July 24 - St Bede the Venerable Catholic Church


July 24 - St Bede the Venerable Catholic Church
Catholic Church
3870 Atlanta Highway Montgomery, Alabama 36109
(334) 272-3463
Fax (334) 272-3492
July 24, 2016
DE VERANO. El grupo de jóvenes fue a un
The youth group took a trip to a camp called “Alive
in You” in Chattanooga, TN from June 21 until June
26. The camp was a Catholic work camp where
there was service during the day and talks and
programs during the evenings. The theme for the
week was the Ten Commandments so all of the
talks focused on a particular commandment or a
group of commandments. Our group worked in a
local Catholic thrift shop where we cleaned,
stocked, and inventoried the store. It was great to
meet the men and women who volunteered their
time in order to serve the poor. We went to the
Chattanooga aquarium for our free day and saw a
little bit of downtown Chattanooga. We also
stopped by the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul and
went through the Holy Door. On our way back we
toured Ruby Falls in the mountains. It was a
beautiful tour. One of the takeaways for me was
the fact that the Ten Commandments were meant
to be more than rules and guidelines.
campamento de verano en Chattanooga, TN
llamado “Alive in You” desde el 21 hasta el 26 de
junio. El campamento es uno Católico donde los
jóvenes trabajan en la comunidad durante el día y
por las noches tienen actividades y catecismo. El
tema de la semana eran los 10 Mandamientos, así
que todas las charlas eran sobre los mandamientos.
A St. Bede le toco trabajar en el “thrift store” donde
limpiamos, organizamos, e hicimos inventario. Fue
estupendo conocer a los hombres y mujeres
voluntarios que ofrecen su tiempo para servirles a
los pobres. El día libre fuimos a visitar el Acuario,
paseamos por el centro de Chattanooga y fuimos a
la Basílica de San Pedro y San Pablo y entramos por
la Santa Puerta.
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S a v e t h e D a t e f or . . . . .
August 11 & 25 - Holy Hour
with Prayer Ministry
6:30pm - 7:30pm Church
August 14 - Be Prepared
Apologetics Lecture Series - 2nd Year
6pm - Parish Hall
“Eat My Flesh, seriously?”
August 29- RCIA
6pm - Parish Hall
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Regular Mass Schedule
Horario De Misas
Saturday Vigil: 5:00 pm
Sunday: 8am, 10am, 12:30pm (Spanish), 5pm
Daily Mass: 6:30am & 8:30am Mon, Wed, Fri.
6:30am Tues, Thurs
8:30am Sat
Confessions: Saturday: 4-4:45pm; Sunday: 7:157:45, 9:15-9:45, 11:45-12:15, 4:15-4:45pm,
15 minutes before each daily Mass
Need a Priest?
Please do not hesitate to call and let us know
when you need us.
Fr. Alex & Fr. Zach
Rectory: (334) 279-9212
Office Phone: (334) 272-3463
Fr. Alex Valladares, Pastor
[email protected]
Fr. Zachary Greenwell, Parochial Vicar
[email protected]
Kathy Dean, Office Manager
[email protected]
Elizabeth Segrest, Bookkeeper
[email protected]
Joan Cavan, Coordinator
Religious Education
[email protected]
Mara Maninang, Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
Andrea Nemesszeghy, Youth Coordinator
and Hispanic Liaison
[email protected] or [email protected]
Audra Starrett, Manager
Catholic Childrens Ministry @ St. Bede
[email protected]
July 24, 2016
ext 203
ext 204
ext 205
ext 207
ext 208
ext 202
ext 209
Vigilia del sábado: 5:00 pm
Domingo: 8am, 10am, 12:30pm (Español), 5pm
Misas diarias: 6:30am & 8:30am lunes, miércoles,
viernes 6:30am martes, jueves
8:30am sábado
Confesiones: sábado: 4-4:45pm; domingo: 7:157:45, 9:15-9:45, 11:45-12:15, 4:15-4:45pm,
15 minutos antes de cada Misa diaria
E-mail Bulletin Announcements by Friday at Noon
(the week before) to [email protected].
