October 11, 2009



October 11, 2009
National Children’s Day
I just finished watching the a great
baseball game, with the Twins
victorious over the Detroit Tigers to
win the Central Division crown in a
playoff game before the largest regular
season crowd ever in the Metrodome.
As all of you probably know, it was a
game of comebacks, opportunities
seized and squandered, familiar heroes
and unlikely heroes. While I don’t subscribe to any
notion that God favors one baseball team over another
(do Twins fans pray more than Tigers fans?) I do
sometimes let my imagination go and find metaphors
for the life, death and resurrection in just about
anything. A month ago the Twins seemed doomed to
founder to a 3rd place finish – but ah! New hopes, new
life. The weak became strong – Alexis Casilla. Those
who made mistakes earlier were redeemed.
Teammates picked each other up. The community
succeeded. Maybe even the feuding Delmon Young
and Jose Mijares embraced. The excitement and joy
was palpable.
Now … if we are that excited, if we have that much
passion about this ballgame and this team, watch,
listen to and read about it all (and I count myself
among this) why does it seem harder to be as excited,
as fascinated, as participatory, as passionate about
redemption and rising from the dead? I’m really not a
kill joy – we can be excited about both. And Christian
life should be one of joy – there really aren’t many
crabby saints. Christian life and worship engages us in
all the tension, fears, joy and redemption we could
possibly handle. How can we get there? How can we
be motivated to read, watch, listen, study to the point
Cannon Falls
New Trier
OCTOBER 11, 2009
where we understand our faith and know Jesus as well
as we know the baseball and the Twins? If we didn’t
understand anything about baseball, we wouldn’t care
– we would pick up on the excitement of those around
us for it, and be driven to learn more. Can the same
thing happen with a story that lasts beyond October?
Can we display our joy that we have a way out of Hell,
that we have hope for life after death? Friedrich
Nietzsche, a very anti-Christian philosopher of the late
19th century, commenting on the demeanor of so many
Christians said this: “Christians? They don’t look
saved.” As we come to understand our possibilities
and the gift given us, maybe we will start to look like
we are saved.
As we continue in Respect Life month, our parishes
will have (or have had) visiting speakers. Last week a
representative of Silent No More, a group of people,
male and female, who have been involved with having,
procuring, or performing abortions and now realize the
negative effect it has had on their lives spoke at St.
Joseph’s and at St. Pius V. This weekend the director
of the Hastings Total Life Care Center will speak
before the Masses at St. John’s, St. Mary’s and St. Mathias.
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Pastor: Father Stan Mader
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Please submit bulletin announcements to your Parish Secretary by 10:00 am Tuesday.
3 Local parishes welcome new priest
(from the August25, 2009 Cannon Falls Beacon)
family and the farm (Oma and Opa Together, and Oma
Finds a Miracle,) The former is in its third printing.
Greg lives in Rochester and works in an office at the
Mayo Clinic. Barbara lives in Washington State and
has a business of buying and selling rare edition
Father Stan grew up in on a dairy farm between Mound children books. Youngest brother George teaches law
and St. Bonifacius, which is in the extreme southwest at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Father Stan
also has sixteen nieces and nephews.
corner of Hennepin County. His parents, George and
Mary Margaret Mader owned a small 80-acre dairy
After college graduation in 1978, Father worked the
farm with about 25 milk cows. His Father was also a
next 10 years as a system software specialist on large
full-time carpenter. Father Stan is the 4th child of 7
mainframe computers. Six of those years were with
children. “I’m very happy I grew up on a farm. I learned Burroughs Corporations (now Unisys) and for four
so many things that very few people know about now. years he had his own computer consulting business.
My parents taught us about hard work, but more
Some clients he worked at included Starkey
importantly about how a family works together. When Laboratories, General Mills, Blue Cross and Blue Shield
we were old enough, the children did most of the
of North Dakota, and many others. All in all he worked
milking during the summer, but as long as we kept up in 13 states.
our grades, Dad would milk the weekday mornings
After years of considering priesthood, he began
before going off to work in the city. He worked very
investigating it seriously in 1987. He finally determined
hard, and I think all of us learned to put in an honest
he had to decide whether this was for him, was
day’s work from both our parents.”
accepted as a candidate for the Archdiocese of St. Paul
Imagine being asked by the Archbishop if you would be
willing to be the new Pastor for three Catholic parishes
at St. Mathias in Hampton, St. Mary’s in New Trier,
and St. John the Baptist in Vermillion. Well that is
exactly the challenge Father Stan Mader has accepted.
Father Stan attended the parish grade school at St.
