June 12, 2016 - St Therese of the Infant Jesue Catholic Church Parish



June 12, 2016 - St Therese of the Infant Jesue Catholic Church Parish
The Gentile society of Luke’s time had little regard for the dignity of women. Luke, in addressing himself to these hearers, is at pains to stress
the role women play in Jesus’ ministry and in the
life of the Church. In today’s passage Jesus is
depicted as violating certain taboos in order to
welcome a repentant woman.
During the meal given for Jesus by Simon the
Pharisee, the woman enters unexpectedly. Rabbinic custom frowned upon any close contact between men and women outside the home. In addition, this woman is a public sinner. Ready to renounce her way of like, she now publicly puts her
faith in this man who has come for people like
herself. Her attitude stands in stark contrast to
the calculated reserve of the devout Simon. Without knowing it, she is worthy of pardon. If it is
true that people become what they are seen to be,
we are transformed by Christ’s look of love. In
him death is not before us but behind us.
In the New Testament the Pharisees and the
Sadducees are described as the two main Jewish
sects who opposed Jesus’ teaching. The Pharisees’ refusal to accept Jesus as the Messiah was
one of the root causes of the long, sad, and often
violent history between Christians and Jews, persisting even down to our own day. The Sadducees,
an elite priestly caste, disappeared after the Romans destroyed the temple in Jerusalem in A.D.
70. The Pharisees continued on, probably because
they had more of the “common touch.” They interpreted the scriptures for people, believed in an
afterlife, and took Judaism from Temple worship
to assemblies in synagogues, where they preached
and taught from the law and the prophets. It is
from the Pharisees that modern Judaism developed. While the Gospels frequently tell how
Pharisees tried to trap Jesus with argument and
appeals to the law, in today’s Gospel Luke tells us
about a Pharisee who invites Jesus to his house
for a meal. An unnamed woman comes in, washes
Jesus’ feet with her tears, dries them with her unbound hair and anoints him with oil. Because
only prostitutes went about with unbound hair,
Jesus’ Pharisee friend immediately condemns her
as a sinner. Jesus reminds him that, as host, he
has not provided his guest with the ordinary gestures of hospitality— washing and anointing before a meal—but this unnamed woman has supplied them.
Louder than words….
In ancient times sinfulness was thought to cause illness, so
the woman may have been a prostitute, or perhaps she was
mentally ill or simply a person who was proud, a constant
fault-finder, a harsh critic of others. Whatever her actual
condition, Jesus is aware—as the Pharisee is not—that she
knows her own brokenness and has complete faith in God to
make her whole.
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El Nuevo Testamento describe a los fariseos y saduceos
como las dos sectas principales del judaísmo que se oponen
a las enseñanzas de Jesús. La actitud denegatoria de los
fariseos para aceptar a Jesús como el Mesías ha sido una
de las causas originarias de la larga y triste historia, y a
veces hasta de violencia, entre cristianos y judíos, lo cual
ha persistido aun hasta la actualidad. Los saduceos pertenecían a una casta elitista de sacerdotes, que desapareció
después que los romanos destruyeron el templo de Jerusalén en el 70 D.C. Los fariseos continuaron debido
probablemente a que tenían más contacto con el pueblo.
Les interpretaban las Escrituras, creían en la resurrección
y sacaron al judaísmo del templo hasta las sinagogas,
donde predicaban y enseñaban a la asamblea sobre la ley y
los profetas. El judaísmo moderno ha devenido de los fariseos. Mientras que los evangelios nos cuentan frecuentemente cómo los fariseos trataban de tenderle trampas a
Jesús con sus argumentos y recursos a la ley, en el evangelio de hoy Lucas nos hace un relato sobre el fariseo que
invitó a Jesús a comer en su casa. Una mujer, cuyo nombre
desconocemos, viene a lavarle los pies a Jesús con sus
lágrimas, los enjugó con su cabellera y después los ungió
con perfume. Debido a que sólo las prostitutas de la época
andaban con el pelo suelto, este fariseo amigo de Jesús inmediatamente condena a la mujer como a una pecadora.
Jesús le recuerda que él como anfitrión no ha tenido un gesto de hospitalidad para con su invitado—lavado y unción
antes de una comida—pero que esta mujer sí lo ha hecho.
