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Foreign RIGHTS 2010
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historical novel
— M o re t han 200.000 co pies so ld o nly in Spain —
Santiago Posteguillo
Posteguillo is a philologist, linguist and European doctor who earned his PhD in the University of Valencia and who today is a graduate professor at the University Jaime I in Castellón, and who has authored publications and academic articles. In 2006, he published
Africanus, el hijo del consul, his first novel, which was very well received by the critics and also by the readers, followed by Las legions
malditas in 2008 and in the same collection, a tremendous success that has already reached its ninth edition. This work was a finalist in
the 2009 Ciudad de Zaragoza Award of Historical Novel. This trilogy about Publio Cornelius Scipio is a gripping, epic and a deeply
entertaining historical novel.
Africanus l Africanus
Towards the end of the 3rd century B.C., Rome was about to be annihilated by the Carthaginian army
under the command of one of the best military strategists of all times: Hannibal. His forged alliance with
Philip V of Macedonia wanted the end of Rome and the division of the known world between their two
powers, Carthage and Macedonia. Together, they constituted an unstoppable force that, had it obtained
its goals, would have changed the history of Western Civilization forever. But chance and fate intervened
and made things otherwise. A few years before the outburst of the crudest military conflict Rome had
ever lived through, a boy was born to the family of Scipio. He was destined to change the course of history, and his name was Publius Cornelius Scipio.
With master historical precision and an excellent narrative pace, Santiago Posteguillo tells the story of
the childhood and youth of the so-called Africanus, one of the most relevant characters in the history of
the world. This novel is the first part in a trilogy followed by Las legiones malditas.
| R i ght s so l d t o Po l a nd ( Wyd a n i ctw o E s p ri t SC . ) |
Las Legiones Malditas l The legions of doom
Publius Cornelius Scipio was considered by many to be heir to the wonderful military traits that had been
attributed to his father and uncle. However, along with these positive traits, he had also inherited some of
their enemies: and it wasn’t only Hasdrubal, Hannibal’s brother, but also some within the Roman Empire,
who would be more than happy to see him dead. In a shrewd move to be free from the threat that the socalled Africanus seemed to pose, Quintus Fabius Maximus sends him to Sicily to command the boisterous
and unruly V and VI Legions, which had been left and forgotten in the southern island. Digging deeply
into the realms of history and detail, Santiago Posteguillo weaves a portrait of the Roman hero, who is
perhaps not as well known as his opponent, Hannibal, but who has a history that is just as passionate.
La traición de Roma l The betrayal of Rome
“I have been the most powerful man in the world, but also the most betrayed one”. So begin the memoirs
of Publius Cornelius Scipio in La traición de Roma, the epic end of two of the most legendary characters in
history: Scipio and Hannibal. La traición de Roma is the story of Scipio’s son, who battles to be on par with
his father, whom the Romans consider almost a God. But it’s also the story of Cornelia, a young woman
who is the younger daughter of the conqueror of Hispania, who clashes with her ever more distant father
who is incapable of understanding the longing for freedom of an adolescent girl who is as intelligent as she
is rebellious; the story of Marcus Portius Cato and his unlimited political persecution of the Scipios, and
of Graco, his ally, inheritor of the power of the Sempronia family. And it is also the story of Netikerty, a
mother terrified by the war in Ancient Egypt; the story of Areté, a Greek prostitute too beautiful to pass
unnoticed; the story of King Antioch III of Syria, blinded by the unlimited ambitions of his generals; the
story of Leilo, always willing to stand beside his great friend Scipio, even beyond reason, or the story of
Emilia Tertia, who doesn’t lose her dignity until the end in midst of the greatest public and private disasters.
With his usual electrifying prose, Posteguillo once more takes us to Ancient Rome and turns us into privileged witnesses of the decline of such an intense and unbounded life: the end of Publius Cornelius Scipio’s
epic and of all his world, in the incomparable framework of a Rome which emerges victorious over history,
uncaring of the fact that in its unstoppable ascent it lays waste to all and sundry, including its heroes.
