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La Voz de Nuestra Comunidad • The Voice of Our Community
How to Beat Islamic State
Islam is a religion, and like any other
faith, it is internally diverse. Islamism, by
contrast, is the desire to impose a single
version of Islam on an entire society.
Islamism is not Islam, but it is an offshoot
of Islam. It is Muslim theocracy.
In much the same way, jihad is a traditional
Muslim idea connoting struggle—
sometimes a personal spiritual struggle,
sometimes a struggle against an external
enemy. Jihadism, however, is something
else entirely: It is the doctrine of using
force to spread Islamism.
Los dos temas que estaban en debate se
quedaron fuera del omnibus
I call this the Voldemort effect, after the
villain in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter
books. Many well-meaning people in Ms.
Rowling’s fictional world are so petrified
of Voldemort’s evil that they do two things:
They refuse to call Voldemort by name,
instead referring to “He Who Must Not Be
Named,” and they deny that he exists in
the first place. Such dread only increases
public hysteria, thus magnifying the appeal
of Voldemort’s power.
The same hysteria about Islamism is
unfolding before our eyes. But no strategy
Lafayette se transformara en la escuela de
los recién llegados
Dominican Republic leaves migrants in Limbo
Por: Edwin Martínez
Sr. Starkey es un nativo del oeste de Nueva
York; enseno estudios sociales bilingües
ESL y el Sr. Starkey enseñó previamente
WASHINGTON - Al recoger los últimos
papeles de la mesa, el liderato del
Congreso dejó anoche fuera del ómnibus
presupuestario las principales propuestas
que demócratas y republicanos presentaron
para atender con urgencia la crisis fiscal
y de deuda del Gobierno de Puerto Rico:
el acceso a la Ley federal de Quiebras y
la creación de una junta federal de control
See PROPUESTAS on page 3
See ISLAMISM on page 3
Semanas justo después de que el
comisionado de Educación del Estado Mary
Ellen Elia anunciara que impondría un
acuerdo de negociación colectiva de pagos
en cinco escuelas persistentemente que
luchan en el distrito escolar de la ciudad
de Búfalo. El Superintendente Cash de
las escuelas de Bufalo, no perdió tiempo,
al anunciar el nombramiento de John C.
Starkey como el nuevo director de la fase
transitoria de Lafayette High School.
January/Enero 2016
VOL. 26
Vol. 27 - No.
1 11
Para Puerto Rico ni
capítulo 9 ni junta federal
de control fiscal
President Barack Obama and many liberalminded commentators have been hesitant
to call this Islamist ideology by its proper
name. They seem to fear that both Muslim
communities and the religiously intolerant
will hear the word “Islam” and simply
assume that all Muslims are being held
responsible for the excesses of the jihadist
PARC CADEAU 2, Haiti — Along this
arid strip of borderland, the river brings
life. Its languid waters are used to cook the
food, quench the thirst and bathe the bodies
of thousands of Haitian migrants who have
poured onto its banks from the Dominican
Republic, fleeing threats of violence and
en diversos K-12 clases y trabajó para
el programa de Educación Migrante
Mid-Hudson. Recibió la formación
del profesorado estudiante de Queens
Internacional SA en LaGuardia Community
College bajo la tutoría de Harold Bretstein.
These days, the river also brings death.
Horrid sanitation has led to a cholera
outbreak in the camps, infecting and killing
people who spilled over the border in
recent months in hopes of finding refuge
Nearly 3,000 people have arrived in the
See LAFAYETTE on page 3
makeshift camps since the spring, leaving
the Dominican Republic by force or by fear
after its government began a crackdown
on illegal migrants. Some, born in the
Dominican Republic but unable to prove it,
See LIMBO on page 3
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Una encuesta muestra el trauma
Los hospitales de Kaleida enfrentan
penalidades por altas tasas de infección de los estudiantes de Búfalo
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Puerto Rico’s Embattled Governor
Says He Won’t Run for 2nd Term
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Antidepresivos durante embarazo
elevan 87% riesgo de autismo en el bebé
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2016 Hispanic Scholarship
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Ibero Launches dual language
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¡Vuela más alto! • Canaliza
tu ira • Cicatrices
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Mayra Colón - Wellness
Conozca su Gente Page 11
SBA and SCORE Buffalo Niagara
to present “Building Buffalo”
Business News Page 18
Alegría por la exaltación a
Macho Camacho
Deportes Page 21
La Masacre Del Dia
Editorial/ Letters Page 22
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ISLAMISM • from FRONT page
LIMBO • from FRONT page
intended to defeat Islamism can succeed if Islamism itself and its violent expression in
jihadism are not first named, isolated and understood. It is as disingenuous to argue that
Islamic State is entirely divorced from Islam as it is to assert that it is synonymous with
Islam. Islamic State does indeed have something to do with Islam—not nothing, not
everything, but something. That something is the way in which all Islamists justify their
arguments using Islamic scripture and seek to recruit from Muslims.
The urgency of making these distinctions should be apparent to everyone. The attacks
seem to be coming in swift succession now: Istanbul, Sinai, Beirut, Paris, San Bernardino,
London. What is the strategy behind this Islamic State-inspired violence? Jihadists of all
bents seek to create discord, pitting Muslims against non-Muslims in the West and Sunni
Muslims against Shiite Muslims in the East. The theocratic ideology of Islamism thrives
on division, polarization and claims of Muslim victimhood.
Islamic State’s leaders insist that the U.S. and the rest of the West are waging a global
war against all Islam and Muslims. This is obvious nonsense, but by a combination of
provocation and self-fulfilling prophecy, Islamic State is doing everything possible to
make it a reality—helped along, alas, by Donald Trump’s call this week “for a total and
complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” Islamic State’s goal is to leave
Sunni Muslims—in Europe, America and the Middle East—with no refuge except the
terrorist group’s own self-declared caliphate in the lawless regions of Syria and Iraq.
As Islamic State has outlined in its own magazine Dabiq, it aims to eliminate what it calls
the “gray zone,” the middle ground between Islamist theocrats and anti-Muslim bigots, so
that everyone is forced to pick sides. In this way, Islamic State hopes to turn non-Muslims
against Muslims and, once this process is complete—that is, once we all begin to see each
other primarily through narrow religious lenses—to set off a global religious war.
I bear some personal responsibility for this effort to eliminate the gray zone, to promote
the idea that Muslims have no home in the West. As a young Muslim growing up in the
U.K., I spent more than a decade as one of the leaders of a global Islamist group that
advocated the return of a caliphate, though not through terrorism. My activities eventually
led me to Egypt, where at 24 I was jailed as a political prisoner and sentenced to five years
in Mazra Tora prison.
cannot even speak French or Creole, Haiti’s main languages, showing how wide a net the
Dominican government has cast.
Haitian officials have done almost nothing to support them. The population is scattered
across the drought-racked southwest border, mostly barren plains. Families of eight sleep
in tents fashioned from sticks and cardboard. They drink river water, struggle to find food,
and make do without toilets or medical attention.
Now stateless, the refugees exist in the literal and figurative space between two nations
that, along with their island, share a history steeped in hostility. Some of the camps were
created decades ago, during another iteration of their troubled pasts, but had long since
been abandoned. Now, in a new cycle of tension between the nations, they are packed to
capacity once again.
The plight along the border is reminiscent, on a smaller scale, of the devastating 2010
earthquake, which claimed the lives of 100,000 to 316,000 Haitians and summoned a
wave of billions of dollars in aid. Even today, more than 60,000 displaced people still
reside in tent cities around the country.
Only this time, the upheaval is man-made, the result of the policies of the Dominican
Republic and the seeming indifference of the Haitian government. The authorities in Haiti
do not even formally recognize that the camps exist.
“I haven’t felt normal since my son died,” said David Toussaint, 55, whose 9-year-old
boy was one of at least 10 people in the camps to die of cholera. Officials say more than
100 people have been infected.
He lifted himself from a bed his family built in their tent, covered with a frayed tarp.
He spends his days there, immobilized by grief. An acrid smell filled the hot air as dust
swirled into the tent, cloaking everything.
“This is no way to live,” he said.
When the Dominican government announced that all migrants in the country illegally
had to register this June, mass deportations were feared. Those later rounded up were
taken largely from remote areas, and bused quietly to border crossings. In total, more than
10,000 people were expelled officially, with nearly another 10,000 people claiming to
have been kicked out as well, according to the International Organization for Migration.
But in this climate of fear, an even bigger phenomenon emerged: Tens of thousands of
people of Haitian descent decided to leave the Dominican Republic on their own, rather
than risk deportation, including some who were born on Dominican soil and knew nothing
of Haiti.
To choose hunger and squalor in the camps over the risk of staying in the Dominican
Republic is, on the surface, a puzzling decision. But history looms large between the
two countries. Dozens of Haitian refugees said that, when the law was announced, their
neighbors began to intimidate them, threatening to burn down their homes and steal their
For many Haitians who have lived in the Dominican Republic as laborers for generations,
such threats are not idle. The mass murder of 9,000 to 20,000 Haitians ordered by the
Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo in 1937 remains etched in the minds of Haitians young
and old.
In the current atmosphere, even outrageous threats gained traction.
“They said they would drop bombs on our homes,” said Milo Brevil, 38, as he built a new
house in the blazing heat. His wife had just given birth in the camp. “When they said they
would kill us, I departed with my family,” he said.
Biene Jemel, 28, and his two brothers said the same farmers they had worked for
threatened to burn down their home if they did not leave.
All three men say they were born in the Dominican Republic, though like many
Dominicans of Haitian descent, they have no proof of that aside from their language skills.
Their Spanish is native, far better than their Creole. None of them speak French. The
brothers are among a group of refugees who are, in essence, stateless, belonging to neither
country but with nowhere else to go.
When Mr. Jemel fled, his children stayed behind with their mother, who was able to secure
birth certificates for the children and documentation for herself. It has been six months
since he has seen them, and he does not know when he will again.
“Imagine, it’s impossible for me to see my own kids,” he said, shaking his head. “I don’t
belong here.”
Only in jail, after Amnesty International adopted my case, did I dedicate myself to
rereading, reviewing and reappraising my every thought. As I deradicalized myself over
the next five years, I eventually concluded that Islam, my faith, was being exploited for a
totalitarian political project and must be reclaimed from the theocrats. I have spent the past
eight years doing just that through a counterextremism organization that I co-founded.
This struggle can be won, but it will not be easy. Over the past few years, in survey
after survey, attitudes in the U.K. have reflected a worrisome trend. A quarter of British
Muslims sympathized with the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, according to a February
poll by ComRes for the BBC. A 2008 YouGov poll found that a third of Muslim students
believe that killing for religion can be justified, and 40% want the introduction of Shariah
as law in the U.K. Another poll, conducted in 2007 by Populus, reported that 36% of
young British Muslims thought apostates should be “punished by death.”
It should come as no surprise that, from this milieu, up to 1,000 British Muslims have
joined Islamic State, which is more than have joined the British Army reserves.
The actual strength of Islamic State’s army probably lies somewhere between the CIA’s
estimate of about 32,000 and Kurdish estimates of some 200,000. According to the Soufan
Group, a New York-based private intelligence firm, the number of foreigners streaming
into Syria and Iraq to join Islamic State and other Islamist groups has doubled over the
past 18 months, despite the West’s best efforts, and may now be as high as 31,000.
Read the rest of the article on our website at
Mientras enseñaba Historia en LaGuardia, el Sr. Starkey era una silla y ESL padre maestro
Comité UFT y el Personal antes de pasar a la administración y el desarrollo de varios
programas recién llegado con éxito en la ciudad de Nueva York.
La dedicación del Sr. Starkey a la enseñanza se expresa a través de su amor por estar en el
aula ensenando y trabajando con los estudiantes y padres de familia. Su pasión de ayudar a
la escuela y la comunidad, entre sus otras pasiones son el baloncesto y el viaje.
Sr. Starkey se graduó de SUNY College at Buffalo con una licenciatura en español y tiene
una maestría en TESOL de SUNY New Paltz. Él comparte su vida con su esposa y dos
hijas que están siendo criados de forma bilingüe. Sr. Starkey es fluente en español.
Lafayette High School -es una de las escuelas secundarias que serán una de las eliminadas
en los próximos años, Lafayette se volverá a re-crear con un programa intensivo de Ingles
como segunda lengua para apoyar a una gran inscripción de estudiantes multilingües,
especialmente hispanos.
El nuevo programa será un proyecto basado completamente bilingüe. Del mismo modo,
el programa trabajará muy cercano en colaboración con los padres y la comunidad para
hacer verdaderamente de esta nueva escuela una escuela comunitaria donde todos juegan
un papel importante en la educación de los estudiantes. La nueva escuela trabajará para
mejorar en gran medida la asistencia escolar y ofrecer servicios integrales que aborden
todas las necesidades de los estudiantes, no sólo las necesidades educativas.
Sr. Starkey indicó que está trabajando con los colegios de la zona para aumentar el
número de ESL y maestros bilingües en la escuela. Del mismo modo, se está estudiando el
desarrollo profesional para preparar al personal ya en el distrito para poder trabajar en la
La inscripción para la fase nueva en la escuela aún no se ha anunciado.
La escuela se unirá en asociación con SUNY -Buffalo State College, los hispanos unidos
de Búfalo, El Centro Belle, El Consejo de la Herencia Hispana y la Red de Escuelas
Internacional, una organización no lucrativa nacional que apoya 19 escuelas secundarias
internacionales que sirven a estudiantes inmigrantes.
Una Lafayette rediseñada podría incluir programas centrados en los negocios y el
derecho internacional, así como la enseñanza. Podría ser llamada "La academia de los
recién llegados", que se inauguraría en el otoño de 2016, incluirá varios cientos de recién
llegados a los Estados Unidos y así como los nuevos emigrantes de Puerto Rico.
El “toma esto y te doy aquello” -caracterizado al final por la exigencia demócrata de
un procedimiento para el Gobierno de Puerto Rico reestructurar su deuda y la demanda
republicana para que se legisle un fuerte control fiscal sobre la Isla- cerró con un tranque
en el Senado, donde algunos pensaron que sería posible un acuerdo, según fuentes
El comisionado residente en Washington, Pedro Pierluisi, confirmó la decisión del
liderato del Congreso, la cual atribuyó al rechazo de los republicanos a permitir una
reestructuración ordenada de la deuda pública de la Isla.
“Cometen un terrible error”, indicó Pierluisi, al describir como una “vergüenza” el trato
dado a Puerto Rico por la mayoría del Congreso.
La legislación contiene, sin embargo, la extensión a Puerto Rico de iniciativas referentes a
la industria de la salud que se han reclamado previamente, entre ellas las bonificaciones a
los hospitales por el uso significativo de récords electrónicos (Hitech) y subir a 100% del
índice federal el reembolso de Medicare para los hospitales.
Esas dos medidas suponen una inyección económica de cerca de $90 millones anuales,
dijo Pierluisi, al recordar que son medidas que había incluido en proyectos de ley.
También fueron impulsadas por demócratas del Senado, como Robert Menéndez (Nueva
No son remedios, sin embargo, que permitan aliviar la aguda crisis fiscal de la Isla o los
problemas de liquidez, como sería el poder reestructurar la deuda pública o la paridad
en el programa Medicaid, como han propuesto la administración del presidente Barack
Obama y las autoridades del Gobierno de Puerto Rico.
Una de las últimas negociaciones que quedaron rotas tuvo lugar en el Senado entre el
presidente del Comité de Finanzas, el republicano Orrin Hatch (Utah), y la portavoz
demócrata en el Comité de Energía y Recursos Naturales, Maria Cantwell (Washington).
Read the rest of the article on our website at
Noticias de Buffalo
Los hospitales de Kaleida y el Hospital General enfrentan penalidades
por altas tasas de infección
Pero estos resultados ilustran porque el distrito tiene clínicas para la salud mental en el 80
por ciento de las escuelas, dijo el superintendente Kriner Cash.
Por: Carlos DePonce
Las cinco preguntas relacionadas con el trauma se incluyeron en una encuesta de salud
más grande de cerca de 12.000 estudiantes de las escuelas secundarias y preparatorias en
las escuelas de Búfalo, y pidieron en colaboración con la Universidad de la Escuela de
Trabajo Social de Búfalo y su Instituto de Trauma y el Cuidado de Trauma-Informado.
Medicare termina la financiación por las altas tasas de infección en los hospitales.
