January - We can`t sign you in


January - We can`t sign you in
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Issue No. 48
Circulation 75K
January 2016
President’s Note:
The New Year is already upon us! It’s hard to believe how fast
this past year has gone by with so many new and wonderful
changes and accomplishments. You can see all of the progress we
made throughout the year in our special Year in Review section.
You may also notice while reading through the paper a new
addition; the La Opinion de Puerto Rico section. This special
section of the paper details local news happening in Puerto Rico
and the Caribbean in Spanish. It is a wonderful new edition that
we are happy to have onboard!
I would also like to stress to all of our readers the importance of colorectal cancer
screenings. Borinquen is proud to have signed with the American Cancer Society’s
“80% by 2018” pledge in an effort to help increase the number of individuals over the
age of 50 of getting screened for colorectal cancer to 80% by 2018. Since we signed
the pledge in 2014, we have increased our screening rate by 20% and hope to increase
it even more by March 2016 for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Borinquen is
dedicated improving this major health problem and offers the FIT test which is a
simple, accurate and affordable colorectal cancer screening test that you can take in
the comfort of your own home. I encourage all of our readers age 50 or older to call us
today at (305) 576-6611 to make an appointment for a colorectal cancer screening and
to get more information on the FIT test.
Finally, I would like to wish a Happy New Year to our readers and our community!
On Saturday, November 21st, 2015,
Centers of
(BMC) held
its annual
Lopez Health Expo & Education Fair
for the 9th consecutive year in a row. As
in previous years, BMC joined forces
with other local organizations to provide
FREE medical screenings, information
on health, and even entertainment for
the entire community to enjoy! This
year, however, there was more fanfare
than usual as BMC unveiled their newly
renovated Emilio Lopez Pavilion with a
special Rededication Ceremony in honor of their founder, Mr. Emilio Lopez.
After three years of construction funded
by a federal grant, BMC was proud to
unveil to the community the newly
completed facility that now boasts stateof-the-art medical technology and a
chic, modern look. The clinic is a medical home for many of Miami-Dade’s
underserved and uninsured individuals
and families and the new changes have
been met with enthusiasm by both BMC
and their clients.
Since opening its doors to the public
in 1972, BMC has grown from a small,
grassroots clinic in Miami’s Wynwood
neighborhood to a comprehensive
health care organization offering a wide
variety of health and social services
through a multidisciplinary approach at
all of their locations throughout MiamiDade County. From a single story building in an old church to a sprawling 6
story clinic, you would never have
guessed the main center’s humble roots
while strolling down the freshly painted
hallways donned with modern fixtures
and colorful paintings of the city, created by local Puerto Rican artist, Hector
Maldonado. Mr. Lopez first opened the
clinic with a vision of providing quality
health care to the poor and underserved
and today, BMC continues to honor his
vision through their Mission to provide
the upmost quality of health care to the
members of our community that all too
often fall through the cracks in our
health care system. Due to a socioeconomic phenomenon known as the
social determinates of health, our nation
has fallen into a cycle in which the disparities in social and economic status
between the rich and poor subsequently
makes those individuals who live at or
below the poverty line more at risk of
disease or injury while simultaneously
causing them to be unable to afford the
care they truly need. A day off to go to
the doctor means a day of no pay and
for an individual or family that lives
paycheck to paycheck and that means
choosing between keeping the electricity on or going to the doctor’s office.
This combined with Miami’s uniquely
diverse and dynamic population in
which many fear cultural stigmas for
certain illnesses (such as HIV or Mental
Health problems) or, in some cases,
being exposed as an undocumented citizen creates an environment where those
who are truly in need of primary, oral or
mental health services shy away or just
fall of the radar all together. Problems
and social factors such as these
>>p 11
are what
As we go to print …
National Patient Safety
Efforts Save 87,000 Lives
and Nearly $20 Billion in
According to a report from the Agency
for Healthcare Research and Quality
(AHRQ), hospital-acquired conditions
decline by 17 percent over a four-year
A press released by the Department
of Health and Human Services (HHS)
states that thanks in part to provisions of
the Affordable Care Act, an estimated
87,000 fewer patients died in hospitals
and nearly $20 billion in health care
costs were saved as a result of a reduction in hospital-acquired conditions
from 2010 to 2014. Preliminary estimates show that, in total, hospital patients experienced 2.1 million fewer
hospital-acquired conditions from 2010
to 2014, a 17 percent decline over that
period. This aligns with HHS' aim to
encourage better care, smarter spending,
and healthier people.
• Adult Internal Medicine
• Pediatrics / Adolescent
• Obstetrics - Gynecology
• Healthy Start - TOPWA
• Family Planning
• Deliveries
• Dental Health
• Outreach,
HIV/STD Testing and
• Prevention Education
• Case Management
• Chronic Disease Care
i.e. Diabetes/Hypertension
• Behavioral Health
President’s Note and Cover Story: ….. Page 1
Community News, Calendar: ..… Pages 2, 3 & 7
Providers: ……………………...……... Page 3
Kids & Did you know? ......................... Page 4
Awareness: ................................... Pages 5 & 6
Jobs Openings, Horoscopes, Sports: .... Page 8
La Opinion: ……………………. Pages 13 & 15
Around the Corner & Arts: ................. Page 9
BMC Locations: ................................. Page 16
• Psychiatry
• Substance Abuse
• Nutritionist
• Health Connect in Our
• Podiatry
• Orthopedics
As we begin the New Year, to say it’s
been a banner year for Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami-Dade (BMC)
would be an understatement. It has been
an astounding year for the entire organization, teeming with new undertakings,
accolades, community events and more.
At BMC,we are committed to doing
whatever is necessary to protect the
health of all of the underserved and uninsured populations throughout MiamiDade County and recognize that ensuring access to affordable, quality health
care is a fundamental part of this effort.
This is in line with BMC’s Founder,
Emilio Lopez’s motto, “La Salud del
Pueblo es la Máxima Ley” (People's
Health is the supreme law). We take
pride in our day to day accomplishments regarding sustainability of the
health environment we strive to put in
place and are happy to report some of
>>p 12
>>p 12
Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami-Dade provides a comprehensive range
of health and social services to our culturally diverse community.
Services Provided
• Cardiology
• X-Rays / Sonograms
• Electrocardiograms
• Pharmacy
340B Discount Program
• Eligibility Services:
Medicaid, PEPW, ACA
• Speech Therapy
3601 Federal Highway
Miami, Florida 33137
Ph: (305) 576-6611 * Fax: (786) 476-2819
• Diabetes
• Child Birth
• Breastfeeding
• Parenting
• Interconceptional
(By appointment)
Editors & Designers:
Susan Alvarez & Anna Smith
Staff Photographer:……. Susan Alvarez
Contributors:…. Robert E. Linder, CEO
Angel Camacho, Teresa Mazard-Diaz,
Silvana Vasquez, Carmen Pineiro, Sam
Kedem, Barbara Kubilus, CSPO,
January 2016 / Issue No. 48
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
awarded “Corporate
Executive of the Year
by Minority
Chamber of Commerce
New Year,
New Changes!
La Opinión has merged with
The Voice of the Caribbean.
You might notice in the following pages
a change of language and wonder,
what’s that all about?"
It just so happens that La Opinión
Puertorriqueña newspaper, after 14
years of doing a wonderful job covering
all of the Caribbean and local news for
this community, is joining forces with
The Voice of the Caribbean (TVoC) published by Borinquen Medical Centers of
Miami-Dade. Although much is changing, many things will stay the same. You
will continue to hear from your favorite
editors and writers such as Lourdes
Güell, Marcos De Córdova, Francisco
‘Paco’ Güell and Chú Díaz among others.
Merging the 2 Medias provide many
positive outcomes. Our primary goal for
TVoC, from the start, has been to serve
and inform the “public interest,” our
community. This is wonderful news for
all because joining resources gives us
another/closer look, a better understanding of our diverse neighbors, a glimpse
into what's happening in the Caribbean
and a wider reach.
Welcome aboard La Opinión. We
look forward to seeing what you have for
Change is good!
MATT BARRINGER: “Teacher of the
In a historic mobilization to Washington,
D.C., hundreds of Puerto Rican community, government, labor and faith leaders,
and allies joined for a National Day of
Action for Puerto Rico to urge Congress
to pass legislation addressing the growing fiscal and humanitarian crisis on the
island of Puerto Rico. Leaders from New
York, Connecticut, New Jersey and as
far as Florida, Ohio, Massachusetts and
Illinois met with dozens of Members of
Congress on December 2nd. The National Day of Action comes on the heels of a
recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis, as well
as a congressional briefing. Elected officials and community leaders in Florida
also held unity press conferences in Tallahassee, Orlando and Miami.
In June 2015, Puerto Rico’s Governor
Alejandro García Padilla declared the
Commonwealth’s $72 billion debt “not
payable,” with the island effectively running out of cash to keep the government
operating. The
situation is putting at risk essential services
such as police
and fire protection, medical
services and
social supports.
The crisis has
forced a second
“Great Migration” much like
after World War II, with more than
250,000 Puerto Ricans leaving the island
since 2010. The growing presence of
Puerto Ricans in Central Florida has led
to several historic efforts in the last six
months in Orlando, FL including El
Encuentro Nacional de la Diaspora Puertorriqueña in October calling on Congress to act.
“The economic crisis in Puerto Rico
will end only when Puerto Rico receives
fair and equal treatment. Their government needs to enjoy the same economic
protections, and the ability to deal with
its hardships, as the rest of the nation,”
said Congressman Alan Grayson (FL-9)
“As a Miami Rican and one who is
working for a Federal Qualified Health
Center that is committed to providing
affordable quality healthcare to the uninsured, underinsured and Obamacare, I
am strongly urging Congress to approve
plans to expand and create sustainable
healthcare services for the residents of
Puerto Rico. Access to healthcare services is key to a healthy Puerto Rico!”
stated Paul Carl Velez, Chief Administrative Officer, Borinquen Medical Center of MiamiDade.
“We cannot
watch with
inaction as 3.5
million Puerto
Ricans descend
into crisis. As
Americans, we
have a responsibility to the citizens of our great
nation, and that
includes those of Puerto Rico,” said
Honorable Xavier Suarez, Miami Dade
County Commissioner, District 7.
Reach Out! Yes, you can
Top Minority Entrepreneurs and professionals, local governments, corporate
executives and international leaders
Honored by the Minority Chamber of
Commerce, The Minority Chamber of
Commerce is pleased to announce its
winners at the 15th Annual Minority
Gala Award 2015 Ceremony, on
Thursday November 19, 2015 at the Renaissance Banquet Hall located at 5901
SW 8 Street in Miami. The 2015 Awards
Gala once again was an impressive affair
hosting 50 distinguished and high-profile
guests including prominent Minority
businesses, legal, financial, community,
and government and educator leaders.
This award is presented to individuals
who work to strengthen and grow the
diversity sector local and international.
The Minority Chamber of Commerce, a
global organization for diversity though
leadership has announced that the 2015
Minority Gala Award winners are:
Year 2015”
Executive of the Year 2015”
EDDY MARTINEZ: “The International Executive of the Year 2015”
SPRINT: “The Corporate Company of
the Year 2015”
WALTER PRIO: “Minority
Leadership Inspiration Award 2015”
Year 2015”
Professional of the Year 2015”
MARIA REGUEIRO: “Woman of the
Year 2015”
EMILIO GONZALEZ: “Leader of the
Year 2015”
PAUL LESTER: “Lawyer of the Year
AMERICA: “School of the Year 2015”
Year 2015”
PR NEWSWIRE: “The Press Release
Wire Services Company of the Year
PEDRO GOMEZ: “The International
Micro Business of the Year 2015”
Small Business of the Year 2015”
CARTER OUTDOOR: “The Advertising Company of the Year 2015”
JUAN D’ ARCE: “The Minority Hispanic Leader of the Year 2015”
“The recipients of the Minority Gala
Awards 2015 showcase the good that
government and private sector does,
which positively affects our lives every
day,” said Doug Mayorga, Minority
Chamber of Commerce president in a
statement released prior to the gala. “By
honoring these outstanding public servants and corporate private sector executives, we give our communities local and
international's unsung heroes the long
overdue thanks and recognition they
deserve”. For more information and Interview: Press Relations, director@ minoritychamber.net , 202-250.0260
now reach out and get your message in
front of thousands of people in our local community every month!
