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holy apostles santos apóstoles
The Church of
Iglesia Catolica de
May 1, 2016
Sixth Sunday of Easter
Our Mission Statement: The Church of Holy Apostles is a compassionate, welcoming and
healthy family that strives to love God and serve others with respect and dignity.
God Bless our 2016 First Communicants
(See Page 10 for list of names)
Sunday, May 8, 8 AM to 1 PM
Boy Scout Troop 149 Pancake Breakfast
Saturday, May 14
3 PM: SleepOut for Shelter fundraiser
6 PM: Touch a Heart in Haiti Fundraiser
7 PM: Vigilia de Pentecostés
May 28 & 29: Celebrate Fr. Sherry’s 50th
Ordination Anniversary
May 28, 5 PM Mass followed by dinner
May 28 and 29, Donuts & Coffee 8 to 11 AM
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CHURCH & PARISH OFFICE: 5211 W. Bull Valley Rd. • McHenry, IL 60050 Telephone 815-385-5673 FAX 815-385-6045
FAMILY FAITH FORMATION OFFICE: 815-385-5673, Ext. 218, 220 or 225
Email: [email protected] Web Site: www.thechurchofholyapostles.org
MASS SCHEDULE: Mon: 7:30 AM & 12:10 PM; Tue: 7:30 AM & 6:30 PM; Wed: 7:30 AM & 12:10 PM;
Thu: 7:30 AM & 7 PM (en Español); Fri: 7:30 AM & 12:10 PM; Sat: 7:30 AM & 5 PM and
Sunday: 8 AM, 10 AM, 12 PM (en Español) & 5 PM
CONFESSIONS: Tue: 5:30 to 6:15 PM; Thu: 8 to 8:45 AM & 6 to 6:45 PM (Spanish & English); Sat: 4 to 4:45 PM
Page 2
Dear Holy Apostles Parish Family,
Congratulations to all of our First Communicants
this weekend! Many thanks to the parents,
teachers and people in our Family Faith Formation who prepared the children for this day.
You are all a blessing to our parish family. It
always renews the miracle of the Body and Blood
of Christ when you see a child receive for the
first time. Our children make us look at ourselves
again and remind us of what we take for granted.
Saturday and Sunday, May 28 and 29 is the
celebration of Father Sherry’s 50th Ordination
Anniversary. We have put out several notifications on this, but some still tell me they did not
know about it. We are blessed that he is coming
to have chocolate-covered donuts from Riverside
Bakery and visit with people Saturday and Sunday morning from 8 to 11 AM. The big celebration is Saturday at 5 PM Mass with a dinner following. We really need you to make reservations
for this dinner, so we can provide food for the
amount coming and make sure we have enough
tables set up. We can accommodate 400 people
and Fr. Sherry has invited around 200 people
from the rest of his 50 years. If there is anyone
interested in helping us with the nitty-gritty part
of doing this weekend, let us know. We can use
help working together.
Have a Blessed Week!
Fr. Paul
The Church of Holy Apostles, McHenry, IL
All the homeless, the unemployed, the military, the addicted, the
grieving, the imprisoned, and the physically and emotionally ill.
Nancy Hoffman
Marisa Diedrich Richardson Sharon Justice
Carole Dumont
Patrick Waldron
Bill Michaelis
Glenn Ehrhart
John Jelinek
Annette Feller
Clara Williams
Donald Gauwitz
Len Kubiak
Kathy McCormick
Ethel Parisi
Joan Flood
Tom Majercik
Toni Nolde
Darlene Briscoe
Diane Briscoe
Carole Ann Walberer
Michael L. Prihoda
Gene Seaver
Frank Sweeney
Anthony Scianna
Tracy Norlen
Bennie Brown
Bertha Smith
Jean Bower
Victor Ortiz
Baby Maxine Branson
Reg Hawkes
Robert Holas
Liz Vavrik
Baby Lukas Zalewski
Jamie Dusthimer
Baby Kale Brenner
John Christensen
Irene Agrella
Erick J.
