St. William Catholic Church Chapel of the Holy Cross The



St. William Catholic Church Chapel of the Holy Cross The
St. William Catholic Church Chapel of the Holy Cross The Nativity of the Lord Natividad del Señor December 25, 2011
Fr. Tim Pfander, [email protected]
256-582-4245 x103
Hispanic Ministry/Ministerio Hispano
Fr. Manuel Ruiz-Diaz, [email protected]
Saturday/sábado—St. William
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm or by appointment/o por cita
miércoles Capilla de la Santa Cruz
5:00 pm - 5:45 pm/o por cita
Couples must contact one of the parish priests at least 6 months
prior to setting a wedding date at the parish.
Rev. Mr. Edwin Santos
256-878-9973 256-738-6153
Por favor hablar con Padre Manuel lo mas pronto posible.
Parish School of Religion Director/Directora de Escuela
Cecilia Hall, [email protected]
Financial Assistant/Bulletin Editor
Laura Hodge, [email protected]
256-582-4245 ext. 102
Kristen Skaziak, [email protected]
256-582-4245 ext. 101
DRE Assistant
Debra Klan, [email protected]
256-582-4245 ext. 104
New Life Center Director/Directora del Centro de la Vida
Maria Lopez
Church Clubs and Organization Contact Information
Music coordinator/Coordinador de Música
Kevin McGarrahan
St. Vincent de Paul
Betsy Traynor
***for Assistance
***por Asistencia
Mary Fritts
Ladies Sodality
Kristen Skaziak
Knights of Columbus
Jack Hahn
Denis Liederbach
Please contact Fr. Tim for schedules and preparation information.
Por favor hablar con Padre Manuel para las practicas. Los Padres
del Nino y los padrinos tienen que asistir.
Participants must have received Confirmation or have been prepared for Confirmation. Contact the Pastor 3 months prior to the
Las Participantes deben haber recibido Confirmación o estar preparado para recibir Confirmación. Contactar con el párroco 3 mes
antes de esto evento.
Parish School of Religion/Escuela de Religion
Pre-K through 8th Grade
Children age 4 through 15. Catholic Youth Formation meets on
Sunday in Mary’s House from 9:45 am to 10:45 am. Please see the
calendar for the full schedule.
Senior Youth Catechism
Continuing education for all high school age kids who have been
fully confirmed with the church. Please see the calendar for the
full schedule.
Adult Formation/RCIA
Interested in learning about the Catholic Faith? Classes meet on
Tuesday at 7:00 pm in Craven Hall. Please see the calendar for
the full schedule.
Para información sobre las Clases de religión, Confirmación y
Primera Comunión contacte a María López, Tom Ackerman, Cecilia Hall, o Padre Manuel.
Pregnant? Need Help?
Catholic Family Services and Project Rachel
Gadsden (256) 546-4883
Huntsville (256) 536-0073
Respect Life Coordinator
Crisis Pregnancy Center
Young at Heart
Helen Befort
MONDAY 12:00 pm
Albertville (256) 878-1300
National Hotline (800) 395-HELP (4357)
Se habla Español
Judith Hyatt
Pro-Life of St. William expresses
its deep appreciation for the amazing generosity you have
shown to our unborn "Children of God" in this time of
economic difficulty. With grateful hearts we wish each of
you a Blessed Christmas and New Year.
The table will remain set up through the Twelve Days of
Christmas and Epiphany Sunday (January 8) to give you
a longer opportunity to contribute to this special effort.
“For to us a child is born, to
us a Son is given.”
Isaiah 9:6
Porque un niño nos es nacido, hijo nos es dado, y el principado
sobre su hombro; y se llamará su nombre Admirable, Consejero,
Dios Fuerte, Padre Eterno, Príncipe de Paz.
Isaias 9:6
December 25, 2011, The Nativity of the
Lord (Christmas)
At the Mass at Dawn
Grant, we pray, almighty God,
that, as we are bathed in the new radiance of
your incarnate Word,
the light of faith, which illumines our minds,
may also shine through in our deeds.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.
Reflection question:
How can the light of my faith be seen in my daily actions?
