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public library newsletter
Volume III Issue III
September - December 2011
Inside this issue:
Monday - Thursday
9am - 8pm
Friday & Saturday
9am - 5pm
Children’s Chat
Tech Talk
Mobile Hot Spot
Trustees & Hours
Protect Your Library Card: Prevent Identity Theft
A library card certainly is not a credit card, but as a legal document
accepted by many agencies as a form of identification, your library card
should be protected as you would a credit card or driver’s license. The
Why not take the time to apply for fraudulent use of your library card could cost you money or even lead
to identity theft. Keep your library card secure:
a Library Card, it’s easy:
 Do not lend your library card to anyone.
 Always bring your library card with you to the library.
2 forms of ID proving
 When you call us on the phone to renew or request books,
have your library card at hand.
2 minutes of your time
 If your card is missing or wallet was stolen, report it to us as
soon as possible in order to put a stop on your card.
Williams hall - Illinois State University
Normal, Illinois
Located in the heart of the Illinois State University
campus is a building called Williams Hall. The primary use of this building, constructed in the 1940’s,
is for the storage of extra books from Milner Library,
which is the main library on campus. This quiet
building, with its rows of old books, many of them
out of circulation for years, would seem the last place
where anything strange would happen….. And yet it
does. For William Hall is haunted by the
ghost of the university’s past.
“ A good book is the best of friends”
~ English Proverb
September 15 - October 15
Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15,
the anniversary of independence for five Latin
American countries - Costa Rica, El Salvasor,
Guatemal, Honduras, and Nicaragua. In addidtion,
Mexico declared its independence on September
16, and Chile on September 18.
Read more:
Hispanic Heritage Month -
Children’s Chat
Page 2
Drop-In Programs
No Registration required. Children must be the
appropriate age by the day of the program.
Register online at [email protected], or by calling
(708) 331-0130. Registration is required for most programs.
Let’s Make Jewelry
Toddler Story Time
Wednesdays, 10am - 11am
Bring your toddler to sing and
dance, enjoy arts & crafts and a light snack. Ages 2-5
Wii Wednesday
Wednesdays, 4pm - 6pm
Time limit of 20 min per party/group.
1st come 1st serve.
Halloween Spooktacular
Saturday, October 29th @ 2pm
Tuesdays @ 3:30pm
September 20th - October 11th
Design your own necklace, earrings, bracelets and
rings. Choose a one-of-kind jewelry to match your
own wardrobe, or to give as gifts. And enjoy saying,
“I made it myself”
Chicago Wolves
Reading Challenge
Find out the history behind Halloween, wear your
October 1st - November 26th
costume to the Halloween story time, there will be a
prize given to the most creative costume. Also have fun Take the Chicago Wolves Reading Challenge held
weekly. Books should be at your reading level, there is
making a small craft and playing Halloween games.
On Halloween day, come trick or treat @ your library. a maximum of 2 entries per reader, per week. All
readers should pick up there reading goal sheet and
National Gaming Day
check out 6 books. All entries should be submitted by
Saturday, November 12th
every Saturday and weekly drawings will be held on
Mondays at 3:30pm.
11am - 1pm Board Games
1pm - 2pm
Minute to Win It
2pm - 4pm
Michael Jackson Wii Tournament
Christmas Tree Trimming
Saturday, December 3rd @ 2pm
Come help the library get into the Christmas
spirit by putting your love and creative touches to our
facility and our Christmas Tree.
Christmas Crafting, 4pm
December 6th:
December 13th:
December 20th:
Christmas Ornaments
Christmas Candy House
Christmas Placemats
Movie Nights, 6pm
Every 3rd Thursday of each month. Movie will start
on time and you may bring your own snacks.
October 20, 2011 - Mars Need Moms
November 17, 2011 - Rango
December 15, 2011 - Zookeeper
Young Adult Programs
Video Gamers
Thursdays @ 4p, September 22nd - November 10th
Weekly classes will focus on hands-on learning,
internet publishing, character design, storyboards
and the reconstruction of game and animation
elements from varying “everyday” technology. Upon
conclusion of class, students should have a
completed animation or game with sound.
Teen Read Book Club
Every 4th Wednesday of the Month @ 6pm
Read the book or plan to, come once or every time.
First book will be The Fight by L. Divine.
Teen Read Week, October 16 - 22, 2011
Picture it @ your Library!
Teens are encouraged to visit the YA
collection and picture themselves in an
adventure of fun, mysterious and
captivating stories.
Tech Talk
Page 3
Registration is required for most programs unless indicated otherwise. Register online at or at the library circulation desk or by phone at (708) 331-0130
Crochet Club, Mondays, 6p
Savvy Shopping Class:
Starting September 12, 2011
How to drastically reduce your
Enjoy the company of others while
grocery bill
Divine Candy Making
sharing patterns and their finished
Thursday, October 13th @ 5:30pm Need gift ideas for the holidays?