Mike Moore
Germaine Henningfield Baby Cole Schwarz
Fernando Acevez
Mary Yeagley
Yolanda Mendoza
Laura Smith
Nancy Guzzo
Maureen Skinner
Denise Lucas
Donald Nolde
Colton Wray
Grace Wesinger
Alexander Pacheco
Bill Fenwick
Rev. Msgr. Wm. Clausen Mark Patterson
Brendan W. Thompson
Ed Adeszko
Ann Gaul
Ruth Gantz
Julia Ramsland
Donna Spino
Sandi Baumgartner
John Baumgartner
Jen Finch
Cindy Koeune
Maureen Kasarski
Guliana Gentile (child)
Donnie Schoen
Terri Anderson
Jennifer Siegler
Bernie Matchen
Goldie Withrow
Carol Gianforti
God hears our prayers! Please call the Parish Office at 815-385-5673 to
add a name to our Prayer List. If you or loved ones need prayers but do
not want names to be published here, please contact the Holy Apostles
Prayer Line at 815-385-2404 or email to [email protected]
During This Week We Remember:
William P. Fenwick
During This Week Last Year We Remember:
Mary A. Davis and Michael J. Golbeck
Pray for Military Personnel
Please continue to pray for the safety of friends
and family of our parish members especially
Adam Krey, Dan Carrick, Benjamin Smeenge,
Joseph Salgado, Keith LaRock, Andy Schiera,
David Yeazell, Gavin Laskowski, Jaan Sass,
Daniel Snow, Kyle Floyd,
TJ Dinkelman, Chris
Mahood, William Vincent,
Jr., Alex Pavia, Andrew
Morales, John DeCicco,
Jack Walberg, Michael Kinnerk, Daniel Richardson, Christopher M. Chapman, Alex McDonagh,
Will Banville, Brad Roudebush, Patrick Phelan,
Zach Fonk, Tim Heatley, Jason Moa, Matthew
Montani, John J. Gibson and Joseph Kandray,
who are serving our country either stateside or
in a foreign country. Please let us know if you
have a family member serving in the military.
Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands.
Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and
their families for the selfless acts they perform for
us in our time of need and give us peace. We ask
this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen.
Next Sunday:
Acts 16:11-15/Ps 149:1-6, 9/Jn 15:26--16:4a
1 Cor 15:1-8/Ps 19:2-5/Jn 14:6-14
Acts 17:15, 22--18:1/Ps 148:1-2, 11-14/Jn 16:12-15
Acts 18:1-8/Jn 16:16-20
Acts 18:9-18/Ps 47:2-7/Jn 16:20-23
Acts 18:23-28/Ps 47:2-3, 8-10/Jn 16:23b-28
Ascension: Acts 1:1-11/Ps 47:2-3, 6-9/Heb 9:24-28;
10:19-23/Lk 24:46-53
For complete daily Mass readings, visit the United States Conference
of Catholic Bishops website, usccb.org. Click on the date on the calendar
for that day’s readings.
Saturday, May 7:
5 PM—Fr. Paul
Sunday, May 8:
8 AM—Fr. Tim
10 AM—Fr. Paul
12 PM—Fr. Rubén
5 PM—Fr. . Rubén
*Subject to changes in priests’ schedules.
Page 3
Sixth Sunday of Easter
SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2016
8:00 AM Mass:
†Mary Davis and †Frank May
9:00 AM First Communion Photographer in Bride’s Room
10:00 AM Taped Children’s Mass with First Communions
†Jeremy Kuchenmeister
12:00 PM Misa en Español con Primera Comunión
†Paula Marquez Monterrubio, †Salvador Botello y
†Jenifer Fuentes
1:30 PM Estudio de Biblia in Room of Remembrance
3:30 PM FYRE Choir Rehearsal in Church
5:00 PM FYRE Mass:
†Tom Low
7:00 AM
7:30 AM
9:00 AM
10:30 AM
12:10 PM
1:00 PM
6:00 PM
6:30 PM
6:30 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
Mass: †Nancy Kugler
Adult Faith Formation Study in St. Francis/St. Augustine
Hope Takes Action Meeting in St. Ambrose
Mass: †Linda Creasey
Carmelites Group Meeting in St. Augustine
Community Kitchen Meal in Fr. Sherry Parish Ctr./Kitchen
Girl Scout Troop 1614 Meeting in St. Theresa
Cub Scout Meeting in Seraphim
Adult Faith Formation Study in Sherry Center
Spanish Emmaus Meeting in Thrones
7:00 AM
7:30 AM
9:00 AM
10:00 AM
2:00 PM
5:30 PM
6:30 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:30 PM
Mass: †James Queenan, Jr.
