Fine Arts Newsletter - Collier County Public Schools


Fine Arts Newsletter - Collier County Public Schools
Important Dates!
November 16:
Music for Minors
Awards Presentation at 8:00 pm at
the Steinway Gallery.
Fine Arts Newsletter
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Senator Richter’s Art Show
West Wing
Gallery High
School Art Show:
December 2 to
December 30.
Scholastic Art
and Writing
Awards: Deadline January 6.
January 25:
Empty Bowl
Event in Cambier
Park from 11 am
to 2 pm.
January 25:
Collier County
Public Schools
Middle School
and High School
Honors Band
Concert at Golden Gate High
School starting at
3:00 pm.
Check the last
Each year artwork from students in the Collier County Public Schools hangs
outside Senator Richter’s office in Tallahassee. The artwork initially is sent to the
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Administrative Center to be juried. Students have
participated in this show for many years. It is a high honor to be selected. The
artwork will be on display until May, 2014, at which time it will be returned to the
student with a letter and a photograph from Senator Richter.
Congratulations to the following students who had their artwork chosen:
Sari Wasserman, Sea Gate Elementary. Art Teacher: Mary Hopkins
Emily Grider and Lily Parish, Lake Park Elementary. Art Teacher: Joanne
Yadhira Carrillo, Lely Elementary. Art Teacher: Susan Polodna
Kevin Perez-Hernandez, Golden Gate Elementary. Art Teacher: Jan
Britney Jonas, Veterans Memorial Elementary. Art Teacher: Alexa Garcia
Devan Maschino, Estates Elementary. Art Teacher: Dina Pancamo
Maya Coleman, Laurel Oak Elementary. Art Teacher: Tina Harris
Giovanni Matias, Pinecrest Elementary. Art Teacher: Keith Barber
Kimberly Fernandez, Osceola Elementary. Art Teacher: Shannon Guidry
Mikayla Shust, Gulfview Middle School. Art Teacher: Laura Foht
Denise Nguyen, Golden Gate Middle School. Art Teacher: Michelle Lee
Shane Henry, Cypress Palm Middle School. Art Teacher: Delta Jones
Rachel Perez, Golden Gate High School. Art Teacher: Jennifer Johannes
Allyson Ottis, Palmetto Ridge High School. Art Teacher: Barbara Mundy
Congratulations to all these students. Visitors to Senator Richter’s office are always very impressed by the quality of artwork produced by our students.
two pages for
more events.
Allyson O.— PRHS
Sari W.— SGE
STE(A)M Conference
Community members
and teachers worked together to add the Arts to
the STEM Conference.
Two arts-related workshops were presented.
One was on Musical In-
struments and the Science of Sound. The other was Gyotaku Fish
Prints with connections to
science, social studies,
haiku poetry and art.
Thanks to the Naples Art
Association, Classical
South Florida, Music
Scores, and the art and
music teachers who put
on these successful
West Wing Gallery Show
Gulf Coast High School
High school students
from the Collier County Public Schools will
be hanging artwork at
the West Wing Gallery
located in the Central
Library in Naples.
The show is called
“Visions—The World
as Seen by High
School Artists”. The
artwork will be hung
see the beautiful art
on December 2 and will
remain up until December created by the high
school students.
The students are allowed
to sell their artwork at this
show. The Friends of the
Library will receive a
donation of 10 percent of
the sales price.
Don’t miss this show! It is
a wonderful opportunity to
National School Lunch Week
National School Lunch
Week was a huge
success. Some of the
middle school bands
and orchestras performed at the elementary schools during
lunch. The elementary
students enjoyed the
lunch-time concerts and
many kept rhythm to the
beat of the music.
Some of the elementary
students were invited on
the stage to conduct the
The concerts were enjoyed by all.
Ashley M., BCHS
Honors Band Auditions
CCPS High School
Honors Band Auditions
High School Requirements:
The auditions are on November 14th starting at 4:30 p.m.
at Gulf Coast High School.
The audition will consist of
scales, one prepared piece,
and sight-reading. The scales
are all 12 scales starting with
Concert G and moving up chromatically. The scales must be
memorized and must be played
in the All-State pattern with arpeggios. There will be one
prepared piece and it is an excerpt from the 9th and 10th
grade All State audition music.
The sight-reading will be a
score excerpt of less than 24
bars. The percussionists will
audition on mallets, snare,
and timpani and will sightread on the snare drum.
