January - Bonsai Society of Miami



January - Bonsai Society of Miami
ISSUE # 10
Be Inspired
Page 2 / January 2010
P r e s I d e n t ’s
M e s s a g e
Hello Bonsai friends,
Season’s Greetings Everyone. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wish you a Healthy,
Safe and Prosperous New Year.
Last month our Annual Auction was the final program for 2009 and was a great success. It takes
a lot of people to make it a success like Randy Brooks our auctioneer, volunteer merchandise runners,
sales slip runners, cashiers, and people to greet and sign in our buyers and sellers. And do not forget
about our fellow Bonsai supporters like Mike Cartrett, Rita Rosenberg, Larry (Papa) Duke and others
who came a long way to support our club. I surely hope some of us can go and support their clubs at their
auctions this upcoming New Year. I want to personally thank you all on the behalf of our club for all of
your support. Thank You.
Well are starting the New Year right with two programs. The first is on January 9 th at Palm
Hammocks with our good friend and legendary "Bonsai Master" Ben Oki. Ben has been touring Florida and teaching Bonsai for over thirty years and we all look forward to working with him again. It will be a
workshop for Bonsai members that sign up at a cost of $35.00, which isn’t much when you consider the
tree you end up with worked by a Master. There is only a one of spot left so please contact Bob Hulnick A.S.A.P. Come as an observer and enjoy a Master at work and the fee is only $5. It starts at 7:00
P.M. and you can get directions by e-mail.
The second program of the month is on January 12th and is our first B.Y.O.T. open workshop.
Bring your trees, bring your tools and bring your wire because it's time again to have fun working on our
trees and getting help from others if needed. All of us on The Board are always looking and thinking of
new programs, so if any of you out there have any ideas we sure would like to hear from you. One new
idea is a "Silent Auction" in our newsletter that may be coming up, so stay tuned.
Also this year we are having our tree of the month program again, but this time in two categories:
Beginners or Novice and Advance, so please bring in your trees starting in January. The winners of
the tree of the month will be showcased at this year’s upcoming show and the winners of tree of the year
in each category will be announced and awarded at our Annual show.
Please get your club memberships and/or renewals in to Bob Benaim as soon as you can so he
can get the list to B.S.F as they were due in December.
I look forward to another great year of bonsai fun, See you there.
Welcome New member
Aaron Buchler
Page 3 / January 2010
Lots of trees for sale.
Glenn, Papa Duke, & Mary Miller.
The Spread.
Going once, twice, SOLD.
The Payment Line.
The Auctioneer.
Great Buyer Turnout.
The Treasurer at work.
Page 4 / January 2010
Our auction was a success
I wish to thank all the helper for doing a great job at the auction.
Carol & Ron Bree
Randy Brooks
Audrey Freeman
Harriet Frillarte
Peter Griffith
Bruce Hartman
Glenn Hilton
Bob Hulnick
Mike Kaufman
Kathie & Ray Kinkaid
Hiram Macias
Carol McKinney
With these peoples help, we couldn’t have done it.
Thanks to all the buyers and sellers.
Bob Benaim, Auction Coordinator
2010 committees
Bob Benaim
[email protected]
Audrey Freeman
Harriet Frillarte
Newsletter Editor
Hiram Macias
[email protected]
Peter Griffiths
[email protected]
Audrey Freeman
Club Sales
Kathy Kinkaid
[email protected]
Randy Brooks
[email protected]
Page 5 / January 2010
Balsa (Ikadabuki)
La característica principal de este estilo es la presencia de un tronco tendido
sobre el suelo a partir del cual parten un número generalmente impar de troncos
verticales. Este tronco caído suele ser perfectamente recto e ilustra la fuerza de
los elementos que derribaron el árbol original, árbol que a pesar de todo continuó con vida, enraizando nuevamente y convirtiendo las ramas del lado descubierto en los nuevos troncos.
Una variante muy similar, pero que ha merecido nombre propio como estilo, es el Netsuranari. En este caso el
tronco sobre el suelo presente un aspecto repleto de curvas sinuosas que representa la situación en que una raíz especialmente grande ha desarrollado múltiples chupones conforme se desarrollaba.
Formar un árbol según este estilo puede lograrse de diversas formas, como por ejemplo aprovechando material
algo defectuoso que presente ramas únicamente en uno de sus lados y que por tanto pueda ser plantado tendido sobre el
suelo. También se puede lograr forzando a un tronco subordinado a inclinarse hasta reposar sobre el suelo, lográndose
composiciones con gran fuerza visual a causa de la presencia de un tronco muy dominante.
En cualquier caso, buena parte del trabajo se concentrará en lograr que el nuevo tronco horizontal consiga emitir
raíces a lo largo de toda su longitud que poco a poco vayan sustituyendo, o complementando, la antigua base de raíces
situada en un extremo. De igual forma es de gran importancia evitar en lo posible alinear los nuevos troncos para no tener
composiciones casi completamente planas y en dos dimensiones. Para ello es fundamental jugar con las inclinaciones de
cada uno.
board OF directors
Glenn Hilton
[email protected]
1st Vice President
Hiram Macias
[email protected]
2nd Vice President
Bruce Hartman
[email protected]
Bob Hulnick
[email protected]
Kathy Kinkaid
[email protected]
Page 6 / January 2010
February 27 - 28th, 2010 it starts @ 9:00 am . Featuring
Wigert's Bonsai invites you to its annual Open House!
