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press kit - La Union
Photo: Pablo Donoso
Astro (Octavio Cavieres, Nicolás Arancibia, Daniel Varas and Andrés Nusser) is a renowned Chilean band that stands out not only for its fresh sound and artistic sensibilities, but also for its bold, energetic and highly interpretative live show. In a very short time, Astro has achieved wide recognition on the Chilean independent circuit and, more recently, in the international arena. The group formed in September Photo: Daniel Hanselmann
2008 and, by mid-­‐2009, was already a force to be reckoned with throughout the local independent scene in Chile – they were performing to packed crowds at Santiago’s most significant events. In April 2009, they released their first EP, “Le Disc de Astrou”, in digital format under the Danish label “Wash Dishes”. The EP’s innovative and cutting-­‐edge musical landscape resulted in the band’s first international touring opportunity to Argentina and Uruguay. Then, in early 2010, they were invited to participate in the prestigious Mexican festival “Vive Latino” (Latin America’s answer to Coachella), where they shared the stage with international greats such as Rodrigo y Gabriela, Empire of the Sun, or even Calexico. Their performance at “Vive Latino” guaranteed they did not leave Mexico without making their mark. They impacted the independent Mexican circuit thanks to the song “Maestro Distorción”, which became an undeniable radio hit on the Mexican airwaves. This led them to sign with the “Entertainmex” agency and the “Terrícolas Imbéciles” record label, agreeing on the production of the first hard copy of “Le Disc de Astrou” in a special edition marketed to the Aztec community in September 2010. In less than a year, the album sold over 2,000 copies. Their first record exceeded all expectations and was very well received both publicly and critically. Chilean and foreign press gave it excellent reviews. Some of these even featured “Le Disc de Astrou” in their top 10 Best Albums of 2010. In November 2010, the band went back to Argentina, produced by DJ Cecilia Amenábar, where they performed in Buenos Aires’ “Hot Festival”. In early 2011, “Le Disc de Astrou” was released in Chile and the band performed several live shows in support of this release. In April they were invited to participate in the first version of Lollapalooza Chile, where their comfort and maturity on stage as well as their tasteful use of eclectic instruments and tones were evident. Building on this, Astro was then invited to participate in the consolidated Colombian festival "Rock al Parque", the largest free festival in Latin America, where they performed for an eager and excited crowd of over 120,000 people. While their number of international live appearances continued to grow in 2011, the second half of that year was marked by their invitations to share the Chilean stage with US-­‐based international greats Metronomy and The Sea and Cake, performing for packed crowds of 2,000 and 1,000 people respectively. They were also one of the most anticipated bands at the Primavera Fauna Festival, where they performed alongside leading international artists such as: !!! (Chk Chk Chk), The Raveonettes, Flight Facilities and Jacques Renault, to name but a few. Astro´s first LP (“Astro”) was officially released on December 2nd, 2011 in Chile, a date that set the stage for a spectacular event at Matucana 100. The event was a complete success – the main theater was filled to capacity and the band once again exceeded all expectations by surprising the public with an impressive high budget, well rehearsed, and mature performance that stands out in the Chilean independent music scene to this day. Furthermore, thousands of people all over Chile and around the world were able to experience the show in real time via the Internet as several Chilean, Mexican, US and Spanish networks participated in its international broadcast. The album confirmed the band’s growing buzz while solidifying the unstoppable ascension of Astro’s infectious sound and musicianship. On the international scene, Astro´s new album has caused ripples throughout diverse markets. It is therefore no surprise that several media sites have not only hailed “Ciervos” as one of the best tracks and music videos of 2011, but have also placed “Astro” LP in the elite category of top albums released in 2011. In 2012, Astro continued to perform internationally, with a view to exposing their music to a greater consensus of crossover crowds and, in so doing, confirming their stronghold in crossover markets. In March 2012, they toured the United States and Mexico, performing at the Festival Normal (Monterrey, Mexico), SXSW (Austin, TX) and Vive Latino (D.F., Mexico), to name a few. The tour was a complete success, culminating in the signature of a deal with U.S-­‐based label Nacional Records for the US release of "Astro" and with Terrícolas Imbéciles for its release in Mexico. Therefore, owing to its desire to aim high and take advantage of the outstanding opportunities they were offered thus