Bonifacius until 6th grade, Waverly for 7th-8th grade,
then high school grades 9th-12th at Holy Trinity in
Winsted where he graduated in 1974. While in school,
he enjoyed his teachers and classes, going to dances,
sports and the normal high school things. He lived 23
miles from school, and there was no busing, so he and
his siblings were limited in their extra curricular
activities, but he still managed to be in some intramural
sports and was president of the Student Council and
and Minneapolis, shut down his business, and entered
the seminary. “All sorts of things went into the
decision,” Fr. Stan said. “I felt my talents matched up
with the task, I wanted to teach others about God and
the Church, I realized I enjoyed people of all ages, and
once I finally decided that making a commitment in life
could be more liberating than confining, it all came
together. In addition, I was receiving support from
family and friends who thought I could be a good priest
– and finally, it seemed like it would be fun. And it is.”
He entered The Saint Paul Seminary in the autumn of
After high school graduation, he attended college at St. 1988 and was ordained a priest on May 30, 1992 at the
St. Paul Cathedral. One highlight was a semester of
John’s University and graduated with a BA in
study in the Holy Land. A seminary classmate was Fr.
Mathematics. Father said both his parents only
Mike Tix, who grew up in Hampton and currently is
attended school through 8th grade. “Times were
different back then, and when you were needed on the the pastor of St. John the Baptist in Savage.
farm, you had to be there. My parents were very bright, Father Stan enjoys traveling and has led trips to the
and they stressed the value of education to me and my Holy Land (he will be going there again from December
siblings”, he said. Oldest brother Jim lives in Edina and 27 to January 4), Italy, Fatima and Lourdes, and
teaches Accounting at St. Olaf College in Northfield.
Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He has visited 48
Mary Jo, who also lives in Edina, taught Junior high
states and 20 countries. He loves baseball and has
English and journalism for a few years and has been a
attended the Minnesota Twins Baseball Fantasy Camp
stay at home Mom and volunteer for the past 28 years. in Fort Myers seven times while on staff there as their
Patrick lives in Northfield and is a teacher in
chaplain. He claims he is pretty good at baseball trivia.
Morristown and has written two books about the
(continued on page 9)
Sunday, October 11
7:30 am
Mass for Nick † and
Martha †Lorentz
9:00 am Mass for St. Pius V Parish Family
Grade 9 Confirmation Enrollment Mass
Monday, October 12
7:00 pm
RCIA at New Trier
Tuesday, October 13
8:00 am
Mass for Emma † Endres
Wednesday, October 14
8:00 am
Mass for Phyllis † Heinlein
NO Faith Formation (MEA)
Thursday, October 15
8:00 am
Mass for Inez Reger
Friday, October 16
8:00 am
Mass for Greg † Hempel
Saturday, October 17
3:00—3:30 pm
4:00 pm
Mass for Ryan † Edstrom
Sunday, October 18
7:30 am Mass for St. Pius V Parish Family
9:00 am
Mass for Nick † Fox
6:00 pm
Year of the Priest
KC Banquet at Cannon Golf Club
Pastor: Fr. Jay Kythe
Email: [email protected]
Business Administrator: Mrs. Mickey Kimmes
Parish Office: 507-263-2578
Email: [email protected]
Elementary Faith Formation:
Mrs. Jean Edstrom: 507-263-4680
Jr/Sr High/Confirmation Faith Formation:
Mrs. Debbie Bauer: 507-263-4680
Faith Formation Admin. Asst:
Linda Rogers: 507-263-4800
Music Director: Ms. Sue Franke
Church Maintenance/Cemetery:
Jim Cylkowski: 507-263-2578
Prayer Network:
Ms. Rosemary Pirrung: 507-263-5321
Nursery: 9:00am Sunday Mass
October 4, 2009
Adult................................................. $5,976.00
Plate ..................................................... $309.00
God’s Poor...........................................$395.00
Elevator Fund......................................$115.00
Donations for NET Team ............. $1,330.00
Thank you for your generosity!
As per our fiscal budget, the amount
needed from our adult weekly
stewardship is $6,100.
Dad’s Belgian
Waffle Breakfast
is coming to
St. Pius V Sunday,
November 1st from
8:30 am-12:30 pm.
Mark your calendars for this great
breakfast treat!!
Our Fall Church Cleaning is set
for Saturday, October 24th from
9 am to Noon. Bring your buckets,
rags, rubber gloves if needed,
cement mixer (just kidding about
the cement mixer) etc. Cleaning
products will be furnished. Let's
get those dust bunnies running for
the hills. Many hands are needed to
do this work. The fellowship is
great and we have a lot of fun!! See
you then!!!
Welcome Committee Event…..
Every year we have a gathering
with a light meal welcoming our
newest members to our parish
family. This year it is set for
Saturday, November 7th after the
4:00 pm Mass. If you are planning
on registering with our parish
please do so as soon as possible so
we can include you. Invitations to
the gathering with all of the details
will be sent out soon.
