May 17, 2015 - St. Therese Catholic Church


May 17, 2015 - St. Therese Catholic Church
St. Therese
Catholic Church
217 Brawley School Rd.
Mooresville, NC 28117-9103
An Ignatian parish staffed by priests of the
Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus
(The Jesuits) since 1970.
May 17, 2015
The Ascension of the Lord
Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8am-12pm & 12:30pm-4:30pm
Phone: 704-664-3992
Fax: 704-660-6321
E-mail: [email protected]
Parish Website:
Office Hours:
Sunday 8:30am-12pm & 3pm-9pm
Monday 1pm-5pm
Tuesday 9am-12pm & 3pm-7pm
Wednesday 10am-6pm
Thursday 9am-12pm
Friday & Saturday Closed
Phone: 704-664-7762
Every household is invited to register. Forms are
available in the Narthex, the office or on our
website. According to Diocesan policy, parish
registration is required for faith formation, all
sacraments and ministries, and school vouchers.
MOVING? Please notify the parish office!
4:30pm Thursday for the next weekend bulletin.
All items subject to approval and editing.
Submit to Lisa Cash, [email protected]
Sacramental Celebrations Mass Times
7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am,
12:00 noon
Sunday Nursery at 9 & 10:30am Masses
2:30pm Misa en Espanol
Daily Mass 9:00am Monday thr ough Fr iday
& First Saturdays
Reconciliation 4:00pm-5:00pm on Saturdays
or by appointment
WELCOME! The parishioners of St. Therese welcome our visitors. Please introduce yourselves to your
neighbors. Your presence is very important to us. We also rely on your support and your generosity
will be much appreciated.
Please turn off cell phones and other electronic devices. The Cry Room is a convenient refuge for parents of active
children. Thank you for being with us! We hope you have a great visit!
FIRST FRIDAY of each month
Eucharistic Exposition and Adoration
9:45am - 4:45pm with Benediction at 4:45pm.
7 pm Mondays in the church
9:45 am Thursdays after Mass
Please notify the parish office if you want communion
brought to the home, hospital or nursing home.
Hospitals do not notify the church that you are there
except at your direct request.
Please notify the parish office of those who are
homebound or in hospitals or nursing homes, especially
when seriously ill.
According to Diocesan policy, registered couples must
begin marriage preparation at least SIX MONTHS
prior to the desired wedding date. Please call the parish
office for an appointment.
At least SIX WEEKS before the anticipated date of
Baptism, parents must contact the office to arrange for
required baptismal preparation. Contact Christine Leal
CHILDREN - Grades 3 thru 7 - All children in the
above grades are prepared for the first sacraments of
Initiation through the Rite of Christian Initiation of
Children. Contact: Dave Conklin in the Faith
Formation office 704-664-7762.
All adults and high school age teens who wish to be
baptized, confirmed and/or receive First Eucharist are
prepared through the Rite of Christian Initiation of
Adults. This is also the process for non-Catholics to
come into full communion with the Catholic Church.
Contact: Deacon John Sims 704-662-0714.
Rev. Vincent C. Curtin, S.J., ext. 102
Parochial Vicar/Vicarios:
Rev. Dominic Totaro, SJ, ext. 225
Rev. Donald M. Ward, S.J., ext. 107
In Residence: Rev. Fr ancis X. Reese, S.J ., ext. 205
Rev. Mr. John Sims [email protected]
Rev. Mr. Robert Kratchman (retired),
Rev. Mr. Myles Decker (retired),
Rev. Mr. Joe Santen (retired)
Faith Formation/Formación de Fe: 704-664-7762
Carmen SanJuan, ext. 109
David Conklin, ext. 108
Asst. Director
Darlene McClure, ext. 110
Office Assistant
Dayna Auten, ext. 318
Pre-school Director
Music Ministry/Ministerio de Música
Phillip Haigler, ext. 106
Argelia Chavez– Misa en Español
Wesley Weaver, ext. 104
Melinda Drury, ext. 101
Parish Manager
Rosemary Hyman, ext. 315
Liturgy Coordinator
Christine Leal, ext. 100
Office Assistant/Facilities Scheduler
Leyda Carrillo, ext. 114
Latino Coordinator
Elaine Runski, ext. 301
Administrative Assistant
Lisa Cash, ext. 105
Ministry Communications Coordinator
Staff emails/correos electrónicos: (first initial, last name) (inicial de su nombre, apellido) i.e./ejemplo: [email protected]
except Deacon John who has his own email address
Pastoral Council
Bill Streiff, Pres. Bob Linden, Vice Pres. Tina Force Sec.