If you would like to advertise in
The Voice of the Caribbean
70k plus readers
Please call: 305-576-6611or email: Ben Neji at
[email protected]
Borinquen Calendar of Events
*Borinquen Medical Centers will be CLOSED from
Thursday, December 31st, Friday, January 1st and
Saturday, January 2nd.
in observance of the New Year Holiday
Changes in Managed Medicaid Plans Offered at
Borinquen Medical Centers
Borinquen wants everyone to know that we have contracts with almost ALL
available plans, as do our providers! This even includes specialty plans, like those
for clients that are HIV positive. Patients at Borinquen do not need to worry;
they can still see their provider and receive services at any one of our many
locations across the County.
If you have any questions, concerns or would like to speak with an expert,
you can call our Patient Services Department at (305) 576-6611 to speak
with one of our knowledgeable staff members.
Borinquen Medical Centers look forward to continuing to provide the
upmost quality of health care to all of our community and clients. We thank you
for your patience and understanding while these changes are being made.
Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) Program
Statewide Medicaid Managed Care (SMMC) Program
For the MMA Specialty
Plans Region 11:
1. Magellan Complete Care
2. Positive Health Care
3. Sunshine Health
4. Clear Health Alliance
5. Freedom Health Plan
For the MMA Standard
Plans Region 11:
1. Prestige
2. Coventry
3. Simply
4. Molina
5. Preferred Medical
Sunshine Health
United Healthcare
HEALTHY START CLASSES: held at BMC, Main Site, 3601 Federal Hwy,
2nd Floor, Miami, FL 33137, Please call: 305-576-6611
Car Seat distribution and instruction is done monthly depending on availability.
Free Pregnancy Testing is available on the 4th Floor.
*TOPWA Pregnancy Testing:
Monday - Wednesday 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Thursday - No pregnancy testing
Friday - 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Childbirth, Parenting & Breast Feeding
Classes: held at Borinquen Medical Centers,
Main Site, 3601 Federal Hwy, Miami FL 33137,
2nd Floor
Please call: 305-576-6611 Ext. 1414
Every 3rd Saturday of the Month - Childbirth, Parenting & Breastfeeding:
10:00 AM-11:00 AM (Spanish/English)
*SMOKE CESSATION SESSIONS: By appointment only. Available in
English and Spanish. Please call Jessica Cajigas, our Tobacco Treatment
Specialist at: 305-576-1675. Participants are eligible to receive FREE
educational materials and nicotine replacement therapy (patches) through our
affiliation with the Miami-Dade AHEC Tobacco Program.
Spanish. Join the Behavioral Health Resource Center’s B-Care Program for
FREE group counseling to quit tobacco use. Offered every Tuesday from 2:00
PM - 3:00 PM at the Borinquen Case Management Center located at 3550
Biscayne Blvd., Ste. #710, Miami, FL 33137. To register for the group, please
call: Glory Ann Zapata, MS at (305) 576-6611 Ext. 1803.
*SHARED MEDICAL APPOINTMENT: Due to the construction at BMC,
Shared Medical Appointments are currently on hold. Please call Alexander
Lugones, Chronic Disease Nurse Educator, at: 786-715-0723 for any further
questions. Interested patients will be contacted once Shared Medical
Appointments resume.
January 2016 / Issue No. 48
produced by
by Borinquen
Borinquen Medical
Centers of
of Miami-Dade
Miami -Dadeforfor
student health problems and to
improve access to quality
health care and other relevant
community supports through
delivery of comprehensive
services in the schools and appropriate referrals to
community care. BMC’s school health team provides
basic and comprehensive school health services, to
include, behavioral assessment by social workers, health
education, nursing assessment, intervention, and
counseling; chronic disease management, immunizations, medication administration, first aid, and state
mandated screenings (BMI, vision, oral health).
BMC’s school health program consists of a staff of
15 RNs, 24 LPNs, and 5 SWs working conjunctively to
address the health needs of students in 31 MDCPS.
Staffing includes existing staff that are experienced and
knowledgeable in the intricacies of delivering school
~by GUERLINE ANDERSON, Program Coordinator,
health services to students, issues related to student
School Health Program
absenteeism, and the diversity of the populations being
Borinquen Medical Centers (BMC) in collaboration with served. The Program Coordinator is responsible for all
MDCPS, DOH, and TCT has implemented a program that aspects of program oversight, regular monitoring of the
provides the essential foundations to enable children to
quality of program implementation, coordinating staff
reach their full potential. This is a school health program training and incorporating feedback from staff and site
designed to promote a healthy school environment that is administration. The Program coordinator has 9 years of
conducive to student well-being, fosters positive
experience in program monitoring and grant compliance.
behavior, and supports higher academic achievement. The The Registered Nurse Manager is responsible for clinical
program is designed to identify, prevent, or remedy
oversight of all nursing staff, providing direction and
Image courtesy of stockimages at
instruction as needed. The RNs are responsible for the
operation of the health suite and oversee the LPN. The
LCSW is responsible for providing developmental, social,
emotional, and behavioral health screenings and
assessments. Services are delivered through collaboration
of the school health team, the school principal or
designee, and the program coordinator. The health team
and program coordinator work with the school principal
to coordinate hours of operation, coverage, health
screening schedules, health education classes, and
participation in school activities.
This program impacts the community by providing
medical and mental/behavioral services to a population of
children that would not receive any care if not for the
health suites. The students are able to remain in school
rather than being sent home because of the on-site care.
Students are able to receive more education and decrease
absences and truancy. Many of these students if sent
home would not have the appropriate supervision, which
would allow greater opportunity for mischief. The staff is
very well acquainted with the students that they serve and
able to detect underlying issues and provide the
appropriate care or referrals. For some of these students
the attention and genuine care and concern that they
receive from our SHP staff serves as their only means of
positive attention and affection. The living and societal
conditions that some of these kids are exposed to are
unimaginable; some with no food or clothing;
>>p 11
Have You Met Our School Health Program Team?
Borinquen’s teams cover a wide range of specialties and are experts in their fields. Our primary care providers have extensive training
in a variety of medical areas including adult medicine, pediatrics, children and seniors.
Your health and well being are our primary concern!
Dr. Deborah Gracia
Borinquen Medical Centers School Health Program
Barbara Kubilus
Welcome to Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami-Dade’s School Health Program! Here at BMC, you can expect access to a team of
Chief Special
Chief Medical Officer expertly trained doctors, nurses and medical assistants, the latest in technology, a newly designed state-of-the-art health care facility,
Programs Officer
along with a standard of excellent health care in a safe, comfortable and friendly environment. This is the exceptional care you would
expect from a Federally Qualified Health Care teaching medical center. We not only strive to provide easy access to outstanding healthcare, but we do so in a
warm, caring and supportive environment paying close attention to your well-being. Welcome to our family.
Guerline Anderson,
Program Coordinator
School Health Program
Nicole Aycart
Yva Horrobin,
Karina Herrera
Adriana Quintero,
Ahnie Lora,
Aliana Amador,
Antonia Svarrez Porro,
Antonio Alonso,
Baltazar Martinez
Rodrigo J Lozano,
Behavioral LCSW
Melissa Aime,
Musa Raymonvil,
Nadege Saint Cyr,
Nadia Grant,
Natalia Giordano,
Barbara Denis,
Barbara Rodriguez,
Elder Rodriguez,
Caridad Cuellar,
Carrease Jennings,
Claudia Camero,
Daimys Perez,
Elumene D Juste,
Elizabeth Garcia,
Livia Garcia,
Irama Lioe-A-Tjam,
Jasmine Novoa,
Jessica Mourino,
Dina Escalona,
Julia Vega,
Maguedala Desroches,
Marie Celestin-Martinez
Mark Anthony Pineda,
Stephanie Curry,
Suset De Los Rios,
Tamara Irizarry,
Yareline Rodriguez,
Yisset Vigil,
Lori Holdeman,
January 2016 / Issue No. 48
Medical Centers
Centers of
of Miami-Dade
Miami -Dadefor
by Borinquen
Borinquen Medical
~Keeping Cursive Current!~
~by AMY BAEZ, OTR/L, The Smart Play Curator
As the creator
of a hand
writing program, people
outside of my
profession often
ask me if I
will soon be a
thing of the past
due to the
advancement of technology. They usually
reconsider when I remind them of all the
daily activities we don’t think of that
require handwriting like writing checks,
filling out applications, signing contracts,
etc. What fascinates them, however, is
hearing all the benefits particularly when it
comes to cursive handwriting. Since many
schools have stopped requiring the
instruction of cursive, it has become a lost
art to many. So much so that National
Handwriting Day, January 23rd, was
created to promote the skill and help to
keep it current.
The benefits of handwriting extend
beyond the obvious improvements in fine
motor skills, hand strength, and hand
dexterity. Research shows that handwriting
verses tracing or typing of letters is
important for the early recruitment in letter
processing of three brain regions known to
support successful reading. Therefore,
handwriting may facilitate reading
acquisition in young children. In fact,
research has shown children that learn to
write letters from memory automatically
and quickly may increase the probability
that they will become skilled writers in
terms of composition. This is because
there is better access to thoughts and
information when handwriting flows more
naturally. Cursive has been known to be a
faster and more efficient method for
handwriting, but research also shows that
it is better for learning as well. A 2014
study compared the notes taken by college
students with one group writing in cursive
and the other group typing. The students
that used longhand demonstrated better
understanding and retention of their notes
despite writing less than the typing
students whom recorded more words
verbatim. Lastly, cursive handwriting
stimulates brain synapses and
synchronicity between the left and right
hemispheres, something absent from
printing or typing.
The many benefits of cursive
handwriting create a strong argument in
support of its continued instruction in
schools. Keeping it current is not only
helpful to children and adults as readers
and writers, but as learners overall.
Maintain a cursive practice and reap the
I hope you find this helpful. If your
child struggles with handwriting tasks, talk
to your pediatrician about consulting with
an occupational therapist. Have a playful
Amy Baez is a pediatric occupational
therapist, award-winning handwriting
author, and founder of Playapy. For more
information about Playapy services and
products, visit www.playapy.com or email
[email protected].
Did you Know? Almost half of all Americans make
a New Year’s Resolutions, but 25% of them give up
within 2 weeks. What a bummer!
St. Maarten, an Island Split in Two
Spanish reclaimed Saint Martin in an
attempt to
As you may
control the
thriving salt
trade, but
lost interest
Centers of
15 years
the end of
Comprehenthe 80 Years
sive Primary
War. With
Care services
the Spanish
at many
gone, the
French and
throughout the
Corsair Airbus A330 at SXM Bidini" by Aldo Bidini - http://
Miami area.
jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=5908899&nseq=51. Licensed under quickly reGFDL 1.2 via Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/
Our Medical
their own
stretch from North Miami through the
In 1648, the Treaty of Concordia was
Little Haiti and Design District
signed between both parties, splitting the
communities past the Miami River
territory in two with the Dutch claiming
extending along Flagami to West Dade/S the southern portion of the island which
Sweetwater and finally south at the
they renamed Sint Maarten.
professional building at Kendall Regional
After an economic downfall, Sint
Medical Center. That certainly covers a
Maarten focused its attention on tourism
lot of territory and exposes us to many
and by the 1950s became a major tourist
culturally diverse communities. We are
destination for the Dutch. The tropical
extremely proud to say our staff mirrors
island was beautiful and boasted
the people we serve. In all our locations
unspoiled beaches, mountains and
you will find bilingual and even trilingual lagoons. By the 1990s the island’s
staff to greet and help you! With that in
population expanded ten-fold as people
mind we wanted to take a look at some of from the Lesser Antilles, Hispaniola,
the places that our community and our
Curacao, the United States, Europe and
own staff travel from to reach this
Asia immigrated to the island.
mélange of rich cultures that is Miami.
Today the island is known for its white
In the Eastern Caribbean lies the island sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and
country of Sint Maarten. Part of the
lushes tropical mountains covered in
Kingdom of the Netherlands, Sint
rainforest. Several of BMC’s very own
Maarten consists of the southern 40% of
employees have visited and toured the
the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. The tropical Island, including Gwendolyn
remainder of this tropical paradise is
Bennett, Communication Department
controlled by the French. While both the
Manager, and Susan Alvarez, Staff
Dutch and French own the island, it was
Photographer and Editor. Sint Maarten’s
discovered and named by Christopher
biggest claim to fame today is the famous
Columbus during his second voyage to the runway at Princess Juliana International
West Indies and was originally claimed as Airport where landing airplanes pass
a Spanish territory. The Spanish, however, merely 35 meters above the heads of
took little interest in the island, allowing
beach goers below! For those on the beach
the Dutch and French to colonize Saint
next to the airport, a once in a lifetime,
Martin. Both the Dutch and French
close-up opportunity of landing planes is
coveted the location of the island for their offered as the aircrafts appear to skirt
own reasons and soon successful colonies dangerously close to the spectators below.
