Spring 2015 - Patterson Park Neighborhood Association



Spring 2015 - Patterson Park Neighborhood Association
President’s Message
The new 2015 board is off to a
great start at maintaining and improving
our fantastic neighborhood with your
help. As for PPNA itself, we have many
improvements underway including an
updated website and email platform. My
goal for this year is to improve communication to all members of our neighborhood particularly the newly merged
Patterson Place sector.
We are starting by communicating the agenda for the
monthly meetings in advance. I post them to our Facebook
page 1 week in advance: facebook.com/#!/PattersonParkNeighborhoodAssociation. We are hoping to be able to email
these as well with the new email platform.
We would also like to give our bulletin board a revamp.
It needs to be more visually captivating to current residents
and future residents. Do you have the skill to help with the
design? Are you always walking past the bulletin board and
could stop and post content? Please contact me.
I would like to welcome our new Newsletter Committee
Chair, Mazie Baskin. Mazie and her team produce this quarterly newsletter and will expand upon it. We hope to make the
content of the newsletter available on our website in real time
as part of our website overhaul.
Most of all I hope that I will be able to speak with you, the
residents of our Patterson Park Neighborhood, personally. I
hope to see you at our next monthly meeting, at Bloom Your
Block, or on a C.O.P. walk. I hope we have a variety of activities that will attract each one of you to join us at PPNA. Have
an idea for another activity? Contact me and we will see if we
can make it happen together.
Leigh Peterson,
President, Patterson Park Neighborhood Association
Join us online! Únase a nosotros en línea!
Patterson Park Neighbors on Facebook
Patterson Park Yahoo Group
Sick of Winter?
Join the PPNA in our Spring Plans!
In this issue:
Messages from:
• Councilman Jim Kraft
• Leigh Peterson, PPNA President
How to get involved with the PPNA
Patterson Park Community Resources
Report on our Roar Into Spring Gala
News on the Park Master Plan
Calendar of Upcoming Neighborhood Events
The Patterson Park Neighborhood Association is a community group of residents living north and northeast of Patterson Park. We are volunteers dedicated to building community
spirit, increasing awareness of our neighborhood and improving public safety and sanitation.
La Asociación de Vecinos de Patterson Park (PPNA, por
sus siglas en inglés) es un grupo comunitario compuesto por
personas que residen al norte y el noreste de Patterson Park.
Somos un grupo de voluntarios dedicados a desarrollar un espíritu de comunidad, promover el reconocimiento de nuestro
barrio y de sus recursos y mejorar la seguridad pública y el
aseo publico. Colaboramos con los gobiernos municipales y
estatal, así como con el departamento de policía, lo que nos
ha permitido ser muy activos en nuestra comunidad. Somos
un grupo compuesto de una amplia diversidad de personas de
todas las edades y grupos raciales que compartimos el deseo
de convertir nuestra comunidad en un mejor sitio para vivir y
President: Leigh Peterson
[email protected]
VP North: Fatima Wilkerson
[email protected]
VP West: Sadie Drescher
[email protected]
VP East: Pat Lundberg
[email protected]
VP Patterson Place: Tiffany Ernest
[email protected]
VP South: Michael Gardiner
[email protected]
Secretary: Scott Jackson
[email protected]
Treasurer: Matt Peterson
[email protected]
Committee Chairs
Greening: Terresa Wotring-Carter
[email protected]
Housing Code Violations: Matt Gonter
[email protected]
Join a PPNA Citizen On Patrol
(COP) Walk
Community safety is of the utmost importance in our
neighborhood. Please join us on our monthly COP walks
to share concerns, converse with neighbors, learn from our
community police, and show a presence. Much else is being
done to optimize neighborhood through our safety committee, including tracking problematic properties, working with
on best day-to-day practices. If you’d like to get involved,
COP Walks are held on the fourth Wednesday of each
month, and meet at the corner of Linwood & Baltimore St. at
the park entrance. We gather at 7 p.m. and typically walk for
45 minutes to an hour. The stronger the showings, the stronger the effect of these walks, so please come out in future
months for community presence.
Upcoming COP Walks
• Wednesday, April 22, 7 p.m.
• Wednesday, May 27, 7 p.m.
