November 9, 2014 - St. Leo the Great Catholic Church | Fairfax


November 9, 2014 - St. Leo the Great Catholic Church | Fairfax
Dear Friends,
Like many of you, I first became aware of the Diocese of
Arlington’s decision to consider moving Paul VI High School
from Fairfax to Loudon County when the public announcement
concerning this was made last year. Although Paul VI is located
within our parish boundaries, the high school is a diocesan
school, not a parish school. However, since many of our young
people attend Paul VI, any decision that ultimately will be made
will impact our parishioners and perhaps even our own parish
school of St. Leo.
I understand that this is a situation which brings forward
very strong opinions and reactions. For this reason I felt it helpful
to include in the bulletin this week a copy of “Frequently Asked
Question (FAQ): Potential Relocation of Paul VI High School”
prepared by the Diocese of Arlington. I am often asked about this
situation. All I can state is that which the diocese and Paul VI
have stated publically – that no decision to relocate Paul VI has
been made and that such a decision would be made by the end of
2015. If a decision is made to relocate Paul VI, the Diocese has
assured all students who will enroll in the 2015-2016 school
year will complete all four years in Fairfax.
I encourage all who have questions about this potential
decision to visit the websites of Paul VI High School and the
Office of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Arlington.
Frequently Asked Questions: Potential Relocation of Paul VI High School
Q: Why is a relocation of Paul VI (PVI) being considered?
A: PVI was placed in its present location in 1983, at which time
the facility it occupied was already more than 45 years old. The
building is now 75 years old, the current Fairfax campus is near
full capacity, and sustainment costs continue to escalate. A study
(Meitler Consultants, Inc.) conducted several years ago suggested
the possibility of moving PVI to the Loudoun County location to
propel PVI forward to a better facility with greater capacity. It
included surveys of parishes, elementary schools and families that
would be affected. The diocese is committed to serve as many
people as possible. Education has been and will continue to be a
priority for the bishop and the diocese. At the forefront of all
considerations is how to best serve our students. The property
being considered was purchased more than 10 years ago in
anticipation of meeting a need. In addition, Loudoun County is
the fastest growing county in Virginia.
Q: What could a new facility provide for the PVI community?
A: A relocation to a new facility could greatly benefit the
educational experience of Paul VI students and teachers. Some
advantages include flexible-sized classrooms such as lecture halls,
seminar rooms, and tutoring areas that would accommodate
diversified learning needs. Newer classrooms and a research
center/ library could be equipped to integrate the use of
educational technology in the learning process. A new performing
arts center could better support the theater and arts program, and
new athletic facilities could allow students to practice and
compete on campus. Additionally, a new gymnasium, fitness
center, and cafeteria could better promote student health and
November 9, 2014
Q: How certain is a possible relocation to Loudoun County?
A: After completing an internal process, the diocese has decided
to pursue the initial steps toward developing a new campus for
PVI in Loudoun County. No final decision to commence
relocation of PVI has been made. We are presently determining
the financial, logistical and legal implications of such a move to
assess its feasibility; this is expected to take at least a year. Only
if we conclude there are no major impediments or unacceptable
risks to proceeding, would a decision be made to plan the sale of
the current facility and the construction of a new campus.
Considerations will include but not be limited to:
Analysis of the resource requirements needed to improve and
sustain the existing campus versus the costs associated with new
Identification of the long-term trends in education to best serve
the needs of students with respect to learning centers, classroom
and extracurricular facilities
Weighing the potential opportunities against the challenges
associated with selling the current campus.
Identification and evaluation of possible unintended benefits or
consequences regarding relocation.
Q: The PVI relocation issue has generated a strong reaction. How
does the diocese respond to this?
