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Beth Shmuel - Cuban Hebrew Congregation Newsletter
Edition: I
Year 2011 - 50th Anniversary
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Now that Gregorian year 2011 has begun, as part of our Jewish Year
5771, our members should look forward to a year of celebration because
many of us have already arrived or will be arriving at the
50th anniversary of our coming to the shores of this great nation,
The United States of America.
Yes, for most of us the last three years have been very difficult from a
personal and financial perspective. Hashem has called on many of our
beloved relatives and friends to join Olam Habah, and the loss of each
community member is, from a personal, religious, social and financial
point of view, an extremely painful tragedy. In addition, job losses,
salary reductions, as well as, evaporating investment and retirement
income, increases in medical care costs and the overall cost of living,
have added significant stress to every family. But this crisis, like those
our elders lived through, shall also pass, and we must look forward to a
very positive year.
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An Intimate Evening with author, Roy S. Neuberger
"The end result of
wisdom is...
good deeds."
The Talmud
Becky Cohen, Leah Neuberger and
Roy S. Neuberger
Mr. Neuberger has had an improbable,
event-filled life. He enthusiastically told
us his background and being raised by an
affluent family on Manhattan’s Fifth
Avenue, having had no connection with his
Jewish background. Mr. Neuberger now
travels the world telling his story of his
spiritual journey which has and brings
fulfillment to his life and family.
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TBS - Israeli Film Festival
Cuban Hebrew Congregation of Miami, Inc. - Temple Beth Shmuel
1701 Lenox Avenue. Miami Beach
Donation: $5.00
Parking Available
Limited seating. Reserve your seats: 305-534-7213
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 at 8:00 PM (Sharp)
Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi
Thursday, February 10th, 2011 at 8:00 PM (Sharp)
Yossi & Jagger
Thursday, February 17th, 2011 at 8:00 PM (Sharp)
Yana's Friends
Thursday, February 24th, 2011 at 8:00 PM (Sharp)
Walk on Water
Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 at 8:00 PM (Sharp)
The Bubble
More information and check the film trailers at www.cubanhebrew.com
Temple Beth Shmuel - Cuban Hebrew Congregation of Miami, Inc.
OFFICE HOURS: Monday thru Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Sunday thru Friday 7:30 a.m. at Small Chapel
Saturday 9:15 a.m. at Main Sanctuary
Sunday 9:15 a.m. at Temple Emanu-El
1700 Michigan Avenue. Miami Beach, FL 33139 .Phone: (305) 534-7213 / Fax: (305) 534-5143
e-mails: [email protected] / [email protected]
Printed at the Cuban Hebrew Congregation of Miami, Inc. c All rights reserved
TBS - News
Avi Ashkenazi
Tere Ben-Hain
Ofelia Ruder
Graphics and design:
Avi Ashkenazi
Page 3
Dear Members
Watching my children
Ellie and Bernie grow
up in this Temple just
as I did so many
years ago, stirs up
em o t i o n s
about the importance and influence of the
Jewish Community. The Temple is our home
and the community our family. Together, as a
family and a community we have shared
happiness, sadness and triumphs together. So,
as part of this Temple family, it is with great
pride that I accept the task of being the first
woman President as this year we make history
in celebrating 50 years of Temple Beth Shmuel.
I look forward to working with you over the next
year discovering what the future holds. I would
like to take the opportunity to thank our
immediate past President, Salomon Gold, as
well as previous Presidents and Board Members
for their wonderful leadership and guidance over
the past 10 years that I have worked with them
on the Executive Board. To our incoming Board
members – Welcome Aboard. I am very excited
about the talent, energy and enthusiasm they
will bring to Temple Beth Shmuel.
A priority for the upcoming year will be to
increase attention to expanding partnership,
external connections and enhance TBS'
reputational reach for community partnership.
We are proud of our connection to the greater
Jewish Community. As the incoming President,
I see one of my major roles as a facilitator of the
members' needs; this will enhance our role in
creating and launching upcoming programs and
I am proud to celebrate Temple Beth Shmuel's
50th Anniversary as President of this
congregation. It is a historic time in our history as
Cuban-Jews. There will be several events
throughout the year that will lead up to the 50th
Anniversary Jubilee Celebration weekend. This
weekend, November 10-13, 2011 (Veterans' Day
weekend) will be full of remembrance and festive
events for all groups and all ages.
Where can you picture yourself in our institution?
Imagine what TBS can be, and how we can
create new and interesting programs together.
There is so much potential in each of our
members. The possibilities are endless. It is with
your vision and ideas that we will move in a
forward direction into the future. Your
involvement will empower the Board and me to
accomplish our goals. The Board and I will need
and welcome hands on involvement, both
spiritual and financial support, from the Temple
members and those of the Jewish Community to
accomplish our goals during the coming year.
Please let us together keep the vision and efforts
of our founders from becoming a memory. As a
congregation, a community, a family, we will
keep the dream, that vision alive. The Board
and I will be passionate in our efforts to continue
to enhance the Jewish spirit in our community.
Make this year your New Year’s resolution to get
more involved with Temple Beth Shmuel—
Cuban Hebrew Congregation.
Finally, on behalf of TBS' 2011 Board and our
leadership team, we thank you for your
continuous support and we look forward to
seeing you in all our upcoming events.
