The new name for the mechanical chronograph


The new name for the mechanical chronograph
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The new name for
the mechanical chronograph
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The ultimate chronograph
A powerful, unique and quintessential design, masterfully
reinterpreted. A selfwinding chronograph movement entirely
developed and crafted in the brand workshops. A stunning
presence on the wrist distinguished by a blend of strength and
elegance. Breitling has created a highly exclusive version of its
leading Chronomat model, which is asserting itself more
forcefully than ever as the benchmark in the field of mechanical
chronographs. Equipped with the very first 100% in-house
chronograph movement, the Chronomat B01 majestically
heralds Breitling’s grand entrance into the selective circle of
genuine watch movement manufacturers. Designed to guarantee
maximum precision, reliability and functionality, it represents
the culmination of the long-running quest for performance
characteristic of Breitling “instruments for professionals”.
Crafted with extreme concern for details, this flagship luxury
model is bound to delight devotees of fine timepieces born
to accomplish great feats. Chronomat B01: the mechanical
chronograph has a new name.
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A perfect fuselage
Ideally melding form and function has been Breitling’s
consistent goal in developing its “instruments for professionals”.
Such is the ever-present challenge brilliantly taken up by the
brand designers. In the Chronomat B01, this subtle balance is
pushed to a whole new level. Built to guarantee a high degree
of sturdiness, watertightness and shock resistance, the case
features a new elongated profile that smoothly molds the wrist.
The unidirectional rotating bezel – an essential companion in
measuring flight or dive times – is adorned with exclusive
engraved numerals ensuring excellent readability while
endowing the chronograph with an eminently recognizable
face. Available in hour-marker or Roman numeral versions, the
dials display their information with great clarity in a clever play
on colors, materials and depth effects that contributes to
enhancing their visibility. The supple, ultra-sporty bracelets
are equipped with mobile lugs guaranteeing optimal fit and
comfort. Visual pleasure and functionality are thus combined in
every detail of the finishing – exactly like a streamlined aircraft
fuselage slicing through the air.
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An exceptional motor
Endowed with an original and innovative architecture,
Caliber B01 embodies all the wealth of experience gained by
Breitling in its chronograph stronghold since 1884. The brand
undeniably played a major role in the development of this type
of instrument. When presenting the first wristworn chronographs
in 1915, the founder’s son Gaston Breitling had the ingenious
idea of creating a pushpiece to handle the three chronograph
functions (start, stop and reset) that would be separate from
the crown. This marked the birth of the first independent
pushpiece. In 1923, he perfected this system by separating the
“start/stop” functions controlled by the pushpiece at 2 o’clock
from the “reset” function activated by the crown – a patented
innovation that enabled the users to add up several consecutive
times without needing to return the hands to zero. In 1934, Willy
Breitling, representing the third generation of the family firm,
set the finishing touch to the modern face of the chronograph
by creating a second independent pushpiece reserved exclusively
for resetting. In 1969, the firm rose to one of the greatest
20th century watchmaking challenges by launching the first
selfwinding chronograph movement, the “Chrono-Matic”
Caliber 11. The advent of Caliber B01 now marks an historic
turning point that sees Breitling join the prestigious ranks of
the rare watch companies to possess their very own mechanical
chronograph movement. A major accomplishment that is also a
springboard towards the future.
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Sheer performance
An authentic Breitling “wrist instrument”, the Chronomat B01
bears the hallmark of a universe dedicated to performance,
personal achievement and excellence. It is tailor-made to
withstand the most extreme conditions while never failing
to fulfill its mission. Chronometer-certified like all Breitling
movements, Caliber B01 has successfully undergone the fifteen
days of merciless testing performed by the Swiss Official
Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) – a supreme token of
reliability and precision. The oversized hands and hour-markers,
accentuated by a luminescent coating, guarantee optimal
readability while lending exceptional character to the dial.
The sophisticated design of the crown guards as well as the
protective pushpiece rings ensures an impregnable defense
against impacts and the hazards of daily use. The various
control organs – crown, pushpieces and unidirectional rotating
bezel – combine comfort and functionality, while meeting the
stringent demands of intensive use. The metal bracelets, as well
as the leather straps and their buckles, are designed, produced
and tested to withstand extreme traction.
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The case of the Chronomat B01 is fashioned from steel or 18K
gold by a lengthy cold-stamping process consisting in a succession
of high-pressure swaging operations that give the metal its
peerlessly robust consistency. For its steel components, Breitling
uses only highly corrosion-resistant alloys guaranteeing enduring
quality and beauty. The crown, pushpieces and screwed-in backs,
as well as the highly sophisticated gasket systems, guarantee
the Chronomat B01 exceptional water resistance to a depth of
500 meters (1,650 feet/50 bars) – a feat worthy of an authentic
professional diver’s watch. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
is glareproofed on both sides to eliminate any undesirable
glinting, whatever the lighting conditions and the angle of
vision. Its positioning, slightly recessed below the bezel, ensures
enhanced protection against impacts.
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Refined aesthetic appeal
From overall design through to the slightest finishing details,
the Chronomat B01 reveals a constant concern for aesthetic
sophistication that earns it a place of its own within the
chronograph world. Few watches successfully marry a technical
vocation with such an innate sense of elegance. The subtly
designed volumes and proportions of the case are highlighted
by a meticulous polishing expressing the full measure of the
craftsman’s dexterity. The circle of engraved numerals with
their vigorous upstrokes and downstrokes features a depth
effect and a matt finish that make a striking contrast with the
polished surface of the bezel. The dials with hour-markers
or Roman numerals are adorned with an unusual geometric
design characterized by a gridwork pattern that is subtly
revealed as the light plays over it. They come in a broad choice
of refined colors that are matt or metallic, understated or bold,
thereby lending each model its unique character. The Pilot
bracelet with its slanted-cut polished links adds a particularly
dynamic touch on the wrist, while the straps cut from the finest
leather strike a resolutely sporting chic note.