Collect text from the English translation of The Roman Missal, © 2010, International Commission on
English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved.
Copyright © J. S. Paluch Company, Inc.
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
On this day, joy was reborn into the world,
-may we share the joy of Christ with everyone today and
On this day, hope was reborn into the world,
-may we bring the hope of Christ to those who are most
in need.
On this day, love was reborn into the world,
-may we bring the love of Christ to others in compassion,
On this day, peace was reborn into the world,
-may we bring the peace of Christ to our family and our
Si usted está en necesidad de asistencia, por favor, consulte Agustín
Contreras, 205-363-2294 o en el Centro el martes desde 4-6 pm.
An old joke asks, “What time is Midnight Mass?” The
answer is not really obvious, since Christmas is unique in having several distinct celebrations. The readings and prayers vary
greatly from hour to hour. The Vigil Mass hinges on the family
heritage of Jesus and his origins. The concept of “midnight”
predates clock time, and really has to do with a celebration in
the hours of darkness. Years ago, it was not possible to receive
Communion without fasting for a full day, so the late hour of
this Mass made it possible for the people to receive. The first
Mass after sunrise, the Mass at Dawn, was once known as “The
Shepherds’ Mass,” and later Masses set aside stories of Jesus’
birth to focus on the key to the day’s celebration: John the
Evangelist’s majestic theology of Christ’s identity as the Word
made flesh, dwelling among us. One feast, four separate
Masses. Only monasteries manage the whole round. Parishioners typically take just one entry point into the mystery. Yet
there is much to savor and celebrate in the coming of Christ
into the world. Christmas is not a day, but a season. You still
have two weeks to send those Christmas cards before you’re
officially late!
—James Field, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Además de conmemorar la llegada del Niño Dios, la Navidad en Latinoamérica es un acontecimiento hecho en familia; una
celebración de reconciliación. Todos anhelamos la armonía en
nuestras relaciones humanas, especialmente en los días festivos y
nada arruina una buena fiesta como los pleitos y los rencores. Por
eso durante la época navideña hagamos todo lo posible por corregir
errores cometidos durante el año con amigos y parientes. Muchas
veces estas faltas son imposibles de arreglar, por lo cual Dios nos
aconseja el perdón y la reconciliación.
Una parábola latinoamericana narra que la “poinsettia,” o
flor de pascua, con sus bellas hojas verdes y rojas nace del regalo
que un pobre chiquillo le hizo al niño Dios. Mientras otros le daban
oro y joyas el muchachito no tenía más que una hierbita. Este don
agradó al Niño Dios quien lo transformó en la flor de Navidad. El
perdonar puede ser amargo como una hierba, pero es el don que
agrada más al Niñito Jesús quien lo transforma en reconciliación.
Al buscar la reconciliación imitemos al Dios recién nacido, quien
busca la armonía con la humanidad.
—Fray Gilberto Cavazos‑Glz, OFM, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
From the Pastor/Del Pastor
Christmas can be disappointing. We remember the Christmases from our childhood, all the joy,
the excitement, and the fun we had. When we grow
up, we have to shop for gifts, write and mail the
cards, put up the decorations and do all the preparations that seem to stress us out. We may be sad
that the day did not meet our expectations. Now
that most of that is done, we can reflect on how the
first Christmas upset all expectations.
I’m sure Joseph never expected to have a
child so soon. Or to have the baby born in a stable
miles from their home in Nazareth. The shepherds
never expected to be wakened by angels. And those
Jews who looked forward to the coming of a Messiah never expected him to come as a baby. Yet God
had his reasons for coming in this way.
The nativity scene looks so peaceful and
beautiful, but the reality was not so romantic. The
messiah came not to the sound of war horns, but the
cry of a helpless infant. He was born in a stable because no one had room for him. The first to see him
were the shepherds, the migrant workers of the
time. The political leaders (Herod and friends)
wanted to kill him.
Jesus was born in this way to show that he
came not for the important and wealthy, but for the
poor and outcast. As an adult, he would continue to
surprise: He ate with sinners and tax collectors, he
challenged the religious leaders of Israel. He was
executed as a criminal.
