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October 2011
FREE Checking
Member Newsletter
GPCU continues to offer FREE Checking, No-Fee VISA Check Card
New regulations cap the fees banks can charge merchants to process check card transactions. The big
banks have decided since they can no longer collect these large fees from merchants that they will charge
their card users instead. While some of the nation’s largest banks have decided to charge monthly check
card fees, other banks have started eliminating their free checking programs and charging fees on the
most basic of services as an alternative way to make money for their shareholders.
At Golden Plains Credit Union, we are here to serve you, our members, and to look out for your best
financial interests. We continue to offer two different types of FREE Checking accounts. Our Golden
Rewards Checking account pays 3.01% annual percentage yield when you: complete 10 VISA check card
transactions per month, log-on to Golden Plains Online one time per month and receive e-statements. You
can also earn FREE ATMs* nationwide. Both of our FREE Checking accounts have no minimum balance
required and no maintenance fees.
With our no-fee VISA check card, it’s just like paying with a credit card but the
amount of your purchase is automatically withdrawn from your checking
account. The VISA check card also works like an ATM card allowing you to
make a deposit, withdrawal, or even transfer funds from one account
to another.
At GPCU, it is our goal to offer you the best value in financial products and
services. To learn more about these products, please visit our web site
*ATM fees will be reimbursed up to $25 at the end of your monthly qualification cycle.
Inside this Issue:
Holiday Payment
Extension. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Product Spotlight:
Golden Plains Online . . . . . 2
En Español . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Golden Tip:
Save Money on Gas . . . . . . 4
Holiday Open Dates:
Columbus Day
October 10th
Holiday Closings: Thanksgiving
Veterans’ Day
November 11
November 24th
All Branches CLOSED
Start Your Holiday
Shopping Early
Have extra money to spend with our
Holiday Payment Extension
The holidays are just around the corner, which means
Christmas will be here very soon. Wouldn’t it be nice
to have extra money to spend on
your holiday shopping? You can!
Upon your request, you can skip
your November or December
loan payment(s) for one month. This agreement extends the
repayment period of your loan(s). This offer does not apply
to term loans, first mortgage loans, loans with payment
frequency longer than one month, leases, credit cards,
delinquent loans, loans with poor payment history or loans
that have had an extension agreement within the last six
months. A $10 maintenance fee will be assessed for
each loan.
Look for our insert in next month’s statement.
Call or come in today to see if you qualify!
Product Spotlight:
Golden Plains Online Saves You Time
Golden Plains Online is always open for business and is available to enhance your experience with
GPCU. It can be used to monitor your account activity without having to call or visit a branch. .With
Golden Plains Online, you can: check account balances, loan payment due dates & CD maturity
dates, find out if and when a check has cleared, transfer funds between accounts, make a loan or
credit card payment and much more!
If you would like to enroll for Golden Plains Online, please visit our web site at and
click on the “Applications” tab.
En Español
Translation by Orlando Corral
!Haga sus
Diciembre se aproxima, lo
cual quiere decir que ya
vienen los días festivos. No
le gustaría tener dinero extra
para gastar en sus compras
navideñas? Si se puede!
Si usted lo desea, usted
puede prolongar su pago
de Noviembre o Diciembre
por un mes. Le llamamos
nuestra promoción de
“Extensión de pago
Este acuerdo extiende
el periodo de pago a su
préstamo por un mes. Esto
no aplica a prestamos
a plazo, prestamos de
hipoteca, prestamos que no
tengan pagos mensuales,
tarjetas de crédito,
prestamos atrasados,
prestamos con historial de
pagos tarde o prestamos
que haigan prolongado
el pago en los últimos 6
meses. Una cuota de $10
será recolectada por cada
Chequera Gratis
GPCU todavía te ofrece una chequera
gratis, también una tarjeta de debito
sin cuotas
El gobierno ha decidido limitar las cuotas que los
bancos grandes pueden cobrar a sus clientes en
chequeras. Por esta misma razón estos bancos
grandes les están cobrando más cuotas a sus
clientes que utilizan tarjetas de debito. Mientras
algunos bancos están cobrando por chequeras,
algunos bancos han decidido cobrar por sus
servicios básicos para recuperar su dinero.