Maria Boaze
Mark Green
JoAnn Horan
Jack Madey
Amy Michelone
Karen Neyland
Jose Mauricio Solorio
Ron Toney
Jeff Wagner
Judy Wagner
Rick Wagner
MAY 17, 2015
In Your Prayers
Jessie Adkins, Jan
Balmat, Michelle
Bischoff, Barbara
Cahill, Steve
Coyne, Dutch
Eileen Iasenza, Jon Gorman, Laura
Hanby, Joan Kratchman, Dolores
Licari, Aldo C. Martinez, Sandy
Newman, Cindy Powell, Ron Regula,
Rose Regula, Dr. William Rezuke,
Maureen Rossi, Helen Russo, Sylvia
Hope Sanchez, Edward St. John, Ed
and Margaret Vadnois. Please
remember our homebound in your
prayers: At home: Attilo Cer aldi,
William Cote, Patsy Freeze, Julianne
& Scott Jarvis, Mark Marchese,
Patrick Naso, Jeanne McDonnell,
Charles Memrick, Dean Nash, Helen
Odomerick, Rita Sabella, Mary Strup,
Stach Wisniewski, Pat Marilyn Zande.
Autumn Care: Betty Kincaid, Betty
Markovich Brian Center: Cynthia
Ferrer, Rosemary O’Dell, Gregory
Ramirez, Hattie Walker, Joan
Waltman. Carillon: Betty Bunyan,
Mitzi Moody. Churchill: Cecilia
Blouin, Connie Caron, Corinne
Cordillo, MaryJane Farrell, Millie
Garrison, Nancy Grimaldi, Trudy
Keller, Regina Kilcarr, Joan Koch,
Louise Logono, Jean Loeshen, Ruth
Martins, Helen Mastrianni, Robert
Matsey, Johanna McCloskey, Jean
Mueller, Lillian Pingel, Evaline Seyk,
Elly Schenne, Inga Shealy, Sherry
Thompson, Jean Woodall. Crown
Colony: Rosemar y Leonetta, Linda
Turner. Genesis: Lucille Barslow, Joan
Brennan, Lorraine Cardillo, Leona
Dreiling, Barbara Jedrey, Lelia Leon,
Margaret Lovine, Francis Mariea, Dee
Murray, Terry Nagel, Jim Strup,
Patricia Vance. Huntersville Oaks:
Carol Osmer Statesville Place: Irene
Nemeth. Summit Place: Wanda
Binder, Bill Bonsignore, Nickie
Ceraldi, Connie Ferraro, Lee Floyd,
Mary Kozar, Elaine Panuski, Beverly
Wisbon, Yvette Wynn. The Pines:
Florence Chandler, Lee Kuras.
The Church is like a great ship being pounded by the
waves of life’s different stresses. Our duty is not to abandon
ship, but to keep her on her course.
—St. Boniface
Remember our military personnel in your prayers:
READINGS FOR Sunday, May 24, 2015
Pentecost Sunday
1st Reading - Acts 2:1-11
Responsorial - Psalm 104
2nd Reading - 1 Corinthians 12:3-7, 12-13
Gospel - John 20:19-23
In May, the Holy Father asks us to pray that
rejecting the culture of indifference, we may care
for our neighbors who suffer, especially the sick
and the poor, and that Mary’s intercession may
help Christians in secularized cultures be open to
proclaiming Jesus.
Madison Ahlers, Dave
Berczek, Jaryl Burjoss, Janine
Campbell (USS Pickney),
Crista Campos, Garrett
Carnes, Douglas Cestari
(Afghan), John Cevasco,
Frank Comer, Steven Fotiadis,
Kody Garrison, Matthew
Geremia, Jeffrey Guild
(Afghan), Courtney Hanna,
Gregory Hanna, Richard
Hedges, Nicholas Hemm
(Japan), Mary Katherine
Hesler, Ryan Howard,
(Afghan), Jeremy Lacey,
Matthew Laxton, Rachel
Laxton, Adam Livingston,
Andres Molestina, Carlos
Molestina, John
Nickolopakos, Stephen
Nilsson, Eduardo J. Sanchez
(Afghan), Caylin Sandke
(Afghan), Jay Sandke, Ryan
Smith (Okinowa), Daniel
Spaulding (Iraq), Erik
Tarnacki, Dominic Wagner,
Donovan Wagner, John
White, Kyle Wishlinski (USS
Louisiana), Billy Wyatt
(Quantico). Please let us
know if someone in your
family is
injured, or
returns home.
