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VOL. 18. NO. 28
Colorado lanza su campaña de
vacunación en todo el estado
El jueves 7 de julio, a la 1 pm,
en una conferencia de prensa
efectuada en la escalinata oeste del
Capitolio del Estado, el
Departamento de Salud Pública y
Medio Ambiente de Colorado
lanzó una colorida campaña de
vacunación diseñada para asegurar
que todos los niños del Estado que
sea posible estén totalmente
vacunados cuando cumplan la
edad requerida.
El tema de la campaña, que
destaca dibujos hechos por niños
de Colorado, es “Vacune a los
ñiños de Colorado: Proteja a sus
Seres Queridos”. Los materiales
que exhiben el nuevo logotipo, los
dibujos y el programa de
vacunaciones, incluyen carteles y
tarjetas para llevarse en la cartera,
tanto en inglés como en español.
El logotipo se exhibe también en
un nuevo portal de Web, fácil de
usar, diseñado para que sea fácil
para los padres de Colorado
encontrar la información que
necesiten acerca de las vacunas que
se requieren y dónde pueden
obtenerlas. La dirección del portal
en la Web, que tiene secciones en
inglés y en español, es
Los materiales impresos se
distribuirán a partir de la semana
del 11 de julio a los médicos,
clínicas, departamentos locales de
salud, servicios públicos de
atención a la salud en los
condados, clínicas de WIC (para
mujeres, infantes y niños), y en
otros lugares en todo el Estado.
Los materiales están diseñados
para exhibición y distribución,
para recordarles a los padres la
importancia de asegurarse que sus
hijos tengan tolas vacunas que se
requieren, a la edad apropiada.
La Vice-gobernadora del
Estado, Jane Norton, que fue la
oradora estelar de la conferencia
de prensa que dio comienzo a la
campaña, dijo: “La protección de
la salud de los niños de Colorado
es una de las cosas más
importantes que hacemos.
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Air show shines, thousands attend
Rodeo Parade See page 20
14 de julio - 21 de julio 2005
Colorado launches
statewide immunization
A colorful immunization
marketing campaign, designed to
make certain as many of the state’s
children as possible are fully
immunized by the required age,
was launched by the Colorado
Department of Public Health and
Environment at a 1 pm news
conference on the west steps of the
Colorado State Capitol.
The theme of the campaign,
which features drawings by
Colorado children, is
“Immunize Colorado’s kids:
protect the ones you love.”
Materials featuring the new logo,
immunization schedule for
Colorado include posters and
wallet cards in both English and
Spanish. The logo also is featured
on a new, user-friendly Web site
designed to make it easier for
Colorado parents to find needed
information about required
immunizations and where they can
be obtained.
The address for the Web site,
which has sections in both English
The printed materials will be
distributed to physicians, clinics,
local health departments, county
public health nursing services,
WIC (Women Infants and
Children) clinics, and other
locations throughout the state.
The materials are designed for
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Testimonio de Latinos en el
bombazo de Londres
¿Cómo vieron los latinos de Londres el
Good Day for
flying at the
old City airport.
por Isaac Bigio
Según cifras oficiales de hace un
lustro en Reino Unido hay 200,000
residentes latinos (la mitad de ellos
con pasaporte español o
portugués). Sin embargo, esa cifra
es varias veces mayor si se toma
en cuenta a los que estudian, están
‘temporalmente’ o son irregulares.
En Londres se calcula que por lo
menos hay un cuarto de millón de
Según la policía inglesa hay más
de 700 heridos en el 7-7. Los
muertos podrían estar entre los 70
y 100. Dentro de las víctimas se
ve mucho inmigrante. Aunque
parezca contradictorio, la minoría
étnica que más muertos y
desaparecidos tiene en proporción
a su población, bien podría ser la
Dos de las tres zonas afectadas
eran reductos musulmanes. Por
Aldgate East está el barrio
bangladeshi y Edware es la
avenida de los negocios árabes.
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14 de junio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
Health Department Issues YMCA community garage sale
The Southeast YMCA is 622-9622 to register.
YMCA while you are here.
Advisory Regarding
having a Community Garage
One vendor space is equal to 4 Located at 2190 Jet Wing Drive.
Sale, July 23rd from 9 am - 2 pm. parking spaces and vendors can Remember:
Air Quality Due To
This event is free and open to the bring their items as early at 7 am.
One man’s junk is another
All profits you receive go to you! man’s treasure! We build strong
Mason Gulch Fire
The cost to reserve a space for Food concessions will also be kids, strong families, strong
Officials at the Pueblo CityCounty Health Department are
advising Puebloans with
respiratory problems such as
asthma, emphysema, bronchitis
and those with chronic heart
disease, to avoid prolonged
exposure to the outdoors due to
the Mason Gulch Fire.
Dr. Nevin-Woods, Director and
Health Officer of the Pueblo
City-County Health Department,
suggests the following general
recommendations for Pueblo
County residents:
• People living in close proximity
to the fire-stricken areas should
remain indoors and avoid
inhalation of smoke, ashes, and
particulate matter in the area.
• If you live close to or in the
surrounding area, it is
recommended that you refrain
from exercising outdoors,
especially if you smell smoke or
notice eye or throat irritation.
• Extra precaution should be
taken for children, who are more
susceptible to smoke because
their respiratory systems are still
developing and they breathe in
more air (and consequently more
pollution) per pound of body
mass than adults. • Use swamp
coolers sparingly. Filter pads can
get clogged with heavy debris in
the air. • When driving your car
in smoky areas, keep your wind
selling your items is $15. Call available. Take a free tour of the communities. www.ppymca.org
One-stop applying, registering now
under way at PCC
New registration policies at
Pueblo Community College
have caused the college to create
a “one-stop shop” for a limited
time in July to enable students
to sign up for fall semester
classes via a speeded-up format.
To ensure student success,
PCC now requires that new
students intending to take more
than six credit hours must meet
with an advisor and attend an
orientation session.
The process also applies to
readmitted students who haven’t
attended PCC for at least one year.
To reduce the crunch anticipated
prior to the start of fall classes on
Aug. 22, PCC has streamlined
registration procedures. Under the
“one-stop” method, students can
apply to the college, take their
assessments, complete financial
aid forms, attend an orientation,
meet with an advisor and register
for classes in one visit to campus.
Students can start the registration
process at the Admissions office
in Room 224 of the College
Center, located at the corner of
Orman Ave. and Harrison St. just
one block off Lincoln.
As incentives, early
registrants’ names are being
drawn for scholarships and PCC
bookstore coupons.
The fall semester includes a
full term that will begin Aug. 22
and half-terms that will begin
Aug. 22 and Oct. 17. For
information call 549-3200.
The Democratic Club of El Paso County
monthly dinner meeting announcement
The Hispanic Community’s Newspaper
Established Cinco de Mayo, 1987
Published weekly by
Con Fé Communications, Ltd.
ISSN -0895-7355
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Hispania News
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Toll Free • 866-723-2220
Located at 2527 Airport Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 15116, Colorado Springs, CO 80935-5116
(719) 540-0220 • (719) 540-0221
• Fax (719) 540-0599
July dinner meeting is on
Thursday, July 21, 2005.
Everyone is welcome and urged
to attend. Our speaker for July
is Gary Bostrom from Colorado
Springs Utilities.
He has 26 years of experience
with Colorado Springs Utilities,
a four service (electric, gas,
water and wastewater) municipal
He is currently responsible for
construction of regional water
and wastewater projects,
including the Southern Delivery
System. He is on the boards of
three water authorities and he is
the past president of four mutual
ditch and reservoir companies.
Our monthly dinners are at
Bambino’s Restaurant at 6:00 p.m.
on the third Thursday of each
month (except August &
December). Bambino’s is located
at 2849 East Platte Avenue, within
the shopping center on the
Southeast corner of Platte and
Circle Avenue. We have a private
room on the second floor, room
number 2831. There is an elevator
on the South side of the shopping
center. When you get off the
elevator, walk straight down the
hall and our meeting room is the
last room on the right.
Every dinner item is all you can
eat so please come hungry. The
meal price of $10.00 per person
includes your Entree, Soda, Tea,
Coffee, Tax and Gratuity. Kids,
up to age 12, are only 50 cents
per each year of age. The
unlimited choices are Salad,
Pizza and Pasta with a choice of
For more information, please
call the Dem Club President
Mark Entrekin at 719-548-9114
[email protected].
What are your thoughts on our
water? Do we have enough?
How do we share our water
wisely? What are the benefits
and concerns of the Southern
Delivery System? We cannot
complain if we do not share
positive ideas! I hope to see you
at our dinner.
Military Discounts Offered
For International Theatre Events
In Colorado Springs
The Colorado Festival of
World Theatre, working in
partnership with local military
installations, is offering
discounted tickets to the
Festival’s fourteen events July
The Colorado Festival of
World Theatre will offer a 50%
discount on tickets for all events
to active duty, Guard and
Reserve Forces, and Military
In addition to these discounts,
100 tickets will be offered to
families who have lost relatives
while serving in Operations Iraqi
Freedom or Enduring Freedom.
All discounted tickets are
available with a valid military
I.D. through all TicketsWest
outlets, including ITT locations
on each base, World Arena, Pikes
Peak Center, King Soopers,
CityMarket and The Citadel Mall
at guest services.
The two-week Festival features
both famous and emerging actors,
directors, playwrights and
performing artists who will
enchant audiences with a rich
variety of classical, modern and
musical works in world-class
performances from Italy, the
United Kingdom, Ireland, South
Africa and the U.S. Performance
venues are in Colorado Springs
and just up the Ute Pass in
neighboring Woodland Park.
The Festival provides two weeks
of fun, excitement and
entertainment for everyone –
children, families, casual
theatergoers and diehard
aficionados. Many of the fun
performances include Geoff
Hoyle, who performed as the
original clown in Cirque du
Soleil and Zazu in The Lion
King; Guerrino, the Knight,
exquisite puppets who have been
entertaining children of all ages
for over 200 years,
and Arlecchino!, a farcical
comedy, set in motion by that
eternally beloved character in his
The Colorado Festival of
World Theatre is also seeking
partnerships with local
corporations to sponsor military
families to attend these events.
For more information, please
call the Festival office at 4751737.
14 de julio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
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Senator Salazar announces opportunity for youth to visit US Senate
United States Senator Ken
Salazar announced this year’s
United States Senate Youth
Program, which provides young
people from around the country an
This year’s application process
The Senate Youth Program is of the program is to send two high
opportunity to visit the US Senate has just begun and Senator Salazar sponsored by the William school juniors or seniors from each
and immerse themselves in how encouraged all who qualify to take Randolph Hearst Foundation.
of the 50 states and the District of
our Nation’s government works. advantage of this program.
“The United States Senate Youth Columbia to Washington for a
Program provides a unique week-long on-site introduction to
opportunity for Colorado students the functions of the federal
to learn about the federal government, including specifically
inside the United States Senate.
Washington, DC. I strongly urge
William Randolph Hearst
Colorado’s young leaders to apply Foundation provides $1,000 for
will be assured healthy meals, and NO LUNCH
for this program,” said Senator trip expenses for each delegate.
3 - 3:30 pm
local organizations will be able to Snack
Applications can be found at http:/
offer a basic need to the youth they
serve without having to YMCA- Fountain Valley
spend their own limited 301 East Iowa
the United States Senate. The goal
resources. Meals and Fountain, CO 80817
snacks are being served at (719) 382-1561 5/31-/8/13/05
four sites in El Paso Serving times:
County and one site in Lunch 11 - 12 pm
Snack 3 - 3:30 pm
Pueblo County.
