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A Win for Richmond
We are excited to announce that the
Richmond City Council voted 5-0
(with 2 abstentions) on July 29 to
approve the Refinery Modernization
Project. We want to thank the City
Council members who supported modernization, and
we look forward to starting an important project that
will put more than 1,000 people to work. We also want
to recognize the more than 11,000 residents, labor
union members, business partners, non-profit
organizations and Chevron employees who actively
supported modernization, many of whom attended
Planning Commission and City Council meetings to
demonstrate that Richmond deserves a newer, safer,
cleaner refinery. This project would not be possible
without your help and support.
Un triunfo para Richmond
Nos da mucho gusto anunciar que el 29 de julio el Concejo
Municipal de Richmond votó 5 a 0 (con la abstención de 2
miembros) para aprobar el Proyecto de Modernización de la
refinería. Queremos agradecer a los miembros del Concejo
Municipal que apoyaron la Modernización y estamos ansiosos
por empezar este importante proyecto que empleará a más de
1,000 personas.
También queremos reconocer a los más de 11,000 residentes,
miembros de sindicatos laborales, socios comerciales,
organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro y empleados de Chevron que
apoyaron la Modernización, muchos de los cuales asistieron a
las reuniones de la Comisión de Planeamiento y del Concejo
Municipal para demostrar que Richmond se merece una
refinería más nueva, más segura y más limpia. Este proyecto no
hubiese sido realidad sin su ayuda y apoyo.
This project represents a win for the community, our
workforce and the refinery. Modernization as approved
will mean a decrease in emissions, a safety program
that far exceeds regulatory requirements and a $90
million investment in Richmond and North Richmond
— commitments that reflect input from residents and
represent significant compromises on our part.
Este proyecto representa un triunfo para la comunidad, para
nuestra fuerza de trabajo y para la refinería. El proyecto de
Modernización aprobado significa una disminución de
emisiones, un programa de seguridad que excede los requisitos
reglamentarios y una inversión de $90 millones de dólares en
Richmond y North Richmond: compromisos que reflejan la
respuesta de los residentes y representan esfuerzos importantes
de nuestra parte.
We will now move quickly to resolve ongoing legal
issues related to the original project by early 2015. At
that time, and barring further appeals, we could begin
construction, which will take about 18-24 months to
Procederemos con rapidez para resolver los asuntos legales
relacionados con el proyecto original para principios del 2015.
Salvo que se presenten otras apelaciones, en este período
podríamos iniciar la construcción, que tardará en completarse
de 18 a 24 meses.
Kory Judd is Chevron Richmond’s Refinery General
Kory Judd es el Gerente General de la refinería Chevron
In addition to
creating more
than 1,000 local
jobs and 1,300
related jobs, the
project includes
a $90 million
investment in
programs to
improve the
quality of life
for Richmond
What Modernization
Means for Richmond
The Modernization Project as approved
includes significant community
benefits that will reduce greenhouse
gas emissions, improve public safety
and help put residents to work.
As a result of working together with
city leaders and listening closely to residents, the
project now includes more than 100 conditions
suggested by City of Richmond’s experts. These
conditions will reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
health risks and most criteria air pollutants. The
project also implements important and rigorous safety
enhancements that support our mission to operate
incident free.
In addition to creating more than 1,000 local
construction jobs and 1,300 related jobs, the project
includes a $90 million investment in programs to
improve the quality of life for Richmond residents.
These funds will support college scholarships, job
training, grants for non-profits and an innovative
series of programs to fight climate change. We will
also dedicate 60 acres of refinery land to create the
largest solar installation in Contra Costa County.
The infographic to the right illustrates how these
funds will be used and where residents interested
in modernization jobs can find more information.
For general project questions, call the refinery
community line at 510-242-2000 or email
[email protected]
Jeff Hartwig is the Senior Business Manager at
Chevron Richmond.
Qué significa la
Modernización para
El proyecto de Modernización aprobado incluye importantes
beneficios para la comunidad ya que reducirá las emisiones de
gases de efecto invernadero, mejorará la seguridad pública y dará
empleo a los residentes.