Happy New Year,
Becky Kobrowski-Cohen
Adults and students that are interested in community service opportunities with
Temple Beth Shmuel, please contact Becky (305) 534-7213.
There are several opportunities such as; tutoring for children, ushers for cultural events,
community outreach, seniors program, religious programs, business management and much
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Tu B’Shevat 2011
The Talmud relates that an old
man was seen planting a carob
tree as the king rode by. “Old
man,” the king called out, “How
old are you?”
“Seventy years, your majesty,”
the man replied.
“How many years will it take before that tree will
bear fruit?” the king asked.
On the simplest level, we can derive the
important lesson of protecting our natural
resources not only for our generation, but for the
generations to follow.
We must constantly
concern ourselves about the consequences that
our present day actions will have on the future
state of the environment. But on a spiritual level,
this story is of utmost significance. If we do not
plant “seeds of Judaism” in this present
generation, then its heirs will have nothing! The
fruit trees will be non-existent, and the once
bountiful supply of precious fruit will be no more!
“Perhaps seventy years,” the man replied.
Mockingly, the king went on, “Do you really
expect to ever eat of the fruit of that tree?’ “Of
course not,” the man said, “but just as I found
fruit trees when I was born, so did I plant trees
that future generations may eat from them.”
On Thursday, January 20, 2011, we celebrate
Tu B’shvat, a kind of Jewish Arbor Day. On this
day, we celebrate the beauty and fragility of
nature. It is customary to have a Tu B’shvat
Seder, as well as eat from the seven species of
agriculture that is indigenous to Eretz Yisrael
(the land of Israel): wheat, barley, grapes, figs,
pomegranates, olives, and dates.
A tree does not grow if it is not tended to, the
same with our Jewish souls. And for us to ensure
that our progeny will be able to enjoy the “fruits of
Judaism”, we must constantly be planting and
nurturing growth, the growth of our souls. The
time has come to cultivate Jewish spirituality and
recognition of God. Without these two
ingredients, our “spiritual forest” will cease to
grow, and worst of all, it will not be able to bear
any fruit. Seventy years from now, I want the
assurance of knowing that my children and
grandchildren (God willing) will be able to play in
God’s garden! I know I am going to plant my
seeds, what about you?
Happy and Healthy “Secular” New Year!
In addition to the frivolity found on this day,
there are some deep spiritual messages
imbedded in this holiday. And our Talmudic
story contains one of them.
Rabbi Richard S. Chizever
We are fortunate to offer a daily minyan, where people can start their day in a warm,
friendly place. People from the Cuban Hebrew Congregation, Temple Emanu-El and the
local community, as well as visitors from out of town, get together at Temple Beth Shmuel
(Sundays at Temple Emanu-El) to begin their day with prayer and fellowship. Yet, there are
many days when we fall short of the 10 people necessary to read the Torah, chant certain
prayers, and most importantly, recite the mourner’s kaddish. At the time of Yahrzeit, people
come to shul to say the memorial prayer and to remember their loved one. How sad it is
then, when a mourner joins us and we are unable to give him/her the opportunity to perform
the mitzvah of kaddish.
This is where you come in. Be part of the minyan. Join us once a week or once a month but,
most importantly, join us.
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of our new
Montessori families, as well as our returning ones. We would also
like to congratulate Becky Cohen on her new position as
President of Temple Beth Shmuel. We are sure she is going to do
a great job as she is very dedicated and hard working. Mazel Tov
We are very fortunate to have a strong PTA (Parent Teacher
Association) at our school whose main fundraising goal this year
is to replace our existing playground with a brand new one. We
are doing this through various fundraising events, such as our
fabulous holiday bazaar and art auction, which already took
place, and our annual Purim Carnival which will be on Sunday,
March 6th.
We feel very proud in how our school is growing and hope to
continue having the help and support, not only from our
Montessori parents, but from our temple members as well.
Our next upcoming event will be a Tu-B’Shevat Seder with our
parents and Rabbi Rick Chizever on January 21 at 9:00 a.m.
Our January Mitzvah project will be a combined school/temple
project called "Plant a tree in Israel" organized by Becky Cohen
and the Montessori School PTA.
In addition, we will be participating in a walkathon for
CureSearch, which is an organization that funds the lifesaving
research of the Children’s Oncology Group. This group of medical
professionals treats more than 90% of children with cancer at
over 180 hospitals in the United States. We hope to have
Temple Beth Shmuel members participate in this worthy cause
alongside our Montessori parents and children. This event led by
Jennie Bernstein and her team, M.B. For Cancer Free group,
will take place on February 5th at Bayfront Park from
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. To register, please log on to
http\\www.curesearchwalk.org. (Join Team M.B. for Cancer Free).
We look forward to our Temple and Montessori school's
continued growth and success.
Happy 2011!!!
Montessori PTA
President - Rachel Poses
Vice President- Sara Poses
Treasurer - Yuly Wrubel
Secretary – Leslie Tobin
Carnival Chairs Christina Grunwald
Serena Berra
Leslie Tobin
School Committee
Becky Cohen – Micky Glinsky – Rebeca Krys
Fabio Nick – Oscar Sklar
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Page 6
Message from the Women’s League
by Tere Ben-Hain
We are starting the year preparing our annual raffle and getting the books out to the community early to
raise funds for our upcoming activities. We will be planning our yearly Mother’s and Father’s Day
celebrations during the next few months. We would also like to organize a theater outing and/or an
afternoon of cards and other games.