Newsletter: Mazie Baskin
[email protected]
Safety: PPNA Committee
[email protected]
Sanitation: Phil Medenbach
[email protected]
Transportation: (to be named)
[email protected]
Economic Development: Andy Persons
[email protected]
You can reach your PPNA leaders by calling
410-497-PPNA (7762). This is a 24-hour voicemail.
Your call will be returned.
PPNA Monthly Meetings
PPNA meetings are held the second Monday of each month
at 6:45 p.m. in St. Elizabeth’s Church Hall at Baltimore St. &
Lakewood Ave. Please join us and meet your neighbors!
(Use the stairs down to the basement hall on Lakewood.)
Next Meetings:
Monday, May 11
Monday, June 8
Monday, July 13
New to the Neighborhood?
If you are new to the Patterson Park neighborhood or if you
know someone who is, please call Emily at 443-756-6794
or email [email protected] Each new
resident will receive a special welcome packet with information
about the neighborhood, the city and a special gift.
Join the Patterson Park Neighborhood
New Neighbor Packet? Yes
Would you like to serve on a committee? If so, which one?
Are you interested in volunteering at PPNA events?
Annual dues (January through December) are $10 per
person, $5 for seniors and students.
Make checks payable to “PPNA” and return form and
payment to:
P.O. Box 844
Baltimore, MD 21203
A Message from
Councilman Kraft
James B. Kraft, District 1, Baltimore City
Greetings to all! The Southeast has seen
a great deal of growth in the past several
years, and my goal is to make sure that
the growth here in the 1st District benefits our families and neighborhoods. The
health and wellness of our kids is one of
my top priorities. To support this, my office is gearing up for the 5th season of the
Southeast Schools Little League. I am pleased to announce
that every school in the district is participating this year. Once
again, students in grades 4 and 5 will play games on Tuesday
and Thursday starting in April. Thanks to generous donations
of time and money from our sponsors, students in grades 6-8
will also be able to participate this spring in a separate age
Children from a stable environment who are safe and healthy
at home have a head start. Unfortunately, not enough of our
children find themselves starting life in this place, so we end
up spending more money prosecuting, supervising, and imprisoning them than helping them get that head start they
need. Your support to Southeast Baseball gives all students
the opportunity to learn teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship on and off the field. I look forward to a great season!
During my tenure as Councilman of the First District, my
main priorities can be summed up by four goals: To keep the
Southeast safe, smart, green, and growing. I will continue to
strive for these goals during my remaining time as Councilman. While it is my full intention to be on the 2016 Primary
Ballot, I will not seek reelection to this seat as your First District Councilman. It is time for me to do something different.
I appreciate your continued support of my representation of
the Southeast. If you have questions, then please contact my
office at 410-396-4821 or email me at [email protected]
Columna del Concejal Kraft
James B. Kraft, District 1, Baltimore City
Saludos a todos! El sudeste ha visto un gran crecimiento en los
últimos años, y mi meta es asegurar que el crecimiento aquí en
el Primer Distrito beneficie a nuestros familias y vecindarios.
La salud de nuestros niños es una de mis mayores prioridades.
Para apoyar eso, mi oficina está preparando para la temporada
quinta de la Liga de Beisbol de las Escuelas del Sudeste. Estoy contenta a poder anunciar que cada escuela en el distrito
participará este año. De nuevo, estudiantes en los grados cuarto y quinto jugará en los martes y jueves, comenzando en
abril. Gracias a donaciones generosas de tiempo y dinero de
nuestros patrocinadores, ¡estudiantes en los grados sexto a
octavo podrán participar esta primavera en un grupo de edad
Niños de ambientes estables quienes son seguros y saludables
en casa tienen una ventaja. Desafortunadamente, un número
insuficiente de nuestros niños comienzan la vida en ese tipo
de ambiente, y entonces gastamos dinero procesando, supervisando, y encarcelando ellos en vez de ayudándolos a conseguir las ventajas que necesitan. Su apoyo a la Liga de Beisbol
Sudeste da todos los niños la oportunidad para aprender trabajo en un equipo, cooperación, y deportividad en el campo
de beisbol y más allá. ¡Espero una gran temporada!
Durante mi tiempo como Concejal del Primer Distrito, mis
prioridades principales pueden ser resumidos por cuatro metas: asegurar que el Sudeste sea segura, inteligente, verde, y
creciendo. Seguiré luchando por esas metas durante el tiempo
que me queda como Concejal. Aunque es mi intención estar
parte la elección primaria de 2016, no buscará la reelección
como Concejal del Primer Distrito. Para mí, llegó la hora de
hacer algo diferente.