Resources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
emerged causing the Spanish to take a
second glance at the territory. In 1633 the Sint_Maarten
January 2016 / Issue No. 48
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Make 2016 YOUR Year!
Image courtesy of pakorn at
It’s that
time of
again. A
new year stretches ahead, filled with
possibilities and fresh opportunities to turn
those resolutions into realities. You’ve
likely set your goals and enthusiastically
taken a step or two toward them. Why not
make this year different? Rather than
looking at setting the same old resolutions,
why not decide that this will be the year
you get serious about making changes that
lead to the success you want.
What is the one thing that would make
the most difference for you if it was
handled? Is it a problem that needs to be
addressed? Is there an opportunity that
would catapult your career, business or
personal life to a new level? Do you need
to deal with a difficult client, employee or
supervisor? Would you benefit from
starting a fitness program, paying off debt
or scheduling regular time off?
To produce a different result,
something will need to change. What you
have done up until now has gotten you
where you are. Doing the same thing going
forward, is going to keep you there.
Change can be frightening and
uncomfortable. That’s why many people
choose to continue repeating past
behaviors rather than risking a change that
will take them to their most cherished goal
or dream. Is there a change you've wanted
to make, but just haven't been able to get
started? Why not begin today? Here are
four tips to help you:
Decide that you will make a change.
Hope is not a strategy. Rather than sitting
around hoping things will change, decide
that you will commit to doing something
different in order to create different results
in your life, your relationships or your
Get clear on your desired outcome. It’s
hard to hit a target you can’t see. If you
don’t know where you are going, how will
you know when you get there? Where do
you see yourself once the change has
become a reality? What is important about
the goal?
Create a plan. Develop a plan to use as
your roadmap and guide. It is easier to
make progress when you have outlined the
steps to take. A clear plan will act as a
compass to keep you on course amidst the
hundreds of distractions you will face
along the way.
Get into action. Once you decide to
make a change, it's time to take action.
Many people get stuck at this crucial step,
letting their fear of the unknown stop them
from moving forward. By taking action,
you create momentum and positive energy
to propel you forward.
What will you do differently this year?
Why not make 2016 the year you go for it!
Pat Morgan, MBA and Professional
Coach, works with busy professionals to
become more profitable and productive by
capitalizing on their strengths and taking
focused action to create powerful change.
Happy Birthday Dr. King!
is finally
here and
we have
a very
to celebrate
MLK Memorial NPS photo" by Source
(WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via
Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
18th, will mark Martin Luther King Jr.
Day! While his actual birthday falls on
January 15th, Americans across the country take the day to honor Dr. King and his
many achievements in history on the 3rd
Monday of every January. In fact, Martin
Luther King Jr. is one of only three
individuals in the United States to have a
national holiday in which they are
honored for their significant role in
American history (George Washington
and Christopher Columbus are the other
two). To ensure that Dr. King and his
legacy would be properly honored and
remembered for his vital role in our
nation’s history, former President Bill
Clinton signed the Martin Luther King
Day of Service into law on August 23,
We honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
by celebrating his life and legacy and by
remembering the vital role that he played
in the American Civil Rights Movement.
America would not be the nation it is
today without the pivotal role he played
in inspiring the country to give equal
rights to all citizens, no matter their race
or ethnicity. Dr. King’s nonviolent and
peaceful approach to getting equal rights
continues to inspire our nation and has
been cited as one of the most profound
movements in American history. On
April 4th, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King
Jr.’s life was tragically cut short when he
was assassinated by a sniper on the
balcony of his hotel room in Memphis,
Tennessee. His death took place only one
day after his famous and powerful “I’ve
Been to the Mountaintop” speech.
While his life was taken away much
too soon, his legacy continues to live on
today. To ensure that his life and the role
he played in our history is properly
honored, many organizations, universities
and volunteer groups spend their Martin
Luther King Day of Service helping their
communities through a variety of local
events. By donating their time to help
others they are able to honor the man
who lost his life while trying to make
our nation a better place.
Have you tried to quit smoking?
Have you relapsed with Nicotine?
Do you need support to quit?
Are you sick or experiencing medical problems
because of your smoking?
Now is the opportunity, for you are not alone, and
the support that you need is here:
Borinquen Behavioral Resource Center B-Care
program offers group counseling to quit smoking
every Tuesday at 2:00PM-3:00PM for six weeks.
Contact us to register (305) 576-6611 Ext. 1803,
Glory Ann Zapata, MS
Image courtesy of zdiviv at
Available in English & Spanish
Don’t Forget to Check Us Out
We’re Only a Click Away!
Folic Acid Awareness &
A Healthy Pregnancy
~by SILVANA VASQUEZ, Registered and
License Dietician/Nutritionist
January 4-10 is National Folic Acid
Awareness Week, but what exactly is folic
acid? Why is it important to your health
and where can you get it? As a Registered
Dietician and Nutritionist, I am here to
inform all my readers of what the
importance of this nutrient is and how you
can include it in your diet. Folate (Folacin)
and Folic acid are forms of a water soluble
B vitamin. Folate is the form that occurs
naturally in foods and folic acid is the
synthetic form that is added to foods, as
required by law since 1998. Folic acid is
needed for the proper development of the
human body and is involved in producing
the genetic material called DNA as well as
other numerous bodily functions.
Folic acid is used for preventing and
treating low blood levels of folate (folate
deficiency) and complications, including
anemia and other conditions such as ulcerative colitis, liver disease, alcoholism, kidney dialysis, among others. Women who
are pregnant or might become pregnant
must take folic acid to promote a healthy
pregnancy and to prevent miscarriages and
neural tube defects. Birth defects such as
spina bifida occur when the fetus’ spine
and back do not close during development,
but can be prevented by taking folic acid.
Food sources that are rich in folate
include lentils, dried beans and peas, green
and leafy vegetables such as broccoli,
spinach, collards and turnip greens,
asparagus, lima beans and fruits like
bananas, oranges, lemons and cantaloupe.
Citrus fruits and juice and meat sources
including beef liver and kidneys are also
rich in natural folate. Foods such as
enriched cereals and other grains are
fortified with the synthetic form; folic
acid. Eating foods with both the naturally
occurring vitamin and the synthetic version are both very important to avoid
becoming deficient.
January is the observance month for
birth defects and is very important to
increase the awareness and educate women
about prevention in order to promote
healthy pregnancies and deficiencies of
folic acid that could lead to complications
or birth defects. The American Congress
of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
(ACOG) and the March of Dimes
recommend women of childbearing age to
take a multivitamin with folic acid, daily,
and to eat a healthy diet that includes the
foods containing folate and folic acid as an
important step to assure a healthy
pregnancy and a healthy baby!
Silvana Vasquez is a Registered and
Licensed Dietician and Nutritionist. To
schedule an appointment with her, please
call: (305) 576-1599.
Resources: http://www.folicacidinfo.org/; http://
Sticking With Your Resolution This Year
~by SILVANA VASQUEZ, Registered and carbohydrates by limiting servings to a
License Dietician/Nutritionist
maximum of 1 cup at meals.
Many of us have made resolutions
(3) Reward yourself when you actually
before, but as the New Year came and
get it done! Put a check mark on your
went we somehow saw our resolutions
calendar marking the days you have
slip away and found that it was just too
accomplished your task (walking, going
difficult to stick with them. I will let you to the gym, drinking more water, etc.)
know that you are not alone in this! Many and treat yourself to something you
people make resolutions each year, but
enjoy, but avoid rewarding yourself with
most don’t follow through and by spring food so that you do not sabotage your
have completely abandoned their plan.
Let me share a
Now to make it
tip or two with
happen! The fact is,
you to make
according to a
sure you
finding from a
actually stick
with your resoresearcher at the
lution this time
Stanford University
around! In order
(tinyhabits.com); it
to start off with
is easier to learn a
a fresh New
new behavior when
Year, consider
you actually tie it to
the following
a behavior you
tips before
already practice.
writing down
This improves the
the list of goals Image courtesy of Sujin Jetkasettakorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net likelihood for the
that you wish to
new behavior to
accomplish in 2016:
become a habit. Bellow are a few
(1) Consider the reason for your
examples of how to link a new behavior,
resolution. Is it something that is really
or ACTION, to a GOAL you wish to
important for you to achieve? Is it a
accomplish. Use these tips to stay on
behavior you desire to change? Is
track with your New Year’s Resolution in
something that will help you get healthy? 2016!
Perhaps finally losing the weight you
(1) I want to eat healthier; I WILL eat a
always wished you could? If it’s about
salad or vegetable each day.
weight (one of the top New Year’s
(2) I want to decrease stress; I WILL
Resolutions), be both specific and
walk for at least 20-30 minutes daily.
realistic and start off with a smaller goal (3) I want to cut down on sugar; I WILL
of shedding a few pounds and losing
limit myself to one sweet treat a day.
more as you go.
(4) I want to drink more water; I WILL
(2) Try one or two goals that are realistic carry a bottle of water with me and drink
and time manageable. Instead of “losing it.
ten pounds within a week,” try to focus
(5) I want to sleep more; I WILL go to
on action driven behaviors such as
bed 30 minutes earlier than my regular
starting to walk for 30 minutes two or
bed time.
three times a week or cutting down on
Have a wonderful New Year!
As your Healthcare Provider, we want you to
know that you are valued; therefore, we kindly
ask you to let us know how we’re doing. Please
call: 305-576-6611 to speak with one of our
Communication Specialists. We would like to
hear from you, our patients, clients, and partners
to provide us with feedback (positive and/or
negative) about anything which may include our
service, customer care, programs, processes, etc.
We look forward to hearing from you. Your
voices are already being heard and put into action.
Image Courtesy of imagerymajestic at
January 2016 / Issue No. 48
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Drug and
Alcohol Facts
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Drugs are substances that
change the way a
person’s body and
mind works regardless if they are
legal or illegal.
Different drugs
produce different
effects depending if they slow down the
nervous system, increase the activity of
the brain or alter perception and cause
hallucinations. They fall into different
categories such as depressants, stimulants and hallucinogens. People use
drugs for various reasons for example,
as a way to escape problems or reality,
to fit in certain groups or even out of
boredom. At first drugs will seem like
the solution and that they are your
friend, but in the long run, they may
cause harm to your health or create even
more significant problems.
National Drug & Alcohol Facts
Week (NDAFW) is observed between
January 25-31 to educate teens and
shatter myths about drugs. In honor of
National Drug Facts Week, I’ll be sharing 20 facts about drugs and alcohol.
Some of them you
may be aware of,
others you may learn
for the first time.
1. Alcohol is the
most commonly
used substance and
the 2nd leading
cause of death in the
U.S. is alcoholrelated accidents.
2. 45% of high
school students nationwide drank alcohol, and 19.7%
smoked pot during a one-month period.
3. Ecstasy or Mollys allow the user to
dance for long periods at hot and
crowded raves. This can lead to extreme
dehydration and heart or kidney failure.
4. Cocaine is an addictive stimulant
drug made from the leaves of the coca
plant native to South America. Crack is
a form of cocaine that has been processed to make a rock crystal that can
be smoked. Crack cocaine is highly addictive and can make people feel paranoid, angry, hostile and anxious, even
when they aren’t high.
5. Inhalants are dangerous chemicals
that make you feel high when you
breathe them into your lungs (also
called huffing or sniffing). These chemicals are found in household cleaners,
spray cans, glue, and even permanent
markers. People who use inhalants can
lose their sense of smell and suffer from
nausea and nosebleeds. Inhalant users
may develop liver, lung and kidney
6. Synthetic drugs such as Spice, K2
and bath salts are often falsely advertised as “safe,” “natural” and “legal”
highs. “Bath Salts” are not the ones
used in a tub. They are toxic drugs
whose effects are unpredictable. They
often contain a varied mix of chemicals,
so even if the packaging looks the same,
one never knows what the product contains.
7. Crystal meth creates a false sense of
well-being and energy. While on
“meth” a person will push their body
faster and further than it is meant to go.
They might talk and move around a lot.
They might not stop to eat or sleep.
Crystal meth withdrawal symptoms
include restlessness, aches and pains in
the bones, diarrhea, vomiting and severe
discomfort. Chronic crystal meth users
may have episodes of violent behavior,
paranoia, anxiety, confusion, and insomnia.
8. Drugs affect the brain since the first
time they are used. Drug users are typically absent from their jobs 66% higher
than other employees.