We need the help of all the ladies in our congregation to come and join hands with us in organizing and
attending with your friends all our events. We will also be working together with the 50th Anniversary
Celebration Committee to bring you lots of activities to enjoy yourselves throughout the year. We want
to make this year, 2011, a year to remember.
It is very important that everyone cooperate and join in. Also, please send in your membership dues of
$25.00 for Women’s League when paying for your temple dues. We need your monetary support in
order to continue with our work. Our raffle this year has 3 excellent prizes, please go out and sell tickets
to all your friends and acquaintances or buy extra books to support our efforts in raising funds for our
We would like to remind all our members to call the office to sponsor a Shabbat Kiddush or the Bimah
Flowers. Bring your friends to services and celebrate your simchas. It is a great opportunity to show
your support for our temple. Women’s League will be happy to accommodate your needs.
We would like also to thank Tete Wenguer, Julia Miller and Dora Epelbaum
for their kiddush preparation every week.
Bimah Flowers enhance our Shabbat experience. Sponsoring
the bimah flowers is a meaningful way to remember or honor a
loved one.
As a sponsor of the bimah flowers, your name will appear on
the Shabbat News and in the bulletin.
Congregants who wish to sponsor may do so with a donation
of $75 to the Women's League. Please contact Ofelia at the
office: 305-534-7213.
Thank you to all who have sponsored in the past and are
planning to do so in the future.
Celebrating an anniversary, birthday or other simcha and need a gift?
Why not sponsor an Oneg Shabbat or a Shabbat Kiddush to
commemorate the occasion?
Women's League arranges for food and beverages; no special
arrangements need to be made by the donor. Your dedication will be
listed in the Shabbat News for the Sabbath that you have selected.
Please contact Ofelia at the office: 305-534-7213.
We also invite you to consider the Kiddush Fund when honoring or
remembering friends and family. Your contributions help us
underwrite a Kiddush when there is no designated sponsor.
Meet TBS New Caterer
My name is Rina Kramer.
Claudine Uzan Caterer has been serving the Jewish Community worldwide for 3
generations. First in Paris, France since 1963 with Claudine Uzan until 1990.
Claudine Uzan is my mother and was one of the first kosher caterers in Paris.
I grew up in the Catering Family business and around the best kitchens with first
class professional French chefs. I have studied the culinary art in the best
schools: hotels in France and Switzerland.
I came to Miami Beach in 1978 and became a caterer myself following my
mother’s footsteps in 1983. I have catered for over 27 years in the Dade and
Broward Communities.
Today, I am proud to have my son Moshe Kramer on board to continue the family tradition. He went to
Paris a few times to do his apprenticeship in some of the top kosher companies and came back to Miami
to graduate from Le Cordon Bleu School of Miramar. He actually not only works the catering business
but also runs the Lunch program at the Hebrew Academy and has a take-out made to order: “Shabbos
to go”.
We take pride in our business, our food and its presentation. We love what we are doing. We enjoy
pleasing our clients with delicious food and great service. We have a solid reputation with the highest
standards of kashruth and fresh served “homemade like” food presented with a touch of class!
We are also very well aware of nutritional and health issues as we only cook with olive and canola oil,
never with shortening, hydrogenated oil or transfatty acid. We have a filtered water system in our kitchen
and we never use processed food as we make almost everything from A to Z. We do not use any products with MSG.
We cater to Weddings, Bar-Mitvahs, Luncheons, Dinners, Corporate Events, Vacation Groups, Bris,
Sheva Brochos, etc… for all Jews regardless of their affiliation as long as they wish to have a kosher
We will be happy to serve you for all your needs in catering.
C.U at your next Party!
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Page 8
By Sergio Grobler
As we commence a new year, two important events are happening at the same time. First, we will be
celebrating the 50th Anniversary of our beloved Cuban Hebrew Congregation-Temple Beth Shmuel.
Also, for the first time in our Temple history, we will be guided by a very outstanding woman President,
Mrs. Becky Kobrowsky-Cohen, who together with a determined new Board of Directors, will help us
achieve our goals.
It is safe to say that throughout the years, our institution has been the pacesetter and supporter of the
social, religious and cultural activities in our Cuban-Jewish Community. We have partaken in many
happy events as well as some sad ones. We have always been there in support of our Jewish values
and the State of Israel. This year more than ever, I urge you to double your efforts and cooperation with
all the events planned for this year's celebrations.
On the matter of support, there is an old saying "WE DON'T KNOW WHAT WE DON'T KNOW"; this
applies to many of us who are unaware of what transpires in our Temple every Shabbat A group of 40
to 50 members fully enjoy our services. We are privileged to have an excellent lecturer and teacher in
Rabbi Richard Chizever, who with his wonderful educational sermons motivates and inspires us, and a
Baal-Koreh, Rabbi Jacques Malka, who leads us in meaningful prayers.
Shabbat is the gift of Hashem to the Jewish people. Through our covenant with the Lord, we were
singled out to be the recipients of such a blessing. It would be wise of us to take in what Shabbat has to
offer. Once you feel the greatness of the recognition of Shabbat, you will look forward to it every week
and enjoy the sweetness of the day. And now that we all know, please join us for a couple of hours on
any given Shabbat and allow yourself to be elevated through prayers, introspection and camaraderie
with family and friends as you feel the calm and peace that Shabbat offers.
