Community Beacon December 2013 PDF


Community Beacon December 2013 PDF
December 2013
Volume I, Issue 2
Celebrating Dia de los Muertos
Photos courtesy of Liz Gonzalez and Ray Rios
■ Calendar of Events – 2
■ Reader Letter – 2
■ New Adult Services Program – 3
■ LAPD Captain Baeza – 3
■ Soto Shifts to Commercial – 3
■ El Gabacho – 4
■ Free Computer Workshop – 5
■ Farmdale Open Mic – 5
■ Veterans Symbol – 6
■ Return to Lincoln Heights – 6
■ Local Scholarship – 6
■ Coaching Soccer – 7
■ Colin Hay at Luckman – 7
■ USC Health Fair – 7
■ Neighborhood Council Updates – 8
■ A Taste of Guadalajara – 8
■ Educational Winds – 9
■ Soto Street Bridge – 10
■ Eastern & Lombardy Update – 10
■ Mayor Garcetti Visits – 11
■ Business Directory – 11
Ray Rios
ia de los Muertos is a very
ornate and high spirited
Mexican holiday which continues
to grow with ever increasing
popularity in Los Angeles and
throughout the United States.
It can be traced back to the
Mesoamerican civilizations of the
Lure of Gangs
Jimmy Franco Sr.
he continuing growth of gangs,
drug addiction, violence and
incarceration continues to occur
within our community. Gangs
and their socially corrosive effect
upon our youth and families must
be directly addressed, not ignored.
Latinos cannot fully progress
while such a growing number are
losing their future to drug and
alcohol abuse, violence, and being
locked up. The unwillingness
of leaders to fully discuss and
politically address this widening
social problem is similar to a
family that ignores a family
member’s deepening behavioral
problem, hoping that it will simply
go away.
A demand for drugs has
Olmec, Mayan, and in particular,
the Aztec civilizations. These
ancient cultures all believed that
death was not the end of life but
only the beginning of a journey to
a new one and that the departure
of loved ones should not be sadly
mourned but cheerfully celebrated.
November 1st marks the first day
of this annual celebration as it
remembers those children who
have passed on prior to reaching
adulthood “Dia de los Angelitos”
while November 2nd marks the
day for remembering those adults
who have passed. During this time,
families remember and honor
their loved ones by creating alters
Continued on page 4, Cultura
transformed youth gangs into
thriving businesses. The profits to
be made with a minimal amount of
education can be considerable. This
had fueled an arms race to acquire
more firepower to overwhelm each
gang’s competitors and to extend
domination over new territory,
which boosts profits. This has
raised the level of violence and
death from gunfire and drugs, and
sharply increased incarcerations.
Similarly, during the Prohibition
period of history ethnic gangs
waged vicious battles and killed
one another in order to satisfy
the public’s demand for illegal
alcohol, and to seize control of
its supply and immense profits.
The legalization and regulation
of alcohol put most of these gangs
out of business.
Presently, the level of drug
consumption and profits, guns
and violence and imprisonment
for non-violent drug offenses is
spiraling upwards. And, many
youth are developing business
alliances with adults from hardcore prison gangs and major
drug cartels, harming the lives of
hundreds of thousands of youth
and unavoidably impacting their
children and those around them.
Gang injunctions and police
sweeps along with harsh jail
sentences are the same failed
measures of the past that put
a temporary band-aid on this
activity. Resources are needed
to strengthen an intervention
strategy of effective drug treatment
in conjunction with literacy and
job skills training to break this
growing cycle of shattered lives.
Continued on page 4, Gangs
LAUSD Breakfast in the Classroom?
El Desayuno en la Clase?
Amelia Velazquez
measure passed by the LAUSD
School Board last year, based
on the assumption that providing
students with an in-class breakfast
would help them achieve will,
in fact, have the opposite effect.
This policy mandates students be
allowed a minimum of 20 minutes
at the beginning of the day to
receive nutritional breakfast
snacks like Café LA Coffee Cake
and Sweet Potato Muffins. It
stipulates that breakfast be served
either in the classroom and will be
considered instructional time.
Furthermore, snacks are to be
handed out by the students and
teachers, who are then tasked with
cleaning up the resulting mess, at
the start of the day, when students
should be focusing on academics.
instructional time for children?
Student’s instructional time is lost
at a minimal rate of 20 minutes
(realistically 30 minutes) a day,
400 minutes a month, 10 full days
Continued on page 9, Breakfast
Help keep this paper in print and
delivered to your home. Send a check to:
Community Beacon
1912 S. Boca Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90032
La Atraccion de las pandillas
l continuo crecimiento
de las pandillas, la
drogadicción, la violencia
ocurre en esta comunidad.
Las pandillas y su efecto
socialmente corrosivo en la
juventud y las familias debe
estar directamente dirigida,
no ignorado.
Los latinos no pueden
avanzar totalmente mientras
que un número cada vez
mayor como está perdiendo
su futuro a las drogas y
el abuso del alcohol, la
violencia, y se encerró.
La falta de voluntad de los
líderes para discutir plena
y políticamente frente a
este problema social es
similar a una familia que
ignora la profundización
de un problema de
comportamiento de un
miembro de la familia,
La demanda de drogas ha
transformado las pandillas
juveniles en negocios
prósperos. Los beneficios
que se obtienen a partir de
los jóvenes con un mínimo
de educación pueden ser
considerables. Esto dio pie
a una carrera armamentista
para adquirir más poder
de fuego para abrumar a
los competidores de cada
pandilla y extender la
dominación de un nuevo
territorio, que aumenta las
ganancias. Esto aumento
el nivel de la violencia y la
Continúa en la página 4, Pandillas
N E W S ?
na medida aprobada por el
Consejo Escolar del LAUSD año
pasado, basado en el supuesto de
que proporcionar a los estudiantes
con un desayuno en su clase le
ayudaría a a tener éxito, tiene el
efecto contrario. Esta poliza manda
que estudiantes dispongan de un
mínimo de 20 minutos al comienzo
del día para recibir aperitivos nutricionales
de desayuno como Café LA pastel de cafe y
magdalenas de camote. En ella se estipula
que el desayuno se sirve en el salón de clases
o durante un descanso de nutrición, y se
considerará tiempo de instrucción.
Call us at (323)245-9408
Además, bocados deben ser entregados por
los estudiantes y maestros, que luego son
encargadas de limpiar el desorden resultante.
Esto se debe hacer en el comienzo del día,
cuando los estudiantes deben centrarse en lo
Esto verdaderamente es tiempo de instrucción
apropiado para sus hijos? El tiempo de
instrucción del estudiante esta en realidad
perdiendo a un ritmo de 20 minutos (realmente
30 minutos) al día, 400 minutos al mes, 10 días
completos al año, 30 días completos más de
tres años. Conservativamente, unos 20 días de
Continúa en la página 9, Desayuno
Community Beacon|La Luz del Pueblo
Page 2
Calendar of Community Events
Mon. Dec. 2
LH Neighborhood
Outreach Com.–5 p.m.
Budget & Finance Com.–6:30 p.m.
Holiday Parade Com.–7 p.m.
Aztec Rising, 3516 N. Broadway
Sun. Dec. 8 from 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
Eastside Zine Market
Hazard Park Armory
1350 San Pablo St.
Tues. Dec. 3 from 6-8 p.m.
EL ARCA Tree Lighting Ceremony
Pictures with Santa, holiday music, hot
3839 Selig Pl.
Wednes. Dec. 4 at 6 p.m.
LA32NC General Board Meeting
El Sereno Senior Center
4721 Klamath Street
Wed. Dec. 11 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Community Business Mixer
Bank of America
2400 N. Broadway
RSVP (323)221-6571
[email protected]
Thurs. Dec. 12 at 10 a.m.
LHNC Executive Committee
Aztec Rising, 3516 N. Broadway
Thurs. Dec. 12 at 6 p.m.
LA32NC Land Use
Barrio Action
4927 Huntington Dr. N
Sat. Dec. 7
Winter Basketball Evaluations
Rose Hill Rec. Center
4530 Mercury Ave.
Thurs, Dec. 12 from 6-8 p.m.
Assembly District 51
Holiday Open House & Toy Drive
District 51 Office
1910 W. Sunset Blvd., Suite 810
(213)483-5151 for more info
Sat. Dec. 7 at 12:30 p.m.
Holiday Movie for teens
LH Library, 2530 Workman St.
Sat. Dec. 7, evening
X-mas Toy Drive Event
Singer: Niki Nicholle
Hecho en Mexico
4976 S. Huntington Dr.
Bring new UNWRAPPED toy and
dance to the beat of our local rising star
Sun. Dec. 8 at 10 a.m.
LH Holiday Parade, Festival, &
Resource Fair
Starts Broadway/Lincoln Park Ave.
Sun. Dec. 8 at 10 a.m.
ESCC Senior Beautification “Holidays”
El Sereno Senior Center
4721 Klamath Street
Sat. Dec. 14 from 8 a.m.-12 p.m.