Thursday August 4.
Locations and times are
Make your reservation now.
Community Youth Organization
as follows:
Boys & Girls Club- El Pomar 1102 E. Abriendo Ave
Pueblo, CO 81004
(719) 562-0054 7/01/05-9/01/05
805 Praderia Ave
Serving times:
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
(719) 473-3490 5/31/05-8/17/05 Lunch 11:30 - 12:30 pm
Snack 3:30 - 4 pm
Serving times:
Meals will be provided to all
Lunch 12 noon - 1 pm
children without charge. In
3:30 - 4 pm
accordance with Federal law and
US Department of Agriculture
Boys & Girls Club- Tutt Unit
policy, this institution is prohibited
1455 S. Chelton Rd
from discriminating on the basis
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
(719) 570-6242 5/31/05- 8/13/ of race, color, national origin, sex,
age, or disability.
To file a complaint of
Serving times:
discrimination, write USDA,
Lunch 12 noon - 1 pm
Director, Office of Civil Rights,
Snack 3:30 - 4 pm
Room 326-W, Whitten Building,
Meadows Park Community 1400 Independence Avenue, SW,
Washington, DC, 20250-9410 or
call (202) 720-5964 (voice and
1943 S. El Paso Ave
TDD). USDA is an equal
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
opportunity provider and
(719) 385-7943 5/31/8/19/05
Serving times:
Care & Share Food Bank receives USDA
funds for summer feeding program
Care & Share Food Bank is
pleased to announce that it has
received funding through USDA’s
Summer Food Service
Program which will
allow Care & Share to
maintain the five
summer feeding sites
southern Colorado as
well as expand services
in the future.
13 million American children
live in households where a meal
everyday is not a sure thing.
Nationally, for every 100
children who receive a free or
reduced price meal during the
school year, only 20 children are
receiving meals during the
El Paso County had just over
99,000 children signed up for free
or reduced price school lunch.
Only 9 for every 100 of these kids
will participate in a summer
feeding program (#42 in America).
Care & Share plays a crucial role
in improving that ratio. By
connecting local organizations
such as YMCAs, Boys and Girls
Clubs and summer school
programs to food available
through the USDA Summer Food
Service Program, more children
from low-income neighborhoods
Eighth class of Hispanicserving Institutions Fellows
The 21 fellows are highly
accomplished faculty members at
Hispanic-Serving Institutions in
California, Colorado, Florida,
New Mexico, Texas and Puerto
Seventeen fellows will work at
USDA in Washington, DC and
four fellows will work at
agricultural research centers for
two-to-six weeks this summer.
Fellows were selected based on
the compatibility of their research
interests with USDA mission areas
and the value their experience
would add to their institution’s
curriculum offerings to Hispanic
Among the topics that will be
researched are food security, food
nutritional patterns and the needs
of the Hispanic population,
landscape horticulture, exercise
and nutrition to combat obesity,
biotechnology, rural development,
land management, urban ecology,
marketing, and international trade
and economics.
Through the partnership fostered
by the fellows program, USDA
and HSIs are better prepared to
address the educational challenges
faced by Hispanics.
Hispanic-Serving Institutions
are accredited and degree-granting
institutions of higher education
with a full-time Hispanic student
enrollment of 25 percent or more.
The fellowship program serves
to advance USDA’s collaboration
Get your High School Diploma in just four hours a day* - tuition free! If you are 16 to 21 and have
dropped out of high school, we have a school designed just for you! Life Skills Teaches you at your
level, lets you learn at your own pace, at a time convenient to you.
Keep your job and attend daily, 4-hour classes. Need a job? We'll help you prepare - and find a job.
Work at your own pace toward your High School Diploma not a GED!
*Students complete 6 hours of additional learning opportunities per week, which can include employment, volunteering, counseling or other activities deemed suitable.
Providing at risk, 16 to 21 year old students with
vocational education, their high school diploma, and a job, tuition-free.
Cont. on page 20
The 2005 USDA-HSI Fellows are:
• Barbara Medina, Chair, Department of Teacher Education,
Adams State College, Alamosa, CO
• Deborah Blake, Associate Professor, Adams State College
• Lorraine Cohn, Program Coordinator, Pueblo Trinidad State
Senior College, Alamosa, CO
1810 Eastlake Blvd.
Colorado Springs
Phone or check out our website:
Education that
fits your life
You Choose from Three Sessions:
8:00am - 12:00pm 10:15am - 2:15pm 1:30 - 5:30pm
Page 4
14 de junio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
El ejercicio y la
alimentación son esenciales
para sentirse bien viva más
saludable en el 2005
Estamos en pleno verano, una
temporada en la que muchas
mujeres se enfocan en los trajes de
baño y otras prendas a la moda que
dejan piel al descubierto. Los
expertos están de acuerdo que el
adoptar un estilo de vida más
saludable le ayudará no sólo a
sentirse bien sino también a lucir
fabulosa en estos días calurosos de
Para inspirar a las mujeres
hispanas a que adopten un estilo
de vida saludable, la presentadora
de televisión Cristina Saralegui y
la Dra. Maritza Fuentes se han
unido para crear conciencia acerca
de temas de salud y bienestar físico
que raramente se discuten. Juntas
están promoviendo La Guía Para
el Bienestar Dulcolax (Dulcolax
Guide to Healthy Living),
disponible a través de http://
www.dulcolax.com. La página de
Internet ofrece información y
consejos para tener una
alimentación saludable y vivir
Según la Dra. Fuentes, los
hispanos en los Estados Unidos
enfrentan muchos de los mismos
problemas de salud y bienestar que
otros grupos étnicos, pero a
menudo estos problemas son más
difíciles para los hispanos debido
a su cultura y diferente estilo de
La falta de ejercicio puede
causar obesidad y diabetes entre
los hispanos, así mismo sus
diferentes hábitos alimenticios
ayudan a explicar porqué los
hispanos padecen más de
estreñimiento que los demás
grupos étnicos.
“La gran mayoría de las
personas que sufren de
estreñimiento son mujeres”, dice
la Dr. Fuentes. “Además, casi un
tercio de los hispanos que sufren
de estreñimiento describen su
condición como severa”.
“El propósito de la campaña es
educar acerca de uno de los
problemas de salud más comunes
entre las mujeres - el
estreñimiento”, dice Cristina.
“Las mujeres necesitan saber
acerca de la cantidad de agua que
deben beber cada día para estar
saludables, acerca de los
beneficios de hacer ejercicio, que
comiendo más fibra puede no ser
suficiente para curar el
estreñimiento, y que las vitaminas
o medicinas que toman pueden ser
la causa de su estreñimiento”.
Las dos ofrecen los siguientes
consejos para ayudar a las mujeres
a aliviarse del estreñimiento y
sentirse bien:
Apúntelo. Lleve un diario con
todos los mensajes que su cuerpo
está intentando comunicarle, tales
como las comidas que le causan
hinchazón abdominal y la hacen
sentir llena, o la frecuencia de su
evacuación intestinal. Apuntando
como usted se siente y las comidas
que le afectan diariamente, usted
reconocerá lo que puede estar
causándole estreñimiento y
Planee comidas saludables. Esto
puede aliviar algunos problemas
de estreñimiento.
Evite comer rápidamente o dejar
de comer durante el día, y también
mantenga bocados saludables a
mano para los días ocupados.
Asegúrese de incluir frutas y
verduras en su dieta diaria y
cómalos de manera creativa, por
ejemplo con queso ‘cottage’ bajo
en grasa, o con salsas.
Hable con su doctor o
farmaceuta sobre las medicinas y
vitaminas que está tomando.
Algunas de estas pueden estar
causándole estreñimiento sin que
usted lo sepa. Por eso es que los
laxantes son por lo regular
recetados a personas que toman
analgésicos, y medicamentos para
el colesterol y las enfermedades
del corazón.
Controle la tensión. Ya que
puede empeorar el estreñimiento
más de lo que usted piensa.
Tómese por lo menos quince
minutos al día para relajarse con
una taza de té de hierbas o para
caminar. ¡También, haga lo que
tiene que hacer sin apresurarse!
¡Haga ejercicio! Durante los días
que usted no puede hacer 30
minutos de actividad física, trate
de subir escalones, caminar en vez
de manejar, y de jugar con sus
niños o sus mascotas.
No sienta vergüenza por tener
una evacuación intestinal cuando
esta en el trabajo o en otro lugar
que no sea su casa. ¡Es un acto
natural que todos hacemos
entonces no se sienta avergonzada
cuando usted lo haga!
Usted puede llevar cubredores
de asiento desechables y toallas
húmedas en su cartera por si
necesita usar un baño público.
Escuche a su cuerpo. Viajes o
cambios inesperados en su rutina
pueden causar estreñimiento.
Usted puede usar un laxante suave
para tratar sus síntomas de
estreñimiento hasta que pueda
reanudar su rutina diaria.
No se obsesione. No se
preocupe si usted no tuvo una
evacuación del intestino hoy.
Está bien si usted se siente bien.
Tome un minuto para escuchar a
su cuerpo y asegurarse que usted
está sintiéndose bien.
Adopte un buen hábito. Intente
ir al baño a la misma hora todos
los días. Muchas personas se
acostumbran a ir al baño cuando
se despiertan o después de comer.
Tenga disponible un laxante.
Está bien tomar un laxante como
Dulcolax para aliviar el
estreñimiento temporal, aunque
los que sufren de estreñimiento
deben consultar a su doctor si los
síntomas persisten por más de una
El Presidente De Chivas USA
Antonio Cué Anuncia
Apuesta Para El Tercer
Súper Clásico Honda Frente
Al Galaxy
Antonio Cué, Presidente de
Chivas USA y su contraparte del
Galaxy de Los Ángeles, Doug
Hamilton, acordaron una doble
apuesta para su juego del próximo
sábado 16 de julio, 2005, a partir
de las 7:00 de la noche, Hora
Pacífico, en la celebración del
tercer Súper Clásico Honda, duelo
que tendrá lugar en El Home
Depot Center.
Según los términos de la apuesta,
el Presidente del equipo perdedor
deberá invitar, al próximo juego
del equipo ganador, a 50 niños de
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Llame a Los Profesionales
BUS. LINE 719-547-0411
PUEBLO 719-547-2109
[email protected]
14 de julio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
Page 5
Pikes Peak United Way 2-1-1 Hotline celebrates one-year anniversary
The Pikes Peak United Way is
pleased to announce the one-year
anniversary of its 2-1-1 hotline,
designed to assist local residents
in need of non-emergency health
and social service resources.
The easy-to-remember threedigit number, which serves
residents of El Paso, Teller,
Chaffee, Park, Lincoln, and
Cheyenne counties, makes it
possible for people in need to
navigate the complex and evergrowing maze of health and
human services providers in their
At present, three trained
information specialists – one
bilingual – staff the hotline from 8
am to 5 pm Monday through
Friday utilizing a comprehensive
database of resources including
federal, state, and local
Dejar a las
criaturitas y
a los niños
pequeños en
puede ser
El lunes, expertos en la
prevención de las lesiones, del
Departamento de Salud Pública y
Medio Ambiente de Colorado,
advirtieron a los padres y a quienes
den atención a los niños que nunca
deben dejar solo a ningún niño en
un vehículo caliente, ni siquiera si
es sólo por unos cuantos minutos,
ni aunque las ventanillas estén
“A pesar de que pudiera
parecerle a usted que afuera no
hace mucho calor, los niños que
se les deja solos en un auto
estacionado en un día caluroso,
pueden llegar a morir rápidamente.