Le agradezco por su apoyo continuado de mi representación
del Sudeste. Si tenga usted cualquier pregunta, por favor llame
a mi oficina (410-396-4821) o envíeme un coreo electrónico:
[email protected]
Patterson Park Neighborhood Association thanks Design Collective:
Pagoda Level Sponsor of the 2015 Roar Into Spring Gala
A Successful Gala With a Roar!
This year’s March gala was a huge success in raising
funds for the neighborhood. Fun was had by all with dancing, French 75 cocktails, great food, and a fabulous silent
auction. Gala Chair Erin Johnson and her team did an outstanding job putting on a memorable 20’s-themed evening.
A Special Thanks to all of the local merchants and artists who contributed to the sell-out Silent Auction. PPNA
would also like to recognize the generous sponsors of our
Roar Into Spring 2015 Gala:
Design Collective • Roman’s Place
101 Ellwood • Bizerba USA
Charm City Veterinarians
Heavy Seas Brewing • Full Tilt Brewery
Loading Dock Discount Liquors
Bistro RX
Thanks to all the Local Merchants and Artists who made the PPNA
Gala Silent Auction a Roaring Success! Please remember them - Shop Local!
Alpha Studio
Aveda Salon
Ashley Watson
Baltimore Orioles
Baltimore Ravens
Bond Street Social
Canton Club
Charlie Barton
Charm City Roller Girls
David Roesner
Erin Keefer
Farmstead Grill
Full Tilt Brewing
John Waters
Jillian Erheardt
Kissling’s Tavern
M. Power Yoga
McFadden Art Glass
MD Homebrew
Michael Owen
Mike Costello
Milbrooke Antiques
National Aquarium
Patterson Park Bowling
Respite Acupuncture
Terrazo Stained Glass
Todd Conway
Urban Pirates
Zina’s Day Spa
Is Your Garden Bird-Friendy?
Susie Creamer, Director
of Urban Education and
Conservation, Patterson
Park Audobon Society
Every neighbor has a role
to play in adding patches of
habitat to welcome birds and
butterflies. No matter how
small or paved your space,
what you plant is important!
Audubon loves PattersonPark residents at our Wildlife Gardening Workshops,
and we know you are eagerly
planting Maryland natives that support a bird-friendly Baltimore. Remember to apply for colorful Audubon recognition signage, featuring the Baltimore oriole - a great way to brag to your neighbors about your success!
Ready to see the park through the Audubon lens? Can
you spare a little time to gain skills while helping birds
and your community? Audubon is seeking energetic
volunteers to assist us in our outdoor “classroom,” our
native habitat gardens, and in our indoor behind-thescenes preparations. Adult and student volunteers are
welcome to join the Audubon team!
Audobon Adventures with Patterson Park Audobon Center:
For infomation:
[email protected]
Mayor’s Cleanup in Patterson Park
Clean up the neighborhood and earn a break in your Stormwater tax
Saturday, April 25 marks the city’s 16th annual Mayor’s Spring Cleanup event, and the Patterson Park Neighborhood Association is calling on you to join us for a day of community cleaning, raking, planting and painting. This year we’ll be focusing
our efforts in the North Sector. A city-provided dumpster will be available to us for the day, located at North Linwood near the
Patterson Park Library. Come out and join us along with partner Banner Neighborhoods and help with our part of this city-wide
spring cleaning.
Patterson Park residents and property owners have an added incentive to get our communities clean now that the Stormwater Fee (sometimes referred to as the “Rain Tax”) is in effect. One way to receive credits to reduce this fee is to participate in
organized cleanups such as the Mayor’s Annual Cleanups. Details of ways to reduce this tax are available at http://www.cleanwaterbaltimore.org/stormwater-fee-reduction, which outlines how participation in public projects, tree plantings, rain gardens
and rainwater harvesting can earn residents a discount in their tax.