9. The cannabis plant contains the mind
-altering chemical delta-9tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other
related compounds. The amount of
THC in marijuana has been increasing
steadily, creating more harmful effects
for users. Marijuana affects your
memory, reflexes and coordination.
10. More than 1,600 teens begin abusing prescription drugs each day. The
most commonly abused prescription
drugs are pain medications, sleeping
pills, anti-anxiety medications, and
stimulants. Two-thirds of people 12 and
older (68%) who have abused prescription pain relievers within the past year
say they got them from a friend or relative.
11. GHB, known as G, is a colorless
liquid that is usually swallowed and
used to improve athletic performance.
Popular among the club and rave scene,
it acts as a stimulant and aphrodisiac.
12. Cough and cold medicines containing codeine are mixed with soda and
called “lean” are popular in rap songs
and abused by teens. There have been
several arrests among rappers and football players related to this drug combination.
13. According to the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH),
an estimated 9.9 million people aged 12
or older reported driving under the influence of illicit drugs during the year
14.18 percent of drivers killed in an
accident tested positive for at least one
15. Hallucinogenics can be made naturally or synthetically. Lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD is the most common
synthetic hallucinogen. It can be sold on
small pieces of paper or “stamps” decorated with different cartoons or smiley
faces. Natural hallucinogenic compounds can be found in some plants and
mushrooms and
have been used
mostly during religious rituals for centuries. These include
mescaline, psilocybin or “magic mushrooms.”
16. SAMHSA Drug
Abuse Warning
Network (DAWN)
report showed that
hospital emergency room visits related
to the use of methamphetamine rose
from about 68,000 in 2007 to about
103,000 in 2011. More than 60% of
these visits involved the use of methamphetamine with at least one other substance.
17. Flakka, a new synthetic drug causing multiple deaths in Broward and Miami Dade County can be snorted,
smoked, injected, or swallowed. It can
raise your body temperature up to 108
degrees. Its effects include paranoia,
rage, “super human strength,” and violent behavior.
18. Heroin is an opioid drug derived
from the Asian opium poppy plant.
Chronic users may develop collapsed
veins, infection of the heart lining and
valves, abscesses, constipation and gastrointestinal cramping, and liver or kidney disease. Pulmonary complications,
including various types of pneumonia,
may result from the poor health of the
user as well as from heroin’s effects on
breathing. A heroin overdose causes
slow and shallow breathing, blue lips
and fingernails, clammy skin, convulsions, coma, and can be fatal.
19. “Synthetic cannabinoids” refer to a
growing number of man-made and mind
-altering chemicals that are either
sprayed on dried, shredded plant material so they can be smoked (herbal incense) or sold as liquids to be vaporized
and inhaled in e-cigarettes. In 2012,
11.3% of high school seniors reported
using synthetic marijuana in the past
20. Prescription and over-the-counter
(OTC) drugs are, after marijuana and
alcohol, the most commonly abused
substances by Americans 14 and older.
You might think that only certain
types of people can get addicted to
drugs or that it can never happen to you.
The truth is, it can happen to anyone
whether you're young or old, rich or
poor, male or female. If you would like
to learn more about drugs and their effects or if you know someone who is
struggling with substance use, please
contact one of the STOPP-E counselors
at Borinquen Behavioral Health Center
at 305-576-1599 ext. 3117
References: http://www.drugfreeworld.org/home.html;
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Results from the 2013 National Survey on
Drug Use and Health: Summary of National Findings,
NSDUH Series H-48, HHS Publication No. (SMA) 144863. Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental
Health Services Administration, 2014; Substance Abuse
and Mental Health Services Administration
(SAMHSA). Results from the 2013 National Survey on
Drug Use and Health: Detailed Tables. Rockville, MD:
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; 2014.
January 2016 / Issue No. 48
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
UNIDAD of Miami Beach
Annual Holiday Gift and
Toy Program
Each year we all look forward to
the joy and sparkle of
the Holiday Season.
Celebrations, good
times with family,
spiritual reflections,
food, gifts and giving
thanks are all a part of
our traditions. But
during these times of
economic downturn,
many seniors and
needy children in our
community may feel that they are
Thanksgiving came early to the
left out of these wonderful experiseniors of the Dorothy Quintana
ences. To share the wonder of the
Senior Arts Program, held at
season with those less fortunate,
Roberto Clemente Park’s CommuUNIDAD of Miami Beach, Inc.,
nity Center. Mayor Tomás
along with Standard Parking and
Regalado, City of Miami, made his
annual donation of turkeys to the
seniors. The Senior Arts Program,
led by Maribel Camacho, Art Instructor, where low income seniors
meet several days a week for arts &
crafts, lectures on health, nutrition
and other issues of importance to
seniors, and a warm meal.
Joining the mayor was Borinquen
Medical Centers of Miami-Dade
the City of Miami Beach Mayor
and Commissioners, have provided
holiday cheer via the City's largest
annual gift delivery program for the
past eighteen years. In December
hundreds of children received gifts!
Needy children from our local
schools and child care centers,
Chairwoman Eva Perez,
along with seniors from our proaccompanied by her fellow Board
grams and area housing projects
Members Hilda Rivera, Nester
were invited to participate. Our colChardon, and Luis de Rosa. As part
lective good will and the delight of
of Borinquen Medical Centers outgift giving shows participants that
reach, the Medical Center donated
we care enough to ensure they are
Publix Gift Cards to the seniors.
not left out of the happiness of the
January 2016 / Issue No. 48
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Couples Testing
, Stronger Together.
The Ryan White Medical Case Management Team and
PAC Waiver Case Management Program
are located at the Regions Bank Building
3550 Biscayne Blvd., Suite #508, Miami, FL 33137
The following is contact information for all case managers:
TEL: 305-576-6611 / FAX: 786-476-2830
Ryan White Medical Case Management Team
Our Ryan White Medical Case Management Team offers ● Medical Case
Management ● Health Insurance Services ● Outpatient Medical Care ● Mental
Health Therapy/Counseling ● Food Services ● Legal Services ● Oral Health
Care ● Outreach Services ● Prescription Drugs ● Psychosocial Support
Services ● Substance Abuse Counseling – Outpatient Treatment and
Residential Treatment ● Transportation Services ● Transportation Voucher
Rosemonde Francis, Case Management Supervisor: x1712
Angel Camacho, Prevention Case Manager: x1711
Oscar Galeano, Case Manager: x3316
Aline Pierre Jean, Case Manager: x1706
Victoria Garcia, Case Manager: x1709
Rhonda Wright, Case Manager: x1707
Marie Fleurimond, Case Manager: x1708
Pac Waiver Case Management Program
Our Medical PAC Waiver Program provides home and community-based
services to eligible recipients that are at risk for hospitalization, but are able
to be maintained safely in the home.
Getting an HIV test can be difficult, if not downright scary and telling your partner the
results can be even more difficult. Testing Together provides an opportunity for you
and your partner to have your HIV test together and get your test results together, with a
trained counselor present to help you talk about the results. Testing Together and receiving your results together can start an ongoing healthy conversation between you
and your partner about HIV in your relationship and allow you to talk openly about
building a protection plan together.
Borinquen now provides this service to our community. Couples Testing (CT) every:
Wednesday: 8:30am to 3:30pm and Friday:8:30am to 2:00pm
CT takes place at the following BMC locations:
Information and guidelines for testing:
Armides Pena, PAC Waiver Coordinator: x1701
Diana Ramirez, PAC Lead Case Manager: x1702
Mayte Su-Lanza, Case Manager: x1703
Carlos Garcia, Case Manager: x1704
Rose Louis, Case Manager: x1705
Priscilla Reyes, Case Manager: x1723
Harold Ponce, Assistant: x1721
In the event that you cannot get in contact with a case manager, please contact
either Rosemonde Francis x1712 (Ryan White Medical Case Management
Supervisor) or Armides Pena x1701 (PAC Waiver Coordinator).
1. The couple must be sexually active for a minimum of three (3) months.
2. The couple must commit to receiving the HIV results together.
3. During the counseling session (and after) the couple must commit to not discussing
any past risk factors.
4. The couple must commit to not disclosing the partner’s results.
Emilio Lopez Pavilion,
Behavioral Health
4th Floor
Resource Center
3601 Federal Highway
100 NE 38th Street, Ste. # 5
Miami, FL 33137
Miami, FL 33137
Tel: (305) 576-6611
Tel: (305) 576-1599
(ask for Moises Hernandez) (ask for Raul Rodriguez)
Drop-In Education
& Access Center
12603 NE 7th Avenue
North Miami, FL 33161
Tel: (786) 476-1005
(ask for Wendy Aquino)
Lunch & Learn
~ANGEL CAMACHO, Prevention Case Manager
The ever popular and extremely informative Lunch & Learn
series continues with knowledgeable speakers and vital
information for your well-being.
This year all the Focus is on Prevention!
In case you haven't heard, 'Getting to Zero' is the theme for this
year's "World AIDS Day 2015" and beyond campaign. Here at
BMC, we plan on doing just that by focusing on retention to care with client, Medical
Case management, Peer Education, CRCS, Outreach and linkage to care with a primary care physician. BMC will educate and encourage patients to test
and know their status and the prevention methods of PrEP & PEP for
Lunch and Learn Education groups
World AIDS Day Lunch was held on December 3rd, by RSVP ONLY, at City Hall Restaurant and was sponsored by Donna Sabatino,
RN, ACRN, Community Liaison Manager from Janssen Therapeutics. Dr. Santiago from Care Resource gave the presentation regarding PREZCOBIX and the Wisdom Campaign. This Lunch and Learn
was unique because participants were able to sign up via texting the
word: WISDOM to 272437 or visiting PREZCOBIX.com. Learn
from the Wisdom of others to help you find your own.
Guests were given gift bags with pill boxes, water bottles, t shirts, hand sanitizers,
pens, condoms, PREZCOBIX brochures, and invitations to the next Lunch & Learn
for 2016.
The schedule for the next three (3) sessions of the popular Lunch and Learn series:
Thursday, January 21st, 2016, from 12pm-1pm by RSVP ONLY, at Borinquen Wellness & Specialty Care Center located at 100 NE 38th Street, Suite # 3 and sponsored
by ViiV Pharmaceuticals. ViiV Healthcare is a global specialist HIV company dedicated to delivering advances in treatment and care for people living with HIV. For
more info: www.viivhealthcare.com. Core topic: ‘Classification of medications’
Thursday, February 18th, 2016, from 12pm-1pm by RSVP ONLY, at Borinquen
Wellness & Specialty Care Center located at 100 NE 38th Street, Suite # 3. This event
will be presented by Donna Sabatino, RN, ACRN, Community Liaison Manager from
Janssen Therapeutics. www.PREZCOBIX.com. Core topic: HIV Essentials
Thursday, March 24th, 2016, from 12pm-1pm by RSVP ONLY, at Borinquen Wellness & Specialty Care Center located at 100 NE 38th Street, Suite # 3. Nestor Chardon from University of Miami will be presenting at the event and the core topic will
be Adherence.
The BMC Lunch & Learn series is a very popular event. They are ongoing
monthly and by RSVP ONLY per case manager invitation. If you would like to
attend or are interested in more information, please call for dates and times:
(305) 576-6611 Ext. 1711 or Email: [email protected]
Borinquen Health Care Center, Inc. is an equal opportunity
employer. BHCC provides an excellent benefit plan, a friendly
environment, offers opportunity for growth and is family oriented.
Current Job Openings for:
Billing Collection Specialist
Communication Center Operator
Dental Assistant
Dental Front Desk
Family Medicine Physician
Front Desk Clerk
Healthy Start Care Coordinator
Internal Medicine Physician
Medical Assistant
OBGYN Provider
Patient Medication Specialist
Referrals Specialist
Registration/Medical Records
School Health Program - Administrative Assistant
School Health Program - LPN
To view the full job descriptions & to apply online:
If you have any questions regarding employment, please call the
Human Resources Department at 305-576-6611 Ext. 1339.
If you would like to fax in a resume, please fax to 786-476-2824.
Miami Hurricanes
Richt is back!
In College Football news; Mark Richt is back in the City of Magic, set to begin coaching next season for the Miami Hurricanes. Richt, a UM alum and former quarterback
for the Hurricanes, was excited to be back home and is looking forward to coaching the
team he once played for. After 15 seasons with the University of Georgia Bulldogs, he
looked forward to a new beginning and confided to news outlets that he planned to stay
and eventually retire with the Hurricanes. Although he was technically fired from Georgia, UM athletic director, Blake James, was quick to get Richt onboard for Miami and
saw his addition to the team as a move in the right direction. The team was also excited
to meet their new coach back in December and look forward to improving their game in
the season to come. The Hurricanes haven’t won a Championship title since 2001, but
hopefully with Richt onboard they can up their game and secure some more titles for
December 22nd - January 19th
Capricorn, the final sign of the zodiac calendar, is due for a
complicated and challenging end to the 2015 year. Throughout the month of December, you will find yourself struggling
to stay above water in both your career and home life. It will
be a time in which you will have to let some things go, but
not too much because simply “going with the flow” is not a good strategy for you at
this time. The key is to find balance. You may notice that while you seem to be
clawing your way up through the world and struggling through every obstacle that is
laid before you that others in your circle seem to have the world handed to them.
