September 22, 2013 - St. Leo the Great Catholic Church | Fairfax


September 22, 2013 - St. Leo the Great Catholic Church | Fairfax
Dear Friends,
In reflecng on the moral laws given to us by God
in the Scriptures and the call to holiness we have received
from Christ, the Church, through the centuries has sought
to aid all believers in living concretely the Chrisan
vocaon. We see so many responding to the call by living
truly heroic and exemplary lives of faith. But the Church as
we very well know is not comprised only of those who
have reached the pinnacle of holiness – the church is home
to those who are sll striving (somemes with great
difficulty). Understanding that we are all at different
places on the journey towards union with Christ, the
Church proposes what is known as the “Precepts of the
Church”. “The precepts of the Church are set in the context
of a moral life bound to and nourished by liturgical life. The
obligatory character of these posive laws decreed by the
pastoral authories is meant to guarantee to the faithful
the very necessary minimum in the spirit of prayer and
moral effort, in the growth in love of God and
neighbor.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church #2041)
The Precepts of the Church are as follows:
“The first precept (‘You shall a@end Mass
on Sundays and holy days of obligaon and
rest from servile labor’) requires the faithful to
sancfy the day commemorang the
Resurrecon of the Lord as well as the
principal liturgical feasts honoring the
mysteries of the Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary,
and the saints; in the first place, by
parcipang in the Eucharisc celebraon, in
which the Chrisan community is gathered,
and by resng from those works and acvies
which could impede such a sancficaon of
these days.
The second precept (‘You shall confess
your sins at least once a year’) ensures
preparaon for the Eucharist by the recepon
of the sacrament of reconciliaon, which
connues Bapsm's work of conversion and
The third precept (‘You shall receive the
sacrament of the Eucharist at least during the
Easter season’) guarantees as a minimum the
recepon of the Lord's Body and Blood in
connecon with the Paschal feasts, the origin
and center of the Chrisan liturgy.
September 22, 2013
The fourth precept (‘You shall
observe the days of fasng and absnence
established by the Church’) ensures the mes of
ascesis and penance which prepare us for the
liturgical feasts and help us acquire mastery
over our insncts and freedom of heart.
The fi"h precept (‘You shall help to
provide for the needs of the Church’) means
that the faithful are obliged to assist with the
material needs of the Church, each according to
his own ability.” (Catechism of the Catholic
Church #2042-2043)
The Precepts of the Church are binding on all the
faithful and involve grave obligaons. They are (as stated)
the “minimum” required of persons sincerely seeking to
live the Chrisan life. Failing to live by these precepts and
failing to instruct those under our care concerning them
presents a clear danger to our salvaon and constute
gross negligence in our dues as parents and teachers.
I will explain in more detail in the following weeks
each of the five precepts.
In Christ,
Rev. David A. Whitestone, Pastor
Welcome Home
Are you, or someone you
struggling to accept some
Are you unable to participate in the
Sacraments of the Church? Do you think that the Catholic
faith is irrelevant? Welcome Home is an opportunity for
Catholics to find answers & support in a respectful,
welcoming setting. Our next session of Welcome
Home will begin in September. Each meeting will include a
brief talk, small group discussions, and opportunities for
private individual meetings. Please join us and invite any
Catholic who is questioning or is away from the
Church. The meetings continue on September 26th
at 7:30pm in the St. Matthew Room, Parish Hall, and will
continue for 4 additional consecutive weeks. You are
welcome to join us for any or all of the sessions.
For information, please contact Deacon Dave Maurer
or Carolyn Smith at 703-273-5369.
—Please remember in your prayers the repose of the
souls of the faithful departed.
—We ask you to remember those in need of our daily
Philippines "Barrio Fiesta" Saturday, October 12th
Join the Filipino community as they celebrate to help the
homeless. The event will take place at the St. Leo Activites
Center (school gym) from 6 pm onwards. There will be live
music. There is a requested $25 donation to help the "Feed
the Homeless" project. For more info, please contact
Thelma Billy at 703-323-6470.
Atlantic City Day Trip Monday, October 7th to the
Tropicana Hotel. Cost $50 (includes $15 cash card and free
buffet from the casino) Coffee, donuts, and a movie on the
bus. If you are interested, please call Flo: 703-280-2343.
