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Mrs B Newton
Thanks to all the staff and students for their contributions
Cover Acknowledgments
Front: Yr 8 students mountain biking at Cannock Chase Nov 2014
Back: Remembrance Day service at KNBS November 2014
Headteacher’s Message
I am very proud to be writing my first message for The Eagle. This has been a very
busy term including a wonderful Prize Giving evening and superb Christmas
concert. We also welcomed the Old Nortonians into school for their annual visit
during October where students past and present met up to reminisce about their
schooldays here at KNBS.
A key impression I have had during my first term here at King’s Norton Boys’ is the
importance of the school’s traditions; the re-launch of The Eagle exemplifying this.
I am a firm believer in the importance of moving with the times and embracing
change, but I also recognise the importance of our traditional values. For
example, engendering in students pride in their appearance and respect for
others are still as important today as they were in the past.
The opportunities we give to our students both inside and out of the classroom
provide them with the skills necessary to succeed academically and personally.
Looking through this edition of The Eagle you can see the range of experiences on
offer at KNBS and what a great school this is to be associated with.
I look forward to working with staff, students and parents to make sure KNBS
continues to be as successful in 2015 and beyond.
Paul Woodhouse
2 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Chair of Governors Message
What good news! Our best ever GCSE and A level results. Congratulations to all
the boys, congratulations also to the young men in our 6th form who look
incredibly smart in their suits. They have even been commended by members of
the public.
As we all knuckle down to the hard work of a new academic year, hoping for
greater success, I would like to remind everyone of our school message,
“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in day out”
Sarah Brown
Head Boy Message
As the school year is well underway it might be a good time to introduce myself
and the rest of the Headboy team. There are six of us in total, one Head boy,
two Deputies and three other team members. As a group, it’s a big
commitment to be part of the team and one that we all take very seriously. One
of our main functions is to represent the school at events, whether that means
speaking to parents, students or visitors such as at the recent Prize Giving
evening or by just being on hand to help out and meet and greet at the
numerous events that take place throughout the school year.
We also play a prominent role in fundraising and planning Sixth Form social and extra-curricular
activities. This an important part of our role as it isn’t just about A Levels and grades but about
enhancing the community spirit with some time away from our work.
More importantly, we are the voice of the student body at school. This starts with the fact that
we ourselves are students. Most of the concerns or queries you may have, we’ve probably had
at some point in our time at King’s Norton Boys’ School. Our job is to relate these concerns to the
teachers from the students point of view and to work alongside them to ensure our educational
and pastoral needs are supported. It’s important to realise that we do not just represent the Sixth
Form but the school body as a whole and with this in mind we work hard to encourage and
maintain links between the students in the lower school and the Sixth Form. This is apparent
when you see the partnership that takes place with the Sixth Formers and the year 7 & 8 students
who attend the reading and maths workshops in the library.
We care about our school, we care about its students and we want it to be the best it can
possibly be. We are dedicated as a team to help both the staff and our fellow students and
hope we can make a real impact. We aim to work hard over the next academic year and
make a real difference to all those here at KNBS.
Aaron Drapkin.
3 King’s Norton Boys’ School
House News
It has been a fantastic start to the academic year for Neptune House and I
have been extremely pleased with the progress and commitment shown by
students. It has been a privilege for me to send home such a vast amount of
praise postcards recognising the success of so many students within the
house. We are also celebrating record attendance figures in the house (96%)
and it is clear to see the correlation between effort, attendance and
success. At the recent awards assembly many pupils achieved 100%
attendance and certificates for 50 positive red flags – an impressive feat.
A special mention must go to the following boys who have achieved the coveted „Student of
the Week Award.‟ This is a prestigious award that can only be achieved by one pupil in the
whole of Neptune each week. Pupils are recognised through their effort, commitment and
contribution towards a positive school ethos. The following boys should be extremely proud of
their efforts: Matthew Lea 7N, Dylan Price 8N, Bryan Achy 8N, Nathan Hitchman 9N, Ciaron
Bevan 9N and Ethan Carter 11N.
Neptune House has had success on many fronts, and what was particularly pleasing was to
see our House crowned champions in the recent Rugby competitions. Sport offers so many
vital life skills and it is clear to see how effective the team work is within Neptune. A special
mention must go to Alex Mistry and Nicolas Igracev who represented the House in an
exceptional manner.
I look forward to recognising progress, attendance and achievement in the coming term.
Excellent start boys, well done!
Mr Bradley
Mercury House earned 6500 house points during the first eight weeks of the
new academic year! Mercury are currently top of the House point
league table and are battling to secure their first championship title in three
years! Out of the top three highest achieving students in KNBS, Ben Wilson
(9M) represents Mercury House; having earned 89 HP since the start of term.
Well done Ben! I have been impressed with the contribution each member of
Mercury House has made to a wide variety of competitions and extracurricular activities so far this year.