While this may irritate you, do not act out! Instead, continue to focus on what you
need to accomplish now. The rewards are just ahead in your future, but you will
have to work hard (as you always do!) to get them. In your romantic life, things will
become blissful and calm. Your partner and you will find that you are happier with
each other now than ever before. Take advantage of this peace; show your affection
and gratitude for having them in your life. You may find yourself in a position with
family and friends in which you wish to express your point of view on a tricky situation. Be wary not to reveal too much, just stick to the facts to avoid drama. Right
now being vague can work to your advantage.
Disclaimer: The articles in this newspaper are provided for and contain general information about various health
care topics. The information may not be complete or comprehensive. You should not rely on the information in this
newspaper as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or healthcare provider. Nothing contained in this
newspaper should be construed nor is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in
place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers. Should you have any healthcare related
questions, please call or see your physician or other qualified healthcare providers promptly. Always consult with
your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before embarking on a new treatment, diet or fitness program.
January 2016 / Issue No. 48
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Wise Investment In Our Future
By investing in Borinquen’s employees’ future,
we invest in the future of our community.
By investing in
Borinquen’s employees’ future, we
invest in the future of our
Many find comfort in the fact
that Borinquen is “Centered on
Family” and feel confident in the
work being done so much so that
they bring their entire family here
for all their health care needs.
“The only way to do great work is
to love what you do.” ~Steve Jobs
Borinquen is known for having
long, long tenures in its wheelhouse. One such team member is
Milagros ‘Mily’ Sinfonte who has
been employed at BMC over 29
years. “I’ve been a patient since I
was 14 years old, so it’s been 42
plus years being around the clinic,”
she happily states. All of Mily’s
children, and now her grandchildren are patients as well. Some
even travel back to Miami from
Orlando for annual doctor visits
because of the relationships they’ve
built over the years! “My grandkids
love their pediatrician, Dr. Fuentes,
for being so sweet and caring and
Carol has been their nurse since the
first one was born 12 years ago.
She is lovable and very caring and
my grandkids just love her!” said
“My very first job here was a
receptionist in the back utility room
closet,” laughs Mily, “then it was
front desk, registration, referral and
on and on.” At her current post, as
Pregnancy Coordinator and Eligibility CAC, Mily is an all-around
specialist in benefits and is known
as somewhat of a guru in the field.
She absolutely loves her job, helping people, especially kids, and can
always be counted on to organize
and/or pitch in on events such as
Santa Parties for patients, and
collecting toys for the various orphanages even as far away as Haiti.
One can say, “She’s all in.”
We hear it all the time, they love
what they do and they love where
they work! It’s important to place
the right people in the right roles
they love because then they will
excel in those roles. The way to
keep people enthusiastic about their
work is by prioritizing in employee
happiness and making sure they are
engaged in the work they love, engagement to make sure they are in
their perfect place.
Lately it seems like many of our
colleagues are moving on up, getting degrees and giving back by
doing great things for our community, so we thought we’d take a
closer look.
Right off Teresa exclaims, “I’m
amazed that I was able to do this!”
And by this, she means able to
achieve her Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management. “If it
wasn’t for the fact that Borinquen
is centered on Family and really
cares about their employees, honestly I don’t think I would have ever been able to finish, but by the
grace of God,” she
goes on to say.
“Paul (Paul Carl
Velez, CAO) has
been the constant,
genuine person
that’s stood behind
me in everything.
No matter what
was going on, I
could call him and
he would understand, and support
Teresa started her tenure at
Borinquen in 2005 with her first
post being that of a receptionist/
front desk clerk for the administra“It's about getting the best people,
retaining them, nurturing a creative
environment & helping to find a
way to innovate.” ~Marissa Mayer
tion office. “Answering phones,”
she says, “gave me the opportunity
to work with everyone and help
everyone. There was only 1 building, 1 location, and just 97 employees at that time and I was the one
making all the copies so I learned
everything while I was expecting
my first child.” She needed only
one more class to get her Bachelor’s degree, but she was late to
everything! Teresa shares, “It was
really hard back then and I was
ready to give up.” Paul stepped in
and encouraged her to continue her
studies. Her hardest subject was
always math and she needed to take
a Statistics course, which she didn’t
think it was possible to pass, but
thanks to all the vote of confidence,
she passed Statistics with an “A!”
“Shortly after that, I’m expecting my 2nd child when Bob (CEO,
Robert Linder) becomes the president of Borinquen and that’s when
things started taking off on a fast
track.” recalls Teresa, “I was given
more and more responsibilities assisting Bob and the
executive staff, and
then was promoted
to Dr. Deborah
Gracia’s assistant.”
Meanwhile the
company is having
trouble keeping the
HR position filled
and Teresa was
offered the post. “I
thought they might
have been trying to
get rid of me because no one stayed in that job for
long.” jokes Teresa, “I didn’t think
I would like it, but soon found myself doing what I liked most, helping people and now I love it, couldn’t be happier.”
Three years ago she started the
Master’s program with Paul’s encouragement. And, by then, her
family life was even more complicated as she was pregnant with her
third child and then, sadly her mom
took ill. “Between doctors’ appointments, hospital stays, the kids’
needs, and my full time job, I barely had time to get to class. I do
have a good support system in
place so I’m blessed to have my
sister in-law and mother in-law.
And of course, Paul has been my
supervisor the entire time that I’ve
been at Borinquen and he’s been
completely understanding about
everything. I certainly can’t complain and I have no regrets. Every
day I told my mom I loved her and
although I’m sad she didn’t make
it, I know she was proud, at least I
>>p 11
January 2016 / Issue No. 48
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Special Rate
We are located at
2500 NW 79th Avenue, Suite 244
Doral, Florida 33122
We also offer D and G Security License Courses
January 2016 / Issue No. 48
Borinquen Medical
Medical Centers
Centers of Miami-Dade
Miami -Dadefor
Health Fair
drive BMC to work so diligently
towards providing access to health care
at any and all costs to those who live
on the fringes of society and the
economy. It is for this reason that
BMC began the annual health fair nine
years ago under the current President
and CEO, Bob Linder.
Many of those who come to the
annual health fair often forgo seeking
medical attention due to costs, lack of
transportation and other factors and are
unaware of the potentially
life threatening ailments
that they suffer from.
Following the event, many
of these individuals are
able to return to the clinic
where they can register as
patients and can even
apply for benefits through
our Benefits and Eligibility
Team. Often times the
conditions they suffer from
are manageable if they
comply with treatments
and medications. BMC
provides them with the
opportunity to take control
of chronic illnesses such as
Diabetes, HIV or
Hypertension among other
basic health problems at little to no
cost. “All of the insurance and billings
is just the process in which to get the
money we need to provide access to
health care for everyone who walks in
our doors,” explains BMC’s Chief
Financial Officer Stephen Williams.
“We can't continue our mission if we
don't scrounge for every penny we can
get from either insurance companies or
from federal grants or fundraising.
What we can’t get, we have to charge
the patients for, but only a little bit and
only to those that can afford it. We try
to pull all of this together to provide
everyone with the health care they
need. If not for the grants, insurance
billings, fundraising and minimal fees,
we could not continue to help those
that are in need and can simple not
afford health care.” As such, at BMC,
we truly value and appreciate all of our
funders and sponsors who have
generously contributed to our cause
throughout the year. Each year, BMC
holds events such as our annual High
Rollers Casino Night in which
community leaders and various
become a neighborhood staple with a
line slowly forming outside the clinic
before daylight and stretching for
blocks down Federal Highway. This
year was no exception and as the gates
opened at 9:00AM, thousands of
individuals poured in to the event they
have patiently waited for all year.
While the official numbers and
statistics are not yet fully compiled, it
is estimated that nearly 2,300 people
received screenings at this year’s
health fair and more than $45,000 in
Wise Investment in our Future >>p. 9
got to be with her for 32 whole years
of my life and got to tell her that I love
her every day.”
Teresa gives credit to Borinquen
and says she is just one of the many
team members whose lives are
changed for the better. “Borinquen
nurtures many of its employees and
helps them in developing and shaping
their careers.”
Azin Amirshahi credits BMC for
helping her realize that she can do
more in her career. She says “I’m
really thankful to Borinquen to be
giving me this opportunity to pursue
my education and helping me on my
way to achieving my goals of
becoming a Dental Hygienist.” Azin
continues, “Borinquen’s dental
department has a very good reputation
of providing excellent care. They are
up there on the top of the referral list at
my school. After I graduate I would
love to continue working at Borinquen
as a Hygienist and helping the people
of this community. This is one of the
best places to work and the experience
would be unparalleled. It’s amazing to
see how the dental staff thoroughly
follows all the steps in infection
control as I have learned in school.
Everyone is always courteous and
professional. I would love to be a part
of that in the near future.”
Glory Ann Zapata: Started as a
At BMC’s Behavioral Health
practicum student, went on to get her
Resource CenMaster’s in
ter, there are
Science, went
on to
success stories.
become a
Dr. Leila
therapist for B
-care, and is
cites, “Some
pursuing liof our staff
continued their
more of our
education and
counselors are
have advanced
in their careers Teresa Mazard’s three children playing at BMC’s 4th Annual
Pediatric Health Fair
because of
Sam Kedem: Completed his
and licensure and have expressed
internship and dissertation while at
gratitude for being allowed to grow in
Borinquen and went on to get his PhD their respective fields while working
and is now the Project Coordinator for here at Borinquen.”
What’s the take away? If it’s one
Carmen Pineiro: Started as a
thing we take away from our closer
practicum student, went on to get her
look, is that investing in its employees'
Master’s in Science, went on to
future is of the utmost importance to
become a substance abuse counselor
the health of its community.
for STOPP-E, and is now a Licensed
Dade County.”
Mental Health Counselor
Azin Amirshahi working in Dental Program
Commissioner Audrey Edmonson,
Commissioner Willy Gort and Raquel
Regalado, School Board Member
District 6, are all strong supporters of
BMC and its Mission and were proud
to be in attendance on this special day.
Harve A. Mogul, president and CEO of
United Way of Miami-Dade, was in
attendance, celebrating their recent
milestone of helping the community
save more than $2million on the cost
of prescription medicines by offering
free flu shots provided by Walgreens.
Many of BMC’s Board
members were present
at the event and were
honored to show their
support for a cause they
hold dear to their heart.
The guest of honor was
BMC founder Emilio
Lopez himself who
attended the health fair
and ceremony, making it
a point to greet everyone
working at the fair as
well as many of the
attendees. BMC’s
newest employees were
thrilled to finally meet
Mr. Lopez in person as
was evident by their lit
up faces as he made his
organizations gather and contribute to food vouchers were distributed to
rounds. By the end of the ceremony
our cause. These funds are exclusively individuals and families. A free lunch Mr. Lopez was once again moved to
reserved for the annual health fair
was also provided to those who
see how his legacy has continued to
event and in particular, to the food
dropped by along with entertainment
grow to better serve the community he
vouchers that are distributed to all our including a live DJ and a special
fought so hard to help.
performance by the Miami Heat
By the close of the health fair and
After nine years of hosting this
Dancers and their mascot Berni.
rededication ceremony, many of
particular community event, BMC has
This year, however, was a little
BMC’s dedicated employees took a
perfected the art of holding health
different with special guests attending moment to pause and reflect on
fairs. The community looks forward to the health fair as part of a rededication another successful community event.
receiving these basic screenings and
ceremony held for the newly
After hours of working diligently to
exams and count on receiving food
remodeled Emilio Lopez Pavilion. City provide medical, dental and behavioral
vouchers to help put a Thanksgiving
of Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado was health screenings to thousands of
Dinner on the table the following
in attendance and provided warm
individuals from the community, many
weekend. Over the years, it has
words about BMC at the unveiling.
were exhausted yet satisfied.
January 2016 / Issue No. 48
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Year In Review
>>>p. 1
those accomplishments from BMC’s
numerous departments.
While these bullet points are only a
snapshot of the steps we have taken at
BMC to bring the standard of healthcare in
our community to the highest level
possible, they help to illustrate how we
continue to improve our practices.