Pho ne: (3 34) 27 2- 3 46 3 Fa x : ( 33 4) 2 7 2-3 4 92
O ffi ce H o urs : M - T h 8 am - 4 : 30p m F r i . 8am - 4 p m
Si tiene anuncios para el boletín, mande la información
por correo electrónico a mmaninang @s tbede.org, lo
más tardar el mediodía del viernes de la semana antes que
quiera que aparezca.
Weekly Offering
Collection 07-10-16
Needed Weekly:
Tithing Year-to-Date:
Tithing Budget-to-Date:
This Year’s Budget:
$ 13,618.68
$ 17,980.77
$ 457,263.90
$ 503,461.54
$ 935,000.00
St. Bede
Catholic Church is seeking a director for the traditional
choir. This part-time position requires applicants to
have experience in vocal development and conducting,
be a practicing Catholic, and be available for the 8am
Sunday Mass and choir practice one night a week,
preferably Thursday. Duties include planning the
liturgy, previewing and purchasing music, and directing
the choir.
Interested persons should contact Fr. Alex at (334) 272-3463.
Barry C. Waite, Grand Knight, KofC #893
[email protected]
Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School
St. Bede K4-6: Laurie Gulley, Principal
[email protected]
Middle/High School 7-12: Justin Castanza,
Interim Principal, [email protected] 272-7220
Hearing Assistance Devices: Available in the sacristy.
Deaf Ministry: 5pm Sunday Mass interpreted for the
Wheelchair: Three available in the sacristy for your use.
St. Bede the Venerable Gift Shop: Open Fridays 9-12
noon and Sundays after the 8am and 10am masses.
Keep Posted with all Youth Activities, join the blog
RE Classes: Students in Kindergarten thru 6th grade
meet Sunday morning from 11:15-12:15 in the school.
For Your Convenience
Religious Education (August - Easter)
July 24, 2016
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
From Death into New Life
With Our Lord
Youth party
with Fr. Pat
on June 17
2 4,
2 4,
2 4,
2 5,
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2 5,
2 5,
2 5,
2 6,
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2 6,
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2 6,
2 6,
2 6,
2 7,
2 8,
2 9,
2 9,
2 9,
3 0,
3 0,
3 0,
19 7 4
19 8 6
20 1 0
19 5 8
19 6 6
19 7 3
19 8 4
19 9 5
19 7 2
19 7 2
20 0 0
20 0 2
20 0 7
20 0 8
20 1 3
20 1 3
20 0 6
19 8 2
19 6 6
19 7 9
20 1 3
19 4 6
20 0 2
20 0 5
R o b in Al b e r t B e e s l e y
Ch r is t i ne L. W il co x
Lt. Co l. J e rr y P. Sm it h
Ly d e a L u na
Ni na Co rn e lis Pa g e
E u g e n e A. Co e n e n
An t ho n y H yde r, S r.
R a l ph na Y a rbr o u g h
M a r y M o s e s M a i hl
M a rc e l Fo nta i n e
R a ch e l H . J e h l e
Sh e a mus De B u r ca
H e l e n G ro s s
J o s e p h M a t t h e w Sko ne k i
I re ne Lu c y Ho rn e r
J o a n E Pas s m o re
Ba r ba ra Ga l la g he r
H e l e n J o ya Sa l ib a
St e v e J o h ns o n
Ka t h e r i ne Bla ke H o w a rd
Mary “Bebe” Cannon Taylor
E d w a r d H . Br o w n
L il l ia n H it s o n
Sh i r le y M . Sh e re r
Mass Intentions for Ju ly 24 - 30
F u r t h e r i n g Yo u r F a i t h
St. Bede Family Night: Dinner, Catechesis and
Fraternity. Every 3rd Wednesday of the month
from 6pm-7:30pm in the Family Life Center.
Montgomery Area Perpetual Adoration
Chapel is open 24 hours, located behind Our Lady
Queen of Mercy Church, 4421 Narrow Lane Rd,
Montgomery AL 36116.Call Priscilla Berry for more
info: 334-288-3292
RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults):
Monday evenings in the Parish Hall at 6pm. If
you know anyone who is interested or if you
would like a personal Invitation extended, call
the Office at 272-3463 and ask for Joan Cavan, RE
Pro-Life Rosary : Every Monday, Wednesday, and
Saturday after 8:30am Mass.