far in their young career, the members of Astro managed to consolidate their band’s presence in the Aztec market and open the doors to the U.S. market. Resolute in their eagerness to build on their international achievements, Astro returned to Argentina, and traveled to Spain to participate in the prestigious Catalan festival known as Primavera Sound. This visit to Spain was an overwhelming success, as they were able to secure local representation and booking, including an agreement for the release of their acclaimed “Astro” LP in Spain. It must also be noted that the track “Panda”, another catchy song on their debut LP, was selected to appear on the official video game soundtrack for FIFA 13 (EASports). In early 2013 the band releases the third single from their praised self-­‐titled LP, "Panda". The single was released with its video, which did not go unnoticed because in less than an hour it was censored by YouTube. The clip however spread quickly across the Web and band Vimeo channel. In the video, the protagonists are the bare bottoms of several women and men of various ages, which initially are shown simply standing, then slowly begging to catch the rhythm of the song to end up dancing to its beat. The clip was directed by Sebastián and Cristóbal Zegers twins, and was produced by the leading Chilean film company Fábula (Prófugos -­‐ HBO). After the premiere of "Panda" the band began again touring internationally. This time visiting Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic and United States, to perform in several events as: Carnival Bahidorá (Mexico), Festival Verde de Cultura Musical (Panama) and Redbull Panamerika LA Stage (USA). Meanwhile, Astro sign with The Windish Agency, one of the most important U.S. booking agencies, becoming part of their roster which meant a giant step in the band internationalization. In March they went to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to perform in a MSTRPLN party. In July the group went in its most ambitious international tour so far. For a month they traveled though the West and Photo: Francisca Sandoval
East Coast of the United States, performing 14 shows in nine different cities. Within the tour they participated in the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) where they were distinguished as the "Discovery Artist". Award received in 2012 by the Mexican Carla Morrison. In each presentation Astro had a great reception from the local audience, which was surprised and delight with the band proposal. They closed the tour performing in Lollapalooza Chicago. After the United States, the band went to Europe to perform at Mysteryland Holland, and also in Madrid and Barcelona. Then they go back to Argentina to celebrate the release of "Astro" in that territory. Back in Chile, the band focuses on the development of their next LP. However, in September they surprised everyone releasing a new single, “Hawaii”, a lively new tune that shows what the band is up to today. The song was inspired in everything that the archipelago embodies -­‐ including its tropical vibe, the surfing and the scenic ocean views -­‐ but with a surreal twist. The idea for the song was conceived three years ago in Osorno, Chile, but it turned into reality earlier this year when the band was touring the U.S. While gigging NYC, Red Bull offered the group the opportunity to record one single at its recording studios, based in Los Angeles, California. The band worked on the original first chords, added the voice and the synths, and soon achieved a solid demo to record at Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles. A week later, Astro celebrated drummer Octavio Cavieres' birthday by recording "Hawaii" in Los Angeles at the Red Bull Studios. According to the band, it was a work-­‐and-­‐play day in an absolutely stunning recording studio. The song was produced and mixed by the members of Astro at their own studios in Santiago. It was mastered by the legendary Brooklyn-­‐based Sound Engineer Joe Lambert (Toro y Moi, Animal Collective, Chromeo, among others). As for their live performances, Astro closed 2013 with shows in major Chileans venues such as: Frontera Festival, Feria Pulsar and Mysteryland Chile. Currently, Astro is still working on their next album which is expected to be released in June 2014 and just released their fourth official video clip for their latest single “Manglares” featuring images captured by the group while touring internationally. The visuals are layered over an extended version of the song, which includes a section the band originally developed for their live show about a year ago, and that has since evolved into a key moment for live audiences both in Chile and abroad. Astro has it all. With a defining sound, solid musicianship, and outstanding artistic sensibilities revered throughout the world, their proven crossover potential will undoubtedly continue to define itself as they focus their future efforts on conquering the worldwide music scene. Photo: Alfred Jürgen W. – Anfiteatro Pablo Neruda Paruqe Metropolitano de Santiago enero 2014.