Parish Coat Drive
A box will be at the
front entrance of the
church. Baby, child,
teen, ladies and men’s
coats are needed. We are in need of
the following clothes items.
Girls sizes 3-8 Boys sizes 4-8
Welcome to the family of God
Lily Rose Nelson,
daughter of
Steven and Lisa Nelson
baptized Sunday, October 11, 2009
Start collecting items for our
Socks~N~Stuff ministry.
During the weekend of October 31st
and November 1st we will gather
new socks, scarves, hats, mittens,
gloves and gently used infant and
children’s seasonal clothing items.
We may take socks for granted but
when the joy of getting a new pair
of socks when one is in need has
been witnessed, it is humbling.
This is a corporal work of mercy.
Introducing the Culture of Life
Speakers’ Series………
EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo will
speak at 7:00 pm Thursday,
October 22 at Divine Mercy
Church in Faribault. The title of
his talk is “The most pressing moral
issue of the day: Challenges to life and the
reasons to have hope”. Mr. Arroyo’s
presentation is free and all are
welcome. Call Marian Beissel
651-258-4392 or Marge Krause
507-263-3106 by October 19th. We
will either car pool or have a bus
which will cost $5.00. We will
meet in the St. Pius V parking lot
at 5:45 pm.
A Sacred Music Conference will
be held at St Joseph Catholic
Church this Saturday, October
17th from 9 am to 1 pm. Our guest
presenter will be Dr. David
Saunders, who will reflect with us
about the nature of sacred music
with regards to the Liturgy in light
of the documents of the Church.
All musicians and all people
interested in sacred music from all
of our parishes (and beyond) are
welcome to attend.
Our deepest sympathy to the
family of Tom Sieben, whose
funeral was last Sunday. May he
rest in peace.
If you haven’t returned your ticket
stub and payment please do so
ASAP. 29 tickets remain. Please
contact Patti in the office or Mark
Howell if you can help with these
Chicken Dinner ~
October 25
11:30 am—2:00 pm
Along with the raffle
drawing, we will be
having a chicken
dinner. Anyone who would be
willing to help with the table
setting Saturday morning at 9:30
(Oct.24), or work in the kitchen,
table waiting and clean up, please
call Cheryl Wiederholt at
283-8289 or Dorothy Stoffel at
437-9321. We will need help from
10—3. Dinner will be served from
11:30—2. Each family is asked to
bring a pie. This is a Catholic Aid
Matching Grant event.
A reminder that if you attend a
Mass at one of the five area
parishes, please use your own
envelope from St. Joseph’s. The
money will be returned to St.
Joseph’s and credited to your
account for tax purposes. We
cannot acknowledge cash that is
not in an envelope, and the IRS
will not accept a claim from you
that you have donated a certain
amount of cash in plate collections.
Faith Formation Calendar
11—Donut Sunday (10th graders)
14—No Class (MEA)
21—K-10th Class, 6:45-8:00 pm
25—Mass 10:30 am, 9th Grade
Enrollment/ Student &
Sponsor Event
28—K-10th Class, 6:45-8:00 pm
30-31—NET Retreat
Wednesday Night Dinners
NO Dinner this week as there are
no Faith Formation Classes (MEA).
Donut Sunday will be on the
second Sunday of the month,
instead of the first Sunday.
Plan on staying after Mass
today for donuts and fellowship.
Grade 9 will be officially enrolled
in the Confirmation program at the
10:30 am Mass October 25th. All
students, sponsors/parents must
Families please make sure you
have filled out a registration form
and tuition is paid. Students will
not be considered enrolled unless
registration is complete.
A Sacred Music Conference will
be held here at St Joseph Catholic
Church this Saturday, October 17th
from 9 am to 1 pm. Our guest
presenter will be Dr. David
Saunders, who will reflect with us
about the nature of sacred music
with regards to the Liturgy in light
of the documents of the Church.
All musicians and all people
interested in sacred music from all
of our parishes (and beyond) are
welcome to attend.