Students are leading their own charity fundraising events and raising money for KNBS's chosen
causes. Last year, Mercury House raised the highest amount of money for charity and this
year, we intend to raise even more! Mercury House team are proud of the start their students
have made to the new academic year and we hope to build on these successes as we move
into 2015.
Mr Lingard
Saturn have been working really hard since the last edition of The Eagle. The
achievement system has now changed whereby red flags count towards
form and individual totals, as boys strive to achieve their best. Notable
performers have been Leigh McLellan 82 red flags, Matej Novakovic
89 and David Joseph 90. House rugby has also been a highlight during the
autumn term. There have been good levels of participation, and the boys'
from Saturn performed to a high standard. The year 9 and 10 team were the
stand out performers with
4 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Jamie Maynard, Nathaniel Christie, Joe Beesley, Faizan Ramzan, Jake Whitmarsh, Sam
Fitzpatrick, Tom Stone, Sasha Melville and Ned Hollyoak winning the house rugby trophy for
I look forward to celebrating both academic and sporting achievements over the coming
Mr Ramsey
Jupiter House have continued to set high standards this year and once again
won the overall house competition in July. As a reward for this great win, the
3rd in a row, the whole house were invited to go on a trip to Drayton Manor
just before the school broke up for October half term. The students and staff
had a great time and it was fun and worthy reward for a very strong house.
This year there has been a change in the way we record house points with all
boys now gaining 1HP for every positive red flag they get in lessons.
Currently the top four for Jupiter House are Danny Blake-Burke 9J with 93, Adan Omar 10J with
82, Cameron Smith-Mullings with 77 and Tommy Williams 8J with 77. The form with most HP's so
far this year in Jupiter are 8J with 1637.
The continuing hard work and determination of all the boys in Jupiter House is as always
paying off and in particular they collectively have an attendance of 96% which is extremely
pleasing. In particular 7J stood out during the certificate hand out at the start of the month
where 20 of the 30 boys were awarded a 100% attendance certificate.
I am extremely proud to be head of Jupiter house and look forward to seeing them continue
to succeed into 2015 and beyond.
Mr Clifton
Pastoral News
Anti Bullying Week
Along with most schools in the country KNBS took part in
recognising National Anti Bullying Week from 17th - 21st
November. Students in year 7 had the opportunity to have PSME
lessons on 'cyberbullying' delivered by the school's PCSOs, and
there was a moving whole school assembly on 'Standing
Together' against bullying.
We are pleased to announce that the school's attendance is currently a 'best ever', coming in
at a fraction under 96%. A large percentage of boys still have 100% attendance for the school
year which is particularly pleasing.
Peer Mentoring
The peer mentoring system instated at the end of last term is successfully up and running, with
numerous students having benefited from one-to-one support from our mentoring team. The
mentors will continue to work with the Student Support Team during the coming year, and we
will restart the selection process in the summer term.
Mr Allen and Ms Steele
5 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Welcome to KNBS
Miss P Bishop
I studied Biology at the University of Birmingham and stayed on to complete
my teacher training. I have a keen interest in animals having previously
worked with the rhinos at Chester Zoo. In my spare time I enjoy white water
kayaking and hiking outdoors.
Mr J Butler
I am a newly qualified Maths teacher and am privileged to be a part of
KNBS at such an exciting time for the school. I was born in Boston before
going on to study Maths at Derby. I love the number crunching and
statistical sides of mathematics. Currently, I live in Birmingham and outside
of the school I am a bit of a sports fanatic being a partisan fan of Boston
United (football) and Sebastian Vettel (Formula 1), whilst also playing cricket
and other sport whenever I’m not watching it on TV. I also have an interest
in languages, having studied both French and German beyond GCSE.
Mr A Buxton
I am the newest member of the Music department and I have just moved to
the Birmingham area from London where I lived for the last 16 years. Before
entering the teaching profession I was a member of Her Majesty's Regimental
Band of the Coldstream Guards as one of the Queen's Trumpeters. I love
everything to do with music, especially the music technology side of things.
Some people may think of me as a geek because I love tinkering
with gadgets and computers. My greatest achievements to date are
performing at "Live 8" which was watched by 3 billion people and two
Classical Brit nominations
Mr D Janes
I am a newly qualified teacher. I studied Sports Coaching Science at
Worcester University before completing my teacher training at
Wolverhampton University. Teaching is my passion and I am really happy to
be part of the KNBS philosophy. As you have probably guessed I love sports,
with football being my main discipline. I have previously coached at
Birmingham City Academy and in America. I currently represent
Worcestershire in the recruitment and selection of students who play for
England at school level. I enjoy participating in a range of sports, and I
especially enjoy the theory side of the subject. Away from these
commitments, I enjoy watching films, especially horror! I hope to make a
positive impact on the boys at the school, engaging them to share my
enthusiasm for learning.