Taught by Clair Boone,
Tuesday, November 8th @ 6pm
Senior Computer Class
Mummy Deals
If your world is candy & other delicious
Tuesdays, 10am - 12pm
Your source for Money
treats, then we have the spot for you!
Learn basic skills for navigating the
Saving Tips, Deals and
Sue Peltzer of Delicious Creations
computer, web and email. Starting
Bargains. Home of Granny’s Deals
will show you how to make some
September 13, 2011
where everything is FREE!
delicious treats, turtles, chocolate
Adult Computer Class
Clair’s grocery bill for her family of
covered pretzels and more.
Thursdays, 6pm - 7:30pm
4 is only $50/week. Come learn
Everyone will go home with a treat
Advance computer skills in MS
how you can too.
and ideas for the holiday gift giving.
Word, Excel and Resume Wizard.
2011 Banned Books
September 24 - October 4, 2011
Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom
to read and the importance of the First Amendment.
Banned Books Week highlights the benefits of free and open
access to information while drawing attention to the harms of
censorship by spotlighting actual or attempted banning of books
across the United States.
Family Reading Night
Thursday, November 17, 2011
Reading…..Takes You Places!
Markham Library will be
hosting a fabulous Family
Reading Night.
Bring your family out to enjoy a
host of activities, story time,
entertainment, reading,
refreshments and FUN!
Some books listed are:
My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picult
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien
The Davinci Code by Dan Brown
The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah
A list of banned books can be viewed in the library.
You’re never too old, too wacky, or too wild
to pick up a book and read with a child!
Friends of the Markham Public Library Calendar of Events
earned towards library fines.
National Friends of Library Week Donated food will be given to Hope
October 16 - 22
Agency in Markham.
Join the Friends Group of the
library and help make a difference.
October 15, 2011 @ 12pm Yes Sir, Yes Ma’am
Membership is open and meetings
are held monthly.
November 19, 2011 - Food Drive
An etiquette class designed to teach
manners, how to set a table, etc. Donations of canned food items are
being collected. Credit can be
December 17, 2011 Christmas Toy Giveaway
Mobile Hot Spot
Page 4
Fall brings cooler weather, the beginning of the school year and a new route for the Bookmobile!
Our collection has grown so com on and take advantage of your local mobile library. Parents will
be making stops at some of the local schools during school hours. In order for students to check
out items they must have a valid library card. We encourage you to apply for a library card for y
our children so they can experience Markham’s first Bookmobile. Library card can be acquired at
the library as well as on the Bookmobile for Markham and Posen residents for free!
Let’s all work together to continue to make the Bookmobile a success!
The Children’s
16601 S Kedzie
Warren Palm
Posen Village
2926 W 147th
1910 W 170th
@ 9:30am to
@ 9:30am to
@ 9:30a to 11am
2440 W Walter
Zimny Dr
@ 9:30am to
St. Gerard’s
Lots of Love Day
Super Center
16130 Clifton Park
@ 11:00am to
14545 California 1701 W 167th @
11:15 am-12:15pm
@ 11:30am
167th & Pulaski
@ 1:00pm to
Markham Park
Ralph Bunche
16236 Lawndale
14100 Harrison
@ 1:00pm to
16500 Park Ave
16236 Lawndale
@ 1:00pm 2:00pm
@11:30am to
South Suburban
@ 11:30am to
Primary Academic
Wee-Nee Wagon
3055 W 163rd
@ 1:00pm to 2:15pm
167th & Dixie Hwy
@ 2:30pm to 4:00pm
3215 W 162nd
@ 4:15pm to 5:15pm
3215 W 162nd
15251 Dixie Hwy
@ 2:30pm to 4pm @ 2:15pm to 3pm
159th & Kedzie
@ 4:15pm to
Markham Park
16333 Kilbourne
@ 1:15pm to
Posen Park Dist.
143rd Campbell
143rd Campbell
@ 2:45pm to
@ 3:00pm to
Posen Village Hall
Posen Park
2440 W.Walter
Zimny Dr.
@ 2:45pm to
The Bookmobile schedule is subject to change without notice for periodic maintenance, or in the
event of inclement weather. Please call the library at (708) 331-0130 for further information.
Periodico Bibliotecaria
Los Jugadores de Video
Jueves a 4P, Septiembre 22 al 10 Noviembre
Las clases semanales se centrará en el aprendizaje
práctico, la publicación de internet, diseño de
personajes, storyboards y la reconstrucción del
partido y elementos de animación de la variable
"día a día" de tecnología. Al concluir la clase, los
estudiantes deben tener una animación completa o
juego con el sonido.
Lectura Juvenil Club del Libro
Cada miércoles 4 del mes @ 6P
Lea el libro o planean hacerlo, llegan una o todas
las veces. El primer libro será la pelea por
L. Divine.
Semana de Lectura Juvenil, 16 a 22 octubre
Imagen que en su biblioteca!
Los adolescentes están invitados a visitar la
colección YA imaginarse viviendo en una aventura
de historias divertidas, misteriosa y cautivadora.