“Music for sanity and meditation” is how its own creators define the spirt of this first EP. This record received high critical acclaim from specialized media outlets, and highlights a sound that finds its roots in psychadelic pop, progressive rock, and electronic rhythms. Major singles such as “Maestro Distorsión”, “Raifilter” and “Ea Dem”, have enabled this young Chilean band to perform successfully on some of the biggest Chilean stages and participate in key festivals. “Although the CD version of “Le Disc de Astrou” features the same seven songs as those released digitally more than a year before the CD release, both the buzz that was generated around the CD release (as described in Sebastián Amado’s interview of the band) and its availability on a more traditional form of media gave added value to the record. Automatic hit songs such as “Raifilter” and “Ea Dem”, which appears on the motion picture soundtrack for “Qué Pena Tu Vida”, solidify the strength of these summer sing-­‐alongs without losing an ounce of their initial hedonistic confidence. They are singles that any pop record would be envious of, and they have matured well over time just like the Astro members themselves – a fact that bodes well for their upcoming first LP, which is set to be released in 2011. With this EP in physically in hand and no longer only available on a hard drive, the time has come for the band to begin harvesting some of the buzz they have generated. And with good reason.” (Andrés Panes, writing for on January 26th, 2011). “Astro have their own sound, which is currently perfecting itself, yet this EP gives us a good idea of what we can expect from them in the coming years.” (Daniel Patlán, writing for on February 13th, 2010). ASTRO (2011)
This record is the fruit of two years of work and is the first LP released by the band. According to its authors, it is a much better representation of what Astro’s music and live show are really meant to be, as clearly shown through the record’s fun, syncopated beats and catchy synthesizer sounds. As from the release of its debut EP, the band’s sound, energy, and confidence have grown and developed steadily, and this record proves it. “Astro” expertly captures and defines the bright mood the band was in at the time the record was written. It is much more “musical”, in other words more melodic, while the song structures are more flexible and the lyrics rather atypical. The band cites the following as influences that can be heard on this record: Deerhunter, Ariel Pink, Yeasayer, and High Places. Recorded in the Tirana Studios, it was initially mixed and produced by Andrés Nusser, the band’s lead vocalist. The famous Chilean producer Gonzalo González provided the final mixing touches and performed the mastering work on the record. This final step was a lengthy one as the band searched meticulously for the hallmark sound it wanted the record to deliver. The music video for “Ciervos” was recorded near a lake on an island in southern Chile, known for the fact that it is full of deer. The video captures the concept of the herd, in a state of total connection with nature, animals, and Gods. At the same time, the video portrays an island where deities and humans become one and can communicate with the animals as if they were any other friend. The music video was directed by Oscar Wakeman, who is the son Rick Wakeman, YES’s legendary keyboard player. ASTRO/ MAYOR APPEARANCES
Primavera Sound – España (2014)*Confirmed
Mysteryland Santiago – Chile (2013)
Frontera Festival – Chile (2013)
Mysteryland Amsterdam – Holanda (2013)
Lollapalooza Chicago – Estados Unidos (2013)
LAMC (Latin Alternative Music Conference) – Estados Unidos (2013)
