Dakota Language Camp, Arts in the Parks, Safety Boot Camp, Bloomington
Family Aquatic Center, Bush Lake Beach, Adaptive Recreation, Volunteering and Adult Recreation.
For questions regarding any of their offerings or registration information for Artistry classes only please contact
Parks and Recreation through one of the following ways:
E-mail: [email protected]
TT: 952-563-8740
Fax: 952-563-9815
Registration and Information: 952-563-8877
Fee Assistance: 952-562-8884
Inclusion Services/Adaptive Programs: 952-563-8877
BLOOMINGTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS COMMUNITY SERVICES Community Services provides the following programs: Bloomington Experience SLAM classes, Galaxy Summer of
Service, Galaxy 2.0, Extended Are, Camp SAFARI, Super SAFARI, GRASP, Summer Musicals, Sparks, Youth
Enrichment, and Indoor Aquatics.
For questions regarding any of their offerings and registration information, please contact Community Services:
Program Information: 952-681-6125
Camp SAFARI: 952-681-6128
GRASP: 952-681-6125
Youth Enrichment: 952-681-6108
Galaxy Before June 13: 952-681-6007
Galaxy AFter June 13: 952-681-5807
Indoor Aquatics: 952-681-6134
SLAM: 952-806-8616
www.bloomingtonschools.org ARTISTRY
Artistry is a nonprofit organization offering classes led by professional teaching artists. For questions regarding their
offerings, please contact Artistry:
Phone: 952-563-8575
For registration information on Artistry classes please refer to the Parks and Recreation contact information.
The 2016 Bloomington Experience guide contains information on youth programming opportunities available through these partners; 4
Back to School Program
2016 Registration Information
VEAP (Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People) provides a backpack and grade appropriate school
supplies for children entering grades K
K-12 for the 2016-17 school-year.
1. You must live
ive in Bloomington, Edina, Richfield or South Minneapolis (south of 50 St. & west
of Cedar Ave).
2. Children
hildren must be entering grades K
K-12 for the 2016-17 school-year
year and live in the household.
3. Children must be 5 years old by Sept 1 , 2016 and no older than 18 years of age
4. Household
old must be in financial need
5. Households must be pre
pre-registered by Aug 15th and provide the required identification at the
scheduled pick-up
up date/time.
VEAP is unable to serve children in Headstart, Preschool,
reschool, KinderPrep, Pre-K,
Pre or College and
Alternative Schools.
July 18th thru Aug 15th
Call 952.888.9616
All children must be registered by 5pm on Aug 115th. Registration is by PHONE ONLY.
1. Head of Household Photo Id
2. Head of Household Official Business Mail postmarked within the last 60 days (on or after
June 20th ) of your appointment date with your name & address.
Examples: Utility or Medical Bill, Bank Statement, Government Correspondence
No: Qwest Bills, junk mail, catalogs, credit card applications, personal mail, “parents of,”
P.O. Boxes, mail prior to June 20th or incorrect addresses/names etc.
3. An original document with the child’s NAME & DATE OF BIRTH if the child has not
been ID’d at VEAP in 201
2016.. Examples: birth certificate, current medical or vaccination records,
passport, school document/Id. No copies accepted.
2016 VEAP
A limited number of rides home are available. You must request a ride home when you register.
Anyone bringing a child under the age of 8 will be required to provide and install their own car
seat for 0-33 year olds or booster seat for 44-7
7 years olds. (MN State Law) Rides cannot
provided without proper car seats for children.
My Pick-Up Appt:
DATE: _________
Time: _________
Confirmation #
____ _____ ____
___ ____
Pick-Up Location:
9600 Aldrich Ave S
(Lyndale & 96th St)
Photo Id
Business Mail
Programa del Regreso a la Escuela
Información 201
2016 del registro
VEAP proporciona una mochila con útiles de la escuela apropriados para los niños que
entran en los grados K
1. Debe vivir en Bloomington, Edina, Richfield o Minneapolis del sur
(sur de 50th El St. y al oeste de la avenida del cedro),
2. Los niños deben
n esta
estar entrando en los grados para el año 2016-17
17 K-12 y vivir en la casa
3. Los niños deben cumplir 5 años de edad para el primero de septiembre, 2016
201 y no deben
ser mayores de lla edad de 18
4. El hogar debe tener necesidad financiera.
5. Los hogares deben ser pre
pre-inscritas para el 15 de agosto deben presentar
present la identificación
requerida cada vez que se recoge la comida.
VEAP no puede servir a los niños en Headstart, pre
escolar, Kinderprep, PreK, escuelas
alternativas ni la universidad.
Llamar a 952.888.9616
Registro 18 de julio – 15 de agosto
Todos los niños deben ser inscritos para
las 5 de la tarde el 115 de agosto. Inscripción solo por telefonó.
1. Jefe de familia Identificación de foto
2. Jefe de familia Correo de negocio oficial, fechado dentro de los últimos 60 días
d de su cita.
Ejemplos: Cuenta médica o del banco o de gas, o de luz,, correspondencia del gobierno
No: Cuentas
tas de Qwest, correo de anuncios, catálogos, aplicaciones de tarjeta de crédito,
correo personal, “padres de” buzones de P.O., correo antes del 20 de junio, direcciones
incorrectas/nombres etc.
3. Si los niños no han sido identificados en VEAP en 2016,, se debe presentar un documento
original CON EL NOMBRE DEL niño y FECHA DE NACIMIENTO DE CADA (acta de nacimiento,
record médica o de vacunas, pasaporte, documento escolar). Ningunas fotocopias
Un número limitado de paseos a casa está disponible. Se debe
e pedir un paseo cuando se
inscribe. Cualquier persona que lleve a un niño bajo la edad de 8 debe proporcionar y
instalar su propio asiento de coche para los que tienen 0-3 años- o el asiento
asient de “booster”
de 4-7 años.
os. (Ley del estado de Minnesota
Minnesota) Los paseos no se pueden
puede proporcionar sin los
apropiados asientos de coche para los niños.
2016 VEAP
Programa del Regreso a la
Mi cita para recoger
los útiles de regreso
a la escuela es:
FECHA: ________
HORA: _________
número de confirmación
____ _____ ____
___ ____
Lugar de distribución
9600 Aldrich Ave S
Bloomington, MN 55420
(96th St & Lyndale Ave)
Identificación de foto
Correo oficial
PTA Pages * June 2016
[email protected]
[email protected]
Thank You Volunteers!!
The Spring Carnival was FANTASTIC! And we couldn’t have done
it without all the amazing volunteers!!
If you are interested in being the Carnival Chair or if you’re
interested in working on a Carnival Committee next year, please
contact [email protected].
[email protected]
[email protected]
Welcome to the 2016-2017 PTA Board Members!
The new board members were elected during the May PTA Meeting. The
board has already put a fun-filled calendar together for next year! There’s
even a couple new events planned!!
Please welcome the new PTA Board for the 2016-2017 School Year:
• Karen Cook – President
• Bridget Drummond – Vice President
• Jen Rasmussen – Secretary
• Stephanie Alford - Treasurer
The PTA would like to give a HUGE Thank You to all
the volunteers that contributed to the success of the
PTA Events this school year! This year, the PTA
hosted 9 family events, 8 Teacher Breakfasts, 2
Teacher Dinners, the Yearbook, Student Directory,
Square 1 Art, and Box Top & Labels for Education
collections. This has been another incredible year!
Thank you for making Oak Grove Elementary a very special place!