Familia de noche de lectura
Jueves, 17 de noviembre Leyendo…..¿Toma usted
lugares! Markham biblioteca será el anfitrión de
una fabulosa noche de lectura de familia.
Sacar su familia disfrutar de una gran cantidad de
actividades, cuentos, entretenimiento, lectura,
refrigerios y divertido! Nunca eres demasiado viejo,
demasiado extravagantes o demasiado salvaje para
recoger un libro y leer con un niño!
Divina de decisiones Candy
Martes, 8 de noviembre @ 18
Si el mundo es candy & otras golosinas deliciosas,
entonces tenemos el lugar para usted!
Sue Peltzer Delicious creaciones le enseñará a
hacer algunas golosinas deliciosas, tortugas,
chocolate pretzels cubiertos y mucho más. Todos
se volver a casa con una golosina e ideas para las
vacaciones regalos.
Noche de Pelicula
6p, cada 3er jueves. Se empezará a tiempo y usted
puede traer sus propios bocadillos.
15 de Septiembre - Rio
20 de Octubre - Mars necesitan mamás
17 de Noviembre - Rango
15 de Diciembre - Zookeeper
Page 5
Registro De Programas Y Actividades Para Los Jóvenes:
Regístrese en línea en [email protected], o llamando al (708)
331- 130. El registro es necesario para la mayoría de los programas.
Pequeño Cuento, 10A Miercoles Tiempo 11A
Nada que ver con los mas pequenos de la manana? Llevelos tto
Cuentos para ninos perquenos. Las actvidades incluyen: Artes
y manual idades, Marionetas, juegos con los dedos y un aperitivo ligero.
Miercoles De Wii, 4P - 6P
Límite de tiempo de 20 minutos por partido/grupo.
Primera vienen primera servir.
Vamos a Hacer Joyas, Martes @ 3:30P, 20 Sept - 11 Oct
Diseñe su propio collar, pendientes, pulseras y
anillos. Elija una joyería único en su tipo para que
coincida con su propio guardarropa, o para dar
como regalos. Y disfrutar de decir: "Yo hice lo mismo"
Hallloween Spooktacular, Sabado 29 de Octobre a 2P
Descubre la historia detrás de Halloween, llevar su
traje a la hora de los cuentos de Halloween, habrá un
premio al disfraz más reativo. También se divierten
haciendo una pequeña embarcación y los juegos de Halloween.
En el día de Halloween, truco o vienen en su biblioteca.
Día Nacional de Juego, Sábado, 12 de Noviembre
11 A. - 1P Juegos de Mesa
1P - 2P Minuto a ganarlo
2P - 4P Michael Jackson Torneo
Árbol de Navidad recorte, Sábado, 03 de Diciembre a 2P
Venga a ayudar a la biblioteca de entrar en el espíritu de la
Navidad, poniendo su amor y su toque creativo a nuestras
instalaciones y nuestro árbol de Navidad.
Navidad de Artesanía, 4P
06 de Diciembre: Adornos de Navidad
13 de Diciembre: Navidad Candy House
20 de Diciembre: Navidad Manteles
Desafío de Lectura, 1 Octobre hasta Noviembre 26
Acepte el desafío Chicago Wolves de lectura semanales. Los
libros deben estar a su nivel de lectura, hay un máximo de 2
entradas por lector, a la semana. Todos los lectores deben
recoger allí la lectura de la hoja de salida y meta de 6 libros.
Todas las candidaturas deben ser presentadas por todos los
sábados y sorteos semanales se llevarán a cabo los lunes a las
3:30 pm.
Library Closed Dates
Oct 10
Columbus Day
Nov 11
Veterans Day
Nov 24 - 25
Dec 24 - 25
Dec 31
New Year’s Eve
Markham Board of Trustees
Glenda Timpton, President
Roberdia South, Treasurer
Terry Durkin, Secretary
LaToya Trotter, Trustee
Dr. Jacqueline Anderson, Trustee
Diane Bell, Trustee
Mary Ann Woods, Trustee
Gregg Robinson, Trustee
Ana Chavez, Trustee
Steven R. Miller, Library Attorney
Xavier Menzies, Library Director
Bridget Roland, Assistant Director
Posen Board of Trustees
Donald (D.J) Schnering Jr., President
Patricia J. Brownlow, Vice President
Valarie Dorsey, Treasurer
In-House Amenities
Kathleen J. Miller, Secretary
Raymond Badali, Trustee
Black/White (.10¢ per page)
Michele L. Devlin, Trustee
Raymond Juarez, Trustee
Color Copy ($1.00 per page)
Fax ($1.00 per page)
Scanning ($1.00 per page)
Public Notary
"A library's function is to give the public in the quickest and cheapeast
information, inspiration, and recreation. If a better way than the book
can be found, we should use it."
Melvin Dewey
Online Fine Pay
Markham Public Library
Bradford Anderson Oglesby
16640 S Kedzie Ave
Markham IL 60428

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