Dedicado a todas las personas que creen en la musica


Dedicado a todas las personas que creen en la musica
Sebastián Pérez
Victor Gamboa: Bajo
David Rincón
1. Illuminated
2. We Search For The Answers
3. Canturas y Pinturas
4. Globes & Science
5. Algorithms
6. David Dolores Frank
7. Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids
8. The Drunken Deer With The Leather Jacket
9. Mr. Hot-Dog And The Sugar Daddy (Live)
2.We Search For The Answers
We don’t want to believe in all the prophecies
We don’t want to be here without a reason to live
We search our hopes trough mystical sounds
We claim the answers they’ve kept from us
With our hands we make we create we kill
With words we calm our ambitions
Were here today, we are the truth
Were coming home as one, the lights been poisoning the ones who fell behind
My altered thoughts have been awake, ill never lose my faith again
Cause we are kids who found the answers
Suddenly my spirit begs for help
So ditch my skin
Touch me now.
Probar la rosa de tu pétalo mami, se me calienta el caneloni
Inundar mis ojos en tus muelas, y saborear las verduras del otro
Maltratar tus naranjas vendidas, y comprarte el cielo sin tus diablos
Estrujar mí barbilla en tu crema, y te muerdo el panetoni
I’ve been awake and wondering
What should I do?
My precious roots create a path
We search for the answers
Theirs brain control
Religion and loneliness
Y Soledad.
"And I also know how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong but to feel strong, facing the blind
deaf stone alone with nothing to help you but your hands and your own head."
We don’t want to,
Its understanding.
Become somebody like you?
Fuck you.
3.Canturas y Pinturas
She finds her way across a blinding faith outside
Conductivism holds her mind in everyway
A journey made by pills keeps sickness right inside
She´s being held by thoughts created by the one
The ones that try to take control
You´ve got a sickness inside you
There´s always something else that beauty can’t explain
You´ve got to be the one, the third inside you
We´re holding hands
We close our eyes
It’s not a remedy
Canturas son mejor que flores en marfil
Saturas lo que son y vives a morir
Pinturas viven más que el alma del pintor
Algunas mentes son la cura de este error.
4.Globes and Science
Cause I’m gone
Away from this globe of science, disformed
We’re halfway across the earth
Nothing survives
God is claiming you
Blinded by dimensions
Hoping for regressions
We never wanted this
Climb right away the zeppelins falling
These are the days we dream through our voices
The greatest sin has been written
There is always something else
To be found to be loud to be sound
´Cause I’m done
Behalf all the signs and symbols
Jardín de anís, azul espacio y sol, compas sin fin
Cayota gris, raspído entero ser, cáncer frágil
Hold on, it isn’t quite time yet
To believe, to retrieve
Facing time makes your fake orbital mask dry in decay
False description of faith
A thousand soul brigades couldn’t take you
False imprisonment of lies
Dry your eyes, feel the air, inside you
Keep your eyes straight up ahead
Don’t fall asleep, this is truth
We´re facing the truth
We´re blinded by cubes and stones
6.David Dolores Frank
7.Rock n Roll Kids
You´re tired to fuck with your glasses on
No more pictures for you
Heavy metal inside your veins
That’s what I want you to do
It’s so hard for you to remember this
Were rock n roll kids
Fire, fire, your blogs will burn on fire
Ser mejor que el mas allá
8.The Drunken Deer with the Leather Jacket
I’m falling, becoming; I’m rolling around with my sick old roller skates
Soul burning, punk sounding, I’m hanging around with my pack of cigarettes.
I was hanging by the old man’s bar; I saw my name written on a grave.
A frozen chill went down my spine; I turned around and walked away.
I was driving through an empty street, taking hits on every turn.
I felt this darkness sitting next to me, I turned around it couldn’t be.
I won’t believe in myself
I won’t believe in my curse
I was waiting, staring at my door.
Half-human demon came to me.
Offered a gamble on my soul,
Sweat started to pour out of control.
I found myself in a deadly race,
Side to side with raging sounds.
My broken wrists by the black and whites,
So my soul was his to keep.
We never wanted this
We never wanted...
Mr. Hot Dog And The Sugar Daddy
I couldn’t forget the things we could´ve been.
We couldn’t believe that it was going good
Defeated by school I never got that shit
I’ve got no career, but I’m looking sharp
No one’s taking me down
Nobody’s pulling me down
No one’s taking me down
Nobody’s pulling me down
He feels like a whore, he sees this town as something great
The gay and the beast, his favorite book
I´m dying to be the soup of someone else
So take my soul and take my skin
Dedicado a todas las personas que creen en la musica independiente.
E-Mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @desnudosencoma
Producido por: Sebastian Perez y David Rincon
Grabacion y Mezcla: Sebastian Perez
Diseño y Diagramación: Juan Felipe Sandoval
Booking: Camilo Gonzales Cel: 3182207554 E-Mail: [email protected]

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