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The Chronomat B01 is available in four versions: all-steel,
steel with a bezel bearing four solid gold quarter-hour markers;
steel with a gold bezel, and all-gold. The precious metal comes
exclusively in the warm, modern glow of 18K rose gold (4N).
The dials are graced with sophisticated details such as diamondpolished hands, finely-turned totalizers and hand-applied
numerals and hour-markers. The Roman numerals create an
original effect playing with the circles of the totalizers and
the square grid-patterned zone. The four applied quarter-hour
markers on the bezel feature a convex profile ensuring a
silky-smooth feel. Displaying a characteristic flair for detail,
Breitling has opted to facilitate handling by slightly “lowering”
the upper surface of the bezel on the side where the finger
rests when performing the unidirectional rotation.
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The true face of luxury
Heir to top-flight expertise and representing a considerable
sum of joint efforts, the Chronomat B01 is an authentic luxury
object combining performance and craftsmanship; an intensely
valuable creation focusing on essence rather than appearance,
on efficiency rather than ostentation. Its numerous assets
include the exclusivity of a mechanical chronograph movement
entirely developed and produced by Breitling in the Breitling
Chronométrie workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The supreme
distinction of the official COSC chronometer certificate – a
much-coveted seal of approval to which only 5% of watches
produced in Switzerland can lay claim. The nobility of a 100%
Swiss-made timepiece – from case to movement and from dial
to bracelet. A unique and highly recognizable design enhanced
by the extreme care lavished on its finishing. A production
quality proven by over one thousand tests performed
throughout the production process and on the finished watch.
The excellence of the Breitling customer service guaranteeing
consistent attention and maintenance worthy of a high-end
timepiece, and throughout the world for decades to come. All
converge to make the Chronomat B01 the absolute benchmark
for devotees of mechanical chronographs.
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A movement cut out for greatness
Reliable, sturdy, precise: Caliber B01 ideally embodies the entire
philosophy of the Breitling chronograph. Equipped with a
column-wheel device, the hallmark of the finest mechanical
chronograph movements, it is distinguished by its vertical
coupling clutch ensuring perfectly “clean” start-ups with no
jump of the hand. Its over 70-hour power reserve – a decidedly
user-friendly feature – guarantees steady regularity of rate
by optimizing the force of the mainspring. Breitling has also
equipped Caliber B01 with resolutely innovative characteristics
serving to facilitate both its production and use. The patented
self-centering device for the resetting hammers does away
with the need for the traditional correction individually
performed by a watchmaker on each movement. The exclusive
index-assembly system means the watch rate can be rapidly
personalized to suit each owner. Designed to ensure optimal
functionality and security in everyday conditions, Caliber B01
has an instant date-change calendar that can be adjusted at
any time, with no risk of damaging the movement. The
chronograph mechanism has also been built in such a way as
to eliminate the risks of impairment due to inappropriate
handling. The intelligent architecture of the integrated yet
fairly modular movement affords significant advantages in
terms of assembly and maintenance.
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A revolutionary mode of assembly
“Quality produced in series”: with Caliber B01, the 1940s
Breitling motto is expressed in dazzling new style. To guarantee
the industrial-scale authentic reliability of its first 100% in-house
movement, the firm has chosen to innovate in terms of its
production method. The goal is to rationalize production and
to entrust machines with all the operations where they
guarantee performances far superior to those of the human
hand. Inspired by a high-tech concept used in other cuttingedge sectors and adapting it to the field of watchmaking,
Breitling has developed an industrial production chain concept
that revolutionizes traditional movement assembly. Each caliber
is placed in a “shuttle” and individually monitored by an ultrasophisticated computer program that automatically directs it
towards the appropriate workstation, along a route alternating
between fully automated workstations and others requiring
manual intervention. All the rating stages are fully integrated
within this process, and upon emerging from the chain,
each Caliber B01 is ready to face the rigorous COSC tests.
Demonstrating a rare degree of mastery, Breitling handles the
assembly of the B01’s oscillator, the movement’s regulating
organ that guarantees its precision. Moreover, the ultra-modern
Breitling Chronométrie building in La Chaux-de-Fonds also
houses one of the best-equipped laboratories in the entire
watch industry.
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Breitling Caliber B01, officially chronometer-certified by the COSC, selfwinding, high frequency (28,800 vibrations per hour),
47 jewels. 1/4th of a second chronograph, 30-minute and 12-hour totalizers. Calendar.
Steel, two-tone, steel & gold or 18K rose gold. Water-resistant to 500 meters (1,650 feet/50 bars). Gold case water-resistant
to 100 meters (330 feet/10 bars). Screw-locked crown. Screw-locked safety pushpieces. Unidirectional ratcheted rotating
bezel. Cambered sapphire crystal, glareproofed on both sides. Diameter: 43.50 mm.
Steel version: Antarctica white, Pearl, Onyx black, Riviera blue, Metallica blue, Blackeye blue, Blackeye gray, Sierra silver,
Gray Pearl, Gray Pearl Diamond, Mirage red, Carbon black, Amber, Metallica brown.
Two-tone, steel & gold, 18K rose gold versions: Antarctica white, Pearl, Pearl Diamond, Onyx black, Riviera blue, Metallica
blue, Sierra silver, Mirage red, Amber, Metallica brown.
Barenia leather, crocodile leather, Ocean Racer, Diver Pro II / Pilot.
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