Durante los meses del verano, la
temperatura interior de un auto
estacionado puede alcanzar más de
120 grados en tan sólo 10
minutos”, advirtió Barbara Bailey,
especialista en la prevención de
lesiones de la Coalición SAFE
KIDS de Colorado, que tiene su
base en el Departamento de Salud
Pública y Medio Ambiente.
Bailey explicó: “Cuando el niño
está en un auto caliente, pierde los
fluidos y las sales del cuerpo al
transpirar, causándose un
agotamiento por el calentamiento.
Si no se le da tratamiento de
inmediato, el agotamiento por
calentamiento puede llevar a una
embolia, que impide que el cuerpo
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government agencies, private nonprofits, as well as faith and
community-based organizations.
In addition to providing
resource information, 2-11 also serves the
community by helping to
ease the burden placed on
emergency resources by
non-emergency callers.
In partnership with local
police departments and 91-1 emergency dispatch
systems, 2-1-1 accepts
transferred non-emergency
calls, allowing emergency
dispatchers to be available
for life-threatening, crisis
2-1-1 also provides a central
system to collect and analyze data
regarding community needs. This
data is used by funding
organizations, service providers as utility assistance consistently
well as city and county officials topping the list of needs among
and planners to better assess the those who call. There has also
been a significant increase in
calls for food assistance as
many wait for approval or reapproval for food stamps.
According to the annual
report, 76% of all 2-1-1
callers are female. 66.5%
have children. 68% are
unemployed with the overall
average income of those
seeking assistance slated at
$8,140 per year.
A founding member of the
needs of the community and how Collaborative, the Pikes Peak
well these needs are or are not United Way is one of eight
being met.
organizations working to ensure
To date, over 7,000 local that all Colorado residents have
residents have used 2-1-1 during access to 2-1-1.
“Currently 5 of the 7 regions
the past year, with housing and
have launched 2-1-1 call centers
serving 85% of the state’s
population and are actively
working outreach to the remote
counties in their areas,” says Anne
Beer, Pikes Peak United Way
Community Information Systems
The San Luis Valley (southwest
region) call center will be
launching this summer, and the
Pueblo (southeast) center has
received funding and is presently
in the planning phase.
The goal of the Colorado
Collaborative is to have 100%
coverage for the state by October
At present, 2-1-1 hotlines are
available nationally in 32 states
plus Washington DC and Puerto
Rico. Sixteen additional states are
in the planning phase.
Page 6
14 de junio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
El Bombazo De Londres
Continua de página 1
Sin embargo, a diferencia de No hemos encontrado muertos
Londres y Nueva York, hay pocas aunque si pocos heridos. Esto se
víctimas con nombres hispánicos. debe a tres razones:
a) las bombas no explotaron en el
sur de la ciudad en zonas como
Elephant and Castle (repleto de
mercados colombianos y
ecuatorianos) o en Stockwell o
South Lambeth (donde hay calles
donde los letreros son en
No importa si usted:
portugués) ni en zonas de alta
ü Es inmigrante
concentración brasilera como
ü No tiene papeles
ü No tiene crédito excelente
b) buena parte de los latinos
Nosotros le ayudamos a:
trabaja en las madrugadas
ü Obtener un ITIN
limpiando oficinas y no alrededor
ü Obtener un préstamo
ü Entender el proceso de compra
de las 9 am, cuando fueron
ü Encontrar la casa de sus sueños explosionados los metros;
c) es probable que hayan muchos
Lláme sin compromiso:
latinos que sean víctima anónimas
Kristi Terrazas que carecen de documentación o
Agente de Bienes Raíces
que su familia no les reclama.
499-0056 CELULAR
Contactamos al Hospital Saint
579-0040 OFICINA
donde nos confirmaron
579-5055 FAX
www.CasasColorado.com que uno de los pacientes que
( bilingual english/spanish
quedan es Juan Cataño. El tiene
una pierna rota y una lata
incrustada en el talón. El ha dicho
que tuvo suerte de no perecer ya
que la mayoría de los otros
pasajeros del vagón donde estaba
Juan Pablo Riaño, quien vive en
Londres hace 8 años, estuvo en
uno de los vagones detonados. El
sobrevivió. Se escapó por un
agujero en el tren y tuvo fuerzas
para socorrer a otros pasajeros,
incluyendo otra mujer que tenía los
brazos destrozados y regados.
Gloria Quintanilla se salvó del
bombazo. Ella debía haber estado
haciendo su rutina diaria en el
metro que recorrió Edware Rd.,
donde fue uno de los atentados,
pero en la víspera la ‘salvó’ una
inesperada neumonía. Ella prefirió
haber llegado al hospital por ello
que por el bombazo.
La zona más afectada fueron las
pocas cuadras que están entre King
Cross, la biblioteca británica,
Euston y las plazas Tavistock y
Russell. En el subsuelo se produjo
la peor carnicería y en la superficie
detonó un bus. Un brasilero estuvo
dentro de los pasajeros de dicho
ómnibus pero se salvó.
Roberto, quien estudia en la
University College of London
(cerca de donde fue un atentado),
nos mandó un e-mail diciéndonos:
“Yo estuve cerca del bombazo ya
que vivo en Euston Street, pero
gracias a Dios nada me paso a mi
o a mis hijos’.
Héctor Fernández nos
conversaba que en su edificio
viven o han vivido bolivianos,
peruanos, chilenos y ecuatorianos.
Sin embargo, ninguno fue afectado
pese a que su predio queda
contiguo a la estación de King
Cross, casi encima de uno de los
rieles donde se produjo la peor
explosión y muy cerca de la plaza
Nos cuenta que no se puede pasar
a ver esos lugares, pues están
cerrados al público.
Carlos Burgos, quien vivió cerca
de Tavistock Square, nos contaba
como presenció en los ochentas un
incendio en el metro de King
Cross, que tal vez fue peor que el
Nos relató el caso de dos vecinas
del lugar, quienes, como muchas
personas de origen andino se
dedican a trabajar en limpieza, se
libraron por un pelo de morir.
Ellas, como todos los días, debían
salir de sus empleos caminando
hacia Edware Road o Paddington.
Por una extraña casualidad del
destino, ellas prefirieron tomar el
bus. Al obviar la ruta subterránea
(más veloz) sin quererlo se
salvaron de ir en el tren de la
muerte que explotó mientras ellas
estaban en la superficie.
David Mortara, co-editor del
diario andino Minka de Londres y
especialista británico en criollismo
Chivas USA
con esposa e hija peruanas, debía
dar el 7 de julio una presentación
del primer CD de música peruana
hecho por la biblioteca británica
(la mayor del mundo). Su
conferencia tuvo que ser
postergada por el atentado, pero si
los bombazos se hubieran dado
más tarde pudieron haber afectado
a varios de los esperados
María, quien trabaja en un
negocio árabe por la zona afectada
de Edgare, habla árabe y observa
ritos del Islam, se siente
preocupada por que pudieran
haber represalias contra la
población musulmana y ello
afectase también a los latinos y
otros inmigrantes.
Las actividades de las
comunidades latinas se mantienen
en pie. El sábado 8, dos días tras
el bombazo, la colectividad
ecuatoriana festejó a lo grande el
día de Santo Domingo en una
fiesta organizada por Luis
Naranjo. Este fin de semana la
comunidad peruana realiza el
primer festival afro-peruano.
John Loayza, chófer de buses,
sabe que debe seguir conduciendo
ominbuses incluso por zonas
afectadas pero él se prepara para
hacer que el próximo día 7 (el de
Londres celebre el primer mes
del atentado viendo pasar el II
Paseo del Inca, junto con otras
comparsas que irán al carnaval
latino del Burgess Park.
Publicado en Minka, diario
andino de Londres.
Continua de página 4
bajos recursos asignados por el
club vencedor, así como
acompañarlos durante el partido e
invitarlos a cenar.
Además, el Presidente del equipo
derrotado deberá servir como
mesero a su colega del equipo
victorioso, durante un almuerzo en
el restaurante Stadium Club del
Home Depot Center en fecha a
Chivas USA llega a este duelo
ante el Galaxy después de haber
sumado su segunda victoria de la
temporada, como equipo de
expansión 2005 en la MLS, al
vencer a Real Salt Lake por 5-1,
el pasado sábado en El Home
Depot Center.
Los primeros dos Súper Clásicos
Honda se resolvieron a favor del
Galaxy, que ganó por 3-1 el pasado
23 de abril, mientras que el 28 de
mayo el marcador fue de 2-0.
vehículos calientes Continua de página 5
pueda sudar. Entonces la la muerte”. Para evitar las lesiones
temperatura del cuerpo aumenta, relacionadas con el calentamiento
causando un grave daño al cerebro, en los autos, Bailey proporcionó
Continua en página 18
al hígado y a los riñones, y hasta
14 de julio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
Page 7
Largest Colorado credit union launches
new brand
Ent Federal Credit Union, the
leading financial institution in the
Pikes Peak region, launched a new
logo and tagline: Ent - Where you
The new logo
features a stylized
“E” surrounded by a
solid red circle.
The full-service credit union has
had the same look and feel since
its inception in 1957, but research
conducted last year indicated a
change was necessary. Surveys
revealed perceived barriers for
members and non-members to
consider Ent as their financial
“As a community
union, any person that
worships or goes to
school in Teller, Pueblo, El Paso
and parts of Denver counties is
eligible to be an Ent member,” said
Charles Emmer, CEO and
president of Ent.
“However, our brand wasn’t
conveying that message to
members or prospective members.
It also did not clearly communicate
the breadth of products and
services we offer.”
In addition to a new logo, Ent
has adopted a new creative look
and feel for all of its collateral and
advertising, which better reflects
the credit union’s competitive
products and quality member
The organization’s legal name
Demand for SBA-Backed Loans
continues at record pace
Small businesses continued
turning to the US Small Business
Administration for commercial
credit in record numbers through
the first three quarters of FY 2005,
reflecting their confidence in the
US economy and the stability of
the SBA loan program that backs
their loans.
Small businesses secured SBA
backing under the agency’s
flagship 7(a) program for 71,131
loans through the first nine months
of the fiscal year, a 21 percent
increase over the same period a
year ago and a 49 percent increase
over the same period two years
ago. In Colorado, the SBA has
approved 1,464 7(a) guaranteed
loans worth $285.3 million - a 29.3
percent increase over the same
period last year.
The loans made so far this year
amount to $11.1 billion, 19.5
percent more than in the same
period last year, and on a clear pace
for a record-setting year for the
“We had a record year for this
loan program a year ago, and we’re
going to set another record in
2005,” said SBA Administrator
Hector V. Barreto.
“It tells us that the critics are
wrong, that small businesses are
confident enough to invest in the
future of the American economy,
and that this program is here to
help them do it.
It also demonstrates the
effectiveness of the self-funded
footing on which the President has
placed the loan program, and the
confidence that lenders have in its
stability. I am very pleased with
this performance so far this year.”
The gains are also reflected in
the SBA’s Certified Development
Company, or 504, loan program.
Through the first nine months of
the fiscal year, the 504 program
had issued 6,434 loans worth
$3.44 billion, more than 6 percent
ahead of the same period a year
ago, when the program had
produced 6,058 loans for $2.88
During the same period, 231 504 loans were made in Colorado
worth $99 million - a 9.8 percent
increase over last year.
The budget for the current year
makes more than $21 billion
available to small businesses
through the two loan programs,
including $16 billion in small
business lending under the 7(a)
program and $5 billion under the
504 program. For information on
applying for an SBA loan, visit the
SBA’s extensive Web site at
7-Eleven® stores host July Open House
WHAT: 7-Eleven, Inc. announced that it is converting 200 of its 232 company-operated 7-Eleven®
stores in Colorado into franchised store operations. The company will hold a franchise open house in
Colorado Springs for those interested in finding out more about franchising opportunities with 7-Eleven
stores in Colorado. Scott Wohlman, 7-Eleven’s franchise sales manager, will explain the company’s
franchise system and business model.