Upcoming Neighborhood Cleanups:
The PPNA will be hosting more cleanups through the summer, with dumpsters provided to our group sectors for targeted
cleanups. Watch the PPNA website (www.pattersonparkneighbors.org) and the Patterson Park Neighbors Facebook page for
announcements and reminders of these cleanup. Currently scheduled cleanups are:
• Patterson Place Sector: Saturday April 18, dumpster at corner of Montford and Fairmont
Contact Tiffany Ernst for information: [email protected]
• South Sector: Saturday, June 6th, dumpster at East and Baltimore (Alley between Baltimore and Leverton)
Contact Michael Gardiner: [email protected]
• East Sector: Saturday, July 6th (tentative date), dumpster at East and Fairmont
Contact Pat Lundberg: [email protected]
Rat Proofing Your Home
Use a durable trashcan with a tight-fitting lid. It’s the law.
Remove leftover pet food (cats, dogs and birds) and animal waste (feces) every day from the back of your yard.
Remove old furniture, vehicles and appliances from your property. Don’t give rats a home!
Mow tall grass and weeds. Don’t give them a place to hide!
Don’t let rats inside! Rats can squeeze through cracks and holes as small as half an inch.
Vent pipes
phone wire
enter house
tree branches
Attic vent
frames &
Broken or
open doors
Crawl space
under house
Damages to
Get Ready for the Crackdown!
Prepare for Enforcement of City Sanitation Codes
It’s no secret that the past winter was a tough one for us in Bal- cerns, Councilman Kraft’s office will be stepping up enforcetimore, and one side effect of the cold weather, snow and ice ment of sanitation violations in our neighborhood (their bilinthat accumulated in our streets and alleys is that sanitation ser- gual flyer is the back page
vices weren’t able to do their usual job. This was compounded of this issue of the newsby the city having to divert its sanitation crews to work on the letter). Take some time to
utility problems caused by the freezing temperatures. The re- look around and make sure
sult - trash piling up, garbage left to attract rodents, and gener- you’re clear of any possible
ally some pretty rough looking neighborhood streets and alleys. citations, and point out
As the weather improved, many neighbors have pitched in to any possible infractions to
clean up alleys, with more cleanups on the summer schedule. neighbors who might be at
In an effort to keep city residents focused on sanitation con- risk of a fine.
Trash and Recycling Guide Coming Soon
In a final bit of trash-related news, Patterson Park neighbors are hard at work on an upcoming Trash and Recycling Guide. A cooperative project of the PPNA, Baltimore Community
Foundation, Chesapeake Bay Trust, Banner Neighborhoods and the Patterson Park Greening
Partnership, the guide “has ideas and tools that you can use to keep your streets, alleys and
backyards clean and healthy” and provides “detailed information about trash removal, recycling, and rat prevention”. Thanks for VP-West Sadie Drescher for her work on this project.
Watch for updates on the PPNA website and the Patterson Park Neighbors Facebook page.
Coloca los maderos, tubos, y otros materiales de almacén
al menos a 18 pulgadas (45 cm aproximadamente) del piso.
100 block of S. Decker looking great
after a recent neighborhood cleanup
Algunos datos
acerca de
del Buen Vecino
¿Pruébate a ti mismo al responder estas preguntas:
1. que es duradero y que tenga una
tapa que ajuste bien?
2. ¿Recoges las sobras de comida
de tus mascotas (y sus desechos)
de tu patio y/o jardín?
3. ¿Mantienes tu jardín/patio libre de
basura y otros productos que ya no
uses y que sean de gran tamaño
como sofas, alfombras, etc?
4. ¿Tapas todos los huecos y
agüjeros en tu casa?
5. ¿Cortas la hierba en tu jardín?
sta es SÍ a
Si tu respue
s desemtá
en rol
como veci
a controla
las ratas.
as Ratas son los
peores enemigos del
hombre entre los
animals. Las Ratas
destruyen millones de
dólares (en propiedades) cada año.
Las Ratas
terribles enfermemedades y
comen casi todo lo que encuentran a su paso. Las ratas
pueden roer madera, yeso y
metales blandos. De hecho, las
Ratas pueden iniciar incendios
al roer fósforos y alambres
Baltimore City Department of Public Works
Bureau of Solid Waste - Rat Rub Out Program
1825-1829 Edison Highway
Baltimore, MD 21213
Office: 410-396-1023
Fax: 410-327-7174
For service request, please call 311
Bloom Your Block 2015:
Sat., May 16th, 10 am - Noon, Library Square
Rain Date: Sun., May 17th (Registration April 24th - May 3rd)
Submitted by Leigh Peterson
Have you recently moved to the Patterson Park Neighborhood (welcome!)? Have you missed out on BYB in the past?