The Ignatian Corner!
In the previous article, I asked: “What about a Jesuit parish? What are the characteristics of an Ignatian
parish?” The easiest way to respond to these questions is to state a Basic Jesuit Document on Parish Ministry
in the United States. This document is reprinted with permission of the Rector of Santa Clara; it will cover two
Fr. Dominic
A Mission Statement for Jesuits in Parish Ministry
(promulgated by Jesuits in Parish Ministry at Santa Clara University, California, July 23, 1987)
"Parish Life stretches to the limit all the brains, the talents, the spirituality and the resourcefulness that the best
Jesuit has. And it goes on 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year." -- A Jesuit in Parish Ministry
What is parish life today in the United States? " Leader s ar e beginning to r ealize what we pr actitioner s
have always known: that the average Catholic gets his or her first and lasting impression of 'church' from the
parish; that it is there that the first incorporation into the Body of Christ takes place; it is there that the daily
dramas of life, union, death, and resurrection are celebrated; and it is there that struggles, failures, and
reconciliations occur. In short, the parish is finally being seen as the vital and critical hand that first rocks the
ecclesiastical cradle, and so its importance can hardly be overestimated."
Why does the Society of Jesus choose parish ministry as one of its apostolic works today? Because the
parish is where people of all stages of faith are gathered and empowered day in and day out for mission in the
world. Insofar as our Society is mobile, specialized and diversified in a variety of apostolates, it also needs to
be engaged in parishes where grass roots faith is expressed, nurtured and formed daily. By being present here
we have much to give; we have much to receive and learn.
What does the Society of Jesus have to offer? We have much to give par ish life gr aced as we ar e by our
Ignatian spirituality which offers practical ways to foster personal love and companionship with Christ. Our
spirituality touches not only individual hearts, but also the heart of a parish as a whole. Daily, it supports lives
of service to the Church, as well as empowers lives of mission to establish the Kingdom of God now in the
surrounding communities of the parish. Our spirituality gives people a way of proceeding in apostolic
discernment that actually roots communal and personal decisions in a mutually professed desire to follow the
Person of Christ, His mind, heart and way, in our own time. In the parish, the Society brings the energy of its
most prized resource, the Spiritual Exercises, to the Body of Christ for daily use.
How is the Society of Jesus and all of its ministries affected by this choice? Basically, the Society is
enriched and its ministries are complemented. Parish communities and related diocesan contacts offer the
Society catalytic opportunities for further development, expression and sharing of its charisms. This happens
most of all in the lives of the Jesuits in parish ministry as they are affected, nurtured and informed through the
mutual sharing of their talents, gifts and faith lives with the people of the local Church. Such growth affects
the body of the Society of Jesus at large. Without parishes, the Society of Jesus is like a body without one of
its eyes and ears and part of its soul.
Therefore, as a community of priests, brothers and scholastics, we fully embrace working in parish ministry in
the United States. We are committed to the formation of parish communities fulfilling the mission of Christ in
the World, especially in places where the need is greater.
From The Christian Parish by William J. Bausch. XXIII Publications, Mystic, Connecticut, 1980, page 1.
