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3619 Toledo Road - Jacksonville, Florida 32217
Phone: 904-733-1630 ~ Fax: 904-731-4335 ~ www.sjcatholic.org
Office Hours: Mon. —Thurs. 8:30 a.m.— 4:00 p.m. Fri. — 8:30 a.m.- Noon
Pastor ~ Rev. Gregory Fay
[email protected]
Mass Schedule
Associate Pastor ~ Rev. Rodolfo Godinez
Ext. 118, [email protected]
Weekday (Monday—Friday)
8:00 a.m. & 5:30 p.m.
Priest in Residence ~ Rev. Thomas Moore
Saturday ~ 8:00 a.m.
Spiritual direction, counseling, confession, or to chat.
Phone - 379-6880
Saturday Vigil ~ 5:30 p.m.
Deacon Chris Supple,
Ext. 204, [email protected]
8:30 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. ~ English
12:30 p.m. ~ Spanish
Deacon Angel Sanchez
Ext. 204, [email protected]
Parish Staff
Office & Finance Manager ~ Donna Carle
Ext. 104, [email protected]
Receptionists ~ Mary Ann Wright & Camille Marmo
Ext. 101, [email protected]
Dir., Religious Education ~ Anita Michaels
Ext. 111, [email protected]
Pastoral Associate ~ Carol Johnson Burns
Ext. 108, [email protected]
Youth Director ~ Mike Diaz
Ext. 103, [email protected]
New Parishioners — We invite new members to register as soon
as possible by filling out a new parishioner form available in the
back of the church.
Sick Calls — Call the office at any time. When any of our parishioners are hospitalized or confined to their homes, please advise
the Pastor.
Baptism — To present a child for Baptism is a serious obligation
and requires a faith commitment on the part of the parents and
godparents. This commitment is exemplified by being practicing,
active Catholics for at least 6 months, at San José Parish. If you
have just moved into the parish, a letter from your previous Pastor verifying the same is acceptable.
Director of English Music ~ Annsley Edwards
[email protected]
Marriages — Contact the Priest at least 8 months in advance.
Marriage preparation is required. Verification of couple being
practicing, active, Catholics at San José or previous Parish is required.
Hispanic Ministry ~ Cristina Perez
Ext. 120, [email protected]
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults — Those interested in becoming Catholic are invited to call the office for information.
Spanish Music ~ Jeanette Rivera de Mejia
[email protected]
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament — Fridays 8:30 am-5:00 pm
Pastoral Care ~ Kathy Perry
Ext. 109, [email protected]
School Principal ~ Brian Wheeler
733-2313, [email protected]
Reconciliation — Saturday, 4:30 — 5:00 pm
Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time — July 10, 2016
Page 2
Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time — July 10, 2016
Masses for the Week
W e e k ly C o l l e c t i o n
Saturday, July 9
5:30 pm † Deceased mbrs. of the Daniel Fam.
Sunday, July 10
8:30 am Special Intention for Henry & Mary
July 3, 2016
Nowakowski’s Anniversary
10:30 am † Anne Hartje
12:30 pm No Intention
Monday, July 11
8:00 am Special Intention
5:30 pm No Intention
Tuesday, July 12
8:00 am Special Intention
5:30 pm No Intention
Wednesday, July 13
8:00 am Special Intention
5:30 pm No Intention
Thursday, July 14
8:00 am † Rev. John Lenihan
5:30 pm No Intention
Friday, July 15
8:00 am † Margaret Comeau
5:30 pm Special Intention Allison Connolly
Saturday, July 16
8:00 am † Edmundo Alosilla
Readings for the Week
Is 1:10-17; Ps 50:8-9, 16bc-17,
21, 23; Mt 10:34 — 11:1
Is 7:1-9; Ps 48:2-8; Mt 11:20-24
Wednesday: Is 10:5-7, 13b-16; Ps 94:5-10, 1415; Mt 11:25-27
Is 26:7-9, 12, 16-19; Ps 102:1314ab, 15-21; Mt 11:28-30
Is 38:1-6, 21-22, 7-8; Is 38:1012abcd, 16; Mt 12:1-8
Mi 2:1-5; Ps 10:1-4, 7-8, 14; Mt
Gen 18:1-10a; Ps 15:2-5; Col 1:24
-28; Lk 10:38-42
That on our website we
post a monthly Mass
schedule that shows
which priest is
presiding at each Mass?