The 1st 30 residents to sign up during registration (dates above) will receive a BYB kit (container, plants, & soil). We
will help you plant it on the day of the event (gloves will be provided).
If you participated in BYB before, we’ll refresh your
soil and help you replant in your BYB pot or any pot
14” or less. Refresher Kits are 1st come 1st serve as
well, but we have 50 of these!
We will also have 2-gallon rain-style watering cans available for just a $2 donation. You can pre-register for one
of these as well.
Registration forms will be emailed at the beginning of
registration to the email list-serve. To join the email listserv., send your contact information to [email protected] or complete the form on page
2 in this newsletter. Once registration has opened, you
can contact Leigh at [email protected] Don’t use email? Call 410-497-PPNA (7762).
Love Bloom Your Block? We will be accepting donations ($5 goes a long a way!) and dues ($10/person/
year). We are also in need of volunteers on the day of
to help with set up, planting, and clean up. It’s a great
way to meet your neighbors. Contact Leigh for more
Help us make the
neighborhood a greener
and even better place
to call home. Join us
at the next community
meeting - 2nd Monday
of each month, 6:45 pm
at St. Elizabeth’s Church
Hall at Baltimore St. and
Lakewood Ave.
Offering 10% Discount
for Patterson Park Neighbors!
Ask about Wash & Fold
and Pickup/Delivery in the area
2805 E. Fayette Street • Baltimore MD 21224
Ph: 410-276-1994 • Cell: 443-623-9657 • Fax: 410-276-1994
[email protected]
April 19
Patterson Park Pool Opens
May 11
PPNA Meeting
June 14
Concert on Pagoda Hill
April 21
Friends of Library Square Meeting
(3rd Tueday every month)
May 16
Bloom Your Block
June 16
Friends of Library Square Meeting
May 19
Friends of Library Square Meeting
June 23
Concert on Pagoda HIll
May 21
Friends of Patterson Park Wine
Tasting at Sunset
July 6
PPNA East Sector Cleanup
April 22
April 25
Mayor’s Spring Cleanup
100 N. Rose Street Block Party
May 2
Kinetic Sculpture Race
May 4
Southeastern District Police
Community Meeting
May 30
“Alley Makeover” at Port /Milton,
Milton/Rose, Rose/Luzerne
July 13
PPNA Meeting
August 4
National Night Out
June 8
PPNA Meeting
May 9
Butcher’s Hill Flea Market
Live Baltimore Tour
May 10
Friends of Patterson Park Pagoda
July 21
Friends of Library Square Meeting
East Sector Cleanup
May 27
August 10
PPNA Meeting
June 6
PPNA South Sector Cleanup
June 6-7
Taste of Three Cities Food Truck Rally
Check PPNA Website and Patterson Park
Neighbors Facebook page to confirm dates.
Summer Meetings!
EconDev Committee
Watch for details - in a break from tradition, the PPNA
will forgo the usual summertime meeting hiatus and will
be holding the usual “Second Monday” meeting schedule through the summer. We’re hoping to take advantage
of the additional socializing that the warm weather allows and enjoy the season with our neighbors. Watch for
meeting announcements and bring a neighbor into the
PPNA community.
The PPNA is looking to do more for economic and
business development in 2015. Opportunities exist to
support existing business, identify opportunities for new
ones, and have oversight to optimize businesses’ health,
performance, and sustainability. We’ve created a new
committee to help make this happen. If you’d like to
be involved or know more, contact [email protected]
Friday Night Stargazing
At The Observatory
At The Maryland Science Center
When: Every Friday Night, 7:00-10:30pm
How Much? Free!
See the Moon, planets, and stars through the
historic, computer controlled Alvan Clark &
Sons 8” refracting telescope.
Phone 410-545-2999 after 5:00 PM on Fridays to find
out if the Observatory will be open that night.
Patterson Park Master Plan Public Meeting
Submitted by Leigh Peterson
The work of the Steering Committee, the Department of Recreation and
Parks, and the consultant firm, Mahan
Rykiel, to date was explained at a public
meeting in March. Now that feedback
will be integrated into draft Master Plans
and described at the next public meeting:
June 24th, 7 to 9 pm at the Patterson
Park Public Charter School (Baltimore
St entrance)
Please keep in mind that the Master Plan
is an ideal--what we would like the park
to become in the next 20 years.
