from the Principal... - St Augustine`s College


from the Principal... - St Augustine`s College
Term 3
Volume 28
11 September 2013
College Newsletter
from the Principal...
Dear Members of the College community
Further to last week’s newsletter, it is with great delight that we announce the election of Fr Alejandro Moral Anton as the 97th Prior
General of the Order of Saint Augustine. The appointment was made on September 4, the Feast of Our Mother of Consolation,
Patroness of the Augustinian Order, during the Augustinian Chapter Meeting in Rome.
Fr Alejandro Moral Anton OSA
Fr Anton was born in La Vid (Burgos), Spain in 1955 and entered the novitiate of the Augustinian
Province of Spain in 1972. He professed his religious vows in 1973 and made his Solemn Profession
in 1980. Fr Anton was ordained to the priesthood in 1981. In 1995, he was elected Prior Provincial
and in 2001 was elected as Vicar General of the Order.
From that time until his election as Prior General, he has been a member of the Order’s General Curia
and has held various responsibilities as President of the Commission, President of the Economic
Commission and President of the Order’s Secretariat for Justice and Peace. Fr Alejandro has worked
extensively with the Order’s international commissions of Laity, Education, Finances and Spirituality.
We join with the Augustinians in
praying to Our Mother of Good
Counsel and Saint Augustine that
the Augustinian Order under his
leadership may increase in unity
and holiness.
Pope Francis and the
Augustinians in the Basilica
of Sant’ Agostino, Rome
From left to right:
Fr Tony Banks OSA (Prior Provincial Australasia),
Fr Robert Prevost, OSA (Past Prior General),
Fr Alejandro Anton OSA (new Prior General)
Fr Peter Jones OSA (Provincial House Brookvale)
The monies raised from this year’s Walkathon will again support our Social Justice SEA Programme which this year includes projects
carried out in Nepal, Cambodia and India. It will also assist the Augustinian Formation house as they educate the next generation of
priests to support the College. We ask that all Walkathon sponsorship money is returned by this Friday, September 13 – thank you.
Please keep Adam and Kym Gray and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Cooper Gray’s funeral will be held at St Kieran’s
Church, Manly Vale at 11am on Monday, September 16.
We ask that you keep Tony O’Shea and his family in your prayers – Tony’s mother Gwen O’Shea died over the weekend. Her funeral
will be held in Canberra this Wednesday.
May Cooper and Gwen be at peace with the Risen Lord.
Please continue to pray for David Gilbert and Tony O’Shea as they recover from their illnesses.
The Feast of St Nicholas of Tolentine was celebrated this morning at our community Mass in St Monica’s Chapel. St Nicholas fostered
a profound devotion of prayer for the faithful departed; so much so that he has merited, by the Church, the title “Patron Saint of the
Faithfully Departed”. He strongly encouraged the practice of having Masses offered for the souls of the departed.
Prayer for Strength
Lord, I come before you today knowing that all power is in your hands.
I know that you are the Lord and that you care for your people.
Right now, friends in our community are struggling with a difficult trial.
Lord, you have all of the strength that they need.
I pray that you will let your presence fill the room where they are and let
them feel an extra portion of your strength that can help them to get through this time.
Tim Cleary
from the Head of School...
Economic rationalism has
Australia by the throat
Economic rationalism has Australia by the throat; both
major political parties embrace it wholeheartedly, as does
the bureaucracy. This is the notion that the market, free of
restraint, is the arbiter of all things; values, attachments, ethics
and relationships. Former Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser,
said economic rationalism is now a religion is this country; it
is the altar both political parties worship. It is hard to hear a
voice of significant opposition to this notion, perhaps a few
Independents and the Democrats, but minorities with no real
power. Communism might be dead but e-communism seems
to have hijacked politics and there seems to be no public
space to be talking about good and bad.
I certainly do not want to comment on political matters other
than to say the entire political campaign over the past few
weeks solely concentrated on how policies were going to
affect an individual’s hip pocket! Whilst this is important, as a
strong economy improves the quality of life for all, the debate
never wavered to issues of social justice and compassion. It
is true, at times, the right choice costs more. Complicated
policies dealing with refugees were framed simply within the
economic framework rather than through the prism of our
responsibilities to care for a human being (often referred to as
illegal aliens) while foreign aid, climate issues and the value of
the Arts were also sadly neglected.
Saint Augustine was a man of passion. He urged us to always
seek the margins; the greater good, the better choice, the
more influential outcome, the more virtuous act. We hope
to fashion a restlessness in our boys’ character here at the
College; a restlessness that extends them intellectually; a
restlessness that points them to the margins; a restlessness
that will never let them be settled while they see justice
We hope our boys will never be content to simply drift quietly
in the occurrence of culture, without making ripples; never
settle cosily into a comfort zone, satisfied with their status
quo. Rather, we hope we develop young men of competence,
conscience and compassion who view issues beyond their
own hip pocket, through the prism of the ‘greater good’.
“What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has
the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery
and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men.
That is what love looks like.” Saint Augustine
Reading for pleasure
An OECD study found that one of the most important
indicators for the future academic success of a child is his/
her willingness to read for pleasure in the critical years in
lower secondary. The research suggests that those who read
for pleasure demonstrate an intrinsic desire to engage with
stories, texts and learning. Aligned with reading is the natural
progression towards writing. Reading invites us to delve into
times, places and people that we would never experience
for ourselves. This, in turn, assists the novice writer in their
expression, turn of phrase, creativity and imagination; all
important ingredients for successful writing.