Sunday, October 11
8:00 am Extraordinary Form of the Mass
10:30 am Mass for Mike & Lena Kimmes †
Donut Sunday
Monday, October 12
5:30 pm
Mass for George Otto †
Tuesday, October 13
8:30 am
Mass for Jack Rohr
Wednesday, October 14
5:30 pm
Mass for Laddie Roemer †
NO Faith Formation (MEA)
Thursday, October 15
Friday, October 16
8:30 am
Mass for Donald Gienapp †
Saturday, October 17
5:30 –5:45 pm
6:00 pm Mass for Mary Ann Rother †
Sunday, October 18
8:00 am Extraordinary Form of the Mass
10:30 am
Mass for Othmar Fox †
Saturday, October 17
6:00 pm
Ann Vieths
Eucharistic Ministers
Sylvia Bauer,
Diane Illa & Mike Milliren
Dave & Sandy Schweich
Jacob Peine & Adam Peine
Sunday, October 18
10:30 am
Kevin Weber
Eucharistic Ministers
Wayne Kieffer,
Nick Ries & Kevin Weber
Schlichting Family
Emma & Alex Streff
Pastor: Fr. Jay Kythe ext. 11
[email protected]
Administrative Assistant:
Patti Brown 437-3526 ext. 10
[email protected]
Faith Formation Director:
Cathy Roche ext. 24
[email protected]
Music Director: Heidi Mace
[email protected]
Buildings Maintenance: Nick Ries
Custodian: Mike Otto ext. 12
Grounds Maintenance: Steve Susag
Cemeterian: Rebecca Susag
October 4..........................................$2,430.10
Electronic Donations........................$675.00
Weekly Collection budget.......... $2,352.00
Building Fund...................................... $181.70
Thank you very much!
Sunday, October 11
8:00 am
Mass for Bernard Moes †
Monday, October 12
7:30 am
8:00 am-8:00 pm Eucharistic Adoration
1:00—7:00 pm
Blood Drive
7:00 pm
RCIA meets in school
Tuesday, October 13
7:00 pm Sausage Supper Comm. Mtg.
Wednesday, October 14
NO Faith Formation (MEA)
Thursday, October 15
Friday, October 16
7:30 am
Saturday, October 17
9:00 am—9:30 am
Sunday, October 18
8:00 am
Mass for Marv Schiller †
Wedding Banns
Samantha Brochman & Alex West
October 24, 2009
Sunday, October 11
8:00 am
Lenore Peine
Eucharistic Ministers Josephine Stertz
Laurie Otte & Ray Gergen
Nicole Peine & Rick Peine
Emily Vogel,
John & Carol Carpenter
Gift Bearers
Mary Nauer
Rosary Leader
Bernard Ostertag
Sunday, October 18
8:00 am
Lenore Peine
Eucharistic Ministers
Bob Angell,
Pat Ramel & Larry Hofmeister
Ushers Steve Beissel & Mike Mohawold
Alan Reinardy,
Kaycie Beissel & Pam Hofmeister
Pastor: Fr. Stan Mader 952-212-7826
Parish Office: 651-437-5546
Parish Secretary: Patti Brown
Music Director: Alan Reinardy
Custodians: Scott & Patti Brown
Cemeterian: Michelle Kimmes
October 4..........................................$1,600.00
Add’l Cathedral Collection ...............$20.00
Thank you very much!
...begins this Sunday.
All children ages 3—8
are invited to join the
teacher in the church
hall. Fr. Stan will call
the children forward before the 1st
reading and they will come back
up after the intercessions. If you
would like to be a teacher or have
any questions, contact Patti Kopp.
Baptism Class with Fr. Stan
Tuesday, October 13th at 7:30 pm
at St. John the Baptist Church
gathering area in Vermillion.
Please call Rhonda at 437-5652 to
register. (This will be the last class
for this calendar year.)
St. Mary’s Paper & Can Drive
The Fall Paper Drive is this
weekend from 8 am —5 pm. As
always, there is a dumpster by the
water tower for aluminum cans
(do not throw bags in, empty the
cans out). All paper items are
accepted, except wet papers, food
contaminated papers, pop cases
and multi-wall bags (feed bags and
dog food bags). Please do not
bring your recycled items in plastic
bags. Use brown grocery bags.
St Mary's CCW is sponsoring a
Bake Sale after 8:00 am Mass
Sunday, October 25th. Please bring
your fresh baked items to the
church hall. The proceeds will be
going to HELP-A-CHILD. Please
be generous.
The Appalachian Collection has
begun. Shipping will again be
donated by Terminal Transport of
St. Paul, so we need to have our
donations to their trailer by the
November 8th deadline. See gift
suggestions page (insert last week or
bulletin board.) Homemade tote
bags that can be used for school
supplies are also welcome.
Thank you for your generosity!
Sausage Supper
St. Mary’s Annual Sausage Supper
will be held Sunday, November 22.
Anyone who wishes to donate
hogs, hamburger or cash should
contact Joe Meyers at
612-598-3633 or 651-437-1746.
The Sausage Supper Committee
will meet this Tuesday, October
13th at 7 pm in the church hall.
