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Utila East Wind
June, 2005
Dedicated to Utila
Killer Whales
Off Utila!
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Bank Fiasco...
Will New ATM Help?
he BGA bank on Utila is
clearly struggling to accommodate it’s increasing volume
of transactions.
Queuing starts an hour before opening
and people are forced to wait for hours.
“I’ve been here for three hours, it takes
about 25 minutes to serve one person”
said one customer.
“They could at least open all the tell-
ers, it might speed things up a little,” he
said, but it appears staff shortages make
this impossible.
Pregnant women and the elderly receive priority but still face long waiting
“People ask me to come to the bank for
them because I can do it quicker, but
now I have to wait longer and longer
and its not worth it” said a pregnant cus-
Pg 9
Pg 9
loan they took out with the bank two
years ago.
Ms. Vilmer Reye, public relations officer in La Ceiba said, “We are aware
of the problems faced in Utila and are
installing an ATM within the next two
weeks in order to help resolve the situation”.
It will not be possible however to pay
for electricity through the ATM.
Many Utilians are concerned that the
extent of the situation is not fully recognised by governing bodies on the mainland.
Ricardo Flores, General Manager for
UPCO has offered another solution.
“We are willing to pay for installation
and software for an additional payment
point in Bush Supermarket,” he said.
This service would be available from
Cont. on pg.3
Fire Destroys
Billowing smoke alerted the island to
the raging inferno that was Miss Shannon Campbells house at Tradewind
properties on the evening of Friday
the 27th.
In a mad rush people swarmed to the
scene to witness the wooden house burn
to cinders as firefighters struggled to
control the blaze.
Brave Ms. Campbell looked on tearfully
as she recounted the chain of events, “I
had just put a frozen chicken in the oven
for my future son in law and walked
over to chat with my neighbours briefly
when we saw the smoke”.
After rushing back to discover the plasterboard behind the oven on fire, very
close to two propane tanks, Ms. Campbell only managed to salvage her bag,
and land documents and passport from
the drawer before running out of the
“Three minutes later there was a massive explosion and the fire turned into a
blazing inferno, spewing out thick black
smoke,” she recalled.
Members of the community rallied to-
Shannon Campbells House on Fire
en Español
UPCO electricity payments have made
up the bulk of transactions since the pre
pay metre system was established in
The bank insists upon handling these
payments to ensure they receive their
share of UPCO profits.
The company owe them monthly installments for the 1.89 million dollar
Municipality Talks
Restaurant and Bar Guide
Hotel Guide
Dear Dr John
Just Kids
gether to assist the fire department in
extinguishing the flames.
Mr Johnny Hinds, who owns the house
just four metres away was also concerned for the safety of his own home as
the intense heat melted the gutters and
cracked the glass in his windows.
Luckily the wind changed direction and
the threat diminished.
Mr. Hinds’ tenant, Mr. Warren Cowling
looked on anxiously from his balcony as
Mr. Bush cut through his outside pipeline to access a further water supply.
Inside Mr. Cowlings home smelt of a
sauna as a result of the heat, “I have been
dousing the walls with water in an effort
to fend off the flames,” he exclaimed.
Mrs. Campbell had recently brought
furniture for her new business and was
busy painting it inside the house.
Everything was lost save for her electricity meter and the clothes she was
50 minutes after it began the fire was
tamed and the hoards gathered on the
beach made their way home.
Cont. on pg. 5
Letters to the Editor
Special Forces
Lead Manhunt
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Issue no. 2
Bay Islands, Honduras
I thought they
were going to
kill me Pg. 4
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Cinema Listings
Out and About
June, 2005
Utila East Wind
Man Hunt for Escaped Convicts
The search effort focused on more
remote parts of the island, including Pumpkin Hill and the north
side beaches.
As soon as the news broke islanders joined together in an attempt
to root out the law breakers, inundating HQTV, Utila’s local
television station, with reports of
sightings and other information
The channel has screened special
live shows to keep the community
Community members have been
calling for tighter security on the
Utila Princess
“Anyone can get on that Yatch,
you should have to show identification when buying a ticket, just
like when you travel by bus.” said
one Utilian.
At the time of going to press the
perpertrators were still at loose.
Health Centre
The well attended inauguration
ceremony of the Lance Bodden
Centro de Salud took place on
Friday the 26th of April.
A band brought in from La
Ceiba played as hoards of people
marched to the Centre for speeches and the traditional cutting of
the ribbon.
“A dream become reality” was the
echoing theme expressed through
the speeches.
The new clinic is open every day
until 3pm with medical staff on
call 24hours a day
Hunter Arrest
Car Accident
A Pick up carrying four passengers lost control and flipped over
on the highway just past Bar in
the Bush on the 30th June.
One passenger injured his leg
and was taken to hospital in La
The other three escaped with no
serious injuries.
No other vehicles were involved
in the accident and it is unclear
why the car lost control.
The pick up was carrying a load
of rocks at the time.
The police found and arrested one
man for the illegal act of hunting
He spent a night in the local prison cell before being released.
In recent years there has been a
severe crackdown on hunting
Iguanas for their meat, in an effort to save the species.
hree escaped convicts
had been sighted on
Utila and were believed
to be hiding out on the
island. Manuel de Jesus Borjas,
Mauricio Dubon Rodriguez and
Oscar Rodolfo Velasquez escaped
from Santa Barbra Prison, western
Honduras on 20th May.
It is unclear how the trio reached
the island, it is believed they trav-
elled here hoping to lay low for
a while, now the alarm has been
raised it may be hard for them to
escape again.
Mr Borjas was being held for murder, the other two for car theft.
Extra police officers and resources
arrived on the ferry on the morning 27th of May to assist local
forces in the search.
Agenda 23-31 de Julio
Sabado 23
Coronacion de Reina del carnaval, 7pm
Domingo 24
Carnavalito en Chepe’s Volley Ball
Lúnes 25
Carnavalito en el Centro, 7pm
Martes 26
Fogata en Chepe’s, 7pm
Miércoles 27
Carnavalito en la Punta, 7pm
Jueves 28
Carnavalito en playa Chepe’s, 7pm
Viernes 29
Carnavalito en Cola de Mico, 7pm
Sábado 30
Gran desfile de carrozas en la calle principal a partir de las 3pm
Gran carnaval a partir de las 9pm hasta el amanecer
Domingo 31
Gran Cierre de Carnaval, playa Chepe’s a partir de las 3pm en adelante
Founded 1st April 2005
Boys are Back
Hole in the Wall
Issue no. 2
Bay Islands
Central America
(504) 373 8530
[email protected]
Ayesha, Guillemo, Katja, Goran,
Adam, Roger, Edith, Sandra, Christina
Chris, Kurt, Dr. John, Alton, Denia,
Shirley, Steve, Jasmine, Giles, The
Bundu Girls, Dan and Jules
Anoucshka, Mike, Cecelia, Michelle
Mark, Baker, Patrick, Raynor,
Rodolpho, Shelby
House Fire
Mr Frank Zelaya set fire to a
house on his property on Friday
the 20th of May.
The structure was infested with
termites there was concern that
they would spread into his hotel
had he not taken the necessary actions.
La Prensa
San Pedro Sula
(504) 552 - 8000
Utila East Wind
is available to view on-line at
A Fantastic new resource including full
information and detailed listings for Utila
La comununidad se une en busca
de tres peligrosos delincuentes escapados de prisión
Tres peligrosos delincuentes han
escogido la Isla de Utila para refugiarse, responden a los nombres
de :
Manuel de Jesús Borjas, mauricio
Dubon Rodr´guez y Oscar Rodolfo Velásquez, escaparon de la
prisión en Sanbta Bárbara, al oeste
de Honduras el 20 de Mayo.
Utila East Wind
Three Utilians arrested for a violent attack on one man have returned from prison on the mainland where they spent three weeks
awaiting trial.
The Trio have been held on Utila,
Roatan and the mainland before
they were released.
June will see the sad closure of
the Hole in the Wall opposite the
Utila Dive Centre.
“Business has been slow for a
while”, claims owner Nord who
started the business in his front
room five years ago.
Every day he and his wife have
provided the nearby community
with fresh baked goods and necessities.
Special Forces coming off the Utila Princess
No está claro aún como este trío
arribó a la isla, se cree que ellos
viajaron hasta aquí, esperando que
las cosas se calmaran un poco, por
un tiempo, ahora que la alarma se
ha levantado de nuevo las cosas se
han dificultado para ellos, en caso
que quieran volver a escapar.
El Sr. Borjas es buscado por omicidio y los otros dos son buscados
por robo de carros.
Desde la mañana del 27 mayo, llego un refuerzo policial, para asistir
a la policía local para la búsqueda
y captura de los malhechores.
La búsqueda se ha intensificado
aun mas en las áreas remotas,
como Pumpkin Hill y las playas
del lado norte de la isla.
Tan pronto como se pudo, las
noticias alertaron a los al puebla utileño, para que esten alerta,
HQTV, el canal local, ha mantenido copertura especial para
mantenernos informados, con boletines informativos siguiendo el
caso de cerca.
Se llama a la comunidad para
que se alerte del caso, así como
al Utila Princess a reforzado su
seguridad. “Calquier persona que
desea viajar en el yate, debe de
portar su tarjeta de
identidad, así también cuando
compre sus boletos de bus”.
Así podremos tomar medidas en
contra para estos perpetraores. ■
reparations are well
under way for Utila
Carnival 2005, which
will take place this year
on the 23rd – 31st July.
This years Carnival will kick off
with the traditional crowning of
the Carnival Queen.
A full week of events will follow
with a series of parties planned
taking place across the island.
There will also be a volleyball
tournament on Chepes Beach.
The weeks festivities will culminate in the big weekend, when on
Saturday a procession of elaborate floats will parade through the
Main Street followed by a party
from 9pm.
The closing ceremony at Chepes
Beach will bring Carnival 2005 to
an end on Sunday 31st July.
Special guests from Ceiba will be
joining the parade as well as Utilian organisations and businesses.