January: BMC’s newly formed
Communication Team heralded the
achievement of the most positive outcomes
and patient satisfaction by surpassing goals
in telephone experience by 75% and was
presented with a “Fire Starter” pin for
outstanding work to each and every one of
the team members Marriage Equality
passes in Florida; by August 2015 it had
gone National. Florida enrolls more people
in Obamacare than any other state and
BMC was at the forefront of this trend
enrolling, educating and assisting record
numbers of individuals once again.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Services funded BMC to develop the BCare program, designed for a population
with Serious Mental Illness, co-morbid
with other medical health issues. Under the
watchful eye of Dr. Leila Charlemagne,
Director of Behavioral Health, B-care
completed year one and started year two of
the project; in which 100 patients with
Serious Mental Illnesses (SMIs) were
enrolled while their health needs are met.
Patients are very receptive to the
integration of medical, mental health, and
case management services. Chief Medical
Officer, Dr. Deborah Gracia has called
B-care “the way we should be practicing
medicine” and would like to see the
integration model one day practiced
throughout all of Borinquen. SAMHSA
Project Officer has commended us for the
services we are providing and the work we
are doing.
February: Driving out breast cancer from
our community, BMC partnered with FIU
to provide free mammograms out of the
Linda Fenner 3D Mobile Mammography
March: The White House invited BMC to
attend President Obama’s town hall
meeting on immigration at FIU, organized
by MSNBC and Telemundo. Jose DiazBalart hosted and Paul Carl Velez, CAO
represented BMC.
April: Once again, BMC teams walked
with their community at the 27th Annual
AIDS Walk Miami and in that same
month, they floated effortlessly down the
parade way alongside Grand Marshal,
Mario Lopez at the 7th Annual Gay Pride
Parade even winning 2 nd place for Best
May: BMC fine-tuned their Cloud Based
The School Health Program
>>>p. 3
some with no guardianship; some literally
running home to avoid violence along
their path. Coming to school and spending
time with the health suite staff is a safe
haven for these kids.
Looking at the program as a whole, I
feel that its benefits are much greater than
the time, effort and costs associated with
delivering the program. The benefits
yielded from this program are priceless. I
believe in the adage “it takes a village”,
and BMC plays a big role in that village.
Children are not asked to be born; they
are brought into this world by no means
of their own, and every child deserves to
be cared for and loved. If not by their own
parents, then by others with the means to
do so. Too many children suffer or fall
through cracks when there is no real valid
reason for that to occur. BMC is a great
technology to develop the Patient Portal to
better serve patients’ needs and to be a
superior medical home center to its
June: News Alert! The revamped, edition
of The Voice of the Caribbean newspaper
introducing BMC to 75k subscribers in the
metropolis of Miami-Dade via our
partnership with the Miami Herald hit
newsstands! Children’s Trust selected
BMC to provide school health services at
31 Miami-Dade Public Schools. Not once,
but twice, BMC is featured in Miami
Living Magazine, published by American
Computer & Tech Corp., an important and
viable magazine in South Florida and
July: “I hear you folks are doing great
things in Miami.” stated presidential
candidate, Mrs. Hillary Clinton upon
meeting and posing for photos with the
BMC team before addressing the invitation
only event at FIU. Lorella Praeli,
DREAMer and immigration activist,
appointed by Clinton to be the Latino
Outreach Director for her campaign,
arranged for BMC’s access. CEO Bob
Linder and BMC’s executives attended
multiple conferences such as: Annual
Florida Sterling Conference; Athena
Health Conference; Annual Meeting and
Educational Summit for Florida
Association of Community Health Centers
(FACHC) among others to discuss policy,
regulations and laws that impact our
community. Various BMC Teams joined
and continue to take part in Local,
National and International programs and
campaigns such as Couples Testing and
Stop HIV One Conversation at a Time. On
his yearly trip and personnel quest to help
his homeland of Haiti, Bernard Guiteau
volunteered with other groups to bring
medical supplies, diaper bags filled with
much needed items and even some toys
donated by BMC and its employees to
some of the poorest of people on the
August: BMC showed its support for the
National Association of Community
Health Centers (NACHC) by becoming a
sponsor for their 50th anniversary of
National Health Center Week. BMC’s
CEO, Bob Linder, attended the Federal
Association of Community Health
Centers’ (FACHC) Annual Meeting and
Educational Summit where he participated
in a variety of workshops, meetings and
open discussions geared towards the
betterment of community health centers.
September: State-of-the-art renovations
completed at BMC’s Flagami location
which opened with much fanfare and was
attended by the community, government
officials, supporters, business partners,
and reputable organization for the quality
service and care that we provide. The
SHP comprises several other providers
but BMC is in a class of its own. The
value of the services provided to these
students is immeasurable. Preventative
care is key to living a healthy life. These
on site health suites provide students with
care that they would otherwise never
receive, allowing for certain problems to
be detected and resolved before it progresses and hopefully preventing a more
complex and more costly condition to
treat and/or resolve. If this program
ceased to exist it would be a great loss to
the community and would pose a greater
financial burden to the MDC tax payers. I
am proud to be part of an organization
that believes in being proactive instead of
providers and politicians. Among the many
dignitaries were Mr. Tom Van Coverden,
President & CEO of the National
Association of Community Health Centers,
(NACHC); City of Miami Mayor, Tomás
Regalado; Commissioner Wilfredo (Willy)
Gort, District 1; and Commissioner Rebeca
Sosa who was instrumental in helping and
delighted to open this location in her
District. BMC continues to support our
Veterans by working alongside local
veterans’ service organizations during the
South Florida Homeless Veterans
Foundation’ Stand Downs to provide vital
medical help to those veterans who are in
need of a myriad of care and by attending
various events organized by Freedom
Veterans of America.
October: BMC hosted its 4th Annual
Pediatric Health Fair where over 100
children from the community attended and
received free medical/dental screenings,
physicals, nutritional counseling and fall
themed goodies! The ever growing BMC
opened a new facility for Administrative
Offices in record time. Outreach teams
widened their reach by participating and
providing testing services to Miami’s
diverse community from the Orgullo
Festival to the Bank United Employee
Wellness Day. BMC’s CSPO, Barbara
Kubilus and Director of Quality Assurance
and Performance Improvement, Diego
Shmuels, attended the 3rd Annual FOCUS
Partner Summit sponsored by Gilead
Sciences in Foster City, CA, where they
participated in 3 days of discussion and
workshops aimed to develop and instill the
best practices in HIV and HCV screening
and linkage to care at FQHCs.
November: BMC partners with American
Cancer Society on a Colorectal Cancer
Screening and Prevention Project to ensure
all patients at average risk of the disease
get screened starting at age 50. BMC
hosted their 3rd Annual High Rollers
As We Go To Print
AHRQ’s mission is to produce
evidence to make health care safer, higher
quality, more accessible, equitable, and
affordable, and to work within the U.S.
Department of Health and Human
Services and with other partners to make
sure that the evidence is understood and
This is also encouraging news for our
community because despite some
improvements, there continues to be
disparities in obtaining quality healthcare
among the populations we serve which
are comprised of racial and ethnic
minorities and low income.
While there is still much work to be
done in improving the Health Insurance
Marketplace and ease of access to health
insurance to those populations, BMC’s
Eligibility Team has shown that they are
dedicated to the cause and devoted to
linking patients and clients to the best
health insurance options for their needs.
If you are interested in enrolling in the
Health Insurance Marketplace, our Eligibility Team is available six days a week to
assist you with enrolling in health
insurance plans offered through the
Affordable Care Act (ACA) or
“Obamacare” health insurance
Marketplace. Whether you have simple
questions or concerns or would like to
fully enroll in a plan, the Eligibility Team
is here to help! If that’s not enough, the
Team is also available to assist you in
applying for benefits eligibility. Our trilingual staff is here to help you in English,
Spanish or Creole Monday - Wednesday
from 8:00AM - 5:00PM, Thursdays from
8:00AM - 6:00PM and Fridays from
8:00AM - 4:00PM at the Emilio Lopez
Pavilion. The HEAT Team is available at
our West Dade location on Tuesdays from
8:00AM - 5:00PM and our North Miami
Location from 8:00AM - 6:00PM (please
see back page for full list of locations
with addresses). For additional
information, please visit
www.BorinquenHealth.org or call: (305)
Important dates for 2016 enrollment:
● January 1, 2016: 2016 coverage starts
for those who enroll or change plans by
December 15.
● January 15, 2016: Last day to enroll in
or change plans for new coverage to start
February 1, 2016
● January 31, 2016: 2016 Open
Enrollment ends. Enrollments or changes
between January 16 and January 31 take
effect March 1, 2016.
If you don’t enroll in a 2016 plan by
January 31, 2016, you can’t enroll in a
health insurance plan for 2016 unless you
qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.
You can apply anytime for Medicaid or
the Children’s Health Insurance Program
(CHIP). If you don’t have health
insurance coverage in 2016, you may
have to pay a fee. The fee is higher in
2016 than it was in 2015. For additional
information, please visit:
You can find the rest of the story, the
entire report and updates here: “Saving
Lives & Saving Money:
Hospital-Acquired Conditions” http://
Centers has signed onto
this campaign and made
80% BY 2018
significant changes:
providing discounted FIT
screening tests; sending
patient reminders;
providing screening
navigation; and working
with primary care staff to
streamline care delivery.
As a result of those efforts,
the project increased
screening rates from 36%
in 2013 to over 60% as of
October 2015!
Borinquen is fully
Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
committed to reaching an
Did you know that colorectal cancer is a cancer that can
80% screening rate. Part of this commitment included
be prevented through screening? Adults age 50 and older CEO Bob Linder serving as a Florida representative at a
can take a simple annual test, but 1 out of 3 people aren’t recent nationwide ACS summit held in Atlanta, Georgia.
getting screened. To improve this, Borinquen has
Summit attendees brainstormed ways to develop a
partnered with the American Cancer Society (ACS) on a statewide plan for growing “medical neighborhoods”.
colorectal cancer screening project to make sure all
Medical neighborhoods refer to
patients at average risk get screened starting at age 50.
expanding collaboration between health care fields that
Across the country, organizations are committing to
enable efficient, comprehensive medical care with a
increasing colorectal cancer screening as part of the 80% patient centered focus. By building stronger medical
by 2018 campaign. The goal is to increase the nationwide neighborhoods, community health centers reduce the time
rate from 65% to 80% as a country. Borinquen Medical
it takes to receive diagnostic and treatment services for
Casino Night where their sponsors,
supporters, staff members and Board of
Directors gathered for a night of fun, all
while raising funds to cover the cost of
food vouchers that were distributed at
BMC’s annual Emilio Lopez Health Fair.
Rededication Ceremony of newly
renovated and completely modernized
including installing hurricane resistant
windows, a new roof, lighting and air
conditioner, Emilio Lopez Pavilion! We
have expanded the number of
examinations rooms from 19 to 33 and
dental chairs from 9 to 11, and each room
has included, new furniture and equipment.
In addition all waiting and receptions areas
are brand new!
December: US Deputy Secretary, Mary
Wakefiled, visits BMC’s main facility to
host a Press Conference and speak with
community leaders concerning the
challenges that the Affordable Care Act
(ACA) has faced in enrolling new
members and to discuss strategies on how
to improve enrollment in the Health
Insurance Marketplace. BMC’s Pregnancy
Coordinator and CAC, Milagros Sifonte,
organized and conducted the annual “Santa
Comes to Borinquen” event. With the help
of other BMC staff members, they donated
gifts that “Santa” distributed to children at
the center. The Ralph Lauren Bear, part of
the Reach Out and Read Literacy Program
with the Children’s Trust, came to center
for a special appearance to provide BMC’s
Pediatric Patients with free books to read
with their familiesIn honor of World AIDS
Day, BMC’s Outreach team provided
FREE HIV testing and educational
information throughout Miami-Dade
County. The team was also available to
provide information on linkage to care for
those who tested positive. BMC’s Healthy
Start program received an Honorable
Mention certificate for Healthy Start
Prenatal Screening Rate at 94%.
colorectal cancer. Bob Linder and Director of Clinical
Practice Management Diego Shmuels participated in the
Miami colorectal cancer stakeholders meeting to develop
plans to build a medical neighborhood in Miami through a
collaborative alliance between the American Cancer
Society, local hospitals and specialty partners. Medical
neighborhoods are the future of health care and
Borinquen is committed to bringing that model to our
service area.