Como resultado de un trabajo conjunto con los líderes municipales
y de escuchar atentamente a los residentes, ahora el proyecto
incluye más de 100 condiciones sugeridas por expertos de la
Ciudad de Richmond. Estas condiciones reducirán las emisiones de
gases de efecto invernadero, los riesgos para la salud y la mayoría
de los criterios de contaminantes del aire. El proyecto implementa
además importantes y rigurosos refuerzos de seguridad que
apoyan nuestra misión para llevar nuestras operaciones sin
Además de crear más de 1,000 empleos locales de construcción
y 1,300 trabajos relacionados, el proyecto incluye una inversión
de $90 millones de dólares en programas para mejorar la calidad
de vida de los residentes de Richmond. Estos fondos apoyarán
becas universitarias, capacitación de trabajo, subsidios para
organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro y una serie de programas
innovadores para combatir el cambio climático. También
dedicaremos 60 acres del terreno de la refinería para crear las
instalaciones solares más grandes del Condado Contra Costa.
La gráfica informativa de la derecha ilustra la manera en que se
usarán estos fondos y dónde pueden encontrar más información
los residentes interesados en trabajos de modernización. Para
preguntas generales del proyecto, comuníquese a la línea de la
comunidad de la refinería: 510-242-2000, o envíe un mensaje
electrónico a [email protected]
Jeff Hartwig es Gerente Comercial Superior de Chevron Richmond.
The Refinery Modernization Project includes significant benefits for the entire Richmond
and North Richmond community. Below is a summary of how the funds will be allocated.
For more information, contact the City of Richmond at 510-620-6512.
Richmond residents interested in working at the Richmond Refinery – either on the
Modernization Project or in refinery operations — have several options to help them
become qualified candidates. Below we highlight a few resources available to help.
What: For Richmond Barrier
Removal Program
A good starting place for
residents interested in
qualifying for a construction job
on the Modernization Project.
This program will link candidates
to local trade unions and training
programs needed to become
Funding will provide scholarship money for
Richmond residents seeking a college
education. Opportunities will be limited to
Richmond residents and graduates of the
West Contra Costa Unified School District.
Funding will benefit programs related to
skills, job training and readiness and job
transition training to help residents
prepare for jobs on the Modernization
Project, in Refinery operations or in the
emerging field of renewable energy.
Funds will sustain critical programs
in the City of Richmond’s Public Safety
Department, including the Youth Academy,
Explorers, the Richmond Police
Department CCTV Program cameras and
Free internet access will be provided for
residents in refinery fenceline
communities to ensure they have access
to the Community Air Monitoring Program
online and other resources.
Para descargar una traducción al
español, visite
will create more than
These resources can
help you qualify!
Contact For Richmond’s Community Builder
Andrea Sarabia at [email protected] or
510-260-0290 for more information.
Over 10 Years
Chevron will provide $3 million a year
for 10 years to reduce greenhouse
gas emissions in Richmond. Funding
will support Electri-City and Easy Go, which promote alternative and
zero emission methods of transportation, a Climate Action Plan, Urban
Forestry, the installation of solar panels and other programs
What: Contra Costa County Office of Education’s Regional
Occupation Program (ROP)
Residents interested in working at the Richmond Refinery are
encouraged to enroll in ROP, an award-winning program to help
residents compete for well-paying careers at Chevron and other
local refineries. Sponsored by Chevron, the program offers
technical education and integrates classroom academics with
hands-on skill development.
To submit a request to enroll in the class, please go to or call the hotline
at (510) 758-2208.
Chevron will provide 60 acres of refinery land for the creation of a solar
energy project, which will be developed by Marin Clean Energy (MCE) to
serve Richmond area customers
Chevron will provide these funds to benefit community programs and
nonprofits focused on communities, youth and youth sports, health
equality, senior citizens and education.
What: RichmondBUILD. A public-private partnership focused on
developing talent and skill in the highgrowth, high-wage construction and
renewable energy fields. The program
places an impressive 80 percent of
its graduates in jobs with an average
starting wage of $18.33 an hour.