If you are interested in having
a float this year then speak to
Michelle at the municipality or
Miss Lillian.
Tell all you friends, prepare your
costumes and bring your dancing
shoes, to make this years carnival
another one to remember. ■
June, 2005
Utila East Wind
UPCO Update
The Famous 1999
Bank Heist
This is not the first time fugitives have been on the run in
Utila provoking an island wide
search by police and the local
Three armed robbers from the
mainland held up Banco Atlantido at gunpoint in spring
They tied up everyone in the
bank and attempted to make
their getaway on the afternoon
ferry with the loot.
Their plan was foiled when
one bank employee managed
to escape their bondage and
alert the authorities.
The robbers managed to escape
into the bush where they spent
several days in hiding.
Authorities and islanders initiated a grand scale search to
hunt down the criminals.
An island wide curfew of 9pm
was established for peoples
One islander was shot in the
gut during one failed attempt
to catch the criminals and had
to be flown to hospital in La
Finally, after six long days the
perpertrators were eventually
caught and forced into revealing the whereabouts of the stolen money. ■
Queues outside the bank before it opens at 7:30am on a Monday morning
6:30am – 6:30pm and run by supermarket owner Mr. Bush.
“It would not only reduce pressure on the bank but would provide our customers with a better
service,” said Mr Flores.
Head Office is however reluctant
to accept this proposal if the bank
loses out on its 1.5% cut retrieved
on each transaction.
El Banco BGA, se le ha dificultado el control sobre el creciente
número de transacciones, uno de
los clientes no comento:
“he estrado aquí parado hace
tres horas, tomo por lo menos 25
minutos atender a cada persona”
asi como afirmaron las demás pesonas alrededor.
“por lo menos su tuvieran todas
las ventanillas abiertas, eso ayudaría a agilizar mas las cosas”
pero la pequeña cantidad de empleados hace que las labores se
tarden mas.
Hasta las mujeres embarazarad
que supuestamente tienen priori-
dad, también les toca esperar mucho tiempo, así nos comento una
mujer de 7 meses de embarazo.
El pago de UPCO también es
otro impedimento para el rápido
servicio, desde que se comenzó
con este sistema de prepago en el
Este Banco continua manejando
este pago, ya que ellos reciben
porcentaje por cada compra realizada, ya que UPCO le adeuda a
este Banco por el cuantioso préstamo, que solicitaron al iniciar
The results of the Government
review of Utila Electricity
company are still pending.
Until results come out electricity rates will remain frozen.
Mr. Ricardo Flores, Manager,
said “We hope to restructure
the terms of UPCO’s loan with
the bank- reduce monthly repayments by increasing the
loan period and ultimately fixing an affordable tariff.”
UPCO is also investigating the
installation of wind power turbines.
esta compañía.
Snr. Vimer Reye, El departamento
de relaciones publicas de este
Banco en la cuidad de La Ceiba
no comentaron: “ Estamos al
tanto de esta situacíon, es por eso
que en las próximas dos semans
se instalara un cajero automático
en esta agenzia, para ayudar a
agilizar en algo esta situacíon.“.
De todas maneras, esto no ayuda
a agilizar el pago de la electricidad, al parecer ninguna autiridad
o a quien pudiese colaborar en
este caso, aun no se da cuenta de
la necesidad que este pueblo atraviesa.
El Gerente General de UPCO,
el Sr. Ricardo Flores ha ofrecido
otra solución:
“Nosotros estaríamos gustoso de
financiar la instalación de una
cajilla especializada para ello en
Bush´s Supermarket”.
Esta podría esta abierta desde
Mr. Flores is in talks with
Mr. Herman of Shellstede, a
company that will work with
UPCO on a consultation basis.
“We are the most advanced alternative power scheme in the
country, all the necessary permits are in place.”
Wind powered generators need
special planning, the generator
cannot be turned off, and energy produced must be burned.
One suggested use for the excess energy is a fish packaging
and icing plant.
las 6:30 am a 6:30 pm, manejada
por los propietarios del Supermercado.
“No solo reduciendo la presión
en el Banco, sino dando mejor atención al cliente” digo Sr.
Pero esta propuesta es rechazada
por el banco, ya que en ella perdería el 1.5% recibido por cada
transacción. ■
ATM machine for Utila
Municipality Talks
A quick round up of municipality
activity throughout May.
10km of water pipes to the Cays
have been laid.
28,000 gallons of water will be
used to pressurize the lines and
identify leaks.
Roadwork funds are about to be
approved from central government to re-pave roads in the center of town.
15 workers are currently fixing
the stretch from Sandy Bay to the
Full completion is expected by
the end of the year.
The Mayor was elected vice
president of Mancommunidad, a
new coalition between municipalities of Omoa, Tela, La Ceiba,
Trujillo, Guanaja and Utila.
This exiting new association, recognised by central government,
will encourage international
Bids have been invited for the
implementation of a “simple, efficient and inexpensive” sewage
system for the island funded by
Desalination plants in Pueto
Cortes will be shipped to the island and installed on the western
path (by Ralph Zelayas hotel)
upon completion of inspections
by DECA.
Miss Louisa, the well-received
full time nurse on the cayes, had
a kitchen installed by the municipality on her living quarters.
calles desde la intersección del
hasta la estación de bomberos.
El Alcalde fue electo vice-presidente de una nueva mancomunidad conformada entre las municipalidades de Omoa, Tela, La
Ceiba, Trujillo, Guanaja y Utila.
Esta nueva asociación, reconocida
por el gobierno central, ayudará
facilitar la obtención de fondos
de organizaciones internacionales que promueven el desarrollo
sostenible y el turismo.
Compañias han sido invitadas a
aplicar para implementar un sistema de saneamiento simple, eficiente y de bajo costo para la isla.
PMAIB ha asegurado fondos para
este proyecto.
Mayor Alton Cooper
10 km de tubería de agua hacia los cayos ha sido colocada de
Utila Town hacia los Cayitos.
Necesitan ser probadas con 28,000
galones de agua para presurizar la
tubería e identificar fugas.
Trabajo en calles. Fondos están
por ser aprobados por el gobierno central para repavimentar las
La Planta Desalinizadora esta
en espera de ser embarcada en
Puerto Cortés. Esta será instalada
por el camino oeste (Por el Hotel de Ralph Zelaya) una vez se
complete el Licenciamiento Ambiental.
Doña Louisa, la enfermera a
tiempo completo de los cayos,
por medio de la municipalidad se
le ha instalado una cocina en sus
instancias. ■
June, 2005
Utila East Wind
Israeli Tourist Mistaken for Al Qaeda Terrorist
Chain of Events
09:15 Police Officer carrying
out routine checks examines Mr
Cohens passport.
09:30 Ferry detained while at
least six other police officers
take turns examining passport.
09:40 Mr Cohen’s bags removed
from ferry and checked.
09:58 Mr Cohen transported to
11:20 Conversation with detective about book concerning Israeli politics.
11:45 Phone call to head office.
Instructions given to finger print
Mr Cohen and fax documents
11:50 Finger printing technician
unavailable. Journey to nearest
police station which is closed
for lunch.
12:20 Mr Cohen accompanies
Officers to airport to change
12:45 Mr Cohen and Officers
watch UEFA football final.
14:45 Mr Cohen teaches police
officers how to speak some Hebrew.
15:30 Fingerprints taken and
documents faxed.
16:15 Mr Cohen escorted to
Rotterdam Beach Hotel. Officers check rooms and release him
from custody.
Sucesion de
09:15 El official de policia
le hace un doble chequeo a su
09:30 El ferry se detiene, cuando otros 6 policias examinan su
09:40 El equipaje del Sr. Cohen
es revisado y llevado del ferry.
09:58 Es transprotado en un
veiculo oscurro y detenido.
11:20 Discuten acerca de un libro de las leyes israelie en este
11:45 Llama el agente encargado, dando instrucciones para
tomar sus huellas y faxiar la informacion del detenido
11:50 La toma de huellas es
interrumpida por salida de almuerzo de la persona encargada
12:20 El llevado al aeropuerto
por cambio de turnos
12:45 Sr. Cohen y la policia ver
el campo de futbol, UEFA cup.
14:45 El detenido conversa con
agents y ensena un poco de Hebreo
15:30 Se le toman las huellas y
son enviadas via fax
16:15 Es escoltado al Hotel
Rotterdam, revisan la habitacion
y lo dejan de custodiar.
sraeli backpacker, Emiliano Cohen, was detained
by government officials on
suspicion of being an Al
Quaeda terrorist in La Ceiba
on May 25th.
Mr Cohen said whilst waiting to
board the Utila Princess he was
forced into an unmarked black
vehicle and taken for further
“I thought they were going to kill
me,” he said.
It is believed Mr Cohen boar
resemblance to wanted international terrorist, Mr Altuwiti, who
is suspected to be hiding in El
During his seven-hour detainment Mr Cohen was transported
across the city several times with
the officers for finger printing and
to watch the UEFA cup football
“I went along for the ride when
they had to change shifts at the
airport and taught the detective
how to speak some Hebrew which
he seemed very pleased about,”
said Mr Cohen.
An amicable separation followed
at the Rotterdam Hotel.
Officers checked Mr Cohen in,
seeing to it that he got a nice room
and released him from their custody.
Emiliano Cohen, Tourist
Mr Altuwiti, Terrorist
He was able to resume his journey to Utila the following day.
tification para continuar con la
interrogacion: “yo pesaba que
querian matarme o algo asi”.
Dos horas despues, acerca de discutir el por que tanta alarma, no
encontraba razon justa para su
Un Israeli mochilero, Emiliano
Cohen, fue detenido en la cuidad de La Ceiba, en sospecha
de pertenecer a la red terrorista
Al Quaeda.
El incidente ocurrio el 25 de
Mayo, cuando el Sr. Cohen esperaba abordar el Utila Princess.