You can help Borinquen’s efforts by discussing
colorectal cancer screening with your health care provider
at your next appointment and by fulfilling their
recommendation for screening, whether that is a
colonoscopy or FIT test. And if you don’t have an
appointment scheduled, call today and tell us you need to
complete your colorectal cancer screening. Remember
that the best test is
the one that gets
For more
information you can
always call the
American Cancer
Society 7 days a
week 24 hours a day
at 1.800. 227.2345 or
please visit
www.cancer.org .
January 2016 / Issue No. 48
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
mayor en el país.
De paso, aprovecho para recordar a
Con el cambio, nuestra querida
todos que ya somos UN MILLON en la
de la descabellada política, terrible
“Opinión de Puerto Rico”, que este mes Florida. Si todos ejercemos el voto,
Mis primeras líneas son
economía y falta de seguridad física que cumple 14 años de publicación
podemos ser el factor decisivo en que
para desear a todos un muy enfrentamos.
continuada en el Sur de la Florida, llega las urnas electorales, tan cercanas ya,
feliz año. Y mucha es la
Sin embargo, y para compensar,
ahora a 75,000 hogares. Siete veces mas decidan las personas que, en el futuro,
felicidad que necesitamos mucha es la felicidad que nos trae llegar que anteriormente. Esto no solo provée guien nuestras vidas por un mejor
en medio de la situación
a ustedes ahora a través de “The Voice un mayor universo de contactos a
camino y una mejor vida.
social que enfrentamos
of the Caribbean” que publica
nuestros anunciantes, sino que nos
El 2016 puede ser el año en que
tanto en la isla como aquí
mensualmente la Borinquen Medical
permite llegar a mas lectores llevando
nuestra comunidad ocupe el espacio que
en el continente. Pero hay que tener fé
Center of Miami-Dade y que se disnuestro continuado mensaje de todo lo
merece en la política local. ¡Felicidades
en Dios. Y a El rogamos que nos traiga tribuye dentro del veterano Miami
bueno y todos los valores de la
a todos!
la paz que tanta falta nos hace en medio Herald el primer miércoles de cada mes. comunidad puertorriqueña, cada vez
Nuevo año, nuevo periódico
velada, junto con
Rita fueron
homenajeados el
productor y director George Lucas,
creador de las cintas Star Wars e
*** Circulan muchos rumores en la
isla sobre si Pablo Casellas Toro
saldrá pronto de prisión, tras la decisión de los jueces del Primer Circuito
de Boston a favor de que se celebre
un nuevo juicio contra él, al entender
que el proceso judicial que lo condenó por el asesinato de su esposa
Carmen Paredes, no fue justo e imparcial dentro de la isla y que el juez
de distrito falló al no ver una moción
del abogado defensor para suspender
el juicio por dicha causa. El Tribunal
de Apelaciones de Puerto Rico determinó el pasado mes que se celebre
un nuevo juicio. Casellas había sido
sentenciado a 109 años de prisión. Su
abogado federal, Francisco Rebollo
Casalduc, expresó que no anticipa
que el encarcelado salga muy rápido
de la prisión porque primero hay que
esperar a si el tribunal estatal le concede fianza en dicho foro para entonces decidir si el foro federal la
concedería también. Todo está
basado en que los abogados alegan
que en Puerto Rico hubo mucha publicidad negativa contra Casellas y
que esto influenció al jurado.
Habrá un nuevo juicio contra Pablo Casella
*** El alcalde del municipio autónomo de Mayaguez, Hon. José
Guillermo Rodriguez está creando
una comisión independiente que estudie y determine el lugar exacto por
el cual el Almirante Cristóbal Colón
desembarcó en Puerto Rico en 1943.
La comisión va a estar integrada por
historiadores, profesores e investigadores científicos. “He aceptado la
invitación del querido historiador
Fernando Bayron, para que no por
conjeturas, leyendas ni tradiciones,
El alcalde Mayaguez está creando una
comisión que investigue el desembarco
de Colón.
se perpetúe la incertidumbre histórica
del desembarco de Colón en Puerto
Rico”, espresó el alcalde. La historia
oficial dice que, en su segundo viaje
a America, y en el 19 de noviembre
de 1493, las naves de Colón desembarcaron en algún punto de “un
trecho de nueve mil metros en el litoral entre Aguadilla y Aguada”. Actualmente hay cuatro teorías, la de
Aguada, la de Sama (de Mayaguez),
la de Boquerón (Cabo Rojo), y la de
Añasco (de Aurelio Tiró). Estas cuatro fueron reconocidas en 1996 por
Ricardo Alegría, Osiris Delgado y
Adam Szászdi, de la Academia
Puertorriqueña de la Historia.
*** El cantante José Feliciano asistió
a la inauguración de la exposición de
fotos y memorabilia , dada en su
Homenaje a Rita Moreno en el
Kennedy Center
Indiana Jones, la cantautora Carole
King, el director de orquesta Seiji
Ozawa y la actriz Cicely Tyson.
Noticias de AQUI
Honran a José Feliciano
honor bajo el nombre de “José
Feliciano: Nuestro Embajador Musical”, que se efectuó en el vestíbulo
de la Fundación Nacional para la
Cultura Popular, en el Viejo San
Juan. “¡Nunca pensé que llegara tan
lejos ni que tuviera tantos reconocimientos! Mi carrera latina empezó en
Argentina, donde empecé a cantar
boleros por lo que me alegraba darle
orgullo a mi patria. Soy puertorriqueño de pura cepa y le doy las
gracias a mi madre y padre porque
me criaron en el ambiente latino”,
dijo el cantante. Feliciano también
está invitado el próximo verano para
el 25vo. Festival de Boleros de Oro
en Cuba que se dedica a Puerto Rico.
El intérprete lanzará dos albums, uno
de música latina y otro con arias de
Mozart, en el 2016.
*** La legisladora Jennifer
González, vicepresidente de la
Cámara Baja está cuestionando públicamente dos contratos de varios
millones de dólares de la Autoridad
de Energía Eléctrica a una compañía
de seguros médicos donde Luis
García Padilla, hermano del gobernador, es vicepresidente. González
quiere que la AEE explique los
detalles de la transacción porque
tiene información que el contrato se
otorgó sin realizar una subasta y el
pueblo se merece una explicación.
Ernesto Santiago, presidente de la
Asociación de Jubilados de la AEE,
denunció el hecho como algo que no
es usual. El caso sale a la luz pública
justo cuando el FBI arrestó a 10 sospechosos por alegada corrupcion
que envuelve posibles donativos a
campañas politicas a cambio de contratos del gobierno. En el asunto
están envueltos funcionarios de la
Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AAA) y varios empleados
de la Cámara de Representantes.
Como diría quien usted sabe: ¡Qué
*** Los Boricuas Rosie Pérez, Lin
Manuel Miranda y Gina Rodriguez,
participaron en el homenaje que el
Kenendy Center dió a la legendaria
Rita Moreno. Rita es la única artista
latina que ha ganado las cuatro coronas del Entretenimiento, el Oscar, el
Emmy, el Grammy y el Tony. En la
*** El crecimiento de
negocios de dueños
Hispanos está opacando
el crecimiento de compañías en general, según
un reciente estudio de la
compañía Geoscape y la Cámara de
Comercio Hispánica de los Estados
Unidos. Según estas empresas, entre
2012 y 2015 el número de negocios
con dueños Hispanos creció un 7.5
porciento. Esto es 15 veces mas
rápido que el 0.5% de crecimiento de
las demás compañías. El estudio dice
que hay mas de 4 millones de negocios Hispanos ahora en el país, un
57% mas que en el 2007. Las utilidades en estos negocios también
aumentaron dramáticamente, aumentando un 88% (un ingreso proyectado
de $661 Billones para este año) contra los $351 Billones del 2007. El
estudio calcula que una razón para
este aumento de negocios es la dificultad que muchos Hispanos han
tenido para encontrar trabajo o para
ascender en sus empleos, lo que los
ha llevado a fundar negocios propios.
*** En base a la noticia anterior, esa
es precisamente la premisa que Immuno Group, un consorcio empresarial local utiliza para ofrecer la oportunidad a cualquier persona, sin importar su edad, nivel académico, con
actual empleo
o sin él, para
tener un negocio propio que
puede llevar
desde su casa,
en sus horas
libres. Este
negocio tiene
ya a cientos de
personas ganando miles de dólares
extras al mes en todo el país. El negocio trata sobre productos para la
salud, ampliamente bien recibidos
por la clase médica, que se puede
establecer por menos de $500 de inversión. El grupo contesta preguntas
a través de [email protected].
*** Y formidable fueron las actividades navideñas de nuestra comunidad en el Sur de la Florida. Estas incluyeron “La Parrandeña” que
PROOF (Puerto Rican Organized
Overseas in Florida) ofreció conjuntamente con NACOPRW (National
Conference of Puerto Rican
Women), y que a pesar de las torrenciales lluvias se llenó a capacidad…
igual de atestada y divertida fue “la
Trulla que te Ofrecí” en la Hacienda
La Isabela, de Miami, que organizó
el Centro Cultural de Puerto Rico en
el Sur de la Florida…¡y después
dicen que en Miami no tenemos actividades puertorriqueñas! Si tenemos y muchas. Lo que no tenemos
son Boricuas que estén al tanto de
ellas. Si todavía no pertenece a
ninguna de ellas, u otras como
PROFESA (Asociación de Profesionales Puertorriqueños), mueva su
dedo, búsquelas e ingrese. Aquí le
doy unos datos: PROOF (786-2611133 / 305-491-1863). PROFESA
(www.profesa.org). CENTRO CULTURAL (305-33-7988 / 954-5548940). Me lo agradecerá toda su vida
porque va a ser una vida mas divertida y llena de añoranzas.
Los Deportes al día
*** El excampeón mundial de boxeo Juan
Manuel "Juanma" López
enfrenta una denuncia de
violencia de género.
Juanma fue denunciado
por su esposa debido a
un incidente ocurrido en el residencial Villas del Rey, ubicado en
Caguas. Según trascendió, el pugilista golpeó en el rostro a su esposa en
medio de una discusión. "La querellante fue atendida por la doctora
Noris Díaz en el hospital Hima de
Caguas, quien le diagnosticó trauma
en la nariz sin fractura.
*** José Juan Barea lo ha dicho por
activa y por pasiva, pero desde la
Federación de Baloncesto de Puerto
Rico no han podido hacer nada. El
buque insignia de la selección
boricua urge a que se encuentre a un
coach que forme parte de un proyecto duradero. La reciente salida de
Rick Pitino después de dirigir al
equipo en el Preolímpico FIBA
Américas de México, supone otro
adiós que ralentiza el proceso de instauración de una cultura en el básquetbol boricua. "Ese ha sido un problema que siempre hemos tenido en
Puerto Rico con el cambio de coaches todo el tiempo. Yo le he repetido a ellos que me gustaría tener un
coach por cuatro o cinco años corridos", comentó el armador de los
Dallas Mavericks a ESPN Digital
después de la victoria de su equipo
ante Los Ángeles Lakers (103-93) en
la que José Juan Barea urge a directivos boricuas que se contrate a un
coach para un proyecto a largo plazo.
Barea ya sabía que la etapa de Pitino
no pasaría de uno o dos años al frente del combinado nacional, sin embargo, el coach acabó marchándose
tres meses después de aceptar ser el
sustituto del español Paco Olmos,
cuyo papel como seleccionador nacional duró casi dos años.
en Z-92.3 FM
Lunes a Viernes:
Show de la Mañana
Sábados: 9:00 AM,
Tributo a los Grandes
January 2016 / Issue No. 48
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
January 2016 / Issue No. 48
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
opera mas de 100 vuelos diarios en el Caribe desde 1998.
Resorts World Bimini es un
hotel de lujo, tipo resort de
750 acres, con casino, situado
en North Bimini.
FOTO –seaplane
***JAMAICA – La Jamaica
Promotions Corporation
(JAMPRO) está aconsejando a
los empresarios jamaiquinos
que hay oportunidad para
Falleció en dias pasados la primera Miss Universo Colombiana,
crear nuevos lazos comerciaLuz Marina Zuluaga.
les con Cuba, antes que Esta*** COLOMBIA - En días recientes
dos Unidos levante el embargo actual.
falleció en la ciudad de Manizales, a
Diane Edwards, presidenta de JAMlos 77 años de edad, Luz Marina ZuPRO, hablando en un foro auspiciado
luaga, la primera Miss Universo copor la firma PricewaterhouseCooperslombiana. Zuluaga ganó el concurso en
Jamaica, en días pasados, dijo que la
1958. Había nacido el 31 de octubre de
cercanía de Jamaica a Cuba, y su eco1938 en Pereira, entonces parte del
nomía liberal, tienen el potencial de
departamento de Caldas. Como candiposicionar a la isla como una puerta de
data de este departamento participó en
entrada a Cuba, especialmente en el
el Concurso Nacional de Belleza de
área de logística.