Prayer Network: For special prayers or to become
part of the Prayer Network call Joe Crowley at
264-7586 or Cecilia Beesley at 244-0950 .
Bible Study : Tuesdays at 7:00pm in the Parish Hall.
Vigil 5:00pm
Gen 18:20-32; Ps 138:1-3, 6-8;
Col 2:12-14; Lk 11:1-13
Special Intentions
Special Intentions
Special Intentions
Special Intentions
2 Cor 4:7-15; Ps 126: 1bc- 6; Mt 20:20-28
John Foran
Howard Walker
Jer 14:17-22; Ps 79:8, 9, 11, 13;
Mt 13:36-43
Edward P. Clark
Wednesday: Je r 15 : 10 , 16 -2 1; P s 59 :2 -4 , 10- 11, 17- 18 ;
Mt 13: 44- 4 6
Rosa Sulkosky
Senen Gavino (L)
J e r 18 : 1-6 ; Ps 1 46 : 1b- 6 ab ; M t 13 : 47- 5 3
Dolly Barranco & Josephine Licari
e r 2 6 : 1-9 ; P s 69: 5 , 8 -1 0 , 14 ; Jn 1 1 :1 9 Friday:
2 7 or L k 10 :3 8 - 4 2
Sharon Eckelkamp (D) & Annette Clark (L)
Mary “Bebe” Taylor
J e r 2 6 : 11- 1 6 , 2 4; Ps 69: 15 -1 6 , 30- 3 1 , 3 3Saturday:
3 4 ; M t 14 : 1- 1 2
Charlie McGinty, Sr.
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Res pect Life
Through the loving care of my
family and friends, they affirm what
I also know - that my life is, always
has been, and always will be worth
living.” - “Maggie’s Story: Living like Dad”, www.goo.gl/JKnvWc
USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities .
We pray for those facing serious illness. May they
be comforted by God’s love through the support of
family, friends, and the local community.
July 24, 2016
UPDATE: Registration for Religious
Education classes will be Sunday August
7 and August 14 in the Family Life Center
from 11:15 to Noon. This is for children
entering K-5 through Gr. 6.
Classes meet on Sunday mornings
from 11:15 - 12:15 in the school.
Children must be registered before
attending the first class on Sunday,
September 11.
Anytime after August 7 you can come by
the Parish office and register your children
if either Sunday is not convenient.
…...continued from page 1
We obey the Ten Commandments in order for us to
be free to worship and serve God. God gave us the
Ten Commandments so that we may give honor and
glory to God by striving to live our lives focused on
the relationship that we form with God and others.
The camp helped us to see how the Ten Commandments are at work in our lives and how our service
Patrick Gilbreath
effected us, others, and God.
Requirements for Baptism
Parents must be married in the Catholic Church.
If a couple is civilly married or unmarried, they must
make an appointment to meet with the Pastor before
they can have their children baptized.
3. Children age 6 and under will receive the sacrament of
Baptism. From 7 and above, they will receive all three
sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Communion, and
4. Parents must bring a copy of their marriage certificate
from the Church where they were married.
5. Godparents must be practicing Catholics. You may
have a proxy for a godparent/s who may be unable to
6. To have your child baptized, contact Joan at 272-3463
to schedule a Baptism Preparation Class.
7. Baptism in English is every 3rd Sunday of each month
after the 10am Mass.
Requisitos para Bautismo
Los padres deben estar casados por la Iglesia catolica.
Si la pareja está casada civilmente o no están casados,
ellos deben hacer una cita para reunirse con el Pastor
antes de bautizar a su hijo(s).
3. Niños de 6 años o menores van a recibir el scramento de
Bautismo. Niños de 7 años o mayores, recibirán los 3
sacramentos de Iniciación (Bautismo, Primera Comunión,
y Confirmación).
4. Los Padres deben traer una copia de su certificado de
matrimonio de la Iglesia donde se casaron.
5. Los padrinos deben ser Católicos practicantes puede
tener un ‘proxy’ o representante, si un padrino o los
padrinos no pueden estar presentes.