“Los oficiales se mostraban muy
sospechosos pero no dijeron por
que ellos decian que necesitaban
hacer unos chequeos, por que no
era usual tener israelies”
El fue llevado en un vehiculo
negro sin ningun tipo de iden-
Las autoridades le mostraron los
periodicos, resaltando que un
peligrosa extrimista Sr Atluwiti,
que los agentes asociaron con
esta persona en injusta detencion,
solo por viajar con passporte israeli.
Durante la 7 horas de detencion, lo transportaron a diferentes lugares a tomar sus huellas
”Fui con ellos hasta al aeropuerto, por que tocaba cambio de
turnos y accedi por que al parecer
me dijo que el oficialmente hablaba hebreo, lo cual me parecio
Al fin fue custodiado hasta su
habitacion en el hotel Rotterdam.
Hasta el dia siguiente pudo arribar a la isla. ■
A copy of Mr. Cohen’s Israeli passport
June, 2005
Utila East Wind
Fire Strikes Claiming House On Point
Cont. from pg. 1
This is not an isolated incident,
many have fallen victim to the
dangers of gas cooking. Miss
Joya, restaurant owner, received
third degree burns on her arm
whilst lighting the cooker in her
Captain Hal Whitefield suffered
similar injuries to both his feet
from an unlit gas oven, “I didn’t
even strike a match, the stove just
exploded without warning, Kaboom!” he told us.
Una cortina de humo intenso,
alerto a toda la isla del intenso incendio en casa de la
señora Shannon Campbell en
Tradewind properties la tarde
del viernes 27 de mayo.
En el hecho ocurrido la gente
comenzo a rodear el lugar de la
escena, presenciando como el
incendio se intencificaba mas,
saliendose de control, desafortunadamente.
Valientemente, la Sra. Campbell,
observo la escena con sus ojos
llenos de lagrimas al contemplar
y relatar lo ocurrido, entre las cosas que dijo: “Acababa de poner
The frames of Ms. Campbells house blazing
un pollo al horno para su futuro refirio ella.
nuero, luego salio a saludar a uno Muchos de los miembros de esta
de sus vecinos, cuando comenzo comunidad, se acercaron a ayudar
a ver el humo”.
al departamento de bomberos
Despues de recordar que los dos para tratar de extinguir el fuego.
tanques de gas se encontraban El Señor Johnny Hinds, que es el
detras una fina pared de madera vecino mas proximo a la casa, se
que lo separaba del horno, corrio preocupo al ver que la cercania
a sacar sus cosas personales como del incendio comenzaba a dañar
su bolso, documentos de la prop- sus ventanas y el calor derretia
iedad, su pasaporte y salio inme- objetos plasticos fuera de la casa
diatamente de la casa que comen- como sus canales de agues lluzaba a arder en fuego.
Tres minutos despues surgio una Afortunadamente, la direccion
fuerte explosion y se convirtio en del fuego cambio de direccion
un infernal incendio totalmente disminuyendo los riezgos.
fuera de control, formando una El Señor Hinds, tambien el Sr.
condenza nube de humo, asi se Warren Cowlings y Sr. Bush que
observaban desde sus balcones,
audazmente vieron como tomar
agua de la tuberias que pasan por
el lugar para suplir de agua el incidente.
Al mismo tiempo el Sr. Cowlings
tamien trato de cuidar por su casa,
ya que el calor estaba afectando
su estrucctura, comenzo a empapar sus paredes de agua, para
evitar el desformamiento de las
paredes, nos comento.
Desgraciadamente la Sra. Campbells perdio todo, las unicas cosas
que se salvaron fueron, su medidor de electricidad y la ropa que
llevaba puesta.
50 minutos despues todo comenzo a calmarse , y la multitud de
gente comenzo a dejar el lugar.
Este no fue un incidente aislado,
muchos ha sido victimas de un
infortunado incidente como este,
por ejemplo la señorita Joya, recivio una quemada de tercer grado
en su brazo y tambien el Capitan
Hal Whitefield sufrio heridas
similares en ambos pies por un
hono de gas, ralato: que tambien
al dejar de uasar su horno tubo
que pasar una de estas experiencias. ■
Propane gas does not smell, its
familiar smell comes from an ingredient that is always added to
household propane.
This became standard after a series of accidents caused by unnoticed leeks.
Flames seen from across the Bay
Gas Guidlines
►Always keep and follow the
owners manual.
►Turn pan handles inward so
you don’t accidentally knock
pans off.
►If you smell gas, check all
appliance controls are turned
►Keep flammable items away
from gas appliances.
►Do not use water on grease
►Use pot holders rather than
dish towels that can cause
burns, become tangled, or catch
►Have all cylinders checked
for dents, rusts or leaks.
►Check hoses for deterioration
and kinks in the tubing.
►Refrain from smoking while
handling your propane cylinder.
►Never allow children to play
with your gas appliances.
►Do not store cylinder where
exposed to high temperature.
►Never cover the bottom with
foil. Foil will restricts air
►Never leave cooking food
►In case of an uncontrollable
fire, call your local fire department immediately.
June, 2005
June, 2005
Utila East Wind
Utila’s Endemic Iguana Still Threatened
The Swamper otherwise know as Wisherwillie, exclusive to Utila
he Utila Spiny-Tailed
‘Iguana (Ctenosaura
bakeri) species is
to intensive hunting and the
disappearance of its habitat and
nesting sites.
Living exclusively on Utila and
nowhere else the iguana is called
Swamper or Wishiwilli and lives
hidden in the mangrove swamp.
It is capable of growing up to
85cm and perfectly adapted to its
During egg laying season the
pregnant females go to the sandy
beaches where unfortunatly they
are hunted on a grand scale for
Iguana hunting is prohibited
by law and contradictory to
sustainable use, it is observed that
the population of the Swamper is
Egg Theft Endangers Turtles
rojects to save the loggerhead and hawksbill
turtles who nest on 14
of Utilas beaches are
underway as nesting season begins on 14 of Utilas beaches.
Throughout the next six months,
environmentalists from BICA
will guard the female turtles eggs
and protect them from thieves
who believe eating them increases male potency.
Aside from theft, receding beaches and expanding development
continue to threaten the endangered turtle population and make
it more important than ever to
protect new eggs.
In previous years eggs have been
removed from nests, incubated
until hatched and given to local
families to raise and release back
into the sea one year later.
This initiative not only protected
the young turtles but highlighted
their plight among islanders and
educated the younger generations.
Alehandro Gallo Papp says “As a
result of this scheme most islanders do not eat turtle or turtle eggs
any more”, and the threat to the
eggs now appears to come mainly
from non-islanders.
Despite its success the scheme
was not ideal, removing the
young turtles from their natural
environment and exposing them
to close human contact at such a
young age lessens their natural
instincs of fear and caution especially with regards to humans.
BICA now advocates a system
of patrolling and monitoring to
minimize human contact.
Mr. Gallo Papp goes on to explain “Now we measure and tag
the females coming on to the
beaches to lay eggs, then monitor
the nest sites until the eggs have
Nesting season continues until
November, with the last of the
hatchlings emerging in January.
Porjectos para salvar a las tortugas del mar que anideran en 14
playas de Utila esta temporada
estan en camino.
Durante los próximos seìs meses,
ambientalistas de BICA protegerán los huevos de las tortugas
de ladrones que quieran comerselos para aumentar su potencia
Aparte del robo la reducción de
las playas y la expansión del desarollo continuan amenazando la
casi extinta poblacion de tortugas
haciendo importantisimo proteger
los nuevos huevos.
En los años antereares los huevos
eran removidos de sus nidos, incluvados y entregados a familias
locales para cuiderlos por un año
y liberarlos en el mar.
Esta iniciativa no sólo portege a
las tortugas jovenes sino además
educa las generaciones futures.
Alejandor Gallo Papp dijo “como
resultado do este projecto muchas
isleños no comen mas tortugas ni
sus huevos, y la actual amenaza a
los huevos ahora es gente de fuera
de la isla.
A pesar del exito de este programa, no es el ideal romover a las
jovenes tortugas de su ambiente
natural y exponerlas al contacto
humano a corte edad hace que
pierdan sus instintos naturals de
miedo y precaucion especialmente
en contacto con el hombre.
BICA ahora está dedicado a monitoridad las tortugas con el minimo
Mr. Gallo Papp explica “ahora estamos identificando las tortugas
que vienen a las playas y luego
monitoriamos los huevos hasta
que nacen”.
La temporada continuan hasta
noviembre y los ultimos huevos
already seriously decimated.
The Swamper has nearly
disappeared in some localities
like Sandy Bay and Blue Bayoo
and with new streets planned like
the one to Rock Harbor huge egg
laying sites will be destroyed.
Streets are planned to access all
sandy areas and the long term
survival of the Swamper looks
bad unless bigger nesting sites
can be completely protected.
the Swamper and the danger it
faces are provided at the Iguana
Research and Breeding Station.
Current projects underway here
include a breeding program
(with more than 750 Swampers
already hatched and released),
habitat protection, environmental
education at Utila’s schools,
scientific work and much more.
Visitors get a guided tour through
the center and see the Swampers
as well as two of the other species
from Utila.
Opening hours are: Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, 2 - 5 p.m.
Also tours through the island are
offered, e.g. Rock Harbor, Iron
Bound, Water Caves, Bat Caves.
La Iguana de Cola Espinosa
Utileña (Ctenosaura bakeri ),
vive exclusivamente en Utila y en
ningùn otro lugar del mundo.
A esta iguana se la llama
Swamper o Wishiwilli en nuestra
isla y vive escondida en el manglar del swampo, excepto dutante
la temporada de desove, cuando
las hembras preñadas se dirigen
a las playas arenosas.
La Swamper crece hasta 85 cm y
està perfectamente adaptada a su
hàbitat del manglar.
Sin embargo, esta especie de
iguana està amenazada debido a
la caza intensiva y a la desapariciòn de su hàbitat y lugares de
Especialmente las Swamper hembras con huevos en su vientre son
cazadas en gran escala para su
consumo cuando van a las playas
arenosas a desovar.