En Golden Plains Credit Union estamos aquí para
servirte, estamos aquí para ayudarte con tu interés
financiero. Tenemos dos tipos de chequeras
gratis. Nuestra chequera Golden Rewards te paga
3.01% anual cuando tu: haces 10 transacciones
usando tu tarjeta de debito VISA cada mes, usas
tu cuenta en-línea, y recibes tus estados de cuenta
por medio de internet. También recibirás cajeros
automáticos gratis en todo el país*. Ninguna de
nuestras chequeras gratis requieren balance mínimo
y ninguna de estas dos cuentas te cobraran cuotas.
Nuestra tarjeta de debito VISA funciona como una
tarjeta de crédito, pero tus fondos saldrán de tu
cuenta de cheques. Nuestra tarjeta de debito
VISA también funciona como una tarjeta de cajero
automático, te permite hacer depósitos, retiros y
hasta puedes transferir dinero de una cuenta a otra.
En GPCU, nuestra meta es poder ofrecerte un gran
valor en nuestros productos financieros. Si quieres
saber más sobre nuestros productos, por favor
visita nuestra página web en
*Reembolso de cajeros automáticos máximo $25 por mes.
Venga ahora para ver si
usted califica!
Golden Tip:
Save Money on Gas
Southwest Kansas
Live on Stage
Empty out your trunk. If you have a
lot of extra items that you carry with you
and don’t use regularly – golf clubs,
store purchases, winter gear – consider
removing them. One hundred extra
pounds can reduce fuel economy by 2%.
Check your owner’s manual. See what type
of gas to buy for your car. You can most likely
get by with a regular octane level of gas, rather than
premium fuels. Use the correct gradient of oil, and change
your oil according to what is recommended. This reduces wear caused by the friction of moving
engine parts and removes harmful substances. Keeping your engine in tune according to your
owner’s manual can boost gas mileage by 4%. Plus, find out what the proper inflation is for your
tires. Underinflated tires can decrease fuel economy by 6%.
Buy gas during cost saving times. Gas is typically cheaper on Wednesdays. It’s also best to buy
gas three days prior to a holiday before the price climbs.
Shop around for good prices. Search gas price web sites to see gas stations in your area
that have the best deal. Examples include, and
Use your cruise control. Gas mileage decreases at speeds above 60 mph. Use your cruise
control to avoid random accelerating and slowing down, which lessens your fuel economy.
Locations & Hours:
Garden City
*1714 E. Kansas Ave., 67846
(620) 275-2151 or (800) 825-7661
Lobby: 9-5, M-F 9-12, Sat
Drive-up: 7:45-6, M-F 9-12, Sat
1135 College Dr., Ste. C
(620) 276-8175 or (877) 775-8175
Lobby: 9-5, M-F, 10-1 p.m. Sat
*Dillons East, 1305 E. Kansas Ave.
(620) 271-0680
*Dillons West, 1211 Buffalo Jones Rd.
(620) 275-8187
Dillons Hours: 11-7, M-F 11-6, Sat
*Quicker Market
4005 E. Hwy 50
*112 E. Grant, 67880 (620) 356-4343
Lobby & Drive-up: 8:30-4:30, M-F 9-12, Sat
*400 Hwy 212, 67752 (785) 754-2159
Lobby & Drive-up: 8-4, M-F 9-12, Sat, Drive-up only
*475 State Street, 67661 (785) 543-5267
Lobby: 9-4, M-F Drive-up: 8:30-5:30, M-F 8:30-12, Sat
*Denotes ATM Locations
*21 Medical Dr., 67901 (620) 624-8491
Lobby: 9-5, M-F 9-12, Sat
Drive-up: 8:30-6, M-F 9-12, Sat
*109 N. Main, 67860 (620) 355-6203
Lobby: 9-4:30, M-F 9-12, Sat
Drive-up: 8:30-5:30, M-F 9-12, Sat
*2720 Broadway, 67601 (785) 628-1007
Lobby: 9-4, M-F 9-12, Sat
Drive-up: 8-6, M-F 9-12, Sat
*140 N. Main, 67062 (620) 327-4144
Lobby: 9-5, M-F Drive-up: 9-5, M-F, 9-12 Sat

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