Just go to www.sjcatholic.org
and click on “Liturgy Schedule”
on the left side of the page.
Regular Collection
Hispanic Collection
Online Giving
Debt Reduction
$ 18,105.50
$ 1,774.00
$ 3,006.00
Parish Weekly Operating Cost:
Surplus / (Deficit)
$ 23,655.00
Bridge the Gap
Peter’s Pence
Special Mission Areas
$ 1,128.00
The good Samaritan was also a good
steward, giving his me and his
treasure to meet his neighbor’s need.
At the end of this familiar story, Jesus urges His hearers — and us — to
go and do the same!
Our “Poor Box” is located in
the back of church. All
donations placed in the poor
box will be forwarded to
Catholic Charities.
Many thanks to all who placed donations in the
Poor Box this fiscal year!
Due to your generosity, San Jose Parish was able
to write a check to Catholic Charities for
When considering Gifts
to a charity in your
Will or Trust please consider
San Jose Parish.
We are grateful for your support of our church. Online
Giving allows you to make
contributions to our parish
without writing checks or worrying about cash donations.
This site lets you set up automatic contributions and change the timing or the
amount of your gift at any time. Please go to our
website for the link to sign up www.sjcatholic.org.
in in
Do You Have a Passion for
Helping Preborn Babies
and Their Mothers?
God may be calling you! Women’s Help Center is looking for pro-life volunteers. Our center at Samuel Wells is located directly across
from the largest abortion provider in Jacksonville, and we are in need of volunteers to donate just a few hours each week at this center, either as a receptionist, prayer warrior or
sidewalk counselor. Training is provided. We
ask that you prayerfully consider giving a few
hours of your time each week to this beautiful
ministry that helps women choose life for
their preborn babies. Call (904) 398-5143 for
more information.
Divine Mercy House
Divine Mercy House needs your help!
We seem to have misplaced a lot of
our Baby Bottles that were handed out
during the Baby Bottle Boomerang.
Can you please look around your house
and see if you have one of these, either empty or full, and return it to the
church? We can then pick them up
and reunite them with all their
Mr. Pete Jarldane
Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Allegretti & Family
Mrs. Bridget Brady
Mr. Joey Fontenot
Ms. Rebecca Broussard
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Poe
Employment Opportunities
Visit the Diocese of St. Augustine Website:
Attention all High School Students
mark your calendars for
at Universal Studios Orlando Florida
Join the San Jose Youth for our first big event
of the year: Rock the Universe at Universal
Studios Orlando September 10 - 11. The trip
cost is only $75 per person. A $25 deposit
saves your spot! More information is available
in the church vestibule. Contact Mike in the
youth office to sign up, 733-1630, Ext. 103.
You must secure your spot
by Sunday, July 24.
Attention Rising
9 — 12 Grade Youth
Join us for 3 days of community service July
18—20, 2016. The group will participate in
daily community service projects, prayer, and,
of course, fun! We will meet each day at the
Parish Center to go out and volunteer in the
community. Monday will be with Divine Mercy
House thrift store from 1-5pm; Tuesday will be
with Re-Threaded from 1-5pm; Wednesday will
be with Catholic Charities from 9 am—2 pm.
Permission slips will be needed for each day
and can be obtained from the Parish Office.
Contact Mike Diaz at 733-1630 ext. 103 for
more information and to sign up to volunteer
by Monday, July 11, space is limited.
Page 4
Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time — July 10, 2016
(Rite of Christian Initiation
of Adults)
Are you interested in learning more about
the Catholic faith? Are you seeking a
deeper relationship with God by becoming a part of the Catholic faith? A new
cycle of RCIA is beginning.
Inquiry session will be held on
Sunday mornings:
July 24 — August 21 — September 11
Sessions will take place at 9:30 a.m. in
the Parish Office. Our first group meeting will begin on Sept. 18. If you have
any questions, please contact Jim
Knutzen at 945-2870 or email
[email protected] or contact Sr. Ambrose at [email protected]
The trunk ministry will close for the
summer months (June, July, and August). But…Fill the Trunks will resume
in September!
Enjoy your summer!