The committee is as follows:
Gail Kimmes, Beth Majeski, Lori
Nordling, Nora Nordling, Becky
O’Donnell, Starr Ostertag, Kristie
Otte Alexon, Laurie Otte, Beverly
Peine, Cheryl Peine, JoAnn Peine,
Pamela Peine, Melanie Peters,
Amanda Reinardy Tchida, Brenda
Reinardy McGrath, Denise
Reinardy DeWall, Karen (Florian)
Reinardy, Kimberly Reinardy
Geiken, Kimberly (Jody) Reinardy,
Karen (Robert) Reinardy, Melanie
Reinardy, Raena Reinardy, Carrie
Schaffer, Sue Schabert, Suzanne
Shimek, Veronica Sprute, Janet
Stein, Sarah Stein, Josephine
Stertz, Kristine Stertz, Patricia
Weatherly, Angel Weiland
Although Our Lady of Good
Counsel Cancer Home has
changed ownership, they are
carrying on the policy of giving fee
medical care to anyone dying of
cancer and has no financial means
of caring for themselves. They
would like us to continue our
support. We will have a collection
of canned goods, juices, toiletries
and paper products the weekend of
October 25. Monetary donations
are always welcome. Donations
can be left anytime in the Church
Hall. Another item they would love
and if you are into sewing are
prayer shawls. It is something that
can give the dying a moment of
warmth and comfort in their last
Please remember to
find a replacement if
you are unable to clean
on your scheduled day.
A new 2010 schedule
for church cleaning will be created
soon. There will be signup
information in the back of church
for those interested in re-enrolling
as a member of the church cleaning
committee or for anyone who
would like to join the committee.
If you have questions, please
contact Margaret Staudt at
New unwrapped Christmas
gifts/toys for all ages will be
collected from October 10 through
October 25. The donations will be
given to families in the Beattyville
and Pikeville areas of Kentucky.
Monetary donations will also be
accepted by the program to
purchase food for the families. A
container for the gifts can be found
in the back of church. Please see
the flyer on the bulletin board in
the back of church for more
information or contact Olive Hupf
at 507-263-2705 or
[email protected]
The St. Mathias Catholic Aid
Council will be meeting this
Monday, October 12, at 7:30 pm in
the church hall. The nominating
committee will be selected.
St. Mathias School
Mrs. Angie Petit, Principal
PreK– Grade 5
Last week we received a letter
from MNSAA, the Minnesota
Nonpublic School Accrediting
Association, which reinstated
accreditation for St. Mathias School.
Every seven years a school goes
through a rigorous accreditation
process which reviews curriculum,
legal compliance, marketing plans,
administration and governing
bodies and a number of other critical
areas. We are pleased with the
progress we have made in some of
these areas which had enabled us to
be accredited, and are rolling up our
sleeves to finish the work necessary
to retain this status throughout the
next seven years. One part of this
will be to create an advisory board
for the school and a marketing plan.
Please Father Stan know whether
you are interested in either of these
areas. You need not be a current
school parent to be part of it.
Eucharistic Adoration has an
immediate need for a someone to
stay with the Lord from 7:00 to
8:00 pm Thursdays beginning
October 15. If one or two families
would like to share this hour,
please contact Olive Hupf at
507-263-2705 or [email protected]
Several years ago a $350,000 capital campaign was undertaken for
St. Mathias. Several major projects have been completed using some of
that money, such as repairing the parking lot, roof repairs, the lift in the
church, and some work on the confessional area. Some money remains,
and more is still coming in. There are a number of items remaining on the
earlier wish/want/need list. We are taking steps to see what will be
needed in order to begin on those projects. A partial list of remaining
possibilities are painting the interior, repairing cracks, removal or
replacement of lighting fixtures, more work to soundproof the
confessional. We are determining what needs to be done to allow us to
move ahead with some of these projects. We expect to have a meeting in
the next two months to inform you of what we know and ask input on
what to do next. We’ll keep you informed.
Sunday, October 11
6:30 pm
Mass for the Parish
Monday, October 12
8:30 am
Mass for Ralph Eilen †
7:00 pm
Catholic Aid Council Mtg.
Tuesday, October 13
8:30 am
Mass for Alice Balk †
Wednesday, October 14
NO Faith Formation (MEA)
Thursday, October 15
9:00 am-9:00 pm Eucharistic Adoration
Friday, October 16
Saturday, October 17
4:00 – 4:30 pm
5:00 pm
Mass for William &
LaVerne Mies †
Sunday, October 18
6:30 pm
Mass for the Parish
October is the Month of the Holy Rosary.
Parishioners are welcome to join the students of
St. Mathias School as they pray the rosary during
the month of October on Wednesdays at 2:30 in
the church.