So today he continues to come to us in the
homeless, the illegal alien, the sick, those in prison,
the unborn infant, that we may find him where we
least expect. Can we learn to see him in the unexpected, in our trials and difficulties, our own weaknesses? When we do, we will celebrate what this
season is truly about. Merry Christmas!
~Fr. Tim~
La Navidad puede ser decepcionante. Nos acordamos de las navidades de nuestra infancia, toda la
alegría, la emoción y la diversión que tuvimos. Cuando
crecemos, tenemos que comprar regalos, escribir y enviar cartas, poner los adornos y hacer todos los preparativos que nos dan estrés. Podemos estar triste que el
día no cumplió con nuestras expectativas. Ahora, que
la mayoría de todo eso es terminado, podemos reflexionar sobre cómo la primera navidad cambió todas
las expectativas.
Estoy seguro de que San José nunca esperaba
tener un hijo tan pronto. O que el niño naciera en un
establo millas de su hogar en Nazaret. Los pastores no
esperaba estar despertados por los ángeles. Y nunca
los Judíos que esperaban la venida de un Mesías esperado que viniera como un bebé. Sin embargo, Dios tenía sus razones para venir de esta manera.
El belén se ve tan tranquilo y hermoso, pero la
realidad no era tan romántica. El Mesías no vino con
el sonido de los cuernos de guerra, sino con el llanto
de un bebé indefenso. Él nació en un establo porque no
había un lugar para él. Los primeros en verlo fueron
los pastores, los trabajadores migrantes de la época.
Los líderes políticos (Herodes y sus amigos) lo quería
Jesús nació de esta manera para mostrar que él
no vino por los importantes ni los ricos, sino por los
pobres y los marginados. Como adulto, él continuaría
sorprender: comía con pecadores y recaudadores de
impuestos; desafió a los líderes religiosos de Israel.
Fue ejecutado como un criminal.
Así que hoy él sigue viniendo a nosotros en las
personas sin hogar, los extranjeros ilegales, los encarcelados, el niño aún no-nacido, para que podamos encontrarlo donde menos lo esperamos. ¿Podemos
aprender a verlo en lo inesperado, en nuestras pruebas
y dificultades, nuestras propias debilidades? Cuando lo
hacemos, vamos a celebrar lo que significa esta temporada. ¡Feliz Navidad!
~Padre Tim~
Christmas Devotion to the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
From the heavenly household on high
look upon all earthly households
Pray for us!
Holy Family,
You were not welcome in Bethlehem;
Embrace those rejected by the world.
Pray for us!
Holy Family,
You were sheltered in a stable;
Protect those who have no home.
Pray for us!
Holy Family,
You heard the angel’s Son;
Sing to us of heaven’s joy.
Pray for us!
Holy Family,
You faithfully observed the divine law;
Show us how to do the will of God.
Pray for us!
Holy Family,
Protected and guided
By Saint Joseph,
Pray for us!
Holy Family,
Cared for, looked after
By Holy Mary,
Pray for us!
Holy Family,
Fulfilled by the
Presence of Christ,
Pray for us!
Be our strength in life,
Be our hope in the hour of death.
Pray for us.