Sponsored by Saint Leo Columbiettes.
Arlington Diocesan Council of Catholic Women
Morning of Reflection “How Striving for Holiness Builds a
Culture of Life” on Saturday, November 15 at Our Lady of
Good Counsel, Vienna. The morning will feature Jeanne
Monahan, President of March for Life. Registrations before
November 1: $15. November 1 & after: $20. Mail in
Deadline: November 8th. No Walk Ins. Contact Liz
Schiavone: 703-471-4047 or email: [email protected].
The Devil's Advocate: Powerful Debates How can we
believe in God when terrible things happen to good people?
Aren't many of the Church's teachings created by man, and
diverge from what the Bible teaches? If you've ever asked
questions like these and gotten soft or unsatisfactory
answers, come to The Devil's Advocate series finishes on
September 24 at Bishop Ireton High School auditorium in
Alexandria. Set up as a Devil's Advocate asking the
questions and a Catholic apologist defending the Church's
position, we aim to answer the hardest questions of our
faith by engaging with other viewpoints seriously and fairly.
September 24: Agnosticism & Atheism with Rev.
Thomas Joseph White, O.P., Professor of Theology and
Philosophy. A $5 donation suggested at the door. Wine and
cheese reception to follow. Call 703-841-2550.
Porto Charities Annual Collection for
God’s Special Children Bishop Loverde
has once again endorsed Porto Charities
“Special Kids, Special Need Collection”
on behalf of intellectually and developmentally challenged
youth within the diocese. Today, there will be a second
collection to assist special need programs such as the Paul VI,
Pope John Paul the Great, and St. Mark’s School Special
Education Option Programs, George Mason University Life
Program, Gabriel Home, Special Olympics and the “Keyboard
for Kids” program which provides audio/visual communication
capability to special needs students within the diocese. The
Bishop has sanctioned this collection as a blessing for God’s
Special Children, their families and this entire diocese. Please
be generous in your support of this worthwhile endeavor.
Ezr 1:1-6; Lk 8:16-18
Ezr 6:7-8, 12b, 14-20; Lk 8:19-21
Ezr 9:5-9; Lk 9:1-6
Hg 1:1-8; Lk 9:7-9
Hg 2:1-9; Lk 9:18-22
Zec 2:5-9, 14-15a; Lk 9:43b-45
Am 6:1a, 4-7; 1 Tm 6:11-16;
Lk 16:19-31
September 23 through September 29
Special Intention
James Radcliffe (anniv.)
Michael M. Mulligan
Special Intention
Carlota Elisa Quintero (anniv.)
Arthur Lee Jackson
William N. “Billy” Kanehann
Edgar Novack
Special Intention
Serge Visaggio
James Gillespie
Col. Joseph E. Laposa
Benefactors of St. Vincent dePaul
For the Parish
Ana Malave
Elba Maria Colon Cruz
Samuel Hawthorn
In addition to the regular schedule of Masses, Mass has been
offered for the following intentions: Special Intention, Normand
Maheux, Special Intention, Special Intention.
Leo. The next class is Tuesday, October 8th at
7:30 pm in the St. Mark room. Please call the
rectory office (703-273-5369) to register.
Low Gluten Hosts are available for those who need them.
Please inform the sacristan before Mass begins.
The second collection this weekend will benefit the
“God’s Special Kids, Special Needs” Collection.
Please be generous.
“Who will entrust to you the true riches?” The
riches of truth belong to those who are faithful to
Christ and their vocation. Will you follow Him as
a priest, deacon, sister or brother? Call Father J.D. Jaffe
at: 703- 841-2514, or write: [email protected].
You are cordially invited to
dinner in support of A
Woman's Choice Pro-Life
Crisis Pregnancy Center
Saturday October 19, 6- 10 pm
at the Waterford at Fair Oaks
(12025 Lee Jackson Memorial
Hwy, Fairfax) Guest Speaker:
Rick Santorum. Tickets are
$100/person. For reservations
call: 703-538-4305 by Oct. 7,
2013 or you may purchase
tickets through our website: Seating is limited and
reservations are required. Last year 39 out of 69 abortionminded women had a change of heart after visiting us at A
Woman’s Choice. Your participation helps to support one of the
Church’s most important ministries – saving lives of the unborn.