7-Eleven, Inc. provides the land, building, equipment and a turn-key operation for its franchisees. The
average up-front, total investment for a 7-Eleven franchise in Colorado will be about $118,000, which
includes the store’s opening inventory, supplies, business licenses, permits, bonds, cash register fund
and the franchise fee.
WHEN: Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Two sessions: 10 am to Noon and 1 to 3 pm
WHERE: Doubletree Hotel, 1775 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80906
INFORMATION: For more information and to RSVP for open house, call 303-740-9333, ext. 354
Hispanics gain 45,000 new jobs in June
Source: HispanicBusiness.com, Andrea Lehman
The unemployment rate for
Hispanics gained 45,000 new
Hispanics dropped to 5.8% in jobs in June, absorbing an increase
June, according to data released of 16,000 Hispanics to the labor
today by the US Department of force. The entrants came from an
Labor. The unemployment rate increase in the US Hispanic
among Hispanics dropped from population of 90,000, though that
6.0 percent in May, narrowing the also added 74,000 Hispanics that
gap with the overall US are not in the labor force.
unemployment rate of 5.0 percent On an annual basis, employment
(a low not matched since of Hispanics has increased by
September 2001).
610,000 jobs, bringing the
remains Ent Federal Credit Union.
Initial reaction from members and
the community at large has been
For more information or to view
Ent’s new logo, go to Ent.com
Ent Federal Credit Union is the
leading financial institution in the
Pikes Peak region of Colorado
with $1.8 billion in assets and
160,000 members.
Ent provides a full range of
financial services through 19
service centers, online and
telephone banking, a call center
and a mortgage loan center. Ent is
a community-chartered credit
Need Customers?
Blaze the trail ... with Black Bear delivering
YOU right to your customers’ door!
Affordable and Effective Co-op Packet door to door
advertising for as little as 5.5 cents
per home!
Call Joann at (719) 633-8003
Serving Colorado Springs
Custom Single distribution available.
Web Hosting
2500 MB Space
40 GB Transfer
Free Web Builder
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24/7 Email & Phone Support
Cont. on page 18
Limited time offer. 15-day money back guarantee. Annual contract required.
ext. 4719
erly C O R N E R
3780 E. Boulder • Colorado Springs • 596-9516
Now Hiring
• Wait Staff
• Camareros
Call Jim at (719) 597-9809
Hispanic unemployment rate
down from 6.7 percent in June
2004 to the current 5.8 percent.
Seasonally unadjusted rates
were lower, with the Hispanic
unemployment rate at 5.6 percent
for June 2005. Among Hispanic
men 20 years and over,
unemployment increased to 3.9
percent from 3.8 percent in May.
After 1:00 PM
Us Out
• NEW Diamond
Bar Tables
• NEW Carpet
• NEW Chairs
Page 8
14 de junio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
14 de julio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
Page 9
Els to Play in 20th INTERNATIONAL
South African Ernie Els will be
among the participants in the 20th
anniversary presentation of The
Pines Golf Club, officials
“We take great pride in
announcing Ernie’s return to
Castle Pines,” said Executive
Director Larry O. Thiel. “As most
INTERNATIONAL was the first
PGA TOUR event that Ernie ever
played. Like golf fans across the
state, we look forward to Ernie’s
return every year,” he added.
Els, a three-time major winner,
debut in 1991 after receiving a
sponsor’s exemption and hasn’t
missed a year since. He earned just
$2,647 and failed to make the field
on Sunday in his first visit to
Castle Pines.
Today, he is the leading money
winner and point winner at The
earned a total of 344 points and
$1,667,239 in his 14 visits.
In 2000, he was the Tournament
Els is currently 19th on the PGA
TOUR money list, having won
$1,588,635 so far.
His best finish in 2005 came at
the Sony Open in Hawaii where
he finished T2.
Other prominent participants
who were announced by Thiel
today include Stephen Ames,
Jonathan Byrd, Stewart Cink,
Mark Hensby, Joe Ogilivie, Geoff
Ogilvy and Duffy Waldorf.
To purchase tickets to The
INTERNATIONAL, call 888-7551986, or visit www.golfintl.com
Chivas USA President Antonio Cué Announces Bet For Third Honda
Super Clasico Against The Los Angeles Galaxy
Chivas USA President Antonio
Cué and Los Angeles Galaxy
President Doug Hamilton have
agreed upon a two-part bet for the
third Honda Super Clasico, to be
played on Saturday, July 16, 2005
at 7:00 p.m. PT at The Home
Depot Center.
According to the terms of the
bet, the President of the losing
underprivileged children to the
next home match of the winning
team, buying his guests a meal and
accompanying them during the
Per the other half of the bet, the
President of the losing team will
also serve lunch to the winning
president at the Stadium Club
restaurant of The Home Depot
Center on a date to be determined.
Chivas USA comes into
Saturday’s showdown having
recorded the second victory of its
inaugural season, beating Real Salt
Lake 5-1 on Saturday at The Home
For more information on Club CHIVAS-1,
Depot Center. The four-goal win Deportivo Chivas USA and the www.CDCHIVASUSA.com, the
marked the largest margin of Honda Super Clasico, call 1-877- club’s official Web site.
victory by any MLS team so far in
The Galaxy, winless in its last
six games, emerged victorious
from the first two editions of the
Honda Super Clasico – the United
States’ first intra-city pro soccer
rivalry – with 3-1 and 2-0 wins
over Chivas USA on April 23 and
May 28, respectively.
Salute To The Troops 250 NASCAR
Busch Series Race presented by Dodge (250 Laps) Saturaday, July 23rd at 1:30pm
Participating Manufacturers:
Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Ford Taurus
Pontiac Grand Prix
Dodge Intrepid
Car Specifications:
105-inch wheelbase
Tread width: 60.250 inches60.500 inches
Minimum weight: 3,300 pounds
Powered by 358 cubic inch V8
NASCAR Autozone Elite
Division Midwest Series
The AutoZone Midwest Series
is one of eight NASCAR Touring
Series that blanket the United
States. NASCAR Touring Series
are extremely popular with fans
and competitors. They can
provide a competitor with an
entire career, or they can provide
valuable experience to
competitors moving through the
NASCAR ranks. Corporate
sponsors make significant
contributions to NASCAR
Touring Series point funds.
AutoZone is now the national
sponsor of all of the touring
series. Other sponsors include:
Anheuser-Busch, Goody’s
Headache Powders, Hills Bros
Coffee, FeatherLite Trailers,
Raybestos Brakes.
Car Specifications:
AutoZone Midwest Series
races are open to eligible 1998
through 2003 models of
American-made production
Johnny Nolon’s
Casino slots
are looser
than the
passenger sedans. Approved car
models include the Chevrolet
Monte Carlo, Ford Taurus and
Pontiac Grand Prix. AutoZone
Midwest Series cars are slightly
smaller versions of those seen in
the NASCAR Winston Cup
While a NASCAR Nextel Cup
Series car weighs 3,400 pounds
and has a wheelbase of 110
inches, an AutoZone Midwest
Series car must weigh a
minimum of 2,900 pounds and
have a wheelbase of between
101 and 105 inches. Both series’
cars are powered by 350 to 358
cubic inch V-8 engines.
76th Major League
Baseball All-Star
MVP Minguel
Tejada poses with
Ted Williams
trophy in
Detroit, Michigan,
July 12, 2005.
The American League won
the game 7-5.
The results are in:
According to the official 2004
Colorado Gaming Statistics
Johnny Nolons Slots were over 13%
LOOSER than the Cripple Creek
Our Nickels are over 14% looser
Our Quarters are over 14% looser
Our Dollars are over 16% looser
Our 5 Dollars are over 3% looser
And our multi denomination slots are
a whooping over 19% looser.
New Players Join our Player’s Club,
bring in this ad and get 100 extra points.
Page 10
14 de junio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
Summer Traditon returns as Festival Fridays™ heats up in July
audience while also highlighting
their impressive originals from
their debut cd Dry & Dirty.
“The music is a fun trip, with a
few twists and turns to keep the
listener guessing,” recently wrote
Bill Read of the Colorado Springs
Their covers include unique
inflections that make the band
stand alone. Also, enjoy an array
of hits by Van Morrison, Uncle
Kracker, Pink Floyd, Bare Naked
Ladies, Dave Matthews Band and
The Martini Shot incorporates
guitars, drums and lively singing
with a more traditional jazz
keyboard, saxophone and trumpet
Where: Sangre de Cristo Arts
Center, Pueblo, Jackson Sculpture
When: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm. Gates
open at 6 pm.
Carta de Javier Duran
With infectious interaction with
the crowd, The Martini Shot takes
the stage on July 15 playing the
best of progressive rock. Their
Hispania News
The Martini Shot
youthful rock sound uses radiofriendly ideas with horns to create
catchy originals, while their show
is characterized as energetic,
spontaneous, and a whole lot of
fun. The Martini Shot prides
themselves with providing enough
variety to entertain any age of
Querido primo:
El reggaeton prosigue su carrera
arrasadora. Ahora no sólo los
“Artistas urbanos” del género son
los que más se cotizan (con Yankee
Dandy y Ivy Queen al frente), sino
Sobreviviendo la crisis tropical
y reinando sobre los soneros,
Victor Manuelle se reencuentra
con nuestro Javier Duran.
que se van sumando las más
destacadas estrellas pop, de
Alejandro Sanz a la India, de
Shakira a Thalia.
Mientras tanto, las
tropicalísimas salsa y merengue
continuan su camino de retroceso,
o al menos de estancamiento.
Aunque continuan preparando
nuevo material: Gilberto Santa
Rosa, Elvis Crespo, etc. Para el
amigo que ha sobrevolado la crisis
como si de un Supermán
discográfico se tratara, es Victor
Manuelle. A sus exitosos CDs de
“Travesía” y el grabado en vivo en
el legendario Carnegie Hall de
Nueva York, se unió su estabilidad
familiar en Puerto Rico y su cálido
romance con Roselyn Sánchez.
Eso con un intenso programa de
trabajo, desde el Reinado en el
Festival de la Calle 8 de Miami,
hasta la gira por Venezuela y
Colombia, entre otros países.
El gran sonero de la juventud de
Puerto Rico se convirtió en el gran
papá y el amante ideal. Con su
mujer tuvo dos ninas, se separó y
se reconcilió; y vivió los
momentos peligrosos de unir el
ascenso a la fama y la fortuna. Fue
padre de un nino inesperado, que
primero causó sorpresa y después
lo hizo estar más unido a Miami,
donde reside el varón con la mamá.
El nino es el delirio del abuelo
(el papá de Victor lo tuvo a los 18
anos, y cuando el sonero era
adolescenbte, jugaban los dos en
el mismo equipo de fútbol; ahora
el abuelo está gozoso con el nieto).
Victor y Roselyn adaptan fechas y
vajes para poder disfrutar al
máximo del amor. El sigue
componiendo para sí mismo y para
companeros (como lo hizo con su
padrino Gilberto) y Roselyn
regresó a seguir conquistando
14 de julio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
Page 11
The Colorado Festival of World Theatre
The Colorado Festival of World Theatre will be bringing it’s two-week festival to the Pikes Peak Region
The first U.S. performances of South Africa's Anglogold Ashanti Choir.
featuring both famous and
emerging actors, directors,
playwrights and performing artists
beginning July 15 with an Opening
Gala and venues beginning July 16
and running thru July 31.