A: Evaluating a potential PVI move has generated feedback from
people across the diocese, some of which is based on a personal
connection to the school and deep affection for PVI. From our
perspective, it is wonderful that people feel this way about a
Catholic high school, and it clearly demonstrates the outstanding
qualities and wonderful experiences that PVI has given to its
students and families. Some of the reaction is based on
recognition that a Catholic high school education should be made
available to more students in the diocese. The goal here is to take
the superior PVI educational model and experience and propel it
into a world-class education within a modern, state-of-the-art
facility imbued with PVI’s tradition of excellence.
Q: With a relocation of PVI to Loudoun County, will the diocese
be offering Catholic education to its best capacity and ability?
A: The Catholic Diocese of Arlington has four Catholic High
Schools in northern Virginia. (Bishop Ireton, Bishop O’Connell,
John Paul the Great and Paul VI), and the diocese does not plan to
build a fifth high school in the foreseeable future. The Meitler
study revealed that Paul VI would be adversely affected in a
major way by maintaining the Fairfax location and opening a new
school in Loudoun County.
Q: When will a decision be made?
A: Determining the financial, logistical and legal implications of
relocating PVI to Loudoun County is expected to take at least a
year to complete. We anticipate the evaluation process will be
completed and a decision made by year-end 2015. Updated
information will be promptly distributed with respect to timeline
Q: How does the timing affect a potential relocation and future
A: If a decision is made by the end of 2015 to relocate PVI, a four
to five year timeline would be needed to construct and open a new
campus. Therefore, students who enroll at PVI in the 2015- 2016
school year would complete all four years of high school at the
Fairfax City campus.
Q: How far is the new campus from the current site in Fairfax
A: Approximately 12 miles on Route 50.
Q: Why South Riding? Why not a location closer to Fairfax City?
A: A new high school campus requires a significant parcel of
land. The South Riding parcel is 68 acres and already owned by
the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. It is situated just over the
Fairfax/Loudoun County border. It was purchased more than a
decade ago in anticipation of possible expansion and is zoned for
a high school on 68 acres.
Q: What kind of assistance could the diocese offer to families
who will be affected by a move from Fairfax City to South
A: The diocese is committed to assisting students and families in
the event of a relocation. Financial assistance could be provided
to families who would be substantially impacted by such a move.
The diocese could also provide transportation for students to the
new campus should such a need exist.
—Please remember in your prayers the repose
of the souls of the faithful departed, especially:
Pablina Mendoza, mother of Salome Mendoza;
Estelle Hurley, mother of Joe Hurley.
—We ask you to remember those in need of our
daily prayers.
Saint Leo the Great
Forty Hours Eucharistic Devotion
Saint Leo the Great Catholic Church will
celebrate the Feast of Saint Leo with The
Forty Hours Eucharistic Devotion beginning
with 5:00 pm Mass on Sunday, November 9th,
and continuing through 7:30 pm Mass on
Monday, November 10th. Father Whitestone
will lead our Forty Hours Devotion this year.
In honor of our patron saint, we remind all parishioners of the
PLENARY INDULGENCE which the Church grants us on our
patronal feast day, so long as we visit the Church on the feast
day, and also, pray for the intentions of the Pope, and receive
the sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion within
several days (about 20) before or after the feast day. Please
join in honoring our patron, St. Leo the Great, during our Forty
Hours Devotions, and on his Feast Day, Monday, Nov. 10.
The second collection next weekend,
November 15-16, will be for the Sisters
and their work with the elderly poor.
The Little Sisters conduct Saint
Joseph’s Home for the Aged in
Richmond. For over 130 years, these Sisters have cared for
the aged who have limited resources. In order to maintain
their home, the Sisters go out daily to solicit gifts of money
and food for their Residents. Any help you may be able to
give them will be greatly appreciated.
Please be generous. There is no special envelope in your
envelope packet for this collection.
Ti 1:1-9; Lk 17:1-6
Ti 2:1-8, 11-14; Lk 17:7-10
Ti 3:1-7; Lk 17:11-19
Phlm 7-20; Lk 17:20-25
2 Jn 4-9; Lk 17:26-37
3 Jn 5-8; Lk 18:1-8
Prv 31:10-13, 19-20, 30-31;
1 Thes 5:1-6; Mt 25:14-30
November 10 through November 16
Judith Ross
Laurice Cannon
Special Intention
George Cannon, Jr.