Adult Faith Formation Study in St. Francis/St. Augustine
St. Peregrine Cancer Support Group in St. Ambrose/Catherine
Mass at Alden Terrace Nursing Home
Confession/Reconciliation until 6:15 PM
Mass: †Ronald L. Blaul
Girl Scout Troop 1224 Meeting in Thrones
HALO Meeting in St. John
Charismatic Prayer Group in O’Neill Reading Room
Adult Faith Formation Study in Archangels/Angels
Gratitude & Hope Committee Meeting in St. Ambrose
7:00 AM
7:30 AM
12:10 PM
2:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:30 PM
Mass: †Phil Emmert
Mass: †Francis Cooper
Mass at Heritage Woods Assisted Living
Men’s Emmaus (Spanish) Meeting in Thrones
Spirit of Marriage in Room of Remembrance
7:00 AM
7:30 AM
8:00 AM
9:45 AM
5:30 PM
6:00 PM
6:00 PM
6:00 PM
6:00 PM
6:30 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:30 PM
Mass: †Michael Golbeck
Confession/Reconciliation until 8:45 AM
Magnificat Prayer Group Meeting in Apostles Bay
Girl Scout Troop 625 Meeting in St. Joan of Arc
Girl Scout Troop 1361 Meeting in Angels
Girl Scout Troop 1810 Meeting in Archangels
Confessions (Spanish & English) until 6:45 PM
Pastoral Council Meeting in St. Augustine
Misa en Español: †Por las almas del purgatorio
Adult Choir Rehearsal in Choir Rehearsal Room
Men’s Emmaus Meeting in Thrones
Al-Anon Meeting in Thrones
Spanish Marriage Ministry in St. John
May 1, 2016
FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2016
7:00 AM Rosary
7:30 AM Mass:
†Robert Masini
12:10 PM Mass:
†Harry & Dorothy Johnson
6:30 PM Spanish Marriage Ministry in St. John and Upper Room
7:00 PM Nos Enamoramos, Nos Casamos y Ahora Que? (Spanish
Marriage Ministry) In Room of Remembrance
7:00 AM Rosary
7:30 AM Mass:
†Katherine Blumm
4:00 PM Confession/Reconciliation until 4:45 PM
5:00 PM Mass:
†Patricia Byrne and †Diane Widing
5:00 PM Set-up for Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast in Sherry Center
SUNDAY, MAY 8, 2016
8:00 AM Mass:
†John Brauer and the
People of Holy Apostles
10:00 AM Taped Mass with May
†Karl Abbink and †Lu
12:00 PM Misa en Español
(with May Crowning)
†Maria Tapia, †Consuelo Ortiz y †Adela Hernandez
1:00 PM Girl Scout Troop 1807 Meeting in St. Joan of Arc
1:30 PM Estudio de Biblia in Room of Remembrance
3:30 PM FYRE Choir Rehearsal in Church
5:00 PM FYRE Mass:
†Lucille Moberg and †Marge Flynn
6:00 PM No Youth Group today
Arranging Mass Intentions
Please call the Parish Office at 815-385-5673 or stop by during
office hours (8:30 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday) to arrange for a Mass Intention for a deceased or ill loved one or
other special intention. The customary donation us $10 per
Mass intention. If you mail a check or drop it in the collection
basket, please write the name of the intention on your check
and the Mass date/time you have chosen. Thank you!
Advertiser of the Week
We wish to thank the business people who use our bulletin for
advertising their products and services. Our advertisers
make it possible for Holy Apostles to provide our weekly
bulletin to you AT NO COST TO THE PARISH. Please patronize our advertisers. This week we especially thank:
Adams Memorials & Memorial Gifts
Lasting Memorials and Memories
1335 N. Riverside Dr., McHenry
Contact Jeff Tkachuk of LPI Publications at 1-800-950-9952,
Ext. 2513 or [email protected] to place an ad.
Page 4
The Church of Holy Apostles, McHenry, IL
We Share Our Blessings
Help “Touch a Heart in Haiti”
Our Parish Tithe this week will be given to P,A.D.S. of
McHenry County (Public Action to Deliver Shelter).
Come to help Touch a Heart in Haiti, the annual fundraising event to benefit Catholic Assistance Missions
on Saturday, May 14, 6 to 10 PM in Sherry Center.
Catholic Assistance Missions turns ten this year!
Please help us celebrate
and give glory to God for all
that He has done for the
people of Haiti through
your generous support.
Advance ticket prices:
$20/adult, $5/children 10
and under. Price at door: $25/adult, $10/children 10
and under. Please call Colleen at 815-578-0975 to
purchase advance tickets.
St. Peregrine Cancer Support Group
This multi-parish group of cancer survivors was formed to
offer a place for individuals, families, caregivers and anyone concerned about cancer to meet with others to tell
their stories, to share information and to pray together.
Meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at 10 AM, the
location will be rotated between The Church of Holy Apostles in McHenry; St. John the Baptist in Johnsburg; St.
Patrick in McHenry and St. Peter in Spring Grove. The first
meeting will be Tuesday, May 3, at 10 AM here, in St.
Ambrose/St. Catherine rooms. For details, contact Jeanne
Fraser at 815-388-0164 or [email protected]
apostles.org All are welcome and invited to attend. St.
Peregrine, Patron Saint of Cancer Patients, Pray for us.
HALO Wish List
Holy Apostles Ladies Organization (HALO) is looking for
donations of yarn and fleece fabric for upcoming craft
projects. Any kind of yarn and any size pieces of fleece
fabric is acceptable. Please drop off your donations at the
Information Center in the narthex. Thank you to all those
who have already donated!
Community Kitchen—Sharing God’s Love
We are feeding the hungry, at no cost, in the name
of Christ, every Monday at 6 PM. in the Fr. Sherry Parish Center. Doors open at 5:45 PM. Please contact
Liz Campana to volunteer to serve at [email protected]
comcast.net. Please contact Jim Prault to volunteer
to cook at [email protected] Either one of them
will be happy to provide you with the information you
Page 5
Sixth Sunday of Easter
May 1, 2016
Join Four Seasons for Lunch
Four Seasons is Holy Apostles; group of age 50
and better men and women who enjoy socializing,
eating and learning about new things, places and
people. They meet monthly for lunch and/or an
activity, which this month will be lunch at Taqueria
La Placita, 108 Cass St., Woodstock (off the
Square) on Tuesday, May 10, at 11:30 AM. Please
RSVP to Barb Haffner at 815-385-7479 by May 5
if you plan on attending. Carpooling is available by
request. We will leave from church at 10:45 AM.