The two week season will be
focusing on the diversity of
worldwide theater with worldclass performances from Italy, the
United Kingdom, Ireland, South
Africa and the US with
breathtaking views of Pikes Peak
and the Colorado mountains. The
venues are in Colorado Springs
and Woodland Park.
Allison Janney, Emmy Award
winner (CJ Cragg on the West
Wing) will be Hosting the opening
Gala July 15 at The International
Center, The Broadmoor and will
be featuring international cabaret
artist Michael Feinstein and the
on the Colorado Festival of World
Peter Duchin Orchestra.
Theatre, please visit www.cfwt.org
2005 Events will include:
“Hoyle In One”, “ A Tale of a or call (719) 477-2100
Tiger”, “An Evening with Davis
Gaines”, US Premier: "Sisters”
Anna Manahan, “Everything’s
Coming Up Roses”,
“Gumbo Jumbo”, “Me,
Myself and You”, “An
Evening with Queen
V i c t o r i a ” ,
Follies”, “Guerrion,
“Arlecchino! Servant
of Two Masters”, “An
Evening With Tsidii Le
Mountain Celebration”
For more information
“Everything’s Coming Up Roses”
w w w . h i s p a n i a n e w s . c o m
You haven’t seen Colorado
until you’ve seen
And if you haven’t seen Seven Falls lately, you
haven’t seen Seven Falls.
• Learn about the area’s unique geology, ecology,
wildlife and cultural history with our new
self-guided audio tours in Spanish and English.
• See the falls spring to life summer nights with
our new computerized lighting system.
• Located in Cheyenne Canyon, Seven Falls is
Colorado’s best choice for educational family fun.
For rates and hours to this outstanding
entertainment value, visit www.sevenfalls.com or
call (719) 632-0765 today. Map available in Spanish.
Take I-25 to exit 138 and head west.
(Up to 6 admissions. Expires December 2005.)
U.S. Premier: Sisters” Anna Manahan
Page 12
14 de junio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Test Drive
From Robert Bowden
It’s not often that you’ll find
options costing more than a
vehicle’s base price. But that’s
the case with the 2005 Dodge
SRT-10. It starts life as a Dodge
Ram pickup, with a base price of
$22,425. Not bad.
But the options that create the
mighty SRT-10 tack on another
$22,575, for a grand total of
For that, you get what is
currently the fastest truck on the
planet. Prices: US $22,425 base;
as tested, $45,795. Warranty: 3
years/36,000 miles total vehicle
and powertrain.
Some of us have been down
this road before. We remember
Detroit’s horsepower races of the
mid- and late-Sixties, a mine-isfaster-than-yours competition
that came to a screeching halt in
1972 when gasoline supplies
dried up, insurance companies
collectively said enough is
enough, and federal emission
standards reared their ugly head.
That era was followed by more
than a decade of tip-toeing offering ever-quicker chariots.
around horsepower. But that’s Among trucks and truck-based
not the American way, and soon sport utilities, the second round
manufacturers were again of competition culminated in
1991 and 1992 when General
Motors put a 280-hp engine in a
truck and sport utility, calling
them the Syclone and Typhoon.
They scooted zero to 60 in a
truck apart and Dodge travelled
that route with an extreme front
end, an in-your-face straight-upand-down brick wall of a grille.
But for the 2005 Dodge SRT-10,
it went even further.
Just look at the 20-inch wheels
on this truck. There’s even a 20inch spare.
The air dam looks like it
belongs on a NASCAR race
truck; there’s a wing in the back
and a fully functional hood
scoop. The seats are high-quality
leather and there is no back seat
area. Fold up a console storage
compartment large enough to
contain a laptop computer and
you can sit three across. Every
conceivable convenience item
comes with the $22,575 option
package. There’s a sliding rear
window, climate control, cruise
control (you’ll need it!), an
awesome 505-watt stereo
system, remote keyless entry,
adjustable pedals.. you name it.
It’s difficult for a truck to stand Best of all, it looks as good as it
out from the competition these performs.
days. And, frankly, they’re all
pretty good. Not a loser out there. Summary
That has resulted in close
Honestly, I didn’t expect to
competition between Ford and love this truck. I was even
Chevrolet for top truck honors. warned ahead of time that I might
And Dodge?
not like it because it’s a bit roughWell, the Ram trucks outsell all riding. Hey, that’s forgiven when
other Dodge models combined. adjustable pedals put 500
That’s how important truck sales horsepower at your toes.
Cont. on page 13
are. Outrageous styling can set a
hair under six seconds, putting
power to the pavement through
all-wheel drive.
The 2005 Dodge SRT-10 has a
stunning 500-horsepower, 505
cubic-inch V-10 under its hood,
a six-speed manual transmission
and wheels taller than the
Munchkins in “The Wizard of
Oz.” Oh yeah, it costs $45,000.
Word is that Ford and General
Motors are not far behind with
500 or 500-plus horsepower
models. Fun? You bet. Gas
guzzlers? Don’t ask. Enjoy them
while you can.
14 de julio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
Page 13
Dodge Ram SRT-10
Cont. from page 12
No one, in a car or truck, bothered me. Men in top
BMWs stopped me to ask about it. Kids gathered
everywhere I took a lunch break.
Those in the know really know what the 2005 Dodge
SRT-10 is.
This is King Kong. This is the Top Truck. The hood
would be popped, greeting bystanders with that
massive engine with VIPER on the red covers. The
gathered would count spark plug wires .. 1,2,3,4 .. 5
.. on each side!
And I’d crank it up and it would emit a snarl that
stood hairs on end, caused small dogs and children to
flee, got furrowed brows from the elderly. How many
other trucks can do that? Zero.
This is The Truck. This has, at least temporarily,
dethroned the Ford SVT Lightning. I like them both,
but this one is really, really special. Dodge can be proud of giving
us a reasonably comfortable, great handling, top-notch performance
Like the Viper, however, it will sell in extremely limited numbers
(2,500 a year). The announced price usually dispersed gathered
crowds in a hurry.
Tips To Avoid Making Your Car
A Virtual Oven
(NAPSA)-When the temperature
rises outside, the combination of
extreme heat, direct sunlight and
closed windows can turn a parked
car into a virtual oven with
dashboard temperatures reaching
up to about 192° F.
Recent tests, conducted for Auto
Expressions(tm), found that on an
89° F day, air trapped inside your
vehicle can heat up within
minutes. In a parked car without a
sunshade, the dashboard heats up
to 192° F, high enough to cook a
chicken and the steering wheel
tops out at 191° F, high enough to
grill a hamburger.
In the same extreme conditions,
a car using an accordion-style
sunshade in the windshield was
able to keep the cars interior an
average of 43° F cooler.
Sunshades reflect sunrays by
blocking the sunlight coming
through the windshield, helping to
reduce the heat and block 99
percent of damaging UV rays.
Additionally, the use of a sunshade
helps protect a car’s interior,
preventing possible fading,
cracking or discoloration.
“Using a sunshade and other
sun-protection products in your
vehicle are simple and effective
ways to help keep you and your
car cooler,” said Laurie Stevens,
director of marketing for Auto
Expressions(tm) accessories. “It’s
vital that drivers take extra
precautionary steps to help protect
themselves, their passengers and
their vehicle from the sun’s
damaging rays.”
Tips to Help Beat the Summer
• Park in the shade whenever
• Use a sunshade to help reduce
the heat buildup.
• Use a fabric-based steering wheel
cover to help protect your hands.
• Open doors and let the air
circulate in the car for a few
minutes before getting into the car.
• Set your air conditioner to
“regular or fresh air” before
switching to “maximum.”
How to Reduce Car Damage
• Use a sunshade to help reduce
heat and sun-damage in your
• Protect steering wheels,
dashboard and seats with covers.
• Wash your vehicle regularly and
use a wax with a UV absorber.
• Maintain vinyl and leather
interiors with a UV absorbent
• Have your cabin air filter and airconditioning systems serviced
To find out more about tips and
products to reduce rising
temperatures within the car this
summer, visit www.autoexpressions.net.
A philosophy that’s alive and well at Honda
2005 HONDA
•Electronic Brake Distribution System (EBD)
•3-Point Seat Belts at all Seating Positions
• Front 3-Point Seat Belts with Automatic Tensioning System •Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA®)
• Adjustable Front Seat Belt Anchors
•Side-Impact Door Beams
•Dual-Stage Front Airbags (SRS)
•Lower Anchors & Tethers for Children (LATCH)
• Front Side Airbags with Passenger-Side Occupant
•Child Seat Tether Anchors (3rd Row)
Position Detection System (OPDS)
•Child-Proof Rear Door Locks
•Side Curtain Airbags
•Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
•Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent System
www. frontrangehonda.net
Mon-Fri 8am-7:30pm
- 7PM
Sat 8am-5pm
Page 14
14 de junio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
Immunization Campaign
Cont. from page 1
display and distribution to remind
parents of the importance of
making certain their children have
had all of the required
immunizations at the appropriate
Colorado’s Lieutenant Governor
Jane Norton, the featured speaker
at the kickoff news conference,
said, “Protecting the health of
Colorado’s children is one of the
most important things that we do.
Immunizations not only are safe
but they also prevent the youngest
Springs Health and Wellness
Our mission is to work, synergistically to assist our clients in
achieving a balance of body, mind and spirit. Our focus is to
provide a variety of techniques that will allow you to obtain
optimum health.
Se habla español
Summer Allergies Already? Sports Injuries?
Need More Energy?
Therapies include:
• Acupuncture •Body Talk •Family medicine
• Anti-aging facials •Bio-energetic testing
• Chiropractic • Applied Kinesiology
• Energy therapy • Life coaching • Massage therapy
• Reiki • Nutrition counseling • Voice Bio • Herbs
Start Your Healing Journey Today
7834 N. Academy Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 592-0800 or (719) 598-9200
residents of the state from
becoming ill with the childhood
diseases that can be so serious.
“As a mother and as a health
educator, I urge every Colorado
parent to become well informed
about the required immunizations
and to make certain their children
are fully immunized. This new
campaign makes it easy to obtain
that information.”
Douglas H. Benevento, the
Department of Public Health and
Environment’s executive director,
said, “The Governor’s Office and
the Department of Public Health
and Environment have been
working hard to increase the
number of Colorado children who
are fully immunized and we are
making important progress. This
campaign is just another step in
that direction.
“Colorado’s rate for fully
immunizing its 2-year-olds stood
at 51.4 percent in 1995. In 2004,
70.9 percent of Colorado’s 2-yearolds were fully immunized. That
is an important step forward and
we are continuing to work to make
certain that every Colorado parent
who wants his or her children to
be immunized has the information
and opportunity necessary to do
Dr. Jim Shira, a Children’s
Hospital pediatrician and an
executive board member for the
Immunization Coalition, said,
“Every Colorado child deserves to
be protected against the 13
diseases that are prevented by our
state’s immunization program.”
The state health director said the
campaign includes three different
versions of the posters and wallet
One features the drawing of a
flower with the tag line,
“Immunizations help kids grow up
healthy.” A second features a car
and the caption, “Immunizations
help get kids moving in the right
direction.” And, the third
spotlights a sun and the wording,
“Immunizations help make futures
And, in the center of the flower
and the sun and as hubcaps for the
car, there is something that is
easily recognizable — a replica of
the Band-Aids that so often cover
the spot where the immunization
is given.
Benevento said all three contain
the schedule of immunizations
required for Colorado children up
to the time they enter elementary
school; other information about
immunizations and the involved
vaccines; the address of the new
Web site; and the telephone
numbers for the department’s
Immunization Program where
parents can call to obtain
information about immunizations
and where they can be obtained.