Una de las principales organizaciones de hospitales de la región pagarán una multa
durante el próximo año por tener altas tasas de infecciones u otros problemas de seguridad
del paciente como parte del programa del gobierno federal para reducir los errores
Kaleida Health tendrá en el 2016 pagos de Medicare reducidos hasta de un $1 millón de
dólares, mientras que el Hospital Mercy solo tendrá una reducción de $463 mil dólares.
El hospital a sido citado por el gobierno federal por los problemas que se remontan a
2012, 2013 2014 y 2015, y que afirman haber realizado mejoras operacionales y de
gestión de la calidad.
El Programa de condiciones de Reducción adquiridas en el hospital, ahora en su segundo
año, es uno de varios creado bajo la Ley del Cuidado de Salud Asequible del gobierno
federal para poder pagar por un alto rendimiento, en lugar de volumen de los servicios.
Los Centros para Servicios de Medicare y Medicaid dio a conocer datos que identificaron
758 hospitales a nivel nacional que verá sus pagos de Medicare reducidas por un 1 por
ciento para el año fiscal que comenzó en octubre. Los hospitales reciben una puntuación
general entre 1 y 10 y recibe una multa si su calificación es superior a 6.75 y la
calificación de Kaleida Health recibió un calificación de 8.5.
"Kaleida Health experimentó una transformación significativa a mediados de 2014 con
un enfoque en la entrega segura de la atención", dijo el doctor David Hughes, director
médico. "Hemos visto una mejora significativa, especialmente en torno a las condiciones
adquiridas en el hospital."
“Apoyamos la información pública. Ilumina la oportunidad de mejorar, y hemos mejorado
", dijo.
El año pasado, el condado de Wyoming y su Sistema de Salud de la Comunidad en la
ciudad de Warsaw, al lado de Kaleida Health recibieron varias sanciones. Alrededor del
42 por ciento de los hospitales que recibieron sanciones para el año fiscal 2016 también
fueron penalizados en el 2015, según la agencia federal.
El gobierno basó sus sanciones más recientes en 2013 2014 y 2015 las medidas de
infección, que representan el 75 por ciento de la puntuación total. El 25 por ciento restante
se basa en una evaluación de las medidas sobre las complicaciones.
Aquí están las puntuaciones de otros hospitales de la región: Bertrand Chaffee en
Springville, 6; Erie County Medical Center, 4.5; Jones Memorial en Wellsville, 5;
Kenmore Misericordia, 4,5; Mount St. Mary en Lewiston, 6,75; Niagara Falls Memorial
Medical Center, 4,75; Olean General, 5,75; Hermanas, 5; Estados Memorial Medical
Center en Batavia, 4; WCA en Jamestown, 4,75; Cataratas del Este en Lockport y
Newfane, 6,75; Condado de Wyoming, 2,5; Westfield Memorial, no disponible; Red de
Salud de TLC en Irving, 5; y Brooks Memorial en Dunkirk, 3,75.
En general, Medicare estima que se retiene unos $ 364 millones de los hospitales
penalizados. Medicare es el programa federal de salud para personas mayores de 65 años
y los discapacitados. El gobierno informó que el rendimiento promedio en el hospital
mejoró entre dos de las tres medidas en el segundo año del programa. Aunque los críticos
de este programa, piensan que esta muy bien intencionado todavía tiene oportunidades de
una mejoría.
Entre otras cosas, dicen los hospitales que atienden a los pacientes más enfermos y más
pobres tienen más probabilidades de ser sancionados que otras instalaciones. También
argumentan que los hospitales son sancionados independientemente de su mejor empeño.
Una encuesta muestra el trauma de los estudiantes de Búfalo
Por: Carlos DePonce
Una nueva encuesta de los estudiantes en las escuelas publicas de Bufalo, muestra a un
extreme los problemas que el distrito escolar enfrenta, no en el salón de clases si no en el
Catorce por ciento de los estudiantes de preparatoria ( high school ), que fueron parte
de la encuesta muestra que han sido golpeados físicamente por parte de los padres o
algún adulto en el mismo hogar. El 16 por ciento ha convivido con alguien diagnosticado
mentalmente enfermo o con motivos suicidas.
Casi uno en cuatro estudiantes ha vivido con alguien que ha sido alcohólico, drogadicto o
adicto al juego de los casinos.
Mas de una tercera parte dijeron los encuestados que han visto a alguien en su vecindario
atacado a muerte, ya sea balaceado, apuñalado o golpeado mortalmente.
Y mas del 37 por ciento dijeron que alguien en su hogar ya sea los padres o alguien adulto
los han insultado.
Es difícil poner figuras en el contexto porque esta es la primera vez que se hayan hecho
estas preguntas en una encuesta y no hay datos que se puedan comparar, Según los
Las autoridades esperan que las preguntas proporcionan al distrito una mejor comprensión
sobre el nivel de trauma que los estudiantes de búfalo han experimentado, por lo que el
distrito puede identificar áreas en las que los maestros y administradores pueden necesitar
Assunta Ventresca, directora de la salud y bienestar del distrito, señaló que la investigación
sugiere que el trauma tiene una fuerte correlación con bajo rendimiento académico.
Nos estamos centrando en matemáticas e Inglés, pero si no nos fijamos en el "niño
general" nosotros no vamos a cambiar nada ", dijo Ventresca.
"Tenemos que ser sensibles a las necesidades reales de nuestros estudiantes", dijo.
"Tenemos que cambiar."
Búfalo incluyó las preguntas relacionadas con el trauma en la Encuesta de Vigilancia de
Comportamiento de Riesgo Juvenil desarrollados por los Centros para el Control y la
Prevención de Enfermedades para monitorear el comportamiento de la salud de riesgo
entre la juventud de la nación.
El distrito ha administrado la encuesta a sus escuelas intermedias y secundarias cada dos
años desde 2011. La encuesta - basado en las respuestas de la percepción subjetiva de los
estudiantes que permanecen en el anonimato - toques sobre una serie de temas sensibles,
incluyendo el uso de drogas y la actividad sexual.
Este año, el distrito contrató a Vía Evaluación de Búfalo para analizar las respuestas.
Las encuestas mostro lo siguiente;
• El tabaco, el alcohol y el consumo de drogas se redujeron. El cuarenta por ciento de
los estudiantes secundarios de Búfalo reportó beber alcohol mientras que el 33 por
ciento reportó haber usado marihuana, una caída del 51 por ciento y 37 por ciento,
respectivamente, desde la encuesta de 2013. De hecho, los estudiantes en Búfalo reportan
menos consumo de tabaco, alcohol y drogas de los estudiantes encuestados en todo el
estado, dijo Caroline Taggart, un evaluador de Vía Evaluación.
Actividad sexual se ha sido disminuida. Treinta y ocho por ciento de los estudiantes de
secundaria que tuvieron relaciones sexuales, frente al 44 por ciento en 2013. También
hubo una disminución en el porcentaje de estudiantes de secundaria de Búfalo quien dijo
que tuvieron relaciones sexuales antes de cumplir los 13, 8 por ciento, y los que se informó
tener relaciones sexuales con múltiples parejas.
• Menos estudiantes que no usan condones. Entre los que están en la escuela secundaria
reportaron ser sexualmente activos, casi el 40 por ciento dijo que no utilizaron un condón
durante su última relación. Esa cifra incrementa a un 35 por ciento de hace dos años.
• Menos peleas. Casi el 29 por ciento de los estudiantes de secundaria dijo que había
estado en una pelea en el último año, muestra una baja del 32 por ciento. Sin embargo, las
cifras muestran los estudiantes de Búfalo están en mayor riesgo de estar involucrado en un
altercado físico que los estudiantes de todo el estado.
• Menos armas en la escuela. El porcentaje de estudiantes de secundaria que informó
que lleva un arma a la escuela, bajó un 3 por ciento, o fueron amenazados con una en la
escuela, bajo un 6 por ciento. Sin embargo, el porcentaje de estudiantes que dijeron que
por lo general llevan un arma subió a casi el 13 por ciento.
"Portar un arma ha aumentado", dijo Taggart. "Sin embargo, los que poseen un arma en la
propiedad escolar disminuyó. Así que lo que esto está indicando, que lo más probable, es
que los estudiantes llevan armas a sus comunidades o sus barrios, pero no las llevan a la
escuela ".
• Más juegos de video y mayor inactividad. El cincuenta por ciento de los estudiantes que
respondieron a la encuesta informó que juegan juegos de video o el usan la computadora
durante más de tres horas en un día regular . un aumento del 39 por ciento en 2013.
• Aumento en el uso de esteroides. El número de usuarios de esteroides reportados era muy
pequeña - alrededor de 100 estudiantes de secundaria y 150 de preparatoria.
"Pero teniendo en cuenta que todas las otras drogas han disminuido - incluyendo la
heroína y el consumo de drogas sin receta - es interesante que, tanto en la escuela media y
secundaria hubo aumento considerable en el uso de esteroides." dijo Taggart.
El distrito escolar se siente confidente en el análisis de la encuesta, basada en la gran
participación de casi 12 mil estudiantes de secundaria y preparatoria de Bufalo.
El cuestionario también contiene una serie de validez, en circunstancias en la que los
estudiantes podrían ser deshonestos en sus respuestas, en cuyo caso las preguntas o la
encuesta seria descartada. Dijo Taggart.
"Vimos patrones similares tanto en la escuela secundaria y los niveles de preparatoria",
dijo Taggart. "Esa es una muy buena indicación de la validez de la encuesta. Eso, junto
con el elevado porcentaje de respuestas - 74 por ciento - es un muy buen indicador de
que estos son altamente representativos de la situación dentro del distrito en términos de
comportamiento de riesgo ".
Strong Memorial Hospital
Strong Memorial Hospital Named
Upstate’s Best Hospital
Patient & Family Centered Care
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Noticias de Rochester
Obama firma reforma de ley educativa que devuelve poder a los estados
first bilingual publication. The successful publication was eventually bought by the
Democrat and Chronicle.
El presidente Barack Obama firmó este jueves la nueva ley educativa que reemplazará a
la denominada No Child Left Behind (Que ningún niño quede rezagado), y que cambiará
la manera en que las escuelas rinden cuentas, las evaluaciones de los maestros y los
programas para mejorar el desempeño de las escuelas más rezagadas.
Saenz will work in collaboration with Ibero’s Office of Development and Communications
and Ibero’s chief operations officer.
Por: Agencia
La nueva ley, Every Student Succeeds (Que cada estudiante tenga éxito), le devuelve la
autoridad a los estados y los distritos locales sobre el desempeño de las escuelas, tras 14
años de estricto control federal bajo No Child Left Behind.
"La predecesora de esta ley propició estándares altos, que se definieran responsabilidades,
que se ayudara a cerrar la brecha académica así como asegurar que cada estudiante no solo
aprendiera ‘algo’", mencionó Obama como parte de su mensaje previo a plasmar su firma
en la nueva regulación.
"Pero en la práctica, (No Child Left Behind) usualmente se quedaba corta. No siempre
consideraba las necesidades específicas de cada comunidad, condujo a demasiado tiempo
para pruebas en el salón de clases, a menudo forzaba a las escuelas y a los distritos a
reformas que no siempre producían los resultados que queríamos ver", agregó.
No Child Left Behind es la principal ley de ayuda a los estudiantes en desventaja en las
escuelas públicas, y cuando fue aprobada en 2002, bajo la administración de George
W. Bush, estableció nuevos estándares para los estudiantes, profesores y escuelas, e
incrementó el dinero destinado a la educación para cumplir con las nuevas obligaciones.
Pero durante años cientos de directores escolares, maestros y padres se quejaron de la
cantidad de exámenes estandarizados innecesarios y redundantes que requería la ley, y que
incentivaban a los maestros a enseñar sólo para poder aprobar las pruebas.
La nueva ley, sin embargo, mantiene una característica clave de No Child Left Behind:
exámenes de lectura y matemáticas en todo el estado, de tercero a octavo grado, por
mandato federal, así como una prueba semejante en la secundaria.
2016 Hispanic Scholarship Application
The Hispanic Scholarship Endowment Fund was created in 1985 to provide financial
support for the educational endeavors of Hispanic youth in the Rochester area. The Fund
was established
with the Rochester Area Community Foundation (RACF), which administers all
contributions in a permanent endowment.
Within the past years other individuals, companies, colleges, universities and families
have joined in the effort and have become scholarship donors. Since its inception,
hundreds of
students have received scholarships via this initiative. The last eighteen years the students
have been recognized at Ibero's Annual Gala. This is Ibero's largest fundraising event.
Hilda Escher, President and CEO of Ibero-American Action League, Inc, states; "Ibero is
honored to be able to recognize such bright students. It gives us a great pleasure to be part
of their
academic endeavors. As accustomed, every year the agency takes the opportunity to
highlight and present performances from a different Hispanic country; this year the
country of Spain is
being featured. A Spanish guitar player and dancers authentic to this country will
“We are thrilled with the possibilities that come with this new radio station. As a bilingual,
bicultural and multigenerational resource, we’ll be able to provide a wide range of music
while sharing important information on health, education and culture,” says Ibero’s COO
Gladys Pedraza-Burgos.
“This is a tremendous opportunity for local businesses and organizations that want to
promote their product or service. From a business perspective, there is now a unique
opportunity to target the growing and influential Latino market in Monroe County. Our
diverse population consists of individuals and professionals from various socio-economic
backgrounds. For individuals who live in the suburbs, the iHeartRadio app will be the
go-to source for PODER programming,” says Ibero’s Director of Development and
Communications Tricia Cruz-Irving.
Mayor Warren Joins Mayor De Blasio, Other U.s. Municipal Leaders
To Urge Support For Puerto Rico
Mayor Lovely A. Warren announced today that she has joined New York City Mayor Bill
de Blasio and other U.S. municipal leaders to urge the U.S. House of Representatives to
support President Obama’s proposals to help Puerto Rico overcome its current fiscal and
economic crisis.
“Rochester is home to a significant and substantial population with a deep connection
to Puerto Rico, including many who have family and own property on the island,” said
Mayor Warren. “The economic vitality of Puerto Rico has a direct impact on the finances
of many who are actively investing in Rochester’s neighborhoods, which ultimately
impacts our ability to create more jobs, safer more vibrant neighborhoods and provide all
of our children with a quality education. I am proud to join Mayor de Blasio and my fellow
municipal leaders as a signatory on this important letter.”
“As leaders of cities and counties representing 1.15 million Puerto Rican Americans, this
crisis touches us very closely, and we are asking for your immediate attention and support
to protect the future of Puerto Rico and the health, well-being and livelihood of our fellow
American citizens,” Mayor Warren and the other leaders state in their letter to Congress
dated Thursday.
The Obama Administration’s legislative package for Puerto Rico, released on Oct. 22,
2015, contains the following provisions:
• Enact broad bankruptcy protection and debt restructuring powers for Puerto Rico;
• Provide reforms and investments to improve access to Medicare and Medicaid by
increasing access to coverage, raising the standard of care and preventing Medicaid’s
unstable financing from worsening Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis;
• Reward work and support an economic growth plan that would enact an earned income
tax credit and expand a child tax credit for island residents; and
• Establish fiscal governance and safeguards to ensure adherence to needed reforms while
preserving local decision making power.
Deadline for application is March 4th
For more information, including ticket information, call 585-256-8900, ext. 631, or visit:
Ibero Launches dual language radio
Rochester, New York – In response to growing calls for a local dual-language radio station
in Rochester, Ibero is proud to announce that PODER (Power) 97.1 FM is scheduled to hit
the airwaves this month. The radio station is owned and operated by Ibero.
Haga Que Su Voz
“While it’s been a long and difficult road, we have not deviated from our purpose in
bringing a station to our community. This is something we can be proud of as it will keep
our community abreast of current events and other important information,” says Ibero’s
president/CEO and co-founder Hilda Rosario Escher. Other station co-founders include
Gladys Pedraza-Burgos, Ibero’s COO, and Nemesio Martinez, a well-known community
advocate and radio deejay.
Dual-language content on PODER 97.1 will focus on music and education and reach
residents within and beyond the city of Rochester. (Streaming will also be available on
iHeartRadio.) The station’s general manager is Julio Saenz.
“There’s a growing trend across the country to establish new resources that provide
valuable information to the Hispanic market. A Latino market the size of Rochester has
been in need of a radio station for decades and demand is high,” says Saenz.