The cry, too often, of today’s youth should never be that,
‘I cannot find anything interesting to read’ or ‘I do not have
enough time to read’. Reading, like all forms of artistic
expression, is a deeply personal thing. Might I encourage
parents to take up the conversation with their son and urge
them to take the time to enjoy the habit and pleasure of
reading and to persist with it all through their adolescent and
adult years.
Congratulations to the following students who received
Academic Awards at a recent College Assembly:
Haobo ChangYear 12
Japanese – Language Perfect Award
Charlie WangYear 12
Japanese – Language Perfect Award
Tobias BrocklehurstYear 10
Photography & Digital Media
Connor McMorranYear 10
Photography & Digital Media
Joseph AzzolinaYear 9
Nicholas BobisYear 9
Edward CheckettsYear 9
Riley KiehneYear 9
Michael MeteYear 9
Benjamin WigneyYear 9
Flynn MartinYear 6
Fletcher GreenYear 5
Congratulations to the following Science winners who
received a High Distinction:
Year 10
Matthew Armstrong
Nicholas Chivers
Henry Turner
Year 9
Lachlan Hodgins
Jack McNaughton
Year 8
Mark Bourke
Jake Burgman
Jack Campbell
Rupert Canning
Jack Edwards
Finlay Harris
Julien Horrocks
Bradley Jackson
Angus Simpson
Rhys Thompson
Year 7
Connor Hopkins
Joshua McMenamin
Cole Pittar
Congratulations to Daniel Pitcher on his selection in the
2013 New South Wales Institute of Sport Basketball Squad.
Nathan Watkins and Matthew Tilley with
their Queen’s Scout Awards
As mentioned in
Tolle Lege recently,
Matthew Tilley (Year
11) and Nathan
Watkins (Year 12) were
presented with the
Queen’s Scout Award
at an official ceremony
at Government House.
The photograph
below is from the
formal presentation.
On Friday 20th September, a Gold Coin Mufti day has been
organised. The funds raised will enable our community to
honour Danny Hasler through the provision of a Memorial
Park Bench, nostalgically positioned at Long Reef where
Danny so often walked enjoying both the exercise and
the beauty of his heartland. This initiative has been
largely driven by a committed group of Year 11 parents.
As a community we are proud to be involved in this well
deserved and fitting memorial of Danny’s life.
Year 12 Mother and Son Mass
Year 12 mothers gathered with their sons last Sunday for a
celebration of the Eucharist. Celebrant, Father FrTan, shared
a story of his relationship with his mother who left Vietnam
obtaining refugee status in Australia in the late 70s. Will Shaw
gave a wonderful reflection on the important role of mothers in
a son’s life and thanked them for their forgiveness, compassion
and unconditional love while Harrison Blake, Sam Barrett, Josh
Tyler and Dylan Chant selected music of appreciation. Many
thanks to Year 12 mothers Donna Blake and Sharon Porter for
their coordination of this special celebration.
Matthew Hutchison
Head of School
from the Dean of Senior School...
Year 12 Graduation 2013
Uniform and Grooming
It is with much excitement that the College is awaiting the Year
12 Graduation tomorrow. A significant amount of preparation
has occurred to ensure that our students enjoy a full and
interactive day.
The standard of student uniform and grooming has been
generally satisfactory this term. However, I have been
personally disappointed that some students have required
some follow up from Student Formation Leaders or myself.
Students have a very clear understanding of the College
expectations in regards to uniform and grooming. As such,
the College will enforce these very fair expectations, when
The College has organized substantial celebrations for
tomorrow including a farewell breakfast, graduation assembly,
morning tea, Mass and dinner. As our Year 12 boys fast
approach the conclusion of their formal schooling, I kindly
ask our community to keep our graduating students and their
families in their prayers. As a College community, we wish our
Year 12 students the very best, as they continue their journey
beyond the school gates of St Augustine’s College.
Year 11 Retreat
Preparations are well underway for the upcoming Year 11
Retreat, Merroo, Kurrajong. It will be held early Term 4 on
Thursday 10 October and Friday 11 October, 2013. The theme
of the Retreat is Seeds of Growth. This will be a wonderful
opportunity for our students to nourish their spirituality and be
reflective about their life journey.
Term 4 Commencement
Please be aware that classes will resume on Tuesday 8 October,
2013. It is an expectation that students return to school with
the correct summer uniform and that they are groomed
according to the expectations of the College.
As I will be on long service leave during Term 4, I wish all
families the very best for the rest of this year. Peter Nolan (Dean
of Middle School) will be the Acting Dean of Senior School
during my absence.
God bless
Classroom Visits
I have recently been visiting some classes in the Senior
School. I have been most impressed with the quality of the
work produced and the level of student engagement. I urge
to parents to regularly encourage their sons to have a strong
work ethic in class, as this will contribute to increased student
Frank Chiment
Dean of Senior School
from the Dean of Primary School...
Laptop programme
It is close to three years ago that we introduced the 1-1
Laptop programme in the Primary School and by in large, the
implementation has been very successful. The purpose of such
a programme was to encourage the boys to be responsible,
discerning and critical users of technology. To be able to use
technology to present information in a variety of mediums
has been a major success. Boys are not just presenting using
PowerPoint, they are able to freely choose their mode of
delivery to suit a desired purpose and audience. Multi modal
delivery of information is now the norm and is something
I am enormously proud of. Classes are programing robots
to perform complicated tasks; they are using logo to invent
their own games and programs, as well as being able to
creatively present using diverse ranges of software. Being
critical users of technology is the most important aspect of
our Laptop programme. Boys need to be able to ascertain the
validity of information researched and determine whether this
information is objective and not slanted to represent the views
of the author.