The concert is on January
25th, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. in the
Golden Gate High School
Marching Band Music Performance Assessment
Collier County Public Schools is proud of its seven high school marching bands as they all
received an overwhelming number of superior ratings at Saturday’s Florida Bandmasters
Association District 18 Music Performance Assessment (MPA) held at Fort Myers Senior High
School. In fact, this year is the first time since 2003 that the Lely High School Trojan Band
received an overall Superior rating, and the first time since 2007 that the Immokalee High
School Marching Indians received straight Superiors – both outstanding accomplishments.
Participating bands performed a show between 7-10 minutes, and were rated against a standard
in the categories of Music, Marching and Maneuvering, General Effect, and Auxiliary. A
Superior (S) is the highest rating, followed by Excellent (E), and Good (G).
School News
Gulf Coast High
School: Gulf Coast High
School’s Mixed Chorus
will perform in Christmas
Town. The Gulf Coast
HS Mixed chorus had a
great audition and was
awarded a performance
spot in Christmas Town
at Busch Gardens on
Friday, December 20th –
this is the last day of
school before Winter
Break, so if you are
planning a trip up to
Busch Gardens come
take a stroll through the
park in Christmas Town
and hear the GCHS
Mixed Chorus perform in
the early evening!
Manatee Elementary:
A small group of singers
from 3rd grade will be
going on a field trip to the
nearby community of
Enchanting Shores on
December 9th to perform
Christmas Carols. Mrs.
Evelyn Bitterman, a
talented artist and generous lady, will be giving a
hand-made quilt and
teddy bear to each of 18
All of the 8th grade band
nights have taken place
throughout the county. Middle School band
students have performed
with each of their feeder
high school at one of the
home football games. It
is really fun to see the 8th
graders collaborate with
the high school
Music for Minors Foundation Awards
A man paints
with his brains
and not with
his hands.
Each year, Music For
Minors contacts middle
school music teachers
in Lee and Collier
counties to nominate
deserving students in
the music program.
They interview the students and the parents
to determine if they fit
the criteria to be
awarded an
instrument. The students who are accepted into the program receive the instrument of
their choosing.
Congratulations to the
following students who
will be awarded
instruments on November 16 at 8:00 p.m. at
the Steinway Piano
GVMS: Estelle
MMS: Thamar Prisca
MMS: Christelle Francoeur
MMS: Mayra Ruiz
MMS: Erica De La Rosa
PCR: Maria Lopez
PCR: David Casillas
CPM: Frantz Paul
Each year the students
must be re-certified with
the Music for Minors
program to ensure they
continue to meet the
requirements. After three
years in our program, the
students receive a
certificate of ownership for
that instrument, which they
can keep for the rest of
their lives. To date, Music
For Minors Foundation,
Inc. has awarded 202 instruments to our deserving
Congratulations to the
following students who
will be graduating from
the Music for Minors
Foundation and will now
own their instrument:
LWIT: Christopher
PRH: Chelsea Desinor
PRH: Isabella Gomez
PRH: Esperanza Velez
PRH: Jose Velez
GCH: Ariana Foti
IMHS: Jonathan
IMHS: Ilbia Perez
LHS: Wesley Salomon
GGH: Ariandne
GGH: Taylor Curry
NHS: Gabriel Trevino
Congratulations to all
these students!
Collier County Public Schools Middle School Honors
Congratulations to the following students who were
accepted into the CCPS Middle School Honors Band.
Auditions were held in the
beginning of November.