Saenz brings a wealth of cross country media experience, most recently as the former
general manager of Mundo Hispanico, a bilingual newspaper under the Atlanta Journal
Constitution and affiliate of Cox Communications. Saenz was also the general manager of
Excelsior in Los Angeles and the founder and general manager of Conexion, Rochester’s
Visite el siguiente enlace para tomar nuestra encuesta política:
Noticias de Dunkirk
Dunkirk to Swear in First Latino Mayor
On January 1st 2015 Willie Rosas was sworn in as the first Hispanic/Latino Mayor of
Dunkirk, New York and New York State.
Swearing in Mayor Rosas was another Dunkirk son - Retired Buffalo City Court judge
Raul Figueroa, who was raised in Dunkirk and was the first elected Hispanic/Latino judge
in upstate New York.
Judge Figueroa came back to Dunkirk from Saint Simons, Georgia to conduct the swearing
in ceremony at the request of Mayor Willie Rosas who has known the judge since he was a
young child in Dunkirk and always admired the judge for his integrity and his commitment
to the Dunkirk community. Assisting Judge Figueroa during the ceremony was Buffalo
City court judge Betty Calvo –Torres.
After the ceremony Rosas thanked his wife Rosita, and sons Jonah and Jordan, who joined
him on the stage. He pledged to those in attendance and the citizens of Dunkirk that he
would work to make Dunkirk a place we could all be proud about.
Dignitaries from around the State and the country attended the ceremony.
Rosas- of Puerto Rican descent was born and raised in Dunkirk, New York. He was a
State Police Trooper for more than 20 years, and then became the Council Member at
large in the city council in 2015. The same year, he decided to run for mayor because he
felt he needed to give back more to the community, which has given so much to him and
his family. Likewise, Rosas credits his good friend and Democratic city party chairman
Edward Ned Divine who asked him early on, to run for mayor and has been an enormous
In the primary election held in September, Willie Rosas beat incumbent Mayor Anthony
J. Dolce to win the Democratic, Independent and Working Families parties’ lines. On
Tuesday, November 3, 2015 the voters sent a message again that they wanted change in
city hall by electing Willie Rosas with over 75% percent of the vote.
Mayor Rosas Announces new Development Director
The Common Council at its last meeting approved Mayor Rosas appointment of Duane
Beard as development director at a yearly salary of $50,000 - after council members
adopted the proposed 2016 budget.
Beard who is from Pennsylvania replaces former director Steve Neratko, who resigned in
Mayor-Willie Rosas informed council that Beard is someone that would serve the city
Rosas characterized Beard's background as "extensive."
Beard recently serves as senior associate for the international development firm Mendez
England & Associates. He holds over 30 years of experience as a senior project manager,
consultant, regional planner and county executive, along with significant backgrounds
in technical training, local economic development, municipal finance and operations,
infrastructure planning/construction, community/regional planning and integrated rural
"His resume is very thick," Rosas remarked. "He's done work all over the world and
in major cities and very small cities, cities smaller than Dunkirk. He comes highly
Rosas told the media he is looking forward to working with Beard and added the Northern
Chautauqua Community Foundation's local economic development committee assisted
him in the search.
"I did interview several other individuals and he is the one that I chose to bring on board,"
Rosas noted. "I think he's going to be what the city needs at this point in that department.
Right now, that department has been non-existent for too long in my opinion and we have
some catching up to do."
Among the first priorities to address are several grants that must have paperwork
completed to ensure the city properly receives the funds, Rosas pointed out. He added with
Beard's connections, the city may begin applying for more federal grants.
County legislature approves North County Water District
By JIMMY MCCARTHY - Observer Today
Supplying north county residents with sustainable and reliable water is on to the next
phase as the County Legislature unanimously approved the formation of the North County
Water District during the final meeting of 2015 Wednesday evening.
After months of collaboration between stakeholders, the water district will look to bring an
ample water supply to north county residents at affordable rates. The city of Dunkirk will
act as the sole water supplier to the district that includes the village of Brocton and towns
of Portland, Pomfret, Dunkirk and Sheridan. County Executive Vince Horrigan called the
formation of the water district "historic." The days of an inability to collaborate and come
together are over, he said.
"This is about working together with municipalities and working together for regional
solutions. We are now moving on with this project in the county. This a great development,
and I'm proud of this county."
With approval, the county will now look to obtain a bond for the $11.75 million project to
construct the infrastructure necessary to service all residents. Rick Henry, engineer with
Clark Patterson Lee, said the bond for the project will be paid back through established
water rates.
The district will buy water from the city of Dunkirk at $3.57 per thousand gallons. From
there, the district will add $1 to the rate and sell it to municipalities, which will then sell to
individual customers.
Providing legislators with an overview, Henry said the project received grants - most
recently a $2 million state grant - that will slightly reduce water rates. The project's design
will allow the villages of Fredonia and Silver Creek and town of Hanover to join when
ready, he said.
"We can keep going further toward Westfield. All the infrastructure is going to be built in
such a way that allows for expansion down the road. It's really built as a robust and longterm program."
Without assistance from Dr. Peter Reinelt, consultant and economist at the State University
of New York at Fredonia, Henry said the project would not have reached the finish line.
"We really worked hard to develop a program that's fair and equitable for the suppliers and
purchasers of water. We started on that basis, and Dr. Reinelt came up with a program that
works financially," he said.
Legislator George Borrello, R-Irving, commended Horrigan for his work to guide all
municipalities. Borrello said the water district's approval is a historic moment, marking the
collaborative efforts to bring regional solutions to fruition.
"We're moving toward thinking as one group. It's an important part of what we need
to do here in our county as we face the challenges of an aging population and (aging)
infrastructure. We have many stories to tell in the future."
In other news, county legislators amended a local law on a management salary plan for
county officers and employees. According to the local law, management salary ranges
established will be adjusted to reflect a 2 percent increase for 2015, 2016 and 2017, except
for positions with designated flat salaries.
Legislators also approved wage increases and applicable benefits for the clerk, secretary
clerk of the legislature, confidential employees and unrepresented employees to match the
approved agreement reached with CSEA Unit 6300 last month.
As business concluded, Chairman Jay Gould, R-Ashville, and Horrigan took time to
commend the four outgoing legislators for their dedication and hard work to the county.
Those leaving the legislature are Keith Ahlstrom, D-Dunkirk, who served the residents
of District 1 for 18 years; Shaun Heenan, D-Dunkirk, who represented the residents of
District 2 for eight years; Janet Keefe, D-Fredonia, who served the residents of District 4
for two years; and John Runkle, R-Stockton, who represented the residents in District 7 for
seven years.
Technology Incubator announces Fredonia student business competition
The Fredonia Technology Incubator (FTI) is launching a business competition for
students at Fredonia. The competition will provide students the opportunity to submit a
business proposal and compete for admittance into FTI and other prizes.The competition
complements other student-based entrepreneurial initiatives in Western New York and is
being powered by AT&T.
“We have very talented entrepreneurs at our university and this competition will provide
our students with a direct pathway to starting a business,” said Incubator Director Chuck
Cornell. “This competition also will promote retention of talent in our community. I am
grateful to AT&T for their support of this endeavor and for the company’s continued
involvement in spurring and fostering local innovation and entrepreneurialism on our
campus and across the region.”
“AT&T is proud to participate with Fredonia and its Tech Incubator in this business
competition, providing young entrepreneurs the opportunity to hone their products and
services with support and guidance from seasoned mentors,” said Marissa Shorenstein,
New York president, AT&T. “Our continued investment in a robust mobile network as
well as our activities with local organizations working to foster the resurgence of the
local economy through technological innovation is evidence of our continued support of
Western New York.”
The competition is designed to help student entrepreneurs present business ideas,
develop proposals, receive guidance from experienced business mentors, and launch their
businesses.The winner of the competition earns an office at the incubator for one year,
powered by AT&T, including access to all FTI programming and services.The winner
and second and third place finishers will also receive cash prizes. The competition is
open to Fredonia students from all academic disciplines.To apply, students should visit under the competition tab for more details. The application
deadline is Feb.10, 2016.
“I believe this competition will add value to what Fredonia currently offers to its students,”
said Fredonia student and FTI intern Matt Philipson. “I have seen firsthand how the
programmatic support provided at FTI helps entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into
successful startup companies. I look forward to seeing additional student startups at the
Initial planning for the Student Business Competition and other student-based initiatives
at FTI was supported by a student team enrolled in Fredonia’s Strategic Management
capstone course instructed by Dr. Susan McNamara of the School of Business.
Located in the City of Dunkirk’s central business district, the Fredonia Technology
Incubator promotes economic growth in Western New York by supporting
entrepreneurship and the development of new, innovative companies into successful
business ventures.The incubator provides business services, support, networking, and
educational opportunities for startup businesses.The Incubator also provides internships
and training opportunities for students, attracts and retains college graduates in the area,
and provides support services to community organizations and leaders. FTI is housed
within Fredonia’s Division of Engagement and Economic Development (EED) which
oversees the university’s economic development programs, including StartUp NY.
Mundo Latino
Puerto Rico’s Embattled Governor Says He Won’t Run for 2nd Term
With Puerto Rico’s debt-ridden economy still in crisis and his administration mired in
scandal, Alejandro García Padilla, the island’s embattled governor, announced on Monday
that he would not seek re-election in 2016.
In a brief message tinged with anger toward his critics, including members of his own
party, Mr. García Padilla, 44, defended his record as governor and lashed out at his
predecessors, who he said helped plunge Puerto Rico into runaway debt. The governor
said he chose not to run for a second term so he could focus solely on the economy, jobs
and trying to find a way to restructure the island’s $72 billion debt.
“What is incomprehensible,” Mr. García Padilla said, “is that the same people who took
and spent those loans and didn’t leave behind anything to pay them back now criticize
those who didn’t take the loans and are now trying to pay them back.” The governor
called on Puerto Ricans to accept the politically difficult decisions that require greater
“loyalty to the future than to the past.” Those decisions are likely to include layoffs,
higher taxes, more cuts in pensions and the possibility that a federal control board may
take over the island’s finances. “Big causes require big sacrifices,” Mr. García Padilla
In rejecting a run for a second term, Mr. García Padilla, a member of the Popular
Democratic Party, which supports continued commonwealth status, joins a line of
governors from the two leading parties who have served only one term since the island
sank into a decade-long recession. His two predecessors lost re-election after voters
disapproved of their handling of the economic crisis, among other things.
The governor’s prospects for a second term were dim. A recent survey found that 12
percent of Puerto Ricans had a positive view of the governor, and he faced criticism
from some members of his own party, who pressured him to step aside for other P.D.P.
Mr. García Padilla, considered an outsider when he was elected, was also hurt by a recent
corruption scandal. The scandal has embroiled the leading fund-raiser for the governing
party, who is also a close friend of the governor’s brother. A federal indictment, issued
this month, laid out a pattern of alleged cronyism and patronage inside the governor’s
“I think all the governors, including García Padilla, have the goal of trying to resolve
these problems until they realize what it costs to resolve them — especially the political
costs,” said Orlando Sotomayor, an economist at the University of Puerto Rico.
Swept into office by a slim margin in 2012, Mr. García Padilla inherited an island overrun
with debt, hit hard by the loss of manufacturing federal tax breaks and jolted by a major
spike in murders. Since 2011, the island’s population of 3.5 million has dropped 1 percent
to 2 percent each year as Puerto Ricans, who are United States citizens, have moved to
states like Florida and Texas. There are now more Puerto Ricans living outside the island
than on it.
Mr. García Padilla pledged not to lay off government workers, as occurred under his
predecessor, Luis Fortuño. Instead, he tried to increase revenue and stimulate economic
development by raising taxes on businesses and individuals, offering tax breaks to
wealthy American investors, and requiring government workers to contribute more toward
their pensions. Many of these measures proved unpopular.
All the while, the situation has grown worse. The government said this month that it may
not be able to make the next payment on its debts.
On Monday, Mr. García Padilla pointed to large drops in the murder rate, an increase
in tourism, a jump in agricultural production and a 15,000-person reduction in the
government work force without layoffs. With Puerto Rico unable to borrow any more
money, the governor was also the first in a long time to cobble together a budget that did
not rely on huge loans.
But he has failed in trying to get bond holders to renegotiate the debt or Congress to
give Puerto Rico’s government utilities and other agencies access to bankruptcy laws,
something supported by the Obama administration. A move is afoot among Republicans
in Congress to offer some forms of relief while requiring a federal financial overseer to
ensure that austerity measures are enacted.
“In some way, shape or form, I suspect there will be federal control of the Puerto Rican
economy,” said Amilcar Barreto, a political science professor at Northeastern University.
“It’s going to be a traumatic experience for the Puerto Rican political system.”
2015: Cuba's 'renaissance' year
Augusto Maxwell was in Havana recently when his daughter called his cell phone.
For most people, it would be an ordinary call -- she was just checking in on him. But
Maxwell's daughter was in Miami and he was in Cuba -- an island with no access to U.S.
cell service just a year ago.
Maxwell realized right away the call epitomized how much Cuba has changed in just a
Then he cried.
"I was in Havana and my phone worked. It was beautiful," says Maxwell, a CubanAmerican lawyer at Akerman, a law firm in Miami.
Maxwell's moment represents just one of many big changes in Cuba in 2015 -- a year
some call a "renaissance" for the island.
Panorama Hispano
Panorama Hispano News‫‏‬
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Marcos Lebron
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(716) 228-7498
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Yuri Cisneros
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Suite 927
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(716) 228-7498
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verificación. Todas las cartas al Editor están sujetas a edición y corrección.
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Panorama Hispano. Las opiniones expresadas en este periódico no son necesariamente compartidas
por el mismo.
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permission of Panorama Hispano. The opinions given in this newspaper are not necessarily the
opinions of Panorama Hispano.
One year ago today, President Obama announced that the U.S. and Cuba would begin to
normalize relations.
The historic moment was followed by a rapid change in diplomatic relations, highlighted
by an April meeting between Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro. Both countries
reopened embassies this year and Pope Francis blessed the new ties with a trip to both
countries in September.
After 50 years of silence, that's a lot of progress between two governments.
American businesses, after decades of being barred from Cuba, were eager to make just
as much progress. And at first, change came quickly. Airbnb and Netflix (NFLX, Tech30)
started operating in Cuba earlier this year. Many travel companies, including Jetblue
On Thursday, the U.S. and Cuban governments announced an agreement to resume
commercial flights between the two countries.
Margarita Perez de la Hoz has already noticed a surge in American business and tourists
in Cuba. The Havana-based doctor now uses Airbnb and Trip Advisor (TRIP) to rent two
rooms in her house to visitors.
Perez de la Hoz isn't worried about American businesses coming to Cuba. She sees it as an
opportunity and a way to create jobs.
"The country needs it," says Perez de la Hoz, 38.
This fall, the pace of change picked up even more. Verizon (VZ, Tech30) and Sprint (S)
reached deals with the Cuban government to offer roaming service in Cuba -- that's why
Maxwell's phone worked in Cuba when his daughter called.
However, the surge of business interest in Cuba has been tempered with the reality of
major hurdles ahead.
The U.S. embargo is still in place and the Cuban government is taking its time getting to
know U.S. firms.
Another hurdle is that some of the investments Cuba wants, such as oil drilling, are barred
under the embargo. And some of the businesses most eager to get to Havana, such as hotel
chains, are not at the top of the government's priorities, says Alana Tummino, a policy
director at the Council of the Americas who has led U.S. companies on trips to Cuba.
After decades of not talking and drastically different approaches to business, Corporate
America and the Cuban government are still just trying to build trust, says Tummino.
"There's no lack of excitement" from U.S. firms, says Tummino. But compared to initial
hopes,"they realize that this is going to be a longer process."
The Obama administration has chipped away at the embargo by amending some business
restrictions. In September, new regulations paved the way for a U.S. business to establish a
brick-and-mortar store on the island. But ultimately, Congress will have to lift the embargo
to truly pave the way.
Experts say telecommunication firms are likely to be among the first industries to arrive,
possibly as soon as the first half of next year. Cuba badly wants infrastructure for internet
and connectivity.
Although the business pace may be slower than some would like, virtually everyone agrees
it's been a landmark year for Cuba.
"This is the beginning of a renaissance," says Pedro Freyre, a Cuban-American lawyer
who represents U.S. companies that want to go to Cuba. "We have all seen things we never
thought we would see a year ago."