Technology is to be embraced and not feared, however recent
cases of inappropriate use of technology, has caused me to
question whether all boys are responsible and discerning
users of technology. There are clear guidelines set out in
the boys’ diaries and on the College website regarding the
appropriate use of technology. It is timely to remind boys of
their responsibility when using their devices and in particular
downloading inappropriate games and images and bringing
them to the College. Social media is a concern as it allows boys
to hide behind the safety of their computer to denigrate and
make harmful comments about others. We are all acutely aware
of cyber bullying and the emotional and physical damage
it can cause to the victims of such verbal abuse. I urge all
parents to supervise or place the appropriate safety functions
on computers, so that boys are not exposed to inappropriate
material. I also advise parents to discuss with their sons the
importance of only posting positive messages, and if in fact
they need to belong to social media sites at all while in Primary
Pink Breakfast
The P&F’s Annual Pink Breakfast is on again next term. All
mothers’ (mother figure/grandmother/aunty etc.) are invited,
along with their sons to this lovely breakfast held at the front of
the College on Tuesday October 22nd, 7:30am – 8:45am.
An invitation and online booking form will be in Tolle Lege next
week. I hope you can join me at this really special morning,
with a gourmet breakfast included as well as live music
performances, P&F stalls selling different items and a raffle. All
monies raised goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation,
as part of the College’s Social Justice programme.
Terry Walsh
Dean of Primary School
Coming Events . . .
Thursday 12 September
Year 12 Graduation Assembly, Mass and Dinner
Friday 13 September
North Harbour Parish, Sacrament of Confirmation, Brimson Centre (7.00 pm)
Saturday 14 September
The Triumph of the Cross
Sunday 15 September
Brass Ensemble Performance, St Mary’s Church, Manly (2.00 pm)
Monday 16 September
Year 12 Post-Trial Programme commences
College Board Meeting
Year 12 2014 Parent Information Evening, Brimson Centre (7.30 pm)
Tuesday 17 September
Manly Corso Music Performance (12.30 pm – 2.30 pm)
Opens Rugby Presentation Dinner, Brimson Centre (6.30 pm)
Wednesday 18 September
CIS Athletics Carnival
2014 New Parents Information Evening, Brimson Centre (7.30 pm)
Wednesday 18 September &
Thursday 19 September
Year 5 & 6 Life Education visit
Thursday 19 September
St Alonso de Orozco OSA
Football Presentation 11 – 16 Years, Brimson Centre (7.00 pm)
Friday 20 September
College Mufti Day
Mark Taylor Shield Primary Cricket
Term Three concludes
Saturday 21 September –
Monday 7 October
2013 Nepal SEA Programme Trip
Last Sunday, Year 12 boys and their
mums joined in the Eucharist with
Fr Minh-Tan Hoang OSA . It was a moving
celebration as the boys approach the final
days of their formal schooling at Saints.
Many thanks to the mums, the boys, Matt
Hutchison, Frank Chiment and Kirsty Begg
who attended and Cheryl Howell for all
her wonderful work in making this such a
moving evening.
This morning the College community celebrated our annual Mass of St Nicholas of Tolentine. This special Mass is for the families
of ex-students and staff who have contributed to the growth of our Augustinian community and now share in eternal life. The
student body was proudly represented by 7.2 and we welcomed Fr Paul Maloney OSA back to the College. Many thanks to all who
made the Mass and morning tea possible.
Margaret McElhone – Mission Advisor Ph: 9938-8297 [email protected]
Boys in all years are encouraged to become involved with the SEA Programme. Meetings are held
Monday 2 Lunch 1 in A2.1
Community Connect Gardening: A gardening service for the elderly, sick and injured. All
students and parents welcome. Saturday 14th September: 8.30am – 12.30pm. Please email
[email protected] for further information or to register as a volunteer. Now winter sport commitments are complete
this is a great way to spend a Saturday morning and help people in the community that need it.
2013 Overseas Immersions: Staff and students are currently in the process of preparing themselves for the 2013 Overseas
Immersions to Nepal, Cambodia and India. In the lead up to these trips the groups work together to prepare themselves both
mentally and physically for the experience. The students travelling to Nepal have commenced training in preparation for the trek
of the Annapurna region and all groups have begun discussions about the history, culture and traditions of each of the countries,
general travel advice and also about the details of the work they will be doing whilst away. Staff and students will depart for Nepal
next Saturday 21st September. We wish them safe travels.
2014 Philippines Immersion: Thank you to the staff, parents, students and old boys who expressed interest in being involved in the
2014 Philippines Immersion. We have had over 85 people say they are interested in attending. Further information regarding this
immersion will be made available in Week One next term.
Kate Donnellan – SEA Coordinator: [email protected]
Year 5
Jackson Poolan
Year 6
Sebastian Cooper
For his determination
and fighting spirit.
For his polite and
courteous attitude.
Year 7
Tom Baum
For his enthusiasm
and participation in
the recent ISA
athletics carnival.
Year 8
Lachlan Vella
Showing kindness
and compassion to
a fellow member
of the school
Year 9
Cameron Prince
Year 10
Jack Williams
For representing
the College with
distinction at three
recent athletics
For showing
leadership during the
College Rugby season
and presentation
Year 11
Sione Afu
Year 12
Bradley Clarke
For always trying
his best in all that
he does.
For always being
supportive and
...commitment to our boys
Spring Party – will be a fantastic night of entertainment!
Have you purchased your tickets yet to the Foundation Spring Party? Why not get together with others in your son’s Year Group and
join us in a fabulous night to celebrate a great year at St Augustine’s College.
