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Francis Bourqui
10:41 PM
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A Celebration of the Life of
Francis Bourqui
10:41 PM
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A Celebration of the Life of
Francis Bourqui
June 23, 2004
Under a tent on the property that Francis loved
so much, his family, friends and business associates have gathered to remember their husband,
father, friend and colleague, and to celebrate the
successful life that he lived.
Our memories of him are vivid
and will live on forever.
In an attempt to portray
Francis the way many of us
saw him, here are selected but
representative statements from
more than 100 expressions of
condolence that have been
received from people in 18
“Nos vimos, nos conversamos,
y nos reímos juntos.”
Roly Solis, Chile
“He looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes and
started singing one of his old European French
songs. It made me feel good, made me laugh, and
made me always see things with a “don't worry,
be happy” perspective.”
Alain Thivierge, Canada
“Il a su partager le meilleur de lui et je l'en
Gaston Gausachs, Chile
“He talked lovingly about his family, his passion
of wines and the cultures of the many countries
that he visited as well as his unique knowledge
of the mining markets around the world.”
Steve Miko, Canada
“One of the most enthusiastic promoters of Canadian goods and services in Peru where he was able,
through his extraordinary spirit, to
develop strong and lasting friendship ties with many people.”
Marisol Palacios and Carlos Soldi,
“He had a unique and characteristic
way of connecting with you, in a
simple and direct manner, so conducive to openness and friendship.”
Paul-André Rochon, U.S.A.
“Never have I met anyone with the
professional way in which he conducted himself,
but exhibiting a great sense of humour at the
same time.”
Jim Cullinane, Canada
“Il laisse dans ce pays une foule d'amis tant il
était conviviale et familier avec les gens.”
Rachid Benhacine, Algeria
Francis Bourqui Bursary Fund
Shortly after Francis’ death, several of his business associates suggested that a bursary
fund be established to assist with the university education of Francis Christopher and
Jean-François, Francis’ children still in university.
A committee appointed by the CAMESE Board of Directors will administer the fund
with a goal of assisting with the costs of university in the same way that Francis would
have done, until they have finished their university education.
As of the Celebration of the Life of Francis Bourqui on June 23, 2004 the following
persons and corporations have generously donated.
Herman Mueller
Aibar Tokzhumanov
Hanna, Vera, Kurt Stoll
George Robbins
Jon Baird
Martha Baird
Jock Forbes
Blair Walker
Vinnie Yiu
Dan Rose
Louise Aimone
Tim & Braunda Bodger
Gerd Warkus
Wenco International
Serex Sales Automation Services
Norcast Castings
Mine Radio Systems Incorporated
Heath & Sherwood
Gridcom Enterprises Limited
NL Technologies Incorporated
Hrayr Agnerian
David Smith
Ivo Brcic
Patrick Morel-a-l’Huissier
Marc Leroux
Blaine Webster
Marc Couse
Venture Labour
Dynatec Corporation
Geonics Corporation
Geosoft Incorporated
Marland Enterprises Limited
MARAC Enterprises Incorporated
Dux Machinery Corporation
Atlas Copco Exploration Products
Canun International
Fordia Limited
HM Contracting
P.R. Engineering Limited
Eagle Mapping
JVX Limited
We offer special recognition to NL Technologies Incorporated for their extremely
generous support of this initiative.
Those who sent messages of condolence to CAMESE……..
Neil and Franca Fiset,
Nepean, Ontario
Guilermo Albareda,
Comite Aurifero SNMPE
Lima, Peru
Christine Bumueller
Dux Machinery Corporation
Repentigny, Québec
Mohammed Alwazani
Arkbro Indusrties
Mississauga, Ontario
Steve Callaghan,
Export Development Canada,
Toronto, Ontario
Maureen Angus,
Ontario Exports Inc.
Toronto, Ontario
Barbara Campioni
Servicios Mineros Tricomin
Santiago, Chile
Jock Forbes,
Ministry of Northern Development and
Sudbury, Ontario
Dave Archer
ATM Trade Management
Barrie, Ontario
Canada – Peru Chamber of
Lima, Peru
Lyne Fortin,
48ième Nord,
Val d'Or, Québec
Jorge Ardila
Vern Carter,
Outokumpu Technology Ltd.