Technology & Science
Convenido el acuerdo climático, ahora viene lo más difícil
Hará falta impedir que más de siete mil millones de toneladas de anhídrido
carbónico salten a la atmósfera
Por: Raul Ortega
PARÍS, FRANCIA .- Un día después que casi dos centenares de naciones aprobaron el
primer acuerdo universal para librar al planeta de los combustibles fósiles y desacelerar el
calentamiento global, los participantes empezaron a sopesar lo que costará llevarlo a cabo.
Según los técnicos, hará falta impedir que más de siete mil millones de toneladas de
anhídrido carbónico salten a la atmósfera para cumplir con los términos del acuerdo.
Los firmantes se comprometieron a limitar el calentamiento global a un solo grado
centígrado (1.8 Fahrenheit) respecto de la temperatura actual, y a la mitad, de ser posible.
Otro objetivo más impreciso es que, en algún momento en la segunda mitad del siglo, las
emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero causadas por los seres humanos (que incluyen
metano y otros gases, como también anhídrido carbónico) no excedan la cantidad que
absorbe la naturaleza. El ciclo de carbono en la Tierra, que es complejo y variable, debe
volver a equilibrarse.
En la práctica, eso significa que el mundo debe emitir prácticamente ningún gas
contaminante para el 2070 para lograr el primer objetivo, o para el 2050 para concretar
el más ambicioso, dijo John Schellnhuber, director del Instituto Potsdam para la
Investigación sobre Cambio Climático en Alemania.
Según Joeri Rogelj, del Instituto Internacional para el Análisis de Sistemas Aplicados, en
Austria, el objetivo de limitar el calentamiento en otro medio grado centígrado (0.9 F)
probablemente es imposible. Quizás lo mejor a lo que se pueda aspirar es sobrepasar esas
temperaturas en unas pocas décimas de grado y después, paulatinamente, a lo largo de
décadas como mínimo, retrotraer a la temperatura objetivo.
Eso podría requerir lo que se llama emisiones negativas. Es cuando el mundo (una
combinación entre tecnología y naturaleza) elimina más anhídrido carbónico del aire de
lo que produce la humanidad. Casi el 90% de los planes para establecer una temperatura
más segura en el mundo involucra esa retracción, aunque no es muy realista por ahora,
comentó Kevin Anderson, subdirector del Centro Tyndall para la Investigación sobre
Cambio Climático.
Las emisiones negativas requieren más bosques, quizás sembrar el océano, o acaso una
tecnología que absorba carbono del aire y lo almacene bajo tierra. Una mayor biomasa
de bosques requiere enormes superficies terrestres, y la captura directa del carbono del
aire es costosa, aunque con un esfuerzo sostenido de investigación posiblemente podría
conseguirse a menos de 100 dólares por tonelada métrica, dijo el profesor de ingeniería
Granger Morgan de la Universidad Carnegie Mellon.
Casi todas las naciones acordaron planes de acción individuales de reducir o al menos
desacelerar el crecimiento de la contaminación de carbono en la próxima década más
o menos. Las naciones más ricas, como Estados Unidos, Japón y Europa, prometieron
concretar las reducciones inmediatamente. Los países en desarrollo que dicen necesitar los
combustibles fósiles para salir de la pobreza prometieron reducir la tasa de crecimiento
por ahora, para cortarla después.
China, el mayor contaminante con carbón, deberá hacer los cortes más profundos. Pero
desde 1870, Estados Unidos es responsable por el 18% de la contaminación mundial por
carbón, en comparación con 13% de China. En total, para que el mundo logre su nuevo
objetivo, las emisiones mundiales de anhídrido carbónico deberán llegar al tope para el
2030, quizás antes, para después declinar prácticamente a cero, dijeron los expertos. Sin
ningún esfuerzo por limitar el calentamiento global, la temperatura mundial aumentaría
3,5 grados centígrados (6.3 F) para el
2011, según Clima Interactivo.
Donald Trump wants to shut off the Internet
If terrorists are using the Internet, then take the Internet away.
That's what Donald Trump, the front-runner to be the Republican nominee for president of
the United States, suggested last night at the final debate of the year.
Trump tempered the remark by saying the US should shut down the Web in ISIScontrolled Syria and Iraq, but his idea could still be a logistical nightmare.
It was one of many suggestions last night from candidates making grand claims about
what they'd do to keep the Internet from helping terrorists and other bad guys. From
expanding the NSA's collection of phone call data to hacking China, everything was on
the table.
Trump's idea might have been the most ambitious. Experts say it would be nearly
impossible to implement.
Remember that the Internet is a vast and interconnected network of computers. To
cut people out, you have two options: Internet providers on the ground and in the sky
would all have to cooperate, or the US would have to send in troops just to destroy
all the Internet connections. Even if US soldiers took out on-the-ground infrastructure
like towers and computers, there'd still be those pesky satellites orbiting the planet and
beaming down information.
Regardless of the technical hurdles, experts say it's also just a terrible idea.
"Preventing entire populations from getting access to basic information would be a
human-rights catastrophe, particularly for areas of the world that are already war-torn,"
said Thomas Ristenpart, a computer science professor at Cornell Tech. The ability to find
information with Internet connected smartphones is vital to refugees fleeing ISIS in Syria,
for example.
We reached out to multiple companies that provide the backbone of the Internet, including
Amazon, Cisco and Akamai, to learn more about the difficulties of turning the Internet
off. They all either declined to comment, did not immediately respond, or asked not to be
mentioned in this story because they didn't believe it was a meaningful discussion.
How Nest aims to own your smart home
Looking to set up a smart home next year? Expect to see a lot of Nest's smart thermostats,
smoke detectors and security cameras.
Alphabet, the mama-bird parent company of Google, is hoping 2016 is the year Nest
leaves the, well, you know what.
Nest, which makes thermostats, smoke detectors and security cameras that connect to the
Web, has operated pretty much independently since Google bought the company in 2013.
And that was before the company formerly known as Google pulled apart its various
divisions to turn them into individual companies.
So while the pieces of Alphabet will begin the new year figuring out how to brand their
websites or set up marketing plans, Nest can hit the ground running with its audacious but
often understated mission: making the smart home a reality for you and me, and not just
the muckety-mucks in Silicon Valley.
For Nest, the key to owning the smart-home market involves more than just selling you
a thermostat or smoke detector (although it would very much like for you to buy those,
too). Its ambition rests on making sure all your Web-connected products can communicate
and interact with one another. For example, if your Nest security system senses someone
lurking, it can tell your Internet-connected lights to switch on. The dream is digital,
domestic nirvana.
"It's not about whiz-bang party tricks," said Greg Hu, who heads the Works With Nest
program, the software initiative that wants to create inter-device harmony. Instead, it's
about creating interactions that can save you money or keep you safer, he said.
WhatsApp's 'sad day' in Brazil comes to a quick end
Not long after one court muzzled WhatsApp in Brazil, another one put it back in business.
The hugely popular messaging and voice app had been ordered shut down throughout the
country for 48 hours starting at midnight Thursday local time, according to Reuters. The
shutdown stemmed from WhatsApp's noncompliance in a criminal proceeding, according
to a statement provided to Reuters by a court in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
On Thursday, a second Brazilian court ordered that the suspension be lifted, with the judge
saying "it did not seem reasonable that millions of users" should lose the ability to use
WhatsApp, according to The Wall Street Journal.
The hiatus had come as Brazilian telecommunications companies sought to curtail the
meteoric growth of Facebook-owned WhatsApp, which is used by people around the
world to send texts without paying carrier fees. The companies claim the app undermines
their own services, Reuters reported.
WhatsApp is the most popular app in Brazil, used by about 93 percent of those surveyed
by TechTudo, a Brazilian tech website. In April, it reported it had 45 million users in the
country, up from 38 million two months earlier.
The shutdown order came after the Sao Paulo State Justice Tribunal in Sao Bernardo do
Campo determined that WhatsApp had not complied with two court orders issued this
summer, Reuters reported. The nature of the case and the identity of the petitioner seeking
the injunction were not immediately known.
Jan Koum, the CEO of WhatsApp, in a Facebook post had called the shutdown a poor
judgment by the court.
"We are disappointed in the short-sighted decision to cut off access to WhatsApp, a
communication tool that so many Brazilians have come to depend on, and sad to see
Brazil isolate itself from the rest of the world," Koum wrote.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg later weighed in with his own message of dismay about
what he called "a sad day for Brazil." He said at the time that the company hoped to get
the block reversed quickly, and he reminded Brazilians of an alternative way to stay in
touch. "Until then," he said in a Facebook post, "Facebook Messenger is still active and
you can use it to communicate instead."
Founded in 2009, WhatsApp started out as a basic text-messaging app but one that also
offered the ability to leave voice messages. Available on just about every mobile platform,
it has also rolled out a voice-calling feature, firing a shot across the bow of services like
Skype and Viber.
WhatsApp has experienced consistent growth since it was acquired by Facebook last
year for $19 billion, in one of the largest deals in Silicon Valley history. In September,
WhatsApp said it had more than 900 million monthly active users, twice the number of
users it had 12 months earlier.
Conozca su Gente
Wellness Advocate
Mayra Colón
Receta del Mes
Bistec Encebollao
Mayra Colón is a 34 year old Puerto Rican Health and Wellness Advocate. For years she has been obsessed
with reading and researching anything that has to do with health, wellness, weight loss, nutrition and holistic
ways to become overall healthy and feel better.
About 6 or 7 years ago, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto Hypothyroid. she have suffered from a lot of
weight gain and weight loss, lack of energy, adrenal fatigue, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, joint pain,
headaches, digestive issues and more. For years she felt like there was something wrong with her but neither
herself nor the doctors could find anything wrong.
After much research she found out that her own Auto-Immune system was backfiring on me. Since most
Auto-Immune diseases have similar symptoms most times is very hard to diagnose even by doctors. After she
finally diagnosed by a doctor she wanted to find out everything there was about her disease, like:
Can it be prevented from getting worse
Why did I get it in the first place
Will it ever go away or be cured
What can I do to make myself feel better
How can I make these symptoms go away
And that is how her journey to Health and Wellness started.
Her Journey:
In this long journey of health and wellness she’s learned something very important about herself.
She was not patient! She wanted to see results immediately and most times ended up frustrated with herself.
(and I bet a lot of people can relate to this)
One thing she learned is that it’s not how fast you see results but how consistent are you. It’s about not giving
up and very important not listening to what people say. We are all different and our journey is going to look
different. Especially when you are dealing with health issues, auto-immune diseases, adrenal fatigue, candida
and so much more...
Health is achieved one step at a time,
making little changes here and there
start being more active one day at a time
being patient with yourself
Also something very important is, “don't compare yourself to others.” (I've done this so many times) Like I
said we are all different with different metabolisms, body structure, muscle mass and most important different
health issues. We can't all eat the same foods, do the same exercises, and get results in the same amount of
time. A lot of us fall for those lose 10lbs in 3 days or even 10 days. The problem is that you might gain a
pound or 2 instead of losing and then you get frustrated and give up. Believe me I know, I've been there many
The reason she want to share her story and dedicate my life to be a health and wellness advocate is? Because
she is not alone. I know a lot of people struggle with losing weight and being healthy. (even if they are not
showing that they are) They try and fail over and over and end up giving up.
Easy as 1-2-3
2 pounds beef steak, thinly sliced
½ cup olive oil
2 tablespoons minced garlic
dash dried oregano leaves
2 large white onions, sliced in rings
¼ cup distilled white vinegar
1½ cups water
1 tsp. salt
1. Dump all ingredients in a gallon-size plastic bag and turn so that all the
ingredients mix together. Refrigerate at least 4 hours or a couple of days (or freeze
for later use).
2. Dump contents of bag in a heavy skillet and bring it to a boil. Cook over low
heat, covered, for about 40 minutes or so. The meat will be very tender and tasty.
Serve with white rice and tostones....
But she want you all to know It is NOT your fault!
You might have an undiagnosed disease, an autoimmune disease, candida over growth, adrenal fatigue, stress
or so many other unknown things that affect our body. The sad part is that a lot of us take it so personal that
we end up hurting ourselves by trying all these different diets and even exercises that our body can't handle
and end up giving up on ourselves. So much that we end up shoving chocolate and ice cream down out throat
because we feel like a failure and it doesn't matter anyway. "I am destined to have this body so why bother?"
Am I right?
Your Homeownership Partner
We have all been misled to believe in all these fad diets going around, fast food and marketing make it
impossible for us to find out the truth about our food industries. Another big problem we have is that doctors
are trained to prescribe medicine that only treat a disease but not cure. They are not trained in prevention
and nutrition. Even most dieticians and nutritionists are trained to treat everyone the same. They have a one
size fit all diet which is not the right way to go about nutrition. We are all different and need to be treated
differently. Our metabolism, body type, blood type, conditions, lifestyle, surrounding atmosphere and diseases
are very important when deciding what nutrition plan works better for us.
Those who know me know that I've been at this for years! I lose weight, I gain weight, I lose even more
weight and then I gain even more weight. For many years I felt like there was something wrong with me.
Little that I know that YES, there was something wrong with me. Many years of an undiagnosed underactive
thyroid gland, after being diagnosed I did not get enough information about the disease, not understanding
what an autoimmune disease was and for many years not even knowing that her "hypo-thyroid disease" was
in fact an auto-immune disease like lupus, fibromyalgia, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and so many more...
she had no clue that what I was dealing with could hurt me so much as all these other diseases she had heard
of before. She never knew that because of this she is more likely to have all these other conditions and
symptoms. Like candida over growth, inflammation that causes joint pain, adrenal fatigue, lactose and gluten
intolerances, low functioning gallbladder and others.
The reason she is telling her story, again it’s because she know that many others are suffering silently and are
indeed seeking for help and guidance. She is not a doctor or dietician, she will not treat or cure any diseases
but she WILL make it my mission to share all the information that she has learned over the years and help as
much people she can along my continuing journey. She want to create awareness and help people understand
that our nutrition is the #1 factor that can either cause a disease or prevent it. She am currently enrolled in a
Integrative Nutrition school and I am well on my way of being a Certified Health Coach.
The difference between a Nutritionist and a Health Coach is that they focus on bio-individuality which means
that we are all different and we will focus on what that one person needs according to their health history.
We don’t treat our clients with a one size fits all diet but more focus on their individual needs. Like she said
before what might be good for one person might not work on another. What’s good for you might be poison
to her.
We also focus on primary foods which doesn’t necessarily mean “food”. These primary foods are: Physical
Activity, Career, Relationships and Spirituality.
Her Mission:
Is to Inspire as much people I can to pursue a Happy and Healthy Life!
For now I will leave you with these tips that I am applying to my own life:
Be patient
Don't give up
One day at a time
Have faith
Practice meditation, a relaxing exercise, or any spiritual practice of choice
Start experimenting with food (what is good for others might not be good for you)
Diets don't work
Choose healthier foods (remember one food at a time and one day at a time)
Drink more Water (remember our bodies are 75% water)
Don't expect immediate results
Go for a walk or start an exercise routine
Take the stairs once in a while or everyday
Read a good book
Don't compare yourself to others
Take time for yourself
Do what you love (could be a hobby or starting a business, whatever makes YOU happy!)
A healthy lifestyle and ideal weight is possible! Be Patient!
The State of New York Mortgage Agency offers:
• Competitive, fixed-rate mortgages for first-time homebuyers
• Downpayment assistance available up to $15,000
• Special program for veterans, active-duty military,
National Guard and reservists
• Funds available for renovation
Tu Reflejo
¡Vuela más alto!
Hace muchos años atrás, antes de publicarse mi primer libro en Puerto Rico, me encontré
con una persona en una tienda de fotografía en un centro comercial. Me miró sin decir
nada. Como cualquier desconocida lo haría. Habló con la empleada frente a mí. Habló con
la persona que estaba a mi lado unos minutos, me miró unos instantes mientras que yo
permanecí mirándola fijamente. No hizo gesto alguno al menos para saludar o sonreírme.
La cuestión fue que se marchó de todo aquello. Ustedes pensarán; “¿Qué hay de malo en
eso?” La realidad es que esa persona me conocía muy bien. Habíamos compartido en la
universidad y habíamos salido juntas. Pensé que era una buena amiga. No pensé que su
primer empleo como maestra fuera a cambiarla de esa manera. Me sorprendió tanto ese
comportamiento que sentí algo inexplicable dentro de mí. Tristeza. Decepción. Me sentí
Todos tenemos el derecho de cambiar y superarnos. Pero no tenemos derecho a humillar
o despreciar a otros porque estemos mejor económicamente. Podemos poner nuestra
cabeza en las nubes por lo que hemos logrado, pero NO debemos JAMÁS olvidar que
debemos dejar nuestros pies en el suelo. No debemos ser tan ignorantes y olvidar que
existe una Ley Universal que se conoce como la Ley de Causa y Efecto. Mientras estemos
volando muy alto, debemos también mirar hacia abajo y recordar que cuando estuvimos
en las situaciones difíciles hubo personas ayudándonos y dándonos su apoyo. Luego de
publicarse mi libro, mi supuesta “amiga” reapareció y esta vez me conoció y se mostró
feliz de verme. ¡Hasta me felicitó por la publicación de mi libro! ¡Hasta donde llega la
hipocresía humana!