Remember: Faith is like a muscle, if we do not exercise, we lose it; if we exercise, it will make us
stronger. Let’s all stay committed to our faith and be all we can be.
Dear members,
I am honored to have been appointed by our new president, Becky Kobrowski-Cohen, to take over the
religious aspect of the Shabbat services.
I will do my best to fulfill my duties with courtesy and respect to all our members.
Your cooperation trying to attend Shabbat services, which is the most important day of the week in the
Jewish religion, would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for letting me serve you.
Isaac Epelbaum
In honor of the Jubilee 50th Anniversary year,
Temple Beth Shmuel will be offering membership
for 2011-2012 to our temple member’s children and
grandchildren who are not yet members for $50.00 each.
We are looking forward to a tremendous year in which we
will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary with all the
generations of our families. To become a member, contact
Ofelia (305) 534-7213
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We must be excited and rejoice for the blessings Hashem has bestowed on the overwhelming majority
of us during these fifty years “in exile.” Just about every family that came from Cuba has had a net
increase in its members. At their respective holidays and yahrzeits, we will always remember those who
have departed and entered eternity. However, in this “yovel” or jubilee year for us, we must emphasize
the significant accomplishments of our five generations, those who came and those have been born
since our arrival.
For this reason, the Cuban Hebrew Congregation of Miami, being one of the first Florida non-profit
corporations founded by recently arrived Cuban refugees on Sept. 22, 1961, is hereby inviting every
individual, as well as every profit and non-profit organization throughout the country, to join us in this
magnificent celebration, which will take place from Thursday to Sunday, November 10-13, 2011. It is
very appropriate that the Board of Directors has selected this date in commemoration of Veterans Day to
thank the Armed Forces, the Government and the People of this great nation for the sacrifices they have
made in defending the freedom and opportunities that we have enjoyed throughout these five decades.
The Board of Directors is very confident that you, as a Cuban American Jew, will actively participate in
this celebration of four generations, regardless of where you live or pray, or your religious or
non-religious affiliation. You may ask, How can I participate?
1. Indicate your interest in being a member of one of the committees being formed. Please send an
e-mail to [email protected] or through our website at cubanhebrew.com. Envision how
important your positive and constructive ideas will contribute to the success of this historical event
bringing lifetime memories for you, your family and friends.
2. Request that your name be added to our electronic mailing list.
3. Notify and invite all your older and younger relatives and friends, wherever they live, to reserve the
date and make travel plans to be with us during that weekend. Also, take the opportunity to reconnect in
Miami Beach with childhood and adolescent friends whom you have not seen in years.
4. Be the captain of a table or group for the different events. Be a sponsor or assist us in reaching them.
You can also notify your customers, vendors and professional relationships to join us in this once in a
lifetime celebration.
5. Be a history maker by having your family life story, accomplishment and picture in the community
pictorial book we will publish for the event.
We can be proud of the fact that there is a distinguished member of our Cuban American Jewish
Community in every profession, industry, business or government, and many in leadership positions.
Regardless of where we live, we are known for our hard work, dedication and contribution to our families
and community, always striving to excel. We will keep you abreast as plans are developed and
formalized for the events. We are proud to announce that among the activities, we will be honored by
the City of Miami Beach by having our community as part of their Veterans Day Parade program, which
is expected to be magnificent. We also expect the attendance of important celebrities throughout the
How beautiful it will be if we have over one thousand individuals attending this historical weekend to
show the world our Jewish Cuban and American traditions of hard work, family values and be a leader in
Tikun Olam. As we honor individuals and organizations that helped us along the way, wouldn’t it be
beautiful that you be surrounded by your inter-generational family and friends, whether you met them in
Cuba or the US, Israel or Puerto Rico; in elementary, high school or college at the Centro Israelita,
Yavne, Taskemoni or Albert Einstein, at the Hashomer Hatzair, Hanoar Hatzioni or Betar, Maccabi,
Bni Brith, Wizo, Haddassah, Bar-Mitzvah Club, Adath Israel, Shevet Ahim, Patronato,
Centro Sefardi, Casino Deportivo, Greater Miami Jewish Federation, State of Israel Bonds, Friends of
the IDF, or the many synagogues throughout this country, just to mention a few of the many
organizations to which we have belonged or attended over the years.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I take this opportunity to wish you, your families and friends a
healthy, wealthy and happy 2011, and may all our positive dreams become realities.
Nos vemos y celebremos juntos en Miami Beach, November 10-13-2011!
Marcos A. Kerbel
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Moody Jews Concert
There were many Hanukah activities on South Beach
on December 4th, but none compared to the one at
Temple Beth Shmuel.
With their electric guitars and bongos, the Moody Jews
rocked the house of Hashem. Their songs were
traditional Jewish prayers set to modern rock with world
percussions. The group consists of six individuals
Cantor Steve Hevenstone , Al Sapoznik, Andy Margolis, Dan Frankel,
Scott Brown and Nick Edelstein and it all started as a small “Havurah” – a
friendship circle - and today they are the well known band "Moody Jews"
from Atlanta, Georgia.
The Moody Jews takes your Jewish heritage to a new level, “Spirituality
with Soul!” After the music, all attendees enjoyed schmoozing with the
artists and eating latkes and sufganyot.