Redbull Panamerika Escenario LA. – Estados Unidos (2013)
Festival Verde de Cultura Musical – Panamá (2013)
Carnaval de Bahidorá – México (2013)
Mysteryland Santiago – Chile (2012)
Festival Primavera Fauna - Chile (2012)
La Cumbre del Rock – Chile (2012)
Festival Monkey Week – España (2012)
Primavera Sound – España (2012)
Festival Vive Latino – México (2012)
Festival SXSW – Estados Unidos (2012)
Festival Nrmal - México (2012)
Festival Primavera Fauna - Chile (2011)
Festival Rock al Parque - Colombia (2011)
Festival Lollapalooza – Chile (2011)
Hot Festival – Argentina (2010)
Festival Vive Latino- México (2010)
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Photo: María Ignacia Sandoval – Lollapalooza Chicago 2013 CONTACT
(56--­‐9) 79693136
MX 04455 34042248
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Photo: Florencia Ugalde – Lollapalooza Chicago 2013 Photo: Zulee Amezcua – Feria del Libro Guadalajara 2012 (México) Photo: Oliver Knust -­‐ Cumbre del Rock Chilena 2012 Photo: Feria Pulsar 2012 Photo: Oliver Knust R. – Astro Rock al Parque Colombia 2011
Photo: Alejandro Gatta -­‐ Astro Primavera Sound 2012. Photo: Gustavo Burgos – Photo: Daniel Hanselmann Lanzamiento “Astro” Matucana 100. Photo: Carlos Vera – Astro Lollapalooza Chile 2011
Astro Radio Ibero 90.9 México ASTRO / PRESS
Radio Zero: Mejor canción de 2012
Astro - Colombo
Protistas - Granada
Camila Moreno - Incendié
Foster The People - Houdini
Javiera Mena - Luz de Piedra de Luna
La Tercera: Los mejores músicos chilenos del 2012
Ana Tijoux
Manuel García
Camila Moreno
Ases Falsos
Cómo Asesinar a Felipes
31 Minutos
Jorge González
NPR Music´s 50 Favorite Albums of 2012
LA Weekly: The Ten Best Latin Alternative Albums of 2012
1. Ana Tijoux - La Bala
2. Carla Morrison - Dejenme Llorar
3. Ondatropica - Ondatropica
4. Gaby Moreno - Postales
5. Bomba Estereo - Elegancia Tropical
6. Natalia Lafourcade - Mujer Divina Homenaje a Agustin Lara
7. Astro - Astro
8. Twin Shadow - Confess
9. Monsieur Perine - Hecho a Mano
10. Ghetto Brothers - Power Fuerza
Linda Mirada – Secundario – Subterfuge
Espanto – Rock n’ Roll – Austrohúngaro
Astro – Colombo – Independiente
Deerhoof – The Trouble With Candyhands – Polyvinyl Record Co.
Frente Cumbiero – Ika – Name You Can Trust/La Silueta
Super Guachin – La gorra – Waxploitation/ZZK
Los Vikingos del Norte – Tú y tus primas (Cousins) – Independiente
Bonde Do Rolê – Kilo – Mad Decent
Bondi Blaster – Bollyguay Express – Stronghold Sound
Ana Tijoux – Desclasificado – Nacional Records
Los Rakas – Bien ribetiao – Nacional Records
Otto von Shirach – Supersucia – Miami Booty Club
Straitjackets – Space Mosquito – Yep Roc
Mexican Dubwiser – Revolution Radio – Terrícolas Imbéciles
Las mejores canciones en español de 2012 según MHR
01. Gepe /// En La Naturaleza (4-3-2-1-0)
02. Pegasvs /// Brillar
03. Triángulo De Amor Bizarro /// Ellas Se Burlaron De Mi Magia
04. Astro /// Colombo
05. Klaus & Kinski /// Ojo Por Diente
Radio Zero: La mejor canción del 2011
Javiera Mena – Primera estrella
Astro – Ciervos
Radiohead – Lotus flower
Gepe – Un día ayer
Francisca Valenzuela – Quiero verte más
Best Tracks 2011 Remezcla (EE.UU.)
“Ciervos” by ASTRO [Chile]
0.2“Radio Capital” by La Vida Bohéme [Venezuela]
03. “Hits Me Like A Rock” by CSS [Brazil]
04. “Qué Sería” by Francisca Valenzuela [Chile]
05. “Halogen (I Could Be A Shadow)” by Neon Indian [USA/Mexico]
06. “Arde Santiago” by Adrianigual [Chile]
07. “Shock” by Ana Tijoux [Chile]
20 Discos Iberoamericanos del Año – Rockola Iberolatina
1.- ASTRO - Astro
Discos Río Bueno (CL), Terrícolas Imbéciles (MX);
2.- BAM BAM - Futura Vía Arts & Crafts México / Nene Records; México.