Sí, debemos alzar la vista y ver cuán grande y majestuoso es el Universo que nos cubre,
pero también debemos percibir nuestra pequeñez frente a él. Debes recordar de dónde
vienes y de dónde saliste. Debes mantener ese balance y humildad.
En cambio, hay personas estancadas que se enfadan por la buenaventura de otros. Poseen
una mala intención predeterminada y se mantienen en ese círculo porque su actitud y sus
pensamientos no los dejan salir de allí. Como mencioné anteriormente, existen Leyes
Universales que se encargan de cada paso y vibración que damos. A continuación les
narraré una historia muy antigua y conocida que se las dedicaré a esas personas que
tras algún progreso en su vida, miran por encima del hombro a los demás pensando que
la vida no es un constante cambio y que ahora los que están arriba pueden caer y los
que están abajo, pueden subir. A esa gente ignorante yo las visualizo como la rata de la
historia a continuación. También es dedicada a esas personas que se sienten humilladas,
despreciadas, y con falta de motivación. A esas personas yo las visualizo como el piloto de
la historia:
Un joven piloto Inglés, probaba su frágil avión en una peligrosa aventura alrededor del
mundo. Poco después de despegar del aeropuerto en la India, escuchó un ruido que provino
de detrás de su asiento. Se dio cuenta de que había una rata a bordo. Si el roedor carcomía
la cobertura de lona, podría destruir su avión. Podía volver al aeropuerto para liberarse del
incómodo, peligroso e inesperado pasajero, pero recordó que las ratas no resisten grandes
alturas. Volando cada vez más alto, poco a poco dejó de escuchar los ruidos que ponían en
riesgo su viaje.
¿Cuál es la moraleja de la historia?
Si amenazan con destruirte, ¡vuela más alto! Si te critican, ¡vuela más alto! Si te
hacen injusticia, ¡vuela más alto! Por lo que sea que te hagan, en lugar de vengarte, de
desmoronarte en una esquina a llorar lamentándote, ¡vuela más alto! ¡Recuerda que las
ratas no resisten grandes alturas! Todo es relativo en esta vida porque el sentido de lo que
sea, ¡se los das tú!
Canaliza tu ira
A pesar de su mala fama, la ira es una emoción muy valiosa pues nos avisa de nuestras
necesidades no satisfechas y nos proporciona la energía necesaria para cambiar la
situación. En cambio, si no sabemos manejarla estalla sin control. El secreto está en usarla
a nuestro favor sin dejarnos llevar por ella ni reprimirla.
Reprimir la ira, además de no ayudarnos, puede perjudicarnos si se gira en contra nuestra.
Interiorizar la ira puede provocar depresión, ansiedad y enfermedades psicosomáticas, pues
en lugar de utilizar la energía para afrontar adecuadamente una situación conflictiva, nos la
ponemos en contra.
Para no ser víctimas de nuestra ira, hay que saber enfocarla a su verdadera causa. Otra
forma nociva de gestionar la ira reprimida consiste en desplazarla de la situación donde se
originó a otra en la que nos es más fácil gestionarla. Por ejemplo, en vez de enfadarnos con
el jefe, que es el responsable de nuestro malestar nos enfadamos con nuestro compañero
de trabajo o con nuestra pareja podemos “descargar” nuestro enfado pero a costa de dañar
áreas de nuestra vida que funcionaban correctamente. Además, dejamos sin solucionar
aquello que realmente nos está perjudicando. No obstante, tanto si interiorizamos la ira y
dejamos que se acumule como si la desplazamos, es indispensable identificar lo que nos
causa malestar para reconducir la situación.
Muchas personas tienen miedo a mostrar su ira porque piensan que resultarán autoritarias
y antipáticas, y por lo tanto, que serán rechazadas. Creemos generalmente de forma
inconsciente, que sentir ira es incompatible con ser apreciado y querido. Pero podemos
sentir ira y simplemente reflexionar sobre aquello que nos la provoca. No hace falta actuar
de inmediato; de hecho, es mejor esperar hasta comprender la mejor manera de afrontar las
causas de nuestro enfado.
Conviene ser consistentes de que la ira no es una emoción negativa, sino que nos ayuda a
hacer valer nuestros derechos y a cubrir nuestras necesidades. Reconocer la ira es el primer
paso para saber cómo canalizarla, ya que reprimirla nos predispone a sufrir ataques de ira.
Si aguantamos situaciones que nos parecen injustas, llegará un momento en que nos
sentiremos muy dolidos, superaremos el límite de lo que podemos soportar y explotaremos.
En estas situaciones extremas, la ira acumulada es tan grande que resulta difícil de
manejar. Sale impulsivamente, sin la mediación de la razón, por lo que puede ser dañina
tanto para nosotros como para los demás. Además, como el enojo surge de golpe, nos deja
desorientados. Por eso es necesario no esperar a que se acumule la ira, sino aceptarla,
comprender los motivos que han podido generarla y actuar para mejorar nuestra situación.
Ya sabemos que la ira es una emoción que en los seres humanos puede ser compleja.
Cuando la controlamos tanto que la reprimimos, su energía puede desequilibrar
nuestra salud y nuestras relaciones. Pero, si la exteriorizamos sin control, actuamos
impulsivamente y luego nos arrepentimos.
Cuando te sientas enojado, puede resultar muy positivo que te preguntes cuánto dolor
Quality, Affordable Housing
St. Isaac Jogues
Msgr. Kirby
St. John Bosco
Our Mother of
Good Counsel
Francis John
St. Ann’s
Victory Ridge
Santa Maria
St. Timothy’s
Sycamore Mills
Buffalo River
Timon Towers
St. Clare
Mt. St. Mary’s
La Casa de
los Tainos
Holy Family
Trinity Towers
East Aurora
St. Patrick
Call for more information!
o cuánto miedo contiene la ira que estás sintiendo. La ira actúa como defensa ante
sentimientos que pueden ser más dolorosos para la persona que los siente. Identificar esto
ayuda a atenuar la ira. Espero y ésta información les ayude un poco como lo ha hecho
conmigo. Será hasta el próximo mes. ¡Muchas bendiciones para mi bella gente latina!
Buscando en mi buzón de correo electrónico encontré un mensaje muy particular que tocó
muy profundamente mi corazón. Estuvo guardado por años hasta ahora que he decidido
compartirlo con ustedes.
Un día caluroso en el sur de Florida, un niñito decidió ir a nadar en un lago detrás de su
casa. Salió corriendo de la parte de atrás de su casa y se lanzó al lago felizmente. Su madre
lo observaba desde una ventana, pero repentinamente sucedió lo inesperado.
Frente a sus ojos pudo ver cuando un cocodrilo se le acercaba amenazante a su hijo, quien
nadaba ignorante del peligro que le acechaba.
Enseguida la desesperada mujer salió corriendo hacia su hijo mientras le gritaba
advirtiéndole el peligro que corría. El niño se alarmó por los gritos de su madre y nadó
lo más rápido que pudo hacia ella, pero fue demasiado tarde. Cuando el niño ya se estaba
subiendo al muelle con la ayuda de su madre, el cocodrilo agarró sus piernitas. Su madre lo
jalaba hacia ella con todas las fuerzas de su corazón, pero el cocodrilo era más fuerte. Por
otro lado, su madre era más apasionada y su amor hacia su hijo la hacía casi invencible.
Un vecino que escuchó los gritos, se apresuró al lugar con una pistola y mató al cocodrilo
logrando así salvar al niño. El niño recibió graves heridas en sus piernas por lo cual tuvo
que ser hospitalizado por bastante tiempo.
Cuando se mejoró del trauma vivido, un periodista lo visitó y le preguntó si podía
mostrarle las cicatrices en las piernas. El niño alzó sus sabanas y le mostró sus piernas,
pero también se levantó las magas de su camisa y con mucho orgullo dijo: “Las cicatrices
que usted debe ver son éstas. No las de mis piernas.”
Eran las cicatrices de las uñas de su mamá que se habían enterrado en su piel. “Las tengo
porque mi mamá nunca me soltó y me salvó la vida”. Añadió el niño, dejando estupefacto
al periodista.
Al igual que éste niño, nosotros también tenemos cicatrices amargas, pero también
cicatrices que nos han salvado de muchas malas decisiones o consecuencias.
Todos tenemos cicatrices de un pasado doloroso. Algunas son causadas por nuestros
errores, mientras que otras son la huella de que hemos sido sostenidos con fuerza para que
no caigamos en las oscuridades.
Hay que recordar que si nos ha dolido alguna vez una herida, la cicatriz no nos debe
recordar lo malo de ese pasado. Vale más recordar lo bueno, pues fue eso precisamente lo
que nos agarró fuerte para que no cayéramos.
Movies, Comedy, Plays, Music and More
de muerte por el ataque de un oso. Viendo que nada pueden
hacer por él, sus compañeros lo abandonan en el bosque.
Pero sorprendentemente se repone de sus heridas y trata de
vengarse de quienes lo abandonaron a su suerte.
The Revenant, Iñárritu basa su película en un personaje
histórico, Hugh Glass, un trampero y explorador de finales
del siglo XIX, y en el que se inspiró Michael Punke para
escribir la novela que da nombre a este film. Con un reparto
encabezado por Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall
Gleeson, y Will Poulter, y un planteamiento realista de la
cinematografía, podríamos encontrarnos ante una de las
grandes aventuras del año.
magical feats and soaring songs from the composer of
Wicked, PIPPIN will lift you up and leave you smiling.
This unforgettable new production is the winner of four
2013 Tony Awards® including Best Musical Revival.
Hailed as "an eye-popping, jaw-dropping extravaganza"
(NY1), it's unlike anything Broadway has ever seen!
Come experience PIPPIN, one young man's journey to be
extraordinary. Direct from an acclaimed run at Boston's
American Repertory Theater, this captivating new
production is directed by Tony winner Diane Paulus (Hair
and The Gershwin's Porgy & Bess). It features sizzling
choreography in the style of Bob Fosse and breathtaking
acrobatics by Les 7 Doigts de la Main, the creative force
behind the nationwide sensation Traces.
The Hatful Fight
Friday, January 1, 2016 Nationwide Release
In The Hateful Eight, set six or eight or twelve years after
the Civil War, a stagecoach hurtles through the wintry
Wyoming landscape. The passengers, bounty hunter John
Ruth (Russell) and his fugitive
Friday, January 29, 2016
Get ready for an erotic spoof comedy as Fifty Shades of
Black takes you through a maze of hard, rough, and premature encounters from inside of Mr. Christian Black's
Jan 19-24 2016
Rochester Auditorium Theatre 875 East Main Street,
Rochester, NY 14605
Click together those ruby slippers because it's time to
journey back to Oz! Journey down the Yellow Brick Road
with Dorothy as she learns about love, bravery and the true
meaning of home, and meets some very special friends
along the way.
This enchanting tale is one of the most beloved musicals
of all time, of course made famous by the 1939 Judy
Garland movie. This new production boasts all the classic
songs from the movie, such as Over the Rainbow and
We're Off To See The Wizard, alongside specially written
new numbers from the legendary duo of Tim Rice and
Andrew Lloyd Webber.
This stage musical is an unshakeable piece of American
pop culture, and never fails to life the spirits every time!
Sherlock –The Abominable Bride
Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Sherlock: The Abominable Bride will see Benedict
Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman reprise their roles as
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson in a one-off episode
set in Victorian London in 1895.
The 5TH Wave Friday, January 22, 2016
Follows 16-year-old Cassie Sullivan who tries to survive in
a world devastated by the waves of an alien invasion that
has already decimated the population and knocked mankind
back to the Stone Age.
Jennifer Lopez – Begins her new show in Vegas.
comienza su residencia en Las Vegas en el 2016
The Revenant
Friday, January 8, 2016
Hugh Glass is a 19th century fur trapper who is mauled
by a grizzly bear, left for dead and then robbed. When
he survives against all odds, he sets out on a treacherous
journey to exact revenge on his betrayers
Sheas Buffalo January 26 - 31, 2016
PIPPIN is Broadway's high-flying, death-defying hit
En 1820, un hombre que vive en las montañas resulta herido musical! Full of extraordinary acrobatics, wondrous
With the landing of a new superstar, Planet Hollywood is
about to shine even brighter. International icon Jennifer
Lopez will light up the AXIS Theater with her first
ever headlining residency, Jennifer Lopez: All I Have,
beginning Jan. 20, 2016. Fans can expect a mix of pop,
R&B and fan favorites tinged with the singer's glamorous
Latin flair.
Processing Archivist
The E. H. Butler Library at Buffalo State, State University of New York, seeks candidates for
the position of Processing Archivist.
For a full job description and to apply:
Buffalo State is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and committed to respect for diversity and individual differences.
Head Women’s Hockey Coach
The Intercollegiate
Department at Buffalo State, State University of New
York, seeks candidates for the position of Head Women’s Hockey Coach.
page (5.0625 x 2) FULL COLOR
Size: For a full1/16
job description and to apply:
December 20th
Buffalo State is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and committed to respect for diversity and individual differences.
Librarian I - Orchard Park Library
Librarian I, Part time - Orchard Park Library
Page, part-time - Central Library
Senior Page, part-time - Central Library
Building Guard, part-time - Central Library or Buffalo Branches
Cleaner, part-time - Central Library or Buffalo Branches
Chair and Associate Professor
The Elementary
and Reading Department at Buffalo State, State University
of New York, seeks candidates for the position of Chair and Associate Professor.
1/16 page (5.0625 x 2) FULL COLOR
For a full job description and to apply:
Feb 2016
January 20th
Iluminando el camino a la esperanza y la recuperación
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment & Rehabilitation Services for Adults & Adolescents
Servicios de tratamiento y rehabilitation de salud mental y adiccion para adultos y adolescentes
Consejeros Bilingües (Español/Inglés)
For information, referrals or appointments call:
Para información, citas o referidos llame:
Buffalo State is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and committed to respect for diversity and individual differences.
(716) 884-0888
Title IX Investigator & Prevention Specialist
The Dean of Hispanic
Students office
at Buffalo State, State University of New York, seeks
candidates for the
IX Investigator
& Prevention Specialist.
1/16 page Title
For a full job description and to apply:
December 20th
Join The Lake Shore Behavioral Health Team!
We hire professional social workers (LMSW/LCSW), mental health counselors (LMHC),
substance abuse counselors (CASAC), psychiatrists, registered nurses (RN) and
vocational counselors as well as administrative staff and case managers.
Bilingual individuals encouraged to apply.
To view our open positions and apply online visit:
Buffalo State is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and committed to respect for diversity and individual differences.
HUD Subsidized Apartments
Panorama Hispanic News
1/16 page (5.0625 x 2) FULL COLOR
December 20th
Towne Apartments
440 Clinton St., Buffalo, NY 14204
Title IX Investigator & Prevention Specialist
The Dean of Students office at Buffalo State, State University of New York, seeks candidates for the position of Title
IX Investigator & Prevention Specialist.
Required Qualifications:
• Doctor of Law or Master's degree in Higher Education, Social Work, Psychology, Counseling or a related field.
• Experience with the investigation of alleged violations of law or institutional policy.
• Experience with conducting a trauma-informed response and crisis intervention for victims of sexual violence.
• Experience with interviewing individuals involved in an alleged violation to obtain information needed to design
a plan of appropriate support and accommodations.
• Knowledge of best practices in prevention of sexual violence.
• Familiarity with procedures for case management and effective advocacy.
• Knowledge of state and federal laws and SUNY policy related to sexual assault and other forms of gender based
violence including Title IX, FERPA, and Clery.
• Demonstrated effectiveness with public speaking and making educational presentations.
• Ability to maintain confidential client information.
• Good written and verbal communication skills.
• Good organizational skills.
• Ability to work cooperatively and collegially with students, faculty, staff, and community members from diverse
cultural and educational backgrounds.