Melissa Arcila—PRM
Natalie Lara—MMS
Elaine Kim—OMS
Emily May—OMS
Stephanie Galindo—GGM
Adriana Bishr—PRM
Desiree Sloss—CPM
Shannon Salvatori—PRM
Isabel Wolf—NNM
Rachel Jackson—GVM
Emily Hugan—GVM
Maleia Mandigo—NNM
Christina McDaris—ENM
Stephanie Ali—CPM
Alyssa Labdon—MICS
Steven St. Surin—GGM
Bass Clarinet:
Jordan Lanphear—OMS
Catera Isma—MMS
Mallena Sellen—NNM
Amy Wu—PRM
Alto Sax:
Tim Morales—GGM
Tallulah Bowden—GVM
Enrique Segura—IMS
Brenda Rodriguez—GGM
John Eugendies—NNM
Elizabeth Piipponen—PRM
Nekita Nesmith—GVM
Tenor Sax:
Frank Richards—NNM
Ulises Ortiz—IMS
Emma Nabbie—OMS
Shreva Wadehra—OMS
Ryan Garry—OMS
Julia Marceau—ENM
Hunter Holloway—PRM
Norma Urrutia—MMS
Kayla Goodman—ENM
Tara Clark—ENM
Maureen Adames—NNM
Brooke Davidson—OMS
Elizabeth Stephen—MMS
Greg Ruiz—GGMS
Amy Maldonado—GGM
Alfredo Martinez—IMS
Bari Sax:
Jovens Gustave—GGM
Ryan Vassalotti—GVM
Jovel Norton—ENM
Dylan Clark—NNM
Desere Henry—NNM
James Popper—NNM
Kevin Jones—ENM
Jorge Montesdeoca—PRM
Arnulfo Rodriguez—NNM
Benjamin Needle—PRM
Michael D’Agostino—PRM
Lilian Capiola—GVM
Allison Wright—ENM
William Holt—CMS
Justin Signer—OMS
Noah Boyer—PRM
Sam Zeitler—PRM
Ashley Mulford—NNM
Will Bedow—NNM
Adriana Cespedes—NNM
Colin Williamson—ENM
Dhruva Kandhai—ENM
Robert Carcamo—MMS
Daniella Farias—NNM
Kyle White—OMS
Dylan Mansourian—PRM
Karen Merillien—GGM
Isaina Sergile—NNM
Edzer Sergile—NNM
Omar Ortiz—ENM
Jamie Visgaitis—OMS
Alexandra Rogerts—GGM
Alembert Pierre—MMS
Isabel Slaven—NNM
Jared Walter—NNM
Ryan Truesdell—CPM
Sam Nunner—NNM
Davis Olmsted—GVM
Connos Willits—NNM
Brennan McDevitt—PRM
David Foreste—MMS
Jay Narvaez—NNM
Caleb Vincent—MMS
Congratulations to One of Our Art Teachers
Patti Burkhardt, art teacher at Manatee Elementary School, will be exhibiting five to six of her
paintings at the Alliance of the Arts in Ft. Myers. The title of the show is FLAG 7 (Florida Artist
Group). The show will be on display from January 10-February 1, 2014, with the Opening Reception on January 10, 2014. The reception is from 5 to 7:30 pm.
Arts for Life!
visual arts, dance, drama, receive a matching in-kind
music and creative writscholarship worth a miniing.
mum $1,000 if they attend
one of the participating FloriTo be considered for an
da institutions for higher
Arts for Life! scholarship, education: Broward College,
students must:
College of Central Florida,
Be a graduating high
Flagler College, Florida
school senior from a
College, Florida Atlantic
public, private or home
University, Florida Institute
Columba Bush, Florida's
education program in
of Technology, Jacksonville
First Lady from 1999Florida.
University, Nova Southeast2007, is a passionate adSubmit a completed
vocate for the arts and
application, a brief essay University, and University of
arts education. In 1999,
explaining "How the arts
she established Arts for
have positively influenced
Life!, a scholarship promy life" and a portfolio of To apply for a 2013-14 Arts
gram to recognize the
their work in the visual
for Life! scholarship,
creativity and artistic talarts, dance, drama, music interested students should
ents of high school stuor creative writing.
dents throughout Florida.
The program has awarded In addition to the pro- for an official application.
scholarships to more than gram's
cash Applications must be post350 gifted high school
award, winners will be marked on or before
seniors in the field of
automatically eligible to February 1, 2014.
Arts for Life! recognizes
25 graduating high school
seniors from across
Florida for outstanding
achievement in the arts.
Each recipient receives a
$2,000 scholarship toward
their pursuit of the arts in
higher education.
The artist is not
a special kind of
person; rather
each person is a
special kind of
- Ananda
Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
The Alliance for Young
Artists & Writers invites
students in grades 7 - 12
to participate in The
Scholastic Art & Writing
Awards of 2014, the nation's longest-running,
largest, most prestigious
recognition program for
creative teenagers in the
visual and literary arts.
This program began in
More than 75,000 teens
will accept the challenge
to go beyond the classroom assignment to create daring, innovative
works. The Awards signify to parents, teachers,
community, and colleges
that a student is an accomplished artist or writer. 30,000 teen artists
and writers will be recognized in their regions.
1,000 will win national
January 6, 2014. $5 per
individual work, $20 per
Please visit the website
for further information
about entering this competition and the various
art categories for submission. The categories
The Awards: Each work range from drawing,
is reviewed by a panel of painting, photography,
arts professionals for the computer graphics to vidfollowing criteria:
eo games.
technical skill, and
emergence of personal vision or voice.
Congratulations! Champions of Learning Grants
Congratulations to all the art
and music teachers who
received grants from the
Champions of Learning.
These grants will fund additional education experiences
for the students in art and music. The music grants were
funded through the Lucie Jenny MacCarthy Fund of the
Community Foundation of
Collier County. When Lucie
Jenny MacCarthy was a 12year immigrant growing up in
Chicago, someone took the
time to teach her how to play a
musical instrument. But she
learned more than just how to
play a musical instrument. She
learned self-discipline and
gained self-esteem from her
musical experience.