6 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Ms C Kamieth
Business Studies/Travel & Tourism
I am originally from Germany and moved to the UK in the summer of 2014. I
am currently in my 7th year of teaching. Before coming here I worked at a
vocational college in Hamburg, Germany teaching MFL English, Business
Studies and Economics to students doing their training as a travel agent or
Ship Broker. At KNBS I teach Business Studies, ICT and Travel and Tourism. In
my free time I enjoy travelling, going to the cinema and reading. My greatest
weakness though is SHOPPING – I have a slight shoe addiction owning over
80 pairs. Unfortunately I had to leave most of them behind which sadly is
forcing me to buy new ones 
Ms E Knight
I grew up in Kings Heath and went to study Criminology at Nottingham Trent
University. I then lived in France for a year and worked as a lifeguard. When I
returned, I completed my Masters in Terrorism, Security and Policing at the
University of Leicester, after which I completed my PGCE in Secondary
Mathematics at Warwick University. Outside of work I have always been a
keen sports person, playing hockey most regularly.
Mr K Keelan
I was brought up on the Wirral, before going to study at the University
of Manchester. I completed my PGCE at Oxford & having taught for the past
three years at a similar, but mixed school in Oxfordshire. I've recently moved
to Birmingham to teach Chemistry. In my spare time, I enjoy reading about &
travelling to new countries, managing to rack up sixteen this year!
Ms R O’Neill
I am Irish born and was bred in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I did my
undergraduate degree in Modern History at the Queens University in Belfast
and my teaching degree at Exeter University. This is my first year as a newly
qualified teacher and I am very happy to begin my career at KNBS . From a
young age I have always been fascinated by and enjoyed History and I
hope that my lessons have this impact on the students I teach. I had the
opportunity to live and study in Berlin, Germany for 6 months (I did not know
a word of German!). This experience helped me develop my own
knowledge of historical time periods that particularly interest me such as
inter-war Europe, Communist Russia and Nazi Germany.
7 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Mr O Parsons
I was appointed Head of Mathematics in September of this year after
successfully teaching at both King’s Norton Girls’ School and King Edward VI
Five Ways for the past nine years. My degree is in Mathematical Sciences
from the University of Birmingham (both B.Sci and M.Sci). I was born in Kings
Norton and have lived locally all my life. Besides Mathematics I am an avid.
supporter of West Bromwich Albion Football Club and enjoy playing guitar in
my spare time
Mr L Wallace
I came to KNBS this September to join the P.E and Geography Dept. All of the
staff and students have made me feel extremely welcome since arriving. I
have a big passion for sport, particularly rugby. I have represented Hereford
and Worcester County and Irish Exiles on a number of occasions,
and currently play for a local club. I enjoy music, I play guitar and am a big
Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. I'm also a bit of a film buff, with a personal
favourite of mine being Anchorman. “ I have many leather-bound books
and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.”
Charity News
Following our student council meeting in October
we are delighted to announce that we will be
supporting 3 charities for 2014/15. They are the
Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, Motor Neurone
Disease and Leukaemia Research. We have a very
strong tradition of helping others here at KNBS and
over the past 6 years have raised over £26,000 for
charity. We will be holding our first charity week of
the year in the last week of this term with the return
of the ever popular KNBS Has Got Talent Show
taking place on Thursday 18th December. Our aim is
to raise at least £1000 for each of our chosen
charities over the next 12 months through a wide
variety of fundraising events during our 3 charity
We are extremely proud of all our students and their
generosity towards those less fortunate than
Look out for the pictures of the weeks events and
more information on our chosen charities in the next
issue of The Eagle.
Mrs Newton
8 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Welcome to our new
Starting at a new school is a big step for your son. We
work hard to ensure that their move to KNBS is a
positive experience and that their time here is
successful and fulfilling. There are plenty of
opportunities for our students to take part in while
they are here at KNBS. Our extra-curricular timetable
is available on the school website as well as being
displayed in form rooms and around school. We
encourage all our students to experience all aspects
of school life both inside and outside of the
We spoke to some of our new year 7 students
recently to ask how they feel now they have their first
term behind them...
“It was a bit scary at first starting at a new school but I
soon settled in. I‟ve made some great new friends
and really enjoy it here. My favourite lesson is Maths
because I love numbers. I like being able to go
outside onto the playground and playing fields at
break and lunchtime. I go to the library after school
to meet up with my friends and do my homework.”
“I really enjoy all the sports here at KNBS. My
favourite subject is P.E. I‟ve really enjoyed my first
term here at KNBS and think it‟s great.”
“I‟ve made lots of new friends. I‟ve joined the
Warhammer Club in the library and have settled in
really well.”
“I like how easy it has been to make new friends. I
really like my new school”
“Everyone is really friendly here. My favourite subject
is Science because I like doing the experiments.”
“I have been able to find my way around very
quickly. I like ICT the best but I also really enjoy P.E. I
think this is the best school!”
“My favourite subject is Technology because I really
enjoy making things. I also like Art. I‟ve joined the
Warhammer and Badminton clubs and have made
lots of new friends. The staff are really helpful and
“I‟ve had a great first term at KNBS. I was nervous but
once I‟d made some new friends and found my way
around I was ok. I like the different lessons and the
canteen. The food is really nice.”