Fr. Dominic
Sun 5/17
Sunday, May 17
7:30 John Trontell+ (Family)
Bob Margolis+ (Family)
9:00 Margaret & Nicholas Massi+ (Schaffer Family)
10:30 Joe Mosca+ (Brad & Anna Sullivan)
John Thomas Greenan+ (Eileen Greenan)
12:00 Lois Dunn+ (Nate O’Niel)
Elizabeth Shields+ Alona Pellegrino
5:30 Parishioners
Monday, May 18
9:00 Tom Tolar (Healing) (Bill & Nancy Sproull)
Mary Ellen Riker+ (Steve Yurish)
Tuesday, May 19
9:00 Joan Albertini+ (Jim & Chris McLaughlin)
George Edell+ (Brooks Family)
Wednesday, May 20
9:00 Nilsa Maldonado+ (Family)
Anton Zelechowski+ (William Wall)
Thursday, May 21
9:00 Byron Bailey+ (Tom & Veronica Keegan)
Veronica B. Essig+ (Jim & Barbara Duffy)
Friday, May 22
9:00 Robert J. Serio+ (Michael Scaletta Family)
William R. Hall, Sr.+ (Michelle & Phil Bischoff)
Saturday, May 23
5:30 Parishioners
Sunday, May 24
7:30 Steve Guerriro+ (Rachel & George Zevan)
Sam Dorsett+ (O’Donnell Family)
9:00 Joe Kennedy+ (Powlowski Family)
Bob Hickey+ (Dick & Remy Bryar)
10:30 Barbara Ann Kraus+ (Elizabeth & Kathy)
Mortoo Family (Thanks) (Mr. & Mrs. Mortoo)
12:00 Carey Buda+ (The Buda Family)
Henry Akuffo+ (Francesca Aryeetey)
5:30 Monique Chaou+ (Adifon Family)
James F. Harper+ (Faith Formation)
M.O.S.T.-Coffee & Donuts
Sanctuary Choir
Latino Baptism Prep Class
FF-Teen Meals
FF-Youth Ministry
FF-Confirmation Classes
Mon 5/18 Crafty Ladies
K of C-4th Degree
Rosary for the Unborn
Pastoral Council Meetings
Ignatian Book Club
Tues 5/19 Liturgy of the Hours
Churchill Mass
Marian Prayer Group
Ignatian Prayer-Spanish
Music-Handbell Choir
Women with Soul
Wed 5/20 Music-Children's Choir
FF-Youth Ministry
Girl Scouts Junior Group
Music-Adult Choir
Adult Bible Study
Stewardship Committee Mtg
Thurs 5/21 Luminous Rosary
Music-Latino Choir
Fri 5/22 Bridge Club
FF-Spaghetti Dinner Dance
Spanish Youth Group
Sat 5/23 Saturday Morning Bible Study
Sun 5/24
9:00 AM
4:00 PM
4:00 PM
6:30 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
10:00 AM
6:30 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
8:30 AM
2:00 PM
6:30 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
4:00 PM
6:00 PM
6:15 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
8:00 PM
9:30 AM
5:00 PM
1:00 PM
6:30 PM
7:00 PM
9:00 AM
Jesuit Collaborative in Room 202 9:00 AM
Spiritual Exercises Training
10:00 AM
Community Outreach-Cook Out! 11:00 AM
Minister Training
12:00 PM
4:00 PM
Sanctuary Choir
4:00 PM
The American Cancer Society’s – Mooresville/Lake Norman
Relay For Life®
Friday, May 29th at the Mooresville High School Stadium
One day. One night. One community. Relay For Life® is about celebration,
remembrance, and hope. By participating, you honor cancer survivors, pay
tribute to the lives we've lost to the disease, and raise money to help the fight
against cancer – all right here in your community. You won't want to miss one
moment of this community affirming event!
Help support the St. Therese Relay for Life Team!
Join our team or make a financial donation by going to .
For additional information contact Kim Mertes at 704-500-7896.
STEWARDSHIP...Sharing Time, Talent & Treasure
There is no greater satisfaction than knowing
that your personal property and accumulated
wealth will be shared exactly as you personally
desire. Whether your estate is large or small…
you should make certain it will be properly
distributed to those you love. If you wish to
remember our parish, this can be done when
you prepare or update your will.
2nd Collection - May 16th/17th
The International – National Combined
Collection will be taken at all Masses this
**Please note: A check will be sent to the
Diocese of Charlotte two weeks after the
collection is taken. Any donations after
that date will be put into our regular
Whatever time we have is a gift from God and we are
asked to use it wisely, to serve God and others.
$25,000 ($4,546)
26 April
$21,000 $3,273
3 May
$1,146,849 $1,109,000 $37,849
Active Families 3,647 as of 5/12/15
Thank You for Your Generosity
Mass Attendance
May 3, 2015
5:30 Sat
Stewardship Committee Discernment
Meeting, Wednesday, May 20th at 7PM
We’re looking for a few good stewards to
reinvigorate the St. Therese stewardship
Mixed Fruit
(Food can be dropped off on the black
rolling carts in the Narthex of the
Church or you may continue to drop it
off in the carts in the hallway of the
Administrative building)
Please Remember:
 No opened or fresh food
 Check expiration dates - expired food
must be thrown away
Food Pantry is open Mondays from
10:00am to 11:30am
The pantry is closed on church Holy Days &
all Federal holidays.