Tal vez la mujer era una prostituta o sufría una enfermedad
mental. En la antigüedad se creía que el pecado causaba la
enfermedad. Quizás era una persona orgu-llosa que siempre encontraba culpa y criticaba a los demás. Pero,
cualquiera que haya sido su condición, Jesús se da
cuenta—mientras que el fariseo no se la da—de que esta
mujer admite su propio quebranto y tiene completa fe en
que Dios puede sanarla.
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Mercy & Truth Now Meet;
Justice & Peace Now Embrace
Sunday, June 12, 2016
Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
UNM Continuing Education Center
1634 University NE
Sr. Mary Ann Barrett, OP
The Archdiocese of Santa Fe started the yearly financial appeal for the Ministries of the Archdiocese
of Santa Fe. Most of you should have received
information directly from the Archdiocese. If you
did not receive anything, we have pledge cards in
the front of the church or on the pews. We ask you
to please send your pledge as soon as possible.
The three Catholic perpetual care cemeteries, Mt
Calvary, Gate of Heaven cemetery and Rosario
cemetery are offering an 8% discount on all memorialization purchases during the months of April,
May and June, 2016. This discount applies to all
the headstones, emblems, flower vases, etc. For
more information, please call
Mt Calvary Cemetery at 505- 243-0218,
Gate of Heaven 505-821-0800
or Rosario Cemetery in Santa Fe,
New Mexico at 1-505-983-2322. God Bless.
Join us for 12 Days, August 16-27, 2016,
Scandinavia, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Warnemude, Tallinn, Helsinki, and Stockholm. Round
trip from Albuquerque, NM. Special discount price
$3,999.00 includes all shore excursions. For more
information and brochures, please call Nativity
Church 505- 898-5253 X 0 or St John’s Church in
Santa Fe @ 505-983-5034,
[email protected]
“Thank You” to our bulletin advertisers!
The advertisements pay for our bulletins.
Gaddy Law Firm • 889-9090
Offer the sacrifices of righteousness,
& put your trust in the LORD.
Regular Sunday Collection
St. Vincent de Paul
$ 98.75
School Support
$ 145.00
Building Fund
$ 391.00
$ 000.00
Second Collections: 1st. Sunday of the Month St. Therese
School, 2nd Sunday, St. Vincent de Paul, 3rd Sunday Building
Fund, 4th Sunday Utilities, 5th Sunday Misc.
Carmen Lueras, Andrea Armenta, Dorothy Luna, Grace Padilla, Geneva
Sandoval, Beatrice Pacheco, Gabriel Shooter Delgado, Candace De Mar,
Charles Reid, Mike Mora, Doug Schneebeck, Tina Trujillo, Sylvia Martinez, James Lopez, Anthony & Florinda Cortez, Bernice Laredo, Mike
Mares, Gerald Rodriguez, Armijo, Sena & Chavez families, Andrew Cleland, Robert Griffin, Melvin Vigil, Ramona Ramirez , Matthew Saiz, Helena Baca, Ernest Padilla, Joan Turrieta and for those in hospitals
or their home and can’t attend church.
Pope Francis has proclaimed two new saints: a Lutheran
convert who hid Jews during World War II and the Polish
founder of the first men’s religious order dedicated to the
Immaculate Conception.
Francis called Swedish-born Elizabeth Hesselblad and
Stanislaus Papczynski “exemplary witnesses to this mystery
of resurrection” during the canonization Mass on Sunday
in St. Peter’s Square.
Hesselblad saved the lives of several Jewish families by
hiding them in the Roman convent where she was superior.
She is Sweden’s second saint in 625 years, following Saint
Bridget, who was canonized in 1391.
Stanislaus of Jesus and Mary, as he is known, supported
hospitals and shelters for the poor in the 17th Century. His
crowning achievement was founding the order of Marian
Fathers, which preached the cult of Holy Mary.
catholic communicator
Shrine of the Little Flower St. Therese of the Infant Jesus Parish • Albuquerque, NM
Sunday • June 12, 2016
Date Night for Married Couples of Mixed Christian Traditions • To Recall and Celebrate
Our Unity in Faith • Saturday,
June 25 • 6:30pm • Dinner will
be served at Our Lady of Annunciation Parish, Magdalene
Hall • 2611 Utah NE, Albuquerque, 87110 • RSVP by June
21 by calling Rose Garcia at 831-8243 or email [email protected]
archdiosf.org • Sponsored by the Archdiocese of Santa Fe
Family Life Office.