1957, siendo electa virreina y pasando
***CUBA - Familiares del segundo
al reinado tras la renuncia de la titular.
Mafioso mas importante en los EEUU
De esta manera, ella fue la represeny posiblemente el mayor en Cuba, el
tante de Colombia para el Concurso de
hebreo Meyer Lansky, socio, confidenMiss Universo, 1958, que se celebró
en Long Beach, California, y allí ganó
la corona mundial, que hoy luce otra
colombiana, Paulina Vega, ganadora
del Miss Universo de este año. Según
los medios noticiosos, la ex Miss Universo se encontraba compartiendo con
unas amigas en su apartamento del
barrio Palermo, cuando sufrió un desmayo. Al llegar los técnicos del servicio de emergencias no lograron que
recobrara el conocimiento pues había Un nieto de Meyer Lansky espera recuperar el hotel
Habana Riviera.
te y cerebro en finanzas de Lucky LuSpain, Trinidad –
ciano, están realizando gestiones para
El proyecto “Improved Access to Justi- recuperar el hotel Habana Riviera,
ce in the Caribconstruído en 1957 por Lansky en la
bean” (IMPACT
capital cubana. El hotel fue nacionaliJustice), que es
zado en 1959 tras el triunfo de la revoapoyado econolución. Un nieto de Lansky, Gary Ramicamente por
poport, residente en Tampa, Florida,
el gobierno cacomenzó a dar pasos legales hacia la
nadiense, acaba
recuperación del hotel, o al menos una
de celebrar la
compensación monetaria ahora que
segunda reunión
comienzan a abrirse lazos diplomáticos
del ‘Arbitration
y comerciales entre Cuba y EEUU. El
hotel, el último hotel-casino construído
Alex Busansky es el
Committee’ en
en Cuba antes de la revolución, costó
Presidente de IMPACT
Trinidad para
cerca de $8 millones de dólares. La
discutir la redacfacilidad, de 350 habitaciones, está
ción de instrucciones para un proyecto
actualmente operando bajo la égida del
modelo de arbitraje. IMPACT Justice,
gobierno. Según Rapoport, en su poder
que es un proyecto de reforma a la jushay documentación que prueba la proticia social, está siendo implementado
piedad del hotel.
desde el ‘Caribbean Law Institute Cen*** Rodrigo Malmierca, ministro de
tre’, en el Cave Hill Campus de la UniComercio Exterior e Inversión Extranversidad de West Indies. Las Actas de
jera de Cuba, viajó a la Argentina, enArbitraje en los estados miembros de
cabezando el
la Comunidad del Caribe (CARICOM)
grupo de
están basados en la legislación de arbidignatarios
traje británica de 1889 y 1934, que
cubanos que
luego se consolidaron en la actual Acasistieron a
tas de Arbitraje, en 1950. Desde entonla toma de
ces, Inglaterra modernizó su Acta de
posesión de
Arbitraje en 1996 y unos 68 países han
modernizado sus legislaciones de arbiMacri como
traje para adoptar la Ley Modelo UNpresidente de
CITRAL, mientras que en los paises
la República
miembros de CARICOM permanece la
ya obsoleta en gran parte, legislación
En el grupo Rodrigo Malmierca encabezó
de 1950. Se espera que la nueva acta
está también la delegación cubana a la
esté redactada a mediados de 2016.
el embajador Argentina.
*** BAHAMAS – Bimini –
de Cuba en
La aerolínea Cape Air se ha asociado
Argentina, Orestes Pérez y Pedro Pacon Resorts World Bimini (RWB) para
blo Prada, director para América del
Sur de la cancillería cubana. Los presidentes Michelle Bachelet (Chile),
Ollanta Humala (Perú), Juan Manuel
Santos (Colombia), Evo Morales
(Bolivia), Horacio Cartes (Paraguay),
Tabaré Vázquez (Uruguay) y Rafael
Correa (Ecuador), también estuvieron
presentes en la toma de posesión. La
perdedora en las pasadas elecciones
Cape Air ya tiene servicio regular entre Fort
presidenciales argentinas, la entonces
Lauderdale y North Bimini.
incumbente Cristina Fernández, no
traer de nuevo un servicio regular de
asistió al acto, rompiendo con la tradiavión anfibio a la zona de North Bimición.
ni, un servicio que no estaba disponi*** Los encargados de los ocho equible desde 2005. Con la sociedad de
pos de béisbol que calificaron para la
Cape Air y RWB, esta ruta comenzó
segunda ronda del campeonato nacioel pasado 21 de diciembre, 2015 con 2
nal, hicieron sus selecciones de refuervuelos diarios entre Fort Lauderdalezos sacados de las novenas que fueron
Hollywood International Airport y el
eliminadas en la primera fase. La Serie
Bimini’s North Seaplane Base, en ReNacional del 2015-2015 estará comsorts World Bimini. A partir del 18 de
puesta de los equipos de Granma, Cieenero, 2016, habrán 4 vuelos diarios en
go de Avila, Industriales, Las Tunas,
esa ruta y 2 vuelos diarios que operaPinar del Rio, Holguín, Matanzas e
rán entre la base anfibia en Watson
Isla de la Juventud. Cada uno de ellos
island, en Miami, y Bimini. Cape Air
pudo escoger cinco jugadores para
estará volando aviones anfibios turboengordar sus filas. El equipo eliminado
prop Cessna Caravan, de 9 pasajeros,
que mas jugadores aportó fue Sancti
ala alta, con capacidad de aterrizar lo
Spiritus, con 8; seguido de Mayabeque
mismo en tierra que en agua. La línea
y Villa Clara (6 respectivamente);
Guantánamo y
Santiago de
Cuba, con 5 cada uno; Artemisa con 3
y Camaguey, con 2.
*** “Martirena por cuenta propia” se
llama una exposición de dibujos humorísticos, sin textos, del famoso caricaturista Alfredo Martirena, que abrió en
la galeria del centro cultural El Mejunje, de Villa Clara. El tema de los dibujos es, entre otros, el hábito de la lectura. La exhibición se realiza en ocasión
del aniversario de la publicación humorística “melaíto”.
***HAITI - Un grupo de profesores
locales y oficiales de gobierno están
trabajando fuerte en crear una propuesta para crear el primer Instituto de Estudios Haitianos en la City University
de New York, Brooklyn College. Si es
aprobado, el instituto será la sede de
investigación y creación de las oportunidades de estudio mas importantes a
la comunidad haitiana. La Universidad
piensa que el barrio colegial, que es la
zona de la ciudad con la mayor concentración de descendientes haitianos
sería la localización mas idónea. Al
igual que el Instituto para Estudios
Irlandeses-Americanos y el de Estudios Dominicanos en el CUNY, el nuevo instituto podrá proveer educación
en la historia del pueblo haitiano y en
la identidad y cultura de haitianos viviendo en otros países.
*** Recientemente, un grupo de embajadores, ministros, oficiales electos y
cuatro ex-primeros ministros estuvieron reunidos en la Universidad Internacional de la Florida para la 4ta. Conferencia anual de la National Association
of Haitian Professionals (Asociación
Nacional de Profesionales Haitianos
(NAHP, según sus siglas en Inglés). La
conferencia de este año estuvo enfocada en los temas interrelacionados de
filantropía y empresarismo social. El
El Primer Ministro Evans Paul participó en la NAHP.
Migración, Educación, Ambiente y
Comercio. La entidad reúne varias universidades de ambos países, incluyendo Quisqueya (Haiti), Notre Dame
(Haiti) y la Episcopal University of
Haiti (UNEPH), asi como las Dominicanas Universidad Educación y Cultura Acción Pro (APEC), la Pontificia
Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra
(PUCMM), el Instituto Superior de
Agricultura (ISA) y la Universidad
Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU),
Dominicana y EEUU firmaron acuerdo aduanal.
La República Dominicana y los Estados Unidos firmaron recientemente un
acuerdo de reconocimiento mutuo
(MRA en sus siglas en Inglés), que
permite a ambos países tener una colaboración mas estrecha en lo que respecta a la cadena global de apertrechamientos y reconoce la compatibilidad
entre el servicio de Aduanas y Protección de Fronteras de EEUU (CBP), la
Sociedad de Protección Fronteriza
contra el Terrorismo y el Programa de
Operador Economicamente Autorizado
de la República Dominicana. El Comisionado R. Gil Kerlikowske, de la
CBP, firmó el acuerdo en nombre de
los Estados Unidos y el Director General de Aduanas Dominicanas firmó en
representación de su país. Kerlikowske
declaró a la prensa su satifacción en la
firma del acuerdo que facilita el comercio seguro entre los dos países. El
acuerdo permite menos examenes e
inspecciones al embarcar carga, un
proceso de validación mas rápido, estándares comunes a ambos firmantes,
una mayor eficiencia en el proceso, y
mayor transparencia entre las dos administraciones aduanales lo que produce un mejor mercadeo.
*** Las autoridades médicas del país
están alertando a la población sobre la
cercanía y posibilidad de llegada al
país del virus del Zika, que se ha encontrado en países cercanos. El virus,
de la familia Flaviviridae, es pariente
del que produce Dengue, Chikungunya, Fiebre Amarilla y otras enfermedades. Al igual que las mencionadas, se
evento duró tres dias y consistió de
seis paneles que trataron desde oportunidades en Haití hasta el empoderamiento de las mujeres haitianas en el
sector de negocios. Entre los oradores
principales estuvieron el actual Primer
Ministro de Haití, Evans Paul; el antiguo Primer Ministro, Laurent Lamothe
y el Fiscal General de la ciudad de
Washington D.C., Karl Racine, así
como la congresista estadounidense
Frederika Wilson, de la Florida y el
Representante Alcee L. Hastings, también de la Florida.
Alertan sobre possible llegada del virus Zika al
*** Hace escasas semanas, Lener Repaís
naud, Ministro de Defensa, de Haití,
indicó que el Decreto 206, adoptado
transmite por la picadura de mosquipor el Consejo de Ministros y publicatos. El Colegio Médico Dominicano
do en el diario Monitor oficial, ha enenfatizó que la mejor manera de comtrado en su fase administrativa. El misbatir el Zika es eliminando los mosquimo ordena la remobilización de las
tos por lo que instó a la población y a
Fuerzas Armadas de Haití. El ministro
las autoridades a realizar los mayores
expresó que este nuevo y moderno
esfuerzos posibles en esa dirección. Lo
ejército dará la espalda a actos represigrave del Zika es que una vez desarrovos, añadiendo que tener un ejército no
llado en una persona es transmisible de
tiene la intención de competir contra
persona a persona por la via sexual, e
nadie, sino que Haiti tenga personas
inclusive es transmisible de la madre a
hábiles en estudiar y planificar su deun hijo en gestación.
fensa, especialmente para proteger sus
*** Un total de 21 personas fueron
fronteras o servir al país en caso de
detenidas para ser investigadas en reladesastres naturales catastróficos. Las
ción a la muerte de un vicepresidente
fuerzas Armadas de Haití actualmente
(para Compras y Tecnologías) de la
tienen 4 líneas y un batallón de 36 solempresa telefónica Claro, el señor Rudados estabén Daniel Nuñez Piña, que
cionados en
ocurrió a eso de las 10:00 de
la noche en el Parque Miraand Petite
dor Sur, en días pasados.
Rivière de
Nuñez Piña, era de nacionalil'Artibonidad mejicana, con 64 años de
te. Renaud
edad. El ejecutivo se enconenfatizó
traba sentado en un banco
que estos
del parque, compartiendo
con una dama que declaró
serán auque un hombre de tez oscura,
mentados y
de unos 30 o 35 años, atacó
no hay nerepentinamente, con un arma
cesidad de El Ministro de Defensa, Lener Renaud, comenzó blanca y sin decir palabra a
esperar por la remobilización del ejército.
Nuñez, y se dió a la fuga.
ayuda interLas autoridades encontraron
nacional porque Haití debe ser capaz
el reloj y documentos de la víctima
de asumir sus responsabllidades.
pero no han podido localizar las llaves
*** En días pasados, en el hotel Marrit
de su vehículo. Los apresados son perde Port-au-Prince, Haití y la República
sonas con antecedentes de haber realiDominicana, lanzaron oficialmente el
zado hechos delictivos en la zona.
comité Binacional de Observación de
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
January 2016 / Issue No. 48

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