Breakfast with Santa
El Sereno Senior Center
4721 Klamath Street
Sat. Dec. 14 at 8:30 a.m.
El Sereno Community Cleanup
Rose Hill Recreation Center
4530 Mercury Ave.
ES Recreation Center
4721 Klamath Street
Woodbridge Village Apartment
1900 N Marianna Ave.
LAFD Fire Station 47
4575 Huntington Dr. S
Sat. Dec. 14 from 4-9 p.m.
El Sereno Tree Lighting Ceremony and
Live music, Children's activities, Free
Raffles, Toys (while supplies last) free
cookies, champurado, coffee snacks.
Huntington/Van Horne
Wed. Dec. 18 at 6 p.m.
Community Police Advisory Board
Meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month
Hollenbeck Police Station
2111 E. 1st Street
Wed. Dec. 18 at 6:30 p.m.
LA32NC Arts + Culture Com.
El Sereno Library
5226 Huntington Dr. S
Wed. Dec. 18 at 6:30 p.m.
LA32NC Beautification Com.
Absolute Towing
4760 W. Valley Blvd.
Wed. Dec. 18 from 7-9 p.m.
El Sereno Community Coordinating
Absolute Towing
4760 W. Valley Blvd.
Fri. Dec. 20 from 6-8 p.m.
A Visit from Santa Holiday Event
Rose Hill Rec. Center
4530 Mercury Ave.
Sat. Dec. 21 from 2-3 p.m.
Bubblemania Holiday Program for
LH Library, 2530 Workman St.
Fri. Dec. 27
Pre-new Year Family Mixer
Celebrate and bring in 2014 with Cheer!
[email protected]
Sat. Dec. 28 at 2 p.m.
Holiday Movie for teens
LH Library, 2530 Workman St.
Jan. 6-18
Registration for
Free! LA Kids Classes
El Sereno Rec. Center, 4721 Klamath St.
Thurs. Jan. 9 at 6 p.m.
LA32 NC Land Use
Barrio Action
4927 Huntington Dr. N
Wed. Jan. 15 at 6 p.m.
Community Police Advisory Board
Meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month
Hollenbeck Police Station
2111 E. 1st Street
Wed. Jan. 15 at 6:30 p.m.
LA32NC Arts + Culture
El Sereno Library
5226 Huntington Dr. S
Thurs. Jan. 16 at 6:30 p.m.
Beautification Committee
Absolute Towing
4760 W. Valley Blvd.
Sat. Jan. 18
Winter Basketball games start
Rose Hill Rec. Center
4530 Mercury Ave.
Jan. 25 at 8 p.m.
Antonio Zambujo, male fado singer
Luckman Fine Arts Complex
Fri. Jan. 31 from 7–9 p.m.
El Sereno Community Coordinating
Absolute Towing
4760 W. Valley Blvd.
English Conversation Class
Mondays 4-5 p.m.
El Sereno Library
5226 Huntington Dr. S
12/2, 12/9, 12/16
Building Well-being in Our Families
Construyendo el Bienestar en Nuestras
Tuesdays 6-7:50 p.m.
El Sereno Library
5226 Huntington Dr. S
[email protected]
LAC Department of Mental Health
Community Bike Rides
Tuesdays 7:00 p.m.
Eastside Bike Club
Meet in front of Food4Less
Rose Hills Senior Club
2nd & 4th Tuesday, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
Social club: Bingo, lunch, dances, trips
Rose Hill Rec. Center
4530 Mercury Ave.
Children’s Storytime
Wednesdays 4-5 p.m.
LH Library, 2530 Workman St.
12/4, 12/11, 12/18
Aztec Dancing
Fridays 6:30–8 p.m.
Rose Hill Rec. Center
4530 Mercury Ave.
Judith Garcia (213)481-8265
Hello Mr. Cabrera, Marketing Director
Thank you so much for this Community Beacon newspaper. It
was delivered to our steps on La Calandria Dr.
I was not able to make the feedback meeting yesterday. But I
would like to say a few things, to inspire you to keep it up.
I know newspapers are struggling all over the country. I only get
the LA Times on Sunday now. It’s hard to read it every day. But
when you want to get information on a local level, it is so hard
to do. And I feel you are filling that void. I had been wondering
what happened about the Charter School Rezoning project.
Now I know!
I was there, at one of those well attended meetings at Barrio
Action and spoke up against "Hilltop Removal" as a long-time
homeowner and local artist. It was great to see so many residents
being involved.
It’s good to see the paper in Spanish also, even though I don't
read it. And that you keep the languages in different type fonts.
Easier to find. The Community Calendar is a wonderful feature
also. This is a great way to unite the community. I hope you can
keep up the hard work.
David Botello
Friday/Saturday nights
from 8 p.m.-midnight
El Puerto Escondido
3343 N Eastern Ave.
Mariachi & Karaoke
Every Sunday
Hecho en Mexico
4976 S. Huntington Dr.
For more info,
call (323)226-0010
Sunday mornings
from 9:30-10:30 a.m.
Eastside Collective Health
Collective, 5469 Hungtington Dr.
Suggested Donation: $2-$5
Community Beacon|La Luz del Pueblo
New Adult Services Program
Nuevo Programa de Servicios para Adultos
L ARCA, Inc. is a 501-3 nonprofit located in Lincoln
Heights. EL ARCA provides
services to persons with
developmental disabilities such
as Down syndrome, cerebral
palsy, mental retardation and
Autism. EL ARCA is proud to
introduce its newest program,
the Community Based Adult
Services (CBAS) program at its
multipurpose center, located at
3839 Selig Place in Los Angeles,
90031. The services are generally
paid for by managed care HMOs.
The CBAS program is the State
replacement for the Adult Day
Health Care (ADHC) program,
which was eliminated by the
state legislature last year. The
CBAS program benefits seniors
and developmentally disabled
adults with medical concerns by
providing them nursing care and
observation as well as therapeutic
activities. In addition, physical,
therapy services are provided as
needed and according to each
participant’s individualized plan
of care. EL ARCA also provides
reliable transportation to and
from home in addition to a hot
meal every day.
If you would like more
information about the CBAS
program or would like to tour
our facilities, please contact us
at (323)223-3079 to schedule a
tour. You may also learn more
about EL ARCA and its services
ocupacional y del habla se
necesario. CBAS es la sustitución
del estado para el programa de
Cuidado Diurno para Adultos
(ADHC), que la legislatura
estatal eliminó el año pasado.
EL ARCA también proporciona
transporte fiable hacia y desde
casa, además de una comida
caliente todos los días. Si desea
obtener más información sobre el
programa CBAS o quisiera visitar
nuestras instalaciones (en 3839
Selig Pl), por favor comuníquese
con nosotros al (323)223-3079
para programar una visita.
También puede aprender más
sobre EL ARCA y sus servicios
l programa nueva Base
Comunitaria de Servicios para
Adultos (CBAS) beneficia a las
personas mayores y los adultos
con discapacidades de desarrollo
proporcionándoles cuidados de
enfermería y la observación, así
como actividades terapéuticas.
Los servicios de terapia física,
A Genuine Local Democracy
Jimmy Franco
result of building democracy
from the bottom up is the
eventual election of honest,
ethical officials who may be
held accountabled by voters for
their decisions. If this public
check-and-balance is ignored the
whole democratic process may
be undermined by opportunist
elements seeking financial gain
at the expense of the community.
In major cities people of color
elected to the position of mayor
have professed a belief in reform
and enhanced democracy. These
“reformist” politicians eventually
became even more corrupt than
those they replaced. In Los
Angeles County, the election of
Latino and African-American
leaders in cities such as Bell,
South Gate, Compton and
Inglewood created miniature
“banana republics” where officials
plundered city resources and
broke the public’s trust. Even the
Latino-led Los Angeles Sheriff’s
Department continues to be a
den of uncontrolled corruption
and police abuse.
The lesson is that nothing is
gained by political movements
and grassroots struggles for
democracy that result merely
in replacing corrupt white faces
with corrupt brown or black faces.
Local democratic movements for
voting rights and representation
will only be successful if voters
closely screen viable candidates
before electing them to office.
Educated choices at the voting
booth and consistent monitoring
of the actions of elected officials
will help to both prevent and
uncover wrongdoing. Only with
such a check-and-balance process
can grassroots democracy truly
be achieved and maintained.
Page 3
Captain Baeza
Bill Watkins
aptain Martin Baeza sees
potential for improvement in
our community. He is happy
to be back in Hollenbeck and
impressed, by a reduction in
violent crime during his twentythree year absence.
Captain Baeza’s main message
to those interested in crime
prevention: Get involved!