Please join us on Wednesday, May 20th at
7:00PM in room 204 of the PLC to learn more
about what true stewardship is and what the
committee will do within our parish
The three main areas of action will be:
welcoming, gifts discernment and educating/
communicating the stewardship message. We
all have gifts from God, join us and use yours!
Frequently Asked Questions about
our New Church!
Commonly Used Terms:
Church - New Church
Day Chapel - Our original Church (Daily Mass
will be held in the Day Chapel)
Administration Building - The Church Offices,
Day Chapel, Church Store, Sunday Nursery,
Family Room, Food Pantry and Classrooms 14,
15, 16 & 17 are located in the Administration
PLC - Parish Life Center
The Faith Formation Office, Parish Library,
MPR (Multi-Purpose Room), Kitchen and
Classrooms 202, 203, 204, 205, 206 are upstairs
and the Choir Room, Little Way Preschool, and
Classrooms 103, 104, 105, 106, 107 and 110 are
downstairs in the Parish Life Center
MPR - The Multi-Purpose room is located in
the PLC
Description of the stained glass windows in the
narthex going from left to right from the inside:
1. Jesus calling Peter and Andrew to leave their
fishing to come be his disciples
2. Jesus welcomes all e.g. “Come to me all you
who are weary and burdened, and I will give
you rest” Matt. 11:28-30
3. Jesus welcomes the prodigal son
4. Jesus washes the feet of Peter at the Last
5. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene after his
6. Jesus appears to two of his disciples on the
road to Emmaus on Easter.
Liturgical Minister Trainings
If you didn't have a chance to sign up, all you
need to do is attend one of the training sessions
scheduled below:
Training for Eucharistic
Ministers, new or those
wanting a review, Saturday,
May 23rd at 10am in the new
Training for Ushers, new or those wanting a
review, Saturday, May 23rd at 12 noon in the
new church.
Peace and Justice Committee
St. Therese Peace and Justice Committee would like
to honor parish members who come from different
ethnic groups around the world. On Pentecost
Sunday, May 24th, at the 10:30 Mass, we need
members from these different groups to read the
Intentions at the appropriate time in their ethnic
languages. We really would like as many ethnic
groups as possible to be represented.
If interested, please contact Anne Cerutti at 704-6647455 or 704-402-6229. We need to know as soon
possible so that we have time to plan the intentions,
allow you to translate them into your native
language, give the order for which these intentions
will be read.
There have been some parishioners that believe we should add more color to our new Church. Well, this is our
chance to do that. We, the pilgrim people of God at St. Therese, can wear RED clothing for Pentecost Sunday,
May 24th. RED symbolizes fire of the Holy Spirit to bring light to the world and the ultimate Victory of Jesus'
Gospel. Also, language is one of the most colorful gifts that God gave us. If your first or family language is
Not English, then at the Our Father proclaim the prayer that Jesus gave us in that language.
Deacon John
Coffee and Donuts- hosted
by M.O.S.T. (Men of St.
The Men of St. Therese,
(M.O.S.T.), would like to invite
all parishioners to Coffee and
Donuts after the 7:30, 9:00 and
10:30 Masses today. Please join us TODAY, May
17th and on the thir d Sunday of each month. It's
a great way to build a sense of community, so why
not stop by, enjoy some coffee, juice, and donuts and
get to meet someone new. There are a lot of new
families moving in to our parish… what better way
to welcome them? Keep in mind that children are
welcome, too.
Operation Lamb Volunteers
Needed for Saturday, June 6th
St. Therese
Cook Out!
Saturday, May 23rd
Please join us for a fun afternoon cook out on the
patio next to the Parish Life Center!
We will be serving hamburgers, hotdogs, brats
sausages, with lots of sides and desserts! We will be
offering a carwash and face painting.
Lunch plates will be $6 for adults, $4 for
children under 10.
All proceeds will go to the 2015
Community Thanksgiving Meal!
Please join us for fun and
fellowship for a great cause!
Operation LAMB is a fundraising program
of the Knights of Columbus. This non-profit
public charity assists people with intellectual
We need volunteers for the LAMB WalMart
Tootsie Roll giveaway on Saturday, June 6th.
This is a great opportunity to earn
service hours!
Please call Larry Rasmussen at
704-224-0959 for more information.
The Saint Therese library will
be closed for summer holiday
from June 1st through
September 7th.
Please return any books that
you have checked out.
Thank you!