3.- ALEX ANWANDTER - Rebeldes Feria Music; Chile.
4.- DÁVILA 666 - Tan Bajo In the Red Records; Puerto Rico.
5.- VETUSTA MORLA - Mapas Independiente (Pequeño Salto Mortal); España.
6.- HELADO NEGRO - Canta Lechuza Asthmattic Kitty; Ecuador/Estados Unidos.
7.- EL COLUMPIO ASESINO - Diamantes Mushroom Pillow; España.
8.- ALGODÓN EGIPCIO - La Lucha Constante Lefse; Venezuela.
9.- FAKUTA - Al Vuelo Michita Rex; Chile.
10.- ADRIANIGUAL - Éxito Mundial Sello Cazador (Independiente); Chile.
Los 20 mejores discos del 2011 consultando Rateyourmusic, Panamerika, NPR, Club Fonograma y
Senhor F – Latino América
1. Astro - Astro
2. Bam Bam – Futura Vía
3. Davila 666 – Tan Bajo
4. Juan Cirerol – Ofrenda al Mictlan
5. Helado negro – Canta lechuza
6. Valle de muñecas – La autopista cae del océano hasta el amarecer.
7. Alex Anwandter - Rebelde
[top 9] sencillos del 2011 de Buenos Días Santa Fe (el programa más escuchado de Radio Ibero 90.9 de
• Foster the People – "Pumped-up kicks"
• Cults – "Abducted"
• El columpio asesino – "Toro"
• Dávila 666 - "Esa Nena Nunca Regresó"
• The Horrors - "Endless Blue"
• Beastie Boys - "Make Some Noise"
• Astro - "Ciervos"
Eleanor Friedberger - "My Mistakes"
• Torreblanca - "Si“
Top 9 sencillos del 2011 de Radio Ibero 90.9 FM México por Mercado Negro
1.- El Columpio Asesino - "Toro"
2.- Astro - "Ciervos"
3.- Mexican Dubwiser - "Trouble in my soul"
4.- Oddó - "Déjame dormir"
5.- Candy - "El entierro“
Redbull Panamérika 2011: Álbumes – el Lado A de los 20 discos iberoamericanos más chingones del
1. Bam Bam – Futura Vía – Arts & Crafts [MEX]
2. Astro – Astro – Discos Río Bueno/Terrícolas Imbéciles [CHI]
3. Adrianigual – Éxito mundial – Cazador [CHI]
4. Juan Cirerol – Ofrenda al Mictlán – ValeVergas Discos [MEX]
5. El Columpio Asesino – Diamantes – Mushroom Pillow/Terrícolas Imbéciles [ESP]
6. Kali Mutsa – Ambrolina EP – Shock Music [CHI]
7. Frente Cumbiero – Frente Cumbiero Meets Mad Professor – Radiocápsula/British Council [COL]
8. Alex Anwandter – Rebeldes – 5AM [CHI]
9. Mostro – Libre para regurgitar a la intemperie – Quemasucabeza [CHI]
10. Klezmerson – Siete – Tzadik [MEX]
Lo mejor de 2011 según MHR /// Canciones en español
1. El Columpio Asesino /// Toro
2. Dávila 666 /// Esa nena nunca regresó
3. Odio París /// Cuando nadie pone un disco
4. Disco Ruido /// Go Twisters
5. Francisca Valenzuela /// Que sería
6. Hypnomango /// El mundo no es real
7. PedroPiedra /// Vacaciones en el mas allá
8. Quiero Club /// Que hacer en caso de oír voces
9. Adrianigual /// Me gusta la noche
10. Torreblanca /// Si
11. Antoine Reverb /// Memory Interrupted
12. Astro /// Ciervos
top 9 de videos 2011, según Radio Ibero 90.9 FM México
Andrea Balency - "El Desorden"
Astro - "Ciervos"
Disco Ruido! - "Morfeo"
Lorelle Meets the Obsolete - "These Days"
Marían Ruzzi y Sr.Amable - "Una pieza más"