Catholic Charities
Refugee Resettlement
Program is in Need of:
Twin & Double bed sets (mattress, box
spring & frame), Dressers, Night stands,
Lamps, Sofas, Coffee tables, Kitchen and
dining tables with chairs. Call 224-0071
or email [email protected] for details.
7 5
in in
— July
— July
Please Pray
For Our
Military Personnel
MTCM T. Alan Propes II, USN, husband of Christine
Pikula Propes, father of Alexandra Propes & son-inlaw of Joseph & Jennie Pikula; Joshua Hastings,
grandson of Nona Hastings, great nephew of Mittie
Kenan & son of Terri Hastings; Lance Corporal
Richard J. Sheard, USMC, Son of Chris & Karen
Sheard; Luis D. Baez, Jr., USMC, son of Mary & Luis
Baez; PFC Peter Kirschner, USA; Sgt. Christopher
Futch, USMC; Sgt. Chris Boland, USMC, grandsons
of Yvonne & Joe Paffe; Lt jg Daniel Burke, son of
Gina & Mike Burke; Lance Corporal Joshua Hastings, USMC, grandson to Nona Hastings, great
nephew to Mittie Kenan & son to Terri Hastings;
SPC Diego F. Villanueva, USA, son of Diego & Ana
Villanueva; Lt Cdr. Tim Tuschinski, USN, son of
Dick & Linda Tuschinski; 1st Lt Geoffrey Troy,
USMC, grandson of Harriet McDonald; 1st Lt Jason
DeWitt, US Army, brother of Kris Lucey; ADC Jorge
E. Estrada, USN, husband of Madeleine, father of
Gabriela & Daniella, son of Doris Ayala; 1st Lt.
Joshua Green, USA, grandson of Jack & Anne
Coyle, cousin to Tommy & Reilly Farrell; Joseph
Shaia, USA, grandson of Joseph & Gloria Shaia, Lt.
Nick Smith, son-in-law of Ann & Terry Farmand;
GSM3 Aran E. Marquez Bihouet, USN, husband of
Jessica Marquez, Gregory Jackson, USN, husband
of Katie Jackson; 1st Lt. Philip Bebeau, USMC, son
of Gene and Jan Bebeau; LCDR Steve Duba, USN,
father of Charlie Duba; Airman Adam Shaia, USAF,
grandson of Gloria Shaia, Pvt. Alex Curlin, USMC,
grandson of Sheila Curlin; SPC Jerrold Burroughs,USA, 101st Abn Div Asslt, son of Jerrold &
Darlene Burroughs; CDR Bill Fallon, USN, nephew
of Grace & John Fallon; MSgt Johnny Rhodes, USA,
son-in-law of Linda Forbes; LCpl Donato Mario Maffin, USMC, grandson of Mario and Nadia Della Penta.
If you have a relative currently on active duty in the Military, we invite you to submit their name for prayer.
Please include their name, your name and your relationship to the military relative. Email [email protected] sjcatholic.org
or call Donna at 733-1630.
Bishop Estévez prays the Angelus three times Monday
through Friday at 6:00 a.m., noon and 6:00 p.m., on
Queen of Peace Radio-1460-AM/ 1600-AM. Tune in for a
daily dose of prayer.
The Gift Shop will be CLOSED
from June 18 through August 20.
It will re-open on Sunday, August 21.
Jim McInerney, Kristoph Paffe,
Rose Mendez, Vicki Rayburn,
Raymond Rodriguez, Jeanette
Currie, Mercedes Galarza,
Mary Galvin, Jean Galvin, Fran
Gibson, Riyad Haddad, Jack
Pearce, Luis Miguel Rolando, Augustin Sosa,
Leo Fitzpatrick, Kyle Bolte, Elaine Paffe
Curran, Sharon Symko, Pamela Ossi Cooper,
Mary Zerbest, Troy Stanek, George & Martha
Wise, Jeri Frantz, Gayle Millan, Matt
Magovern, Miriam Hapner, Becky Snyder,
Katie Higbee, Connie Baker, Samuel Evans,
Raymond Brault, Lee Lafser, Maureen
Kincaid, Anastasia Rush, Barbara Ventimiglia,
Joe Stanley, Genovev Lopez, Melissa Martin,
Dolores Segura, Teresa Eichner and Young
Jim Connolly, Greg Farrell, Infant Elliot
Watson, Emily Leone, Gary Ellis, Karen
Sheard, Dutch Scholtz, Infant Jamie Greene,
Mary Lucas, Jack Coyle, Sally Lindgren,
Brenda Campbell, Chris Boyer, Jo Madden
Sulzbacher Center
Vo l u n t e e r O p p o r t u n i t i e s
Sulzbacher Supper dates for 2016 are: Jul. 25,
Aug. 22, Sept. 26, Oct. 24, Nov. 28, Dec. 26
Join us on any of these 4th Monday’s to cook and
serve the evening meal at the Sulzbacher Center at
611 E Adams St. Cooks arrive at 3:00 pm to begin
food preparation, servers arrive at 5:30 pm. We
begin serving the meal at 6:00 pm and are always
finished by 7:00 pm. Come by yourself, with a
friend, a family, or a ministry. No experience
necessary, but it’s an industrial kitchen so volunteers must be over age 12. For more info please
contact Ruby Peters at 448-6555 or email
[email protected]
Easter Sunday
Of The Resurrection
Of TheTime
There is an exciting Bible Study for Women
that is coming to San Jose Parish this fall.