Thanks to the Lucie Jennie
MacCathy Fund the following
grants represent some of the
music teachers who received
Sandy Stein, music teacher at Avalon Elementary,
received a grant to bring
drums into her classroom so
that students can learn
about the drumming of Africa and the Caribbean. She
also received a grant to
provide recorders for the
students to enhance their
music reading skills.
Sandy Murphy, music teacher at Big Cypress Elementary, received a grant to
purchase Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music.
Patti Sandick, music
teacher at Mike Davis Elementary, will be purchasing
steel drums to create a
music drumming program
with her grant funds.
Lauren Pardee, orchestra
and chorus teacher at
Golden Gate High, will bring
students from the renown
Curtis Institute to the stage
to share their music and the
history of the music with
CCPS orchestra students in
grades 6 through 12.
Ashley Crosby, band
director at Manatee Middle
School, received a grant to
increase music literacy
among her students and to
provide the materials necessary to achieve this.
Frank Chaprnka, music
teacher at Highlands
Elementary, received two
grants. Once for Quaver’s
Marvelous World of Music
which will enhance the
understanding of music and
music history. In addition,
he received a grant to
purchase ukuleles.
The following art teacher also
received grants from the
Champions of learning.
Delta Jones, art teacher at
Cypress Palm Middle
School, is using clay to
make the connections
between art, geology and
Congratulations to all the music
and art teachers who received
Chalk Art 2014 Street Painting Extravaganza
The Annual Chalk Art Street
Painting Extravaganza will be
on January 25th, 2014 from
8:00 am to 4:00 pm. This
event is sponsored by the Naples Pelican Bay Rotary Club,
and the City of Naples has
approved once again to shut
down 5th Avenue South to allow us to have the event. Last
year’s event was a huge success with students from various schools participating.
Currently, they are looking for
art teachers and students to
paint the squares. If interested, please contact Pelican Bay
Rotary Club by January 7,
All proceeds from this event go
directly back to scholarships for
local students!
Laura Foht and students from
Gulfview Middle won Second Place
Shannon Guidry, art teacher at
Osceola Elementary, won First
Upcoming School Events
November 12: Sabal Palm Elementary’s Third Grade Autumn Music Program will begin at 6:30 pm.
November 12: Palmetto Elementary’s Sixth Grade Patriotic Music Program beginning at 7:00 pm.
November 14: Auditions will be held for the Collier County Public Schools High School All-County
Concert at Gulf Coast High School.
November 16: Florida Orchestra Association’s Solo & Ensemble at FGCU (includes Lee and Collier
County string students).
November 19: Manatee Elementary’s Third Grade students will be singing about what they are learning in social studies. The show is called “Continental Journey” and will begin at 6:00 pm.
November 20: Oakridge Middle School Fall Concert for Intermediate Orchestra/Solo/Ensemble Students beginning at 7:00 pm.
November 21: East Naples Middle School’s Chorus Concerts. One choir at 6 pm and another at 7:30
pm same show both times. It is a themed concert called “ A November to Remember”, paying tribute to
all things November such as Fall, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Cancer awareness month, etc. The
chorus will be attired in their new choral uniforms! All welcome. Invite a veteran or cancer survivor.
November 25: Palmetto Ridge High School Jazz Ensemble performs at Third Street Festival of Lights.
November 28: Naples High School Golden Eagle Marching Band to march in the Dunkin Donuts ABC
6 Philadelphia National Thanksgiving Day Parade.
December 3: Pine Ridge Middle School’s Intermediate Orchestra Concert at 7:00 pm.
December 3: Gulf Coast High School’s Chorus and Orchestra Winter Concert at 6:30 pm. Come celebrate the holiday season with the GCHS Chorus and Orchestra! This concert features our combined
chorus and orchestras performing your favorite sounds of the season and culminating in an audience
sing-along of traditional holiday tunes - admission is free so bring the family for an evening of festive
warmth and cheer!
December 5: Pine Ridge Middle School’s Beginning and Concert Orchestra Concert at 7:00 pm.
December 5: Vineyards Elementary’s Fifth Grade will perform holiday songs at the Vineyards Tree
Lighting Ceremony at 6:30 pm. The event will be outdoors at the South gatehouse on Vineyards
Blvd. (Behind the Publix shopping center)
December 6: Tommie Barfield Elementary Second Grade Holiday Sing-a-long in the TBE Cafeteria at
2:00 pm.
December 10: Palmetto Elementary Fourth Grade’s Holiday Music Program at 7:00 pm.