The evening was a huge success all around as the community came
together and donated toys and financial contributions to the Shalom Bayit
An Intimate Evening with author, Roy S. Neuberger
Continued from page 1
In addition to his spiritual journey and awakenings,
Mr. Neuberger has: earned Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees
in English Literature; been a National Park Service ranger and
fire lookout; a New York City official; a journalist and
newspaper publisher; a yeshiva administrator; a hedge-fund
operator; and now an author and speaker.
Mr. Neuberger’s latest book “2020 Vision” to his best-selling
book, “From Central Park to Sinai”, “How I found My Jewish
Soul”, and “Worldstorm: Finding Meaning and Direction Amidst
Today’s World Crisis”. Our congregation was blessed and
honored to have Mr. Neuberger with his lovely wife Leah as its
guest speaker, sharing their journeys of evolving wisdom and
a sense of complete fulfillment as a result of living a Judaica
lifestyle while keeping with daily studies in their everyday life.
Joseph Roisman, Becky Kobrowski Cohen,
Roy S. Neuberger and Marcos A. Kerbel.
“2020 Vision” is now available in both a Spanish and Hebrew
editions. Following a global terror attack, “2020 Vision” takes
you on an unforgettable journey as a group of Jewish
survivors treks through the chaos, pursuing their hopes of
reaching the Holy Land.
If you are interested and would like further information go to
Page 11
Chelsea Brandon (daughter of Todd & Madeline Brandon and
granddaughter of the Raij and Brandon family) is a student of the
Academy of Arts and Minds. As a senior, she is doing her
community service with Temple Beth Shmuel in tutoring children
in academics. She has been nominated for the prestigious Silver
Knight Award for general scholarship. We wish her all the best.
Bernie Cohen and Chelsea Brandon
We welcomed Temple Menorah Youth Group and the Cruzy Youth Group Division as they
prayed in our small chapel with Isaac Epelbaum. The 50 youth are here from Cincinnati,
Detroit, Ohio and Miami for the International USY Convention to be held in Orlando, Florida.
After praying and chanting songs, they enjoyed their first taste of Cuban coffee, compliments of
We welcome the art work of a Cuban artist,
Luis Manuel De Armas. He is a professor at the
Escuela Nacional de Arte, in Havana, Cuba. He has
won several international awards for his unique style
of working with charcoal and his fingers. This exhibit
will be ongoing throughout the month of January in
our cocktail room. To purchase his work, you may
contact the Temple office (305)534-7213.
Joseph Roisman
The doors of our beautiful and historic synagogue are open to several tours throughout the year.
We welcomed Beth Torah from Lakeland, Florida and the Hadassah group from Margate, Florida.
A special thank you to Bruce Melceras for hosting our tours.
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Salomon Klein Scholarship Fund
Salomon Klein Scholarship Fund was awarded to Jeremy Ruder, (son of
Bernie & Susie Ruder and grandson of Ofelia Ruder), a graduate of Florida
International University. Jeremy planned for many years to save his earnings
and travel around the world. After graduation, Jeremy set out to backpack and
conquer the world. His plans included Birthright trip to Israel, and several
months volunteering in poor countries teaching children and helping out in
villages. In December, his travels took him to Ireland, Scotland and Holland.
In January, his travels have taken him to Belgium, Morocco, Spain and
France. We look forward to keeping in touch with Jeremy throughout the year
as he shares his experiences while traveling the world.
Purim is coming!!!
Saturday, March 19th, 2011
Join us as Temple Beth Shmuel and Temple Emanu-El celebrate Purim
Mardi Gras Style
Children Entertainment – Special Megillah Reading
Costume Parade – Crowning the Queen Esther
Water Balloon with Hamen - and a delicious BBQ under the stars.
Adults $12.00
Children $ 5.00
RSVP (305) 534-7213
Dress Code - Everyone in costumes
Temple Beth Shmuel and the Montessori School 50th Anniversary Family Picnic
will take place
Sunday, May 15th, 2011 at 11:00 a.m.
at the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center,
18900 NE 25th Street, North Miami Beach
More information will follow...
My sincere appreciation to
my family and friends
for their donations
and good wishes
for my speedy recovery
Ben Volpe
Western Wall
in honor of our grandson
Joel Salomon Kriger
Bar Mitzvah
Dedicated by
Babi Lidia & Zeide Moises
and Carib Sales, L.L.C.
Page 13
First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for the many get well wishes I
received during my stay at Mount Sinai Hospital. I know I will not be able to
thank you personally as I would want but please know that I really appreciate and
will always remember with gratitude your thoughts.
My troubles started with an acute pain caused by a kidney stone. I was taken to
the Emergency Section of Mount Sinai and prescribed a pain killer which made
matters worse for it affected the kidneys and stomach in such a manner that I had
to be interned for 5 days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Afterwards, I was
transferred to a room, for an additional 4 days,
During my 79 years of age, and except for a small hernia operation 50 years ago, I
had never been a patient at a hospital. Now, I can tell you from personal
experience that it is not pleasant. When on the ICU, I was fed intravenously (IV) –
meaning no food as we know it for 5 days, my movements were restricted to the
bed or to a chair next to the bed, sleep was almost impossible for lights were
always on and for the constant interruptions by nurses. Even after being
transferred to a private room, the medical need of checking blood pressure, sugar,
and medications made difficult the enjoyment of a peaceful rest.