The number for the Family
Healthline is (303) 692-2229 or
1-800-688-7777 and the number
for the Immunization Program is
(303) 692-2650.
Colorado children are required
to have immunizations to protect
them from 13 childhood diseases
by the time they reach the age of
two. These include vaccinations
for diphtheria, tetanus and
pertussis or whoopping cough
(DTaP); haemophilus influenzae
type b; hepatitis A; hepatitis B;
influenza; measles, mumps;
Cont. on page 19
Campaña De Vacunación Continua de página 1
Las inmunizaciones no
solamente no ofrecen peligro, sino
que también evitan que los
residentes más jóvenes del Estado
se enfermen con las enfermedades
de la infancia que pueden llegar a
ser graves.
“Como madre y como educadora
de la salud, les recomiendo
urgentemente a todos los padres de
familia que se informen bien
acerca de las inmunizaciones que
se les requieren y que se aseguren
de que sus niños estén
suficientemente vacunados. Esta
nueva campaña facilita las cosas
para obtener esa información”.
Douglas H. Benevento, Director
Ejecutivo del el Departamento de
Salud Pública y Medio Ambiente,
dijo: “La Oficina del Gobernador
y el Departamento de Salud
Pública y Medio Ambiente han
estado trabajando arduamente para
incrementar el número de niños de
suficientemente vacunados y
estamos haciendo un progreso
importante en ese sentido. Esta
inmunización es solamente otro
paso en esa dirección”.
“En 1995, el índice de niños de
2 años de edad suficientemente
vacunados, estuvo en un 51.4 por
ciento. En 2004, al 70.9 por ciento
de los niños de 2 años de edad se
les aplicaron todas las vacunas
apropiadas. Esto es un paso
importante hacia delante y
continuamos trabajando para
asegurarnos que cada uno de los
padres y madres de Colorado que
quiera que sus hijos sean
vacunados, tenga la información y
la oportunidad necesaria para
El Dr. Jim Shira, pediatra del
Hospital Infantil y miembro
ejecutivo de la directiva de la
Coalición para la Inmunización de
Los Niños de Colorado, dijo:
“Cada uno de los niños de
Colorado merece que se le proteja
contra las 13 enfermedades que
evita nuestro programa estatal de
El director estatal dijo que la
campaña incluye tres diferentes
versiones de los carteles y tarjetas
que pueden ponerse en la cartera.
Una presenta el dibujo de una
flor con la inscripción “Las
vacunas les ayudan a que los niños
crezcan saludables”. La segunda
presenta un auto y la leyenda “Las
vacunas ayudan a que los niños
vayan por el camino correcto”. Y
la tercera destaca un sol y las
palabras “Las vacunas ayudan a
que el futuro sea brillante”.
Y en el centro de la flor y del
sol, y como tapones de las ruedas
del auto, hay algo que es
fácilmente reconocible – una
réplica del curita que con mucha
frecuencia cubre el lugar donde se
pone la vacuna.
Benevento dijo que las tres
versiones contienen el programa
de inmunizaciones que se requiere
que tengan los niños en Colorado
para cuando ingresen a la escuela
primaria; también hay otra
información acerca de las
inmunizaciones y las vacunas que
incluyen, la dirección del nuevo
portal de la Web, y los números
telefónicos de la Línea de Salud
Familiar y del Programa de
Inmunizaciones del departamento,
a donde los padres pueden llamar
para obtener información acerca
de las vacunaciones y el lugar
donde pueden obtenerse.
El número telefónico de la
Línea de Salud Familiar es el
(303) 692-2229 o 1-800-688-7777
y el número telefónico del
Programa de Inmunizaciones es
el (303) 692-2650.
Se requiere que los niños de
inmunizaciones que los protejan
de 13 enfermedades infantiles para
cuando cumplan 2 años de edad.
Éstas incluyen las vacunas contra
la difteria, el tétano y la tos ferina
(pertusis) o tos convulsiva (DTaP),
la influenza haemophilus tipo B,
la influenza, el sarampión, las
neumocócica o neumonía, la polio,
la rubéola, y la varicela o viruela
“Los padres de Coloradon que
quieran que se inmunice a sus
hijos, deben acudir a la agencia
que les proporciona atención
médica”, dijo Benevento. “Pero
si no tienen quien les proporcione
atención médica en forma regular,
hay clínicas, departamentos
locales de salud y servicios de
atención médica en los condados,
en donde se pueden obtener las
El director estatal de salud dijo
que las agencias públicas de salud
cobran una cuota administrativa
pequeña por administrar las
inmunizaciones, pero dijo que se
pueden exentar del pago de la
cuota si los padres no pueden
También, como parte del
esfuerzo publicitario, se lanzará
una campaña de anuncios de
servicio público sobre la
importancia de las inmunizaciones
en Univisión, una de las estaciones
de televisión en idioma español de
Colorado, el miércoles 13 de julio.
La campaña de publicidad fue
desarrollada por el Programa de
Inmunizaciones y la Oficina de
Comunicaciones, trabajando con
Cactus Communications, que es
una firma de publicidad de
Colorado. Continua en página 19
14 de julio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
Page 15
Let your
career soar
to new heights!
dynamic • compassionate • stron
Express Scripts, a Fortune 150 Company, is
opening a new Customer Contact Center in Pueblo!
Experience the excitement of contributing your
talents to one of the country’s largest pharmacy
benefit management (PBM) companies.We’re a growing, highly successful organization that is focused
on providing exceptional, compassionate customercare services to more than 50 million patients.
Benefits at new heights:
Competitive Salary
Health & Dental Insurance
Basic & Supplemental Life Insurance
Paid Training
Prescription Drug Benefits
Flexible Spending Accounts
Employee Stock Purchase
Tuition Assistance
Employee Assistance Program
Paid Time Off (PTO)
Holiday Pay
If you’re ambitious, highly-motivated, and have a positive
attitude, we offer unprecedented opportunities to expand
and accelerate your service-oriented career. Customer
service attitude is a must. Management positions require
previous supervisory experience.
The following positions are available:
Customer Service/Patient Care Advocates
Supervisors/Team Leaders
Quality Management/Coaches
Workforce/Resource Analyst
Payroll Specialist
nd T
11 a.m ention Center
Pueblo Co
If you’re unable to attend our Job Fair, please log on to www.ExpressScriptsJobs.com or e-mail
your resume to [email protected]. EOE M/F/D/V
Page 16
14 de junio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
Johnny Nolon’s Casino in
Cripple Creek Colorado has
a unique and exciting
opportunity for a newly
created position of Hispanic
Player Development.
Since this is a new position it may be
ideal either for a recent graduate, or a
more experienced professional. Pay/
salary will be consummate with
experience. The candidate must be
bilingual (written and speech). They will
be responsible for group promotions,
marketing, advertising, special events as
well as one on one customer service and
involvement in the Hispanic community.
This position will require high energy,
enthusiasm, and a flexible work
schedule. The position will interact with
senior management to create an
atmosphere that is comfortable,
enjoyable and special for our Hispanic
patrons. All applications are encouraged
for this unique position where
opportunities are endless. Successful
results could make this a very lucrative
position. Resumes or applications can
be mailed to PO Box 1707, Cripple
Creek, CO 80813, or faxed to (719) 689
3598, or in person at Johnny Nolon’s 301
E. Bennett Ave, CC, CO 80813.
Director of Facilities Services
Responsible for the leadership,
planning, budgeting, operation,
and maintenance of all existing
and proposed facilities.
Complete vacancy announcement
and PCC application can be accessed
at www.pueblocc.edu/jobs/. Submit
PCC application, resume, unofficial
transcripts, and letter expressing
interest and addressing listed
qualifications to: Human Resources,
Pueblo Community College, 900 W.
Orman Ave., Pueblo, CO 81004.
Telephone (719)549-3220,
FAX (719)549-3127 by July 22, 2005.
An EEO/AA Employer.
Our careers are as
as our employees.
Consider joining our team in one of the following
• Administrative, Clerical, Financial
• Clinical Support
• Information Systems
• Management, Executive
• Nursing, Staff & Management
• Service Support
• Technicians, Therapists, Professional Medical
Memorial Hospital seeks to meet the needs of its
employees by offering a noteworthy familyfriendly benefit package including health insurance, 401(k), tuition reimbursement and more! All
this in an environment that continuously welcomes
and appreciates you!
Human Services
Foster Care
150 lbs.
To view our current job openings and to apply
online, visit www.memorialhospital.com
Memorial Hospital
1400 E. Boulder Street
Human Resources
Employment: 719-365-2335
EOE • Bilingual applicants encouraged to apply.
Oriental Massage
Full Body Massage
Includes Table Shower
Choice of Girls
“Flat Rate”
1729 Crest Place, C/S
Necesitamos Fontaneros Para Casas
Nuevas en Colorado Springs.
Sueldo bueno. Llame Excel
Plumbing Co. 719-499-9458.
Plumbers Needed For New Homes
In Colorado Springs. Base,
Top-Out,Trim Crews Needed.
Bilingual Is Helpful. Good Pay.
Call - Excel Plumbing Co.
(719) 392-7771
Construction positions
Get 40hrs a week
• Carpenters
• Dry wall Hangers
• Finishers
• Concrete
• General labor
Please apply @ 3852 Village Seven
Rd. (next to Penrose Community
Hospital) Mon-Friday 8am-11am
or 1pm-3pm
ICT está aceptando
solicitudes de empleo
para oportunidades en
nuestro centro de
Representante Atención Al Cliente
“inbound”. Nosotros ofrecemos un ambiente
relajado, varios turnos y tenemos un
compromiso a brindarle un servicio de
excelencia a nuestro cliente: Virgin Mobile,
Si usted tiene la disponibilidad para trabajar
diferentes turnos y se ve como parte de
nuestro equipo, es bilingüe (Español /
Ingles,) por favor preséntese en persona para
una entrevista inmediata.
980 Elkton Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 265-9200
Lunes a Viernes: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
¡Estamos ansiosos para conocerlo! EOE
Please call LINDA And she can help you
with yourAVON needs. 331-6385
or email [email protected]
10 People Needed
Find the job where you can put your talents to work
at Memorial Hospital. As one of the city’s largest
employers, we have many exciting career opportunities. We value diversity in not only ideas, but
people. Diversity enriches the hospital, and the
lives of our employees and our community.
15 year old boy (about that size), from a
troubled background, needs a home for
about 9 months with skilled parents who
enjoy the challenge of this age group.
Griffith Centers for Children/Chins Up
Center provides lots of support, training
and $1500 per month. For details, call
Susy T. (719) 327-2013.
Lost your Avon Representative?
Retention & Sales Specialist
Adelphia is seeking applicants for full-time
Retention & Sales Specialist who have
excellent communication in English and
bi-lingual skills in Spanish. The purpose
of this position is assist existing and
potential customers with cable television
services and other products by providing
information, answering questions and
solving problems and explaining product
Requirements for this position include a
high school diploma or GED, a minimum
of two-year previous sales and customer
service experience. Familiarity with
Windows and the ability to type a
minimum of twenty-five wpm.
For immediate consideration, please apply
online at http://www.adelphia.net/
employment/employment.cfm Successful
candidate must pass a drug test and
background check. For a future in Cable
entertainment and internet technology,
connect with Adelphia today!