Henry Budzynski
Gaetano Linza
Joseph Welsh
Mary Fromme
Luis and Laureana Luna
Mildred Mast
Deceased members, Legion of Mary
Patricia Louise Davis
For the Parish
Geraldine Willett
Fred Ayoub
Jose Roberto Coreas Molina
Special Intention
In addition to the regular schedule of Masses, Mass has
been offered for the following intentions: Cecilio de la Rosa,
Rosemary Morrow, Gene Proch, Special Intention.
Leo. The next class is Tuesday, November 11th
at 7:30 pm in the St. Mark room. Please call the
rectory office (703-273-5369) to register.
Low Gluten Hosts are available for those who need them.
Please inform the sacristan before Mass begins.
The second collection next weekend will benefit the
Little Sisters of the Poor. Please be generous.
“For we are God’s co-workers>.” How are you
being called to build the kingdom of God as
His co-worker? Consider the generous service
of priesthood or consecrated life. Call Father
J.D. Jaffe at 703-841-2514 or write:
[email protected].
Come and See! A Vocation Retreat The Daughters of St.
Paul will host a vocation discernment retreat at their
convent in Alexandria, Friday, Nov. 28, 6pm – Sunday,
Nov. 30, 6pm. Single women, ages 18-35 years old who
would like to learn more about religious life are invited.
Contact Sr. Margaret Michael: 703-549-3806 or
[email protected].
8th Grade Testing Required for Placement in Five Catholic
High Schools in the Diocese of Arlington Test Date:
Saturday, Dec. 6. TEST SITES: Bishop Ireton High School,
Alexandria; Bishop O'Connell High School, Arlington; Paul VI
High School, Fairfax; Pope John Paul the Great High School,
Dumfries. TEST TIME: 8:30 am- 12 Noon. FEE: $35.
ELIGIBLE STUDENTS: Any 8th grader attending public
school, non-Catholic private schools or Catholic schools
outside the Arlington Diocese. REQUIREMENTS: Students
must fill out a High School Placement Test Registration Form
(under “School Forms” at
catholicschools/parents.php). The registration form must be
submitted to the test site no later than Thursday, December 4,
2014. The $35 fee should accompany the form.
Saint Leo the Great
Catholic School
invites interested parents to visit the
school and learn what makes us a
National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
Applications for the current school year are
available in the school office. You may stop by to
pick one up during school hours, 8:00 am-3:00
pm or access forms on our website at:
Applications for the 2015-2016 school
year will be available November 19.
Join us for an Open House on any of
the following dates: Nov. 19, 10am;
Dec. 15, 10am; Jan. 25, 12:00pm;
Feb. 26, 10am, or call the school office to make an
appointment for a tour 703-273-1211.
In case of inclement weather please check the website or call
the school office. Financial Aid packets available upon
PLEASE NOTE: Saint Leo parishioners receive preferential
status in Pre-School through eighth grade applications.
In-parish families must be registered.
November 9, 2014
Faith & Food at P.J. Skidoos
Please join Father Whitestone on Monday,
December 1st at 7:00 pm, for an evening of
fellowship and lively discussion over dinner
(appetizers on us!). Be sure to bring your
friends! All ages are welcome! To suggest topics or submit
questions you would like answered, please contact
Carolyn: [email protected], 703-273-7277.
Pilgrimage to Italy sponsored by
St. Leo the Great's Adult Faith
Formation Travel with Fr. Matthew
DeForest and Carolyn Smith to Rome,
Tuscany, Florence, Siena, Orvieto,
Milan, Sordevolo, and Turin. See the
Holy Shroud in Turin which will not be on display again
until 2025! The trip will be from June 3 – 13, 2015. ALL
inclusive price is $3,999.00. This includes airfare, all
hotels, breakfasts, dinners (including red and white
wine), tips, entrances, and private guide. Mass will be
celebrated daily.