Eucharistic Minister Training Offered
Serving as a Eucharistic Minister is a rewarding
and gratifying way of sharing your time and talent with the parish. Distributing the Precious Body
and Blood of our Lord to your fellow worshippers is humbling and
fulfilling. Please consider joining
this ministry by attending a training session on Tuesday, May 17,
at 7 to 8:30 PM in church. If you
are interested in becoming new
Eucharistic Minister, contact Kathy
Gulvas at 815-388-0153 or [email protected]
ofholyapostles.org for details.
Couples—Come to “Spirit of Marriage”
Pictured above, enjoying the beautiful weather, the 8th graders
who attended the Luke 18 Retreat take a break outdoors from
retreat activities. This was one of the largest group of “Lukers”
who attended this annual retreat for 8th graders..
Treat Mom & Family to Breakfast
McHenry Boy Scout Troop 149 will again host their annual
Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast next Sunday, May 8, from
7 AM until 1:30 PM in Sherry Center. The cost of the breakfast is $6.00 for adults and $5.00 for seniors and children
under 10. The Scouts thank you for your support!
Holy Apostles Marriage Ministry invites you to
this month's "Spirit of Marriage" evening on
Wednesday, May 4. The topic this month is
"Challenges—Turning Lemons into Lemonade.”
The evening lasts about one hour and begins at
7:30 PM in the Room of Remembrance. There is
no cost for the event and all are welcome.
St. Mary’s Needs Donations for Sale
St. Mary's Parish, McHenry, will have their annual
Rummage Sale on June 16, 17, and 18 and needs
your donations of household items that could be
sold at the sale. Watch upcoming bulletins for
drop-off dates and times. Thank you!
Saturday, May 14, 2016
Church of Holy Apostles, McHenry
Your support now goes THREE times as far!
For every $1 you raise, we’ll receive $2 more!
(thanks to McHenry County Community Foundation)
We’re open after all weekend
Masses and other special
events. Shop online at
Come shop our beautiful
selection of First Communion
and Confirmation gifts!
Register to sleep out and collect pledges.
Sponsor a Participant
If you can’t sleep out, pledge a participant.
“Make Change”
Take a “Make Change” box and collect
spare change from families and friends!
Page 6
The Church of Holy Apostles, McHenry, IL
A Special Thank You…
The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was a smashing
success! A huge THANK YOU goes out to Fr. Paul, Fr.
Ruben, & Fr. Tim, Feargal and Breda King and the
Freakin' Deacons for sharing their talents, ALL of the
volunteers, 31 North for the delicious dinner and ALL of
the businesses who donated the raffle prizes. The
evening was full of love, laughter and fun due to all of
YOU and your generosity. Thank you again for your
sharing your time, talents and treasures!
Knights of Columbus Flower Sale
Spring has sprung, the snow is done, and it’s time for
the Knights of Columbus annual Flower Sale. A wide variety of plants are available including: bedding plants
and other annuals, flower pouches, hanging baskets,
vegetables, herbs, perennials, hostas, and grasses. The
best way to make sure
of getting what you
want is to order your
plants before the sale.
Pre-sale order forms are
available on the Knights
of Columbus McHenry
Council 1288 web site
(www.koc1288.org or at
the Information Center. Orders are due May 2 and will be
available for pick-up the day of the sale which will be
held Saturday, May 21 from 10 AM to 2 PM in Holy
Apostles parking lot. Additional plants will be available
the day of the sale. All proceeds from the sale support
Catholic education through the Karolyn Huinker Tuition
Assistance Fund at Montini School. If you have any
questions, please contact either Wayne Miczek at 815814-3885 or Jason Marsh at 815-245-3764. Thank you
for your support!
Magnificat Spring Prayer Breakfast
Magnificat, a ministry to Catholic women, invites all to
their Spring Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, June 11,
from 9 AM to 12:30 PM, at a new venue: D’Andrea
Banquets and Conference Center, 4419 Northwest
Hwy., Crystal Lake. Seating will
begin at 8:30 AM. The keynote
speaker will be Linda Couri,
Associate Director of Lay Ministry
Formation at University of St.
Mary of the Lake in Mundelein.
She was a former Planned
Parenthood counselor who later became a strong advocate for the Pro-Life movement. Tickets are $20 each.
Call Dee Slowey at 815-893-4061 by June 3 to order
tickets or purchase them at Holy Apostles Religious Gifts
or Little Way Bookstore in Crystal Lake through June 8.
Tickets will not be sold at the door without prior reservation.
Help free our
parish of the
debt “anchor!”
Make your pledge today!
Go to thechurchofholyapostles.org—click on Anchors Aweigh
or complete the pledge cards in the pews or Information Center
and drop them in the collection basket or Parish Office. Thanks!