Annual Byzantine Bazaar on Saturday, June 18, 10am-4
pm, featuring traditional stuffed cabbage rolls, pirohi, sausage and more, dine in or take out. baklava, home-made
goodies, a wide range of Catholic books and Eastern icons,
great raffle prizes, tours of the beautiful church and its centuries-old art and a First Class Relic of Saint Jude will be
available. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Byzantine Catholic
Church, 1837 Alvarado Drive NE, Albuquerque Call 2561539 or visit www.olphnm.org for details.
Quinceañera Family Retreat • Hosted by Our
Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Albuquerque • Saturday, July
30 • 10am to 4pm • Young ladies are invited to spend the
day with their parents learning about the spiritual and traditional meaning of the Quinceañera Celebration. The cost
is $35/family, lunch is included. To register, call Jessica at
344-7153 or email [email protected] Deadline: Friday,
July 15.
you drawn to the way St. Francis followed Jesus
Christ? Come learn about the Secular Franciscan Order
(OFS) during an Open House held from 2-4pm Sunday, June
26, at San Jose Mission, 2110 Los Luceros Rd NW, Albuquerque. The OFS is a Catholic order of married and single
people who strive to daily live the Gospel of Jesus Christ
based on the guidelines set forth by St. Francis of Assisi.
Locally, there are two fraternities. One for English speakers
meets the fourth Sunday at 2pm at San Jose Mission and one
for Spanish speakers meets on the third Sunday at 2:30pm
at Holy Family Parish. For more information, call 505-2286851 or email [email protected]
Priest Appreciation Dinner • The Serra Club of Albuquerque invites you to honor our priests of the Archdiocese of
Santa Fe at the upcoming Priest Appreciation Dinner on
Tuesday, June 21, at 6pm at the Hotel Albuquerque in Old
Town. The keynote speaker will be Bishop Oscar Cantú
from Las Cruces. You may secure a reservation, $100/pp
or sponsor a table by visiting www.SerraClubAlbuquerque.
org. For information on this event, please call Jo at 505-934*A privately owned business licensed by the Archdiocese of Santa Fe
5517 or Karen at 505-238-1159. Don’t miss out on this special event! Thanks to our Premier Sponsor Daniels Family
Funeral Services.
Part Two, A Reflective Retreat •
June 18 • 9am- 3pm • Canossan, Sister Josephine Peralta will reflect with
the participants the role of Mary as
the mother of the Incarnate Mercy,
Jesus Christ. She will also lead the participants to reflect on
their life experiences into the “absolute security and immense
tenderness” of Jesus. She will speak about being the face of
Mercy to others in our community and in the world. Church
of the Ascension Parish Hall, Albuquerque • Pot-luck lunch •
To register, call Anna Villegas at (505)877-8144.
of Mercy
Divorce Survival Class at the Shrine of St.
Bernadette, 11509 Indian School Road NE, Albuquerque.
Wednesday evenings beginning June 15 from 6:30-7:30pm.
This 12 week program has a fee of $20 and includes the “Personal Survival Guide” workbook. Learn of God’s healing
power and peace for divorced or separated people, and discover anew His desire for our lasting happiness. For information call Jane at 688-8663. To register call St. Bernadette’s
Parish Office at 298-7557.
Advanced Theology Course • The Name of God is Mercy
• Saturdays, July 9 and August 13 at St. Anne’s in Albuquerque. Jason Rodarte, Instructor. Class is $10. Register online
at https://secure.acceptiva.com/? cst=3cbb4e or call Rosalie
Romero 831-8179.
San Ignacio Catholic Church is celebrating their 100th
Anniversary of the dedication of the church on July 31, and
would like to invite all former priests, deacons, nuns, teachers, and parishioners, Royal Courts, Queens and Kings to
this special celebration. If you would like to participate by
sponsoring this event, or purchase raffle booklets for $10,
please call the office at 243-4287.