September 22, 2013
Faith & Food at P.J. Skidoos Returns!
Join your parish priests at P.J. Skidoos, 9908
Fairfax Boulevard Fairfax, on Monday, October
7th, at 7:00 pm, for an evening of fellowship &
lively discussion over dinner (appetizers on us!). Please
welcome newly ordained, Father Christopher Hayes,
parochial vicar at Saint Mary of Sorrows, Fairfax. Be sure to
bring your friends! All ages are welcome! To suggest topics
or submit questions you would like answered, please contact
Carolyn: [email protected] or 703-273-7277.
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
is a process for bringing into the Catholic Church both those
who have never been baptized and those who were baptized
in a non-Catholic church. RCIA is also the best way for adult
Catholics who have never been confirmed to prepare for the
final Sacrament of Initiation.
Every September, a new RCIA class begins at St. Leo the
Great and we invite any adult who would like to join the
Catholic Church, be confirmed, or who is simply interested in
learning about the teachings and customs of Catholic
Christianity to come and join us. While classroom work is part
of the process, RCIA is more than a class; it is a gradual
introduction to the customs, beliefs, practices, and devotions
of Catholicism. There is no obligation, only an opportunity to
RCIA meets on Tuesdays from 7:30pm - 9:00pm in the
Guadalupe Room.
Saint Leo the Great
Catholic School
invites interested parents to visit the
school and learn what makes us a
National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
Please call Mrs. Cynthia Washington, Assistant
Principal and Director of Admissions at 703-2731211, ext. 645 to request a tour.
All completed applications,
with copies of supporting
documents, may be sent
through the mail or hand-carried to the
school between the hours of 9am and
2pm. Acceptance letters for the 2013–2014 school year will be
mailed once completed applications are received. Financial
Aid packets are also available upon request. In the event of
inclement weather, please check the website, or call the
school office, 703-273-1211 for information.
Applications available:
PLEASE NOTE: Saint Leo parishioners receive preferential
status in Pre-School through eighth grade applications.
In-parish families must be registered.
For addional informaon regarding any of the above events,
please contact Carolyn Smith: [email protected]
or 703-273-5369.
MARRIED COUPLES Would you like to relive
the excitement, romance and passion from
your honeymoon? Rekindle that spark on a
Weekend. The next weekends will be held on
1-3 November in Richmond, and 15-17
November 2013 in Herndon. To apply for the
weekend in Richmond, please visit or contact Roy and Joan Dixon: 757-483-3209;
email: [email protected]. To apply for the
weekend in Herndon, please visit or contact Mark & Cathy Stangler: 703-378-4150
or email: [email protected].
CRAFT FAIR OCTOBER 20th at Saint Leo
The Columbiettes, the Ladies’ Auxiliary for the
Fr. Diamond Council Knights of Columbus, is
hosting a craft fair at St. Leo on Sunday, October
20. We are now accepting registrations from
vendors interested in renting booth space for this
fair. For registration information please contact Linda
Baringhaus: [email protected] or 703-385-9455.
Religious Education News
Fall 2013 Confirmation Candidates: Confirmation is
scheduled for Friday, November 22. Rehearsal will be
Thursday, November 21. Please continue to pray for each
other as you prepare for this wonderful sacrament.
Confirmation Retreat: We are still accepting registrations for
the Confirmation retreats happening this Fall (2013).
CCD Classes began the week of September 8th.
The last day for CCD registration was Thursday,
September 12th. Children must be enrolled in the program
before they may attend class.
Wednesday, September 25th - Confirma;on 2014 Team
Leader Mee;ng in St. John Room, Parish Hall at 7:30pm
Religious Education Office:
Help Immigrants in our Parish and Community Learn
English Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington-Hogar
Immigrant Services is currently seeking volunteer ESOL
(English for Speakers of Other Languages) teachers for the
upcoming fall 2013 semester at St. Leo. We offer various
levels of instruction and classes are held Saturday mornings
from 10 am to 12 noon. No previous experience or second
language required! Please help us demonstrate Christ’s love
by “welcoming the stranger” in this country. If interested,
please call 571-208-1572 or email [email protected].
