Eaton House The Manor Pre-Prep Newsletter Autumn 2014 It has


Eaton House The Manor Pre-Prep Newsletter Autumn 2014 It has
Eaton House The Manor Pre-Prep Newsletter Autumn 2014
It has been a wonderfully busy
term for all the boys in the PrePrep. Each year group has been on an
educational visit and the music making and
sporting achievements have been superb.
This term’s Newsletter hopefully gives you a
taste of some of the things the boys have
done. Enjoy!
What an absolutely wonderful Nativity production by the
Kindergarten boys!
It was a real privilege to be the first year group to perform
for an audience in our sparkling new theatre. The new
lighting effects also helped to set the scene perfectly and
added a special, magical touch to the day!
This year was the 10th year that the Pre-Prep have sung
outside Moen’s Butchers in aid of the Children’s Society. Over
£500 was raised in just an hour with over £5,000 being raised
over the last 10 years.
I have been wowed by the
musical prowess of all the
Kindergarten’s Nativity to
Service. The boys’ passion, commitment
and drive are astounding. Thanks to Miss
Jane’s inordinate talent she guides the
boys through the rigours of preparation to
lead them to bask in their performance
glory. Well done, everyone!
I am so proud of the boys for putting on such an excellent
production for the their families and friends. We had plenty
of fun rehearsing and I'm sure we'll all agree that the boys
certainly rose to the occasion, enjoying 'treading the
boards' immensely as they took their moment in the
The boys recited their words clearly, sang and acted their
hearts out, mesmerised us with some funky dance moves and all of this whilst making sure we had a few laughs along
the way! It was a super way to kick start the festive season
and they deserve a massive well done from us all.
A very special thank you to the fantastic KG staff for all their
hard work and dedication. A huge thank you also to Miss
Jane for her time during rehearsals and keeping parents up
to date with the songs and to Miss Nikki for her incredible
technical skills. Huge thanks also to Mr May for keeping a
watchful eye over the proceedings, to the maintenance and
catering staff, to the parents for providing such smashing
costumes and to all the Eaton House staff for their
incredible support as always. Three cheers for the
Kindergarten boys!
Merry Christmas!!
Miss Jenny KG3
To kick start the Kindergarten boys’ series of very exciting trips this year we
went to see ‘Grandad, me….and Teddy too’ at the Polka Theatre in
The boys were beautifully behaved on the coach ride there - there was a lot
of competition as to which coach was in the lead! When we arrived the
boys had the time of their lives playing on old fashioned toys – there was a
rocking horse, a dolphin and many puppets and dress up outfits.
We were led into a dark theatre with magical twinkling stars all around us. We had no idea what was going to
happen next….. until a little girl named Mia appeared.
Mia was so excited because her Grandad was coming to visit all the way from Argentina for tea! She laid out a
lovely party picnic and when her Grandad arrived they celebrated by eating far too many doughnuts! Before
Grandad left, he took Mia and of course Teddy too on a magical carpet ride where they saw amazing things
through her brand new binoculars, a present from Grandad!
After the trip there was a weeks’ worth of activities that were focused around the play and the boys really
enjoyed engaging in imaginative role-play to retell the story.
Well done Kindergarten, what little stars you are, so beautifully behaved on your first big boy trip, the KG staff
were so proud.
Miss Emma KG1
The KG’s had an excellent time learning about Henry VIII and his six
wives in preparation for our very exciting trip to see his palace, Hampton
We learnt about who he was and why he had six wives, including the
rhyme to help us remember what happened to all of them.
At Hampton court we visited the kitchens where 600 meals were made
every day, We went to Henry's private apartments, his huge Banqueting
hall, and got lost in the Maze!
Finally we took part in a workshop with a man dressed up and a Tudor
who talked all about the Tudors.
We looked at old things the Tudors used to use such as a feather to
write with instead of a pen, they wore and even made our very own
Tudor hats.
Miss Philippa KG2
Year 1
In Geography this term Year 1 have been learning to
recognise buildings in our local area and features on
our route to school. We then compared them to
houses in other countries.
We learnt the importance of an address when posting
letters and what they must include.
We wrote our own letters and addresses and visiting
the post box to post them. They all arrived home
Year 1 have been learning about castles in their
History topic this term. They have learnt about the
different features of castles, particularly focusing
on how they are designed to defend themselves
from attackers. In Art, they have created their own
Motte and Bailey castles in their house groups:
Windsor, Stirling, Balmoral and Arundel. The boys
used paper mache, paint, junk boxes and glue to
create their fabulous castles. The highlight of this
project was when Mr May came to judge the
castles. The boys started a drum roll and the
winning castle for 1a was announced.... Arundel!
Well done to all the boys for their tremendous hard
work. The castles look superb!