Log onto the Hollenbeck Station
website, find your interest,
and click. Get informed on
the crime hot zones, crime
prevention methods, starting
a neighborhood watch in your
area, or joining an existing
Young adults (13-20 years) can
become an LAPD cadet (www. (213)486-0123,
The Civilian Police Academy
offers an eleven-week course for
community members. Contact
Office, Sergeant Minh Nguyen
or Senior Lead Officer Joel Perez,
(323)342-4130. The CPC page
offers the opportunity to “build
a lasting partnership with the
Department, with the ultimate
goal of reducing crime and
improving the quality of life in
our neighborhoods.”
Find out more at: www.
l apd online .org / holl e nbe ck _
Bill "the Comet" Watkins is an artist
and resident of Rose Hills.
Get Involved!
Hollenbeck Station
Soto Shifts from
Industrial to Commercial
Vic Chaubey
he Los Angeles Planning
voted unanimously to recommend
the USC student Housing project
go forward on Alcazar at Soto,
changing Soto from an industrial
area to commercial. Modeled
after the Figueroa corridor
development in South Central,
where USC pushed redevelopment
with political backing, Soto’s
commercialization will heavily
impact the Hazard projects in
Ramona Gardens.
Some in El Sereno are supporting
a Business Improvement District
(BID) on Eastern and Huntington
Dr., even though BIDs tend to
be more about corporate money
and less about protecting local
business as on Figueroa in
South Central, and on Sunset
in Silverlake. Redevelopment
often results in the demolition
of public housing. How long will
the Hazard Projects in Ramona
Gardens last. The final decision
will be made by the Los Angeles
City Council in January.
Page 4
Community Beacon|La Luz del Pueblo
del pasado que tratan de
poner una curita temporal de
Se necesitan recursos para
fortalecer la estrategia de
intervención del tratamiento
relación con la alfabetización y
capacitación laboral para romper
este ciclo de vidas destrozadas.
Desarrollar el potencial de estos
jóvenes en peligro beneficiará
a todos. El potencial humano
de estos jóvenes tiene que
ser rescatado y desarrollado.
De lo contrario, su presencia
crecientes y actividades ilegales
de todas las
personas en la
de apoyar a un
nuevo enfoque
y poliza que
directamente en las raíces de esta
enfermedad social que afecta a
nuestra juventud. Una poliza de
los programas de prevención
temprana debe comenzar en
las escuelas primarias donde
los niños en riesgo pueden
ser identificados por personal
capacitado y desviado lejos de la
futura participación en pandillas.
Esta inversión en los recursos
humanos jóvenes alcanzará
resultados mucho mejores y
permitirá a todos a progresar
sin dejar a ciertos jóvenes
desafortunado atrás.
Para leer la versión completa
de este artículo, visite la página
Continúa de la página 1
Continued from page 1
Developing the potential of muerte por disparos y las drogas,
these endangered youths will y el número de encarcelados.
benefit all. The human potential Del mismo modo, durante el
of these young people needs período de prohibición de la
to be salvaged and developed historia, las bandas étnicas
or their growing presence and libraron batallas feroces y
unlawful activities will continue mataron unos a otros, con el fin
to threaten the well-being of all de satisfacer la demanda del
público para el alcohol ilegal,
within the community.
y para tomar el control de su
It is our responsibility to support oferta y enormes ganancias.
a new approach and policy that Con el tiempo, la legalización y
focuses directly on the roots regulación de alcohol puso a la
of this social illness affecting
our youth. A
policy of early
Developing the
Desarrollar el
potential of these
pr o g r a m s
potencial de estos
should begin in
endangered youths
the elementary
jóvenes en peligro
will benefit all
schools where
beneficiará a todos.
at-risk children
can be identified
mayoría de estas pandillas a la
personnel and steered away from quiebra.
future involvement with gangs. En la actualidad, el nivel del
This investment in our youthful consumo de drogas y los
human resources will achieve beneficios, las armas y la
much better results and will violencia, y el encarcelamiento
allow all of us to progress without por delitos de drogas no
leaving certain unfortunate violentos es en espiral hacia
youth behind.
arriba. Para empeorar las
To read a full-length version cosas,
of this article, log on to www.
comerciales con los adultos en
Jimmy Franco is a retired
LAUSD educator who writes at
Continued from page 1
that are elaborately decorated
with pictures, colorful flowers,
tissue paper (papel picado), and
“Ofrendas” (offerings) which
generally consist of favorite foods
and items that were enjoyed by
those returning souls while they
On a day when many other parts
of East Los Angeles such as
Plaza Olvera, Plaza de la Raza,
and Mariachi Plaza, were also
celebrating Dia de Los Muertos
in brilliant fashion, local leaders,
artists, and residents from the
community of El Sereno
collectively organized their own
colorful and festive “Day of the
Dead” celebration. or as it was
officially titled: Dia de Cultura
celebration of Dia de Cultura
was comprised of simultaneously
using many areas of Huntington
Drive to hold different venue
related activities such as food,
art, and musical entertainment.
The focal point of this event
was located just outside of Food
for Less at the new community
Parklet where a colorful and
beautifully decorated “Dia De
Cultura Community Altar”
was on display and open for
residents to bring pictures and
personal items from their loved
ones to share. This area also
provided an ideal location for
an Art Hub which offered to the
community face painting, the
coloring or creation of calacas/
calaveras, community vendors,
and delicious food provided by
Rounds Burger’s Food Truck and
Jarritos Garden where soda was
transformed into a refreshing
concoction with lime, chili and
orange slices.
The evening was filled with a
continuous flow of community
pandillas en las prisiones y de los
principales carteles de la droga,
perjudicando la vida de cientos
de miles de jóvenes y tendrá
inevitablemente un impacto en
los que lo rodean.
Mandatos judiciales antipandillas
y la policía arrastra consigo Jimmy Franco es un educador
fuertes sentencias de cárcel son reitrado de LAUSD que escribe en
las mismas medidas fracasadas
residents who were drawn out to
by the fair weather, live music,
and exciting atmosphere with
many arriving ornately clothed
with flowers and beautifully
painted skeleton faces.
Another facet to this community
celebration offered local business
owners along Huntington Drive
south an opportunity to host
their own alters so that residents
could make their way along
Huntington Drive and admire
the creativity and personal
details of the many different
alters that were on display in
front of their business’. These
altars were left on display for
two weeks and were culminated
with a candle procession which
visited each storefront from
the El Sereno Library to the
Huntington Glass store.
The evening was climaxed
with the historical and no
longer used pedestrian tunnel
that runs below Huntington
Drive at Pueblo Avenue being
transformed into an Art Walk
Gallery. Hosted by two El
Sereno resident poets, this Art
Walk featured ten community
artists and ten elaborately
decorated alters which honored
loved family members who
have passed on. The dimmed
yellow lighting and echo from
the pedestrian tunnel provided
an ideal environment for the
reading of poetry as established
community poets such as Gloria
Enedina Alvarez, Abel Salas
(Editor for Brooklyn and Boyle
monthly newspaper), Luivette
Resto (English Professor at
Citrus College), and Dennis
Cruz (Writer) captivated the
emotions of the many listeners.
This vivid and exciting Dia de
Cultura event not only offered
the community of El Sereno an
enjoyable and fresh opportunity
to walk their streets for a positive
day of celebrating the death of
loved ones but more importantly,
it served as a peaceful unifier,
an atmosphere of safeness
and unity. A very SPECIAL
THANK YOU is offered to the
caring community leaders and
contributors who’s diligence and
cumulative efforts were the key
to the success of this event. They
include the following: Sponsors:
RED67entertains Liz Gonzalez,
Annette Cruz, Council District
14, El Sereno Income Tax,
Fernando Amaya (Las Casas
Realty, Inc), Tico Signs, Greg's
Automotive, William Amazing
Pinata's, Tender Loving Covers,
Pachanga's Bakery, Casita Del
Pueblo, Desiree Aparicio Tax
Prep Inc, Jarritos, Buena Vista
Furniture, Charlies Trio, Food
4 Less, Portillo, Ruben Chavez,
PMI Promotions Cell, and Veyo’s
Party Supplies. OSTIA performed
in front of El Aguila Bakery.
Plaza de la Raza
Child Development Services,
Vivian's face painting, Sew
Creepy, Sane2K Artist, Blinged
out by Patty and Mystic gifts.
A.Net, Loraine Villareal, Albert
Cynthia Felix Balderrama,
Herrera, SonJi, Lisa Almeida, Tony
Snow & Marcos Alex Estrada.
CE, A.Net, Loraine Villareal,
Susy Chavez, Samantha Herrera,
Cat Abee, Huitzil and Nantzi,
Lisa Tovar & Stacey Steffe.
El Gabacho
40 Years Later, Time For Another Walkout
40 Años Después, Es Tiempo Para Otra Huelga
Since what motivates educators
and politicians is the Average
Daily Attendance (ADA)
money collected for warm
butts in school seats where
no education takes place,
I strongly support another
Latino walkout. However, for
this walkout to be something
more than more wasted time
outside of school, we need
a clear platform of what the
education establishment must
agree to, to bring the walkout
to an end.