Mostro - "F"
Oddó - "Déjame dormir"
Pellejos - "El Gas"
San Pascualito Rey - "Si te vas"
Lo mejor de 2011 según MHR /// Discos en Español
1. El Columpio Asesino /// Diamantes
2. Francisca Valenzuela /// Buen Soldado
3. Dávila 666 /// Tan Bajo
4. Jessy Bulbo /// Telememe
5. Torreblanca /// Bella Época
6. Adrianigual /// Éxito Mundial
7. Astro /// Astro
8. Russian Red /// Fuerteventura
9. Odio París /// Odio París
10. Siddhartha /// Náufrago
Panamérika 2011: Sencillos- Destacado entre las 30 canciones de
Adrianigual – “Arde Santiago”
Alex Anwandter – “Cómo puedes vivir contigo mismo”
Antoine Reverb – “You as a Fish”
Astro – “Ciervos”
Bam Bam – “Hipnódromo”
Candy – “El Entierro”
El Columpio Asesino – “Toro”
DiscoRuido! – “Go Twisters”
The Echocentrics – “O Elefante (ft. Tita Lima)”
Los Esquizitos – “Chiggy Pop”
Francisca Valenzuela – “Quiero Verte Más” …
Destacado en el compilado Vol. 14 de CLUB FONOGRAMA Octubre 2011
Historias del Desencanto – “Termine El Guión”
Valle, México)
Niños del Perú – “El Sol” (Michita Rex, Chile)
Sonora – “La Selva” (Unreleased, USA)
Emilio José – “A amizade (B)” (Discos Garibaldi, Spain)
MKRNI – “Andinita” (Madhaus Records, Chile)
Prietto Viaja Al Cosmos Con Mariano – “El Bombero” (RandomRecords, Argentina)
Lucila Inés – “Todas las letras de tu nombre” (Independiente, Argentina)
El Sueño de la Casa Propia – “Pobre Ave” (Unreleased, Chile)
Helado Negro – “Lechuguilla” (Asthmatic Kitty, USA)
Astro – “Ciervos” (Terrícolas Imbeciles, Chile)
Los Protones – “Chichasurf” (A Tutiplen Records, Perú)
Fauna – “Para Mi” (ZZK Records, Argentina)
Pájaro Sin Alas – “Alfombra Mágica Mental” (Unreleased, México)
SOUNDS AND COLOURS: BEST ALBUMS OF 2011 South American music and culture magazine
1. Criolo – No Na Orelha (Brazil) 2. Soema Montenegro – Pasionaria (Argentina) 3. Los Pirañas – S/T (Colombia) 4. Ekundayo – S/T (Brazil/USA) 5. Karina Buhr – Longe de Onde (Brazil) 6. Algodon Egipcio – La Lucha Constante (Venezuela) 7. Astro – Astro (Chile) 8. Metá-­‐Metá – S/T (Brazil) 9. Caravana – S/T (Chile) 10. Mucho Indio – S/T (Colombia) Melhores de 2011 – Iberoamericanos – Senhor F (Brasil)
1.Vetusta Morla – Mapas (Espanha) 2.Davila 666 – Tan Bajo (Porto Rico) 3.Juan Cirerol – Ofrenda al Mictlan (México) 4.Buenos Muchachos – Se Pule la Colmena (Uruguai) 5.Fernando Milagros – San Sebastián (Chile) 6.Gabo Ferro – La Aguja Tras la Máscara (Argentina) 7.Beto Só – Ferro-­‐Velho de Boas Intenções (Brasil) 8.Valle de Muñecas – La Autopista Corre del Oceano Hasta el Amanecer (Argentina) 9.Monareta – Fried Speakers (Colômbia) 10.Criolo – Nó na Orelha (Brasil) 11.Franny Glass – El Podador Primaveral (Uruguai) 12.Norma – "A" (Argentina) 13.Violins – Direito de Ser Nada (Brasil) 14.Astro – Astro (Chile) Los mejores 25 discos del 2011 - zachary-jones (EE.UU.)