With less than six weeks to the Spring Party and so you don’t miss out please purchase your tickets NOW through TryBooking!
When: Where: Cost: Friday, 18 October 2013 – Term 4 (just two weeks into the term)
Great Hall, International College of Management Sydney (ICMS) in Manly
Tickets are $80 per person with delicious cocktail food, premium beverages, a fabulous venue with stunning ocean views, all the excitement of a great party and the chance to win some terrific auction and raffle prizes. Prizes include gorgeous accommodation packages (Queenstown - New Zealand, Port Douglas, South Coast and Hunter Valley), Apple laptop and i-Pad, a great range of gift vouchers and many more!
Major entertainment includes:
Dr Andrew Rochford as MC, performer and singer Samantha Shaw with live music by The Old
Boys Band led by Joe Montz.
We are excited to announce that Dr Andrew Rochford will be our MC at the Foundation Spring Party.
Andrew is an Old Boy (Class of 1997) and following his time at the College established a career in
medicine (Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Honours), Bachelor of Medical Science). Andrew
has also had a flourishing media career since winning the 2004 series of Channel 9’s The Block. Andrew
is currently one of the hosts on the Channel 10 show The Project and has presented multiple shows on
Channel 9 (What’s Good for You, Waiting Room, You Saved My Life, Amazing Medical Stories) as well as cohosting a breakfast programme on Mix 106.5 in 2011.
Andrew is in demand as one of Australia’s most popular talents and we are thrilled he will join us as
MC at the Foundation Spring Party!
Megathis section be put in a red box with white writing to make it stand out
How you can be involved and support the College:
1.Donate a quality bottle/s of wine for auction – dust of a bottle or two from your cellar and drop it off to the College or our collection points at Seaforth, Dee Why, Collaroy and Davidson (addresses provided by email via class parents).
*Please note: it is important students do not bring wine donations to the College.
2.Donate a prize for the silent or live auction – perhaps you can donate an item or ask someone you know. Suggestions… restaurant experience, health and fitness packages, leisure boating escape, holiday accommodation, artwork or framed memorabilia.
Sponsor our entertainers – a minimum $500 sponsorship will give you maximum exposure.
3. We appreciate and value whatever support you are able to give the College Foundation.
All donations are due by Friday, 20 September 2013.
For all St Augustine’s College Foundation enquiries please do not hesitate to contact:
Rod Loneragan
Head of College Foundation
Margaret Oates
Foundation & Development Assistant
[email protected] [email protected]
Tel: 9938 8292Tel: 9938 8269
Principal Tim Cleary and the College Foundation invite you to the
Friday 18 October 2013
Great Hall, International College of Management Sydney (ICMS)
151 Darley Road, Manly
7:00pm – 11:00pm
$80 per person
(includes cocktail food and beverages)
Dress: Cocktail
RSVP: Friday 11 October 2013
Purchase tickets here or visit
Entertainment by
Auctions, lucky
Donate a bottle of
for the wine
Northern Beaches
Samantha Shaw
and the Old Boys Band
door prizes,
and more!
All funds raised will support current College educational initiatives for all students.
Enquiries | Margaret Oates | 9938 8269 | [email protected]
University Open Days provide a great opportunity to visit a university,
speak with current students and lecturers and get a “feel” for the university.
There are still some Sydney universities yet to hold open days.
Bond University: 2013 Medicine Information Evening is being held in
Sydney on the 23/9/13.
As a Partner School of Macquarie University 2 students from our College
will be eligible for 5 bonus points to attend Macquarie University. A
number of scholarships are also available exclusively to Partner School
students. All Year 12 students have been emailed details of these
opportunities. Partner School bonus point applications are due at the end
of this term.
Applications for ACU’s early entry scheme, the Early Achievers Program are
now open. Visit the website or see me for a brochure.
Macquarie University offers some course preference advice in its article
“Getting Your UAC Preferences Sorted”.
The Universities Admission Centre (UAC) has produced a very useful guide,
“All about UAC for Parents”. It includes all the facts parents (& students)
need to know about UAC and about helping students navigate their way
through the university admissions process.
UAC Information for Year 12 Students provides power point presentations
on the university application process. Students are advised to look at
these prior to making their application. Applications open 7/8/13 and
on-time applications close on 27/9/13. An additional fee is applied to late
The University of Canberra Principal’s Recommendation Scheme enables
students to secure an offer to university in December. Offers are made
only on the basis of principal recommendation; no other supporting
information is required. See me if you are interested in this pathway.
Charles Sturt University invites students to participate in the Principal’s
Report Entry Program (PREP), where they may be eligible to receive a
university offer in November. See me for an application form.
The UTS Principal’s Recommendation Scheme enables candidates to
receive a 10 ATAR point concession below the UTS cut-off. It is available to
financially disadvantaged students. See me for further information.
The University of New England offers early entry to university based on
school recommendation. See me for an application form.
Southern Cross University STAR Entry Scheme lets Year 12 students gain
an early offer to study at Southern Cross University in 2014 based on their
school principal’s recommendation. Applications close 13/9/13.
UTS Engineering Faculty provides the opportunity for students to
complete a questionnaire which may allow a student access to UTS
Engineering if their ATAR falls short of the cut off. The questionnaire is
open from 2/7/13 to 29/11/13.