Minister’s Schedule (schedule available online at
Dec. 31-Jan. 1
5:00 pm
Ministers of Communion
Linda Hodge
Kevin McGarrahan
Carol Liederbach
Denis Liederbach
John Bannan
Alex Summers
Erin Summers
Noel Merrill
Norb Patla
8:30 am
Chris Andreae
Bill Schmidt
Stacy McLaughlin
Jeff McLaughlin
Dottie Browne-Peck
William McLaughlin
Frank McLaughlin
Harold Davis
Dale Lee
William Busic
11:00 am
Jim Curtin
Mary Rusk
Gayle Eason
Nancy Curtin
Cindy Hammond
Kathryn Hammond
Patrick Hammond
James Curtin
Rickey Hammond
John Eason
Norb Patla
Linda Hodge
Zack Summers
Dewon Simpson
John Bannan
8:30 am
Ministers of Communion
Denis Liederbach
Billie Simpson
Bev Sorcic
John Hahn
Cecilia Hall
J.B. Hahn
Ken Hall
Bill Schmidt
Amanda Lee
Matthew Laski
Marcel Poisson
Kevin Young
Dale Lee
11:00 am
Mary Traynor
Jim Curtin
Kay Nolan
Alice Beck
Pat Chomskis
Caroline Nolan
George Uchaker
Cindy Hammond
Patrick Hammond
Mark Etu
Kevin McGarrahan
Tony Sorcic
Jake Hodge
5:00 pm
Ministers of Communion
Norb Patla
Robert Crowell
John Bannan
Sean Landry
Flo Stamm
8:30 am
Mary Cattadoris
Ed Cattadoris
Bethany Merrill
John Eason
Jessica Lee
Frank McLaughlin
William McLaughlin
William Busic
Bill Schmidt
Harold Davis
11:00 am
Kay Nolan
Mary Rusk
Gayle Eason
Cindy Hammond
Christopher Wallace
Kathryn Hammond
Halie Uchaker
Jimmy Lester
Vincent Riggs
Joseph Snead
Jan. 7-8
5:00 pm
Jan. 14-15
To St. William Catholic Church
January 4th
Saint Banners to
be displayed
during their feast
day in the PSR
January 7th
Skating and Laser
Tag Roller Coasters
in Hampton Cove.
Permission slips
January 18th
February 1st
is an Altitude”
Preparing for Lent
“What’s it all about”
To become a member of St. William Catholic Church, please complete one of our registration forms located:
At the entrances of the church, in the parish office, on our website at or complete the form
below and we will mail you one. Welcome to the parish!
Place this form in the offering basket or mail to the church office at:
St. William Catholic Church, 929 Gunter Avenue, Guntersville, AL 35976
I would like to join St. William Catholic Church. Please send me a registration form.
I would like more information about becoming Catholic.
Calendar of Events for December 25, 2011 - January 4, 2012
Please visit our website at for more upcoming events.
New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day schedules are the regular
weekend mass schedules EXCEPT that there will be no 2:00
pm mass at St. William and no 6:00 pm mass at the Chapel.
Sun, Dec 25, 2011
10:00 AM Mass
Los horarios para la víspera del Año Nuevo y del Año Nuevo son los mismos
que los horarios regulares para los sábados y los domingo, EXCEPTO QUE NO
domingo 25 de diciembre
10:00 AM Misa
St. William
San William
10:00 AM Mass
10:00 AM Misa
Mon, Dec 26, 2011
Capilla de la Santa Cruz
Office Closed
Tue, Dec 27, 2011
1:00 PM Renew
lunes 26 de diciembre
Oficina Cerrada
martes 27 de diciembre
1:00 PM Renovación
Angel House
Casa de Angel
6:30 PM Holy Hour for Vocations
6:30 PM Hora Santo por Vocaciones
St. William
Wed, Dec 28, 2011
6:30 PM Music Rehearsal
San William
miércoles 28 de diciembre
6:30 PM Practica de Coro
St. William
Thu, Dec 29, 2011
San William
jueves 29 de diciembre
Fri, Dec 30, 2011
viernes 30 de diciembre
Sat, Dec 31, 2011
4:30 PM Rosary
sábado 31 de diciembre
4:30 PM Rosario
St. William
Sun, Jan 01, 2012
3:30 PM Dance Class
San William
domingo 1 de enero
3:30 PM Clase de Baile
Craven Hall
No Mass at
2:00 pm St. William
6:00 pm Chapel
Mon, Jan 02, 2012
Office Closed
Tue, Jan 03, 2012
1:00 PM Renew
Angel House
7:00 PM Pastoral Council Meeting
Mary's House
7:00 PM RCIA
Craven Hall
Wed, Jan 04, 2012
6:00 PM Youth Group