Creating Chicano Studies
programs at UCLA and
CSULA, as was done in 1970 to
buy off the Latino leadership,
will not suffice this time
around. Either there is a clear
and enforceable commitment
to stop social promotion and
institute pragmatic education
by qualified teachers at the
level where the students can
actually benefit and progress…
or the walkout will continue.
The LAUSD daycare system
must be closed once and for
LAUSD's accommodation of
mediocrity must be replaced
with a system based on no
excuses and a willingness
to do what it takes to allow
all children to reach their
potential. The saddest fact
presently pervading education
policy in Los Angeles is the
belief, held by too many
Latino educators, that Latino
students cannot really achieve
The hardest day in bringing
about this sea change will be
the first day we get serious
about teaching all of our
students and requiring them,
and their parents, to be
committed and accountable.
After that first day, the job
easier in the course of the ten
years necessary to clear out
the culture of educational
mediocrity tolerated in our
schools, until all remnants
of racist public education are
Dado que lo que motiva a los
educadores y los políticos es
la Asistencia Diaria (ADA) el
dinero recaudado por medio
colillas cálidos en los asientos
de la escuela, donde no tiene
lugar la educación, apoyo
firmemente otra huelga Latino.
Sin embargo, para que esta
huelga sea algo más que
mas tiempo perdido fuera de
la escuela, necesitamos una
plataforma clara de lo que el
centro de enseñanza debe
estar de acuerdo, para llevar la
huelga a su fin.
La creación de programas de
Estudios Chicanos en UCLA y
CSULA, como se hizo en 1970
para comprar a los líderes
latinos, no será suficiente esta
vez. Va a haber un compromiso
claro y ejecutable para detener
la promoción social e instituir
la educación pragmática por
profesores cualificados en el
nivel donde los estudiantes
realmente pueden beneficiarse
y progresar...o la huela va
a continuar. El sistema de
cerrarse una vez por todas.
La acomodacion del LAUSD
de la mediocridad debe ser
reemplazado por un sistema
basado en que no hay excusas
y haiga la voluntad de hacer
lo necesario para que todos
los niños a alcanzan su
potencial. El hecho más triste
que actualmente impregna
la política de educación en
Los Ángeles es la creencia,
los estudiantes Latinos no
El día más difícil en el logro de
este gran cambio será el primer
día en que nos ponemos serios
sobre la enseñanza de todos los
estudiantes y exigiendolos, y
sus padres, ser comprometidos
y responsables. Después de
ese primer día, el trabajo debe
llegar más fácil en el curso
de los diez años necesarios
para borrar la cultura de
tolerado en nuestras escuelas,
hasta que todos los restos de
la educación pública racista se
han ido.
Community Beacon está en
Community Beacon is online!
línea! Para reflexionar con El
To communicate with El Gabacho, Gabacho, vaya a
POETRY: Danza Tlaltlacah,
Eastside Cafe Son Jarocho, Poets
Gloria Enedina Alvarez, Abel
Salas, Luivette Resto, Dennis
Cruz and Students from Citrus
College Lit. English Class. El
Sereno Tunnel Art Walk Gallery
Sponsors: CD 14, Barrio Action,
Bueno! Cup & Cakes, Mama
Churro Y Mas,jeremyespinoza.
com, El Aguila Bakery, Antigua
Bread & Our Town El Sereno
The Wilson High School Drum
Line, Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc,
BlitzKat and Rundown Kreeps.
Sound provided by Lincoln
Heights famous night club THE
AIRLINER. Academia Semillas
Del Pueblo performed an Altar
Blessing for the community Altar.
Sereno branch library, El
Aguila Bakery, Pecas, Hecho
en Mexico Restaurant, D&D
Video, Tico's Banners, Pay Day
Today, El Vaquero Restaurant,
Fashion Mart, Mama Churro Y
Mas, Matthias TV Repair, US
Awards & Trophies, Freddy's
Beauty Salon & Sisa's Nails,
Huntington Glass, & Aguilera's
Barbershop. FLOWERS: Four
local schools contributed hand
crafted the flowers for the event
and included: Phoenix Academy
(special education), Riley High
School (Mothers and Mother's to be),
El Sereno Middle School (K.Y.D.S)
and Wilson High School
leadership program.
Ray Rios is the President of the Hillside
Village Property Owner’s Association.
Community Beacon|La Luz del Pueblo
Taller de Computadoras Gratis!
Free Computer Workshop!
Chris Sariego
said the kids using the workshop
he Society of St. Vincent de would get free shoes from
Paul (SSVP) offices and thrift Shoe Palace as an incentive for
store held the grand opening of academic achievement.
their new Shoe Palace Workshop For over 100 years, the SSVP,
in October. This computer has provided free programs and
workshop provides children and
services for the homeless and
adults free tutoring, GED and
ESL classes, and education on impoverished in regardless of
internet use and resume writing. religion, race, gender, sexual
“We love the Society of St.
Vincent de Paul,” said Shoe
Palace VP John Mersho, “We 50 years, the Society’s Cardinal
always want to be about helping Manning Center on Skid Row
our community.” Lacey Flynn in downtown has enabled
homeless men to stabilize their
and find permanent housing
and employment. The society
operates an apartment complex
to house homeless women and
children in a safe environment,
and operates a camp for children
in the mountains.
The society’s thrift stores in
Lincoln Heights fund charitable
activities. For free pickup by
truck, to donate to our stores,
call (800)974-3571.
Farmdale Students Shine at Open Mic
Estudianes de Farmdale Brillan en Micrófono Abierto
Photo courtesy of Maru
n the evening of November
15, two hundred people
gathered at the Farmdale
World School to witness 50
1st through 5th graders read
poems they had written in
n la noche del 15 de
personas se reunieron en la
Escuela Internacional Mundial
presenciar a 50 1er a 5º grado
leer poemas que habían escrito
en Inglés y Español. Los niños
leyeron poemas acerca de sí
mismos y lo que era importante
para ellos (personas, lugares,
comidas, objetos, preguntas sin
respuesta, etc.) Maru, madre
de familia, dijo: "Yo estaba
Page 5
as oficinas de La Sociedad de
San Vicente de Paúl (SSVP)
y la tienda de segunda mano
celebraron la gran inauguración
de su nuevo palacio Taller de
Calzado en octubre. Este taller
ofrece a los niños y adultos de
tutoría gratis, clases de GED y
ESL y educación en el uso de
Internet y reanudar la escritura.
"Nos encanta la Sociedad de San
Vicente de Paul," dijo el VP de
Palacio de Zapatos John Mersho.
a nuestra comunidad." Lacey
Flynn, dijo que los niños que
utilizan el taller obtendrían los
zapatos gratis como un incentivo
para el rendimiento académico.
Durante más de 100 años, la
SSVP ha ofrecido programas y
servicios gratuitos para personas
sin hogar y empobrecido sin
importar su religión, raza, género,
orientación sexual, discapacidad
o origen nacional. Durante
más de 50 años, El Centro de
Cardenal Manning ha permitido
a hombres sin hogar para
estabilizar su vida, recuperar la
autosuficiencia y encontrar una
vivienda permanente y el empleo.
La sociedad opera un complejo
de apartamentos para albergar a
las mujeres y los niños sin hogar
en un ambiente seguro, y opera
un campamento para niños en
las montañas al norte de Santa
Las tiendas de segunda mano
de la sociedad en Lincoln
Heights financean nuestras
actividades caritativas. Para
recogida por camión gratuito
para donar a nuestras tiendas,
llame (800)974-3571.
English and Spanish. Children
read poems about themselves
and what was important to them
(people, places, foods, objects,
unanswered questions, etc.).
Maru, a parent, stated,“I was
excited to see that my daughter,
Chelsea, at just 8 years old
demonstrate such marvelous
herself, and compassion in
front of everyone. It’s great that
the school gives this space for
children to develop their artistic
talents. Thanks to the dedicated
teachers, that united families to
enjoy listening to our children.”
In an anthology of 60 poems
passed out to all in attendance,
Principal Saracho de Palma
wrote: “Congratulations to all
the young authors who shared
their poetry and made this
evening possible!” Four years
ago, Mr. Juan Garcia introduced
these treasured events at
Farmdale after attending a
poetry workshop, and now semiannually, families gather with a
sense of pride to witness scores
of children read poetry. He states
“this is a perfect opportunity for
students to show what they know
about writing.
emocionada de ver que mi hija,
Chelsea, a sólo 8 años de edad
demuestrar tanta sensibilidad
maravillosa, la confianza en sí
misma, y la
​​ compasión frente a
todo publico. Es muy bueno que
la escuela le da a este espacio
para que los niños desarrollen
sus talentos artísticos. Gracias
a los maestros dedicados, que
unieron las familias para disfrutar
de escuchar a nuestros hijos."