MOST is planning its annual baseball outing at the Charlotte Knights ball park in downtown
Charlotte on Friday, June 19th. An awesome display of fireworks will occur immediately
following the last out! Bus service will be provided from St. Therese
to the game.
Tickets: $23 including the bus and $17 for game only
Game time is 7:05PM.
The bus will leave at 5:15PM sharp!
Tickets will be available at the May Coffee and Donuts Sunday.
Contacts: Vince Gr eco at 704-662-3930; Mark Daly at 704-987-4316; Don Mayer at 704-663-7593.
Limitations: We ar e limited to 100 game tickets and 40 bus r ider s. These will be on a “First Paid, First
Served” basis. Deadline for buying tickets is May 24th.
Join us Friday, May 22nd @
Spaghetti Dinner and Dance
Fun for the entire family
DJ Provided by JAM
Please plan on joining us!
Sponsored by the St. Therese
Youth Ministry and the Knights
of Columbus
Proceeds from this event will help off set the cost of this summers mission trip to Peru.
This is a great way to help our youth help others!
Adults: $10.00 advance ticket
Adults: $12.00 at the door
Children (5-12) $5.00 4 and under free!
Fill out the form below and return with payment to the Faith Formation office!
Spaghetti Dinner:
Name: ______________________________________ Phone # ___________________________________
Email: __________________________________________________________________________________
# of Adults: ______ @ $10 each $_______ # of Children (5-12): ________ @ $5 $______________
# of children under 4________
Total Due: _______________________
**Make Checks Payable to St Therese**
The Roman Catholic Diocese of is a fitting title to an event that
prompts young men to reflect upon
Charlotte Office of Vocations
The Diocese of Charlotte's third
annual Quo Vadis Days, a five-day
vocations discernment camp for
young men (ages 15-25), will take
place at Belmont Abbey College on
June 15-19, 2015.
This camp will help you to know
Jesus more deeply and help you to
discern your vocation in life while
having a lot of fun with other
Catholic young men.
The Latin phrase quo vadis literally
means "Where are you going?" and it
this fundamental question.
This five-day experience allows
young men a unique opportunity to
grow in their faith and delve into the
meaning and mystery of the
What will we do for five days?
The event itself strikes an effective
balance between the activity of a
summer camp and the quiet of a
The day is structured to include Holy
Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours,
Eucharistic Adoration, time for
Parish Education Director Opportunity
Saint Peter Catholic Church, a dynamic and growing
1,700+ household parish in Charlotte, NC is seeking
a Parish Education Director. The Parish Education
Director will be responsible for Faith Education
from birth to death. A minimum of 3-5 years of
administrative experience in education/parish setting
is required. The candidate should be a practicing
Catholic, familiar with Ignatian spirituality, with a
degree in Education/Theology or Pastoral Ministry.
For more information, including a detailed job
description, please send an email to:
[email protected]
St. James the Greater 2015 Trip to
Germany, Switzerland, Austria from
September 1-14, 2015
Join travelers from St. James the Greater Parish and
Visit Heidelberg, Lucerne, Interlaken, Innsbruck,
Munich, Neuschwanstein, Salzburg, Melk Abbey,
Vienna, extend for two days in Budapest!
Seven Optional Excursions includes: Castles,
Dachau, Mozart Concert & Dinner, Mount Pilatus,
Bratislava, Traditional Viennese Dinner
Trip includes: Airfare, hotels, daily breakfast, six
dinners, all entry fees Just $4,599
Contact: John Green [email protected]
Complete itinerary and sign up:
or call GoAhead Tours 1-877-264-1348
Reference trip# 65424641
Hurry! Make your deposit today
Final payment due 6/23/15!
personal reflection and interaction
with priests and seminarians.
There is also ample time devoted to
activities and fellowship.
Bishop Peter J. Jugis and priests and
seminiarians from the Diocese of
Charlotte will be participating in the
For more information and to register:
The camp fee is $100. This cost
includes lodging at Belmont Abbey
College, all meals and supplies.
Assistance is available.
Theme: The Family that Prays
Together Stays Together. Kindly
reserve your seats for this event at
St. Mark Catholic Church,
Huntersville, on Sat., June 13,
2015 from 10:00 A.M. to 3:00
p.m. Bishop Jugis will be our
main celebrant. Our priest guests will be an EWTN
speaker from New Orleans and a priest from Mexico,
who has spoken on the importance and urgency of
deliverance and exorcism in the priestly ministry.