This year it will be held at our new North Ft Myers location. There are plenty of hotels
nearby for out of town visitors. We will feature Pedro Morales and his wife Yrene
Vasquez as our headliners. There will be free demonstrations all day both days, and
the workshop schedule is listed below. If you would like to sign up for any of the workshops or activities call or email us as space is limited. We hope you can join us!
Open House Schedule
Saturday Feb 27th
10am workshop 1
1pm workshop 2
3pm workshop 3
9am Gates Open
Erik Wigert: Helen Johnson Bougainvillea $125.00
old nursery stock – in plastic bonsai pots.
Pedro Morales: Buttonwood $100.00
collected trees with nice movement and natural deadwood.
Adam Lavigne: Shohin Ilex Shillings $50.00 – old
nursery stock with heavy trunks for shohin sized bonsai. – You
will have the option to repot if you purchase a pot.
3pm Pedro Critique BYOT exhibit Once again we will have the “ Wigert’s Cup “. It is
your chance to bring a tree and enter in a separate display to be viewed by the public
for the weekend. Pedro will critique all trees in the exhibit at 3pm Saturday and the
winner will be announced on Sunday.
Entry is $10.00 per tree (limit 2). Trees must be dropped off before 12pm Saturday to
be eligible to win. Winners will receive Gift Certificates and a special plaque.
5pm close
6:30 Elegant Evening at Wigert’s (Ticket Holders Only)
Sunday Feb 28th
Page 7 / January 2010
C a l e n d a r
J a n u a r y
E v e n t s
2 0 1 0
Ben Oki Visiting Master @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 @ Palm Hammock
Orchid Estate, Inc. 9995 S.W. 66 St. Miami, Fl 33173
Gold Coast Bonsai Society @ 9:30 am. Village Civic Center, 6800 Sunset
Strip, Sunrise Florida.
BSM B.Y.O.T @ 7:30 pm - Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens,
10901 Old Cutler Road.
16st Broward Bonsai Society @ 10:00 am - Flamingo Gardens, Davie Florida
BSM Board Meeting - @ 7:30 pm. Betty’s Best Burgers
US 1 & 104th Street
f e b r u a r y
2 0 1 0
dens. 10901 Old Cutler Road.
13th Gold Coast Bonsai Society @ 9:30 am. Village Civic Center, 6800 Sunset
Strip, Sunrise Florida.
BSM Board Meeting - @ 7:30 pm. Betty’s Best Burgers
US 1 & 104th Street
20st Broward Bonsai Society @ 10:00 am - Flamingo Gardens, Davie Florida
27th & 28th
Erik Wigert’s Open House 2010 - North Fort Myers.
On the cover
Juniper with awesome deadwood.
Page 8 / December 2010
Membership Dues are due
It’s that time of year again. We ask for you to renew ASAP. We have
new and exciting workshops for 2010. So fill out the application below
either bring it to the next meeting or drop it in the mail.
Bob Benaim – Membership Chairperson
Mail to: Bonsai Society of Miami - Membership
17850 S.W. 280 Street Redland, Fl 33031-3321
Membership application 2010
Member’s Name:_______________________________________________________
Other Household Members: ______________________________________________
Mailing Address: _________________________________________City, State,
Home Phone: (______) _________ - __________ Cell Number: (______) _________ - ____________
E-Mail Address: _______________________________________________________
Can we send your monthly newsletter via-email? Yes____ No _____
Join During The Month Of:
Nov. 2009 - April 2010
May - Oct. 2010
Single Member:
Household Membership:
Corresponding Membership:
Commercial Membership:
$ 25.00
$ 35.00
$ 18.00
$ 150.00
$ 15.00
$ 20.00
$ 10.00
$ 85.00
State Group Membership Dues: If you wish to join Bonsai Societies of Florida and receive the Florida
Bonsai publication, check here _____ and include an additional $10.00. We will forward your dues for you.
Date:________________________ Signature: ________________________________________________
Received By: _____________________________ Form Of Payment:
Cash _______ Check # _______
Page 9 / December 2010
Hi everyone I hope you had a wonderful holiday. This is just a reminder for the Joy of Bonsai. We are getting close to the date.
Suthin is very excited about coming and is going to bring some really
nice junipers to sell for anyone who wants to add a nice tree to their
collection or if you wanted to register for the Bring your Own workshop. Great list of vendors are coming for the event as well. So plan
on coming to see us for the weekend of Jan 15, 16 and 17, 2010.
Martin Luther King weekend. Check out the Kawa Web site for the
registration form. Hurry things are filling up fast. E-mail me with any
Thank you and I hope to see you all at Joy of Bonsai.
As always
17850 S.W. 280 Street
Redland, Fl 33031-3321

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