9 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Sixth Form News
Our Sixth Formers began their new term looking exceptionally smart and ready for the
challenge of a new chapter in their educational life. We welcomed back many familiar faces
to our Sixth Form with 56 of our former year 11 students continuing their studies at KNBS as well
as a number of students from other local schools. They have all had a very positive first term
and share some of their thoughts of their first few weeks with us below.
“After looking at multiple colleges and Sixth Forms, there was something that attracted me
towards KNBS. I liked the facilities and courses on offer and felt that the members of staff were
very passionate about their subjects when compared to other colleges. I was also drawn
towards the fact that the Sixth Form uses the school site so the change wouldn‟t be too drastic.
I liked the attitude of the students as they, along with the staff, welcomed me into the Sixth
Form and within two months of being a student here I have made a lot of friends. Overall, I feel
that KNBS is a very welcoming environment and I‟m very happy to have chosen it.”
“Many of the Sixth Form and Colleges I looked at were attractive in their own way but KNBS
was exceptional. The students and staff were very polite and welcoming to a new face. I have
found it very easy to make friends and have really settled into the KNBS way of life.”
“The first thing I noticed about Sixth Form is the amount of control you have of your school life.
As I had been a student for the past five years I already knew a lot about the school. As a
Sixth Former the staff expect a lot more from you but are always willing to help when you need
it. So far I have had a great time working with fellow students on projects and learning things
that interest me.”
“ I had been at this school for five years before deciding to come to the Sixth Form. As a result
I already knew my way around the school which helped me to settle in. I decided to stay at
KNBS because as well as having lots of friends here I think the teachers are great, even if a
little strict at times!”
“I chose KNBS Sixth Form because I had been a student here for the past five years and had
seen how much it had improved in that time. I really like the staff and was looking forward to
all the varied courses on offer. I like the fact that it is a mixed Sixth Form and that you have the
opportunity to attend both centres. I am really enjoying my chosen subjects and am very
happy that I chose KNBS over anywhere else.”
10 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Leavers Destinations 2014
Bashar Abuwarda
Nicholas Adams
Burhan Adi
Yusef Bastaway
Will Bozic
Will Brice
Mattia Brogna
Ethan Brotherton
Oscar Cutts
Peter D’Urso
David Davies
Connor Evans
Harri Evans
Will Fewster
Jake Fisher
Makiese Futila
Denis Gerassimenko
Thomas Gould
Araf Haque
Lance Hayward
Bradley Hendry
Thomas Heslop
Sam Hughes
William Hughes
Madhava Laarbi
Brogan Kambo
Joseph Lester
Nashwan Manounah
Nicholas McEvoy
Brendon Mtengwa
Thomas Newman
Ben O’Rourke
Joseph Oakes
Daniyel Owusu-Darko
Jack Pumphrey
Jeevan Rama
Jake Ringland
Daniel Roberts
Jay Ryatt
Samraj Sahota
Ben Sharp
Daniel Thomas
Thor Thompson
James Ville
Joshua Winnicott
Xander Zandhuis
Rumahn Zuman
University of Derby
Coventry University
University of Leeds
University of Leicester
Birmingham City University
Worcester University
University of Wolverhampton
Manchester Met University
Newcastle University
Leeds Metropolitan University
Newman University
University of Manchester
University of Sheffield
University of Birmingham
Worcester University
University of Hertfordshire
Leeds Metropolitan University
University of Sheffield
University of Kent
University of Worcester
Staffordshire University
Stratford Upon Avon College
Swansea University
Aberystwyth University
Birmingham City University
University of Warwick
Swansea University
Loughborough University
Birmingham City University
University of Warwick
Newman University
University of Wolverhampton
King’s College, London
University of Brighton
Keele University
University of Derby
Liverpool John Moores University
Aston University
Birmingham City University
University of Derby
Swansea University
Loughborough University
Birmingham City University
Sheffield Hallam University
Leiden University (Netherlands)
Nottingham Trent University
Business Management
Civil Engineering
Natural Sciences
Music Technology
Sports Therapy
Video & Film Production
Design Engineering
Modern Languages
Sport Business Management
Sports Science
Physics with Astrophysics
Biological Sciences
Football Business Management
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Sport & Exercise Science
Sports Journalism
Performing Art (Acting)
Software Engineering
Forensic Computing
Aerospace Engineering
Sport & Exercise Science
Art & Design
Sport & Education Studies
Music Technology
Nursing (Mental Health)
Economics & Mathematics
Accounting & Finance
Accounting & Finance
Sport & Exercise Science
11 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Library News
Film Club
Our Friday lunchtime film club is still very popular with all year
groups. Since our return in September we have had a few
new members join us in watching and reviewing films.
We have found that as well as giving our students the
opportunity to watch a movie with their friends, film club also
builds talking and listening skills as well as improving their
literacy when writing their reviews.
Students and staff can now access the library catalogue via
the school website. They can search for books, write reviews,
reserve items and renew loans. More information will be
given to students on how they can use this new resource in
the new year.