To register, please contact Proximo Travel at (855)
842-8001 or (508) 340-9370. You can also register
online at You can see an online
brochure on the Proximo website under: choose your
trip, custom tours, Travel to Italy with Fr. Matthew D.
and Carolyn S., or it will be on the St. Leo webpage
Are you interested in the pilgrimage to Italy? Have
questions? Come to an informational meeting about this
spiritual journey on Wednesday, November 19 at 7:30
pm in the St. Mark Room. Both Father DeForest and
Carolyn will be there to answer your questions.
For more information, please contact Carolyn at
[email protected] or 703-273-5369.
Father Diamond Council
Events & Calendar
Meetings – 2nd and 4th Tuesdays
8:00 PM
Providence Hall
BINGO at Fairfax Nursing Home 7:15PM
Meeting: 7:30 Rosary, 8:00 Meeting Providence Hall
Family Breakfast after 7:30 & 9:00 AM Masses
Redskins Game 1:00 Providence Hall
Big Screen TV -members and guests invited
Join the Knights – Contact Pat McGuire – 703-218-2986
Religious Education News
On November 10, the Feast of Saint Leo the Great, all
classes will visit our Lord during Adoration and return to
class for usual dismissal.
Parents of Fall 2014 Confirmation Candidates Confirmation
Robes will be distributed to parents Monday, November 17
from 7:00-8:00 pm at the Religious Education office.
Fall 2014 Confirmation Candidates There is a mandatory
rehearsal for Confirmation on Wednesday, November 19 at
6:00 pm for candidates who will be confirmed on Thursday,
November 20 and at 8:00 pm for candidates who will be
confirmed on Friday, November 21 in the school building
(enter through the CCD office). Sponsors should be present at
the rehearsal. If a sponsor cannot come to rehearsal, a parent
should stand in as proxy.
The Confirmation Masses will be on Thursday, November
20 at 7:30 pm. for Teams 2 ,4, 6, 8, 9, & 11,
and on Friday, November 21 at 7:30 pm for Teams 1,3,5,7, &
10. Candidates and sponsors should arrive no later than 6:30
pm to the school building (enter through the CCD office).
Religious Education Office:
PVI Players presents The Miracle Worker, the
inspirational drama based on the true story of
Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan. Thurs, Nov. 20
(7:00 pm), Fri & Sat, Nov. 21 & 22 (7:30 pm) &
Sun, Nov. 23 (2:00 pm). Tickets $5 students/
seniors; $10 adults; Family Package discount
available. Tickets on sale Nov. 10. Check for tickets & information, or call Mrs.
Katherine Miller, 703-352-0925, ext. 371. Paul VI High School,
10675 Fairfax Blvd., Fairfax.
Thanksgiving food basket items needed:
Mashed potatoes, Gravy, Stuffing mix, Corn
Muffin mix, canned sweet potatoes/yams,
Pumpkin Pie Mix, Pie Crusts, Cooking Oil, Flour,
Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Canned Milk, Powdered Milk,
Dried Beans, Rice, Pancake Mix & Syrup & canned
fruit. Adult/baby wipes & toilet paper.
During November & December, there is no regular
food pantry distribution. We provide Thanksgiving and
Christmas food baskets instead. If you are an older
adult would like some assistance, call 703-352-3509.
Give Hope through SVDP National Vehicle Donation
Program. Proceeds help the Arlington Diocese Council SVDP
Conferences with funds to further assist our mission & serve
others. You can donate online: Vehicles, boats,
motorcycles, motor homes, ATV, heavy equipment, farm equipment
and classic cars can be donated.
JOIN US TONIGHT! Sunday,November 9 for
HSYN (immediately following 5pm Mass)
from 6-8pm in St. Leo Gym. All teens 9th - 12th
grade invited. We will cover "Called to Protect" safety training,
& having a Martial Arts Lesson!