En una antología de 60 poemas
que pasaron a todos los
asistentes, Principal Saracho de
Palma escribió: "¡Felicidades a
todos los jóvenes autores que
compartieron su poesía e hicieron
esta tarde posible." Hace cuatro
años, el Sr. Juan García presentó
estos eventos atesoradas en
Para más información sobre la Sociedad contacta Chris
Farmdale después de asistir a
Sariego,Teléfono: (323)224-6273 Blog: www.svdpla.
un taller de poesía, y ahora dos web: www.svdpla. org De forma gratuita la
veces al año, las familias se
captación de sus donaciones al: 1(800)974-3571
reúnen con un sentido de orgullo
decenas de niños
leer poesía. Él
afirma que "esta
4938 Huntington Dr. South
es una oportunidad
Los Angeles, CA 90032
perfecta para que
(323) 227-1933
Sereno community for over 80 years
demuestren lo que
saben acerca de la
Turning your home into a dressed-up “Winter Wonderland” this holiday season
is simple. Choose the perfect Christmas tree, explore natural holiday décor and
use indoor and outdoor lighting to dress up your home with holiday delight!
Photo courtesy of
Chris Sariego
Backpacks for School Children — Students from 45 families received
free school supplies and backpacks from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council
of Los Angeles and the Specialty Family Foundation.
For more information on the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles
contact Chris Sariego, Director of Public Relations & Marketing, (323)224-6273
Blog: Website:
For free pickup of your donations call: 1(800)974-3571
Mochilas para estudiantes — Los estudiantes de 45 familias
de bajos recursos recibieron mochilas con útiles escolares
la Sociedad de San Vicente de Paúl en el Almuerzo de
Premios Mochilas Regresando a la Escuela.
Holiday Delight
Celebrando Dia de los Muertos
a celebración de "Dia de calaveras, los vendedores Huntington Dr. en Pueblo
Cultura" en El Sereno
de la comunidad, y la comida Ave. se transformó en una
incluyó comida, el arte y por Rondas Food Truck de
galería de arte con diez
el entretenimiento musical Burger y Jarritos Garden.
artistas locales y diez altares
que se ofreció de forma
de elaboradas con decoración
simultánea en diferentes
residentes de la comunidad en honor a los antiguos
áreas de Huntington Drive.
fueron atraídos por el buen seres queridos que han
El Día de los Muertos se
tiempo, música en vivo, y fallecido anteriormente. La
originó con la creencia
un ambiente emocionante. iluminación de color amarillo
Muchos vinieron ricamente oscuro y la acústica siempre
muerte era el comienzo de
vestidos con flores y caras un ambiente ideal para los
una nueva vida y la partida
de esqueleto bellamente poetas locales para cautivar
de sus seres queridos no pintados. Los residentes
las emociones de los muchos
debe ser un duelo triste admiraron la creatividad y
oyentes: Gloria Enedina
pero algo que se celebra los detalles personales de
Alvarez, Abel Salas, Luivette
muchos altares diferentes Resto, y Dennis Cruz.
Los residentes añadieron en exhibición delante de
¡Gracias a Red67entertains
fotos y objetos personales Huntington Dr. empresas,
y todos los contribuyentes la
de sus seres queridos en el que habían quedado en
oportunidad de caminar por
colorido y muy bien decorado la pantalla durante dos
las calles para una noche de
"Dia De Cultura Comunidad semanas, culminando con
celebración, que sirvieron
Altar" en la parte exterior de una procesión de velas
como un unificador pacífica
Food for Less. Era un centro visitando a cada tienda,
en un ambiente agradable.
de arte, ofreciendo pintura desde la biblioteca a la
Ray Ríos es el presidente de
de la cara, la coloración tienda Huntington Glass.
la Asociación de Propietarios
o la creación de calacas/ El túnel peatonal debajo Hillside Village Propiedad.
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Page 6
Community Beacon|La Luz del Pueblo
Return to Lincoln Heights
he learned in Wood Shop
at Lincoln. At age 24, he
bought a home in Highland
Park, married and raised 3
kids: 2 boys and 1 girl.
orn in Juarez Mexico,
Mario Marrufo came
to Lincoln Heights in 1967
at age three. He attended
Gate Street Elmmentary,
El Sereno Junior High and
Lincoln High School, and
worked as a Journeyman
Cabinetmaker with skills
At age 39 after a life
changing event, he obtained
a real estate license, and
became one of the top
agents at a Century 21 office.
While visiting his mother,
he made the decision to
return to Lincoln Heights
to focus on helping the
Latino community. He
got involved with the
Chamber of Commerce,
and met Steven Kasten, a
prominent local figure and
broker. They agreed to work
together and in April, 2010,
Kasten opened an office on
N. Broadway and Avenue
24 where Marrufo became
Sales Manager. He joined
the Board of Directors of the
Chamber, and was elected to
the Neighborhood Council
as business representative.
In November, he joined
Optimist Club. He says,
“Since returning to Lincoln
Heights, I have been
blessed…These days I feel
it's time for me to give back
to the community who has
given me so much!”
Local Scholarship 2013-2014
Programa de Becarios 2013-2014
n order to unite, prosper, and
empower our community we must
support our YOUTH in pursuing
their educational goals. The El Sereno
Community Coordinating Council
(ESCCC) established the ESCCC
Scholars Program to recognize and
award excelling high school seniors
who are committed to education
and giving back to their community.
APPLY NOW for our 2013-2014
Scholarship! Open to all high school
seniors that reside within the 90032
zip code. If you would like more
information or an application
packet, please feel free to email us at
[email protected]
comprometidos con su educación y
retribuir a su comunidad. Solicite ahora
nuestro Beca de 2013-14! Esta abierto
a todos los estudiantes de secundaria
que residen dentro del código postal
90032. Si desea más información o
un paquete de solicitud, no dude en
enviarnos un correo electrónico a
[email protected]
on el fin de unir, prosperar, y
empoderar a nuestra comunidad
jóvenes en la consecución de sus
metas educativas. El Consejo de
Coordinación de la Comunidad de
El Sereno estableció el Programa de
Becarios ESCCC para reconocer y
adjudicar estudiantes sobresaliendo
en último año de secundaria que están
Symbol of Remembrance
Robert Granados
n November, veterans were
honored at the 4th annual
Veterans Day Celebration
at Lincoln High School in
partnership the Lincoln
President, Jasmin Morales
lead the pledge of allegiance
and, Robert Granados
delivered an invocation.
Gilberto Rosado, Assistant
Principal Ricardo Rosas,
The ceremony honors those field deputy Jose Rodriguez
who have unselfishly served were highlights of the day.
their nation, and educates The Mistress of Ceremony,
the youth enrolled at the Vera Padilla, a former
school by connecting them teacher and career counselor
with the veterans who at the school, alumnus, and
attend. The school’s Army member of the NC deserves
JROTC Color Guard, under praise for bringing all the
the leadership of Master pieces of this celebratory
Sergeant (Ret.) Gilberto puzzle together. Her neverRosado, presented the colors ending attempt to locate
at the beginning. Student and invite veterans has been
musician and marching rewarded with an increase
band member, Gabriel in attendance of veterans of
Carmona played taps during various eras. Amongst many
the ceremony. Senior Class vets from the community,
two World War II era
veterans attended.
The highlight was a special
dedication and unveiling
of a plaque honoring all
veterans. It will permanently
reside at the foot of the flag
pole to honor those who
served and provide future
generations a reminder of
the sacrifices in keeping our
country free.
Robert Granados is a graduate
of Lincoln High, Los Angeles
City College and California
State University at Long Beach
and is a Vietnam War veteran
and an active member of the
Lincoln High School Alumni
Association, Our Lady of
Guadalupe Rosehill Catholic
Church and the Veterans of
Foreign Wars, Post 1013.
Happy Holidays!
Símbolo del Recuerdo
veteranos en el cuarto
celebración anual del Día
de los Veteranos en Lincoln
High School en conjunto
con el Consejo Vecinal de
Lincoln Heights.
servido a su país, y también
veteranos que asisten. El
JROTC de la escuela bajo la
dirección del sargento mayor
(retirado) Gilberto Rosado
presentó los colores. Músico
estudiantil y miembro de la
banda, Gabriel Carmona
toco grifos.
Morales dirigió nuestro
Juramento a la Bandera,
y Robert Granados dirijio
la invocación. Discursos
inspiradores, incluyendo del
sargento Gilberto Rosado,
subdirector Ricardo Rosas,
y representante de Consejo
#1 Jose Rodriguez fueron lo
más destacado del día.
La Maestra de Ceremonia,
Vera Padilla, una ex maestra
y consejera de la escuela,
una exalumna y miembra
de la Junta Vecinal merece
alabanza por juntar a todos
para esta celebracion. Su
intento de localizar e invitar
a los veteranos se ha visto
Photo courtesy of Vera Padilla
aumento de la asistencia de
los veteranos de diversas
veteranos de la comunidad,
dos veteranos de la era de
la Segunda Guerra Mundial
El punto culminante de la
ceremonia de 2013 era
una dedicación especial
y descubrimiento de una
placa en honor a todos
los veteranos. Se residira
permanentemente en el
pie de mástil de la bandera
para honrar a los que
sirvieron y proporcionar
las futuras generaciones
un recordatorio de los
sacrificios de mantener
nuestro país libre.