La caza de iguana no sòlo esta
prohibida por ley, està tambièn
en contradicciòn con su uso
sostenido y ya se observa que la
poblaciòn de Swampers ha sido
diezmada seriamente.
La Swamper ya està casi desparecida en algunas localidades entre
Sandy Bay y Blue Bayou.
Hay nuevas calles planeadas
como la que va a Rock Harbor
que sin duda harà desaparecer
grandes lugares de anidamiento.
Las calles estàn planeadas para
ir a todos los lugares arenosos.
La supervivencia de la Swamper
a largo plazo se ve mal, a menos
que los lugares de anidamiento
màs grande se protejan completamente.
Informaciòn detallada acerca
de la Swamper y su amenaza se
provee en la Estaciòn de Investigaciòn y Crìa de Iguanas (Iguana
Station) que està ocupada en un
programa de crìa (màs de 750
Swampers ya han sido criadas y
liberadas), protecciòn del hàbitat,
educaciòn sobre el medio ambiente en escuelas de Utila, trabajo
cientìfico y mucho màs.
Lo visitantes obtienen un paseo
guiado al centro de visitantes y
pueden ver las Swampers afuera
asì como las otras dos especies de
Iguanas Utileñas.
Los horarios de atenciòn de la
Iguana Station son: Lunes, Mièrcoles y Viernes, de 2 a 5 de la
Ademàs hay paseos dentro de la
isla como a Rock Harbor, Iron
Bound, Cuevas de Agua Dulce y
Cuevas de Los Murcièlagos. ■
Nadja Seitz + Lutz Dirksen
June, 2005
Utila East Wind
Hurricane Season Kicks Off with Adrian
Huricane Adrian’s projected path on 19th May at 2pm
une marks the start of the Fortunately, the ranging winds
hurricane season but Utila were no match for the mountain
received an early warning crossing and despite preparatory
this year when hurricane measures Utila received only a
Adrian threatened to strike.
light shower and gentle breeze.
Adrian originated in the Pacific Utila, like all communities in the
and struck the Central American hurricane zone has a well estabcoastline in El Salvador, with a lished emergency plan, introtrack heading directly for the Bay duced by the Government.
Elevated meeting points are desNever before has Utila been hit ignated as hurricane shelters away
by a Pacific hurricane.
from the low-lying areas that are
susceptible to dangerous floods.
Mayor Alton Cooper is responsible for coordinating efforts and
would see to it that the community is kept informed of developments, emergency teams are
on standby and predetermined
representatives keep order in the
“I would send out a car with a
loudspeaker to raise the alarm
and let people know what actions
to take”.
Additionally local media would
transmit information and keep
people updated.
Cayans must evacuate their
homes and travel to Utila mainland for safety and boats removed
from the vulnerable bay area into
the lagoon.
Despite these extensive emergency plans Utila is rarely struck by
hurricanes and averages only one
in every nine years.
The last major hurricane to strike
was hurricane Mitch in 1998.
Junia marca el comienzo de la
temporda de hurananes, pero
Utila recibió una temprana e inesperada alerta este año cuando
el huracán Adrian amenazo con
Adrian se originó en el Pacífico
y toco las tierras de las costas de
Centro America en El Salvador,
con ruta directa a las Islas de la
Nunca antés Utila habìa sido
anemazada por un huracán del
Afortunadamente, los fuertes vientos no fueron oponente para
curzar la Montaña y no obstante
las medidas preventives, Utila
solo recibío pocas lluvias y una
suave brisa.
Utila al igual que todas las communidades en la zona del huracán
tenniá un efectivo plan de emergencia implementado por el gobierno.
Lugares en altura son designados
como refugios alejedos de las areas susceptibles de inundaciones.
El Alcalde, Alton Cooper, es el
reponsable de coordinar los esfuerzos y mantenes a la communi-
dad informada de los
Equipos de emergencia estan en alerta
y personale esta
cuidando los refuThe eye of a huuricane
“Voy a enviar un coche con parlantes para informa
Hurricane Names
las medidas a adoptar.
Hurricanes are named alAdemás los medios locales transphabetically from the bemitirán las novedades para manginning of the year. The
tener a la gente informada.
La poblacion de los cayos dee
list of names is prepared
evacuar sus casas y por su seguriin Advance. This years
dad ir Utila, u los barcos deberan
names for Atlantic Hurprotegerse en la lagona.
ricanes are:
A pesar del extensivo plan de
Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Denemergencia, Utila raramente
es golpeada por huracanes y el
nis, Emily, Franklin, Gert,
promedio es de uno cada nueve
Harvey, Irene, Jose, Katanos.
rina, Lee, Maria, Nate,
El ultimo huracán en golpèar fue
Ophelia, Philippe, Rita,
Mitch en 1998. ■
What is a Hurricane? A severe tropical storm can produce violent winds at least 74 miles per hour, incredible
waves, torrential rains and floods. High speed winds (occasionally reaching 200 mph ) spiral around a calm low
pressure “eye”, often clearly seen in satellite photos. The
greatest danger comes from the storm surge caused by
the intense low pressure, the ocean surface can raise by
3-4m causing severe flooding to low lying coastal areas.
Where do you get Hurricanes? Hurricanes occur
throughout the tropics, they need ocean temperatures
over 26.5 degrees C, moisture with light winds above it.
What are Hurricanes called in other places? Hurricanes over the North Atlantic Ocean, cyclones over the
Indian Ocean and typhoons over the north-west Pacific.
How often do Atlantic Hurricanes occur? There are on
average six Atlantic hurricanes each year.
How often do Hurricanes strike Utila? Very rarely, the
last serious hurricane to strike was Mitch in 1998. Most
hurricanes pass Utila to the north east missing it entirely.
On average a hurricane only hits every nine years.
Stan, Tammy, Vince, Wilma.
Hurricane names are removed from the lists after they’ve been used
for a storm that was very
strong or caused a lot of
damage. For example;
Andrew, 1992, Bob, 1991
1990; Diane, 1955, Fran,
1996, Georges, 1998,
1996; Hugo, 1989 Inez,
1988 Klaus, 1990.
6th June
15th June
22nd June
Turtle Eggs
28th June
Secrets of
the Jungle
itting next to the fire and
ordering a bottle of red
off the extensive wine
list and you may be forgiven
for thinking that you’re not on
Utila…. welcome to the Jungle
Every day owners Mitch and Julie
fling open their beautifully painted garden gates to reveal their exclusive little jungle getaway.
Drinks are served daily and complimented three times a week
with flamboyantly prepared “german food with a Utilian twist”.
A self-proclaimed food addict,
Mitch goes on to say, “I like to
eat good” and strives towards
ensuring quality ingredients by
avoiding the restrictions of a
menu. “Absolute freshness, no
exceptions” he claims passionately, “when come here you order
what’s on offer, and you like it
because it’s good”.
You might even fancy a pre dinner stroll to enjoy the spectacular views from Stuarts hill just a
stones through away.
To get there, follow the path past
the iguana station until you reach
the grand entrance.
Be careful to make reservations
if possible though, especially on
Saturdays when the elite, four
course, made-to-order menus are
de rigour.
Jungle Café is the perfect choice
when you feel you need to get
away from it all. ■
SunJam 2005
Partygoers enjoying the show at
last years Sunjam
he 24 hour long music
festival set to be one of
the party highlights of
the year, will take place on Saturday the 6th of August, uniting
dance enthusiats from all over
the globe.
Celebrating its ninth consecutive
year Sunjam will entertain over
1500 people on the beautiful, uninhabited island of Water Caye.
Organizers Luis Maier and Alfred have gone all out this year
recruiting a total of eight international DJ’s in charge of playing non-stop dance music on two
June, 2005
Utila East Wind
Rev. Dr. Janet Corlett,
New Methodist Minister.
Origin: Born and raised on the
Isle of Man.
Education: PhD in agricultural
science studied in India.
Previous travels: Worked in The
Philipines, Zimbabwae and India.
Impressions of Utila:
very welcoming,
different from expectations.
Teach, preach and
be a pastor.
Most memorable
moment: Getting
to the graveside
and the coffin not
Misses from home: Her 600cc
Yamaha and going to the pub with
In her own words: “I’m not just
here to fill pews, I want to learn
about the life and dreams of the
people here and help them to fulfil their potential, bringing them
more into contact with God. Its all
about what we can give and serving the community.”
seperate stages.
“The venue is irresistable, you
cant have a party on a better
place” said Mr. Maier.
Fire shows and entertainers on
stilts, as well as food stalls, bars,
security guards, and, for the first
time, portable toilets complete the
The party boat will not be running
this year and transport to the island will be with local fishermen.
“I insist that all captains have life
jackets in their boats, safety is
very important” said Mr. Maier
Warm up parties will take place
across the island in the week leading up to the event.
Tickets will be on sale in Bush supermarket for $20. ■
La Reverenda Dra. Janet Corlett
la nueva Ministra de la Iglesia
Metodista, se presenta:
Originaria: Nació en la Isla del
PHD en ciencias
agrónomas, estudiadas en la India
Viajes realizados: Trabajo en
Filipinas, Zimbabwe e India
impresión de Utila:
Muy bella y
acogedora, diferente a lo que esperaba
Tareas Diarias:
Enseña, pedica y
es pastora
Lo que mas extraña: Su Yamahaa 600 cc reunirse con sus amistades
De sus palabras: “No solo estoy
aquí de pasada, quieto aprender
de la vida y de los sueños de la
gente de aquí, quiero ayudarlos a
desarrollar su petencial, acercándolos al contacto de nuestro señor.
Es todo acerca de lo que podemos
hacer dar y servir a nuestra comunidad.”
Utila East wind
Monthly Prayer - Oración del mes
Gracious God
Thank you for fulling our
lives and this island with
good things.
Thank you that your desire
for us is LIFE, and life in all
its fullness.