Donations ofUsed Clothes/Household Items
Please DO NOT drop off used clothes, furniture and other items in our church building without first receiving the
approval of the Building Manager, Joe Filpi. We are not
equipped to store these type of items and must then find
a place to dispose of and/or donate them to. Thank you!
One Quiet Hour with Him Each Week
The specific way that Jesus asks you to love Him in return is to spend one quiet hour with Him each week in
the Blessed Sacrament. Take some time each week to
visit Jesus in the Divine Eucharist at the All Saints Perpetual Adoration Chapel. and thank Him. Pray, listen,
and feel the peace that He gives us so lovingly. Break
from your busy life to acknowledge His comforting love.
Please pray about committing to these open times:
Sunday: 9 to 10 PM
Monday: 2 to 3 AM (Sunday overnight)
Thursday: 1 to 2 AM (Wednesday overnight)
Contact Mike Thielsen, 815-385-8562 or mthielsen
@live.com to volunteer as a permanent adorer.
Offer Your Intentions with Candles
Four large candles surround the Blessed Sacrament in
the All Saints Perpetual Adoration Chapel, each burning
for 14 days. Request your own personal intentions for
their duration by contacting the Parish Office. The suggested
donation is $15 per candle. From April 24 through May 7,
with these candles, your prayers have been requested by
Mike Blumm and Kevin Mayores.
Marian Faculty Openings
Marian Central Catholic High School has two faculty
openings for the 2016-17 school year:
Full time science teacher (Physical Science and Biology)
Full time English instructor (Honors American
Literature, British Literature, Intro to Theatre)
Please apply at marian.com or email Mrs. Barbara
Villont, Principal at [email protected]
Save the Date
Holy Apostles Marriage Ministry will offer “Summer
Evening by the Pond” on July 17. Mark your calendars!
Page 7
Sixth Sunday of Easter
Your Gifts Help Stretch Budgets
For many in our community, after bills are paid, there
is little money left over to buy food for the days
ahead. The St. Vincent de Paul Society provides
bags of non-perishables as well as frozen meats on
their visits to individuals and families, providing
meals that help stretch meager budgets. These food
items, donated by parishioners and purchased by
SVdPS through the
Northern Illinois Food
Bank, are deeply
appreciated by our
neighbors in need.
Each bag of food provides the ingredients
for nutritious meals,
allowing families to live with dignity. Thank you and
God bless you for your non-perishable food and your
monetary donations to this ministry.
"For I was hungry and you gave me something to
eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to
drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in."
Matthew 25:35
Society of St. Vincent de Paul—McHenry Conference
Income and Expense Report
For the Six Months Ending March 31, 2016
May 1, 2016
Pope Francis’ Intentions for May
Respect for Women. That in every country of the
world, women may be honored and respected and
that their essential contribution to society may be
highly esteemed.
Holy Rosary. That families, communities, and groups
may pray the Holy Rosary for evangelization and peace.
Knights Give Thanks
Knights of Columbus Council 1288 would like to
thank to all the parishioners, bikers and Brother
Knights who generously supported our Pancake
Breakfast hosted last Sunday at the Church of Holy
Apostles. We look forward to serving you at our next
breakfast. God Bless, K of C Council 1288
Love, Serve, Connect: Mission Trips 2016
Most everyone who has gone on a Mission Trip comes
back saying it was the best week of their lives. Make
this the year you decide to go serve people who are in
need. There are two trips: One to New Orleans, June
11 to 19, for high school juniors and seniors only; the
other to Cincinnati, June 12 to 18, for 8th graders
and up. Make the commitment now! To register/details
contact Joe Filpi, 815-385-0921 or [email protected]
Save the Week!
Mark your calendars now for
Holy Apostles “G-Force”
Vacation Bible Camp,
July 11 through 15.
Please Let Us Know Where You Are
If you are homebound, in the hospital, in a nursing
home or a rehab unit, please let us know. We try to
keep track of everyone as they move from one location to another but sometimes we lose contact. If you
have not heard from someone at Holy Apostles in a
while, it may be because we don’t know where you
are. There are people who can come visit you, bring
you Communion or bring you meals. If you would like
contact from your parish, call Jeanne Fraser, 815-388
-0164 or [email protected]
Stroke Seminar Offered
The Society thanks everyone for the wonderful support provided
to us. We cannot do this without you!
Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville wil
host a Stroke Seminar on Saturday, May 21, from 10
AM to noon (registration is at 8:30 AM). Be a Hero!
Learn to spot stroke signs and how to act quickly at
this interactive seminar with clinical specialists. The
event is free and meal is included. Register by going
to healthadvisor.advocate health.com/classes and
use Health Advisor Code SC54 or email maria.martinez1
@advocate health.com.
Pagina 8
Servicios en Español, Rev. P. Rubén Herrera
MISAS: Domingo a las 12 PM en la Iglesia
Jueves a las 7 PM en la Capilla
Para solicitar una misa pasar a la oficina por lo menos
dos semanas antes de la fecha. El horario es de lunes a
viernes de 8:30 a 5 PM.
