Here - My Escuelita


Here - My Escuelita
My Escuelita: Spanish for Kids
Taco Bell Child Development Center March 2014
Ya Viene La Primavera...(Spring is coming!)
March 2014
Dear Parents,
The past few weeks we’ve
been working on several
concepts, spiraling and
reviewing each week!
We continue to do our class
songs each week: Bienvenidos,
Como te llamas
tu, Dos manitas,
Diez deditos,
Que bonita
bandera, La
Lechuza, Haz
Circulo....Baila Baila, Arriba,
Abajo, Adelante, Atras! Ya nos
vamos, Los Pollitos Dicen....
Our schedule is always the
same...I var y the songs,
themes, activities (sometimes
we draw, other times we dance,
other times we play a game)..
This month we will also
work on clothing and
identifying the name of the
article of clothing as well as
the color. We will use the story
“Froggy Gets Dressed (Froggy
se Viste) and I”ll bring in real
clothing to re-tell the story as
well as practice our vocabulary.
have so much fun
dressing up!
We’ve also focused on a key
song each week. The first three
songs: La Lechuza, Como Te
LLamas Tu and and this week:
Dos Manitas, Diez Deditos.
Last week we painted our
handprint and practiced
counting out load! Dancing,
Singing, moving, playing
i s a b i g p a rt o f o u r
In the month of April we will be working on all of our foundational skills, routine, colores, numbers, shapes,
alphabet, building, dancing, stories etc. and our anchor story is The Very Hungry Caterpillar (La
Oruga Muy Hambienta) by Eric Carle. Science, Literacy and Math focus! Newsletter updates will now
be posted at Please visit and go to the “newsletter” tab! Thanks!
Clothing Vocabulary!
We’ve been working a
ton on colors and
My goals is for the
students to be able to
Yo tengo un (clothing
word) (color word).
(I have black pants...etc.)
This is something we will
work on a little each week
when we sing our color song
and use Eric Carle’s Brown
Bear, Brown Bear. Also a
great kids Spanish video on
La Ropa (clothing) is
La Ropa (The clothes)
¿qué? – what?
lleva – is wearing
la chica – the girl
la blusa – blouse
los calcetines – socks
las botas – boots
el saco – blazer, suit
los jeans – jeans
la bufanda – scarf
el sombrero – hat
la falda – skirt
los zapatos – shoes
el collar – necklace
los lentes – glasses
SPRING IS HERE! The children
learning this song (lyrics and
movements too!)
Ya viene la primavera
Sembrando flores
Sembrando flores – ¡Aye Aye!
Y ya los campos se
De mil colores
de mil colores
Cantan las aves
Cantan las aves
Los oteros repitan sus
Trinos suaves sus
Trinos suaves
My Escuelita: Events!
The next few months are jammed packed with
events for Kids at My Escuelita! Please contact
Irma for more information at
1. Spring Break and Summer Spanish Immersion
Camps! April, July, August 2014
2. Besos for Little Ripples Trunk Show and Fundraiser
for Little Ripples Preschool
3. Aztec Dancing Class for Kids April 26th
4. Day of the Child Spanish Music Concert May 31st
at Veteran’s Park in Redondo Beach Pier.

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