Thank you for brilliant
flowers and trees full of
Thank you for unique corals
and stunningly colourful
Thank you for the precious
people and the power of
We are sorry that we often
carelessly pollute the
beauty you have given:
The beauty of the earth,
the reef, our bodies and
our souls.
We pray for help.
We pray for wisdom to
recognise the way that
leads to life.
We pray for strength to resist and remove everything
that harms or degrades life.
We pray for love to be
commited to the well-being of others.
We pray in the name of
Jesus Christ
The Lord of Life
Señor lleno de gracia
Gracias por llenar nuestras
vidas con cosas buenas.
Gracias por que tu deseo
por nosotros es VIDA, y una
vida plena.
Gracias por las bellas flores
y árboles llenos de frutas.
Gracias por estos grandiosos arrecifes y estos bellos
peces multicolores.
Gracias por esta bella
gente y el poder del amor.
Discúlpanos si algunos
veces no apreciamos la
bellezza que no has dado:
la bellezza en la tierra, los
arrecifes, nuestros cuerpos
y almas.
Te pedimos ayuda.
Te pedimos sabiduría para
reconocer lo bueno de la
Te pedimos por el amor
para ser llevado para el
bien de todos.
Te pedimos en el nombre de
Jesus Christ.
Amo y señor de la vida.
Who Pays What
Chamber Fees
NOT Insurance
unicipality law states
that every diver must
pay one dollar per
day of diving in Utila to the hyperbaric Chamber.
This is NOT an insurance fee, it
does not cover the cost hyperbaric
treatment, should it be needed.
Any costs incurred are the responsibility of the individual or their
travel insurance company.
Unfortunately many travellers to
Utila do not have insurance that
covers scuba diving and may be
misled into thinking the reef fee
will act as insurance.
The daily fees go towards maintaining and running the chamber
and keeping it available to divers
24 hours a day.
“Many locals do not have insurance and cannot afford to pay for
treatment.” Explained Marjorie
Grande, Head Chamber administrator.
The one dollar fee subsidises
treatment for those who cannot
afford to pay.
No divers who stay within recreational depth limits are turned
down for treatment at the Cham-
ber, however if limits have been
exceeded, the victim will not receive treatment until it has been
pre-paid in full.
Tech. divers are the exception
paying a special rate of 5 dollars
per day, covering them to depths
beyond 40m.
If hyperbaric recompression treatment is needed, fees are Lps 450
per hour for locals and $450 per
hour for everyone else.
The Utila Hyperbaric Chamber
is situated next to the College of
Diving and is staffed full time by
Miss Grande.
‘Jungle’ Jim McClendon also
works with the chamber and is responsible for staff training.
Other specially trained staff are
also on hand to respond to emergency call outs 24 hours a day.
The Chamber is open Mon to Sat
8am – 3.30pm, visit them next to
the Bay Islands College for more
information. ■
Twelve Killer Whales spotted off
Raggedy Cay
Sunjam is back! One of the Bay Islands highlights of the summer is
being held on August 6th. Organizers Luis and Alfred have been busy
with preparations for the one day event; 8 DJ’s, security guards, local
boat drivers and, for the first time, portable toilets. The music festival
will be entertaining 1500 people on beautiful Water Caye. Tickets are
$20 and available at Bush Supermarket. Get yours before they are sold
Where the money goes
welve Orcas (killer whales) were spotted off
iting underwater video footage, “My camera got
Utila’s Raggedy Cay on the mornknocked by a whale as I held it over the
ing of Thursday the 5th of
side of the boat!”
UDC divers also managed to
You Know?
Laguna Beach divers spotted
catch some of the action as the
Killer Whales colourthe pod of whales that inwhales passed by Utila that
cluded a mother and two of
ing is used for camoher calfs.
The migratory patterns
flague, thier white underThe whales followed the
of this regional group of
sides blend in with the light
boat for several hours.
Orcas bring them back to
“We spent two hours
Utilian waters once every
when seen from below and
with them, we missed
their dark upper bodies make
our second dive but who
Normally Orcas are found
them harder to see against in colder waters and seeing
cares. An incredible day!”
gushed one onlooker.
the dark background
them in the tropics is a rare
Local boat captains Raul
from above.
and Kerry had never seen orDespite being referred to as Killer
cas before and one lucky diver
Whales, Orcas are the largest memeven managed to capture some exber of the dolphin family. ■
Spot the Difference
Thinking Green
What is ‘Coral Gardens’?
or those of you who don’t
know there is a new type of
garden growing under the sea in
Utila: a coral garden.
Since July 2004 a project called
the Coral Gardens Initiative was
established in order to maintain
and regenerate our coral reefs.
The project includes transplanted
corals in several varieties and
growing methods as well as ‘fish
houses’ which consist of dead
coral cemented together in shapes
that attract fish, lobster and even
Corals are one of Utila’s most
important natural resources; they
not only provide homes for a va-
riety of marine species but also
contribute to our coastline.
Tourists who come to Utila are attracted to the island for its famous
diving and many of them comment on the variety of beautiful
healthy corals we have.
Utila’s reefs are still some of the
best in the Caribbean; however as
Utila grows in size, environmental stresses rise as well.
Nature is also guilty of causing
disasters like hurricanes, sea urchin mortality, and coral bleaching.
Kicking in the cash for the Coral
Gardens Initiative are Counterpart International and the Honduras Ministry of Tourism. ■
Juv. Spotted Drum
Equetus Punctatus
Family: Drums - Sciaenidae
Size: Adult, 15 - 20 cm, Juvenile, 2 - 4 cm
Depth: 5 - 30 m
Range: South Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean.
Description: An elongated
front dorsal fin and bold black
and white bars on the head
make this an easy fish to identify on the reef. The spots on
the rear dorsal and tail fins
only appear as the fish reaches
adulthood and cover a larger
area as the fish ages, further
more, as the fish ages the front
Adult Spotted Drum
dorsal fin appears to shrink
leaving only a short stub in the
oldest of specimens. Adults
and Intermediates are solitary
while Juveniles maybe seen in
twos and threes.
Where to see them around
Utila: Spotted Drums can be
found on virtually all of Utila’s
dive sites.
Did you know? The common
name ‘Drum’ refers to the fishes ability to vibrate muscles
surrounding the swim bladders
to produce a vibrating sound
used to warn off other Drums.
As you descend the buoy line
you`ll find out why its called
Airport Caves.
There are several swim
throughs and little caves in this
area inhabited with glasseyed
sweepers, snappers, margates
and quite often a green moray
sleeping or free swimming.
Dont plan a deep dive at airport
Caves, there`s not really anything to see below 50ft.
Most of the swim throughs are
around 15-20ft making this an
excellent second dive.
Note: Exercise caution when
entering swim throughs and
under overhangs, always check
your air before entering and
NEVER enter a cave without
adequate training. ■
Tania (T) Brunes and Jules Page
n the old airport reef past
the lighthouse, a 5min
boat ride from the harbour,
you`ll find the dive site Airport
utting edge new software
allows individual Whale
Sharks to be identified
from ordinary photographs by
mapping their unique spot patterns.
Using this technology Whale
Sharks can be identified and
tracked over time without the use
of tagging or expensive specialised equipment.
Brad Norman co-founder of
Ecocean, a non-profit Australian
conservation organisation collaborated with computer expert
Jason Holmberg to develop the
walls on the North side of Utila
at depths ranging from 200 to
“It all started in a bar one night
245 feet.
when we got talking to the guy
“It is amazing to see untouched
who designed the software to map
seamounts and the variety of
star constellations”, said Mr Holmarine life knowing that we
are some of the lucky few to go
“His formula is all based on white
there,” said Matt Awty, Tec inspots on a dark background, and
structor at Deep Blue.
we made the whale shark connecThe diving involves a bit more
tion” he said.
equipment, training and planSimilar to finger printing, the
ning than normal.
software maps the whale sharks
The divers use different gases
unique spot markings from phofor decompression and usually
tographs, creating a mathematical
carry four or more tanks.
model for each shark, allowing
It is not for everyone but even
it to be identified from different
if you aren’t sure if you want to
photos at any time.
become a Tec-Diver you can do
The photos are collected and enan introduction dive to see how
tered into a growing database
it is to dive with all
housed on the Ecocean web site.
the different
For consistency the “print” is takequipment.
en from a square area directly
behind the fifth gill on the
A professional Free
sharks left hand side.
Jasmine Dale, co-owner
Diver will attempt to
of Deep Blue Divers, is
reach depths of up to
now responsible for entering all Utilian whale
50m without fins here on
shark photos into the
Utila, within the next few database.
“It has two huge advanmonths...........
tages over many other
Watch this
types of research, it is non
evasive, whale sharks need
only be photographed to be
included, and all inclusive, everybody can be a part of it, not just
experts and scientists” said Ms.
First Female Tec
Instructor on Utila
Matt Awry
he island now has a
female Tec instructor.
Noa, working at Deep
Blue Divers, has recently completed all the training required to
become the islands first female
technical instructor.
“Tec is normally a male dominated environment and as it gets
more popular the number of female “Teccies” will hopefully
increase,” said Noa.
On Utila Tec diving is already
It is an excellent location for
deep dives as it is situated on the
continental shelf giving it massive walls on the North side.
Furthermore, there are numerous seamounts, which are largely unexplored and not accessible
to sport divers.
Tec diving goes beyond recreational limits allowing divers at
this level to explore the deeper
waters and seamounts.
Recently divers have been venturing out to the banks and deep
The manta doesn’t see the camera man because of damage to it’s left eye
Entangled Manta Saved
by Videographer Hero
manta ray entangled in
fishing line was cut free
by divers at popular
dive site Moon Hole on the 5th
Divers from UDC struggled to
remove several metres of twine
that wrapped around the mantas
body, cutting
Two photos of the same shark showing the spot patterns
As the database accumulates in- Ecocean.org. (right may
formation, the chances of finding be submitted but is not
a match for any particular whale preferable).
shark increases significantly.