Community Beacon|La Luz del Pueblo
Page 7
experience. My wife Ellen
Coaching and Loving it! great
and I are thankful that our
Mike Phillips
ello all. I am coaching in
the pee-wee division at
El Sereno Park this the soccer
season. I am fortunate enough
to be a co-head coach with my
friend and neighbor, Steve Deyer.
Both residents of the University
Hills area, we have had children
in the league for three years and
have been coaching together for
two years. Our daughters, Allie
and Caleigh, have played soccer
together for three years and are
on our team, the Coyotes. My
son, Thomas, plays on the Pumas
in the division above us, against
Steve’s son, Nolan, on the Dare
Devils. Coaching brings back
wonderful childhood memories
of being at the park all day with
my own father who coached for
many years in Alhambra. In my
time coaching, I have enjoyed
the facilities, staff, and friendly
neighbors who participate in the
El Sereno Park sports program.
I realize that not everyone has
the hours available to coach,
but I wish they could. It’s a
neighborhood park offers sports
programs year round, as I am
able to coach other sports as well.
I am always impressed by how the
park fills with family and friends
cheering their favorite player or
team. Sometimes we forget how
much it means to these kids to
see someone cheering them on!
I hope that you will come out
and watch the Coyotes, Galaxy,
Chivas, or El Sereno kids play
some great soccer. You just might
make a friend at the park.
Colin Hay Shines at Luckman
Bill Watkins
o you remember Men at Work from
the 1980’s? How could you not recall
the band that produced hits such as Down
Under, It’s a Mistake, Overkill and Be
Good Johnny?
Writer and lead singer Colin Hay was
fifty feet away from me, performing
at Cal State L.A.’s Luckman Fine Arts
Complex. After the show, I met him—and
his wandering right eye, which he joked
about in his performance. Who knew
that a good portion of his show would be
comedy? With his dry Scottish humor, he
self-deprecated and audience-deprecated
until we were all laughing at failures and
pain. The result was Colin’s success: an
easy-going, funny, incredible talent with a
magical voice.
Overall it was an interesting, fun show, full
of tears and laughter as I recalled the boy
I was, wanted to be, and should have been
at the time Men At Work first hit radios
Photo courtesy of Bill Watkins
in 1982. Self-professed alcoholics, Colin Hay and I are
linked by a regret for past stupidity and a commitment
to entertain, inform and inspire others until we’re gray
and old.
—The Luckman Fine Arts Complex, 5151 State
University Dr., (323)343-6600
Bill "the Comet" Watkins is an artist and resident of Rose Hills.
USC Community Health Fair at
White Memorial
Alan Sanchez
n October 13th the second
annual Bridge to Health
Community Health Wellness
and Safety Fair took place
at White Memorial Medical
Center. Thanks to the valuable
contribution of more than 50
health agencies and the USC
School Pharmacy Students more
than 500 people had access
to free flu shots and body-fat
analyses, as well as screenings
hypertension, and osteoporosis
among others.
Participants also had the
information preventive health
as well as education on breast
self-examinations and screening
mammograms as well as handed
out vouchers for low-cost
mammograms in recognition of
breast cancer awareness month.
The health fair could not have
been possible without the USC
Outreach grant and the
support of the White Memorial
Council that helped Bridge to
Health Community Health Fair
grow into a well-recognized
community event that benefits
the residents of Boyle Heights,
Lincoln Heights and El Sereno.
Alan Sanchez, Program Specialist
for USC Community Partnership,
is responsible for managing the
operations of several community
outreach programs.
Community Beacon|La Luz del Pueblo
Page 8
LA32 Neighborhood Council Update
Connie Castro
want to acknowledge our
and Committee members who
volunteer their time to support the
mission of the LA-32 NC. We've
been busy trying to innovate the
NC by strategically planning
our concerns by submitting
Community Impact Statements
to the City Council on upcoming
City Council files that affect our
community. We worked very
hard to catch-up on pending
issues, including submitting
long overdue 2010-2012 financial
The LA-32 NC has sponsored
several important events under
the leadership of our Standing
Committees. These include the
LAUSD Candidate Forum, The
Lummis Day Festival, and the 4th
of July Parade by the Membership
and Outreach Committee, the 3rd
Annual El Sereno Kite Festival
by Arts and Culture, the Healthy
Start Faire by Education, the First
Annual Business Meet and Greet
by the Business and Economics,
and numerous Community
Clean Ups by Beautification.
Our new website, www.LA32nc.
org provides information on
community events. You can
email us to subscribe to the
website and be automatically
notified of upcoming events. In
addition, through the site you
are welcome to email individual
Board members or the entire
board directly with any questions
or concerns.
LA-32NC will address our
financial statements and the
upcoming fiscal year budget,
prepare for the 2014 elections,
and continue to address issues
affecting our community.
Lastly, I want to thank all of you,
CD 14, and our amazing leaders,
for your patience, understanding,
time and efforts, for believing in
our mission and in the great work
that we can accomplish together.
Connie Castro is President of the LA-32
Neighborhood Council.
Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council Update
Nanci Rosas
his year has been a rewarding
experience as President of the
Lincoln Heights Neighborhood
Council. I oversee a Board that
has lived, worked and dedicated
many hours to the community
and is sensitive to the needs of all
stakeholder issues.
Doing small things, like planting
gardens, or looking out for
our neighbors is how change
takes place and our community
is made safe and healthy. I
members to volunteer, serve on
a LHNC Committee, spend time
at the Senior Citizen Center,
read to an adult or child at the
Library, encourage children to
get involved in school activities,
organizations, sports, music and
the arts. Without community
service, we would not have
a strong quality of life. We
develop and gain a sense of selfworth when we commit to our
This year the NC Outreach
Committee sought to continue to
fund yearly holiday programs: A
budget of $1,500 to place a plaque
honoring our veterans at Lincoln
High School and a budget of
$1,500 for Halloween fun night,
co-sponsored by the Lincoln
Heights Benefit Association of
the BID, which donated 4,000
Halloween bags, with over 2,500
children attending haunted
houses and receiving Halloween
candy bags. The Tree Lighting
Ceremony is a community
favorite with free Santa pictures,
treats of champurado and
sweet bread, and entertainment
provided by the local students.
The next big event is the Annual
Holiday Parade and Festival to be
held on Sunday, December 8,
starting at 11:00 a.m. at the
corner of Lincoln Park Ave. and
N. Broadway with over 80
groups participating. Afterwards
everyone gathers at Bank of
America to celebrate, enjoy
games, meet Santa, eat pizza and
enjoy the entertainment.
I hope to see you at these LHNC
events. Get involved and visit our
website: www.lincolnheightsnc.
org. Happy Holidays and a
Prosperous New Year!
Nanci Rosas is a resident of Lincoln
Heights and current President of
the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood
El Vaquero Restaurante: A Taste of Guadalajara
Martin Hernandez
or Malaquias and Irma Vasquez their El
Vaquero Restaurante is a dream come true.
And future sites may be added to the ones in El
Sereno and Alhambra. Let’s hope so because for
anyone who has feasted on a hearty torta ahogada
or the mole de espinazo con nopales made in the
style served in Vasquez’s native Mexican state
of Jalisco, it would mean more sitting room for
burgeoning lunchtime crowds.
When I first called Mr. Vasquez, he was polite
but had little time to talk because he was “bien
ocupado,” serving hungry lunchtime customers.
The next day I called in the morning and Mr.
Vasquez, still gracious but less busy, described
how El Vaquero came to be.
Vasquez grew up working at restaurants in
Guadalajara and always wanted a place of his own.
He and his wife emigrated to the U.S. in 1996 and
he eventually found a found a good job with a nonrestaurant related company.
However, he still had the urge to start his own
restaurant and, with their savings and loans
from family, the Vasquezes opened the Alhambra
location. Eleven years later, Vasquez admits that
while they were skilled at working in a restaurant
they were not as skilled at running one.
2 Free Tacos
with purchase of meal
(1 per family)
The home-style meals recipes for traditional Jalisco
dishes, many from Vaquez’s mother, from caldo de
res to tacos de barbacoa dorados, from tostadas de
cueritos to lengua en salsa verde, became popular
with local Latino workers and word spread about
the savory dishes being served at the tiny Fremont
Avenue storefront. It became a magnet for those
looking for a little taste of home and a home for
their taste. The Vasquezes also honed their skills
as entrepreneurs. The Alhambra location’s success
lead to the opening of the Huntington Dr. branch
about eight years ago, much to the delight of many.
Name for a restaurant where Malaquias worked in
Guadalajara, Tortas Ahogadas El Vaquero, their
signature meal is the torta ahogada de carnitas.