The Notre Dame Club of New Mexico welcomes all ND
fans and alumni to play in its annual Hugh Reilly Memorial Golf Tournament at 12:00 noon on Friday, August 16,
at Paa-ko Ridge Golf Course. Proceeds benefit the club’s
summer service programs at Brothers of the Good Shepherd, Barrett House and St. Martin’s. The early bird cost
including golf, cart, range balls, and dinner after the tournament is $120 and due July 29. For information, please check
the website: http://newmexico.undclub.org/HughReillyGolf
or contact Joe Carney at 505 553-3612 or [email protected]
Published by JCPressThe Catholic Communicator • [email protected] • 505-856-0333
Mass Intentions
Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
Dear Saint Anthony,
your prayers obtained miracles
during your lifetime. You still
seem to move at ease in the
realm of minor and major
miracles. Saint Anthony, Performer of Miracles, please obtain for me the blessings God holds in reserve for
those who serve Him. Pray
that I may be worthy of the
promises my
Lord Jesus attaches to confident prayer. [mention your
Saturday, June 11, 2016
Acts 11: 21b-26, 13: 1-3; Mt 5: 33-37
8:00 AM
4:00 PM
†Deceased Santistevan
family By: Family
†Jose Cordero &
deceased family members
By: Ernest Cordero
†George Valley
By: Cortez family
†Arthur & Anna Ortiz
By: Kathleen Ortiz
Sunday, June 12, 2016
2 Sm12: 7-10, 13; Gal 2: 16, 19-21; Lk 7: 36-8:3
8:00 AM
†Alfredo Reyes
By: Familia Reyes
†Elena Lopez (Death Anniversary)
By: Doris & family
†Pete A. Archuleta
By: Mr. & Mrs. Felipe Archuleta
Special intention of Ernest Padilla
& family By: Mom
12:00 PM †Bertha Morales
By: Family
†Fermin Sena & Albert Armijo
By: Graciel Armijo & family
†Amador Sr., Julia Alvarado & family
By: Janie Alvarado
Monday, June 13, 2016
1 Kgs 21: 1-16; Mt 5: 38-42
8:00 AM
Communion Service
In honor of St. Anthony
By: Leina Dinkel
Tuesday, June 14, 2016
1 Kgs 21: 17-29; Mt 5: 43-48
8:00 AM
In honor of St. Jude
By: Gloria Ruiz
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
2 Kgs 2: 1, 6-14; Mt 6: 1-6, 16-18
8:00 AM †Francisco “Frank” Luna
By: Lorraine Luna
†Isidro Jaramillo (Birthday) &
Anastacio Jaramillo
By: Lydia Jaramillo
Thursday, June 16, 2016
Sir 48: 1-14; Mt 6: 7-15
8:00 AM
†Anna Skender
By: The Corazza family
†Ben M. Dimas (Birthday)
By: Melba Olona
Friday, June 17, 2016
2 Kgs 11: 1-4, 9-18, 20; Mt 6: 19-23
8:00 AM
†Albert Cortez
By: Family
Saturday, June 18, 2016
2 Chr 24: 17-25; Mt 6: 24-34
8:00 AM
†Descendants of Ben &
Anita Dimas By: Melba Olona
4:00 PM
†Eloy & Maida Sandoval
By: Marie Sandoval
†Santiago Garcia & Pedro Acosta
By: Annie Acosta
†Ernest Martinez
By: Tila Martinez
Sunday, June 19, 2016
Zec 12:10-11, 13:1; Gal 3: 26-29; Lk 9: 18-24
8:00 AM
†Amador Alvarado Sr. &
Leo Ramirez & family
By: Janie Alvarado
†Stephen Ben Olona (Birthday)
By: Melba Olona
†Estolano Barela
By: Dora Saiz
10:00 AM †Joseph Goh Tat How
By: Leina Dinkel
†Jose & Feliciana & family
By: Pearl Gonzales
In Remembrance of Father’s Day to
†Ray T. Barela, †Juan Sanchez &
†Estolano Barela
By: Sandra Barela & Jose Sanchez
†Frank Concini (Birthday)
By: Family

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