Miss Rachel 1A
Lucy Boobyer 1B
We are active learners in Year 1! We use lots of resources, hands on activities and even games to learn about
pairs, doubling or counting in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s in Maths. To stimulate ideas for poetry we observe the
space around us, to write stories we act them out and use props and in Science we carry out our own
investigations. We have had a fun and busy term! Miss Shelagh 1C
Ye a r 2
On Wednesday 3rd December the whole of Year Two
went on a wonderful trip to The British Museum to
see the Ancient Egyptian collections!
Year 2 have explored ‘The Bog Baby’ this term in
The boys
had a great
time and
explored a
huge range of artefacts, including: preserved
mummified bodies, gilded sarcophaguses, giant
carvings and statues, and interacted with technology
to find out new information.
They have studied the characters using role play
and hot seating and have acted out various
sections of the book.
The boys unlocked hidden secrets to build up more
of a picture of life in the Nile Valley over a
remarkable 4000 years – from prehistoric Egypt to
Christian Sudan. A fantastic time was had by all!
Mr Greenaway 2C
They have written detailed descriptions of the
settings using inspiration from their senses and
they have compared a setting from the story with
a setting they come across day to day.
Having fully immersed themselves in the
narrative, they then used the foundation of the
plot to compose their very own story based on the
theme of discovering a magical creature.
The standard of work has been exceptional and
has shows us that the boys have enjoyed the story
as much as we have!
Miss Annabelle 2A
Miss Jane promised the boys that if they
performed well in the Carol Service she
would perform for them. Well, Wednesday
10th December 2014 will go down in the
annuls of history for the Pre-Prep as Miss
Jane performed a five minute tap dance
routine for us all.
It was truly amazing – just like Miss Jane!!
The new school year started with a boom!! The year 3 boys played in the
Sunningdale School Football Tournament. Two teams travelled to take part in this
tournament and both achieved some great results. The A team won their cup
competition and the so did the B team.
The next tournament the year 3 boys played in was the Ashdown House
Tournament. This is always a great day out for the boys, travelling to East Sussex
and enjoying the great hospitality from Ashdown.
The A team again played some fantastic football and came up against the B team in the cup semi-final. It
was a very intense match with the winners progressing into the final against Blackheath. The B team started
the game more confident having a few shoots saved. The A team then found their rhythm and ended up
winning 3-0. Unfortunately the A team lost to Blackheath 0-1.
The Summer Fields tournament was the next fixture in which both A and B teams played. This was another
brilliant day, particularly lunch! The boys get to help themselves to the food and the puddings are fantastic.
Both teams had an outstanding day. The A team got through to the cup final before being beaten in a
penalty shootout against Chandlings School. The final penalty score was 2-3.
The B team progressed to the plate final where they met St Margret’s. Sadly they lost one goal to nil. This
was another great display of great team work and football skills. The boys in the year 3 football squad
should be very proud of what they have achieved this term.
The year two boys have had some very pleasing results cross the term winning the A and B’s against
Belgravia. They were convincing winners against Merlin School again winning the A and B games. In the
fixture against Garden House they won four and drew 2, another pleasing result. The B squad have showed
enough signs of encouragement and I am looking forward to Autumn 2015 when I have the opportunity to
work with the boys again.
The other sport in which The Manor is very strong is cross country. The year 3 boys
contested the annual Garden House Cross Country against another five schools.
To my great delight Adam Poliakov won the race in great fashion. Well done, Adam!!
The HOUSE sports competitions were another feature of this term and the results are as follows:Junior House Football
Arundel 1st, Balmoral 2nd, Stirling 3rd and Windsor 4th
Junior House Dodgeball
Arundel 1st, Stirling 2nd, Balmoral 3rd and Windsor 4th
Senior House Dodgeball
Stirling 1st, Balmoral 2nd, Windsor 3rd and Arundel 4th
Mr Barnes
Our focus during Art Week was Leonardo Da Vinci. To
fit in with the term’s art theme the boys created selfportraits using oil pastels, sticking on Mona Lisa’s
mouth and eyes. Here is William Littlejohn’s (3B)
wonderful portrait.
By Alex Robinson 3c
Last night Claude Monet’s famous
painting ‘Waterlillies’ was stolen under
London’s very nose. “It is almost
impossible to pull off a heist like this,”
said the Manager. The date and time of
this theft was 8th October at 11:30pm. It
is worth nearly £20 million. The likely
suspect is unknown and when the
security guard came to look, the
cameras were dead and half the lasers
had been disabled. All that lay on the
wooden floor was a hooded cloak and
a muddy fingerprint. The painting was
concealed inside a bullet-proof glass
case and by the looks of the damage,
the theft involved using a laser…
“Outrageous”, said the security team
when they found out. The first person to
notice was a nine year old girl called
Katie. “I was very concerned about its
disappearance”, she said. “We are still
spitting out possible answers about the
By Leo Ferrer-Coe 3A