Alfonso Mateo-Sagasta
Ladrones de tinta l Ink Thieves
Isidoro Montemayor is a fallen nobleman on hard times who has to improve his lot in 17th century Madrid. An important publisher and the owner of the gambling house where Isidoro works asks him to find
out who wrote the caustic sequel of Don Quixote under a pseudonym, beating Cervantes himself to the
job. Thanks to Isidoro’s adventures and inquiries, the reader discovers all about everyday life in Madrid
during Spain’s Golden Age, as we rub shoulders with great literary figures like Lope de Vega, Góngora,
Quevedo, and Cervantes. A hugely entertaining novel speculating upon an authorship that continues to
raise passions amongst Spanish scholars today. This work has been praised by critics and authors such as
Lorenzo Silva, Paco Ignacio Taibo II or Juan Manuel de Prada.
| Win n er of the 2 0 0 5 Es p artaco Aw ard of His torical Novel |
| 2 0 0 5 City of Z aragoza Aw ard of His torical Novel |
| R ights sold to F rance (Payot & R ivages) |
El gabinete de l as maravill as l The Chamber of Wonders
Fall, 1614. The Marquis of Hornacho finds his record officer murdered in the library of his palace. He
was in charge of –almost– everything related to the marquis’s chamber of wonders, a room meant to
gather all the marvels in the world, from the biggest unicorn’s horn in Europe to a polar bear’s fur, milk
from the Virgin, reptiles or Aztec feathers. Isidoro de Montemayor, the main character in Ladrones de
tinta and now promoted to secretary (and something more) of a duchess, will have to discover who is behind this murder. To his surprise, Isidoro will find a horn on the head of the dead man as well as people
with strange deformities in the palace. A brilliant thriller in 17th Century’s Madrid which shows strong
characters, a perfect plot and a refreshing sense of humour which is not usual in the genre.
| Win n er of the 2 00 7 Es p artaco Aw ard of His torical Novel |
El olor de l as espe cias l The Scent of Spices
This novel is set in 962 A.D. and moves between Castile, Leon and Cordoba under the rule of Abd-alRahman. It features four knights from Leon who find themselves involved in a complex plot of intrigue.
A lively, exciting novel containing fascinating descriptions of old Spain and the struggles for power at
the time. Alongside the divisions between Christians, Jews and Moors, historian Alfonso Mateo-Sagasta
also presents us with the differences found within these groups themselves.
Bárbara Pastor
El secreto del Mediterráneo l The Mediterranean’s secret
An art expert working in Majorca finds herself involved in an emotional controversy. An artist is commissioned to create a new tapestry for the Cathedral: a piece of art that represents a Bible scene of the
Three Wise Men. After finishing the piece, the artist kills himself due to mysterious reasons. Behind the
tapestry is a story that goes back five hundred years, about the Jews who inhabited Spanish territories. It
gets Leonardo da Vinci involved and it penetrates the secrets of the Knights Templar. Set in the Mediterranean cities of Barcelona, Palma and Florence, this exciting historical thriller has the perfect balance of
a vibrant action, a credible story, and a hint of romance.
historical novel
— M o re t han 300.000 co pies so ld o nly in Spain —
Jesús Sánchez Adalid
Jesús Sánchez Adalid was born in Badajoz. He earned a degree in Law from the University of Extremadura and for two years worked
as a judge; afterwards he studied Philosophy and Theology. He also earned a degree in Law from the Universidad Pontificia of Salamanca. Due to the fascinating treatment of his characters and the thrilling spiritual journeys they undertake, today a very wide public
has become an unconditional follower of his work, which has been translated into several languages.
His novels La luz de Oriente, El Mozárabe, Félix de Lusitania, La Tierra sin Mal, El Cautivo and La sublime puerta (Published by
Ediciones B) have been enthusiastically received by both the critics and the public. In 2007, his novel El alma de la ciudad won the
Fernando Lara prize.