Preferred Qualifications:
• Training in trauma response.
• Experience working in a higher education setting.
• Experience with investigation of incidents of sexual and other gender based violence.
• Tolerance for ambiguity.
• Ability to work some evening and weekend hours.
• Ability to take initiative.
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
• Strong leadership skills.
• Strong computer skills especially with Microsoft Office.
• Successful experience with writing grant proposals.
• Skills in program assessment.
Apartamentos disponibles de inmediato
El Alquiler incluye gas, calefacción, estufa y refrigerador.
Se encuentran ubicados cerca de tres rutas de transporte público,
lavandería y un shopping plaza.
HUD subvencionado y cupones de vivienda aceptada
Se habla español.
Para más información por favor comuniques al:
Qualified applicants may apply online at
Apartments available immediately
Buffalo State is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and committed to respect for diversity and individual differences.
Lease includes
heating, stove and refridgerator
page laundromat
(5.0625 x 3.875)
Near 3 bus1/8
and shopping plaza
HUD subsidized
and 20th
housing vouchers accepted
For more information contact
• Neveras
• Estufas
• Lavadoras
• Secadoras
319 Hampshire St.
Acceptamos su
de Serivicios
TOLL FREE (888) 416-4443
de igual o menor valor
Librería Bíblica de la
Sociedad Bíblica de WNY
261 Main Street (cerca de Amherst / Fillmore) En Buffalo NY
Abierto: lun- Mar 10-am 6 pm los Miércoles - Viernes 10-5pm
Cualquier Pregunta Llame al (716) 833-3430
Cupón es válido hasta el 04/31/15
Title IX Investigator
& Prevention
de unoffice
de dormitorio,
pisos con
The Dean of Students
at Buffalo
State, Statedos
of New
York, seeks
anos de
mayores y&personas
of Title
la edad.
For a full job description importar
and to apply:
•Estacionamiento en la calle accesible
•Servicio de lavanderia en premisas
•Enseres (Nevera y Estufa)
• Alfombrado y coleccion de basura
Renta razonable basada en requisitos de ingreso.
Buffalo State is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and committed to respect for diversity and individual differences.
Arrendamiento por un ano y deposito requerido
¡Empiece A Sentirse
Mejor Hoy Mismo!
¿Por qué West Buffalo Chiropractic?
• No Tiene Que Esperar, Le Hacemos Su
Cita Inmediatamente
• Modernas Instalaciones
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Terrace Apartments
c/o Belmont Management Co., Inc.
Rd., Eastx Aurora,
NY 14052
Para mas informacion llame al 655-4117
December TTD
20th Relay Line: 711
$150.00Formulando Lista de Espera
Oportunidad de albergue por Igual
Accidentes De
Title IX Investigator & Prevention Specialist
The Dean of Students office at Buffalo State, State University of New York, seeks candidates for the position of Title
IX Investigator & Prevention Specialist.
Required Qualifications:
• Doctor of Law or Master's degree in Higher Education, Social Work, Psychology, Counseling or a related field.
• Experience with the investigation of alleged violations of law or institutional policy.
• Experience with conducting a trauma-informed response and crisis intervention for victims of sexual violence.
• Experience with interviewing individuals involved in an alleged violation to obtain information needed to design
a plan of appropriate support and accommodations.
• Knowledge of best practices in prevention of sexual violence.
• Familiarity with procedures for case management and effective advocacy.
• Knowledge of state and federal laws and SUNY policy related to sexual assault and other forms of gender based
violence including Title IX, FERPA, and Clery.
• Demonstrated effectiveness with public speaking and making educational presentations.
• Ability to maintain confidential client information.
• Good written and verbal communication skills.
• Good organizational skills.
• Ability to work cooperatively and collegially with students, faculty, staff, and community members from diverse
cultural and educational backgrounds.
Preferred Qualifications:
• Training in trauma response.
• Experience working in a higher education setting.
• Experience with investigation of incidents of sexual and other gender based violence.
• Tolerance for ambiguity.
• Ability to work some evening and weekend hours.
• Ability to take initiative.
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
• Strong leadership skills.
• Strong computer skills especially with Microsoft Office.
• Successful experience with writing grant proposals.
• Skills in program assessment.
Qualified applicants may apply online at
Buffalo State is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and committed to respect for diversity and individual differences.
Panorama Hispanic News
1/8 page (5.0625 x 3.875)
• Aceptamos La Mayoría De Seguros y
Procesamos Sus Cobros
• Cómodos Planes De Pago
• El Médico Habla Español
Lesiones De
Consulta, Examen, Examinación
y primer tratamiento
Solamente $
Visitas proximas solo $25
Proveemos El Mejor Tratamiento Para:
• Lesiones De Accidente de Auto
• Lesiones De Trabajo
• Lesiones En El Hogar
• Latigazo
• Nervios Irritados
• Dolores De Cabeza
• Hormiguea En Las Manos
• Dolor De Espalda o Cintura
o Brazos
• Dolor Entre Los Hombros
• Dolor de Piernas (Ciática)
• Lesiones de Deportes
• Síndrome De Túnel Carpiano • Dolor de Cuello Y Entiesimiento
• Articulaciones Dolorosas
• Corrección Postural
Francisco Vaquero, D.C.
455 Niagara St. • Buffalo, NY 14210
Su alma de lumbre vivida brilla
De estancia risueña, de nieve pura
suave y pálida; ella lleva el lenguaje escondido que me acerca
que seduce, que inspira y me atrapa.
¿Acaso lo sabes? en el viento van mis pensamientos, van en sus alas
bajo los rayos de luna tras el manto de estrellas iluminadas de plata, y estos versos mas
que besos perdiéndose en las miradas te buscan sin descanso…
Y los recuerdos que salen por la ventana, vislumbrando ya tu rostro, tus mejillas, tus ojos
y cabello, son memorias cariñosas que retornan rápidas hablándome de cómo estás…
Y entre tanto yo vago en las nubes y el fuego que arde en las tardes que dibujan tu
imagen, y te mantengo viva en el abrazo sombrío de las noches, estás próxima, intacta, ya
Y desnudos eran los ciervos que huían
por los bosques de su pubis,
buscando mis dedos, entrelazados,
imaginé su sonrisa como albatros sedientos,
y les di de beber mi alma entera,
bebed, bebed hasta secarme,
bebed hasta la sequía más absoluta,
y vuélveme a llenar.
Anhelo las lágrimas de felicidad,
mis ojos las ansían como
materias primas,
con el fin de que mi navío
te hiera catastróficamente
hasta hundirnos en este abismo,
donde me hallo implorándote
Entre los intricados obstáculos que nos propone la vida, tristemente, el que impera es
mirar al cielo
Se nos hace muy fácil caminar por horas, y entablar miles de fatuas conversas
Pero muy pocas veces observamos las nubes
Nos pasamos los días investigando caras y vestimentas, jugando a juzgar a nuestros
convivientes e incluso nos vemos en el espejo por horas, para mejorar nuestro juego
Entre esas tristes encomiendas, se encuentra también el amar, el escuchar y el pretender.
Ya que todos los personajes en nuestra historia logran desplegarse a través del mundo
siendo personas perfectamente regulares ¿por qué no ser uno mas?
Por eso nos aterra mirar los pájaros que vuelan, ya que ellos no sufren de nuestra llamada
Con el tiempo, el humano aprende a mirar al suelo para conseguir estabilidad
y mirar al enfrente para no sentirse solo
pero el cielo nos desprende de todos los espejismos de nuestra vida en sociedad, porque
entre él y la persona no existe nada más que la imaginación
tus deseos mas secretos y tus dudas mas ocultas, cobran vida y perturban aquella idea de
la compañía
entre las curvas de las nubes se encuentran las preguntas que siempre temes preguntar
y aquellos inocentes sueños de niños cobran vida en las formas del cielo que solo tú
puedes observar
tampoco es sano mirar al cielo por mas de 10 segundos
como la droga mas potente, el cielo te atrapa y empiezas a cuestionar el porqué volver
Qué necesidad tienes de hablar de los amoríos ajenos o de el estado económico de tu
nada de eso importa cuando se mira para arriba
en la imaginación estás volando y el sol te calienta las mejillas
cuando te recuestas en los arboles caídos, las hormiguitas caminan por tu piel dejando una
estela de cosquillas, y te cuestionas por qué volver de esta preciosa soledad?
porque no hay verdad que se mantenga y no hay sensación que se prolongue
pero el truco está en no mirar directamente al sol para que los ojos no se cansen
ahora que lo pienso
ustedes pueden irse yo me quedo
Fernando Puente
Translucida barrera,
Aquellos movimientos que te resultan tan simples y desorientan mi cabeza
Desquiciado e inamovible, pero certero en mis acciones
Es acaso lo opaco de tus ojos o lo claro de tus cabellos?
Si mis piernas lo permitieran caminaría hasta ti
Y si mis labios perdonaran, los usaría en todo tu cuerpo
Pero no consigo la formula para el movimiento
Y perdí la elocuencia entre tus caderas
Claro que nada de eso tiene importancia
Porque es la maldita ventana la que frena mis amores
Si la ventana no me detuviera, yo sé que mis piernas recobrarían su fuerza y mis palabras
te pertenecerían como lo haría mi pensamiento.
Quizá mañana pases por mi ventana. Sí. Mañana creo que lo haré
Fernando Puente
Cómo duele la noche
cuando tu voz se curva
fría de indiferencia lo mismo que una hoz.
Cómo duele la vida
cuando alzas tus palabras
sin caridad ninguna contra mi corazón.
Cómo duelen tus ojos
cuando clavan su hastío
—desnuda hoja de acero— sobre mi adoración.
Cómo duele esta angustia
de saberte lejana
llevándote en la sangre como se lleva a Dios.
Cómo duele el milagro
de tu nombre pequeño
cuando enciende nostalgias en mi inútil canción.
Cómo duele, pequeña,
esta espina clavada
en el sitio donde antes existió el corazón.
Cómo duele tu nombre
cuando, contra la mía,
se cumple inexorable la voluntad de Dios…
Jorge Robledo.
Si tú le tienes miedo al amor,
las maravillas pasarán sin luz por tus ojos,
los pasos se te harán más pesados,
los días no tendrán esas historias
que compartes para acercarte a alguien.
Si tienes miedo al amor por temor a sufrir,
ya sufres por temor.
Si te resistes al amor por miedo,
te resistes al cielo tapizado de luceros,
le estás cerrando la puerta a la luz.
Perderás la orientación natural
que guía tu camino.
El amor no puede destruirte
porque el amor es la máxima energía
que la ciencia no descifra
con procesos químicos ni ecuaciones matemáticas.
Es un misterio que deleita los sentidos
y nos convierte en lo que somos: humanos.
Sonrisas bordadas de alba y miradas
esculpidas por meteoritos y océanos.
¿Dónde quedará el asombro
y ese aliento que nos recuerda
lo que es la juventud a pesar de las arrugas?
Si tú le tienes miedo al amor
te arrepentirás más de no haber amado
que de haberle puesto una muralla de piedras
a tu inseguro corazón.
Quetzal Noah.
No te falta amor,
te faltan ganas,
porque ya sabes lo que son los insomnios
hechos cascadas de sal,
porque no quieres que te congele
el frío de la ausencia.
No te falta amor,
te faltan ganas,
ganas de creer que puedes importar,
que alguien existe con la misma sensación
de no pertenecer como tú
y que podría entenderte bien.
Quetzal Noah.
Unas veces me siento
como pobre colina
y otras como montaña
de cumbres repetidas.
Unas veces me siento
como un acantilado
y en otras como un cielo
azul pero lejano.
A veces uno es
manantial entre rocas
y otras veces un árbol
con las últimas hojas.
Pero hoy me siento apenas
como laguna insomne
con un embarcadero
ya sin embarcaciones.
Una laguna verde
inmóvil y paciente,
conforme con sus algas,
sus musgos y sus peces,
sereno en mi confianza
confiando en que una tarde
te acerques y te mires,
te mires al mirarme…
Mario Benedetti.
Antidepresivos durante embarazo elevan 87% riesgo de autismo en el bebé
Estudio científico alerta sobre el riesgo de consumir estos medicamentos durante la
Toronto - El uso de antidepresivos durante el embarazo puede incrementar el riesgo de
autismo, especialmente cuando la madre los toma en el segundo o tercer trimestre de
gestación, según un estudio científico dado a conocer ayer en Canadá.
El trabajo, elaborado por investigadores de la Universidad de Montreal y el hospital
infantil Sainte-Justine de Québec, añade que el riesgo es especialmente elevado cuando
los antidepresivos consumidos son los llamados inhibidores selectivos de la recaptación
de serotonina, los más habituales hoy en día en el mercado.
En los casos en que estos antidepresivos son consumidos en el segundo o tercer trimestre
de gestación, el riesgo de diagnóstico de autismo a los siete años de edad casi se duplica.
Las madres que tomaron antidepresivos durante la gestación tuvieron un aumento de
riesgo de tener un niño con autismo del 87 %, señaló el estudio.
Los investigadores recopilaron datos de más de 145.000 niños de la provincia canadiense
de Québec de hasta 10 años de edad y de los medicamentos consumidos por sus madres.
De los 145.000 niños, 1.054 fueron diagnosticados con autismo antes de cumplir 5 años
de edad.
Los investigadores, que han publicado su estudio en la revista médica JAMA Pediatrics,
indican que entre un 6 y un 10 % de las mujeres embarazadas consume antidepresivos.
Beneficios de practicar deporte
Practicar algún deporte, entrenar con regularidad o hacer actividad física diaria, es la
mejor forma de prevenir enfermedades, tanto físicas como mentales.
Es lo que, además, va a proporcionar otros beneficios iguales de importantes. Por ejemplo,
mantener un peso saludable, obtener mayor flexibilidad, mejorar el aprendizaje, obtener
más energía, fortalecer la autoestima, mejorar el estado de ánimo y hasta la sexualidad.
Para los niños y adolescentes el provecho puede ser aún mayor. No solo los ayuda en
el desarrollo de su organismo, tan importante en esta etapa sino que también, sirve para
prevenir hábitos perjudiciales como el consumo de tabaco, alcohol o drogas.
“El deporte es el umbral del desarrollo del ser humano y no tienes que ser un atleta de alto
rendimiento para lograr todos los beneficios que aporta”, asegura Víctor Vargas, director
del programa de terapia física de la Clínica de Medicina Deportiva del Caribe.
Vargas, de hecho, es un ejemplo de todo lo que se puede lograr a través del deporte, según
él mismo lo afirma. “Yo vengo de un residencial, donde desde pequeño comencé a jugar
béisbol. Con una beca entré a la universidad, me convertí en terapista físico y por 40 años
trabajé con el Equipo Nacional donde también comprobé el buen desempeño que se logra
con el deporte”.
En ese sentido, Vargas destaca las múltiples destrezas que se logran, tanto mentales
como corporales, a través de la práctica de cualquier deporte o cuando se hace ejercicios
“El umbral de desarrollo es enorme. Te mantiene el cuerpo saludable pero también
tiene otras ventajas; te llena un vacío en la mente, te relaja y te mejora la conducta. Si
representas a tu país te ayuda a quererlo más, a sentirte honrado de lo que haces. Además,
de que los viajes te dan la oportunidad de conocer a otros países y a sus gentes, te enseña
a confraternizar, seriedad y honradez”, enumera Vargas.
De la misma forma, subraya que es un excelente vehículo para forjar el carácter, la
disciplina, la toma de decisiones y el cumplimiento de las reglas, así como el trabajo en
equipo. Algo que, sin duda, beneficia a quien lo practica en todos los ámbitos de la vida
Rol preventivo. No podría ser de otra forma. La misma literatura médica ha establecido
que la actividad física regular y de forma sistemática es una práctica que previene
enfermedades o como una forma de rehabilitación cuando ésta se ha perdido.
ARIES: Tu pareja necesita de ti, escúchala y vean la manera de
solucionar sus problemas. Calma tu ansiedad.
TAURO: Trata de poner en orden tus sentimientos, no puedes
seguir jugando con esa persona. Cuida tu imagen.
GÉMINIS: Aún estás a tiempo de reconquistar al ser amado y
evitar una ruptura. Administra mejor tu dinero.
CÁNCER: Tu relación sentimental marcha viento en popa, pero
ten cuidado, existe una persona que busca hacerte daño.
LEO: Es hora de pasar más tiempo con la pareja. Tu espíritu
ahorrativo te traerá grandes satisfacciones.