Call 1-844-YES-MARY or go online and pay $15 thru
Centering Prayer as an 11th Step Practice
When: June 6th, 9:30AM – 3:00PM
Where: Davidson United Methodist Chapel,
304 S. Main Street in Davidson, NC
Centering Prayer is a prayer method, used as an 11th
Step practice by many people who are in a 12-Step
recovery program. This workshop is open to members of ANY of the 12-Step recovery programs. In
addition to the workshop, participants may attend six
continuing sessions to help support and ground their
Early Registration by May 23: $25.00. After May
23; $35.00 Registration closes June 2.
Information: at [email protected]
Contact: Emily Bumann 704-892-8277,
[email protected]
FAITH FORMATION 704-664-7762
Mary, Mother of all
Mary is an
reminder to us
of our VIP
status with God.
Each of us is
created in
God’s image.
Each of us is
unique and
special. As our
mother, Mary
reminds us that
we are never alone. She is our advocate,
always ready to "plead our case" before God.
She is a powerful ally for all of us. It is
important to remember that Mary was
human, just like us. She knew what it was
like to be tired, hungry, worried, and
frightened. She knew what it was like to be
helpless as she was when her child suffered
and died on the cross. Most importantly, she
shows us that unconditional love is humanly
possible. Just as she was with Jesus at
Calvary, so she will always care about us and
be there to help us.
Faith Formation registration for the
2015/16 school year has begun. Students
in weekly classes have been given
preprinted family registration forms in
class. Families that participated in home
schooling or last year’s Summer FF, need
to come to the office to get their forms.
Blank forms are available at http:// Do not wait too long to
register because popular classes will fill
up fast.
Faith Formation Schedule
Confirmation Rehearsal - 6:30 pm
Confirmation Schedule
5/26 Classes ABCD - 7pm
5/28 Classes EFGH - 7 pm
Youth Ministry-Senior Night - honoring our
graduating High School Seniors - 6:30pm
Last week of HS Youth Ministry - 7pm
Vacation Bible School
July 13-17 from 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Registration forms available
outside the Faith Formation office
or at
Misas en Español
Todos los Domingos a las 2:30 p.m.
Adoración al Santísimo
Sacramento. El viernes 5 de Junio del
2015. Todos los primeros viernes del
mes, de 9:30 am—4:45 pm tendremos
adoración eucarística.
Confesiones: Todos los domingos a las 2:00 p.m.
Usted puede llamar para hacer una cita.
Clases de Bautismos:
Todos los tercer fines de semanas tendremos clases
de bautismos. La duración de la clase es de 2 horas,
la asistencia es requerida padres y padrinos. La
próxima clase será el domingo 17 de Mayo. Por
favor llamar a la Iglesia para registrarse como
Atención Padres: No niños en las clase.
Quinceañeras: Las personas que quieran
organizar 15 años tienen que
llamar a la iglesia, con 6 meses de anticipación.
Matrimonios: Clases pre matrimoniales, favor avisar con seis meses de
Primeras Comuniones y Confirmaciones: Llamar a
Carmen San Juan al 704-664-7762
Grupo Ignaciano: El grupo de oración Ignaciana
abren sus puertas todos los martes en la iglesia a
partir de las 7:00 pm. Los esperamos !
17 de Mayo 2015
7mo. De Pascua
Jesús es el perfecto administrador– mira cuidadosamente a todos los que han sido encomendados a El
por el Padre y después los envía a todos para que
servían por el mundo. Que de igual forma yo proteja y use sabiamente los dones que se me han encomendado!
Asistencia de Alimentos: Atención a todas las familias latinas, nuestro servicio de ayuda de alimentos
será distribuida, Lunes en el siguiente horario
10:00 am– 11:30 am. Si usted necesita asistencia en
otros horarios, por favor diríjase a las Misiones cristianas.
La parroquia de San Felipe
Apóstol. Estará ofreciendo un
hoy domingo 17 de Mayo a
partir de la 1:45pm. Por favor no se pierda esta
oportunidad de estar informado sobre el proceso de
Venga a bailar y compartir una rica
cena en familia disfrutando de un
plato de pasta, bebidas, postres,
bailes y actividades creativas. Los
esperamos el viernes 22 de Mayo a
las 6:30 pm. Costo del boleto de entrada es $12 dólares por adultos en la puerta y si tiene tiempo puede
comprar el boleto en el departamento de Formación
Religiosa a $10 dólares. Los niños (5-12) pagan $5 y
los grupos familiares que pagan 4 boletos y tienen
mas niños los demás entran gratis.