CONFESIONES: Jueves de 6:00 a 6:45 PM
ROSARIO: Jueves a las 6 PM. Domingos a las 11:30 AM
PRESENTACIONES : Para los niños de 3 años Y 40
dias son el segundo y cuarto domingo de cada mes en
la misa de las 12 PM. Si desea anotar a su niño(a)
comunicarse al 815-385-5673 o pasar a la oficina de
Lunes a Viernes de 8:30 a 5 PM.
Si tiene planeado bautizar a su hijo(a) en la Iglesia de los
Santos Apóstoles, venga personalmente a la oficina que
está abierta de Lunes a Viernes de 8:30 AM to 5 PM.
Fechas para Bautizar en Domingo en la misa de 12 pm.
June 5; Julio 3; Agosto 7; Septiembre 4
Los Bautismos en Sábado son las 9 am. Mayo 28; Jun 25;
Jul 23; Agosto 27 y Septiembre 24 (ultima fecha)
Fechas de la clase Pre-bautismal: Lunes 6:45 PM
Mayo 23; Junio 27; Julio 25; Agosto 29
Necesita estar REGISTRADO para tomarla. Llamar a la oficina, el cupo es limitado. Favor de NO TRAER NIÑOS
Requisitos para Bautizar
*Traer copia del acta de nacimiento del niño(a)
*Asistir a la clase pre-bautismal Papás y Padrinos.
(Si toman la clase en otro lado traer comprobante)
Padrinos esposos traer certificado de matrimonio.
Venta de Flores
Los Caballeros de Colon tendrán venta de flores
el sábado 21 de Mayo de 10 AM a 2 PM en el
estacionamiento de la Iglesia. Si desea ordenar
sus flores en línea puede visitar el website
www.koc1288.org .
Viaje de Misiones para jóvenes 2016
Si aun no ha experimentado el hacer un viaje de misiones
aprovecha esta oportunidad. Los invitamos a servir y ayudar a los necesitados. Habrá dos fechas para poder realizar
este viaje. Jóvenes de High School que sean Juniors y Seniors el viaje es a New Orleans del 11 al 19 de junio.
Y jóvenes que cursan de octavo grado en adelante, el viaje
será a Cincinnati del 12 al 18 de junio. Interesados llamar a
Joe Filpi –ext. 212
Comida para la Comunidad Necesitada
Todos los lunes a las 6pm se sirve un plato de comida a los
mas necesitados de la comunidad. Si usted conoce a alguien que no tenga un plato de comida caliente en su mesa, pude compartirle esta información. Si desea participar
como voluntario cocinando, puede llamarnos a la oficina.
La Iglesia de Santos Apóstoles , McHenry, IL
Adoración al Santísimo Sacramento
Jesús esta esperando por ti!! Aprovechemos la oportunidad en tener al Santísimo Sacramento expuesto las
24 horas del día. Demos las gracias por todas las bendiciones recibidas día a día. Separe un espacio de su
tiempo y visítelo. Por ahora tenemos espacios disponibles para participar como adorador permanente.
Jueves 1 am - 2 am (madrugada)
Domingo 9 pm—10 pm
Lunes 2 am—3 am. (madrugada)
Pero si desea unirse a alguna persona que usted conozca que viene en algún horario en específico puede
contactar a Medalit O 'Hagan 815—690-7373 o Celia
Rojas 224-600-0050 y así podrían entre las dos
personas rotarse.
Veladoras en la Capilla de Adoración
Las familias que deseen que una de las veladoras que
están en la Capilla de Adoración al Santísimo sea encendida por sus intenciones, sus necesidades, o alguna petición en especial.( solo se anuncia el nombre de
quien la solicita). Puede pasar a la oficina de la Iglesia
para solicitarla, tenemos espacios disponibles. Dura
14 días encendidas y el costo son $15 dólares por
veladora. Se encienden del 24 de Abril al 7 de Mayo,
por las intenciones de Mike Blumm y Kevin Mayores.
Venta de Desayuno para Día de las Madres
Venga a desayunar con su familia en el Fr. Sherry Center el domingo 8 de mayo de 7 AM a 1:30 PM Los Boy
Scout Tropa 149 estarán ofreciendo la venta del desayuno. $6.00 dólares adultos y $5.00 dólares niños.
50th Aniversario del Padre Sherry
El sábado 28 de mayo se llevar a cabo un celebración
por los 50 años de sacerdocio del Padre Sherry.
La misa será a las 5 de la tarde. Y al terminar habrá
una recepción. El cupo es limitado (interesados los
boletos los puede encontrar en la tienda de artículos
religiosos o al termino de las misas). También estará
compartiendo café y donas de 8 a 11am el domingo.
Felicitaciones y Bendiciones
A todos los niños que celebraron su Primera Comunión
este fin de semana.
Les recordamos que las familias que deseen presentar a sus hijos de 40 días de nacido o 3 años de edad
las fechas son las siguientes para el mes de mayo:
Día 8 y 22 durante la misa de las 12 PM.