Saturday, October 17
5:00 pm
Rosie Giefer
Eucharistic Ministers
Mike Opatz,
Cathy Wagner, Kim Pirkl & Joan Ryan
Nick Niebur & Denise Podritz
Ben Endres & Mitch Kimmes
Sunday, October 18
6:30 pm
Bill Nelson
Eucharistic Ministers Ann & Mark May,
Bill Nelson & Peggy Thurmes
Paul Johnson & Jeff Werner
Amanda & Chris Rico
Pastor: Fr. Stan Mader 952-212-7826
Parish Office: 651-437-9030
Parish Administrator: Joan Ryan
[email protected]
School Principal: Angelin Petit
[email protected]
School Secretary: Connie Thurmes
[email protected]
Family Faith Form. Coord.: Mike Opatz
651-480-1795 or [email protected]
Cemeterian: Rosie Giefer 651-437-9025
Church Basement: 651-480-0088
October 4......................................... $2,557.00
Capital Campaign ............................ $200.00
Thank you very much!
Sunday, October 11
8:45—9:55 am Faith Formation Classes
10:00 am Mass for Dennis & Donald Frandrup †
Monday, October 12
Tuesday, October 13
6:00—6:30 pm
6:30 pm
Mass for Fred Frandrup †
7:30 pm
Pre-Baptismal Instruction
Wednesday, October 14
9:00 am
Mass for Gloria Marschall †
Thursday, October 15
No School—MEA
Friday, October 16
No School—MEA
Saturday, October 17
Sunday, October 18
8:45—9:55 am Faith Formation Classes
10:00 am
Mass for Leonard &
Leona Beissel † (Anniversary)
Sunday, October 18......................10:00 am
Renee Kasel
Eucharistic Ministers Earl & Mary Wagner,
Sally Siebenaler & Kathy Kriha
Ushers Bernie Frandrup, Roger Lucking
Tom Marthaler & John Wellman
Spencer & Kaylee Kopp,
Taylor & Rylee Heidenreich
Rosary Leader
Joe Kummer
Money Counters Bruce & Patty Aslesen,
Karen Rose
Pastor: Fr. Stan Mader 952-212-7826
Parish Office: 651-437-5652
School Fax: 651-437-9006
Parish & School Secretary: Rhonda Rother
[email protected]
School Principal: Sr. Tresa Margret
Faith Formation Coordinators:
Sr. Tresa Margret & Sr. Mary Noel
Convent 438-8680
Music Director: Patty Aslesen
Custodian: Nichole Wagner
Cemeterian: Greg Ries & Rhonda Rother
Prayer Line: Call office at 437-5652
October 4, 2009
Offertory Envelopes ........................ $1,114.60
Plate ........................................................$58.50
St. Paul Seminary Collection ......... $280.00
Thank you very much!
Pre-Baptismal Instruction
The pre-baptismal instruction will
help you plan and prepare for the
baptism of your children in the
best possible way. The next
pre-baptismal instruction for
parents and sponsors will be this
Tuesday, October 13th at 7:30 pm
in the Gathering Space. Expectant
parents may attend these sessions.
Adult Education Classes
Fr. Stan will start his adult
education classes Wednesday,
October 21st and the first
Wednesday of every month after
that. More information will
K.C. Sausage Dinner/Supper
October 25 ~ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
All are invited to the Annual
Sausage Dinner/Supper at the
Parish Hall. This special
community event is co-sponsored
by the Father Kaesen Vermillion
Council of the Knights of
Columbus and the St. John School
Home and School Association. All
the proceeds will go toward the
educational activities of St. John
Parish Community. Sunday
Morning Mass on October 25th
will be celebrated at 10:00 am.
Religion classes for grades 1-10 will
not be held.
Food Drive for Our
Lady of
Good Counsel ~
October 25
It will be held in
conjunction with the
Sausage Supper. Non-perishable
food items may be dropped off
starting Sunday, October 18. A
listing of needed items is located
by the baskets in the entry of the
church. Please continue to support
this wonderful and caring work
the Sisters provide to the cancer
Sr. Tresa Margret, Principal
PreK-Grade 5
Rosary Devotions
October is the special month
dedicated to Our Lady of the
Holy Rosary. Please join the
St. John school children in the
recitation of the Rosary
Mondays during October at
2:45 pm in the church.
School Pictures
Grades K-5 & 2-Day Preschool
Tuesday, October 13 and
Wednesday, October 14th
for 3-Day Preschool.
NO SCHOOL Thursday,
October 15 and Friday, October
16 – Minnesota Education
Association Days.
Grandparents Day
St. John School children would
like to invite all grandparents,
great grandparents, and seniors
to their annual Grandparents
day celebration Friday October
23rd. Open House from 9:30 –
10:45, Mass at 11:00 am
followed by lunch.
NO SCHOOL Friday, October
20, 2009 – Teacher Workshop
Fr. Stan pedaling at the Festival!
(continued from page 3)
He enjoys hiking, and has done river kayaking, rock
climbing dog sledding in the past.