It’s a bolillo stuffed with pork and chiles, drowned
(ahogada) in a tangy salsa and topped with a
mountain of sliced onions. You will need a knife
and fork to consume every morsel of this regional
The Vasquezes also serve burritos and tacos
of carne asada (grilled beef), pollo (chicken),
carnitas (pork), and lengua (tongue), along with
pozole, combination plates featuring flautas,
enchiladas and taquitos, and numerous kinds of
tortas. Popular breakfast dishes include huevos
rancheros and huevos a la Mexicana (only at
the El Sereno branch) and on the weekends
(at both locations) there is menudo.
“If you can’t do something well,” Vasquez told
me, “you shouldn’t do it at all.” Malaquias
and Irma appear to be doing it very well.
The proof is folks like me, who keep coming
back for more. The Vasquezes also hire from
within the community and are always ready
to lend a hand when the community needs it.
With tasty, affordable food from Guadalajara,
what more could one ask for?
El Vaquero Restaurante
—4884 ½ Huntington Dr., (323)441-8536
—14 S. Fremont Ave., Alhambra (626)458-4546
Phone orders happily accepted.
Newly Elected LA-32
aria E. Miranda (Lomeli)
has lived in El Sereno
for 24 years and grew up in
Ramona Gardens Housing
projects. She showed an interest
in leadership and community
involvement in her youth when
she got involved in student
council in grammar school. She
graduated from Lincoln high
school, worked as manager
at Dodger stadium for nine
years and the Public Health
Foundation (WIC) for eight
She has been a volunteer for
Crenshaw Christian Center
and Highways and Byways,
and currently with Tender
Loving Covers (TLC- a group
that makes and donates quilts
to homeless children) and is
active with United Caltrans
Tenants. For 21 years she has
been happily married to Carlos
Miranda with two children. For
Maria, being on the LA32 NC
Board gives her the opportunity
to continue her involvement to
make this neighborhood a place
to love.
eorge Cabrera, Jr. is a long
time resident of Hillside
Village, El Sereno. He attended
All Saints Catholic School,
Wilson High School (Class of
’70), and worked at the family
business, Sunset Printers, in
Alhambra for 21 years. He has
has worn several hats in the
community: A parishioner at
All Saints Church for 50 years,
Retreat Captain for 12 years,
Knights of Columbus for 18
years, Deputy Grand Knight
for 1 year. Sponsored by the
Greater El Sereno Chamber of
Commerce, he raised $2,500 for
the Bicentennial Parade, and
finished 2nd place for El Sereno
Honorary Mayor in 2005.
Former partner and marketing
director for The 90032 Voice
and The Voice Community
News, and currently for the
Community Beacon. Advocate
for the Alzheimer’s Association
of ELA. Founding member
of the El Sereno Veteran’s
Monument Committee. Active
in the Hillside Village Property
Owners Association for 25
years, El Sereno Community
Coordinating Council, and
Sons of the American Legion
(Alhambra Post No. 159.) He
sits on the LA32NC Education
Committee and wants to reach
out to the educational centers
and local businesses in our
KYDS at El Sereno
Middle School
nstead of hanging out on
the street or watching TV, El
Sereno Middle School students
can join a drum line, play
basketball alongside a college
player, get intensive homework
help, or create art.
KYDS nonprofit organization
provides free after school
enrichment for students at
El Sereno Middle School.
We believe that after school
programs, like the schools
they serve, can become
community hubs supporting
and engaging students and
families, local artisans, and
local organizations. This fall we
academic achievement has been
one of our main focuses. We
have developed math, writing,
and science tutoring programs,
as well as English language
Recently, KYDS collaborated
with Janice Gomez and Fatima
Project Project, an El Sereno
art collective. The duo put on
a free print-making workshop
for KYDS students who learned
basic printmaking skills and
helped answer the question
“What is Art?” We hope to
connect with other local artists
for one-time workshops and a
larger Spring mural project.
Site managers Rafael Lopez and
Kelly Thomas attended the El
Sereno Neighborhood Council
(NC-32) November meeting.
Welcomed by the community,
we are excited about future
Neighborhood Council to create
even greater opportunities for
El Sereno’s youth.
KYDS is always looking for
dedicated volunteers to tutor
or lead workshops. Interested?
Contact [email protected]
Community members like you provide
local news. Contact us at (323)245-9408
Community Beacon|La Luz del Pueblo
Continued from page 1
each year, 30 full days over three
Teachers are trained to teach
for success in college and
future careers. Teachers are
not trained in handling and
serving food. Cafeteria workers
are trained to handle food
and school cafeterias provide
breakfast services for students
in a sanitary-setting that can
be more easily cleaned up.
Another provision calls for
improving the appeal of school
meals such as increasing access
to fresh produce through
salad bars and the use of
vegetables from school gardens
and local farms. However,
the implementation of the
Breakfast in the Classroom
program does not include salad
bars, or fruit or vegetables from
school gardens and local farms.
A more accurate description
is “in-classroom breakfast
snacks”. The current breakfast
offerings are high in calories,
high in carbohydrates and high
in sugar, exceeding 1/3 or more
of the daily recommended
amount of calories for children
ages 5-13 years.
According the LAUSD Food
have the right to opt out of the
Breakfast in the Classroom
program. The program is
expected to be implemented
at all elementary and middle
schools in 2013-2014, and at
all high schools in 2014-2015.
Teachers support students being
provided nutritional meals in the
cafeteria, by cafeteria workers
and others trained in properly
handling food, and not during
instructional time.
Amelia Velazquez is a resident of
El Sereno.
de los huertos escolares y las de Comida los padres tienen el
Continúa de la página 1
granjas locales. Sin embargo, derecho de optar por no tener
clase cada año se pierden.
Los maestros están capacitados
para enseñar a los estudiantes,
y los prepara para el éxito en
la universidad y carreras en el
futuro. Los maestros no están
capacitados en el manejo y servir
los alimentos. Los trabajadores
de la cafetería están capacitados
para manejar los alimentos y los
comedores escolares ofrecen
servicio de desayuno para
los estudiantes en un entorno
sanitario y se puede limpiar más
Otra provision es mejorar la
apelacion de las comidas
escolares tales como el aumento
del acceso a los productos
frescos a través de las barras de
ensalada y el uso de verduras
programa el programa El Desayuno en la
“El Desayuno en la Clase” no Aula. Se espera que el programa
incluye barras de ensaladas o sea implementado en todas las
frutas o verduras de los huertos escuelas primarias y medias
escolares y las granjas locales. en 2013-2014, y en todas las
Una descripción más precisa es escuelas secundarias en 2014"Bocadillos de Desayuno en la 2015. Los maestros apoyan
que se sirven a niños comidas
desayuno nutritivas en la cafetería, por
actuales del LAUSD son altos en trabajadores de la cafetería y
calorías, altos en carbohidratos otras
y alta en azúcar, sobrepasando en el manejo adecuado de los
mas de 1/3 de la cantidad diaria alimentos, y no durante el tiempo
recomendada de calorías para de instrucción.
niños de 5-13 años.
Amelia Velazquez es un residente
Según la Division de Servicios de El Sereno.
Page 9
Educational Winds
Abelardo Diaz
“John Deasy to Resign
as Superintendent of LAUSD”
were a well-planned scare
tactic launched before the
School Board conducted the
Superintendent’s review and
evaluation in October.
the superintendent. Why is
differently from teachers? The
answer is simple: the power of
Now, the district needs positive
A number of events contributed
to rumors of Deasy’s fallout.
First, two board candidates
backed by Deasy were defeated
in the recent elections. Second,
Dr. Jaime Aquino, Deputy
Superintendent and right
hand to Deasy resigned his
post, expressing concerns that
lack of support from the new
board was making his job more
difficult. Third, the fiasco of the
first rollout of iPads to students
in LAUSD, costing $1billion
that could have been used for
pressing needs at schools sites.
leadership to build trust with
Deasy has been the face of
the pro-charter corporate
educational reform movement
since 2011—in favor of giving
away new schools to for-profit
charter operators. The board
decided to extend Deasy’s
contract for three more years
although he did not meet his
benchmarks and targeted
academic goals.
continue the academic success
Deasy wants to use student
standardized test scores to
count up to 30% in a teacher’s
evaluation, but the school board
did not look at data to evaluate
30 can help reduce the class
sizes to acceptable levels, hire
teachers and support personnel
needed at the schools sites,
programs, and restore trust in
the district. The challenge is to
find a more productive way to
and growth that includes all
stakeholders. We need to focus
on our students and public
schools which need all the
support and resources possible.
Language National Board Teacher
employed by LAUSD for 16 years.
Mr. Diaz was endorsed by the
UTLA in his bid for the District 2
seat in the 2013 LAUSD Board of
Education elections.
Community Beacon|La Luz del Pueblo
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Soto Street Bridge Demolition:
A Community Project
Tom Williams
he Soto Street Bridge
demolition and intersection
construction has finally gotten
funding, a contractor and a
notice to proceed. At this point,
there is no commenting on
whether or not it should be done.
It is real and will begin in a month.