Literacy news
The paired reading scheme is back and proving very
successful already. The Sixth Form students have been
meeting with their year 7 partners every Tuesday and
Thursday in the school library for their reading sessions. The 20
minutes spent reading to their Sixth Form student is invaluable
in improving the reading skills and confidence of the
younger students.
“Reading is the most important subject in school. To master
any other subject you need to be able to read.”
Mrs Newton
Maths News
All pupils studying Maths at A-level were entered into the UK
Maths Trust Senior Maths Challenge. This is the first time that
all pupils studying Maths in the Sixth Form have been entered
into the competition, and they performed exceptionally well.
A particular mention should be made to James Taylor (Y13),
Will Davies and Rachael Ward (Y12) for achieving the Silver
award, with the Bronze award going to Craig Walker,
Hayoung Cho, Jamie Tennant, Matthew Igracev (All Y13),
Tom Admans-White, Aaron Greatrex-Sweeney, Peter Bond,
David Bond, Joshua Challis, Deklan Pollock, Sam Wood and
Ben Lawrence (Y12). Well done on a fantastic achievement!
Maths intervention
The Maths workshops run by Mrs Mucklow and held in the
library have been very busy this term with 20 students being
mentored by the Sixth Form students in their maths skills. Just
20 minutes of extra maths help every week makes a massive
difference to the skills and confidence of the students being
12 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Prize Giving Evening
Our Annual Prize Giving Evening held on Thursday 16th
October was a great success with staff, students and
parents having the opportunity to celebrate the
fantastic achievements of the students as well as
being able to catch up with old friends. Headboy
Aaron Drapkin welcomed everyone to the evening.
Our new Headteacher, Mr Paul Woodhouse then
introduced our special guest, former Headteacher,
Clive Sentance who gave a very inspiring speech
about the importance of good habits and hard work.
His speech reiterated the importance of our school
saying, “ Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated
day in and day out.” We were also extremely
fortunate to welcome Mr Karl Hearne, former
Headteacher of KNBS to once again present the
Howard Stockley Prize.
As well as the awards
themselves the other highlight of the night was the
musical performance by year 10 student Christopher
Pearson on piano.
Year 8 & 9 Awards
English – Tomas Wainwright, Liam Campbell, Declan
& Bradley Humphries
Maths – Tim Hayton, Daniel Rose, Billy Speakman &
Daniel Coates
Science – Andrew Afoakwa, Alfred Banner & Fred
Art – David Joseph & Marcus Williams
Geography – Charles Grice & Arnov Paul-Choudhury
Music – Billy Gallagher & Shiloh-Taye Anderson
Religious Education – Ryan Burt, & Ethan Powell
MFL – Alex Hemming & Andre Bras-Goldberg
Technology – Matej Novakovic & Aymen Aulaiwi
P.E. – Alfred Crowson & Nathaniel Christie
History – Ben Haywood & Ben Grace
Year 10 Awards
English – Daniel Franklin & Joshua Agathanggelou
Maths – Mohammed Faraazullah & Christopher
Science – David Nyikako, Alexander Borthwick &
Joseph Styles
Art – Brad Cunningham
Geography – Andrew Chan
Music – Matthey Foley
Religious Education – Henry Bowen
MFL – James Bledsoe
Technology – Isaac Lester
P.E. – Daniel O’Donoghue
History – Oliver Smart
13 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Year 11 Awards
English – Keir Stephenson & James Leach
Maths – Federico Brogna & Peter Speakman
Science – Paul Britton & Oliver Page
Art – Tom Allen
Geography – Harry Williams
Music – Joshua Lyons
Religious Education – Shafiq Hussain
MFL – Matthew Pumphrey
Technology – Connor Herring
History – Lewis O’Callaghan
Business Studies – Sam Fleming
ICT- – Adam Kiani
Media – Fayed Hussain
Achievement across the Curriculum
Jamie Fisher, Joshua Appleby, Ben Dewes
Awards for outstanding sporting performance
Joseph Spalding & Gileon Lorenzo-Whervin
Awards for outstanding GCSE performance
Charlie Crofts
Joshua Challis
Reuben Pritchard
Franz Del Rosario
Jack Macpherson
Jamie Human
William Davies
Alexander Keith
David Bond
Jamie Clabon
Cyril Ewins Prize – Jacob Ballard
Howard Stockley Prize – Yongsun Ju
Brett Linley Prize – Alex Rigby
14 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Art News
Fantastic results
Congratulations to last years
GCSE group who achieved
95.5% A* - C grades of which
77% were A* - B and 36% were
A* - A.
A special mention must go to
the following boys who were
awarded either an A* - A
grade at GCSE:
Thomas Breakwell (A*), Oliver
Blackburn (A*), Isaac Peat
(A*), Callum Smith-Mullings
(A), Harry Clabon (A), Jamie
Clabon (A), James Phenix (A),
and Benjamin Quiney (A).