Llame a la oficina de la iglesia para registrar al niño(a)
Si esta interesado en algún otro mes se llevan a cabo
el segundo y el cuarto domingo de cada mes.
Pagina 9
Sexto Domingo de Pascua
Apóstoles del latín, apostolus; griego,apostolos, uno que
es enviado.
Apóstol: Un mensajero autorizado para representar a
quien lo envía.
12 Apóstoles: Según su uso más
amplio en el Nuevo Testamento,
se refiere a los seguidores de
Jesucristo que comunican su
Evangelio. En el sentido más
preciso, se refiere a la comunidad de los 12 que El escogió como discípulos íntimos durante su
vida pública. Estos son llamados discípulos hasta la Ascensión, y después se les llama siempre Apóstoles. Los
Apóstoles fueron ordenados por Jesús en la Ultima Cena
como sacerdotes y recibieron de El la comisión de predicar el Evangelio en todo el mundo (Mateo 28, 19-20).
Todos lo abandonaron ese mismo día, cuando unos de
entre ellos, Judas, lo traicionó. Más tarde fueron testigos
de la Resurrección de Jesús y en Pentecostés recibieron
poder para entender y actuar según el Evangelio. Judas
fue remplazado por Matías como Apóstol. Los Apóstoles
son los primeros pastores de la Iglesia, bajo Pedro, el
jefe de los Apóstoles. Ellos a su vez eligieron a otros pastores, dando así comienzo la sucesión apostólica que es
uno de los signos de la verdadera Iglesia.
Hoy la Iglesia recuerda, en el día de los
trabajadores, a san José, obrero.
Hoy celebramos al padre nutricio de
Jesús, justo y humilde carpintero de Nazaret, que pasa la vida no sólo en la meditación y la
oración, sino también en las fatigas de su artesanía. José
es el símbolo de la prudencia, del silencio, de la generosidad, de la dignidad y de la aplicación en el trabajo;
también lo es de los derechos y de los deberes respecto
del trabajo.
San José fue un auténtico obrero en el pleno sentido de
la palabra, y el único hombre que compartió con el Hijo
de Dios la tarea de todos los días.
Recordamos hoy a todos los trabajadores de nuestra patria y del mundo, pidiendo al cielo para que sean instrumentos de paz, de evangelización, de serena inteligencia, de valor y de confianza en sí mismos, de esperanzas
de bien y de ferviente voluntad. Hoy la Iglesia recuerda,
en el día de los trabajadores, a san José, obrero. Juan
Pablo II enseña que los hombres descubren pronto la
cruz en su trabajo; precisamente por ello el esfuerzo humano es redentor, pues Cristo lo ha unido a su pasión:
también él fue obrero y predicó su evangelio del trabajo
conociendo íntimamente esta realidad que tiene por protagonistas a todos los hombres y mujeres del mundo.
Limpieza de la Iglesia
La limpieza de la Iglesia es el 11 de mayo a las 5:45 PM.
Nos reunimos en el Narthex . Su ayuda es importante!
1 Mayo, 2016
Segundo Grado de Confirmación
Todos los alumnos que entraran al Segundo grado de
confirmacion y tiene alguna clase pendiente de octavo
grado por reponer, tiene que llamar para sacar una cita
para venir a tomar la clase. Comunicarse con Ericka Cazares o John Jelinek el dia 3 o 4 de Mayo de 10 AM a 3 PM.
¿Le gustaria ser Ministro de Eucaristía?
Habra una clase para los interesados en servir en este
ministerio. La fecha es el martes 17 de mayo a las 7 pm
en la Iglesia. Para registrarse o pedir mas informacion
comunciarse con Kathy Gulvas a la oficina de la iglesia.
No sabe que hacer con lo que no usa en casa
Si en su casa tiene muebles o cosas que ya no las usa y
quiere donarlas. La Iglesia de St. Mary en Mchenry se las
acepta. Cada año realiza una venta con todas la
donaciones recibidas para ayudarse. La venta sera el 16,
17 y 18 de junio . Mas información mas adelante.
Vigilia de Pentecostés
El Sábado 14 de Mayo en la Iglesia de 7 PM a 12 AM.
Vigilia, que significa “Noche en vela” porque se desarrolla
de noche, es un acto litúrgico, una importante celebración
de la comunidad que vigila y reflexiona en oración mientras la población duerme. Se trata de estar despiertos
durante la noche a la espera de la luz del día de una fiesta importante, en este caso Pentecostés. En ella se comparten, a la luz de la Palabra de Dios, experiencias, testimonios y vivencias. Es importante tener presente que la
lectura de la Sagrada Escritura, las oraciones, los cantos,
los gestos, los símbolos, la luz, las imágenes, los colores,
la celebración de la Eucaristía y la participación de la
asamblea son elementos claves de una Vigilia.