Burlington, Ontario
Robert Fraser,
Velasquez Group,
Santiago, Chile
Oscar Castañeda,
Directorio Minero del Peru,
Lima, Peru
Linda Frederick
Krupp Canada
Calgary, Alberta
Alessandro Colla,
Geonova Chile
Santiago, Chile
Nicomedes Gacitua
EECOL Chile,
Santiago, Chile
Garth Connal
Wenco International Mining Systems
Vancouver, British Columbia
Jean-Pierre Gagnon,
Québec, Québec
Atomic Energy of Iran,
Tehran, Iran
Graham Baldwin,
Vancouver, British Columbia
Mike Ball,
Vancouver, British Columbia
Alain Beauséjour,
Forum International Naturallia,
Amos, Québec
Paul Beck,
Solinst Canada Ltd.
Georgetown, Ontario
Rachid Benhacine,
Embassy of Canada,
Algiers, Algeria
Antonio Berlanga Balderas,
Colegio de Ingenieros de Minas,
Metalurgistas y Geologos de Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
Noel Billette,
Natural Resources Canada,
Ottawa, Ontario
Jeff Blackstock,
Canadian Consulate General,
Sydney, Australia
Doug Bock,
Ecofab Marketing Ltd.
Vancouver, British Colombia
Curt Boemke,
Minexpo 2004
Chicago, USA
Ali Borhani,
Noramid Corp.
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Franz Brandenberger
Canadian Trade Office
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Alberto Brocas,
Terra Networks Peru,
Lima, Peru
Wolfgang and Carol Buchner
Brampton, Ontario
Juan Carlos Cordero,
Toronto, Ontario
Ricardo Cortes,
Editec Ltda.,
Santiago, Chile
Gwenaele Coubrough,
Canadian Trade Office,
Johannesburg, South Africa
Hugo Cuenca,
Caracas, Venezuela
Jim Cullinane
DSI Thiessen Mining
Langley, British Columbia
Philip Deakin
Association of British Mining
Machinery Companies
United Kingdom
Hugh DeSouza,
SGS Minerals,
Toronto, Ontario
Rowena Dias,
Ontario Exports Inc.,
Toronto, Ontario
Nicole Dion,
KNJ Dion Inc.
Rouyn-Noranda, Québec
Melinda Donnelly,
Novaflex Hose,
Whitby, Ontario
Gary Elsey,
North Bay, Ontario
Frederic Flament
Algosys Inc
Québec, Québec
Gaston Gausachs,
Santiago, Chile
Bob Gow,
Consulate General of Canada
Sydney, Australia
Linda and Frank Grieco
Oshawa, Ontario
Fernando Cortez Guerra,
Asociacion de Industriales de
Antofagasta, Chile
Frank Hall,
Krupp Canada Inc.,
Calgary, Alberta
Max Hare,
China Mining,
Beijing, China
Cal Hayes
Elasto-Valve Rubber Products,
Sudbury, Ontario
Greg Hollyer,
GEM Advanced Magnetometers,
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Lloyd Hume
Eagle Mapping
Vancouver, British Columbia
Roy Jakola,
Automated Mining Systems,
Aurora, Ontario
Diana Johnson,
Fugro Airborne Surveys,
Mississauga, Ontario
………………………..from 18 countries around the world.
John Kaplan,
Specialized Exhibitions (Pty) Ltd.,
Johannesburg, South Africa
Prakash Khemka,
Khemka Instruments Private,
Calcutta, India
Marc Leroux,
Ministry of Northern Development
and Mines,
Sudbury, Ontario
Benoit L'Heureux,
Fordia Ltée,
St. Laurent, Québec
Mike Marinigh
Heath & Sherwood
Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Peter Marinigh
Heath & Sherwood
Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Vlasta Marsik,
Gridcom Enterprises Ltd.,
Surrey, British Columbia
Darren Marsland,
Waterloo, Ontario
Ron Mask,
Instantel Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario
Terry McConnell,
Fugro Airborne Surveys,
Montréal, Québec
Wayne McKenzie,
Canadian High Commission,
Accra, Ghana
Veronica Medina,
Trade Team Chile,
Santiago, Chile
José Mena,
Equipos Mineros,
Santiago, Chile
Stephen Miko,
Conmico Inc.