Walking with Purpose aims to bring women
to a deeper personal relationship with Jesus
Christ by offering personal studies and small
group discussions.
We are looking for women who would be
interested in assisting in leading this Bible
Study. The leadership team will meet this
summer to plan and help prepare for the
small group discussions.
If you are interested in helping lead this
wonderful enriching program, please contact
Diana Cratem at 904-728-8222 or email
[email protected]
As Catholics, we are called to carry the values of the
Gospel and the teachings of our Church into the public
square. As citizens of the United States, we have a duty
to participate in the framing and the debate of public
issues and in the selection of those who occupy positions
of civic leadership. These dual responsibilities to faith
and citizenship are at the heart of what it means to be a
Catholic in a free and democratic nation.
This guide, approved by the bishops of Florida, is intended to encourage Catholic clergy and laity to facilitate
the involvement of their faith communities in appropriate election related activities. These activities are designed to increase parishioner interest in the policy issues that will characterize this election year’s debate,
to focus their attention on candidate positions, and encourage them to exercise their right to vote. Questions
and requests for guidance on these and other electionrelated issues should be directed to the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops, 201 W. Park Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32301, phone (850) 205-6820 or email [email protected]
This document may be photocopied and distributed. It is
available for printing in English and Spanish on the website of the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops,
Updated: April 2016, Florida Conference of Catholic
Bishops, Tallahasse
Page 7
Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time — July 10, 2016
Divorce & Annulment
Do you have questions regarding divorce and
annulments in the Catholic Church? If so, Sr.
Ann Kuhn, SSJ, is available on Thursdays, 1:00
to 4:00 p.m. to help. She can be reached at
800-3293, email: [email protected] or at the
Tribunal Office, 2598 Forbes St. in Jacksonville.
We will begin taking registrations on July 10. The
registration deadline is Sept. 7.
The first class is September 14.
D i vo rc e d o r S e p a r a t e d
a n d Wo u n d e d
If you have recently experienced the loss of a relationship and are in need of immediate guidance
and/or confidential, compassionate support, call:
(904) 452-8318. You will be given information
about a divorce support group which meets on Fridays from 7—9 pm at Holy Family Parish, 9800 Baymeadows Road, in Jacksonville. We are here for
Late registration will include a $25 late fee per
child. Please remember that registration fees are
due with the application. Preferred payment
methods are check or money order. If paying in
cash, please have the correct amount as change is
not available. Please contact the Office of Religious Education at 733-1630 X-111 if you need to
discuss payment arrangements.
Support Group
A support group for those who have experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage,
ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth or newborn death
is available at St. Vincent Medical Center and
meets monthly. For more info and other miscarriage support resources visit www.dcfl.org
or call (904) 551-2619.
San Jose’s
Are Available for
Companion Niches — $2,300
Single Niches — $1,800
If you are interested in purchasing a niche or
would like more info, please contact Donna
in the Parish Office at 733-1630, ext. 104, or
email [email protected]
Fees for 2016/2017
One Child: $75.00
Two Children: $100.00
Three or More Children: $125.00
If your child is eligible for a Sacrament this year,
there is an additional charge of $25.00 for supplementary materials. This fee will be collected once
eligibility has been determined. (A minimum of
two consecutive years of Religious instruction is
required to be considered for eligibility. Additional events and classes are also a necessary component to be declared eligible.)
