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March 2011
GPCU Credit Cards
Member Newsletter
With a low rate and no annual fee, saving money
is a resolution you can keep with a GPCU credit card
We are changing the way you think of a credit card! At Golden Plains, we don’t believe in charging
you an annual fee on our low-interest credit cards. We give you a low annual percentage rate and our
Golden Rewards card gives you up to 1% cash back on your purchases automatically. Our credit cards are handled locally, so you can simply drop off your payment or call us if you have
any questions.
For a limited time, you can transfer your high-rate card balances to a Golden Plains Credit Union credit
card and enjoy our special promotional offer of 3.9% annual percentage rate (APR) on all balance
transfers. And, there is no balance transfer fee.
We also make it easy to manage your Golden Plains’ VISA credit card.
Enjoy online account management when you visit our web site at and click on “Access Your VISA Online.” You can make a
payment, have access to current transactions, view past credit card
statements and sign up for e-statements.
Inside this Issue:
With a low balance transfer rate and no annual fee, saving money is
a resolution you can keep in 2011. Stop by and apply today or apply
online at
C.U. Succeed. . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Product Spotlight:
Annual Meeting . . . . . . . . . 2
En Español . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Golden Tip:
Payday Loans . . . . . . . . . . . 4
C. U. Succeed!
Golden Plains Credit Union
Scholarships now available
Golden Plains Credit Union wants to see you succeed!
That is why we are sponsoring $500 scholarships for
our members.
Scholarships are available to Golden Plains Credit Union
members, who are enrolled in or who plan to enroll as a
full-time student at a university, junior college, or trade school
in the fall.
Scholarship application
forms are available at all GPCU locations. Or
you can apply online at If you apply
online, you will need to mail your 2 letters of
recommendation, along with your school transcript
to the location at which you are a member by
March 15th.
The deadline for applying for a scholarship is
March 15th. All applicants will be notified in writing
of the decision of the Scholarship Committee.
Scholarship recipients will be notified no later than
May 15th. An application must be submitted each
year to be considered for a scholarship.
Product Spotlight:
2011 Annual Meeting
April 12th at 7 p.m., Clarion Inn
Golden Plains Credit Union will have its 60th Annual Meeting on Tuesday, April 12th at the Clarion Inn,
Garden City. Every member is invited to attend. At Golden Plains, you are an owner, with an equal
voice in the credit union’s future. You exercise that voice each year at the annual meeting. We will
have cash prizes, entertainment, refreshments and more!
En Español
Translation by Orlando Corral
Golden Plains
Credit Union
tiene becas
¡Golden Plains Credit Union
quiere que usted sea un
triunfador! Por eso es que
estamos patrocinando
becas de $500 para
nuestros miembros.
Las becas están disponibles
para los miembros de
Golden Plains Credit
Union que están inscritos
tiempo completo en una
universidad o colegio
comunitario en el otoño.
Solicitudes para estas becas
están disponibles en todas
las locaciones de GPCU.
Todas las solicitudes deben
de ser sometidas antes de
Marzo 15.
Los elegidos serán
notificados por escrito
por el comité de becas.
Los seleccionados serán
notificados a mas tardar
Mayo 15. Una solicitud es
requerida cada año para ser
considerado para una beca.
Tarjetas de Crédito GPCU
Con un interés bajo y sin cuota anual, ahorrar
es una resolución que debes mantener
¡Estamos cambiando la forma en que tú ves una
tarjeta de crédito! En Golden Plains no cobramos
cuota anual en nuestras tarjetas de crédito de bajo
interés. También te ofrecemos 1% de reembolso en
efectivo en compras automáticamente.
Nuestras tarjetas son manejadas localmente,
podrás hacer tus pagos aquí mismo y nos podrás
llamar con cualquier pregunta que tengas.
Por un tiempo limitado, puedes transferir tus
tarjetas de interés alto a una tarjeta de Golden
Plains y empieza a disfrutar nuestra oferta de 3.9%
anual. No existe cuota anual ni cuota para transferir
el balance.
También te facilitamos acceso a tu tarjeta VISA
Golden Plains. Disfruta acceso En-Línea en www. Puedes hacer un pago, tener acceso a
transacciones recientes, ver estados de cuenta y
registrarte para estados de cuenta En-línea.