Bishop O'Connell High School Open House Sunday, Sept.
29, 1-3 pm Bring your family for a full tour of our facilities. See
our brand-new science labs, learn more about our curriculum,
meet our teachers, administrators & coaches, and chat with
current students. No RSVP necessary. Presentation begins at
1 pm in the auditorium. Visit or
call 703-237-1433 for more information. Bishop O'Connell High
School is located at 6600 Little Falls Rd, Arlington.
Father Diamond Council
Events & Calendar
Meetings – 2nd and 4th Tuesdays
8:00 PM
Providence Hall
Family breakfast after the 7:30 and 9am Masses
7:30pm. regular meeting and 1st degree exemplification.
8:00pm. 2nd degree All Knights invited to advance or observe
Interested in joining the Knights
Please contact John Eldred 703-932-1322
High School Students: Sunday, September 22!
Join us for a “New Years BASH.” No, it is not
2014 yet, but it is the start of a new school
year! Free Chipotle, Awesome Giveaways,
Games, & prizes… & CHIPOTLE! 6-8pm. Meet by the Gym.
Salva;on Saturdays at Saxby’s: Saturday, September 28th!
Join us for a study of the Old Testament and Salva;on
History! This is a new Bible Study for High School
Students. 10:30-11:30am. Bring your Bible. Email Melissa
at: [email protected] for more info. We will meet
every other Saturday.
High School Students: Sunday, Sept. 29th! "Created for
Love" -- the First Session in our Theology of the Body
series. Dinner on us, games, craziness, and an awesome
community. 6-8:00pm in the St. Leo gym. See you there!
High School Youth Rally! Mass with the Bishop, Inflatable
games, breakout sessions, and a concert featuring Sanctus
Real Sunday, October 27, 11:30am to 8:00pm at
Marymount University Cost: $25, forms on our website!
Middle School Students: Join us Saturday, October
12! "So, You Think You're Catholic?" Trivia, shenanigans,
awesome prizes and really cool middle schoolers. Time: 34:45 pm, Guadalupe Room, Parish Hall. Join us a"erwards
for the 5:00pm Sunday Vigil Mass! Families are encouraged
to join us.
Quesons? Email Melissa or Erik at [email protected]
Girls CLC is this Monday, Sept. 23rd. Each week we break
open the Gospels, grow deeper in our faith and build
strong relaonships. Crazy madness and creave games
usually ensue. Meet in the Youth Room from 7:30-9:00pm
Boys CLC is this Wednesday, Sep 25th. Each week we break
open the Gospels, grow deeper in our faith and build
strong relaonships. Crazy madness and creave games
usually ensue. Meet in the Youth Room from 7:30-9:00pm
To learn more about CLC’s (Catholic Life Communi es)
visit our website:
Want to stay updated on youth events? *Visit our NEW
website for the full calendar and registra;on
forms. hFp://
“It is love alone that gives worth to all things.”
-St. Teresa of Avila
Learn Italian! It’s Fun and Easy! Join classes in September.
For more information about cost & dates please contact
instructor, Elisabetta Lazarte at [email protected] or 703-887
-1995. The Italian Heritage Society of St Mary of Sorrows.
Lucio D’Andrea : [email protected]
Horarios e Información
September 22, 2013
"¿Quién os confiará las riquezas
verdaderas?" La riqueza de la verdad
pertenece a los que son fieles a Cristo y a su
vocación. ¿Va a seguirlo como sacerdote,
diácono, hermana o hermano? Llame al
Padre J. D. Jaffe al (703) 841-2514, o escriba
a: [email protected].
Santas Misas:
domingos a la 1:00 pm
sábados–5 pm (Vigilia),
domingos–7:30, 9, 11:00, 5pm
Confesiones en español: Todos los viernes a las 7pm
Todos los sábados de 3:30 a 5:00pm. Los domingos desde
las 12:00pm a 12:50pm.
Bautizos: Preparación- llamar a Carlos Cea: 703-8362139 ó Padre Ramon: 703-273-5369.
RCIA Para Adultos: domingos 10:30 am—12pm Salon
Juan al lado de la iglesia. Para información, llamar al
Diacono Jose Lopez 703-222-7704
Matrimonio: Todo Católico que desee contraer
matrimonio debe contactar la parroquia por lo menos seis
meses antes del evento. Para mayor información
comunicarse con el Padre Ramon al 703-273-5369.
