Module 8 - Curso 123 Inglés


Module 8 - Curso 123 Inglés
Module 8
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Welcome to Module 8
Hello, and welcome to Module 8 at English Learning Formula! It has been an
incredible journey until now, and there are many things to discover yet, in the
fantastic adventure of learning English!
It is possible that, after the first seven modules, you can understand what you
are reading right now. Do you understand these lines? If you understand what
you are reading, it's because you are doing things well!
We need to continue studying vocabulary and grammar. We have studied present
simple, present continuous, past simple, future simple “will”, future “going to”,
and present perfect.
However, we need to study the conditional tenses and many other topics.
Did you make contact with your tutor? If the answer is yes, congratulations! Take
the opportunity to keep contacting your tutor and asking her your questions.
Maybe you want to practice your speaking with her.
Did you add the ELF's Whatsapp number to your telephone? If not, add this
number as a new contact, and introduce yourself! You will join a great group, and
you will have a new way for asking questions. The number is +56950600363
In order to be added to the group:
Add the number as a contact
Refresh your Whatsapp contacts
Say your name and ask for being added
You will be added to the “ELF Alumni Group”
That's it for now, and welcome to a new week at ELF!
Teacher Maximiliano.
Module 8 Objectives
Objetivos del Módulo 8
Me encancaría saber cuánto comprendiste de la página anterior. Escribí toda la
página anterior en inglés, precisamente, para ir poco a poco sumergiéndonos en
el inglés escrito y hablado. Si es posible, déjame tu comentario en la página del
video de introducción del módulo 8. Me harás muy feliz si me entregas feedback.
Los principales objetivos para esta semana, son:
1) Aprender los llamados Possessive Pronouns: mine, yours, his, hers, its,
yours, y theirs.
2) Aprender los verbos To Make y To Do, y cómo saber utilizarlos sin cometer
el error de confundirlos. Cada uno se usa en situaciones específicas, y aquí
aprenderás estos secretos para fluir correctamente.
3) Aprender cinco importantes conjunciones: However, Despite, On the other
hand, By the way, y finalmente, Instead of.
Te animo a continuar con constancia y decisión. Los más grandes saltos de nivel
vienen después de aparentes estancamientos. Keep up the good work!
Table of Contents
Tabla de Contenidos del Módulo 8
Item Check:
- Conjugations (5 words)
However, Despite, On the other hand, By the way, Instead of
- Verbs (2 words)
To Make, To Do
7 Words
Possessive Pronouns
Mine, Yours, His, Hers, Its, Ours, Theis
How to use To Make and To Do
Sing and Learn with me! Every breathe you take - Sting
Shadowing with Laura!
Pronunciation Session with Teacher Maximiliano
Module 8 Exercises
Item Check:

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