Sacred Heart Catholic Church Week of February 7, 2016


Sacred Heart Catholic Church Week of February 7, 2016
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Masses/Misas de Esta Semana
Saturday, February 6
5:00 pm
Cyndi Gonzalez (health) by Family
Sunday February 7th
7:30 am
Ender Lopez por su Familia
Susie Lara (cumpleaños) por Familia Avila
9:30 am
Michael Villarreal by his parents
11:30 am
 Isabel Cerillo (10º aniversario de fallecimiento) y
 Rosa Salazar Martinez por Familia Salazar
Noe C. Padron (birthday) by his parents
1:30 pm
 Domingo “Boo Boo” Lopez by his Family
Monday February 8th
8:00 am
James Escalón (birthday blessings) by his Family
Tuesday, February 9th
Wednesday February 10th - ASH WEDNESDAY
8:00 am English Mass & Distribution of Ashes
12:00 pm Liturgy of the Word & Distribution of
6:00 pm English Mass & Distribution of Ashes
Conversion of terrorists by Lynn Yoas
8:00 pm Spanish Mass & Distribution of Ashes
Thursday, February 11th
8:00 am
 Anna Mae Hello by Carl & Barbara Daywood
Friday, February 12th
8:00 am
For deceased members of the Lara, Beltran and Escalón
Families by the Escalón Family
Saturday, February 13th
5:00 pm
 Eddie Moran by the Eubanks Family
Thomas & Rosa Rodriguez (blessings) by Luis, Ellen &
Gloria Rodriguez
The Guadalupanas would like to say “thank
you” for your support and to those who
donated baked goods.
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Webmaster: Lorne Hengst
Week of February 7, 2016
Regular Collection Sunday
January 31st
$ 6,247.73
Youth Collection
Building Fund
$ 250.00
Thank you for your donation/Gracias por su donación
Those donating to the $20 Club Fund, please indicate on your check
menu line “$20 Club”. If you are donating cash, please indicate on
an envelope your name or weekly contribution envelope number.
$20 Club
January 31st
$ 240.00
Calendar of Events for the week of February 7th
9:00 am
2:30 pm
6:30 pm
10:00 am
1:00 pm
6:30-7:45 pm
6:30-7:45 pm
8:30 am
12:00 pm
7:00 pm
3:00 pm
3:30-4:45 pm
4:30 pm
Rosary (church)
1st Communion, English only class, 2nd Grade
6th Grade through Confirmation
High School Youth Group
Cub Scouts
Bible Study
Sew & So
Adoration in Queen of Peace Chapel ALL DAY
Stations of the Cross
Stations of the Cross
Adoration in Queen of Peace Chapel ENDS
Confession in the church
Rosary (church)
Come Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Us!
Please consider joining us on Sunday, February 14th for a
special “Festival,” sponsored by the Missionaries of Hope, a
non-profit organization established by Fr. Joseph Nisari to
provide education to the persecuted and desperately poor
children of Pakistan. The Festival will be held at Holy Family
Parish Activity Center in Lexington (1027 FM 696) from
11:00am to 3:00pm (meal served 11:00-1:00). The event will
feature a delicious roast beef dinner, and guests can bid on
specialty items at the Silent and Live Auctions, browse an
exotic Bazaar filled with unique items from Pakistan, and
enjoy special entertainment. Tickets are $10.00 (adults) and
$5.00 (children). Mark your calendars now and plan to
attend this fun family event and help a worthy cause at the
same time!
Thank You! Thank you!
The family of Joann Rivera would like to thank the
parish of Sacred Heart Church for their generosity
and support for their beloved Joann's bake sale.
Thank You and God Bless!
[email protected]
[email protected]
Bulletin deadline is Wednesday by 8:00 pm
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Prayer for the Sick
Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep
tonight, and give your angels charge over those who
sleep. Tend your sick ones, O Lord Christ. Rest your
weary ones. Bless your dying ones. Soothe your
suffering ones. Pity your afflicted ones. Shield your
joyous ones. And for all your love's sake. Amen.