RCIT (Rite of Christian Initiation for Teens) If you are in high
school and are looking to receive, Baptism, First Communion,
at [email protected]. Registrations for sacramental prep
classes now available!
Girls CLC is this Monday, November 10 Each week we
break open the Gospels and reflect on scripture. Having tea
parties and eating cupcakes are part of the weekly fun! Contact
Laura Bennett: [email protected]
Boys CLC is this Wednesday, November 12 . Each week we
break open the Gospels and reflect on scripture. Playing
ultimate frisbee, board games, or jamming out are part of the
weekly fun! Interested?
Contact Erik Teter at [email protected]
Middle School
"Thursday Takeovers" continue THIS WEEK!!! November 13,
from 3:30-5:00pm. 6th-8th graders are invited to come for
snacks, games, and ultimate frisbee. We will meet in the Youth
Room. This is a weekly event!
We will go on a Basilica Scavenger Hunt trip Saturday,
November 15th! Families are welcome to attend. We will
meet at St. Leo at 10:00am, carpool to the Shrine, have a
scavenger hunt, attend Mass and eat lunch, before returning to
St. Leo by 3:00pm. Cost: Free. Bring: Lunch.
Permission forms due November 12.
Our next "On Fire!" is SATURDAY December 6, 5-8 pm.
We will meet for Mass, followed by free dinner in the gym,
games, a brief talk, giveaways, and a bonfire with s'mores. "On
Fire!" is a once month, large group event. This year's theme is
"Living a Life of Virtue."
Volunteer! Do you have a heart for youth ministry? We are
looking for YOU! We need adult volunteers with hearts on
fire for Christ! Must be at least 21 years of age, and be fully
compliant with the requirements of the Diocesan Office for
the Protec1on of Children/Young People. We need
volunteers for both our High School and Middle School
Youth Ministry Programs.
Ques1ons? Email Erik or Melissa at [email protected]
8th Annual YA Mass with Bishop Loverde November 16
All Adults (ages 21 -39, single & married) are invited to join
us for the 8th Annual Bishop's Mass & Reception for Young
Adults at 7 pm on Sunday, Nov. 16th at Blessed Sacrament
Catholic Church in Alexandria. The Principal Celebrant will
be Bishop Paul Loverde. A reception with Bishop Loverde,
local priests and young adults will immediately follow the
Mass at Blessed Sacrament. For more information, please
contact Erin: 703-841-2549 or [email protected].
LUNCH N' LIFE Are You 50 or Better? Please join us for the
next Lunch N’ Life sponsored by the Shepherd’s Center of
Fairfax-Burke on Thursday, November 20 (12-2 pm) at
Lutheran Church of the Abiding Presence, 6304 Lee Chapel
Rd, Burke. The Program will feature Jari Villaneuva, a Bugler,
speaking on The History of Taps. For reservations, call Faye
Quesenberry, 703-620-0161, by November 14th. The cost is
$10.00; checks payable to SCFB. If transportation is needed,
call the SCFB office 703-323-4788. Visit
Horarios e Información
Santas Misas:
domingos a la 1:00 pm
sábados–5 pm (Vigilia),
domingos–7:30, 9, 11:00, 5pm
Confesiones en español: Los domingos desde las 12:00pm
a 12:50pm.
Bautizos: Preparación- llamar a Carlos Cea: 703-8362139.
RCIA Para Adultos: domingos 10:30 am—12pm Salon Juan
al lado de la iglesia. Para información, llamar al Diacono Jose
Lopez 703-222-7704.
Matrimonio: Todo Católico que desee contraer matrimonio
debe contactar la parroquia por lo menos seis meses antes del
evento. Para mayor información comunicarse con Diacono
Jose Lopez 703-222-7704.
Catequesis Para Niños y Jóvenes: domingos 11– 12:30.
Llamar a: 703-273-4868.
Sacramentos para Estudiantes de Secundaria: llamar
a la Oficina de Jovenes al teléfono 703-591-6089, ó email a
[email protected].