Toronto, Ontario
Patty Moore,
Cactus Liason Marketing,
Vancouver, British Columbia
Camilo Montiel,
Mine Radio Systems Inc.
Mexico, Mexico
Patrick Morel-à-l'Huissier,
Natural Resources Canada,
Ottawa, Ontario
Alberto Moreno,
Wenco Chile
Santiago, Chile
Ken Morrell,
Mine Radio Systems Inc.
Johannesburg, South Africa
Chris Morris,
Industry Canada,
Ottawa, Ontario
Marilyn Scales,
Canadian Mining Journal,
Ottawa, Ontario
Herbert Mujica Rojas
Directorio Gráfico
Lima, Perú
Larry Seeley,
SGS Lakefield Research,
Lakefield, Ontario
Stuart Munn,
Mine Radio Systems Pacific,
Tasmania, Australia
Malcolm Sheldon
KWH Pipe (Canada) Ltd.
New York, New York
Alvaro Murga Via,
Lima, Peru
Roly Solis
Editec ltd.
Santiago, Chile
Tania Orduz,
Assay Net Canada,
Waterdown, Ontario
Stan Stewart,
Atlas Copco Exploration Products,
North Bay, Ontario
Isabel Osorio - Gausachs
Honourary Consul for Canada
Antofagasta, Chile
Kurt, Vera and Hanna Stoll,
Bern, Switzerland
Marisol Palacios & Carlos Soldi,
Lima, Peru
Alain Thivierge,
48ième Nord,
Val d'Or, Québec
Lillian Panova
Trade Commissioner
Canadian Embassy, Moscow, Russia
Hugh Thompson,
Runge Latin America Ltd.
Santiago, Chile
Rolf Pedersen,
McPhar Geosurveys Ltd.
Ottawa, Ontario
Bil Thuma,
Toronto, Ontario
Juan Penarrieta
Eagle Mapping Ltd.
Lima, Peru
Sergio Troncoso,
Activation Laboratories,
Ancaster, Ontario
Ricardo Pereira and Loreto Martinez,
123 Soleil,
Santiago, Chile
Oscar Vasquez
Trade Commissioner
Canadian Embassy, Lima, Peru
Norah Pierdant,
CESL Engineering,
Vancouver, British Columbia
Adriana Vindrola,
Canadian Embassy,
Lima, Peru
Ricardo Pino
Sara Viton,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
André Plante,
Lambert Someq Inc.
Québec, Québec
Pierette Prince,
SGS Minerals,
Toronto, Ontario
Catherine Resentera,
York Region,
Aurora, Ontario
Paul-André Rochon
World Bank
Washington, U.S
Nivalda Rojas,
Rojas Asociados,
Mendoza, Argentina
Lorena Salgado and Fernando Cortez,
Antofagasta, Chile
Ron Sanderson
Specialized Media Associates,
Calgary, Alberta
Sara Viton and Jorge Fillol Casas,
Viewpoint S.A.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ginny Wadge
Shaw Almex Industries Limited,
Parry Sound, Ontario
Stephen Ward,
Mine Radio Systems Inc.
Manchester, U.K.
Etienne Sum Wah
Department of Foreign Affairs and
International Trade
Ottawa, Ontario
Carolyn Weppler and Steve Martin,
Pacesetter Travel,
Toronto, Ontario
Vinnie Yiu
Reclamin Inc.
St. Jérôme, Québec
Donations to Covenant House
Many thanks to the following individual and corporate friends of Francis
who responded to the family’s request that, in lieu of flowers, donations be
made to Covenant House.
Mobile Parts Inc., Val Caron, Ontario
Diana Babuin, Beeton, Ontario
B&D Manufacturing, Sudbury, Ontario
Dux Machinery Corp., Repentigny, Québec
Fordia Ltée, St. Laurent, Québec
Kaz-Can Corp., Mississauga, Ontario
Mine Radio Systems Inc., Stouffville, Ontario
National Mining Association, Washington, D.C.
Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
Pacesetter Travel, Toronto, Ontario
SGS Lakefield Research Ltd., Lakefield, Ontario
Inco Tech, Mississauga, Ontario
Ediciones Technicas Limitada, Santiago, Chile
Covenant House is a Toronto charity helping homeless and runaway youth.