“Adelphia is an equal Opportunity
Program Advisor for PCC
D60 High School
Diploma Program
Responsible for the coordinating and
implementing the Alternative High
School Diploma Pilot Program
Complete vacancy announcement and
PCC application can be accessed at
www.pueblocc.edu/jobs/. Submit PCC
application, resume, unofficial
transcripts, and letter expressing interest
and addressing listed qualifications to:
Human Resources, Pueblo Community
College, 900 W. Orman Ave., Pueblo,
CO 81004. Telephone (719)549-3220,
FAX (719)549-3127 by July 29, 2005.
Secretary/Recep. FT,
non-expt, 8-5 M-F - Resp.
For answrg phone 20 person ofc, file,
order suplys, clerical duties, support Op.
Mgr. Req.: HS grad or equiv., 5 + yrs
secrtrl/ofc exp, ofc mach skls, 55-60
wpm, proficient in all MS Windows XP
Pro prgrms and data entry, org skills,
detail orientd, excelt writter & verbal
comm., able to prob-solve. Prefer’d:
Asso Dgr, exp work’g with volunteers,
bi-lingual Spanish a +. Mail or fax
resume & Cover Letter by 7/22/05 to
CASA , HR, 701 S. Cascade, C/S CO
80903 or fax 667-1818. EOE
to Work from Home on Own PC
1-888-755-6653 View free online
presentation www.kjenterprises.
Bilingual Customer
Service Positions
Must be Bilingual – Spanish English
6 Months Customer Service Exp
Must be somewhat flexible on hours
available to work to include weekends.
Able to pass criminal background check.
3 week training in English - $8/hr.
Once done with training Pay rate is
$9.50. Please call 574-4200 or stop by
in person at: Job Store Staffing, 3631
Galley Road, Colorado Springs.
Oportunidades de Empleos
Taylor Farms
Necesita trabajadores con
documentación apropriada. Se
empieza a $6/hr. Solicite en persona:
3147 N. Century St. Colo. Spgs.
pregunte por Tammy.
Membership and Marketing
The Latino Chamber of Commerce is
seeking a highly motivated individual to
serve as Membership and Marketing
Coordinator. Individual must have a
Bachelor of Science degree in Public
Relations and/ or marketing or two years
equivalent experience.
Salary, commission and benefits.
Submit letter of interest and resume to:
215 S. Victoria Ave. Pueblo, CO 81003.
Attn: Personnel
Taylor Farms
Now hiring. Must have proper
documentation. Starting at $6/hr.
Apply in person: 3147 N. Century St.
Colo. Spgs. Ask for Tammy.
Attn: Work from home,
Earn $500-$10,000 PT / FT.
Local Training & Support
Program Coordinator for
PCC D60 and D70 High
School Diploma Program
Responsible for the coordinating and
implementing the Alternative High
School Diploma Pilot Program
(AHSDPP) courses/programs.
Complete vacancy announcement and
PCC application can be accessed at
www.pueblocc.edu/jobs/. Submit PCC
application, resume, unofficial
transcripts, and letter expressing interest
and addressing listed qualifications to:
Human Resources, Pueblo Community
College, 900 W. Orman Ave., Pueblo,
CO 81004. Telephone (719)549-3220,
FAX (719)549-3127 by July 29, 2005.
Full-time Faculty – Collision
Position to start for Fall Semester 2005.
Complete vacancy announcement and
PCC application can be accessed at
www.pueblocc.edu/jobs/. Submit PCC
application, resume, unofficial
transcripts, and letter expressing interest
and addressing listed qualifications to:
Human Resources, Pueblo Community
College, 900 W. Orman Ave., Pueblo,
CO 81004. Telephone (719)549-3220,
FAX (719)549-3127 by July 29, 2005.
14 de julio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
Fund Development
Coordinator - F/T Exempt:
Must have experience w/grant writing
& special events. Knowledge of
Blackbaud/Razor ’s Edge highly
desirable. Prefer college and 3+years
development experience. Mail or fax
resume & cover ltr. by 7/22/05 to:
CASA, HR, 701 S. Cascade, C/S CO
80903 or fax 667-1818. EOE
Huge, Women’s
Clothing Sale
& Some Designer
Nothing over $15
Sat. 7/16 Only
10-3 PM 807 Fontmore Rd
30th & Fontonero Area
CD'S & Cassettes
Taking orders for Doreen Martinez’s award
winning Christian Jesus Praises Music,
available now is Muéveme, Con Fe y Amor.
Her latest CD “Santo Es El Señor” only
available in CD. Cassettes $7, CDs $10.
Still Available, Limited Supply. Don’t get left
out! Her Christmas “Ven A Jesus Esta
Navidad” CD $9. Call Joseph (719) 448-0805
Famous Smith’s Rosebud Salve
A reliable family salve for everything, Been around since 1895 your
choice: Regular Rosebud Salve, Strawberry, or Menthol. $3.75 .08oz
tin or buy all three $10.00. Cloverine Salve for $4.25.
Call 719-448-0805
Love working with children?
We have the job for you!
Head Start Teacher (10 month) $24,485.00/year
Head Start Teacher (12 month) $29,645.00/year
Head Start Literacy Teacher (12 month) $29,645.00/year
To provide a developmentally appropriate early childhood education
program for 3 and 4 year old children. Literacy Teachers will plan and
facilitate a literacy program.
Infant/Toddler Teacher (12 month) $27,287.00/year
Infant/Toddler Literacy Teacher (12 month) $27,287.00/year
Responsible for the Infant/Toddler Room in the Pikes Peak, Pike or Gorman
Center. Must foster consistency and assure a quality program for children
newborn to 3 and their parents that is safe and developmentally appropriate.
Conduct Home Visits. Literacy Teachers will plan and facilitate
PACT (Parents and Child Together).
ALL positions require: minimum of an AA in Early Childhood
Education; must be DHS Director Qualified. Bilingual in English/Spanish
is strongly preferred. We will help you further your education in ECE
through tuition reimbursement. Must have a physical exam and drug
screen. Must be able to lift/carry a minimum of 40 pounds.
Apply: CPCD (Head Start),
2330 Robinson St, CSC 80904.
Fax: (719) 457-0615 or e-mail: [email protected].
Positions are open until filled.
Equal Opportunity Employer
SEMA Construction, Inc. is requesting sub bids and material
quotes from all UDBE/DBE subcontractors and suppliers to
meet the 12.3% UDBE goal for CDOT Project NH 2854-106,
C14942. Project consists of widening US 285 Foxton Road to
Richmond Hill in Jefferson County. Project bids July 28,
2005 at 10:00 AM (MDT).
SEMA Construction, Inc. 7353 S. Eagle St., Centennial, CO 80112 (303) 6272600; (303) 627-2626 fax. All UDBE/DBE firms are encouraged to participate.
Bonding, lines of credit, and special insurance limits may be required;
please contact SEMA for assistance.
Page 17
Compro y Vendo casas
y condos.
Todo precios y areas.
Se habla Español.
Penrose R.E. 719-636-2113
Double your Tax Returns!
For Down Payment on a new home.
Call today for details 719-622-9077.
No Money Down Programs
on New Homes
Call today for Appt. 719-622-9083
Losing Manufactured Home
3 Br, 2 Bth. Call Today for Appt.
to see call 719-622-1274
Ambassador House
1 Bedroom Apartments
2 weeks free
5.9% interest, $695 Monthly,
2/2 condo near Airport & Chelton,
24 hr. Message - 266-9515
Call now! 596-4603
Open Saturdays.
Mountain Home 3 bdrm
2 bath on 4+ acres, new 2 car garage
$174,900. Mountain High Properties
CALL 719-632-7143
Mountain Lot, 2 acres
well and driveway done $47,900.
Mountain High Properties
Incredible Investment
Maquinas Vendedoras de
Hersheys, M&M, Snickers
& Frito Lay. Rutas Disponibles.
Por Solo $9,945.
Llame ya a Tony al
Colorado Springs Police Dept. Vehicle
Impound Auction.
Every 3rd Saturday of the month
2725 E Las Vegas CSC
Next Auction Sat. July 16th
Gates open and registration begins at
7:00 AM.
Sale starts and registration ends at
9:00 AM.
Auctioneer will sell vehicles in
English and Spanish.
For vehicle listing take the link from
my webpage www.adamkevil.com
Public Invited
Tools, Appliances, Electronics,
Furniture, Miscellaneous, Antiques
& Collectibles.
Preview every Friday 8-5
109 S. Sierra Madre
Family Auction
2515 Airport Rd.
(Next to Bingo World)
Thursday,July 14th, 6p.m.
Furniture, Appliances,
Stereo’s, Collectibles
& Antiques
Viewing Thursday 5 p.m.
Consignment Accepted
Thursday August 4.
Make your reservation now.
Family owned and operated
dealership since 1929 is seeking
fluent bi-lingual Automotive Sales
Consultants who will assist our
Spanish speaking customers.
Experience helpful but not necessary.
Will train the right person. Full
benefits and great working
Largest Chevrolet inventory in
Southern Colorado. Apply in person
to Sales Manager.
No phone calls please.
Daniels Chevyland
1207 W. 15th Pueblo duplex, $79,900.
Clean, well maintained, good
occupancy. Owner carry, terms
available. Mountain High Properties
Ningún Calificar
El Dueño Financiará
5.9% de interés, $695 mensual,
2/2 condo cerca de Airport y Chelton
Mueva a su hogar
hoy mensaje de 24 horas 266-9515
Se renta casa a de
3 recamaras.
670 Automotive Drive
On Top of Motor City!
Just off 8th Street
1bano sala,comedorlavadora,secadora,
estufa y regrigerador.
Se esta lista. $750 Deposito $425.00
Under New Management
Omaha Oriental
6453 Omaha Blvd. C/S
(719) 572-6906
• Relaxation
• Stress Reduction
• Table Shower
• Choice of Young Lady
10% Off With This Add
Farm Labor Housing
The Pueblo Housing Authority is taking applications for year-round housing assistance
for low income farm worker families. All of the units consist of three bedrooms with
one and a half baths. To be considered for the program an applicant must meet the following
1. Be low-income wage earner.
2. Earn a minimum of $3,185 from related work, or
3. Have worked on a farm at least 110 days in the past 12 months, and
4. Be a U.S. citizen or legal alien. Applications are being taken on Monday through Friday,
except Holidays, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Please apply at the following location:
Pueblo Housing Authority
1414 North Santa Fe Avenue, 10th floor
Pueblo, CO (719) 544-6230
La Autoridad De Vivienda De La Ciudad De Pueblo Está Recibiendo Aplicaciones Para
Viviendas Para Personas De Bajos Ingresos Y Quienes Trabajan En Labores Del Campo
1. Tener Bajos ingresos
2. Haber Ganado Un Mínimo De $3,185 En Trabajo De Agricultura O;
3. Haber Trabajado En Agricultura (Campo) Por Lo Menos 110 Días Durante el Año
4. Ser Ciudadano O Tener Residencia Legal
Las Aplicaciones Se Aceptan De Lunes a
Viernes De Las 9:00 AM a Las 4:00 PM En:
1414 N. Santa Fe Ave. 10 Piso.
Hispania News
is looking for Bilingual Sales Personnel who can speak and write in
Spanish and English to work in Southern Colorado: Colorado
Springs, Pueblo, Rocky Ford, La Junta, Lamar, Walsenburg, Trinidad
and Alamosa. We offer excellent commissions.
Please call Bill @ 1-866-723-0222
Page 18
14 de junio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
Y Construction unveils the “2005 Parade of Homes Surprise”
Several market conditions have
combined recently, making solar
space heating and domestic hot
water heating an attractive option
for home buyers to consider,
among them are soaring energy
prices with no end in sight, a long
overdue solid national energy
policy, and “Green” environmental
considerations, just to name a few.