Grupo de Jóvenes: domingos 2:30–5pm—
Información: Guadalupe Barrera 703– 655–2729.
Catequesis Para Niños y Jóvenes: domingos 11–
12:30. Llamar a: 703-273-4868.
Catequesis para Niños especiales ó sordos:
domingos 11:00am—12:30pm
Información: 703-273-4868.
Sacramentos para Estudiantes de Secundaria:
llamar a la Oficina de Jovenes al teléfono 703-591-6089, ó
email a [email protected].
Legion de Maria: lunes 7:30—9 pm ó domingo 11 am—
12:30 pm. Llamar a Padre Ramon: 703-273-5369.
Información general: llamar a Diacono Jose Lopez
Estudio Bíblico – San Mateo: El Rey y Su Reino Este 27 de
septiembre comenzaremos un nuevo Estudio Bíblico sobre el
Evangelio de San Mateo y el enfoque será "El Rey y Su
Reino." Será los viernes a las 7:30pm en el salón parroquial
San Juan y el costo será de $20 por persona (cubrirá el costo
del libro de trabajo). El cupo es limitado así que reserve su
espacio lo antes possible. Para mayor información hablar con
Gustavo o Sandra Solares: 703-250-0089 o 703-346-0409.
Grupo de Oración Sábados 6-8:30pm, Salon de Nuestra Sra
de La Guadalupe. Información: Jose Ferrufino: 703-250-1343.
Retiro para mujeres: La casa de las monjas dominicas
invitan a cualquier mujer que esta interesada en un retiro
desde el 20-22 de septiembre en McLean, VA. El director de
retiro es el Padre Fernando Negro. El costo sugerido es $175
por persona. Para más información, por favor llame a Yolanda
Caraballo al 301-977-0972.
Clases de Convalidaciones Matrimoniales: ¿Estan casados
por lo civil o estan viviendos juntos por muchos años?
¿Deseas casarte en la iglesia? Estan invitados a participar en
el curso de convalidaciones matrimoniales ofrecido por la
parroquia de San Leo los sábados a partir del 7 de septiembre
2013 hasta el 12 de octubre 2013 desde las 6:30 pm hasta las
9 pm. El curso es un requisito para casarse por la iglesia.
También tenemos cuidado de niños. Durante el mes de
agosto, parejas de convalidacion estaran disponibles en la
entrada de la iglesia para anotar los nombres de cualquier
pareja que esta interesada. Para mas información llame al
Padre Baez: 703-273-5369.
Grupo Divina Misericordia y Compasión ¿Conoce a alguien
que se encuentre solo y enfermo? ¿Sabe de alguien que
necesite de la palabra de Dios y de la compañía de miembros
de su iglesia? Un grupo de personas de nuestra parroquia
visita a los miembros de la comunidad que se encuentran
enfermos en los hospitales ó en sus casas. Se brinda
oraciones y compañía a todas aquellas personas delicadas de
salud. Tambien un ministro le puede traer comunión ó puede
pedir que un sacerdote le visite para recibir los sacramentos.
Por favor llamen a Gilma Orozco al 571-238-6634.
Quiere Mejorar su Inglés? Inscríbase en Clases de Inglés!
Ofrecemos clases de inglés en San Leo Magno los sabados
de 10 am a 12 pm. Inscríbase los sabados a partir de las 10
am en la parroquia (salon de Guadalupe). El costo de las
clases es $50 por un semestre entero de 12 semanas, e
incluye el libro. Para más información, llame a Caridades
Católicas, Hogar Immigrant Services al 571-208-1572.
Retiro en Silencio El grupo de Liderazgo invita a hombres
de 18 años en adelante para un retiro desde el 20 al 22 de
septiembre en su casa de formación en Falls Church. Para
mas información llame al 571-499-0812.
Educación Religiosa
Catequesis: Se necesitan catequistas bilingües para los
domingos de 11:00 am a 12:30 pm. Las personas
interesadas por favor comunicarse a la oficina de
Educacion Religiosa 703-273-4868, o por correo
electrónico: [email protected].
September 22, 2013

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