Father Stan presided over his first mass in the area at
St. Mary’s in New Trier on Friday, July 3rd. He has
said mass at all 3 parishes over the past seven weeks
and is getting to know the people. One of the hardest
challenges he faced was having to revise mass
schedules. With 1 priest serving the 3 churches, each
parish was going to have to have mass changes. St.
Mathias in Hampton will continue to have mass on
Saturday evening at 5:00 p.m., but changed from
Sunday 10:00 a.m. mass to a Sunday evening service at
6:30 p.m. St. Mary’s in New Trier have just one Mass,
Sunday mornings at 8:00 a.m. St. John the Baptist will
have Mass on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Each
parish also has two weekday Masses. “I know change
is difficult, but this had to be done. I cannot possible
serve the congregations with the current schedule”, he
said. This new schedule will begin in 2 weeks. He is
also appreciative of working with Father Jay Kythe
who is the pastor for St. Pius Church in Cannon Falls
and St. Josephs Church in Miesville. Both churches
are beginning new mass schedules as well on Labor
Day weekend. At St. Pius, Saturday’s evening mass
will be at 4:00 p.m. and Sunday’s morning masses are
at 7:30 a.m. & 9:00 a.m. At St. Joseph’s, Saturdays
mass is at 6:00 p.m. and Sunday mass is at 10:30 a.m.
When asked what his goals for the three parishes are,
he said, “I just want to get to know people and be a
good Pastor for the 3 churches. I enjoy teaching both
children and adults, and will parish schools and
religious education classes. I also hope to teach adults
in the evenings. We’ll have to work together as
parishes and plan together a bit as we move forward. I
hope to have fewer meetings and more home visits
with the people. I love being a priest, and am eager to
learn from you and serve you as well”, he said. What
struggles does Father Stan see ahead, “I understand
you’ve had two and even at times three priests before
me, and two of these parishes have had a lot of
turnover in pastors. But I plan to be here for awhile. I
want parishioners to realize I understand what it
means to come from a rural area, and that I really care
about them. I believe I have the energy and experience
to serve them well. I also hope and pray that people of
all three parishes will support each other and work
with each other” he said.
This Sunday, August 23 St. Mathias will hold their
annual Fun Festival beginning with a Polka Mass at
10:00 a.m. St. John’s the Baptist in Vermillion will
hold their parish festival September 26 & 27, and St.
Mary’s in New Trier will hold their annual Sausage
Supper in November.
Father currently is living in the convent at St. Mathias,
but in the coming week he will start moving into the
rectory at St. John the Baptist in Vermillion. As we
finished the interview, Father was off to parishioner’s
home where he was invited to have lunch. He said he
likes to eat pretty much anything and loves dinner
Fr. Jay & Fr. Stan at St. Mary’s ~ New Trier
Installation as Pastor
Fr. Jay & Fr. Stan at St. John the Baptist ~Vermillion
Installation as Pastor
CYF will meet this Sunday,
October 11th at St. Mary's, New
Trier from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.
Outdoor activities are planned as
well as a cookout, but if the
weather dictates, we'll meet in the
church basement ~ food provided
either way. A movie is a
possibility if we're indoors.
Prayerfully consider joining us for
all or part of the evening & meet
the new folks from NET.
All 9th-12th graders are welcome.
The next gathering will be Sunday,
October 25th at Belle Creek Roller
Rink from 6 - 8:30 pm. Depart
St. Mathias at 5:15 & St. Pius at
5:30 pm. For questions or
comments contact Tim Kiminski
at 651-214-3928 or
[email protected] Also,
contact Tim for assistance with
transportation and please call if
the road conditions are questionable
Chicken Dinner
Sunday, October 11th 11:30-2:00
Adults $10,00 Children $4.00
Old Timer’s Homecoming Day:
St. John the Baptist Parish invites
all former members of the
community for our tenth annual
Homecoming celebration Sunday,
October 25th in conjunction with
the Annual Sausage Supper. We
extend a personal invitation to all
former parishioners!
VIRTUS Training is scheduled
for Wednesday, October 28, 2009
at 6:30 p.m. in St. John’s School in
We Are All Missionaries
Do you know the date of your
Baptism? Well, on that day, you
became a missionary, called by our
lord to share your faith with those
around you - and to be part of the
Church's mission to the world.
Jesus Himself directed His
followers to go into the whole
world and proclaim His Gospel the "Good News" of His love for us
- to all peoples (see Mark 16:15).
That mission is now directed to
each one of us. On World Mission
Sunday, October 17-18, we have the
opportunity to be part of the
Church's missionary work in Asia,
Africa, Latin America and the
Pacific Islands through our prayers
and support offered to the Society
for the Propagation of the Faith.