Jason Yaun, president of Y
Construction Inc. recalls living in
a home as a small boy that was
heated (space and domestic hot
water) and also a small pool was
heated in the summer months. He
recruited the aid and expertise of
his father (an industrial engineer)
to design two very different but
efficient systems for the two
different building sites to be used
in this year’s Parade of Homes.
1069 Lynx Dr. (Home #20), on
Liberty Point in Pueblo West, has
an excellent southern exposure.
The house is therefore a passive
solar hybrid. Solar energy entering
the upper level windows heats the
2” thick concrete and tile floor and
is transferred to the 4” thick
Two heads are
better than one
ü 17 Years of Combined Experience
ü Services in English, Spanish, and German
ü Buyers will not have any Realtor fees with us!
English and Spanish
English and German
basement floor for storage until
needed for heating purposes later
that night when it is transferred
back to the main level.
This process also prevents
overheating during the winter
months, a long time draw back in
passive solar designs.
Y Construction’s new energy
efficient homes utilize heat
transfer is made possible by using
the components of a radiant in
floor heating system.
This system is low entropy and
efficient. The technology level is
“Root Cellar”. Parts are all
standard and easy to find and
replace if ever needed.
Y’s other solar home is located
at 169 Blue Hills Dr. (Home #21),
where the orientation of the lot is
NOT conducive for a passive solar
heat gain through southern
exposed windows.
A massive action system was
designed consisting of (8) 4 x 10
black chrome solar collector
panels and a 1200 gallon highly
insulated storage tank interfaced
with a very simple and effective
radiant in floor heating system.
Nearly 1,000,000 Btu’s can be
stored in the storage tank, an ample
amount to heat both the domestic
hot water and space heating
requirements of the home for
several days, even in very cold
weather with little sun light.
“We are not sure how the public
will receive our two innovative
homes this year, but it is time to
start looking at alternative energy
as a viable option,” says Yaun.
“We are very excited of the
possibilities and hope the public
will stop in to see what we’ve
done.” Kent Shelman of E-Star
Energy say that Tracy Y of Green
Built Colorado has been through
the two homes and has also asked
Y Construction of she could do a
feature story on them in an
upcoming addition of “Colorado
Builder Forum”.
Hispanics Gain 45,000 New Jobs Cont. from page 7
This is despite an increase of
38,000 jobs, which was not
sufficient to absorb the additional
50,000 Hispanic men that joined
the labor force. With less jobs than
workers, the ranks of the
unemployed swelled by 12,000
For Hispanic women 20 years
and over, the unemployment rate
rose to 5.9 percent from 5.8
percent in May. In this case, in
the increase was driven by a loss
of 57,000 jobs as 54,000 women
dropped out of the labor force.
From the data, it is not possible
to determine whether women
voluntarily left these jobs in order
to exit the labor force (possibly due
to family responsibilities) or
whether after losing their jobs
these women became discouraged
and are not currently seeking new
The unemployment rate among
young Hispanics (16 to 19 years)
of both sexes increased to 21.0
percent, or slightly over one fifth,
from 19.9 percent in May. This
was due to an increase of 113,000
Hispanic youths into the labor
market with the creation of only
78,000 new jobs for this group.
However, this is may be due to
the seasonal fluctuation of school
Continua de página 6
You shouldn’t need a map to keep track of your finances.
When you keep your accounts in one place with a new
Wells Fargo Package, you’ll save time and money.
We put the accounts and services that you use most–checking, savings, credit cards, for
instance–into one convenient package. That makes them more practical than they would
be if used separately. And, depending on the package you choose you can get lots of extra
benefits such as free Bill Pay,free traveler’s checks,even extra discounts on loans and lines of
credit,and more.Still,one of the best things about a Wells Fargo Package is that a Wells Fargo
banker will sit down with you and help you build the one that’s right for you. A Wells Fargo
Package–It’s the one place your money belongs.
Pueblo Downtown • 201 W. 8th St. • 544-5090
Pueblo North • 3000 Hart Rd. • 586-3149
Sunset Park • 1221 S. Prairie Ave. • 561-9030
© 2005 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC.
las siguientes precauciones de
seguridad para los padres:
• Nunca deje al niño solo en un
vehículo de motor, bajo ningún
clima, ni aunque estén abiertas las
• Enséñeles a los niños a no jugar
dentro ni cerca de los vehículos.
• Cierre siempre con llave las
puertas y la cajuela del auto –aún
en su casa- y mantenga las llaves
fuera del alcance de los niños.
• No pierda de vista a los niños que
estén cerca de los vehículos,
especialmente al cargar o
descargar artículos.
• No pase por alto a los niños
durmiendo. Revise siempre los
asientos traseros antes de salir del
vehículo. • Si algún niño se
quedara encerrado dentro de algún
vehículo, marque inmediatamente
el 9-1-1 o al número de
emergencia de la localidad.
Para mayor información, llame al
(303) 692-2589
14 de julio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
Page 19
Campaña De Vacunación Continua de página 14
Pushkin Public Relations y
Advertising trabajaron con Cactus
en el proyecto.
Otros esfuerzos del
departamento para mejorar los
índices de inmunización en
Colorado incluyen:
• Durante el año fiscal que acaba
de terminar, el Departamento
otorgó cerca de $350,000 en
subsidios a 22 agencias de salud
pública de todo Colorado, de modo
que puedan poner en práctica
nuevas estrategias exclusivas para
inmunización. Estos subsidios
fueron proporcionados de los
un extra, klos niños que han sido escuela.
vacunados ahí pueden sacarse una • Se ha lanzando también un Plan
fotografía con un camión de de Reclutamiento de Proveedores
bomberos. El Departamento de de Vacunas para los Niños, para
Salud Tri-County presta servicios incrementar la visibilidad de este
a los condados de Adams, programa de vacunas gratuitas a
los proveedores y al público en
Arapahoe y Douglas.
• El Programa de Inmunizaciones general.
del departamento está a punto de
Benevento dijo: “Todo esto es
terminar su análisis de la parte de los esfuerzos del
disponible, departamento para mejorar el
de acceso a las vacunas para todos los
información geográfica (GIS), niños de Colorado y para
para identificar las áreas de incrementar los niveles de
necesidad en el Estado en donde cobertura de las inmunizaciones”.
La campaña publicitaria de
existe la mayor necesidad de
mejorar el índice de inmunización. inmunizaciones está siendo
• También está en camino un financiada a través de $25,000 en
esfuerzo para identificar las áreas fondos generales del Estado
de necesidad examinando el estado proporcionados para este
Cont. from page 14
de inmunización de los niños del propósito, y de $43,000 en fondos
rates include:
month with specially trained Estado cuando ingresan a la del Programa de Inmunizaciones.
• During the just-ended fiscal year, paramedics administering the
the department awarded nearly shots. As a bonus, immunized
$350,000 in grants to 22 local children can have their picture
public health agencies across taken with a fire truck. Tri-County
Colorado so that they could Health Department serves Adams,
unique Arapahoe and Douglas counties.
approaches to organizing • The department’s Immunization
immunization clinics. These Program also is near to completing
grants were provided from state its analysis of available
general funds allocated to the information, including geographic
department and similar grants are information systems (GIS) data, to
to be awarded for the 2005-2006 identify the pockets of need in the
fiscal year.
state where there is the greatest
On display at the kickoff news need for improvements in
conference was the motor home immunization rates.
the Chaffee County Public Health • An effort also is underway to
Nursing Service purchased with a identify pockets of need by
portion of its grant so that examining the immunization
immunizations can be provided at status of the state’s children when
2857 E. Fountain Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80910
locations throughout the area they enter school.
• A Vaccines for Children Provider
Other grant recipients have used Recruitment Plan also has been
Eye Exams and Glasses for ages up to 21 years
the grants to hold immunization launched to increase visibility of
Accepting Medicaid, Colorado Access,
clinics at a wide variety of new this free-vaccine program to
locations throughout their counties providers and to the general
CHP+ and most other Insurances
and at different hours, including on public.
Benevento said, “All this is a
Many of the new clinics have part of the department’s efforts to
Large selection of frames
been held in areas that have the improve access to vaccines for all
Does your child have trouble with any of the following:
largest number of low-income Colorado children and to increase
• Learning to read? •Headaches?
immunization coverage levels.”
• Homework?
•Constant squinting?
Tri-County Health Department,
The immunization marketing
to any of the above questions,
continuing a program started by campaign is being financed
an appointment!
Children’s through $25,000 in state general
FACT: 80% of all learning is visual
Immunization Coalition, provides funds provided for this purpose
immunizations at an Aurora fire and from $43,000 in Immunization
Your child’s eyes ........Are important to us
station on one Saturday each Program funds.
fondos generales del Estado,
destinados al departamento, y
subsidios similares serán
otorgados en el año fiscal 20052006.
Para exhibirse en la conferencia
de prensa de inicio de la campaña
estuvo la casa motorizada que los
Servicios de Salud Pública del
Condado Chaffee compró con una
parte de su subsidio para que se
puedan proporcionar vacunas en
lugares a lo largo del área a la que
presta sus servicios.
Otros recipientes de subsidios
han usado los subsidios para
inmunización en una amplia
variedad de nuevos lugares a lo
largo de sus condados y a
diferentes horas, incluyendo fines
de semana. Muchas de las nuevas
clínicas han sido establecidas en
áreas que tienen el número más
grande de residentes de bajos
El Departamento de Salud TriCounty, continuando con un
iniciado por la
Coalición para la Inmunización de
los Niños de Colorado,
proporciona vacunaciones en una
estación de bomberos de Aurora
un sábado al mes, con paramédicos
especialmente capacitados para
administrar las vacunas. Como
Immunization Campaign
pneumococcal disease or
pneumonia; polio; rubella; and
varicella or chickenpox.
“Colorado parents who want to
have their children immunized
should go to their health care
provider,” Benevento said. “But,
if they do not have a regular health
care provider, there are clinics,
local health departments and
county public health nursing
services where immunizations can
be obtained.”
The state health director said
local public health agencies charge
a small administrative fee for
administering the immunizations
but he said that fee can be waived
if parents cannot afford to pay it.
Also as part of the marketing
effort, a public service
announcement campaign on the
importance of immunizations will
be launched on Univision, one of
Colorado’s Spanish-language
television stations, on Wednesday,
July 13.
The marketing campaign was
developed by the department’s
Immunization Program and Office
of Communications working with
Cactus Communications, a Denver
marketing firm. Pushkin Public
Relations and Xcelente Marketing
and Advertising worked with
Cactus on the project.
Other department efforts to
improve Colorado’s immunization
Trust us with.............
Your Child's Eyes
Vision Center For Children
Welcoming All New Patients
Page 20
14 de junio 2005 - 21 de julio 2005
See you
all at the
Cont. from page 3
CALL TODAY! or Enroll online at:
(719) 598-0200
Colorado Technical University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association, 30 N. LaSalle St., Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60602. 312-263-0456 - www.ncahigherlearningcommission.org
with HSIs to better utilize the
programs and services offered by
USDA and other federal agencies.
For additional information on
Institutions Fellows Program,
visit: http://www.hsi.usda.gov To
learn more about the President’s
Initiative on Educational
Americans, visit:
http://www.yic.gov, which is also
available in Spanish at: http://
The 2005 USDA-HSI Fellows
• Barbara Medina, Chair,
Department of Teacher Education,
Adams State College, Alamosa,
• Deborah Blake, Associate
Professor, Adams State College,
Alamosa, CO
• Lorraine Cohn, Program
Coordinator, Pueblo Trinidad State
Senior College, Alamosa, CO

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