VIRGO: Día favorable para viaje y aficiones intelectuales.
Sentirás decepciones de personas de tu confianza.
LIBRA: Algo novedoso puede cambiar tu ritmo de vida. Tendrás
dificultades para hablar con el ser amado.
ESCORPIO: Hay problemas en el hogar que tienes que atender.
Conocerás a una persona que te impactará.
SAGITARIO: Tu inteligencia te llevará al éxito. No arriesgues
bienes materiales, que te costaron gran esfuerzo.
CAPRICORNIO: Debes buscar descansar un poco más, ya
que tu salud se puede ver afectada. Acepta esos consejos.
ACUARIO: No te preocupes, todo saldrá bien en el aspecto
familiar. Un viejo amor volverá a tu vida.
PISCIS: Podrás compartir algunos de tus sueños y encontrarás
comprensión. Deja la vida sedentaria.
El fisiatra también llama la atención hacia el aspecto psiquiátrico y cómo el ejercicio
influye positivamente en disminuir la ansiedad y la depresión.
“Yo les digo a mis pacientes que el mejor antidepresivo es el ejercicio. Una persona que
se mantiene haciendo ejercicios no se deprime”, asegura Gómez. Y es que la actividad
física regular también aumenta la producción de endorfinas, sustancias naturales que
produce el cuerpo durante el ejercicio que promueven el sentido de bienestar. De hecho,
se dice que pueden ser hasta 20 veces más potentes que los medicamentos para el dolor
que se vende en las farmacias.
De la misma forma, Gómez resalta el rol tan importante que tiene el deporte en los niños
y los adolescentes. “Además de los beneficios para la salud, les ayuda en la interacción
social y a reforzar la autoestima. Además de desarrollar sentido de responsabilidad, están
menos inmersos en el ocio y los hace enfocarse mejor en los estudios”.
Algunos beneficios
Disminuye el estrés, ansiedad, depresión, irritabilidad o mal humor.
Promueve la motivación y el entusiasmo.
Aumenta el flujo de oxígeno al cerebro, lo que permite un mejor aprendizaje, mayor
capacidad de concentración, y una mejor memoria.
De hecho, se ha comprobado que disminuye el riesgo de mortalidad por enfermedades
cardiovasculares en general. También puede ayudar a reducir la presión arterial o
hipertensión, el colesterol alto y los dolores crónicos, entre otros beneficios.
Ayuda a mantener un peso saludable.
Así lo enfatiza el doctor César G. Gómez, fisiatra del San Francisco Sport Medicine
& Rehabilitation, tras coincidir en que los beneficios de practicar un deporte son
muy amplios. “Ejercitarse regularmente es muy beneficioso para la prevención de
enfermedades cardiovasculares, en el control de azúcar en los diabéticos y para
disminuir la presión arterial”, explica el médico.
Incrementa o mantiene la densidad ósea.
Desde el punto de vista músculo esquelético, señala el fisiatra, también es beneficioso.
Por ejemplo, te puede ayudar a bajar de peso, lo que va a mejorar la salud de las
articulaciones, como los tobillos y las rodillas que son las que sostienen todo el peso del
Ayuda a regular o disminuir la presión arterial.
“Ayuda a que las articulaciones no se sigan deteriorando, mientras fortalece los músculos
alrededor y permite más estabilidad y flexibilidad. También ayuda a prevenir el dolor
de espalda y de cuello, así como disminuir el riesgo de lesiones”, señala Gómez, tras
enfatizar que el ejercicio fortalece el cuerpo en general “y un cuerpo fuerte está listo para
enfrentar cualquier posible problema".
Mejora la resistencia a la insulina.
Fortalece músculos, mejora la resistencia y el balance corporal.
Mejora la flexibilidad y la movilidad de las articulaciones.
Aumenta la autoestima.
Promueve el espíritu de superación.
Estimula la liberación de endorfinas (hormona que produce sensación de bienestar).
Combate la depresión o los estados de tristezas.
Reduce la tensión y el estrés.
SBA and SCORE Buffalo Niagara to present
“Building Buffalo with 20 Years of Straight Talk”
BUFFALO, NY – The U.S. Small Business Administration Buffalo District Office and the
SCORE Buffalo Niagara Chapter will host their annual seminar “Building Buffalo with 20
Years of Straight Talk” on Saturday, January 23, 2016 at the Buffalo Niagara Convention
Center. This is the 20th consecutive presentation of this program which has attracted
thousands of participants over the years to expose entrepreneurs and small business
owners to information and resources about starting or growing a small business.
The 60-minute seminars will reflect the ever-changing needs of the Western New York
entrepreneurial community. Additionally, participants can obtain one-on-one business
counseling, visit information booths and speak to representatives from local business
resources, chambers of commerce and network with other entrepreneurs and small
business owners.
“SBA is committed to expanding access to capital for small businesses and entrepreneurs
in underserved communities so that we can drive economic growth and job creation,” said
SBA Buffalo District Director Franklin Sciortino.
Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. Cost of
attendance is $25.00 on the day of the event, with pre-registration tickets are available for
$20.00. Students with current/valid identification can pay $10.00, and veterans with proof
of veteran status can attend for free. Registration fees include a continental breakfast and
Registered attendants will be automatically scheduled for the Business Basics introductory
seminar to learn about business plans and other foundations of growing a successful
business. Participants can select two additional seminars to attend from the following list:
Show Me the Money
Make Yourself Credit Worthy
Accessing Business Opportunities through SBA 8(a), DBE and MWBE Certification
Navigating Your Business through Taxes & Permits
Business Assistance for Veterans
Marketing Your Small Business
“We Did It! You Can Too!” featuring: Bagel Jays and Alpine Made
Following the event, the Straight Talk Series will begin on February 2, 2016 for eight
successive Tuesdays for two months from 5:45 - 8:30 p.m. at Medaille College in Buffalo,
New York. The Straight Talk Series provides additional information about starting,
maintaining, and growing your own business. Attendance is free with the coupon received
by attending the Straight Talk 2016 event on January 23, otherwise the cost is $5.00 per
A very special thank you to SCORE Buffalo Niagara and its supporters: Bank of America,
Erie County Industrial Development Agency, Evans National Bank, First Niagara Bank,
Five Star Bank, Key Bank National Association, Manufacturers and Traders Trust
Company (M&T) PathStone Enterprise Center, New York Business Development
Corporation, AARP, Buffalo State College Small Business Development Center, The
Oneida Group of Companies, Women ‘s Business Center at Canisius College for their
continuing support of entrepreneurship in WNY.
For further information contact SBA at 716-551-4301 or e-mail [email protected] . To
register online, please visit WNY Straight Talk .
What Just Happened in Solar Is a Bigger Deal Than Oil Exports (Solar
City Boom)
The clean-energy boom is about to be transformed. In a surprise move, U.S. lawmakers
agreed to extend tax credits for solar and wind for another five years. This will give an
unprecedented boost to the industry and change the course of deployment in the U.S.
The extension will add an extra 20 gigawatts of solar power—more than every panel ever
installed in the U.S. prior to 2015, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).
The U.S. was already one of the world's biggest clean-energy investors. This deal is like
adding another America of solar power into the mix.
The wind credit will contribute another 19 gigawatts over five years. Combined, the
extensions will spur more than $73 billion of investment and supply enough electricity to
power 8 million U.S. homes, according to BNEF.
"This is massive," said Ethan Zindler, head of U.S. policy analysis at BNEF. In the short
term, the deal will speed up the shift from fossil fuels more than the global climate deal
struck this month in Paris and more than Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan that regulates
coal plants, Zindler said.
This is exactly the sort of bridge the industry needed. The costs of installing wind and
solar power have dropped precipitously—by more than 90 percent since the original
tax credits took effect—but in most places coal and natural gas are still cheaper than
unsubsidized renewables. By the time the new tax credit expires, solar and wind will be
the cheapest forms of new electricity in many states across the U.S.
The tax credits, valued at about $25 billion over five years, will drive $38 billion of
investment in solar and $35 billion in wind through 2021, according to BNEF. The scale
of the new projects will help push costs down further and will stimulate new investment
that lasts beyond the extension of the credits.
Few people in the industry expected a five-year extension. Stocks soared. SolarCity, the
biggest rooftop installer, surged 34 percent yesterday. SunEdison, the largest renewableenergy developer, climbed 25 percent, and panelmaker SunPower increased 14 percent.
Congress is expected to vote by the end of this week on the tax credits as part of a broader
budget deal that also lifts the 40-year-old ban on U.S. oil exports. Oil producers have
lobbied for years to lift the ban, but it isn't likely to significantly affect either consumption
of oil or deployment of renewables. Leaders from both parties reached an agreement on
the bill late Tuesday.
The 30 percent solar tax credit was set to expire next year and will now extend through
2019 before tapering to 10 percent in 2022. The wind credit had expired at the end of
2014, and the extension will be retroactively applied from the start of 2015 through 2019,
declining in value each year.
Wind power has had an especially tumultuous relationship with U.S. lawmakers, who
have kept the industry's credits alive through a disruptive ping-pong game of short-term
extensions every year or two. "You open manufacturing plants and then you close them.
And then you open them and you close them," BNEF's Zindler said. "It's economically
inefficient. This will give them a good five-year line of sight on what the market will look
like, and that's really important."
Argentina's peso dives after currency controls lifted
Argentina's peso has lost about 30% of its value after the country lifted currency controls.
The drop comes after Argentine Finance Minister Alfonso Prat-Gay said he would
eliminate the foreign exchange restrictions that have propped up the peso since 2011.
After his announcement, markets opened with one dollar buying 14 pesos.
Analysts had predicted a fall of up to 30% from the previous controlled rate of 9.8 pesos
to the dollar.
They said they expect it could fall to 14.5 pesos to the dollar. That is the rate at which the
currency has been trading on the black market.
Market watch
Argentine Finance Minister Alfonso Prat-Gay said that the country's central bank had
been given the right to buy pesos if the exchange rate fell too rapidly.
But he said the restrictions needed to be removed to improve the country's ailing
economy. Exchange controls would end for all businesses, who would be allowed to buy
as many dollars as they needed.
But ordinary Argentines would still face restrictions on the amount of dollars they could
buy a month.
Shop owners said consumers could cut spending in the short term as they see their
purchasing power reduced, especially when it comes to dollar-denominated imports.
The previous government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner tried to end the buying of
dollars four years ago, but prohibition simply fuelled the black economy.
Since then, informal street sellers in Buenos Aires offer foreign currency at much higher
rates than the official one.
Argentines also found other creative ways to circumvent restrictions, from organised daytrips to neighbouring Uruguay to get US dollars from cash machines to Bitcoin trading.
The new policy may satisfy middle and upper-class Argentines who will now be able to
get their dollars freely.
But they are also fearful of the consequences: higher prices and a potential devaluation of
their currency.
Finally! Fed raises interest rates
America's first interest rate hike in nearly a decade is here.
The Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate on Wednesday from a range of 0% to
0.25% to a range of 0.25% to 0.5%.
The rate hike is a small one, but it will affect millions of Americans, including investors,
home buyers and savers. Savers should eventually see a little more interest on their
deposits at the bank, but big banks didn't make any increases Wednesday. Mortgage rates
will gradually rise.
The move was widely expected. It is a sign of how much the economy has healed since
the Great Recession. The central bank believes the U.S. economy is strong now and no
longer needs crutches and that the move "marks the end of an extraordinary period" of
low rates designed to boost the recovery from the Great Recession.
"I feel confident about the fundamentals driving the U.S. economy, the health of
U.S. households, and domestic spending," Fed chief Janet Yellen said during a
press conference. "There are pressures on some sectors of the economy, particularly
manufacturing, and the energy sector...but the underlying health of the U.S. economy I
consider to be quite sound."
Related: What a Fed rate hike means to you
The Fed telegraphed it will be patient with future rate increases so as not to kill the
economic recovery. The central bank's statement said the economy will only merit
"gradual increases" in rates, which are likely to remain low "for some time." Yellen
repeatedly said during the press conference that future rate hikes will be "gradual."
Stocks rallied with the Dow rising 224 points after the announcement and Yellen's press
Investors were pleased to see that the Fed expects "only gradual increases" in rates
next year and that the committee explicitly said it would take into account "readings on
financial and international developments."
Related: Wall Street celebrates Fed rate hike
The Fed put interest rates near zero during the financial crisis in December 2008 to help
stimulate the economy and boost the collapsed housing market.
But the economy is no longer in crisis. In fact it is a lot healthier -- unemployment now is
at 5%, half of the 10% rate it hit in 2009 during the worst of the jobs crisis.
Over 12 million jobs have been added since the recession ended. Wages -- which have
barely grown during the recovery -- have also started to pick up recently.
On Wednesday, the Fed's committee improved its economic outlook. Compared to its last
forecast in September, the Fed raised its expectations for growth next year to 2.4%, up
from 2.3%. It also lowered its projection for unemployment in 2016 to 4.7%, down from
The Fed still has low expectations for inflation. The central bank has two goals: low
unemployment and stable inflation. The Fed's target for inflation is 2%, but right now it's
close to zero. The Fed sees inflation inching up in the years to come, but not hitting 2%
until 2018.
Known as "liftoff," the Fed's action is expected to be the first of more rate increases that
will probably come in 2016. The last rate hike was June 2006.
TALK 2016
Small Business Education,
Training, Counseling, Networking
Continental breakfast provided by the
Erie County Industrial Development Agency
Saturday, January 23, 2016
What you need to get started or
expand: business plans and the other
key parts of successful business
Starting your business
the right way. Do you
know if your business is
required to get a permit,
license or registration
with the City of Buffalo or
the NYS Department of
Taxation and Finance?
Come to this seminar and
you will get the answers.
Strategies to address credit concerns.
How to build a good financial track
Buffalo Niagara Convention Center
Day of event:
$10 (I.D. required)
FREE (I.D. required – DD 214)
Sorry, no refunds.
8:00 am - 8:30 am Registration / Breakfast / Networking
8:30 am - 9:00 am Conference Introduction
9:00 am - 10:00 am Business Basics:
Introductory Session
10:00 am - 10:45 am NETWORKING with Vendors
& Lenders
10:50 am - 11:50 am First Seminar Choice
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Second Seminar Choice
All seven seminars will be held
during each time slot
Available at the Robert D. Fernbach
Parking Ramp (corner of Franklin & Court)
Understand the program requirements; how to apply;
and opportunities available through Federal, State and
County business certifications.
How to apply for a small business loan. How to obtain
financial assistance and help.
An overview of how to evaluate your start-up position,
build a solid business plan,
understand financial realities, succeed in taking
advantage of government
sourcing opportunities and
achieving lasting success in
your business ventures.
at our 8 follow-up Straight Talk Series. Classes are
held at Medaille College (18 Agassiz Circle, Buffalo, NY
14214) every Tuesday 5:45 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Classes
start in February. A savings of $40.00
Straight Talk Series
February 2, 2016
Business Plans I
Library Resources
February 9, 2016
Business Plans II
Elements of a Financial Plan
February 16, 2016
Business Ethics
Risk Management from the Legal Perspective
February 23, 2016
Affordable Care Act
Home-Based Business
New York State Taxes
March 1, 2016
Risk Management from the Insurance Perspective
Federal Taxes
March 8, 2016
Marketing Your Small Business
Getting Your Business Online
One of the greatest needs of a small business is to
understand marketing strategies. Learn about cost
effective strategies and tactics that work.
In celebration of 20 years, the first
300 pre-registered paid attendees
will receive a Straight Talk gift bag.
Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz
City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown
SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet
SBA Regional Administrator Kellie LeDet
Successful small business owners share their stories,
inspiration, survival tips, and the ups and downs of
their business success.
“SBA’s participation in this event is not an endorsement of views, opinions, products or services of any other
person or entity.” “All SBA programs are extended to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis.”
“Reasonable arrangements for persons with disabilities will be made, if requested at least 2 weeks in advance.
Contact SBA, 540 Niagara Center, 130 S. Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14202, (716) 551-4301.”
payable to SCORE Buffalo Niagara to:
SCORE • 130 South Elmwood Avenue, Suite 540
Buffalo, NY 14202
Help You
Can Use!