Average starting
wage for 80% of
Interested applicants may sign up
at the RichmondWORKS’ One Stop
Center, located at 330 25th Street,
Richmond, CA 94804. For more
information, call (510) 621–1781.
• RichmondWORKS: The City of
Richmond’s one-stop-shop for job
referrals and training. Visit
• The Stride Center Information and
Communications Training: Offers
career-focused training in a
structured environment. Visit
• San Pablo Economic Development
Corporation Removing Barriers
Program: Offers 10-week jobreadiness and job-training program.
Richmond Prouder.
More than 1,000 new jobs.
Lower emissions.
A new $90 million investment in environmental protection and community progress.
A newer, safer, cleaner refinery.
All made possible by thousands of people from every corner of Richmond.
People like you who stood up with us to do the right thing for the future that we share.
Now that the City Council has approved modernization, you have more than our commitment:
To turn our words into actions.
Our promises into reality.
After all, we’ve been part of this city for the last 112 years.
And we’ve never been prouder to call it home.
CHEVRON, the CHEVRON Hallmark and HUMAN ENERGY are registered trademarks of Chevron Intellectual Property LLC © 2014 Chevron U.S.A. Inc. All rights reserved.
Chevron Richmond
841 Chevron Way
Richmond, CA 94801
Email [email protected]
or call 510-242-2000. For noise
and odor complaints, please contact
Email a [email protected]
o llamando al número 510-242-2000.
Para quejas relacionadas con
ruidos y olores, por favor llame al
número 510-242-2127.
Community Corner
Serrano’s Bakery is a Family Affair
Baking has been a tradition in our family for
generations. Our family came to California in the
1970s from Mexico and opened the bakery on 23rd
Street more than 20 years ago. From the age of 13,
us brothers started helping our parents run the
family business and prepare the fresh bread, pasteles de tres leches and
conchas that are some of our customer’s favorites. Our sister specializes in
the cakes made to order for weddings, quinceañeras and other celebrations.
We have regulars come all the way from San Rafael and San Francisco to
taste our homemade treats, baked fresh daily. We hope you’ll stop by and give
us a try. Visit Serrano Bakery at 773 23rd St, Richmond or call (510) 215-6861.
$1 OFF
on a purchase of
more than $10 at
Serrano’s Bakery.
We invite you to try Serrano’s fresh bakery
items, baked fresh daily, including breads,
cookies, conchas and cakes made to order.
Come and taste for yourself. One coupon
per person. No cash value. One-time use
only. Expires September 15, 2014.
Jorge and José Serrano are co-owners of Serrano Bakery.
Serrano’s Bakery es un asunto de familia
Durante generaciones, la panadería ha sido una tradición en nuestra familia.
Nuestra familia llegó a California en la década de 1970 de México y abrió la
panadería en 23rd Street hace más de 20 años. Desde los 13 años, mi
hermano y yo empezamos a ayudar a nuestros padres en las operaciones del
negocio familiar y a preparar pan recién horneado, pasteles de tres leches y
conchas, que son algunos de los productos favoritos de nuestros clientes.
Nuestra hermana se especializa en los pasteles para bodas, quinceañeras
y otras celebraciones. Tenemos clientes habituales que vienen desde San
Rafael y San Francisco a probar nuestros panes caseros, horneados
diariamente. Esperamos que nos visite y pruebe nuestra repostería. Visite
Serrano Bakery en 773 23rd St, Richmond o llame al (510) 215-6861.
Jorge y José Serrano son co-propietarios de Serrano Bakery.
$1 DE
en una compra de
más de $10 en
Serrano’s Bakery.
Lo invitamos a probar nuestra pastelería
recién horneada de Serrano, hecha
diariamente, como panes, galletas, conchas
y pasteles hechos a la orden. Venga y
convénzase usted mismo. Un cupón por
persona. No tiene valor en efectivo. Para
usarse una sola vez. Vence el 15 de
septiembre de 2014.

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