After this ordeal, and as per my doctors, I am in better health condition now than I
was before my troubles started on December 29, 2010. My blood pressure is back
to normal, so is my sugar level, I have lost 10 pounds and today, 1/18, I visited my
Urologist Dr. Nash who informed me that as per a recent CT Scan, I lost my
kidney stone. My job now is to maintain those healthy conditions and if possible
lose a few more pounds.
I want to thank the nurses that attended me. They were nice, helpful and caring. I
want to thank Dr. Eugenio Bricio, my attending physician, Dr. Andrade, and
Dr. Bichachi as well as the other several physicians who participated in my
recovery. I want to thank my family for their constant interest and most of all, I
want to thank my wife Cila, who never left my side for a moment.
Page 14
I want to wish you soft lullabies and smiles of joy.
Hearts that will listen and gentle hands to hold.
But most of all, I wish you lots of LOVE.
Welcome to the world sweet baby girl.
`ÉÜztÇ ZtuÜ|xÄt UxÇàÉyy
Congratulations to my grandchildren,
Ronnie and Brad and Big Sister, Sabrina.
Bobe Fañe
We are proud to announce
]âáà|Ç UÜçtÇ eÉ|áÅtÇ
graduated from the University of Central Florida
with a Bachelor’s Degree
in Hospitality Management.
`|v{txÄ eÉ|áÅtÇ
graduated Miami Dade College
and just received a certification
in Addiction Counseling and he will soon receive a
Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.
With Love,
Joseph, Aida, Maurice, Sherrie, Regan, Julie, Zachary, Ellie.
Page 15
Mazal Tov to
XÇÜ|Öâx 9 UÄtÇvt _tâyxÜ
on the special occasion
of their 50th Wedding Anniversary
February 19, 1961-2011
We wish them that every day
should bring them something
wonderful to enjoy together
with their children and grandchildren.
May you have more happiness
that any words can tell,
not only on your wedding anniversary
but the whole year through as well.
Thank you for your donation
to our Synagogue.
Page 16
A Yahrzeit plaque will be placed in our chapel
by family and friends
honoring the memory of
Benzy Cherches z”l
Thanks for your donations to
Silvia Benenson
Julia Nemeroff
Becky K. Cohen
Sol & Blanca Nickels
Mina Ejenbaum
Julio & Pura Oberlander
Isaac & Clarita Eli
Sarita Rabinovich
Marcos Esquenazi
Moises & Susy Rapport
Allan & Frances Ganz
Isaac & Raquel Rembalsky
Bernardo & Valeria Garazi & family
Joseph & Aida Roisman
Belinda Garazi Nagar & sons
Ibrahim & Luisa Rosell
Michael & Rebecca Glinsky
Anita Rosenkoff
Lucy Gold
Ofelia Ruder
Alex & Julia Greber
Eva & Morris Shaftal
Leo & Martha Jarecki
Gerty Sobie
Marcos A. & Fanny Kerbel
Helen Sobie
Ralph & Pearl Kier
Gus & Zoila Valdes
Samuel Levin
Zvi & Julia Zelazny
Those we love can never be
more than a thought apart,
for as long as there is memory,
they’ll live on in our heart.
Judith & Jaime Pozo & family
Mina Cherches & family
Page 17
We wish to express our sincere thanks to our family and friends for
their cards and telephone calls on the passing of our dear
Moshe Bondar z”l
Board of Directors of Temple Beth Shmuel
and Montessori School Staff
Roberto & Tere Ben-Hain
Jose & Dulce Blacher
Jaime & Julia Borenstein
Abraham & Elisa Cano
Mario & Polita Chyzyk
Becky K. Cohen & family
Isaac & Dora Epelbaum
Samuel & Miriam Garmizo
Manuel & Sofia Garmizo
Salomon & Cila Gold
Raul & Rosita Gorfinkel
Elias & Ida Kabak
Marcos A. & Fanny Kerbel
Mary Klocman
Luisa Lerman
Samuel Levin
Bernardo & Bela Olczyk
Jaime & Judith Pozo
Moises & Susy Rapport
Joseph & Aida Roisman
Gil & Ana Rosenkoff
Samy & Gladys Sapayo
Leizer & Ana Sapoznik
Eva Shaftal
Jaime & Sara Shapiro
Janie & Jimmy Tate
His devotion to his family and the State of Israel was our inspiration.
The happy memories he created will never be forgotten.
Raquel Bondar
Bashe & Bruce Pontner & family
Ileana & Roman Pinsky & family
Joel & Roxane Bondar & family
Page 18
Los últimos eventos y noticias provenientes de
grupos terroristas presentan revelaciones de un
sofisticado accionar cuyo centro de operaciones
en Yemen ha traído nuevamente a la escena a
Al-Qaida, y nos muestran la organización
yihadista mas dura operando con total libertad en
aquel estado ganado por la anarquía y golpeado
por la pobreza mas cruel del mundo árabe
Yemen encarna el malestar del arabismo
yihadista militante en forma particularmente
aguda. Ello manifiesta una realidad innegable en
todo el mundo árabe donde se aprecia que no se
ha logrado desarrollar una cultura política y que
por el contrario, la ideología extremista islamista
avanza junto a la interferencia de Irán para crear
un caldo de cultivo donde la violencia política
amenaza con crecer y proliferar.