Private Colleges
CATC Design School Open Day is being held on 14/9/13
Billy Blue College of Design Open Day is being held on 21/9/13
Endeavour College of Natural Health Open Day is being held on 13/10/13
The Australian Film Television and Radio School offers a range of school
holiday courses throughout September for students aged between 9
and 17 who have an interest in filmmaking, game design, animation or
Tocal College provides agricultural and conservation land management
education. They are hosting Open day on 27/9/13 & 4/10/13
Basair Aviation College is hosting Information Sessions in the coming
William Angliss Institute Sydney Open Day is on 14/9/13
Scholarships/ Cadetships
The C.A.S. Hawker Scholarship offers up to $45 000 as a residential
scholarship at a limited number of universities
The University of Notre Dame’s Academic Merit Scholarship applications
are now open.
Australian government cadetship, scholarship, and work experience
opportunities within Australian Government departments and agencies
including attorney-general’s, Defence, immigration and more, are now
The Optus Engineering Cadet Program offers a combination of paid onthe-job learning and paid TAFE studies over 3 years.
UTS Science is advertising a range of scholarships for students studying
specific science or mathematics based courses. See link or poster in
Cameron House.
The NSW Department of Education & Communities - Teacher Education
Scholarship Program applications are open until 4/10/13.
Gap Year ProgramMEs
Projects Abroad is hosting an information night on the 17/9/13
Antipodeans Abroad has sent brochures about their GapBreak program
Student ProgramMEs/ Workshops
ACU is introducing the Faculty of Law to Sydney from 2014. They are
hosting a Law talk and panel discussion on 12/9/13.
The Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE is hosting a HSC & Tertiary
Preparation Course information evening on 11/11/13. Details available
from the coordinator on 9942 0732.
Macquarie University: Uni in a Day provides Yr 10, 11 & 12 students the
opportunity to find out what university life would be like. It is held 27/9/13.
Access Education is holding HSC Exam Revision Lectures at Nth Sydney in
The School for Excellence is hosting HSC revision lectures
Students in Year 10 or 11 who are interested in science or engineering
can take part in the University of New South Wales: Minerals Summer
School 4 day residential summer school. Students will learn about study,
careers, lifestyles and opportunities in the Australian minerals industry.
Applications close 20/9/13.
The School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at UNSW
is inviting high achieving Year 10 & 11 students to take part in the UNSW
Taste of Electrical Engineering 2013 workshop next holidays. Limited
places are available.
Australian Institute of Physics: Physics in Industry Day hosted by CSIRO
Materials Science & Engineering is being held on 7/11/13. This day will
provide students with an insight into how physics is used in real world
The Honeywell Engineering Summer School brings together 100 Year 11
students with the desire to pursue Engineering as their future career. It will
run from 1/12/13 to 6/12/13
Macquarie University: Physics and Astronomy Careers Night is being held
on 11/9/13
ABC Careers Day - Students from years 10 to 12 are invited to attend a trial
careers afternoon on 25/10/13 where they will hear from ABC staff in a
number of different fields.
RSVP: Johanna Hough at [email protected]
College Old Boy Martin Beasley has a vacancy for a student interested in a
Wall & Floor Tiling apprenticeship. Contact Martin on 0417459966
QANTAS Apprentice Program applications are open now for the 2014
AAP has a range of practice aptitude quizzes for people interested in
entering a trade. It’s a general resource designed to illustrate key literacy,
numeracy and comprehension learning standards required of people
attempting an Australian Apprenticeships entry level qualification.
2012 HSC Exam Workbooks are now available to purchase for English,
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Legal Studies, Business Studies,
Studies of Religion, English Extension 1 and PDHPE. The workbooks have
been designed by the Board of Studies to help students prepare for HSC
written exams.
The Australian Government has launched a new site to help young
people find the support and resources they need to overcome barriers
to university study. It allows potential students, families and teachers to
search for information about different types of Government assistance
they can apply for.
MyUniversity provides students with a broad range of information about
Australian universities and other higher education providers.
The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations has
provided copies of “Australian Jobs 2013” which summarises information
about the Australian labour market. I have some copies available.
The Australian Defence Force Academy Education Award is presented
annually to Year 12 students in recognition of leadership potential, and
academic and sporting achievements exhibited during Year 11. The award
comprises of a laptop computer and certificate, along with a plaque of
recognition for your school. Applications close 28/2/14.
For further information on any of the above contact Paul McAlinden
at the College. Previous editions of Career News are available on the College
Portal under the News heading.
Study Skills
Study Tips For Students
End of Term Consolidation of Learning
As we approach the end of the term, there are things that you should do in the next week to consolidate this terms learning.
 Go through all your workbooks and textbooks, ensure all work has been completed and is up to date.
 File into your folder or glue into your workbooks all worksheets.
 Complete study notes for each unit of work you have completed this term, so that they are ready for your examina
tion preparation next term.
Update your Homework/Study Timetable in preparation for Term 4. (Timetables with instructions for each year group can be located on the Academic Site on ATLAS).
 Organise your locker. Were you able to find all items readily each day? Do you need to change the way your locker is organised?
 Evaluate the assessments you completed this term for each subject area.
• What did you do well in the assessment?
• Do you feel you should have done better?
• Why do think you achieved this mark?
• Can you beat your personal best in this subject?
• What are you going to change next time to improve?
Year 12
This week, Year 12 attended a study skills session titled ‘The HSC Countdown’ with Prue Salter from Enhanced Learning Educational Services. The aim was to help Year 12 put together a plan of attack for between now and their final exams. The session focused firstly on what students need to do before the end of term.
It is essential that study notes are completed, students work through their returned Trial HSC exam papers thoroughly (using the checklist provided),
pinpoint areas of weakness and seek help on these, and endeavour to do as much practise of essay writing and past examination papers as they can before the end
of term so they can obtain feedback from teachers.