Craven Hall
6:30 PM Music Rehearsal
St. William
Craven Hall
No Misa en
2:00 pm San William
6:00 pm Capilla
lunes 2 de enero
Oficina Cerrada
martes 3 de enero
1:00 PM Renovación
Casa de Angel
6:00 PM Servicio de Comunión
Capilla de la Santa Cruz
7:00 PM Consejo de Pastoral
Casa de María
7:00 PM RCIA
Craven Hall
miércoles 4 de enero
6:00 PM Grupo de Jóvenes
Craven Hall
6:00 PM Servicio de Comunión
Capilla de la Santa Cruz
6:30 PM Practica de Coro
San William
Stewardship Report (updated information available next week)
Needed Each Week
Mortgage Payment per Month
Building Fund Collections Current Month
Building Fund Food Sales Current Month
Total Building Fund Collections Current Month
Parish Debt
Poor Box
$ 12,294
$ 801,771
Mass Intentions/Intenciones de la Misa
December 24, 2011 - January 1, 2012
Saturday, December 24th
4:30 pm St. William - Joe Cooney, RIP
Sunday, December 25th
10:00 am St. William - Joseph Lepenske, RIP
10:00 am Chapel - St. William Parishioners
Monday, December 26th
8:30 am St. William - Saul Earthware
Tuesday, December 27th
8:30 am St. William - Beryl Witherspoon, RIP
St. William Prayer List
When hospitalized, please call the church office to request a visit from the
priests. Please call the church office with the parishioners name, hospital where
they are admitted, room and phone number, if available, as soon as possible
after admission. If our parish priests are unavailable, the office will try to make
other arrangements.
Sam Harvey
Dottie Browne-Peck
Ava Williams
Thomas Schwerin
Matthew Hall
Nathan Gaspar
Our homebound parishioners
Simone Perrault
Donna Mitchell
Helen Mortimer
Yutiamco Family
Maryanne Worley
Cecilia Hall
Anita Schmidt
Sally Goerss
Marie Bass
Flo Powers
Carmen Collazo
Friends and Family
Suzie Van Sciver
Bob Liederbach
Euvalia Oben
Jake Mosansky
Levy Jones
Amy McGatha & Family
Rose Marie Brown-Tolley
Jonathan Walls
John Whalen
Peter Joseph Robbins
Sandra Clark
Sharon Cheshire
Those Recovering from Surgery
Lori Klocek
Tom & LeeAnn Hodges
Clifton May
Donna & Arral Helgerson
Jonathon Burson
Ruth Halthaus
Aurelia Snouffer
Stephen Kawulia
Karen Cavannah
Hal Weatherman
Kirk Henderson
Matthew Krol
Our Soldiers Stationed Overseas
Note: Names will remain on list for 1 month. Please, contact the office to put
name on list for a new 1 month period.
Wednesday, December 28th
8:30 am St. William - Beryl Witherspoon, RIP
6:00 pm Chapel - All Souls in Purgatory
Thursday, December 29th
8:30 am St. William - All Souls in Purgatory
Friday, December 30th
8:30 am St. William - Joshua Traynor, RIP
6:00 Chapel - All Souls in Purgatory
Saturday, December 31st
8:30 am St. William - Ron Steffenhagen, RIP
5:00 pm St. William - Frank Collazo
Sunday, January 1st
8:30 am St. William - Therese & Lionel Maheu,
Lee Maheu
11:00 am St. William - St. William Parishioners
8:30 am Chapel - All Souls in Purgatory
The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness has not overcome it.
~John 1:5
Flower donations have been made
in memory/honor of:
Amos & Kathryn Frye
George Cagle
Gerry Meinert
Margaret Jobin
Eugene & Ann Comisky
Arthur & Ida Galinat
Ramon Cruz
Gerald Preston
Gary L. Tillman
R.C. “Abe” & Janet Brantley
Audrey Leonard
John Cavannah
Norm Humphrey
Jeanette Andrews
Vita Atria
Adrian & Sally LeGrand
Liz Wickersham
Jimmy Adams
David Eison
Joseph & Rose Benedette
Elinor Story
Alan C. Smith
George A. Smith
Betty J. McKinney
Albert & Margaret Lemieux
Cancer Survivors & Victims
James Brown
Rosa Caracci
Vincenza Castelli
Jim Kilgore
St William Church
929 Gunter Ave
Guntersville AL 35976
Contact: Laura Hodge
[email protected]
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