Available throughout and after
the conference programs
■ One-on-one business counseling
■ Business information booths
■ Important contacts
■ Networking opportunities
■ Advisors available to answer your questions
■ Straight talk from the professionals
■ Free resource guide
■ One-on-one credit counseling
Building Buffalo
with 20 years of
Straight Talk Steering
Committee Membership
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
Buffalo Branch National Association for
the Advancement of Colored People
Buffalo Urban League
UB Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
Department of Transportation State of New York
Erie County College City Campus
Erie County Medical Center Corporation
EEO County of Erie
Small Business Education,
Training, Counseling,
Empire State Development Corporation
March 15, 2016
Social Media & Internet Marketing Secrets
Crowdfunding & Funding Your Small Business
Erie County Commission on the Status of Women
March 22, 2016
Managing Your Credit Score
Funding Your Small Business Panel
Erie County Industrial Development Agency
Hispanic Heritage Council of WNY
M&T Bank
NYS Department of Taxation & Finance
Resource Planning Associates, Inc.
SCORE Buffalo Niagara
Small Business Development Center at Buffalo State College
PathStone Enterprise Center, Inc.
Saturday, January 23, 2016
8:00 am – 1:00 pm
Buffalo Niagara
Convention Center
We’re over 3,000 medical minds, joined
together as one. To discover, advance, and lead.
Low Down Payment • All Drivers Accepted
Immediate Coverage
572 Amherst St.
Buffalo, NY 14207
M-TH 9-5 • F 9-6 and by appt.
Alegría por la exaltación a Macho Camacho
El bayamonés será el undécimo boricua en el Salón de la Fama del Boxeo Internacional
“Me siento tan contento como cuando me llamaron para decirme que exaltarían a Tito.
Para mi es algo bien gratificante, bien merecido”.
Las palabras de don Félix Trinidad Rodríguez son un reflejo del sentir de la comunidad
boxística del País con el anuncio de que Héctor ‘Macho’ Camacho será exaltado al
Salónde la Fama del Boxeo Internacional.
El 12 de junio de 2016, Camacho tendrá su nicho entre los inmortales del deporte en
Canastota, Nueva York.
“Wilfredo Vázquez también debería estar. Si lo comparas con Pintor o Zapata, sin duda
alguna debe de estar”, dijo al tiempo que explicaba la posible razón de que se haya pasado
por alto al ganador de tres cetros mundiales con el mismo organismo. “Es un asunto de
relaciones públicas y popularidad. Pintor tuvo peleas grandes e importantes por televisión.
Vázquez hizo 25 (combates titulares) y la gran mayoría en Asia... no tenía exposición. Le
ganó a (Orlando) Cañizales”.
También Bonilla y Leandry mostraron su apoyo hacia Vázquez. “Wilfredo Vázquez
tiene los méritos para estar ahí”, afirmó Bonilla. “Es de los pocos que ha ganado tres
campeonatos mundiales de un mismo organismo. Debería estar ahí”.
“El Macho siempre anheló este momento. Es una pena que él no pueda disfrutar esto por
lo sucedido. Pero la mamá, las hermanas, (su hijo) Machito y yo estamos bien contentos
con todo esto. Se lo merecía”, manifestó en tanto Ismael Leandry, quien fue el manejador
del ‘Macho Man’ y continúa siendo amigo y asesor de la familia.
“Creía que Wilfredo Vázquez iba a estar ahí, pero escogieron a otro. Wilfredo tiene más
méritos que Zapata”, señaló Leandry. “Nunca tuve duda con Camacho. Yo daba a Wilfredo
Vázquez, pero me sorprendieron cuando exaltaron a Zapata. Fue injusto el no exaltar a
Wilfredo Vázquez, venció a Cañizales uno de los mas grandes campeones que hubo”.
“Trabajó duro para esto. Macho dijo que iba a hacer lo indecible para estar en este grupo”,
agregó Leandry. “La trayectoria de Camacho fue grande. Camacho revolucionó al mundo
con su vestimenta, que él mismo diseñaba, hizo lo que ningún boxeador había hecho”.
Finalmente, Pagán Pintor indicó que de no ser el bayamonés, “Iván Calderón será el
Y es que Camacho le devolvió al boxeo la chispa y el entretenimiento fuera del ensogado
que había perdido con el retiro de Muhammad Alí en el 1981. “Después de Alí muchos no
se metían así en ‘la película’. Macho no le tuvo miedo a ser el villano de la película. Fue
un boxeador, que al igual que Muhammad Alí trajo nuevas cosas al boxeo fuera de los
heavyweight (peso completo)... el show de entrada al ring, ‘la película’. Fue un personaje
que cambió el boxeo”, señaló el entrenador José Bonilla.
“Esa manera pintoresca de exhibirse dentro y fuera de los cuadriláteros. Dondequiera
que hubo prensa se lucía. Cuando había escenario era extrovertido y siempre llamaba la
atención”, recordó por su parte Trinidad Rodríguez, cuyo hijo Félix fue exaltado al Salón
de la Fama en el 2014.
Más que un show. Pero fuera de su extrovertida personalidad, sus innovadores atuendos o
su carisma, Camacho fue uno de los mejores boxeadores de su época.
“Uno, como conocedor, no tiene que estar en la esquina rival para saber los kilates
del púgil. Camacho era un boxeador pícaro, bien inteligente, usaba sus mañas. El que
se durmiera se lo llevaba por nocaut, tenía buenas manos (pegada); buen técnico y
asimilador como muy pocos”, destacó Trinidad Rodríguez, quien estuvo en la esquina rival
cuando Tito lo derrotó por decisión unánime en enero de 1994. “En verdad hizo una buena
puntuación a nivel boxístico”.
¿La clave? Una total dedicación.
“Estuve trabajando con Chapo (Edwin Rosario) desde que era niño. (En el 1986)
Camacho me llamó y me dijo, como él hablaba, ‘Mia’ sé que te botaron, ‘It's Macho
Time’. Toda la fanaticada me tildó de traidor. Llegamos a un acuerdo y me fui a trabajar
con él. Era un verdadero trabajador del gimnasio, nunca se quejó, para nada”, indicó Félix
Pagán Pintor, quien estuvo en la esquina del bayamonés cuando este superó por decisión
dividida a Rosario en junio de 1986.
Una buena cepa boricua
Camacho se convierte en el décimo boxeador y undécimo puertorriqueño en total en ser
Carlos Ortiz fue el primer boxeador boricua en ser exaltado al ingresar al Salón en el
1991. Luego le siguieron Wilfredo Gómez (1994), Wilfredo Benítez (1996), José ‘Chegüí’
Torres (1997), Sixto Escobar (2002), Rosario (2006), Pedro Montañez (2007), Herbert
‘Cocoa Kid’ Hardwick (2012), Trinidad (2014) y Camacho -quien fue asesinado a tiros en
noviembre de 2012- estará oficialmente en junio del próximo año. El árbitro Joe Cortez
fue inmortalizado en el 2011.
Para Trinidad Rodríguez el número de boxeadores boricuas que integran el Salón de la
Fama habla muy bien del deporte en la Isla.
“Para los pequeño que es Puerto Rico son bastantes. No sé cuántos tiene México, que son
como 100 millones de habitantes, estamos casi, casi, ahí (con ellos). Debemos sentirnos
orgullosos con el número de peleadores que están inmortalizados”, indicó Trinidad
Rodríguez. “Me van a perdonar, quizás soy muy conformista, pero estamos hablando de
nivel mundial; de muchos boxeadores que han sido campeones mundiales, que han hecho
historia y han pasado por mucho. Que sean 11 puertorriqueños... en verdad hay que estar
Nuevos miembros
La clase de 2016 del Salón de la Fama incluye a los exboxeadores Guadalupe ‘Lupe’
Pintor, Hilario Zapata y Petey Sarron (old timer) y los propulsores del deporte Harold
Lederman (juez y analista de boxeo), el excomisionado de la Comisión de Boxeo de Las
Vegas, Marc Ratner, el comentarista Bob Sheridan y el periodista Jerry Izenberg.
Para Jorge L. Pérez, periodista y miembro de la Asociación de Escritores de Boxeo,
Camacho está en un nivel muy superior.
“Ultra merecido. Camacho era el de más nombre... (Hubo) dos medios sorpresivos. Si te
buscas a esos tipos -eres elegible si estas cinco años sin pelear- Pintor y Zapata y son tipos
que llevan 20 años retirados, dando tumbos como candidatos. Estuvo la fecha correcta y se
colaron, excepto Camacho”, indicó Pérez, quien resaltó que en el boxeo, diferente al Salón
de la Fama del Béisbol en Cooperstown, se es menos exigente y que obligatoriamente hay
que escoger a tres boxeadores todos los años.
Apoyo a Vázquez
Asimismo, Pérez dijo que le sorprendió las selecciones de Lupe Pintor y Zapata antes de
que al bayamonés Wilfredo ‘Wi’ Vázquez. 800.777.3921 716.829.7600
d’youville ranked for
return on investment
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Spend Less Time
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earninG POWER...
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D’Youville offers dual and
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We are a global leader in
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programs with a strong,
respected reputation.
for more information
or to schedule a visit
ContaCt us
320 Porter Avenue • Buffalo NY 14201
Fue un día típico.
Me levanté temprano con un poco de jet lag, sudé completa la clase de yoga, pagué
cuentas, escribí un poco, hice algunas llamadas, fui al estudio a realizar una entrevista –al
chef José Andrés sobre cómo cambiar el mundo con la comida- y, un poco más tarde, me
pasé cinco horas al aire reportando en la televisión sobre la masacre del día en Estados
Unidos. Todo normal.
Las matanzas se han vuelto parte de nuestra vida en este país. La de San Bernardino
en California llama la atención porque fue realizada por una pareja, probablemente
radicalizada y cuya misión con cuatro armas de guerra dejó más muertos -14- que
cualquier otra desde el 2012. El FBI lo investiga como un acto terrorista. Pero, en el
fondo, es otra masacre más.
Americans Are Much More Moderate on Refugees than Rhetoric Suggests
Despite the ugly, xenophobic rhetoric heard on the campaign trail, Americans hold much
more moderate views about how to address refugees fleeing violence in Syria than some
of the more controversial soundbites might suggest. As a recent Public Religion Research
Institute poll shows, “despite heightened concerns about terrorism—and political rhetoric
linking Muslim refugees to the threat of terrorism—a majority (53%) of Americans support
allowing Syrian refugees to come to the U.S. provided they go through a security clearance
process.” Furthermore, according to a Lake Research Poll conducted by, just
eight days after the attacks in Paris, 50% of voters still believed that the U.S. should do
“more” to help refugees resettle. What these results show is that among American voters,
the fearmongering of the far right is not resonating as strongly as expected. Ordinary
Americans are far more rational and moderate than the spectacle that we’ve seen playing
out in Congress or on the television screen.
“Otra vez”. Así encabezó, con razón, el periódico El Nuevo Herald su cobertura la mañana These results suggest that rather than legislating out of fear, lawmakers should take this
opportunity to define the facts of the debate and lean into this issue. American voters’
siguiente. Independientemente de los motivos específicos de esta nueva tragedia, Estados
perspectives on refugees have been badly mischaracterized by some in the media. Growing
Unidos se ha convertido en el país de las matanzas. Y lo seguirá siendo.
pro-refugee sentiment is not only evidenced by recent polling numbers, but also in the
diverse outpouring of support that has been seen across the nation from faith leaders,
“Tenemos un patrón de tiroteos masivos en este país que no tiene paralelo en el mundo”,
national security experts, and American citizens alike. Just last week, Former Secretaries of
dijo el presidente Barack Obama en una entrevista. “Debemos unirnos de manera
State Madeleine Albright, Henry Kissinger and twenty other top national security experts,
bipartidista, a todos los niveles, para que estos tiroteos sean algo raro y no la norma.”
former government officials, and former military leaders sent a letter to each Member of
Congress expressing their opposition to legislation halting the resettlement of Syrian and
Pero eso no va a pasar. Ningún candidato presidencial –ninguno- se atreve siquiera a
Iraqi refugees. Thousands of faith leaders from across the religious spectrum have signed
proponer la prohibición de armas de fuego. Y hasta las ideas más razonables –como
similar letters and pro-refugee events have sprung up in communities across the country.
impedir la venta de armas a gente en la lista negra para vuelos comerciales- son
More details on recent and upcoming events can be found at the #AmericaWelcomes site,
rechazadas en el congreso. Conclusión: hay que sentarnos a esperar la siguiente masacre.
En este país es mucho más probable que cada día haya una masacre a que no pase nada.
En los primeros 336 días de este año hubo masacres en 209 días, según un análisis del
diario The New York Times. Una masacre se define como un hecho violento en que
mueren o son heridas cuatro o más personas. Solo en este año han sido asesinadas 462
personas y 1,314 han resultado heridas en matanzas en Estados Unidos.
La lógica no funciona en este tema. La lógica dice que si hay menos armas disponibles
habrá, también, menos masacres. Por más problemas personales, laborales, religiosos o
ideológicos que tenga una persona, el daño que puede ocasionar es muy limitado si no
tiene acceso a armas de fuego o explosivos. En Japón, por ejemplo, es muy difícil adquirir
rifles y pistolas y, por lo tanto, ahí no se registran matanzas.
Este debate debió haber terminado cuando mataron a 32 personas en la universidad de
Virginia Tech en el 2007. Pero no pasó nada. Luego, 20 niños y 6 profesores fueron
asesinados en el 2012 en la escuela Sandy Hook de Connecticut. Y tampoco pasó nada. Al
contrario, hubo quienes argumentaron que había que armar a los maestros y alumnos para
Estados Unidos es una nación aterrorizada y asediada por las matanzas pero que no se
atreve a hacer absolutamente nada al respecto. Las matanzas son tan frecuentes que ya
nos sabemos de memoria el ritual de la muerte: tras los asesinatos hay una búsqueda
intensísima de los pistoleros y sus motivos, luego conocemos las historias de las víctimas,
habla el presidente en televisión nacional, los políticos prometen hacer cambios, se
realizan los entierros y el incidente desaparece en los medios de comunicación en un par
de semanas.
The Fight Ahead: What This Means for Refugees and Their Families
As lawmakers consider the upcoming omnibus legislation, much is at stake for those
fleeing violence and seeking refuge in the United States. While increasingly heated antirefugee and anti-Muslim rhetoric seemingly charts a tough path forward for lawmakers
advocating for continued refugee resettlement, recent events and polling suggest
the opposite. The swift backlash suffered by lawmakers who voted against refugee
resettlement is just one of many indicators that public sentiment on this issue has shifted.
Where those in Congress once feared alienating voters on refugee resettlement, they
should now lean in. Failing to embrace refugee resettlement is not only morally wrong,
but as evidenced by the most recent polling; it is contrary to a significant portion of
the American public. The broadening support for refugees among American voters is a
positive development for refugee families hoping to resettle in the United States and gives
lawmakers stronger ground to stand on in future legislative battles. 800.777.3921 716.829.7600
stArt Here
Estados Unidos es un país -me consta- que cuando quiere hacer algo usa todos sus
recursos para lograrlo. Pero no quiere imponer más control al uso y venta de armas. Los
políticos no se atreven. ¿Por qué? Por temor a perder votos, donaciones y su pedacito de
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El miedo y la ansiedad se están convirtiendo en algo normal. Ir a un cine en Aurora,
Colorado, a una iglesia en Charleston, Carolina del norte, o a una fiesta de fin de año en
San Bernardino, no debería ser una sentencia de muerte. Pero lo fue para decenas en un
país donde es más fácil conseguir una pistola que una medicina sin receta.
Lo normal, para mí, es reportar por televisión sobre una masacre casi todos los días. Solo
cambia el lugar y el número de muertos. Y tonta, ingenuamente, cruzo los dedos para que
en el reporte nocturno no tenga que incluir entre las víctimas el nombre de alguien que
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Por Jorge Ramos Avalos.
What’s At Stake in the Refugee Debate‫‏‬
In the wake of the tragic attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, CA, many have been quick
to point fingers and place blame on refugee families fleeing horrific violence in Syria and
other countries. In recent weeks we’ve seen the House of Representatives vote to halt the
resettlement of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, 31 governors publically oppose resettlement
of refugees in their state, and a dangerous uptick in inflammatory anti-refugee and antiMuslim rhetoric, including a call for a ban on all Muslim entry into the United States.
Amidst all of these developments, it is easy to lose sight of the very constituents many of
these politicians claim to speak for. Contrary to what elected leaders might suggest, recent
polling shows that the notion that the average American lives in constant fear is neither a
fair nor accurate depiction of public sentiment on this issue.
Below we present evidence of a recent shift in American sentiment on refugees and
outline the political cost for lawmakers should they fail to recognize and engage positively
on the issue.
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