Invoquemos, una vez más, al Espíritu Santo para que nos
regale sus luces, su fuerza y nos haga fieles testigos de
Jesucristo, nuestro Señor
Formación, Matrimonio y Familia
Le queremos recorder que ya dimos inicio el viernes pasado la clase de formacion, matrimionio y familia. Si le
gustaria asistir nos reunimos a las 6:45pm En el Remembrance Room. Por ello, el matrimonio y la familia que lee y
medita en la Palabra, juntos la comparten y oran inspirados por ella, son necesariamente iluminados por el mismo Dios y transformados en El, quien es el Amor, y llevados a un compromiso de vida donde reina el Amor. Les
invitamos en este mes de la Biblia a reunirse como matrimonio y como familia a leer, meditar y orar con la Palabra
y le insitamos a mantener siempre esta sana costumbre. Y Dios, les dará la luz para entender su mensaje, la
sabiduría para hacer las mejores decisiones, la fuerza
para superar las pruebas y el amor para formar matrimonios y familias que inspiran.
Page 10
The Church of Holy Apostles, McHenry, IL
Come, Lord Jesus,
into my heart
Help me always to
follow Your Word,
Your Will and
Your Way.
Keegan Adamson
Dylan Alderman
Melissa Almaraz
Emily Almaraz Ruiz
Alexander Alvarado Herrera
Arturo Anacieto Guerrero
Luis Anacieto Guerrero
Miguel Arguelles Gonzalez
Anthony Bahena
Kevin Barradas
Denise Barron
Vanessa Benitez Garcia
Andrew Bojan
Megan Briggs
Guadalupe Calderon
Alberto Carbajal Cruz
Romina Casas Garcia
Mareli Castillo
Ramon Castillo, Jr.
Andrew Cioper
Natalie Corona
Kevin Cortes
Matthew Davidson
Mariana De La Torre Acevedo
Grace Dennison
Isabell Dietz
Yvonne Djus
Charly Duran
Angel Duran Oliva
Meztli Escobar
Leticia Espinosa Viveros
Chainy Feliciano
Alexis Flores
Leroy Flores
Charles Friedrich
Sophia Fudala
Daniel Garcia
Filiberto Garcia, Jr.
Jahir Garcia
Yahel Garcia
Osvaldo Gonzalez Cruz
Gilberto Gonzalez Garcia
Luis Gonzalez
Kenzie Graff
Dean Harding
Donovan Hatch
Natalie Haughey
Franklin Heabler
Caz Henely
Breanna Hernandez
Estrella Hernandez
Lesley Hernandez
Zureidy Hernandez
Alexander Hernandez Landa
Christopher Hernandez
Marvin Hernandez Utrera
Abigail Hill
Peyton Horowicz
Christina Hudson
Isabella Jasso
Giovanni Juarez
Jasmany Juarez
Alex Kondos
Domonic Kondos
Bradley Koty
Sophia Kwasigroch
Jelani Larios
Gavin Larose
Adolfo Libreros
Elijah Loeding
Johan Lopez
Yilmar Lopez
Irving Lopez Montero
Axel Lozano Guarneros
Christina Luedtke
Jordy Luna
Melissa Luna Lopez
Vincent Lynott
Avery Maloney
Bennett Marak
Kevin Marquez Oliva
Yaretzy Martinez Cruz
Brianna Mata
Ethan Matz
Emily Maya
Amanda Maya
Jenifer McClain
Diego Mendez Mateo
Nola Midday
Christopher Miranda
Nicole Mireles
Juan Mireles Martinez
Jazmin Molina
Melany Mora
Diana Morales
Luis Mota
Emmanuel Navarrete Landa
Lyla Oeffling
Kimberly Orozco
Zoe Ortega
Ilse Ortega Palacios
José Ortega Palacios
Ana Ortiz Aca
Jennifer Ortiz Aca
Josue Pabello
Kaylee Palma Montero
Valerie Palma Montero
Vanessa Perez Najera
Gavin Plautz
Angel Porras Alvarado
Ryan Powers
Brian Puga
Ricardo Puga
Diego Ramirez
Omar Ramirez
Rodrigo Ramirez
Rolando Ramirez
Arleth Ramirez Lopez
Evie Renguso
Lino Rivas
Jameson Rivera
Cassandra Rodriguez
Charlyn Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez
Yahir Rueda
Yamilet Rueda
Ethan Rush
Sarah Sangabriel
Jaime Santiago
Eli Schol
Sienna Schuring
Charles Sikora
Gage Smurlo
Athalee Soberano
Pamela Soberano
Brigitte Soto
Bogar Soto Landa
Alexander Stanes
Stella Stubblefield
Sadie Sullivan
Claire Tarchala
Carmen Tejeda Aldama
Sawyer Thielsen
Ramiro Torres Gonzalez, Jr.
Lorelei Unger
Leslie Valle
Giovanni Vazquez Duran
Christian Vazquez
Holly Waters
Ruby Wawrzos
Jacob Webster
Gabriel Winkelman
Jillian Winkelman
Lucas Winkelman
Alivia Work
Charles Yuza
Matthew Yuza
Sean Yuza
Holly Zabroski
John Zabroski

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