But residents should be provided
some sense of participation in the
I am opposed to the approach
of the Bureau of Engineering,
Department of Public Works,
and the Board of Public Works,
and I support the residents who
will host this monster in their
front yards and along routes to
Huntington Drive Elementary
and other commuter routes
through the LA-32 NC area. We
all will be subject to horrendous
driving conditions for at least
one year.
Neighborhood Council, the
Board of Public Works and
Bureau of Engineering (BoE)
hosted two community outreach
meetings. In the two week since
the last meeting, silence. However,
residents continue to press for
participation and information.
Impacts on Valley Vista
apartments will start with the
very first traffic diversion,
planned as a single south-bound
lane over the bridge. This will
send east-bound commuters on
north-bound lanes along the
existing slip road to cross through
a new signalized Huntington
Drive South. Mission and Soto
traffic will merge at the new
signalized intersection under
the bridge, causing a real mess
with long lines of traffic waiting
to go through the signals. Those
going in and out of the Valley
Vista parking entrance will be
blocked. I hope they don’t have
an emergency during the evening
A lot of drivers might try to take
a free right turn onto northeastbound
South, making the quiet street
a bypass lane for Huntington
commuters. The former market
on Huntington Drive South
may become the contractor and
BoE trailer park. With traffic
and backups from the detours,
we are “fortunate” not to have
businesses along the south side of
Huntington North. The several
commercial properties in the
area will be devastated.
For more than 30 years residents
have scrambled from bus stops
across Huntington at Mission
without pedestrian crossings.
The BoE doesn’t know anything
about neighborhood use of the
MTA’s 252, 78, 79, and 378 buses
and will leave stops and routes
to the MTA. The MTA can’t do
cross-walks and the BoE can’t do
bus stops; residents get caught in
the middle.
Huntington Drive Elementary
School was not aware of the BoE’s
community outreach meetings
until community members shared
fliers. They said the BoE had
contacted the school a few times
but provided no real details. The
BoE did not discuss student drop
off and pickup habits with school
administration, nor did they ask
about school bus turnaround
routes. These buses go to Soto via
the Mission and Soto ramp. The
ramp closure will force buses to
Marengo where they will turn
back to Soto and the bus parking
area. This presents a problem
for the afternoon pickup and
commute through the area.
Improvements to this process
are as simple as inviting
the community to monthly
meetings with the BoE and their
contractor, reporting on future
activities, providing week-inadvance schedules and detour
maps from now through January
2014. Noise and dust from the
project will be significant, but
noise shrouds and frequent street
wetting and sweeping would
help reduce it. The community
would make use of large notice
boards at the school and Valley
possibilities include providing
shorter school buses and
turning circles for getting onto
Soto, adding two flashing light
crosswalks at Superior Court
and at Tourmaline or Turquoise,
and adding K-rail sidewalk
protection for Valley Vista and
for Huntington at Mission,
This ain’t rocket science but
construction does require some
planning before it happens.
Tom Williams is a resident of El
Sereno who has worked with Parsons
Corporation in Pasadena, the URS
Corporation in San Francisco, and has
spent a number of years in Dubai. He
estimates he has prepared over 300
environmental documents and more
than 40 major project studies.
co loan
g the ereno
of El
¡Se habla Español!
ur cr ans
Con and per
2445 Mariondale Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90032
9am-5pm Monday-Friday
9am-2pm Saturday | 323-505-2600
All loans on approved credit. Apply between 11/1/13 and 12/31/13 for no payments ‘til February 2014
offer. Offer available on loans from other lenders. Rates, terms, programs and offers subject to change.
Developer’s Plans
for Eastern and
Lombardy Denied
development proposed for
property at the corner of Eastern
and Lombardy was on the City
Planning Commission's agenda
once again. The project, which
called for a number of significant
variances, required approval by
the Planning Commission to
move forward. Despite having
received an extension from
the Commission in August
to step back and reconsider
the project and to conduct
further community outreach,
developer Alvarado Banegas,
requested another extension.
This request was denied. Mr.
Banegas was unable to present
the Commission with revisions
to the original plan, and he had
failed to conduct outreach to the
community during the more
than two-month period initially
granted. Additionally, at the
October meeting, the developer's
requests for a General Plan
Amendment, Zoning Changes,
and acceptance for the Mitigated
Negative Declarations were each
denied by the Commission.
It is unknown at this time what
plans Mr. Banegas may have for
these sizeable hillside parcels,
although community members
provided ample feedback during
community meetings and public
hearings. Some residents have
suggested a playground, exercise
equipment, community garden,
hiking trails and picnic areas
would be well suited to the site,
located within walking distance
of a large residential community
and heavily-used athletic fields.
Randy Jurado Ertll: The Voice
of Salvadoran America
Tony Castro, VOXXI
hen he was five years old,
Randy Jurado Ertll left
El Salvador just as its civil war
erupted in 1980, thinking he and
his mother were fleeing to the
safety of the U.S. where he had
been born. Instead, they arrived
in a Los Angeles neighborhood
terrorized by a gang war.
“Escaping a civil war and
landing in another is not what a
five year old child expects,” says
Ertll, an author and activist who
has become one of the leading
Salvadoran American voices in
the country. “Yet again, nothing
in life is easy.”
Perhaps that is the mantra that
has fuelled Randy Jurado Ertll
through deportation as an infant,
traumatic repatriation as a child
and an emotional winding
journey pursuing an American
Dream fraught with tears, anger,
frustration and, eventually, a
growing peace of mind.
Ertll’s story could be that of any
Latino immigrant hoping for a
shot at a better life in America
today, and it is one he is sharing
in his second book, The Life of An
Activist: In the Frontlines, 24/7.
The book officially came out in
September, and Randy Jurado
Ertll is actively promoting it
and using social media to raise
money to help finance a book
tour. “Being an author and
activist is no easy task,” he says.
“It’s about making social change
through the written word.”
Ertll’s newest book, like his first,
fills a special void. He is one of
the few Salvadorans in America
writing about the experience
of his people, and he does so
“There really isn’t any literature
that our students can identify
with,” says Ertll. “There really
isn’t much for the new generation
of Salvadoran Americans who’ve
been born here or raised here in
the United States.”
Randy Jurado Ertll has also had
a unique experience given to
few other Latino immigrants—
being on the inside of the
power structure, seeing how
it works and now trying to
change it for those following in
his footsteps. He has been the
communications director for
former Congresswoman Hilda
Solis, the spokesman for the
Pasadena Unified School District
,and the executive director of
El Centro de Accion Social, a
nonprofit offering social service
programs for low-income youth
and seniors in the San Gabriel
Ertll’s “immigrant” experience,
though, is unique because he
wasn’t really an immigrant when
he returned to the U.S., but an
American citizen ripped away
from his homeland as a baby.“ (I
was) deported to El Salvador as
an eight-month old baby with my
mother,” he says. “Immigration
agents arrested my mother while
she worked at a sweat shop in
downtown Los Angeles.” But
his mother was intent on her son
reclaiming his birthright,and she
worked virtually around-theclock in El Salvador while Ertll’s
grandparents looked after him.
“When I returned to Los Angeles
at the age of five and not knowing
English, it was a nightmare!”
he recalls. “I suffered a lot.
Eventually, I learned English and
began to accept and learn the
traditions and social cultures of
the U.S…I became immersed by
watching (the television shows)
‘Scooby Doo,’ ‘The Land of the
Lost,’ and ‘The Streets of San
Now, still living in Los Angeles,
Randy Jurado Ertll is perfectly
situated to continue his work as
an activist and writer.
Find out more about Randy
Jurado Ertll on his website: www.
To read a full-length version of this article
Community Beacon|La Luz del Pueblo
Page 11
Mayor Garcetti Visits Local Chamber
Photo courtesy of Connie Ramirez
n November 21, 2013, the
Lincoln Heights Chamber
of Commerce held its monthly
restaurant. The speaker for
November was newly elected
mayor, Eric Garcetti.
Mayor Garcetti had previously
been a guest speaker, at a
Chamber luncheon, when he was
a candidate for the position of
Mayor of Los Angeles.
to the Mayor. The Mayor was very
gracious and took time to speak
and to take pictures with many
attendees at the luncheon.
What made this luncheon so
special was that the Mayor came
back to address our Chamber
after being in office for only four
months. It was also noted at the
luncheon that the Mayor met with
Chamber representatives on July
1, 2013, which was his first day in
received an e-mail from Eric
Garcetti to meet with him and
other local Chambers at City
Hall on July 1, 2013, at 10 a.m.
Board member, Mario Marrufo,
and I met with the Mayor with
about 12 to 15 other Chamber
representatives, at this July 1, 2013
What an impressive and positive
start for our newly elected Mayor,
Eric Garcetti.
Respectfully submitted by Steve Kasten,
Over 100 people attended the
President, Lincoln Heights Chamber of
Luncheon to hear, meet and speak On June 27, 2013, this writer Commerce.
Your Business
Call (323)245-9408
George Cabrera, Marketing Director
Your Services
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