Sólo donde existen regimenes fuertes y astutos
como en Egipto y Jordania, y de alguna manera,
aunque mas problemática en Arabia Saudita, se
logra mantener la tapa de esa olla hirviente que
hoy es el mundo árabe en general, pero Yemen
es uno de los regimenes más débiles de esa
orbita árabe donde las fuerzas regionales que
apoyan el terrorismo se han vinculado con los
islamistas locales y se ha convertido al país en
centro de inestabilidad y base del accionar del
terror integrista, siendo hoy anfitrión de no
menos de tres grupos yihadistas de los más
peligrosos que usan su territorio como base para
lanzar ataques hacia occidente y el corazón
mismo de los Estados Unidos.
Yemen es el país árabe más pobre, el 40 por
ciento de su población vive con menos de tres
dólares al día y cuando se agoten sus reservas
de petróleo será incapaz de generar suficientes
ingresos para que el gobierno central logre
mantener el clientelismo tribal del que depende.
El gobierno del presidente Ali Saleh es
claramente autocrático, ineficiente e ineficaz, sus
políticas económicas no han logrado el
desarrollo prometido por años y gobierna sólo de
nombre en grandes áreas del país. La pobreza,
el analfabetismo, el extremismo y el descontento
son los aspectos más destacados de la realidad
de hoy en Yemen. Como antes Afganistán y
Sudán, Yemen se está convirtiendo en una base
regional clave para Al-Qaida; pero a diferencia
de los otros dos países, la filial de Al-Qaida en
Yemen ha surgido no por un acuerdo alcanzado
entre los yihadistas y las autoridades, sino por la
propia incapacidad de las autoridades yemeníes
por George Chaya
George Chaya (Líbano 1959) es
periodista, docente y analista político
especializado en Oriente Medio,
particularmente en lo concerniente a
conflictos étnicos y religiosos y
contraterrorismo. Es Consejero
Académico en varias ONGs en temas vinculados con
derechos humanos, minorías y derechos del niño y la
mujer en los países árabes. Es Miembro Consultivo
de SOLIDE (Organización de Soporte a Libaneses
Detenidos y Exiliados). Es analista en Terrorismo
Internacional para la Fundación Safe Democracy
de Madrid. Es asesor de varios gobiernos
latinoamericanos sobre cuestiones relacionadas a
Oriente Medio.
para imponer su dominio en todo el territorio del
país. La proximidad de Yemen con Arabia
Saudita ha convertido al país en una perspectiva
tentadora para los terroristas. Al-Qaida en la
Península Arábiga es una característica
relativamente reciente de las distintas redes
creadas por el famoso jefe de la organización
central . Esta red surgió a principios del año
pasado, hasta entonces era poco lo escuchado y
conocido sobre la filial yemení de Al-Qaeda que
se fusionó con la franquicia de yihadistas locales
y regionales. La espectacularidad siempre fue su
característica y la organización se dio a conocer
con el atentado fallido contra el vuelo 253 de
Northwest Airlines en diciembre de 2009 siendo
ese hecho su ingreso a las ligas mayores de la
yihad global. Su guía espiritual e ideólogo
principal, Anwar Al-Awlaki, es ciudadano
estadounidense y aunque la administración
Obama haya congelado los informes del FBI se
sabe que estaba en contacto con el Mayor del
ejército americano Nidal Malik Hasan, el oficial
que asesinó a varios de sus compañeros de
servicio en el Fuerte Hood, Texas, hace un año.
La trama de las últimas bombas en los aviones
estadounidenses confirma el estado operativo de
la filial yemenita de Al-Qaida como su más
poderosa “sucursal” fuera de Pakistán y
Afganistán y hay quienes creen que la red con
base en Yemen ha superado al propio grupo de
Ben Laden constituyéndose hoy en la principal
amenaza terrorista para Occidente en general y
los EE.UU. en particular. Lo cierto es que
Al-Qaeda de la Península Arábiga sólo es una
mas de las organizaciones de insurgencia
yihadista que ha hecho base en el fallido y
desarticulado Yemen y el peligro mayor será la
amplitud de movimiento que esta organización
Page 19
Además de los elementos activos de la yihad
global, Yemen se enfrenta a una campaña
separatista en el sur. Hay que recordar que el
país se reunificó recién en 1990 y desde
entonces ha sufrido una breve guerra civil en
1994. La insurgencia separatista encabezada por
el líder islamista tribal y ex socio de Ben Laden,
Tareq Al-Fadhli creció en intensidad durante
el año 2009 y ha continuado este año con
enfrentamientos armados que dejaron cientos de
muertos de ambos lados. Aunque de los tres
grupos yihadistas, probablemente el más
importante sea el de los rebeldes houtis del
distrito de Saada, en el norte del país. Los
rebeldes chiítas zaidi y el clan houti han
participado en la insurgencia contra las
autoridades de Yemen desde 2004 con varios
éxitos militares sobre el gobierno central y han
demostrado que las capacidades del gobierno de
Yemen han sido nulas para neutralizarles.