Fr. Jay Kythe will be the main
speaker at the Pray It Forward
campaign Tuesday, October 13 at
All Saints Catholic Church in
Lakeville. The event starts at 5:30
pm with a light dinner, followed by
a time of making Rosaries. Fr.
Kythe will speak at 7 pm on "Mary
and the Rosary." All are welcome at
this inspiring event. For more
information contact Anita or Bob
Doll at 651-463-4560.
Appalachia Mission Program:
This program is to collect new
items for the people of Appalachia,
Kentucky. The items are not
wrapped so a family member can
choose the gifts that meet their
families needs. The family member
wraps the gift, so send tape,
wrapping paper, gift tags, and
bows. Cutoff date is November 1,
2009. Questions ~ contact
Vermillion ~ Ann Gergen
New Trier ~ Lenore Peine
Hampton ~ Olive Hupf
It isn’t right because the Church teaches it;
the Church teaches it because it is right.
Andrea Kullmann, Executive
Director from Hastings Total
LifeCare Center will be speaking at
St. Mathias at the 5:00 pm
Saturday Mass, and at St. Mary's
and St. John the Baptist at their
Sunday Masses this weekend.
Hastings Total LifeCare Center is
a life-affirming, non-profit ministry
established to serve individuals
and families cope with a variety of
issues that surround unplanned
pregnancies. Along with pregnancy
support, Hastings TLC offers teens
and young adults educational
resources promoting healthy life
style choices.
Please support Hastings TLC
with prayer, volunteering, financial
assistance or donating baby items.
The items needed are: diapers,
baby rattles and stuffed toys,
homemade baby quilts, and winter
clothing and coats from size infant
up to 3 toddler. A "Shower for Baby
Jesus" will be held at St. Mathias,
St. Mary's and St. John the Baptist
during the month of December.
Please watch for further bulletin
The next TLC Volunteer
Training will be held Friday,
October 23rd from 12:00 - 5:00 pm
at Court International Building in
St. Paul and Saturday, October 24,
8:30 am - 4:00 pm, at Brady
Education Center on the
University of St. Thomas campus.
If you are interested in
volunteering at Hastings Total
LifeCare Center, please call the
center at 651-437-4200 to register.
Jim Gergen, Irvin Karnick,
Theresa Renne, Pam
Schnettler, Shirley
Mickelson, Kathi Fields,
Beau Lundell, Hugh
MacDonald, Ruth Effertz,
Jim Caneff, Joanne Kenne, Paul Hurt,
Amy Renne, Eric Olson, Gertrude
Endres, Tony Wagner, Lou Kosel,
Richard Nordling, Charlotte Graunke,
Bernie Nelson, Pat Walsh, Jack Ruhr,
Reggie Fox, Sandy Stokesbury,
Kapper's Family, Margaret Krause
If you know someone that would appreciate
prayers for their health and wellness, please call
me at the office. -Patti
Advertiser of the Week:
Randolph - Hampton
Fire & Rescue District
OCTOBER 12, 2009
Rom 1:1-7/Lk 11:29-32
Rom 1:16-25/Lk 11:37-41
Rom 2:1-11/Lk 11:42-46
Rom 3:21-30/Lk 11:47-54
Rom 4:1-8/Lk 12:1-7
Rom 4:13, 16-18/Lk 12:8-12
Is 53:10-11/Heb 4:14-16/Mk 10:35-45 or 10:42-45
St. Pius ~ Cannon Falls
St. Joseph’s ~ Miesville
St. Mary’s ~ New Trier
St. Mathias ~ Hampton
St. John the Baptist ~ Vermillion
New Parishioners: Please contact the parish office to register.
Sacrament of Marriage: Arrangements should be made at least six
months in advance.
Infant Baptism: Please contact the parish office near the time of birth or
adoption to arrange for this special event and for pre-baptismal
parental instruction.
Hospital Patients: Please contact the parish office when you are admitted
to a hospital.
St. Mary’s ~ New Trier
Monday, October 12
1:00—7:00 pm
Call Lenore at 507-263-2940 or Laurie at 507-663-0512.
Evergreen Fundraiser
(formerly a school fundraiser)
Parishioners of St. Mary’s will be selling evergreens (wreaths, swags,
centerpieces, garland) as a fund raiser for the parish. Individuals
selling evergreens can choose to have the proceeds go to the fund of
their choice. All parishioners are encouraged to participate in this
fundraiser by ordering for themselves in addition to selling evergreens
to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.
Order forms and additional information are available in the back of St. Mary’s Church.
For more information, please contact Jody or Kim Reinardy at (507) 263-7250 or
Jo Ann Peine at (612) 702-6605 or the parish office at (651) 437-5546.
Appalachia Mission Program

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