The database will
Currently very little is known show when and where
about the species migratory and the whale shark has
breeding habits and it is hoped been spotted before.
that over time the data generated Every time a further
by the Ecocean project will shed identification is made
some light on the subject.
participants will rePhotos of Whale Sharks from an- ceive email notification.
ywhere in the world showing the Visit Ecocean.org for more
spot pattern on the left hand side be- information. ■
hind the gills can be submitted it to
through its left eye and clamping
the creatures mouth shut.
Customers spotted the ray and
alerted Mr Dan Cain, videographer, who quickly donned his
scuba gear and sunk to the rescue.
Using a borrowed swiss army
knife he freed the exhausted crea-
ture in front of a crowd of divers
and snorkelers.
The manta was obviously exhausted, especially to found be in
such shallow waters, and stayed
with the divers for a good 15minutes before disappearing into the
Unfortunately video footage
showed that the manta was blinded on its left side, “I hope the eye
was retracted and will grow back
to give it a better chance of survival” finished Mr. Cain. ■
Did You
Mantas can leap up
to 7m out of the water.
There are reports of
baby mantas being born
as the mother is in midleap!
The wire cutting straight through the mantas left eye
Congratulations to Utilas New Dive Professionals
Mr. Fox measures a whale shark using a 3m piece of pipe
Deep Blue
Dan Kirk
Diana Ven Der Windt
Micheal Harding
Mark Lapointe
Robert Smith
Craig Colver
Gunters Ecomarine
Oren Shamir
Ondrej Voitek
Erin Jackson
Jenifer Robison
Maya Bustan
Harald Bratzel
Laurent Doddelaire
Nick Delacey
Alton´s Dive Shop
Dan Mills
Angela Wilhelmi
Captain Morgan´s
Sean Gerry
Underwater Vision
James O´Brian
Daniel Stephens
Utila Dive Center &
Cross Creek
Dylan Masnot
Hannah Johanssen
Michael Brunschweiter
Hanna Petersson
Mateo Ponce
Earl Gutgesell
Tim Vanderwel
Alice Blazy-Winning
Laura Foco
Chris Burrows-Wood
Utila Watersports
Remy Michalud
Sarah Fischer
Steve Fischer
Arlena Ulrich
Christian Fabiansen
Abraham Francis
Captain Morgans
Maude Gagnon Renzetti
June, 2005
Opening Hours
Bando Beach
9am - 5.30pm
Beach bar, snacks
Bar in the bush
Wed/Fri, 9pm - late
Night club
Big mammas cafe
Bundu Cafe
Cafe Barracuda
Captain Jacks
Coco Loco
Cola de Mico Pool Hall
Coopers Inn
Dave`s Restaurant
El Castillo
Fidi`s Bar
Glady`s Big Burgers
Holand`s Restaurant
Jade Seahorse
Jungle Cafe
La Cassetta de Coca
La Piccola
Las Delicias
Mamita`s Place
Mango Inn
Mango Tree Gelateria
Pelican Bar
Seven Seas
The Island Cafe
Treetanic Bar
Ultralight Cafe
6am - 4pm
Mon - Sat, 8am - 3pm; Tue/Thur/Sun, 6pm - 10pm
Mon -Sat, 6.30am - 11pm
7am - 2pm
8am - 12am, Sat til 3am
4pm - 12am, Fri/Sat til 1am
Tue - Sun, 9am - 10pm; Fri/Sat til 12pm
5pm - 10pm, closed Wed, Sun
Mon - Sat, 6.30pm - 9.30pm
Tur - Mon, 6pm - 10pm
Tue - Sun, 10am - 7pm
11am - 10pm
11.30am - 2pm
7am - 10pm, closed Tue/Wed
3pm - late
9am - 10pm
Tue - Sun, 8am - 10pm
Wed - Sun, 5pm - 10pm
3pm - 12am, Sat 3pm - 3am
Mon - Sat, 7.30am - 2pm 4.30pm - 10pm
6.30am - 9.30pm
Mon - Sat, 8am - 10pm, Sun 10am - 10pm
Sun - Thur 11am - 10pm, Fri til 3pm Sat 6.30pm - 10pm
6am - 10pm
7am - 10pm
11am - 10pm
Wed/Fri/Sun 5.30pm 9.30pm
5pm - 10pm
5pm - 12am
Tue - Sun 6am - 10pm
3pm - 12am
3pm - 12am, Fri/Sat til 2.30am
7pm - 12am
Sun - Fri 7am - 10pm
Sandwiches and breakfast
Sandwiches, salads and international food
International food
Local food
Night club and local food
Dock bar
Pool bar
Pizza and pasta
European food
Local food
Local food
International food
International food Tue/Fri/Sun Bar open daily
Ice cream
Italian food
Bar and Snacks
Local food
Pizza and international food
Gelato and American coffee
International fast food, delivery availiable
International Food
Local food
Beach bar and international food
Asian and bar snacks
Dock bar
Local food
International food
Dock bar
Cocktail bar
Israeli food
Utila Cuisine
9am - 10pm
Local and vegetarian cuisine
Zanzibar Cafe
7am - 4pm
Local food
Hank’s Taxi – Tel 425 3180 397
Gringo’s Taxi – Tel 376 6049
Paisano Taxi – Tel 425 3311
Tel 435 3390
Utila – La Ceiba: 6:20am & 2pm
La Ceiba – Utila 9:30am & 4pm
Adults: $14 ow
Children (6 – 12 yrs): $7 ow
Children (under 6): free
Tel 425 3161
Utila – La Ceiba $32 ow To
6am – 6.10am (Mon – Sat)
3:30 – 3:40 (Mon – Sun)
From Utila
6:20 – 6:30 (Mon – Sat)
9:50 - 10am (Mon – Sat)
Utila – San Pedro Sula $90 onw
To Utila
8:15am – 10am (Mon – Sat)
2:15pm – 3:40 (Mon – Sat)
From Utila
6 :30am – 12 :40pm (Mon – Sat)
7:50am – 2pm (Mon – Sat)
Tel 425 3364
Utila – La Ceiba $32 ow
To Utila
7am – 7:10am (Mon – Sat)
3:15pm – 3:25pm (Mon – Sun)
From Utila
7:50 am – 8am (Mon – Sat)
3:50pm – 4pm (Mon – Sun)
Utila – Roatan $63 ow
To Utila
6:15am – 6:30am (Mon - Sat)
12:30pm – 3:30pm (via La
Ceiba) (Mon – Sun)
From Utila
7:30am – 7:45pm (Mon - Sat)
3:30pm – 5:20pm (via La Ceiba)
Utila – San Pedro $75 ow
To Utila
1:50pm – 3:40pm (Mon-Sun)
From Utila
7 :50am – 8 :55am (Mon - Sun)
HQTV Channel 31
Tel 425 3357
Utila’s local television channel
Shelby Mcnab with a round up of
daily news and interviews
7pm - 8pm Mon - Thur.
No of
Price range
Tropical Sunset, Seayeye resort
Alton’s Dive Inn
Trudy Suites
Watersports, The Mansion
Cross Creek Dive shop
Cross Creek Cabins
Copers Inn
Rubi’s Inn
$25 - $125
$3 - $4 / person
$3 - $6 / person
$45 - $50
$3 / person
$3 / person
$28 - $35
Lps 120 - 150
$20 - $30 / room
Hollands Inn
Captain Morgans
Jade Seahorse
Mango Inn
The Lodge
Hotel Utila
Bay View Hotel
$12 - $30 / room
$3 - $5 / person
$72 / cabin,
$12 / extra person
$3 / person $75 / room
$65 - $95
$14 - $51
$16 - $22
$2 - $9
Bar,Restaurant, Free use of Bando beach, dock, kayaks
Ocean front rooms, fan, shared bathroom, dock, kayaks
Fan, shared bathroom
A/C, hot water, tv, fridge, microwave
Hostel style, shared kitchen, shared bathrooms
Fan, shared shower, shared kitchen and louge
A/C, hot water, cable tv, fridge
Kitchen, resturant, fans, shared bathrooms.
Fan, a/c, private bath, hot water, fridge, honeymoon suite,
private balcony, waterfront.
Private bathroom, fan, a/c.
Private bathroom, fan.
Private bathroom, hot water, fans, a/c, fridge
Pool, private bathroom, a/c, fan, tv, fridge, restaurant/bar,
wireless network
Private batroom, fan, hot water, a/c, tv
Hot water, a/c, fan, private bath
Private bathroom, fan, hot water, fridge, ocean view
Share kitchen, fan, share bathroom, 1min from the beach
Utila Catholic Church, Iglesia
Catolica de Utila
Our Lady of Carmen, Nuestra
Senora del Carmen
7pm – 8pm Thu, Sat & Sun
7pm – 8pm Jue, Sab y Dom
9am – 11am for Sunday Shool
9am – 11am Dom con clases de
orentacion religiosa para ninos.