6. La clase de preparación para el bautismo es el primer
sábado de cada mes a las 11:00am en el Parish Hall con la
Srta. Andrea Nemesszeghy.
7. El Sacramento del Bautismo es celebrado el segundo
domingo de cada mes después de la Misa del 12:30pm.
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 24, 2016
Pray for those who are Sick
July Family Night is Wednesday,
July 27 at 6pm and we’ll be
having Hamburgers. Call the Parish
Office at 272-3463 to make your dinner
La Noche en Familia de Julio es el
Miércoles, 27 de julio a las 6pm y
vamos a tener “hamburgers”.
Llamar a las oficinas parroquiales al
272-3463 para hacer sus reservaciones.
Thank you very much for all the donations we
received for this work camp, Alive in You. It truly
was a blessing to arrive with all the materials that
we had.
May God Bless You, Andrea.
Paige Barranco
Paula Castanza
Elena Chavez
Erica Coach
Chuck Ernest
Jo & Paul Fussell
Avis Gunter
John Hasselwander
James Hong
Tom Jaworowski
Jackson McAlister
Susan McGaughy
Patricia Nichols
Chuyen Van Nguyen
Tommy Nick
Matthew Cole Pritchard
Pennie Rammelkamp
Robert Reder
John Seidel
Joseph Shannon
Susan Schroering
Doreen Skoneki
Evelyn Stroh
Sis. Taff
Joseph Vide
Mildred Walden
All our Shut-Ins
L U N C H E O N will be on Tuesday,
August 9, 2016 at Holy Spirit Church,
Montgomery AL. Lunch cost is $15.
For reservations, call Mary Chamberland
at 272-6906 or Alice Prosser at 538-2713.
Please make your reservations no later
than Friday, August 5th.
Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi will be
The St. John XXIII
Catechist Program is
on its 2nd year
beginning August 14.
It will be a 1-hour
lecture at the
St. Bede Parish Hall
every 2nd Sunday of
each month.
RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)
at the Youth Summer Camp from
June 21 - 26 in Tennessee
will begin Monday evening, August 29, at 6
pm in the Parish Hall. RCIA is a journey through
which interested adults discover the depth and
fullness of our Catholic faith. Parishioners are also
welcome to attend as a means of renewing our
own knowledge and commitment to our faith. If
you know anyone who is interested or if would like a
personal invitation extended, just call the office.
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Montgomery Catholic Job
Opportunities. Montgomery Catholic
Preparatory School is currently accepting
applications for the following positions: Full-time
Elementary Teacher - 6th Grade St. Bede campus,
Full-Time High School English Teacher, Part-time
Elementary Lunchroom Manager - Holy Spirit campus
and a Part-time Maintenance Team Member St. Bede campus. Visit www.montgomerycatholic.org,
click on Employment Opportunities under the "Quick
Links" menu on our homepage to download an
application. Applications should be mailed to our
Central Office located at 5350 Vaughn Road,
Montgomery, Alabama 36116 or emailed
to [email protected].
July 24, 2016
NEEDED. St. Bede parish needs a
volunteer for the upkeep of the Parish
Hall Kitchen. Duties include: keep the
kitchen sink & refrigerator clean, check
pantry supplies, wash kitchen towels.
Cleaning frequency preferably once a week.
If interested & for more details, please
contact the office at (334) 272-3463.
I n t e r e s t e d i n C u rs illo ?
Call Rob Barranco at (334) 233-1944 or
email [email protected]
Servicios Sociales Católicos
continua ofreciendo, a bajo
costo, servicios Legales de
Immigración en su oficina en
Montgomery, AL. Para información
por favor llame a Olga White
(334) 288-8890, ext. 218
at the Youth Summer Camp from
June 21 - 26 in Tennessee
El grupo de oración carismático catolica —
Seguidores de Cristo tiene la oración
los dias sábados de 7 pm hasta 8 pm
en la Iglesia de St. Bede.
Para más información, llame a
Teodardo Coloa Juarez (334) 543-1295
would like for you to come sing with us at the 8AM
Mass! We practice on Thursday nights at 7pm in the
St. Bede Fine Arts Building. The ability to read music is
helpful, but not necessary. Come join us! For more
info, call Vicki Petters (334) 356-5357.