Msgr. Bill Brooks, Fr. Adam Martinez, Fr. Jim Robertson,
Fr. Everett Trebtoske
Manuela Alvarez, Angie Becker, Ronnie Broce,
Amy Buettner, Marcella Chapa, Toye Davis, David Day,
Deacon Larry & Sue Dunne, Timmy Eubanks, David Falcon,
Deacon John Franklin, Jon David Garcia, Ramiro Garza,
Ernestine Gonzales, Liborio Gonzales, Dorothy Hicks,
Lindsey Hoe, Thomas Holub, Fernando Huitron,
Mickey Hyatt, Jim Jurek, Doris Keown, Ben Knapek,
John Lewis, Bob Lindstrom, Tommy Luna, Mary Jo Lundgren,
Maria Martinez, Lucille Mecey, Betty Lynn Meyer,
Elizabeth Molina, Sandy Murphree, Paul Oncken,
Jennifer Parker, Ben Perez, David Perez, Rosa Pickens,
Dale & Georgie Pyeatt, Bonnie Renteria, Aurea Reyes,
Lydia Rocha, Efren Rodriguez, Ellen Rodriguez,
Rebecca Rodriguez, Stephanie Sanchez, Ann Scalise,
John Simecek, Pat Steffek, Michael Torres, Eleanor & Genaro
Tovar, Elizabeth Verastegui, E.G. Villarreal, Gloria Wenzel
and Letha Wiley
May Perpetual light shine upon them and may
they walk in the presence of the Lord.
Grayson Broce, J.D. Guzman
and Michael Reid
Father George’s “Did you know?”
The crucifix is a cross on which is placed a
reproduction of Christ’s crucified body.
version is popular in the Western Church, i.e. the
Roman Catholic Church. However, in the Eastern
Churches, i.e. the Orthodox Churches, crucifixes
differ in design in that they represent our Lord
crucified in the form of a flat likeness that is an
icon. Both forms are acceptable for devotions both
public and private. Most Protestant churches
replaced the crucifix with a plain cross. There are
a few exceptions however; some Lutheran
congregations and some in the High Church
element of the Anglican Communion still retain its
Movimiento Familiar is sponsoring a Valentine’s
Day dance from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm on Friday,
February 12th in the parish hall. There is no
entry fee. There will also be food, family games and
flowers for sale. There will be tickets for a raffle;
prize is a laptop computer. Music is being provided
by Grupo Avendaño and DJ Gaona.
If you would like to donate $12 for a candle (burns 2 weeks) for
the church/chapel, please, call or come by the church office.
Quinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
Many dioceses right here in the United States do not
have enough priests and trained lay ministers to
serve their parishes. These dioceses are known as
home missions. The Catholic Home Missions
Appeal, which will take place on Ash Wednesday
in the second collection, supports these dioceses by
funding essential ministries, including seminary
education and lay ministry training. Please be
generous in this appeal and share your resources to
strengthen the Church at home.
Muchas diócesis, aquí mismo, en los Estados Unidos
no cuentan con suficientes sacerdotes y ministros
laicos capacitados para servir en sus parroquias. A
estas diócesis se les conoce como diócesis misioneras.
EI Llamado para las Misiones Católicas, que se
realizara durante la segunda colecta el Miércoles de
Ceniza, apoya a estas diócesis otorgándoles fondos
para los ministerios básicos, incluyendo la educación
de seminaristas y la capacitación para el ministerio
laico. Por favor, sean generosos en este llamado y
compartan sus recursos para fortalecer la Iglesia
en casa.
God, who is merciful, desires our mercy. Here are some
ways to keep to mercy during the Jubilee Year. Try
selecting one each week and putting it into practice.
Resist sarcasm; it is the antithesis of mercy: “Set,
O Lord, a guard over my mouth; keep watch, O
Lord, at the door of my lips!” (Psalm 141:3)
Offer to run an errand (groceries, dry cleaning
pickup, dog walking, etc.) for a busy parent or
homebound person.
Hold. Your. Tongue.
Dios, que es misericordioso, desea nuestra misericordia.
Aquí están algunas maneras para mantener misericordia
en el Año de Jubilo. Seleccione uno cada semana y
póngalo en práctica.
1. Resistir el sarcasmo; es la antítesis de la
misericordia: "Establecer, oh Señor, una guardia
en mi boca; vigilar, oh Señor, en la puerta de mis
labios!" (Salmo 141:3)
2. Ofrezca hacer un mandado (visite tiendas de
abarrotes o tintorería, pasear al perro, etc.) para
un padre ocupado o enfermo.
3. Mantenga. Su. Lengua.
Movimiento Familiar ésta patrocinando un baile
para el Día de San Valentín de 6:00 - 11:00 pm el
Viernes, 12 de Febrero en el salón parroquial.
Entrada es GRATIS.
Habrá comida, juegos
familiares y flores para vender. Se venderán boletos
para una rifa de una laptop. Música por Grupo
Avendaño y DJ Gaona.
If you would like to make a donation of flowers in the
church, please, call or come by the church office.