December 10: Oakridge Middle School’s Holiday Concert (Chorus and Orchestra) will begin at 7:00
December 10: Mike Davis Elementary will present the “Nutcracker!” performed by the Fourth Grade.
The concert will begin at 6:30 pm.
December 11: Big Cypress Elementary School’s Second Grade performs Holiday Musical “This Old
Gingerbread House” at 9:30 am.
December 12: Golden Gate Middle School’s Winter Band Concert will begin at 6:00 pm in the GGMS
Cafeteria. This will feature the Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Jazz Bands.
December 12: Cypress Palm Middle School’s Advanced and Intermediate Band and Chorus concert
beginning at 7:00 pm.
December 12 and 13: (Thursday and Friday) Naples High School Bands Prism Concerts featuring the
entire Naples HS Band program. 7:30 show starts each evening.
December 12 and 13: Palmetto Ridge High School’s Music Department hosts its WinterFest (tickets
available by calling 239-377-1160 or emailing Mr. Pardee at [email protected])
December 12th and 13th: Gulf Coast High School’s Prism Concert Featuring the entire GCHS Band
Program. The concert begins at 7:00 p.m.
December 13: Poinciana Elementary Cookies with Santa at 5:00 pm with the Fifth Grade performing.
December 16: Lely High School will present a Winter Celebration concert featuring two bands and the
LHS Chorus at 6:00 in the LHS auditorium. Admission is free but donations will be accepted.
Upcoming School Events
December 17: Pinecrest Elementary’s Second Grade will be performing “Yes Virginia” in the
cafetorium at 6 pm.
December 17: Highlands Elementary Holiday Music Show at 5:00 pm.
December 17: Sabal Palm Elementary’s Second Grade Holiday Music Program starting at 6:30 pm.
December 17: Lely Elementary will present Pirates, The Christmas Musical at 6:30 p.m. (presented
by the Fifth Grade students and faculty)
December 17: Estates Elementary’s Second Grade will perform their Winter Concert beginning at
6:00 pm in the cafeteria. The Fourth Grade will perform after the second grade at 6:30. The EES
Chorus will close the show by singing their concert songs at 7:00 pm.
December 17: Eden Park Elementary’s Holiday Concert featuring students in Kindergarten through
Second Grade will begin at 6:30 pm.
December 17: Golden Gate Elementary’s Third Grade will be singing holiday music at our south
campus, The concert will begin at 6:00 pm.
December 19: Cypress Palm Middle School’s Beginning Band and Orchestra Concert beginning at
7:00 pm.
December 20: Gulf Coast High School’s Mixed Chorus Performance in Christmas Town. The Gulf
Coast HS Mixed chorus had a great audition and was awarded a performance spot in Christmas
Town at Busch Gardens on Friday, December 20th – this is the last day of school before Winter
Break, so if you are planning a trip up to Busch Gardens come take a stroll through the park in Christmas Town and hear the GCHS Mixed Chorus perform in the early evening!
January 8-11: Florida Music Educators Association Conference with All State Bands, Orchestras,
Choruses. The conference is held in Tampa, Florida
January 10: Arbor Day Celebration at Veteran’s Park on Marco Island with the Third Grade at Tommie Barfield Elementary to be among performers singing 2 songs.
January 21: Manatee Elementary’s Fifth Grade students will be performing the musical “Geology
Rocks” about earth sciences. The concert will begin at 6:00 p.m.
January 25: Empty Bowl Event at Cambier Park from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Donation is $15.00.
Come and see all the pottery made by students, teachers, artists and community members.
January 25: Collier County Public School’s Middle School and High School Honors Band Concert
will be held at Golden Gate High School starting at 3:00 pm.
January 30: CCPS Honors Orchestra auditions 4:30-8:00 pm at Pine Ridge Middle School.
Opportunities for MIPs
January 5: Center for the Arts Bonita Springs: Demonstration by Tara Funk Grim on Beyond Alla
Prima—Creative Abstract and Collage Painting. The demonstration is from 1 to 3 pm. Cost: $15.00.
Call 495-8989 to register.
January 5: Center for the Arts Bonita Springs: Demonstration by Janet Rogers on Expressive Watercolors—Flowers and People. The demonstration is from 4 to 6 pm. Cost: $15.00. Call 495-8989
to register.
January 18: Ringling Museum of Art workshop: “A Circus Celebration!” From 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
The cost is $5.00 and includes a lecture, gallery exploration, standards-based lesson planning resources and lunch. Please visit the Ringling website to register at Advanced
Sales is open Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. You can receive 3 MIPs for attending this workshop.