We are looking forward to another great
year in Religious Education!
T V and Online Mass for
the Homebound
Is someone you love unable to get to church?
“My Sunday Mass” will bring spiritual comfort
and joy for the homebound. Visit
www.MySundayMass.org for the Sunday time
and channel guide. Please Note: For those
who can get to church, the TV/online liturgy
will not meet the Sunday Mass obligation.
Thank you for spreading the word about Mass
for the homebound!
Page 8
Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time — July 10, 2016
To the
Knights of Columbus
for their generous donations to
San Jose Parish and to San Jose School!
Gracias a la
Knights of Columbus
Por sus generosas donaciones a San José Parroquia y al Colegio San José!
Pagina 9
Decimo Quinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinativo - 10 de julio del 2016
Para las personas nuevas a nuestra parroquia las invitamos a que se inscriban en la parroquia, para poder
servirles mejor y poder informarles de lo que esta pasando en nuestra parroquia, Si usted necesita algún
sacramento, necesita estar inscrito por lo menos seis meses, o si necesita alguna carta de cualquiera
índole es la única manera que podemos saber si pertenecen a la comunidad de San José
Oficina Hispana de San Jose
Colecta de la semana del
Para citas e información llamar de lunes a jueves
de 9:15 a 3:00 pm, también pueden dejar su mensaje después de horas y se le contestara lo mas
rápido posible.
Padre Rodolfo Godínez
733-1630 ext 118
M Cristina
733-1630 ext 120
3 de julio de del 2016
Presentar un niño para el Bautismo es una obligación
seria y requiere de un compromiso de fe por parte de los
padres y padrinos. Este compromiso verifica ser
católicos activos por lo menos 6 meses, en la Parroquia de San José. Si usted se acaba de mudar a la parroquia, una carta de su párroco anterior verificando que
usted era activo es aceptable.
Julio 17
Agosto 21
Las clases se ofrecen después de la misa de 12:30
pm en el Jubilee Room del Centro Parroquial. Por
favor traigan una copia del acta de nacimiento.
Agosto 6 10:00 am Septiembre 3 10:00 am
Julio 14– el grupo de oración se reúne en la capilla
de Ntra. Sra. de Guadalupe-7:30pm
Julio 15-Misa de sanación 7:00pm.
Julio 21– el grupo de oración se reúne en la capilla
de Ntra. Sra. de Guadalupe-7:30pm
Educacion Religosa
Las inscripciones para las clases de educación
religiosa de K-12 están en el vestíbulo o en la
-Los padres de familias tienen que estar inscritos en la parroquia.
-Para todos los sacramentos son 2 años de
preparación-requisito de la Diócesis.
Si tiene alguna inquietud llame a la oficina.
Colecta Regular
Misa en español
Colecta Electrónica
Reducción de deudas
$ 18,105.50
$ 1,774.00
$ 3,006.00
Costo de operaciones:
Sobra / (Déficit)
$ 23,655.00
Apoyo al colegio
Peter Pence
Misiones especiales del area
$ 1,128.00
"Jesús le dijo:" Ve y haz tú lo mismo. " Lucas 10:37
Este fue el mandato de Jesús al final de la historia del
Buen Samaritano. Pero ¿sabías que los samaritanos y
Judíos se despreciaban entre sí. La moraleja de la historia es que amemos a nuestro vecino, que puede ser alguien que no conoces, alguien que se ve diferente a tí o
alguien que no te gusta, sin esperar nada a cambio.
Para matrimonios
"Anima a tu cónyuge; que no seas instructor, supervisor o crítico. De esta manera se cree una colaboración
y no una jerarquía". (Trudy Costa, "How To Create a
Satisfying, Lasting Marriage" (Cómo forjar un matrimonio grato y perdurable.)Con permiso de [email protected]
La Renovación Carismática Católica Hispana de la
Diócesis de San Agustín
Invita al XVII Congreso
“Sanados por su Misericordia”
Conferencista: Rev. Ramón Dario Bencosme
Agosto 5 6 del 216
Viernes: 6:30pm
Misa de Sanación
Sábado 8:00am-7:00pm
Lugar: Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center
1000 Water St. Jax. 32204
Para más información (904) 314-9211
Habrá cuidado de niños.