We would also like to
recognise the excellent results
awarded to the AS and A2
AS 2014: 89%
A2 2014: 100%
Ms Moysi &
Miss Gowreesunker
15 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Learning Support News
John Muir Award
The year 7 nurture group have been working very hard in the
school garden as part of their involvement in the John Muir
Award. They have been very fortunate to have a volunteer from
TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) to advise them on growing
crops effectively, looking at different types of weeds and
composting. “The John Muir Award is an environmental award
that encourages people of all backgrounds to connect, enjoy
and care for wild places through a structured yet adaptable
For more information on what the award is and how it benefits
our students visit:
KNBS meets the Wombles
As part of The Big Tidy Up we were invited to meet up with the
Wombles at Kings Norton Playing Fields on Friday 10th October. It
was great fun and everyone had a fantastic time even though
it was picking up litter!!
Our students also had the opportunity to work with the local
environment agency who were carrying out water testing at the
same time.
Well done to all those who took part.
Ms Drennan & Mrs Wallace
Student Council & Eco
Council News
Our Student Council met for the first time on Friday 3rd October.
The agenda included how we communicate, chosen charities
for 2014/15, and celebrating success. As well as talking about
general school issues such as catering, uniform etc we also
agreed our chosen charities for the next 12 months. We will be
supporting Motor Neurone Disease, Muscular Dystrophy
Campaign and Leukaemia Research and aim to raise £1000 for
each charity through fundraising activities over the next year.
The Eco-Council met on Friday 24th October where we
discussed how we communicate with others and our successful
Health for Life Grant bid. Following our success with the Health
for Life grant we have also been able to register some of our
students and two members of staff onto a fully-funded sports
leadership programme. This gives them the chance to gain a
variety of sports coaching qualifications which will benefit all our
The feedback we have had from all our Student and Eco reps
has shown that their role is vital in ensuring that the students of
KNBS have a voice within the school community. If you would
like to know more about what we discuss at the Eco and
Student council meetings you can download the minutes on
the school website.
Mrs Newton
16 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Music News
This year, the music department is working hard to make
sure that all KNBS students have the opportunity to
participate in extra-curricular activities. Alongside our
well-established King's Norton Swing Band, Mr Buxton has
started the King's Brass Band and we have joined forces
with KNGS to create King's Norton Symphony Orchestra!
CBSO comes to KNBS
In October, musicians from City of Birmingham Symphony
Orchestra visited the school to play in two
performances attended by nearly two hundred year 7- 13
KNBS students. Over the last two years we have been
exciting musical opportunities for our students. In January
2015, our year 7 students will have the opportunity to visit
Symphony Hall to see a live performance and will get to
meet and greet some of the CBSO musicians.
Drum workshop
In November, five members of our year 12 music
technology group accompanied Mr Lingard and Ms
Wallace on a visit to Brays School in Sheldon. Brays School
has an excellent reputation for working with students with
special educational needs. KNBS were invited to run a
African Drumming workshop, and this culminated
compositions to the entire school!
Christmas Concert
On December 4th we held our Christmas Concert.
Students worked very hard to prepare for this event and it
was the first time King’s Brass and King’s Norton Symphony
Orchestra performed to an audience.
We are very proud of all our musicians and look forward
to a very successful and musical 2015 .
Mr Lingard and Mr Buxton
Science News
On the 14th of September Y12 A-Level Biology and
Physics students visited the British Science Festival held at
the University of Birmingham. They attended lectures and
workshops on Particle Physics, Gravitational Waves, Virus
transmission modelling and Plant Behaviour. This event
gave students an excellent insight into the wider world of
Science and Science based careers providing
inspiration as they begin their A-Level studies.
Mr Hodgetts
17 King’s Norton Boys’ School
History News
In or out...KNBS decide!
On September 18th we held our own version of the
Scottish Referendum with all staff and students invited
to take part in the voting. The polls opened on the
morning with a great flurry of interest. The Sixth Form
polling clerks did a great job manning the station and
ensuring that the votes were cast fairly and in
accordance with our strict guidelines!
After a nail-biting few hours we were ready to
announce the results..
125 votes were cast
Yes: 23 votes 18.4%
No: 101 votes 80.8%
Spoilt: 1 vote 0.8% (This voter very firmly told Scotland
where to go!!)
Poland trip
As this issue of The Eagle goes out a group of year 11
students and staff are visiting Krakow, Poland. The trip
will also include a visit to Auschwitz/Birkenau
concentration camp, Oskar Schindler’s factory and the
Jewish Quarter of Krakow. Students will also have the
opportunity to meet and talk with a survivor of
Auschwitz. The purpose of the trip is to give the students
a wider understanding of the nature of WW2 and the
Holocaust and it will be an invaluable experience for
everyone involved. We will include a full report with
photographs in our Summer 2015 edition of The Eagle.
Welcome to our new teacher
We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome
our newest member of staff, Ms R O’Neill to the History
Department. Ms O’Neill is also Form Tutor for 7N and
joins us as a newly qualified teacher. She has written a
little piece about her background which you can read
on page 7.