La Diócesis de Charlotte invita a los
jóvenes entre 14 y 17 años a la Iglesia
de San Pablo en Greensboro para celebrar la pascua
juvenil Diocesana, los días 22, 23 y 24 de Mayo. Las
personas interesadas llamar a Ibis Centeno (704)9022242 o Enedino Aquino (336)273-2343.
PARRILLA. El 23 de Mayo de 11:00am a
3:00 pm, venga a unirse con toda la comunidad, en el centro parroquial para
comer hamburguesas, perros calientes,
ensaladas y algo mas. También ofrecemos lavado de carros y pintura de caritas a los niños. Los esperamos. Todos los fondos serán
para el día de Acción de Gracias. El costo es de 6 dólares
por adultos y 4 dólares por niños.
Congreso Mariano del Rosario 2015. La
iglesia de San Marcos en Huntersville,
invita todos los católicos del área a disfrutar de la presentación del P. Pedro
Nuñez, director del programa EWTN en
New Orleans. El día 13 de Junio de 8:00
am hasta 10:00 am. El P. Nuñez hablara
sobre El poder de los Sacramentos hacia
la santificación. Para mas inf. llamar a la oficina de nuestra parroquia.
Para más información, llamar a Leyda Carrillo a 704-664-3992 Extensión 114, fax 704-660-6321
“La Esquina Ignaciana”
Hay tres eventos grandes que la Iglesia celebra cada año durante el
tiempo pascual. Por supuesto la primera de esos es el más importante.
La Resurrección del Señor de entre los muertos es la celebración de
nuestra fe sin comparación. Pentecostés, la fiesta del próximo
domingo, recuerda la iniciación de la comunidad de aquella misma fe
que somos nosotros. Hoy, la de la Ascensión del Señor - la vuelta del
Crucificado, que ahora vive, para que esté físicamente presente al lado
de su Padre para siempre - es el tercer misterio celebrado en este
tiempo solemne. La fiesta nos presenta con un gran desafío, el de
entender el sentido verdadero y la importancia singular de este regreso
de Jesús “a la casa de su Padre.”
Llena, Señor, nuestro corazón de gratitud y de alegría
por la gloriosa ascensión de tu Hijo,
ya que su triunfo es también nuestra victoria,
pues a donde llegó él, nuestra cabeza,
tenemos la esperanza cierta de llegar nosotros
que somos su cuerpo.
En esta oración inicial de la misa de hoy, la Iglesia nos enseña la razón que, por ser un
cristiano o una cristiana, somos esencialmente hombres y mujeres de esperanza. Nuestro
maestro, nuestro hermano, nuestro modelo, ha triunfado definitivamente sobre todo que
puede destruir la esperanza en nuestras vidas; la muerte, el pecado, el fracaso. Y, porque
somos unidos con él en un solo cuerpo y en un solo espíritu, su llegada a su destino definitivo
anuncia nuestra victoria definitiva. Esta esperanza, encarnada en el momento de su reunión
de Jesús con su Padre, es nuestra realidad para siempre. Fue su promesa predicada y vivida
durante toda su vida entre nosotros. Y, Dios es fiel.
Galileos, ¿qué hacen allí mirando al cielo?
En el texto de Hechos de Apóstoles, Lucas confirma que esa esperanza, que es la nuestra, no
es una esperanza solamente del futuro, una esperanza del otro mundo. Necesitamos marchar
de la montaña de donde Jesús regresó a su Padre y hacer carne ese don entre los hombres y
mujeres, los niños y niñas, que forman el mundo que nos rodea. No tenemos el lujo de mirar
al cielo para esperar a nuestra Esperanza. Ella está mucho más cerca - donde dormimos y
comemos, donde trabajamos y nos relajamos. El partir del Señor al cielo lo lleva más cerca
de nosotros que nunca. Celebramos hoy la realidad que Jesús está aquí.
San Ignacio de Loyola enseñó que estamos llamados a ser contemplativos en acción. Hoy
contemplemos este misterio tan lindo y conmovedor. Hoy seamos agentes de esperanza en
nuestras comunidades y en nuestras familias. Con esta contemplación activa, construyamos
juntos un mundo de paz, justicia y amor. Es el sueño de Jesús quien hoy entra de nuevo en el
cielo. Que siga siendo nuestro sueño cada día de nuestras vidas.
P. Donald Ward, SJ

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