Legion de Maria: sabado 5:00—6:30 pm ó domingo 11
am—12:30 pm.
Información: Virginia Pierson —[email protected]
Para mas información, llamar al Diacono José López 703222-7704.
GED: Comienza el domingo 7 de septiembre 2:30 -4:00 pm
Alfabetización: Comienza el domingo 7 de septiembre
2:30 - 4:00 pm
Clases de Convalidación: Comienza el sábado 13 de
septiembre 7:00—9:00 pm
Programa Rito de Iniciación Cristiana para Adultos (RICA)
Clases para adultos (18 años o mayores) que deseen recibir
los sacramentos de bautizo, confirmación, y comunión
comienzan el domingo, 14 de septiembre, y de 11am a
12:15pm en el salón San Juan del centro parroquial. Para
mayor información, llamar a Gustavo o Sandra Solares,
tel. 703-346-0409.
November 9, 2014
“Porque somos colaboradores de Dios ….”
¿Cómo estás siendo llamado para construir el
reino de Dios como su colaborador?
Considera el servicio generoso del sacerdocio
o la vida consagrada. Llama al Padre J.D.
Jaffe al (703) 841-2514 o escribe a:
[email protected].
Nuevo Coro de San Leo San Leo tiene una nueva
directora de Coro para la misa en español, Noemi
Solares. Estamos en busca de participantes ya sea
que hayan sido antes parte del coro o que quieran
ahora ser miembros del nuevo grupo. Si usted esta interesado
y desea formar parte, las prácticas serán los dias miércoles a
las 7:30pm en el salon St. John y domingos a las 12:00pm en
el salón St. Cecilia del centro parroquial. Para mayor
información enviar email a [email protected].
Hora Santa: Jesus nos dijo ¿No puedes acompañarme por
una hora? El grupo de oración de la parroquia los invita a
una Hora de Adoración delante del Santísimo normalmente
todos lo últimos sábados del més. La próxima hora santa
será el 22 de noviembre.
Se ofrece clases de inglés Caridades Catolicas–Hogar
Hispano ofrece clases de inglés en la Iglesia San Leo Magno
los sábados de 10 am a 12 pm. Ofrecemos varios niveles de
clase. Llame a 571-208-1572 para más información.
Estudio Bíblico – Epístola de Santiago y Carta de Pablo
a los Gálatas El estudio bíblico comenzará el 19 de
Septiembre. Estudiaremos la Epístola de Santiago “Perlas
para una Vida Santa” durante 11 semanas y en enero
entraremos al estudio de los Gálatas “Liberados para Vivir
una Vida Plena”. En el estudio de Santiago aplicaremos la
sabiduría de Santiago en nuestras vidas diarias. Este
estudio es para todos los que luchamos para vivir una vida
verdaderamente cristiana y nos ofrece muchas soluciones
prácticas. En el estudio de Gálatas aprenderemos lo que
significa tener una relación de hijos con Dios Padre. El
estudio se llevará a cabo todos los viernes de 7:30 a
9:00pm en el salón San Juan del centro parroquial. El costo
es de $25 para el material. Para mayor información o para
registrarse, llamar a Sandra Solares, 703-346-0409.
Grupo Divina Misericordia y Compasión ¿Conoce a alguien
que se encuentre solo y enfermo? ¿Sabe de alguien que
necesite de la palabra de Dios y de la compañía de miembros
de su iglesia? Un grupo de personas de nuestra parroquia
visita a los miembros de la comunidad que se encuentran
enfermos en los hospitales ó en sus casas. Se brinda
oraciones y compañía a todas aquellas personas delicadas de
salud. Tambien un ministro le puede traer comunión ó puede
pedir que un sacerdote le visite para recibir los sacramentos.
Por favor llamen a Gilma Orozco al 571-238-6634.
Grupo de Oración Sábados 6-8:30pm, Salon de Nuestra Sra
de La Guadalupe. Información: Jose Ferrufino: 703-250-1343.
November 9, 2014

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