Geography News
The Geography students have had the opportunity to
take part in some very informative and educational
trips over the past 6 months. The year 8 students visited
South Wales and the Big Pit Museum on 4th July, the
year 10 students took part in a field trip to the
Cotswolds as part of their GCSE Geography controlled
assessment on 16th October and the year 9 students
were very lucky to have the opportunity to visit the
Olympic Park in London on 14th November.
All visits were very successful with the students enjoying
the chance to get out of the classroom.
18 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Outdoor Pursuits News
The Outdoor Pursuits Department led by Mr Mobley has had
a very busy Autumn term with students taking part in a wide
range of extra-curricular opportunities.
The boys have been canoeing down the River Severn to
Arley, sailing on Edgbaston Reservoir, canoeing down the
Worcester Birmingham canal into Birmingham city centre,
sailing around the Greek Islands, rock-climbing at Creation
Climbing Centre in Moseley and mountain-biking at
Cannock Chase.
DofE News
Bronze Final Expedition 2014
Congratulations to the following boys who successfully
completed the challenging 15-mile practice hike in
Cannock Chase from 19th – 20th June and from 2nd - 3rd July
Team 1: Sam Carson, Peter Speakman, Simeon Johnson,
Jamie Fisher, Adam Kiani, James Leach.
Team 2: Jacques Charmetton, Matthew Street, Oliver Page,
Lewis O’Callaghan, Nathan Coley, Paul Britton, Nico
Team 3: Alex Mistry, Henry Payne, Jon Maxfield, Sam
Clements, Tom Jarvis, Matt Pumphrey, James Speirs.
Team 4: James Holmes, Keir Stephenson, Shifaq Hussain,
Federico Brogna, Tom Allen, Alex Caley, Jake Jones.
Team 5: James Pitts, Jack Carroll, Freddie Jevons, Josh
Gauntlett, Ryan Murray,
The weather was very kind to us over both days, which made
the expedition a very enjoyable experience for all. All teams
coped very well with the challenges that they faced, and
the morale of each team was very high. Well done to all of
them! I would also like to thank Mr Bale for leading the
expedition, as well as Ms Tully and Mrs Ayres for the support
they offered to me and the boys.
Silver Practice Expedition
Congratulations to the following boys who successfully
completed the challenging 30-mile practice hike in the
Derbyshire Peak District from 26th – 28th September 2014:
Team 1: Oliver Page, Paul Britton, Tom Jarvis, Tom
Woodhead, Josh Lyons, Jacques Charmetton.
Team 2: James Pitts, Noah Ledgister, Ezra Keating, Jack
Watson, Keir Stephenson.
The weather was very kind to us throughout the 3 days,
especially considering the time of year. Both teams coped
well with the challenges that they faced, and morale
remained high throughout. Well done! I would also like to
thank Mr Mobley as well as Mrs Wallace and Miss Bishop for
their hard work and support.
Mr O’Connell - DofE Award Leader
19 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Year 7 Activity Week
In July 2014 we held our annual Year 7 expedition to the
seaside! 75 boys along with 7 very foolhardy brave members
of staff travelled to Porthcawl, South Wales for a week of
activities including, canoeing, gorge-walking, surfing, bodyboarding, swimming, climbing, raft-building, quad-biking,
archery, laser tag, orienteering, paddle surfing and much
more. The trip was a huge success with all the boys having the
opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities they may
not have normally have access to. The week ended with a
celebratory BBQ with all the staff and students enjoying a well
earned feast and a game of football. As always the extra
curricular activities available at KNBS have given our students
the chance to experience life outside the classroom. Thank
you to Mr Bradley for organising such a great week and for
providing us with lots of wonderful memories.
20 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Sports News
The Year 7 and 8 boys have been working hard after school
to facilitate their football development. The boys play in a
variety of matches, working under various match play
conditions. Recently, the focus has been on developing a
'football vocabulary'. By using key terms during phases of
play, the boys are able to recognise a situation and adapt
accordingly. This structure will allow the boys to improve their
understanding and application of football, which they can
take into school fixtures and into their out of school clubs.
Year 8 Football Team - The boys achieved a fantastic result
against Shenley Academy, winning 5-1 to advance into the
next round of the cup. Playing in a new system, the boys
showed superb versatility and adaptability in order to
execute the tactical game plan. The team played with
commitment, dedication and passion as they began to
control proceedings. The goals started to come through slick
passing and movement, with Mustafa scoring 3 goals. A solid
display from Ben Haywood in goal, as well as the defence,
allowed the rest of the team to flourish. Andrew Mhondiwa
received Man of the Match with a fantastic all round display.
The boys entertain CTC Kingshurst Academy after half term.
Mr Janes
Rugby has really taken off at KNBS this year, with a lot of
interest from the lads wanting to be a part of the growing
rugby scene. With fantastic numbers at every training session,
the school has also forged links with Kings Norton RFC.