Each Year 12 student also filled out a grid with their HSC exam timetable, planning the best way to allocate their study time over the weeks prior and during the HSC exams using the guidelines Prue explained. Having a plan in place can take away a lot of exam anxiety, as students know what they need to do to move forward and can see the steps they need to take to make the most of the last few months of their final year of school.
Parents are encouraged to review the handout from the session with students and have students explain their study plan .
Students were also provided with the September 2013 Holiday Study Programme of workshop style classes offered by teachers during the September holidays. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of these sessions.
To contact the Studies Co-ordinators, Middle School students and parents should email Kylie Bowra at
[email protected] and Senior School students and parents should email Tricia Briggs at
[email protected] Both Studies Co-ordinators work closely with their respective Dean of School.
Learning Enrichment News
On 10th September 21 students from Mrs Egger’s Year 10 Science Class and some Learning Enrichment students travelled
to Silverwater to compete in the State Final of the Southern Region Science and Engineering Super Challenge Day
Competition. They participated in the final having won their regional competition at Macquarie University earlier in
the term. Students achieved the outstanding result of fourth place competing against eight other schools from around
the state. They participated in all activities with enthusiasm and displayed innovate and creative ways to solve
various problems presented to them.
The St Augustine’s Team competed against both Sydney and country schools including: Sydney Technical High
School, Epping Boys High School, Keira Girls High, Cedars Christian College, St Patrick’s College Camperdown,
Xavier College and Goulburn High School.
The Challenge is run in every state and territory of Australia and is becoming increasingly more competitive as more schools
have the opportunity to participate. In 2012 more than 24,000 students and 800 schools were involved in the competition.
Graham Bruce
Learning Enrichment Co-ordinator
7 – 12
Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd December 2013
Lands Edge Chowder Bay Sydney
Applicants for the Writer’s Retreat will be required to submit the following:
A portfolio (3-5 entries only) which displays pieces they believe ‘shows their journey through writing’.
All entries should be original. The entries could show a progression in writing ability
(from Year 6 onwards) or exemplify how they have used writing to express something
they are passionate about.
Submissions are due Thursday 10 October 2013 to
Tate Williams by email at [email protected] or via Moran House Office.
College Sport &
Co Curricular Photos
All Sport & Co-curricular photo order envelopes will be
available from the Front Office or the Primary Office
until the end of term. Rugby and Basketball photo order
envelopes are also now available.
Please return order envelopes containing the correct
money to the Front Office by Friday 20 September.
After this date orders will need to be completed by
contacting Advancedlife on Ph 9905 6688.
The College requires complete student, family
and medical information. The information
provided is used for parent communications, in
the event of illness or accident and to assist in
the organisation of excursions and/or sporting
activities. Details currently on record at the
College may have changed; it is a requirement
of enrolment that parents/guardians provide
all known contact details, medical and family
information about their child to the College.
Please contact the College Registrar,
Philippa Sherwood
[email protected]
to advise of any changes.
Readers and Scribes (Writers) are Required for the Year 12 Higher School Certificate:
Monday October 14 – Wednesday November 6, 2010
The NSW Board of Studies recognises that students with a disability, either physical or learning disability, can be disadvantaged
when sitting for exams. In order to help them to demonstrate what they have learned in thesubjects being tested, they can be
granted extra time and the help of a reader and/or scribe for the School certificate Examinations.
Dear Parents and Care Givers
We are in need of volunteers to help some of our Year 12 students as readers and/or scribes in the coming HSC Examinations. If
you are not a current parent of a Year 12 student and you are able to help out the students who qualify for disability provisions
please contact me on email [email protected]
Please leave you name and contact details and I will contact you to discuss the dates and times reader/scribes are required.
Your support is very much appreciated.
Mary Anne Brickwood
Learning Support and Enrichment Coordinator
Thursday 12/9/13
Friday 13/9/13
Monday 16/9/13
Tuesday 17/9/13
Wednesday 18/9/13
Kate Lush (till 11:30am)
Sally Stewart
Louise Lyons
Wendy Croxford
Katrina Harvey
Jo McNaughton
Gill Canning
Rosemary Scognamiglio
Caron Stevenson
Belinda Eady (after 1pm)
Toa Manu
Donna Ryan
Beverly Baxter
Valerie Smidmore
Susan Mohr
Kim Brookes
Catherine Perkins
Kate Bourke
Essie Kassulke
Sharon Porter
Koula Ates
Christina Brain
Please note that the last delivery of sushi, fried rice and noodles will be Thursday 5 September. Normal deliveries will resume at the
commencement of Term 4. Apologies for the inconvenience. Carol Pritchard.
Our Tolle Lege newsletter is only updated once a week. Stay up
to date with Music and Drama. Use the Performing Arts ATLAS
site. Log in here.
Manly Council contacted us requesting for Stage Band 1 to
perform at the Brookvale Show (Saturday, October 19). We
have performed at the last two of these events, and owing to
the popularity of the performance, have been specifically asked
to come back.
We have confirmed our performance slot for 1:30-2:10pm.
Of course, we need to meet at 12:30pm to carry over all
the gear. And again, at the end, no boy can go until all the
equipment is brought back over to the College.
Jazz ensemble and both Stage Bands are playing in this year’s
Manly International Jazz Festival over the October Long
Weekend. Please contact Joseph Montz ASAP if your son
cannot be at the performances listed below.
Boys need to arrive 30 minutes prior the start times in order
to be allowed to play on the day. Boys with large “borrowed”
instruments (eg Baritone Saxophone) need to remember to
take the instrument home with them on the last day of term.