Mizpath Methodist Church
Sunday Preaching 10:30am
Sunday School 2:30pm
Preaching 7pm
Mon 7pm Christian Endeavour
Wed 6.30pm Bible study
Fri 7pm Prayer meeting
Utila Community Clinic
(Dr John) Tel 425 3137
Mon-Fri, 8am-12pm
Centro de Salud
Tel 425 3277
Mon-Fri, 8am-12pm
Medical Store Mon-Sun, 8am8pm
Chamber Tel 425 3378
Mon - Sat 8.30 - 3.30
Bush Tel 4253147
Mon - Sat 6:30am- 6pm; Sun til
Hendersons 425 3148
Mon - Sat, 7am-12pm, 2-6:30pm
Rose Tel 425 3283
Mon - Sat, 7am - 12pm, 2-8pm
Sea Eye Store Mon - Sun,
6:60am-12pm, 2pm -6pm
Samanthas (7/11) 7:30am-11pm
Meat Mart Mon - Sat, 7am12pm, 2-6pm, Sun til 12
BGA Tel 425 3117
Mon - Fri 8.30 - 3.30 Sat til
Banco Atlantico Tel 425 3374
Mon - Fri 8.30am - 3.30pm Sat
till 12.30
Delco Mon - Fri/Sun, 8am-6pm
Madera 5 Sisters Mon-Fri, 7am12pm, 1:30-5:30, Sun 8am-12pm
Ferreteria Rose Mon-Fri 7am12pm, 1:30-5:30, Sun 8am-12pm
Camillas Bakery Mon - Fri,
Sweet Tooth Bakery Mon-Fri
Hideout Mon-Sat 12pm-8pm
Cay Caulker Cyber Cafe
Mon-Sat 8am-9pm, Suntil 5:30
Mermaids Sun-Thur 9am.10pm,
Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 6-10pm
Howells Sun-thur 9am-6pm, Fri
Mango Tree Mon-Sat 9am-8pm,
Sun 8-10pm
Triple H Sun - Thr 8.30am-9pm
Fri 8.30am-4pm Sat 7am-9pm
Fringe Salon Mon/Tue/Thur
9am - 1pm, 2pm - 6pm. Fri/Sat
12am - 8pm
Utila Telephone Co. 8am - 8pm
Johnny’s Water Tel 425 3304
/am - 7pm
World Wide Travel
Tel 425 3394
Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Sat til12pm
Frank Morgan Travel
Tel 425 3161
Big Mamma’s
425 3883
Bundu Café
425 3557
Comedor el Paisano 425 2311
Coopers Restaurant 425 3184
Driftwood Rest.
425 3266
Fidi’s Restaurant
425 3185
Jade Sea Horse
425 3270
La Piccola
425 3746
Las Delicias
425 3361
Mango Café
425 3326
Mango Tree
425 3335
425 3299
425 3168
425 3201
Tourist Information
Immigration Offices
Post Office (Correo)
Municipality Offices
Tropico Internet
425 3255
425 3260
425 3365
425 3167
425 3255
425 3145
440 3136
425 3193
Dear Dr. John,
I’m a local born and raised
on Utila that enjoyed a good
childhood: fishing with my
father, bathing in the sea,
and walking in the bush
barefoot while looking for
crabs and/or iguanas.
As I got older, I started
hanging out at the Bucket of
Blood and the Casino as my
hormones began racing. In
particular I became interested in tourist women as this
seemed to be my ticket off
of the island.
I started running the streets
with increasing frequency,
drank my fair share of beer
and rum, and even smoked a
little marijuana.
I eventually discovered that
I had more luck with the
girls with a bag of cocaine
than my looks.
Than one night after too
much partying, I was offered a joint spiked with
some rock cocaine.
As I smoked I started feeling
like I was ten feet tall and
Ever since then, I have been
chasing the dragon. I given
up on any hopes of going to
Germany or Norway with
my latest tourist conquest.
No more sunny afternoons
drinking Salva Vida and
smoking weed on Water
No more fishing trips with
my father or treks in the
bush as all I want to do is
find some more rock.
I’ve gone from 180 lbs. to
120, my teeth are rotting out,
I cough up blood, and I can’t
even get an erection now.
To support my habit, I’ve
resorted to stealing butane
tanks, tourist backpacks
and bicycles, stereo equip-
We asked the you “What
will Utila be Like in 10
years?” and recived many
fantastic articles.
There could only be one
winner however and that
was Keyli with her great
Preguntamos a ustedes
“¡Como Sera Utila Dentro
do 10 Años Mas?”y recìbimos muchos buenos articulos y dibujos.
Pero este de Keyli era lo
mejo con los consejos muy
Utila la mas pequeña de
las tres islas principales
es un sitio unico a 27kilometros de la tierra firme
es facilmente acecible por
mar opor aire.
Utila es muy importante
por que queda en el sugendo lugar de los arrecifes y
June, 2005
Utila East Wind
porque solo ahi hay la iguana eswamper himajinesen
10 años como va a estar
la isla de Utila si cuidamos las playas los bosques
los arrecifes las iguanas y
todo lo que nos rodea en
Utila pero si no cuidamos
los arrcifes la isla se va a
ir destroyendo poco a poco
porque si tiramos basura
en las playas y matamos
las iguanas eswampers y
matamos los arrecifes del
mar Utila no va a quedar
en segundo lugar sobre los
corales y si matamos las
iguanas Utila no va a tener
iguanas swampers ni nada
Utila a no va ser la misma.
ment from the bars, guns
and money from sailboats
in the harbour, and even my
mother’s jewelery. Anything
not nailed down is fair game
for me.
I even knocked over a little
kid on the way to kindergarten and took his lemps and
have performed oral sex on
willing men just so I could
rush to my dealer and score
the next rock.
I lurk around outside the bars
and try to sell some weed to
unsuspecting tourists.
When I get the money, I
tell the people that I will be
right back but I head for the
nearest crack house. When I
don’t get my way, I get very
I’ll hit them in the face with
a Salva Vida bottle and kick
them when they are down.
When I get caught and
thrown in jail, my family is
always there for me because
in their eyes, I’m still the
sweet little boy that can do
no wrong.
Please, please Dr. John, tell
me what I can do to end this
misery. I want to slay this
dragon and get off the crack
but I feel absolutely helpless........
Local Crackhead
Dear Crackhead,
Every junkie is like a setting
sun and tomorrow never
comes. The path that you
are on only has three possible outcomes: jail, death, or
I would suggest that your
family should save their
money on lawyers and saving you and send you immediately to the nearest drug
rehabilitation centre.
Otherwise, construct a raft
out of liter Coke bottles and
fishing net, erect a sail made
from empty rice bags, and
provision yourself with only
bread and water.
Throw your craft into the
sea and lay flat on your back
in your homemade hospital bed and pray for a Utila
Eastwind that will allow you
to sail away from your life
of misery.
Spot the 7 Differences
1. Duppy (5)
2. Medicinal (6)
6. Sacred song (5)
3.Witch Doctor(6)
9. Creatures environment (7)
4. Get one in the sun (3)
10. Keyboard (5)
5. Of New Zealand (5)
11. Joseph Retzinger (5)
6. Serve these fruits with lime (7)
12. See your mayor smoking one (5)
7. North or polar for example (4)
13. Dive Site (7)
8. Eggs (8)
15. Clumsy man (3)
12. See one in Utilas park (5)
17. Boys name (4)
13. Dug out (5)
18. Container (6)
14. Bread with a hole (5)
19. Pops (5)
15. Imperative (5)
20. US state (6)
16. Get one for the Carnival (5)
22. Sera is the answer (4)
18. Container (6)
24. Elongated fish (3)
19. Finished (4-3)
25. Dance with alternating steps (7)
21. Island vibes (6)
26. Farewell (5)
22. Layer (6)
27. Hassle (5)
23. Utila’s big sister (6)
28. Our home (5)
25. The Princess (5)
29. Flow (6)
26. Circle segments (4)
30. The Italian Job (5)
28. You have reached it (3)
31. Daybreaks (5)
Quick Teaser
___ ___
___ ___
___ ___
___ ___
Write the numbers one to eight in the
spaces provided so that no sequential
numbers are adjacent (eg. 5 must not
be above, below or next to 6 and 4)
A man and woman are driving...
A man and a woman are driving down the same road at the same time.
As they pass each other the woman leans out the window, point and
yells, “PIG! ” The man immediately leans out his window, shakes
his fist and shouts back, “WITCH!”
They each continue on their way, and as the man rounds the next corner,
he slams into a pig that had wandered into the middle of the road.
If only men would listen
May’s answers and mistakes
Congratulations to those who figured out the 5 mistakes in last months crossword most
critically the down clues and across clues got mixed up
Hopfully the only puzzle in this months crosword is the clues.
Quick Teaser
June, 2005
Utila East Wind
Below is the full list of all businesses who contributed to Dive
into Earth Day.
Organisers would like to
apologise for not including
everyone on the first list.
Tropical SunsetFreddys Place
Hideout Internet
Hole in the Wall
Utila Watersports
Cross Creek
Coopers Inn
Bundu Café
Novedades Gaby
Riveras Commercial
Mango Inn
Tropical Springs
Captain Morgans
Deep Blue
Paradise Divers
Jonny’s Water
Tranquila Bar
La Piccola
Island Café
y distribuciones
ofrece productos
de limpieza. No
necesitos pagar
por flete solomente llama al
374-7924 con
Delmino Varela
y tendras tu
producto en 24
Mr Fix it, for
all scuba gear.
Contact Guillermo @ UDC
Tr a d i t i o n a l
Thai masage,
reflexology, indian head massage, body massage. Ask for
Andrina, Simon
or Tara @ BICD
425-3210 email:
Patricks Watersport
Coco Loco
Seaside Hotel
Seaside Inn
Utila Hotel
Jade Seahorse
Mammitas Place
Del Olmo
JC’s Internet
Roses Supermarket
5 Sisters
JB Butchers
Di Gial
Morgans Travel
Roses Hardware
Capt Jacks
Fidis Bar
Colibri Resort
The Fringe Hair
Las Delicias
Marinas Laundromat
Lolys Boutique
Guatemala Shop
School kids collect rubbish
simon.andrina@ gmail.com
flexible schedule,
3hrs/wk contact
Sheryl @ Triple
H internet.
Ma-merr’s day
care, open monfri
2mths - 3yrs old,
behind deposito
Pepsi. Come in
and see us!
For Rent
Black bicycle,
hole in frame,
loved contact
Louise on 3733580
Cameras with
collection. $25/
two divers call
425-3504 and
ask for Aeysha Beautiful
or Tara.
Crochet Items,
all hand made,
lots of colours
to chose from,
best quality and
Call 373 8530
and ask for Gladys.
new newspaper.
Must be energetic,
lively, fun, hardworking, able
to spell, write
fluent Spanish
and know a little about sport.
and Louise at
Local Sports utilaeastwind@
C o r re s p o n d - gmail.com.
ent needed for
restaurant 5:30 - 9:30
Wed, Fri, Sun.
Contact Julie at
Newspaper Delivery Boy/Girl
for local newspaper contact
Tara & Louise
Utila East Wind sincerely
apologises for the error in the
”Whose Teeth Marks are These?”
story in the May edition.