The Year 8 rugby team drew their first game against Parkside school from Worcester and narrowly
lost to Aston Fields School from Bromsgrove after conceding a few late tries. Fantastic
performances from all of the lads so far and a sign of big things to come. House Rugby was a
great success with over 150 boys competing in the week long competition across all years. The
overall winners were Neptune with Jupiter 2nd, Saturn 3rd and Mercury 4th. The effort, skill and
pride in representing their Houses was very prominent throughout.
Women’s Rugby World Cup Winner Heather Fisher came in to give a motivational talk and
practical session to rugby players from KNBS .
The Year 9 rugby team continue to develop after their impressive season last year with a string of
good performances. An outstanding 45-45 draw with Camp Hill shows the determination and
improvement that this team are making.
The Year 10 Rugby team are through to the 4th round of the Natwest National Cup Plate
competition and have really grown as a team. Experienced players such as Dan O'Donoghue,
Jamie Maynard and Joe Carter have led the way, combined with efforts from newcomers such as
Sam White, Adan Omar and Alex Djukic.
The Year 11 Rugby team won the district 7's championship held at KNBS. A strong year group face
some tough fixtures in the remainder of the year and successful results will hopefully define them as
a team.
KNBS have formed an official link with Kings Norton Rhinos RFC. Coaches from KNRRFC now help
coach the KS3 boys and boys from KNBS are encouraged to further their rugby development on
the weekend at KNRRFC well run junior rugby section.
Mr Milton and Mr Wallace
21 King’s Norton Boys’ School
English News
World War I
To commemorate the centenary of the
beginning of WWI the year 8 students
have been composing speeches as if
they were the Captain of a group of
soldiers ready to go to battle. The
thought and presentation that has gone
into the work has been outstanding. As
we recently held our Remembrance
Service to honour those students of KNBS
who have lost their lives in war it seemed
appropriate to share some of their work
in this issue of The Eagle. Well done to
Headteacher’s commendation for his
excellent speech shown below.
“Today is the day our bravery glistens in the sun of the Somme.
Are you going to roar like lions or squeak like mice? Are you
going to be cowardly? If you are, you are no more. I believe in
every particle of you lads. There will be blood, sweat and tears
but no surrender. Who wants this? Today we will show them why
we are still here and why the others are not. Terrorize. Advance.
Do what you have to do. Do what you are paid for. As the King
sleeps tonight his nation rests in your hands. And if for one
minute, which I do not believe, you lads fail we have lost the
battle but not the war. We shoot to kill, not to injure and if one of
you lads die, and there will be deaths, then we will pack you in
your sleeping bags and send you home. We are lions and they
are our prey. Not just France, Britain or Europe rests in your hands
but the whole world does. Today you will raise the flag of our
land. Britain and France linked together. The people at home
are fearful, tears flowing in their eyes, worried about the vermin
attacking. We shall not let them. Just shoot and hope, don’t
stop until you see them fall. We are British and shall never give in.
Be victorious in battle and liberate the world.”
22 King’s Norton Boys’ School
Remembrance Service
On Sunday 9th November staff, students, parents and members
of the Old Nortonian’s Association gathered around the
memorial at the front of the school to remember those
servicemen and women who have given their lives in war. The
service was led by The Rev Mr Andrew Lomas with readings
from our Headteacher Mr Paul Woodhouse, Headboy Aaron
Drapkin, President of the ONA Samuel Poursain and Year 11
student Freddie Jevons. The last post was played by Jack
1914 – 1918
H L Barradell
N S Bentley
E W Bloor
E Cartwright
J L Collis
R C Delahay
G C Illingworth
A E Jones
R H Jones
W H Millington
C Thornton
E Warden
1939 – 1945
H M Allen
N Anthony
R W Athey
A J Barnett
W A T Beeton
J W Bode
D Boraston
H L Brozyna
D E Bur
C H Churchley
A B Cooper
A J Cottier
R Craven
M J David
R J David
P J Dawson
L J Dyhouse
KA Edwards
N A Edwards
P L Edwards
J Farrell
G F Featherstone
P Fennell
K G Fitch
S A Furber
S C Gibson
N H Godwin
W I Green
C Griffiths
F W Hand
L E Herberth
C Hetherington
C L Holloway
C F Hudson
S H Hughes
G E Jackson
R G Jennings
W F Joesbury
L H Jones
V C Kemp
D Kirk
H S Langley
S Langtree
W E F Lavender
S F Lewis
A Livingston
G Lomas
B E Lowe
E C C Marsh
K A Mills
SW Mills
K R Moseley
D J Nixon
H W Parker
I Parker
L E Parker
R C Parker
G C Pearson
P C Peppiette
G E Pitt
C J Porter
T G Reynolds
D E Round
H L Saunders
W I Scott
E H Shrimpton
T M Simmons
W E Spilsbury
K W Stevenson
W C H Style
I H Thomas
S C Trevis
G P S Utting
J Utting
P A Wilde
Egypt 1949
D C Tattersfield
Staff Sergeant Brett
George Linley G M
Pupil at KNBS from
1992 – 1997
Killed in active service
“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.”

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