CAST This week:
Thursday 12th - All cast rehearsal for singing at Stella from from 4-5pm.
Last week of Term 3:
Tuesday 17th September - Dance rehearsal at Stella
Thursday 19th - No rehearsal for singing.
Next term:
You will need to be available for dance rehearsals at Stella
on Tuesday afternoons from 4-6pm.
There will be some singing rehearsals at lunchtime at school,
Catharina Shepherd will let you know the times.
Please note there is no regular Thursday rehearsal next term.
Leads will be required for more rehearsals, stay tuned for
The Brass Ensemble is playing at a special fundraiser concert
THIS SUNDAY (September 15) from 2-4pm (see flyer). Boys
need to arrive at 1pm for rehearsal with organist. The
Fundraiser is to raise money for the repair of the Church
Organ at St Mary’s. The boys are hard at work at the moment
preparing for the concert.
Stage Band 1: Saturday, October 5, 12pm
Stage Band 2: Sunday, October 6, 10am
Jazz Ensemble: Monday, October 7, 5:15pm (Council Chambers)
All boys in the Guitar Ensemble have a performance at Manly
Corso next Tuesday from 12:30-1:30pm. Permission notes
have been distributed, and can also be obtained from Lynne
Papahatzis or Joseph Montz.
The Manly Jazz festival is the last week of holidays. Joseph
Montz is holding a special holiday rehearsal for all the bands
involved. Attendance is voluntary, but highly encouraged.
If you would like to review the current rehearsal schedule, you
can find it on the Performing Arts ATLAS site. Log in here.
Stage Band 1: Thursday October 3 – 12-2pm
Stage Band 2: Friday October 4 9-11am
Jazz Ensemble: Friday October 4 11am-12pm
The band for Thoroughly Modern Millie will commence
rehearsals in Term 4 2013. Rehearsals will be held at Stella
Maris College from 3.45pm -5pm on Friday afternoons. Please
see Catharina Shepherd if you have any questions about the
rehearsal or want to put your name down for the band.
The Busking Project gives students an opportunity to perform
in the quad on Monday lunchtime and raise money for the
SEA program at the same time. Please see Jennifer Power to
register for your chance to perform.
If you would like to start learning an instrument in 2013, the
College provides several instrumental tutors.
Please enrol by clicking here and emailing to Lynne Papahatzis.
The College Music Department is always looking to acquire
instruments. Doesn’t matter how big or small it is, or whether
it is not in full working order, we’ll fix it up and find it a great
new home! If you have an instrument lying around unused,
please contact Joseph Montz.
September 15
Brass Ensemble to perform at the Manly Freshwater Parish Fundraiser at St Mary’s Church
September 17
Manly Corso Concert (Guitar Ensemble)
October 5
Manly Jazz Festival (Stage Band 1)
October 6
Manly Jazz Festival (Stage Band 2)
October 7
Manly Jazz Festival (Jazz Ensemble)
October 19
Brookvale Show (Stage Band 1)
November 9
Stage Band 1 to perform at St John the Baptist Fair
Joseph Montz
Performing Arts Co-orinator
Stage Artz proudly presents
Alice the Musical
Based on Alice in Wonderland
Glen Street Theatre: September 20 - 28
Book Now: 9975 1455 or
Supporting The Children's Hospital at Westmead
Congratulations to Daniel Pitcher our Basketball captain on his
selection into the New South Wales Institute of Sport Basketball
squad for 2013. Daniel has been chosen from an elite group
of athletes and will undergo an extremely intense training
programme at the institute of sport that will also prepare
him for the Australian U19 camp that he will attend later this
month.This is another incredible achievement for Dan and the
College congratulates him all the hard work he has put in and
his commitment to the sport.
Congratulations to Isaiah Lee (Year 7) who was recently
selected in the prestigious National Intensive Training
Programme. The NITP is a Basketball Australian programme,
which involved some 500 plus athletes nationally in 9 different
It is designed to identify and develop elite young players
deemed to have the potential to play at the next level. This is a
wonderful achievement for Isaiah and we congratulate him on
the hard work he has put in to be identified at this level.
We also congratulate Jonathan Marsh (Year 11), Daniel
Pitcher (Year 12) and Tom Savage (Year 11) for their continued
involvement in the NITP programme.
NSW High Schools Basketball Tournament
On Thursday and Friday of next week our elite
Basketballers from Years 7-12 will be competing in the
NSW High Schools Basketball tournament at Bankstown
Basketball stadium.
All teams have been preparing over the last few weeks
and we wish them all the best of luck for this tournament.
Our 1st V team will be hoping to carry on their success from
last year’s tournament to become back to back NSW High
School Champions.
19th September
20th September
23rd September
1st V & U17
U13, U14,
Brimson Centre
24th September
1st V & U17
U13, U14,
Brimson Centre
25th September
1st V & U17
U13, U14,
Brimson Centre
30th September
U13, U14,
Brimson Centre
1st October
U13, U14,
Brimson Centre
2nd October
U13, U14,
1ST V & U17
Brimson Centre
3rd October
1st V & U17
4th October
1st V & U17
Emma Donnellan
ISA Basketball TIC
Manly Warringah Basketball
The 2013 season is well underway. There are two games left
before we break for the holiday period and I encourage all
players to ensure they are prepared for each game.
ISA Holiday Training Camps
Cancelled training
A reminder to all ISA players regarding the camps and
tournaments that will be run during the holiday period. It
is compulsory for all players to attend, please notify your
coach if you cannot attend for any reason.