1. Fakuta – Al Vuelo 2. Alex Ferreira – Dulus Dominicus EP 3. La Vida Bohème – Nuestra 4. Zoé – Música de fondo 5. Alex Anwandter – Rebeldes 6. Carla Morrison – Jugando en serio EP 7. Juan Cirerol – Ofrenda al Mictlan 8. Alondra De La Parra – Travieso Carmesí 9. Romeo Santos – Formula Vol. 1 10. Babasónicos – A propósito 11. Los Rakas – El Flow Californiano: Mixtape Vol. 1 12. Orquesta El Macabeo – El entierro 13. Pol Nada – He estado en varios lugares a la vez 14. Gaby Moreno – Illustrated Songs 15. No Te Va Gustar – Por lo menos hoy 16. Astro – Astro 17. La ola que quería ser chau – Ey Bonita/Ojalá que este verano no nos maten EPs 18. Fabián – Después del incendio y otras cosas así 19. Jazzimodo – Cortar y pegar 20. Thes Siniestros – Los últimos días Lo mejor del 2010 - Canciones en español según ME HACE RUIDO (MÉXICO)
1. Astro /// Maestro Distorsión
2. Triángulo de Amor Bizarro /// De la Monarquía a la Criptocracia
3. Gepe /// Por la Ventana
4. Javiera Mena /// Hasta la Verdad
Top 9: Canciones Hispanoamérica del 2010 según RADIO IBERO 90.9 (MÉXICO)
1. Astro /// Maestro Distorsión
2. Triángulo de Amor Bizarro /// De la Monarquía a la Criptocracia
3. Calle 13 /// Calma Pueblo
4. Gepe /// Por la Ventana
Las 9 mejores canciones según SEISPM destacado en RADIO IBERO 90.9 (MÉXICO)
1. Astro /// Maestro Distorsión
2. Gorillaz /// On Melancholy Hill
3. Arcade Fire /// Sprawl II
4. Temper Trap /// Sweet Disposition
Best Tracks of 2010 según REMEZCLA MUSICA (EE.UU.)
1. Lo que quieras /// Dënver [Chile]
2. Maestro Distorsión /// Astro [Chile]
3. Abrázame /// Los Raskas (ft.Faviola, Uproot Andy Remix) [Panamá]
4. Hasta la Verdad /// Javiera Mena [Chile]
Red Bull Panamerika 74: Bands to Watch 2010 según Club Fonograma (MÉXICO)
María José /// Oye Satanás
Esteman /// La cosa tropical
Astro /// Mono Tropical
Carla Morrison /// Buena Malicia
Los mejores 10 discos latinos del 2010 según METAFONICO (MÉXICO)
1. Mena /// Javiera Mena
2. Pop Negro /// El Guincho
3. Audiovision /// Gepe
4. Le Disc de Astrou /// Astro
Los Mejores discos del 2010 según Panamérika Redbull (MÉXICO)
1. El Guincho /// Pop Negro (ESP) XL Recordings / Terrícolas Imbéciles
2. Gepe /// Audiovisión (CHI) Quemasucabeza
3. Rita Indiana y los Misterios /// El Juidero (DOM) Sony US Latin
4. Triángulo de Amor Bizarro /// Año Santo (ESP) Mushroom Pillow / Arts & Crafts México
5. Astro /// Le disc de Astrou (CHI) Terrícolas Imbéciles
Los 20 mejores discos del 2010 según ROCK EN LAS AMERICAS. BLOGSPOT.COM
1. Triángulo de Amor Bizarro /// Año Santo
2. Gepe /// Audiovision
3. Javiera Mena /// Mena
4. Rita Indiana y Los Misterios /// El Juidero
5. El Guincho /// Pop Negro
6. Odisea/Alex Andwanter /// Odisea
7. Las Robertas /// Cry out Loud
8. Calle 13 /// ENtren los que quieran
9. Carla Morrison /// Mientras tu dormías
10. Los Punsetes /// LP2
11. La ola que quería ser chau /// Películas Caseras
12. Astro /// Le Disc de Astrou