Con un interés bajo en transferencias y sin cuota
anual, ahorrar dinero es una resolución que debes
mantener en 2011. Ven y solicita una hoy o solicita
una en
Junta Anual 2011
Golden Plains Credit Union tendrá su sexagésima
junta anual el martes Abril 12, en el Hotel Clarion Inn
en Garden City. Cada miembro está invitado. En
Golden Plains, tú eres un dueño, con una voz que
cuenta en nuestro futuro. ¡Tu ejercitas esa voz en
el acto de elegir uno de los Directores cada año en
nuestras juntas. Tendremos premios en efectivo,
entretenimiento, refrescos y más!
Golden Tip:
The Truth about Payday Loans
The Emmaus’ House
What is a payday loan?
It is a small loan ($300-$1,000) that does not
require a credit check. They have short terms
and must be paid back quickly. They are
marketed as a way to help cover expenses until
your next paycheck. Because they have such a
short term, the cost of borrowing is very high.
How does it work?
Say you decide to borrow $300 from a payday lender.
You’ll write a post-dated check for $340 (the amount
plus a finance fee). The lender then advances you $300 for
a set period, usually 14 days. When the period is up, you pay
the lender $340 in cash, let them deposit the post-dated check or write
another post-dated check for the amount plus an additional finance fee. If you do not pay the debt in full, you will be
charged additional fees and finance charges.
Who uses these types of loans?
Generally anyone with a checking account and steady income can obtain a payday loan. They are most common for
borrowers who don’t have access to credit cards or savings accounts. Since these loans don’t require a credit check,
people with no credit or credit problems often turn to payday loans.
What are the negatives?
Many people get into trouble when they are unable to quickly repay the debt. Payday
loans are much more expensive than other methods of borrowing. In most cases,
the annual percentage rate on a payday loan averages about 400%, compared to a
standard credit card at 12% and a standard loan at 7%.
Alternatives to payday loans.
Negotiate a payment plan with the creditor, charge the amount to your credit card,
receive an advance from your employer, borrow money from your savings account,
ask a relative to lend you the money, apply for a traditional small loan or use a cash
advance on your credit card.
Locations & Hours:
1135 College Dr., Ste. C
(620) 276-8175 or (877) 775-8175
Lobby: 9-5, M-F, 10-1 p.m. Sat
*Dillons East, 1305 E. Kansas Ave.
(620) 271-0680
*Dillons West, 1211 Buffalo Jones Rd.
(620) 275-8187
Dillons Hours: 11-7, M-F 11-6, Sat
*Quicker Market
4005 E. Hwy 50
*112 E. Grant, 67880 (620) 356-4343
Lobby & Drive-up: 8:30-4:30, M-F 9-12, Sat
*400 Hwy 212, 67752 (785) 754-2159
Lobby & Drive-up: 8-4, M-F 9-12, Sat, Drive-up only
*475 State Street, 67661 (785) 543-5267
Lobby: 9-4, M-F Drive-up: 8:30-5:30, M-F 8:30-12, Sat
*Denotes ATM Locations
Presidents’ Day
Monday, February 21
All Locations OPEN
Garden City
*1714 E. Kansas Ave., 67846
(620) 275-2151 or (800) 825-7661
Lobby: 9-5, M-F 9-12, Sat
Drive-up: 7:45-6, M-F 9-12, Sat
Holiday Hours:
*21 Medical Dr., 67901 (620) 624-8491
Lobby: 9-5, M-F 9-12, Sat
Drive-up: 8:30-6, M-F 9-12, Sat
*109 N. Main, 67860 (620) 355-6203
Lobby: 9-4:30, M-F 9-12, Sat
Drive-up: 8:30-5:30, M-F 9-12, Sat
*2720 Broadway, 67601 (785) 628-1007
Lobby: 9-4, M-F 9-12, Sat
Drive-up: 8-6, M-F 9-12, Sat
*140 N. Main, 67062 (620) 327-4144
Lobby: 9-5, M-F Drive-up: 9-5, M-F, 9-12 Sat

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