A finales de 2009 los houtis extendieron sus
actividades a la frontera con Arabia Saudita. Su
proximidad a la frontera Saudita se constituyo en
una herramienta útil para Irán en sus fines de
presionar a Riad. En respuesta a esos ataques
rebeldes , los saudíes devolvieron el golpe con
aviones y helicópteros artillados y las agencias
de inteligencia saudíes informaron a Occidente
que disponen de información concreta de que
Irán ha participado activamente en operaciones
de insurgencia chi’íta contra el reino a través de
envíos regulares de cargamentos de armas a los
houtis y que en el presente continua atizando las
llamas de la rebelión.
La participación activa de Arabia Saudita y la
presión occidental llevó a un alto el fuego
entre el gobierno y los rebeldes houtis que fue
alcanzado en febrero pasado. Esto se reafirmó
a finales de agosto, aunque las causas
subyacentes de la violencia siguen sin
resolverse. Así, la situación de Yemen se
presenta como la de un estado fallido, aunque
teóricamente se encuentra alineado con
Occidente pero actualmente no puede imponer
con eficacia la seguridad en toda la extensión de
su territorio, lo que ha llevado a un vacío de
poder que ha sido ocupado rápidamente por
varias organizaciones virulentas que afectan al
cuerpo político y a la estabilidad regional.
En referencia a la solución del problema, no hay
una fórmula mágica. Sin embargo, el presidente
Barack Obama no puede permitirse un nuevo
despliegue y operaciones militares terrestres
puesto que llevarían un alto e inevitable costo en
vidas americanas. Por lo tanto, lo más probable
que veamos en Yemen es una mayor inversión
económica en la construcción de fuerzas de
eguridad que tiendan a ser más eficaces y
operativas junto a un despliegue de recursos de
inteligencia mayor y el uso ocasional de ataques
con misiles dirigidos a la infraestructura de
Al-Qaeda. La participación de Arabia Saudita
también ayudara a poner fin a la insurgencia
yihadista. Pero la lección que debe aprender
Occidente es que la naturaleza y problemática
de los regímenes regionales, los peligros de Irán
y la yihad mundial son un asunto global que si no
se resuelve en su tiempo crece más y mejor
cuando, como en Yemen y otros lugares de la
región el gobierno central carece de fuerza y su
poder se ha roto.
PH: (305) 534-7213 EXT. 105
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Page 20
Congratulations to:
Pincho Papir & family on the birth of his great-grandson, Jordan Goldstein.
Eva Don on the birth of her grandson, Jacob Ethan.
Carlos & Lydia Don & Faña Treibich on the birth of their granddaughter and great-granddaughter,
Morgan Gabriela Bentoff.
Gil & Ani Rosenkoff & Samuel Levin on the birth of their granddaughter and great-granddaughter,
Abby Sofia Rosenkoff.
Manuel & Sofia Garmizo & family on the birth of their great-grandson Shia Landen Silverman.
Bernardo & Rebeca Saruski & family on the Bar-Mitzvah of their grandson, Elliott Brandon.
Raul & Rosita Gorfinkel & family on the Bat-Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Sarah Megan.
Moises & Susy Rapport & family on the upcoming marriage of their granddaughter
Allison Rosenberg to Logan Everett.
Jaime & Judith Pozo & family on the marriage of their grandson, Michael Shafir to
Monique Goldberg.
Thanks for your donations:
Dr. Leonard and Ruthie Rubinstein.
Mina Novick.
Helen Sobie for her donation in honor of her great-grandson Owen Tyler Rosen
Condolences to the families of:
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Get Well:
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Cemetery Burial Plots for Sale
Temple Beth Shmuel - Cuban Hebrew Congregation of Miami, Inc. has obtained 60 gravesites in
the new "Genesis" section at Lakeside Memorial Park. These sites are in an exclusive section
created for Temple Beth Shmuel - Cuban Hebrew Congregation of Miami members and their
families. Each grave costs $2,500-$3,000, payable to Temple Beth Shmuel - Cuban Hebrew
It is wise to do planning and purchase long before the gravesites will be needed. It relieves the
family of a difficult decision if death comes unexpectedly. If you were to purchase similar
gravesites at a time of need, the price would be approximately $5,000.
The graves are located in a brand new section, beautifully landscaped, and can be marked with either
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Contact Ofelia Ruder at the temple office 305-534-7213, who can arrange your purchase or answer
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Lakeside Memorial Park is located at 10301 NW 25th Street, Miami, Florida 33172
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On behalf of the Board of Directors of Temple Beth Shmuel, we thank
atà{tÇ Tuâá|xã|xé
for calling our members to remind them
of the dates of their loved one’s Yahrzeits.
His tireless dedication to our Temple is greatly appreciated.
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On December 2, 2010, the worst fire in history broke out in the Carmel Mountains, near Haifa. Losses
have been devastating. At least 42 people have died, 25,000 were evacuated, homes were lost and
12,500.00 acres of forest destroyed. JNF foresters estimated that over 5 million trees were burned.
After four days of continuous fighting the Israeli fire fighters managed to douse the flames, but the road
to recovery has only begun.
We welcome the community to be part of our Carmel Renewal From Black to Green Mitzvah Project.
Temple Beth Shmuel and TBS Montessori School will partner with the Jewish National Fund throughout
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Help us reach our goal by purchasing one or more trees, reaching out to your family, friends, neighbors
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Purchase a tree as a gift
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I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;
A tree that looks at G_d all day
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are written by fools like me,
But only G_d can make a tree.
by Joyce Kilmer, 1914
Temple Beth Shmuel
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