The overall idea is to limit driving by
creating a hub at Linwood (see pictures
for examples).This will require the loss
of 1 tennis court, but a new volleyball
court will be installed, freeing up a tennis court. Additionally, the new drive will
feel intentional and historic, integrating
trees to hide the 15-20 parking spots. To
completely restrict regular driving to this
area, there is one scenario that would
move all activities requiring driving to
this region of the park (see 2nd picture).
In this scenario, there is a multi-generational Rec. Center (no separate Senior Center) where the ice rink is currently located. Moving the Rec. Center
to the pool creates an activity center
where cross-programming will be easy
and more frequent. The old Rec. Center is shown as being demolished in this
scenario, but the Patterson Park Public
Charter School has expressed some interest in maintaining that building.
Removal of the ice rink in this scenario
is largely due to the exorbitant cost of
up-keep. As is, the ice rink will need to
be demolished and re-built if we decide
One of the scenarios for the future of the Park.
Visit http://pattersonparkmasterplan.weebly.com
to see other options and offer your feedback.
that an ice rink in the park is necessary.
The other idea is to relocate it outside
of the park where is could have more
parking. There was some opposition to
this idea after the last public meeting and
alternatives are being explored.
You will also see that the community
gardens may be relocated to this new
activity center as well. They would be
larger than the current gardens to accommodate some of the waiting list.
The old community gardens could become an orchard or green space perhaps
this would be a 2nd community garden
This is just one scenario. We will mix and
match parts that we, as a community, like
from each scenarios to build the final
plan. I hope you will join the conversation at the June public meeting.
Patterson Park Home and Garden Tour 2015
Save the date - Saturday,
June 13 from 1-5 pm
for the 2015 Patterson
Park Home and Garden
Tour. This is a perfect
chance to experience the
variety of homes and back
yards that make the Park
such a unique, diverse
neighborhood. Take a
summer walk though
our neighborhood and
discover new decorating
and remodeling ideas,
make some new friends,
and otherwise enjoy a
license to snoop
around your neighbors’
houses. Would you like to
include your house/garden in this showcase, or maybe know
someone who’s got the perfect home for this event? Interested
in volunteering to help with the tour with ticket sales,
hosting and planning? Contact Kim Wiggins at [email protected]
pattersonparkneighbors.com to participate in the 2105 tour.
Advertise your business to more than 2,500
homes in the
Patterson Park area.
Email [email protected] pattersonparkneighbors.org
to learn about our affordable rates!
Breath of God
Pratt & Clinton Streets
Saturday, MAY 16th, 2015
7:00 - 11:00 PM
Breath of God Lutheran Church Gym
Corner of Pratt and Clinton Streets
LIVE MUSIC PROVIDED BY 5AM - “The Best Party Band in Baltimore. Period”
TICKETS: $3- in advance, $35 at the Door - Available online at www.breathofgodlc.org/howtohelp
Code Enforcement
Imposición del
Código Comienza
You are responsible for
your property
from the curb to the
middle of the alley
Se tiene responsabilidad
para su propiedad
de la acera
hasta la callejón
The following are violations
of the Baltimore City Code
and make your property
subject to
a fine of at least $50:
• Trashcans without lids
• Overflowing trashcans
• Trash placed outside of a
• High weeds and grass
• LItter, garbage, or bulk trash items
Lo siguiente son
infracciones del código
de la Ciudad de Baltimore
y hacen que su propiedad sea
sometida a multas de
$50 por lo menos:
• Basura afuera del basurero
• Demasiada basura en el
• Basureros sin tapas
• Mala hierba y hierba alta
• Otra basura o deshechos
Take pride in your neighborhood
and do your part to keep it clean!
City inspectors will be stepping up the
enforcement of violations in
your neighborhood
If you see any issues, please
report them to 311
¡Tenga orgullo en su vecindario y haga su
parte para mantenerlo limpio!
Inspectores de la Ciudad van a aumentar
la imposición de infracciones en su
Si se vea un problema, llama a
311 para reportarlo
If you feel that you are physically unable to
maintain your property, please contact:
The Office of Councilman Jim Kraft at
410-396-4821 or
[email protected]
Si se piensa que no se puede mantener
su propiedad, se puede contactar:
La Oficina de Concejal Jim Kraft a
410-396-4821 o
[email protected]
¡Gracias por su cooperación!
Thank you for your cooperation!

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