“Listen to Water Cooler Catechism featuring Fr. Pat
Driscoll from Holy Spirit Parish and Tom Riello from
Montgomery Catholic Prep on WMGY AM 800
at8am Sunday Mornings and online at
archangelradio.com and the Archangel Radio app.”
Experience the joy of writing (painting) a Byzantine style icon
with iconographer Kim Fritzges. Class will begin with prayer and the Holy Spirit will guide you as you create your icon.
The icon for this workshop is St. George and the Dragon. Artistic talent is not required, all you need to bring is a
prayerful attitude. Icon writing is truly a work of the Holy Spirit. We will be utilizing a traditional pattern dating back
to the 15th century. Kim will demonstrate each step of the icon writing process. All supplies and instruction are
included in the tuition of the workshop; a 9x12 professionally prepared wooden panel, Jo Sonya Artist acrylic paints,
brushes, pattern, and 23K gold leaf for gilding the halo. Tuition is $180. The workshop is scheduled for August 1 to 5,
from 9:30 to 4:00 at St. Peter’s Church, 219 Adams Avenue Montgomery, Alabama. We will break for an hour lunch
daily which you can go out or bring your own. To register for the workshop, further information, or any questions call
Kim at 570-332-2347 or email [email protected] (please note spelled differently than last name)
Good for your marriage….
Good for your health ! Natural Family Planning
is offered as a way of living out the Church’s beautiful
teaching on married life. The next NFP series is
scheduled for July 31, August 28, September 25 at 2pm
in the St. Bede Family Life Center. You can register
online at www.ccli.org and search for classes in zip
code 36109. For more information, call Brian and
Vicki Petters at 356-5357.
We need your help at the chapel, located at
Our Lady, Queen of Mercy Church on Narrow
Lane Road, to remain open around the clock,
giving honor and glory to Jesus in the Blessed
Sacrament. Give Jesus one hour a week and He will pour
out grace upon grace for you and your family and for the
entire world!
HOURS MOST NEEDED: Wed - 8am, 9am, 10am;
Thurs - 9am; Fri - 1 pm; Sat - 9am; Sun - 12 am, 1am, 2 am,
10am & 2pm. These hours are in immediate need and would
be most appreciated, but we also welcome you to choose any
hour during the week that will work for you.
We also need Prayer Partners for the following: Sundays
5-6pm; Mondays 9-10pm; Tuesdays 4-5pm, 7-8pm, 10-11pm;
Fridays 9-10am, 7-8pm; Saturdays 9-10pm .
Please call Priscilla Berry at 288-3292 or Beth Russo @
244-7866 to sign up.
…… continúa de la página 1
Cuando veníamos de regreso visitamos “Ruby Falls” en las
montañas, es precioso. Lo que yo aprendí es el hecho que
los 10 Mandamientos son mucho más que reglas y
guías. Nosotros obedecemos los 10 Mandamientos para
ser libres y poder adorar y servir a Dios. Dios nos dio los
10 Mandamientos para que nosotros podamos honrar y
glorificar a Dios mientras nos esforzamos en vivir nuestras
vidas enfocadas en la relación que formamos con Dios y
los demás. El campamento de verano nos ayudo a
ver como los 10 Mandamientos trabajan en nuestras
vidas y como nuestro servicio nos afecta a nosotros,
a los demás y a Dios.
Patrick Gilbreath
Thank you very much for all the donations we
received for this work camp, Alive in You. It truly
was a blessing to arrive with all the materials we
May God Bless You, Andrea.
Patrick Gilbreath, our visiting seminarian
from the Archdiocese, was at St. Bede for 8
weeks and we would like to thank him for all
his help with the Youth, the new St. Bede
website, the food pantry and so much more.
Thank you and God speed Patrick!
St. Bede the Venerable #100450
3870 Atlanta Highway
Montgomery, AL 36109
334 272-3463 #0
Mara Maninang
MSPublisher 2013
Adobe Acrobat X
Windows 7
HP laserjet 1320
EMAIL: [email protected]
Monday 3:00pm
July 24, 2016
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