Due to the Brimson Centre being unavailable for the next two
weeks all LOCAL comp teams trainings scheduled to be held in
the Brimson Centre are cancelled.
During the holiday period our 1st and 2nd V will also be
competing in the Sydney Schools Shootout tournament
to be held at Newington College and The Kings School on
Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th October. All players have been
working hard in preparation for this tournament and again
we wish players and coaches the best of luck.
Draws can be accessed from the College website
Kate Donnellan
Manly Warringah Basketball TIC
Well done to all teams that took the field in quite hot
conditions on Saturday for the first game of the season. The
boys looked great in the new cricket playing shirt and Ive
received dozens of positive comments from players, parents,
opponents and even people I met on the weekend who were
driving past cricket matches and saw our boys in action. This
weekend teams will be in action again before taking a break
over the holidays and resuming on October 12.
Well done to Jake Carmody of the U13 Div 2 Greens. Jake
saved several boundaries fielding at deep square leg, running
and diving at the ball, flicking it inside the “ropes” just like an
Aussie cricketer. The result was that he looked like he’d just
finished a game of rugby as his whites were not white. Best
fielding ever seen from a young cricketer in this age group.
Well done Jake!
The U12 Div 2 Green team started their first game of the
season with 7 boys new to Saints next year – some playing
cricket for the first time. Two players batted and retired not
out, plenty of maiden overs bowled and great involvement
from everyone. Looks like we have a promising season ahead
with this group! Well done!
James Scholtens
TIC Cricket
[email protected]
Tom Lodder of the U16/17 Green hits out against Harbord at
Passmore Reserve on Saturday morning in great weather for the first
game of the cricket season. All boys looked great in the new playing
To kick start the 2013/14 season the St Augustine’s College
Cricket Club will be holding its official season launch ‘friend
raiser’ evening along with a trivia night and raffle (main prize
of a signed Michael Clarke Test shirt, plus dinner vouchers and
lots more!) A lot of cricket families have said they are coming
but the official numbers do not quite match up. Please act this
week to reserve your table.
The football presentation dates and times are as follows:
11Yrs – 16Yrs is on Thursday 19th September in the
Brimson Centre, arrive at 6:50pm for a 7:00pm start. Boys
are to wear their full College Winter uniform.
All players are expected to attend. Any issues, please contact
Representative Players
If you played Football this season in a representative team
(eg. Manly United) could you please send me an email to let
me know so I can add your name to my end of season report.
Chris Gray
[email protected]
It will be a great fun night with plenty of laughs.
Date: Venue: Saturday 14th September, 7pm start
Brimson Centre
Get a table of friends together, for a night of fun. See inside
this edition of the Tolle Lege for more information.
I have details of some September / October school holiday
cricket coaching clinics for interested players. Please email me
for further details.
Spice up your bat with a new grip this summer. Only $10 fully
fitted. Bring your bat up to the PE Office for same day service.
Great range of colours available.
Broken Bay Surfing and Body
Boarding Contest
Congratulations to all surfing and body boarding students
who recently competed in the Secondary Broken Bay
Competition at Avoca Beach. Taking on the best in the
Northern beaches and Gosford region, our students
performed well against a strong field of surfers.
Benjamin Penny was outstanding, coming first place in the
opens surfing division. Samson Coulter was also very strong,
coming fourth in the Junior final.
Well done boys.
Garry Simmons
Sports Coordinator (Years 5-9)
St Augustine's Cricket Club
Saturday 14th September
Brimson Centre
7pm for 7.30pm start
$20 per person (incl. GST) - book a table of 10
friends, or we can find you a table
Food and beverages
by 6th September
Prizes for Trivia winners, best
dressed table & best named team
General trivia, games & great
The St Augustine's College
Cricket Club would like to open
up this invitation to the whole
College community and beyond.
Name: .................................................................. Son's name and year: .......................................................................
Mobile number: ...................................................... Email address: .............................................................................
No. of tickets: .............................. Who do you want to sit with? .................................................................................
Payment method – cash, credit card or cheque (payable to St Augustine's College)
(tick box for chosen method)
Visa or
Name on Credit card: ......................................................... Charge card/ enclosed: $.....................
Credit card no: ........................................................................... Expiry date: .......................
Signature: .....................................................................
Please return this booking slip to the School Finance Office by Friday 6th September
All team lists and team names are on display on the College
notice boards both in Primary and Senior school ( “A”block).
Would all boys please check the notice boards to ensure we
haven’t missed anyone.
This Friday will be the last day to make any changes to
the teams as we only have one more week to have all our
registrations in and completed.
Any boy wishing to change teams is to see me at recess or
NBFA have advised that the season will now commence in the
second week of term 4.
Draws for all teams will not be available until after the school
holidays, however, we will keep you posted should this change.
Boys will be playing in their winter football uniforms and shirts
will be given out in the first week of term 4.
David Anglicas
TIC Futsal
ISA Athletics Carnival
Saints win ISA Division 1 Athletics Carnival
Congratulations to all students who attended the ISA Athletics
Carnival at Homebush on 10th September.
There were some outstanding achievement s on the day:
The Junior, Intermediate and Senior Relays all came 1st
Jack Maguire 1st in Shot Put and Discus
Deng Gak 1st in High Jump
Bill Awet 1st in High Jump
Lachlan Cooper 1st in 800m and 1500m breaking the
records in both races.
The Juniors won their competition and the Intermediate and
Seniors placed 2nd in their competition.
More detailed results will follow next week once we have
received the official results from the ISA.
John Papahatzis
Head of Sport & Co-curricular

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