Mrs. Marais and her family were
staying at Deep Blue Resort and
not Laguna Beach.
We are very sorry for any confusion or offence this mistake may
have caused.
Please submit any comments, free
classifieds or letters to the editor
to [email protected] or
call us on 373 8530
Louise Powell & Tara NobleSingh
Hotel Crisis!
I think I speak on behalf of all local hotel owners on Utila when I
say that dive shops are taking the
bread out of the hotel business by
offering accommodations.
Over the years we have all invested money in our businesses and
now we can’t get enough people
in, even though more tourists
come to the island.
It is really not necessary for the
dive shops to offer accommodations, or they should at least
charge the same as all the hotels.
Providing kitchens also takes
business away from the restaurants.
Food is cheap enough on the island that the tourists shouldn’t
ever have to cook.
I have been forced to put a kitchen
on 373 8530
plants needed
for shipments
from the mainland.Please contact Utila Plant
Society ASAP.
Tea Bags, preferably PG Tips,
any Uk brand
accepted. Big
Call 373 8530
and ask
Claesson, 10th
Christina Noble, 10th of
Jem Stevens
14th June.
into my own hotel, even though
it takes away valuable business
away from my restaurant.
Dive shops make enough money
from their divers and should share
the tourists business.
Cars on the Road!
What next?
I have recently returned to Utila
after 8 months and am shocked
at the number of vehicles: cars,
pick-up trucks, golf carts and motorbikes. There is no longer room
on the road for pedestrians and
cyclists. I find myself looking
over my shoulder constantly for
fear of being hit by a motorbike
or worse yet, a taxi! What is being
done to control and monitor the
increasing number of vehicles on
this beautiful Caribbean Island?
Christina, Canada.
We want to hear your opinions!
If you feel strongly about something please let us know.
We can be located in the small
office in Munchies on the main
Rd. or call 373 8520.
contact Ben @
Get Well Soon
Alex Hope you
are recovering
well in hospital
after falling into
the ashtray. A.
Neil, You had
better not have
made up those
names on the
DM list. We’ll
never take you
seriously again.
If you would
like to submit a
free classified
in next months
utila eastwind@
Cancer June 22 – July 22
You are caught up in your own
world and problems
these days. Don’t
keep it all to yourself. Rather consider
to talk to your friends
about what is worrying you. Chances are they may be
able to help out with some good
advice! The sooner you take action, the better you will feel.
Aug 23 – Sep 22
It is not your imagination. You really are attracting attention from
all kinds of people.
Everyone you meet at
the moment may want
a bit of your time – even more
than you can handle just now.
Enjoy your popularity and keep
on smiling. Don’t forget to spend
some quiet time on your own.
You will need it.
Sep 23 – Oct 22
There is no need to
rush into anything.
Just take it easy and
enjoy the moments
you can spend together with that special someone. Be
patient and stop worrying about
whether or not this is leading up
to anything more serious. With a
little help of the universe it will
all be sorted out the way it is supposed to be.
Scorpio Oct 23 – Nov 21
about being somewhere else? Just dying to hop onto a
plane, bus or train?
What are you waiting for then?
Go ahead, get it out of your system and enjoy every minute of it.
You will hardly be missing out on
anything back home – except for
Nov 22 – Dec 21
You have got too much on your
mind these days. Stop
worrying, there is no
need to make any
major decisions at the
moment. Relax more
and go with the flow.
Things will happen naturally and
will direct you onto the right
course. Good time to take some
time out. Why not plan a trip?
Dec 22 – Jan 19
Resist making a show of what
you’ve got, even if
you are quite unusually proud. As you of
all signs know, there
are many ways to
display something. It is time for
you to demonstrate subtlety and
to get a bit more serious. The result? More respect from the people that surround you.
TV Star
Jan 20 – Feb 18
The heavens have put together
a recipe that’s just
perfect for getting
you close – or even
closer – to your current squeeze. You
won’t be in the mood to argue this
month. You will do what you can
to make that recipe even spicier.
Feb 19 – Mar 20
Party time! Your friends miss you
dearly while they are
having a good time
going out together.
This is your chance
to catch up on some
socializing and to letting go of
your daily worries. So what are
you waiting for? Go out there,
join the party and have some fun,
you know you want it!
On Yer Scooter
the normal routine of course.
Daddy’s Girl
Gemini May 21 – June 21
You are in the mood for love
– real, romantic love
– and you will not be
able to concentrate
on anything else. No,
this isn’t at all like
you and yes, your friend will be
astonished. No problem though.
Maybe it is time for a change.
Doesn’t hurt – or does it?
July 23 – Aug 22
Take charge and make
it happen. You can get
more done than you
think. You have the
ideas and the discipline
to finish what you have started.
All it needs now is a little more
confidence, a bit more patience
and your own enthusiasm. Obstacles are there to be overcome and
to make you even stronger than
you already are.
Great Catch
Taurus Apr 20 – May 20
You need to make some changes
now, on a very deep
level. This may concern moving, your
work life or relationship matter. Don’t
stress out about it though. Evaluate your options and relax. It is all
going to go along quite well.
Be Cool
Director: F.
Gary Gray
Comedy with
John Travolta
The Bet
Aries Mar 21 – Apr 19
A little romance comes your way
during a busy month.
Keep an eye out. If
you already got a date,
it is bound to be hot.
If not, get out there and find one.
However, don’t get carried away
too much. Your concentration and
creativity at work is of high importance this month as well.
Are We
Director: Brian
Comedy with Ice
On the Cays
The Life Aquatic
Genre: Comedy
The Life Aquatic
opens, Zissou (Bill
Murray), a self-involved, Jacques Cousteau-like
filmmaker, has just released a
documentary depicting the death
of his best friend Esteban, who
was eaten by some sort of sea
creature--possibly a jaguar shark.
Zissou’s troubles also include his
waning popularity with the public, and a nemesis (Jeff Goldblum) who hogs up all the grant
money. Hope arrives in the form
of Ned Plimpton (Owen Wilson),
an amiable Kentuckian who may
be Zissou’s son. Despite his lack
Out & About
Screening in June
The Aviator, Be Cool, Life
Aquatic, and Are We There Yet?
are the feature films. Boogeman,
Beyond the Sea, The Machinist,
and others round out the month.
Wednesday is classic night where
you can see movies you’ve always heard about but may not
have seen. Movies like Green
Berets and Some like it Hot.
Fridays are “Drive-in Theater”
– movies not to be taken seriously and a perfect way to start
the weekend. Look for Blazing
Saddles and Ghostbusters.
Movies are shown nightly at
7:30pm with the exception of Friday (8pm) and Saturday (6:30pm
and 8:30pm).
June, 2005
60 elevated seats in air
conditioned comfort
Tickets only 45 lps
of enthusiasm for fatherhood,
Zissou welcomes Ned--and
Ned in turn saves Zissou’s new
documentary (in which he seeks
revenge on the jaguar shark) in
more ways than one.
The Aviator
Director: Martin
Drama with
Leonardo Dicaprio and Cate
June, 2005
Tranquila Party
Utila East Wind
The Artist
European Football
Tension Rises as
Season Nears its Close
June, 2005
Utilian Baseball Team
Federer at Roland Garros
Liverpool returning home with
the UEFA Cup
Chelsea took the Premiership. Arsenal
won the FA Cup by beating Manchester United in a 5-4 penalty shoot out.
The Champions league final was won
by Liverpool in an exciting match
which saw them 3-0 down to AC Milan at half time. Liverpools magnificent comeback in the second half won
them the game with the final score being 4-3.
Olympics News
Paris looks to be favourite in the race
to host the 2012 Olympics with the UK
in a close second place. All countries
will have to wait until 6th July 2005
for the final decision to be announced.
Top seeded Roger Federer cruises in
the French Open beating Carlos Moya.
Federers next match at Roland Garros
sees him face the Spanish prodigy Rafael Nadal after he knocked out Sebastian Grosjean.
Federer 6-6-6
Moya 1-4-3
Nadal 6-3-3
Grosjean 4-6-0
While the Western Conference finals appear headed for a sweep, the
East still has intrigue and two evenly
matched teams searching for an edge
in game 3.
East Finals
West Finals
Heat 1
Spurs 3
Pistons 1
Suns 0
Goal attempt as Juventus play Tigers
on Sunday 29th May
he Utilian mens league is nearing its
climax for this season. The Dolphins
and Juventus have already gained enough
points to ensure qualification for the second ‘knock-out’ phase due to begin on the
15th. Four teams are battling it out for the
remaining two semi final places. ■
Dolphins vs Estrella
Tigers vs Sherryl
Dolphins vs Juventus
Calis vs Estrella
Dolphins vs Marlins
Calis vs Dolphins
Sherryl vs Juventus
team of ex-patriot Utilians from
New York, led by Mr. Grayson,
are set to travel to Utila for a
baseball tournament at the beginning of
Utila has reformed its team under the
experienced guidance of Mr. Ronald Ramon who coached the previous
teams for sixteen years.
Captain Witney and his young team of
twenty-two men practise once a week
on the Concord baseball field.
The field was named after the infamous
Concords, who in their prime were the
best baseball team in Central America.
Baseball was once the most popular
sport on the island, but as footballs
popularity grows the concord field is
used increasingly by the islands football community.
“Baseball is in our blood, combine
that with dedication and discipline and
we’re onto something” Mr Ramon says
and has high hopes for his new team.
The tournament will consist of 4 games
spread over two days.
A further team will join the tournament
from either Roatan or Tegucigalpa.
Anyone wishing to join the team should
contact Mr. Ronald Ramon in Sandy
Bay. ■
Mr. Ronald Ramon
Major League
The NL East remains the tightest race
in baseball after Sunday’s games left
the ‘Marlins’ tied for first place.
Florida 6
Altanta 7
NY Mets 3
Philadelphia 2
Exchange rates
Aus $
Can $

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