El mozárabe l The Mozarab
Moorish Spain and its capital, Cordoba, enter a period of unrivaled splendor under Abd-al-Rahman
in 929 A.D. Two men separated by faith, culture and life calling meet in the city and are united and
drawn apart by the events of history. Asbag is a spiritual Mozarab who wins the Caliph’s confidence,
thanks to his academic and diplomatic abilities. Abuamir is a resolute and ambitious young Muslim
who will soon turn into the most important man in the Caliphate, the man known as Almanzor. But
they both agree that life is an adventure to be lived, a belief that leads them into the heart of a restless
Europe that is awaiting the turn of the millennium.
La Sublime Puerta l The Sublime Door
Luis María Monroy –the main character of El cautivo, who was taken prisoner by the Saracens– saves
his life due to his talent as a musician and poet. As a slave of the governor of Susa, he travels to Istanbul, the fabulous capital of the Ottoman Empire. There he becomes a Muslim and starts a double
life as a spy in the service of the king of Spain. On top of being an authentic and thrilling adventure
story, the book offers a careful description of the opulent Turkish culture and society, and tackles
aspects like Sufi mentality, oriental mystical poetry or the life of the captives who became Muslims.
In this beautifully plotted novel, the author proves his exquisite command of the language and rigorous investigations.
| R i ght s so l d t o Po l a n d ( B e l l o n a , S . A . ) |
El cautivo l The Captive
Acclaimed by critics and readers alike, author Jesús Sánchez Adalid returns to his most adventurous
side with this exciting story of Luis María Monroy de Villalobos, the idealistic second son of a nobleman embodying the contradictions of the most interesting period of Spanish history, the 16th century.
Via Monroy’s youthful years, the novel presents us with the reality of the grand ideals, captivity and
madness that were so present in this society and that inspired Don Quixote. An original look at the era
of Charles V and Cervantes, riding on horseback through medieval courtly love, music, chivalresque
books and a modern world marked by war, all highlighted by the richness of Adalid’s characters, the
extremely detailed reconstruction of daily life and the power of his descriptive passages and battles.
| R i ght s so l d t o R ussi a ( B e l l o n a , S . A . ) |
— More than 3 00. 000 cop i e s s ol d on ly i n Spa i n —
Jesús Sánchez Adalid
La luz del oriente l Eastern Light
It is the third century A.D. and the Roman Empire is in crisis. A young Lusitanian, Felix, is set to embark on a long journey that will take him across most of the Empire’s territory. His early years are spent
in Emerita, from where he sets off, leaving behind a successful career as a racer of chariots, because he
objects to his family having given in all too easily to the seduction of his aunt Eolia. From a corrupt
Rome to bloody battlefields and magnificent Persian courts, his heroic adventures help him meeting the
most important thinkers of the time, who in turn help him to find the answers he seeks regarding the
eternal questions of life and death.
| Rights s old to Greece (En alios ) an d Portugal (Saí d a d e Emergên cia) |
El caballero de Alcántara l The Knight of Alcántara
1568 came down in history as one of the most terrible years in the rule of King Philip II of Spain: his son,
Prince Charles, died in July, and a while later so did his wife, Isabel de Valois. Conflict grew in Flanders,
the Turkish threatened the Mediterranean, Moors rebel in Granada and everything seemed to be falling
apart. But, willing to face all the problems, the King set a network of spies as it had never been known
before. Double agents aplenty, his majesty has to turn to someone he can trust: knight clerics who have
sworn loyalty to the kingdom. Two young knights, Luis María Monroy and Juan Barelli, start a journey
towards the East with the hardest and most engaging secret missions the king can ever commend. The
trip to Istanbul will be a dangerous journey, filled with adventure and risk, and a surprising ending.
Once again, Jesús Sánchez Adalid writes a page turning tale of love, honour and courage, and takes the
reader along for the best written story in the Monroy saga.
| Rights s old to Polan d (Bellon a, S.A.) |
Jesús Bastante Liébana
Worms, 1521. A very agitated Charles V, king of Spain, governor of the New World and emperor of the
Holy Roman Empire, eagerly awaits the dawn. A meeting will take place in the city, and it will be definitive
for the future of the Empire. After the publication, a few months back, of Martin Luther’s theses denouncing
the corruption of the Church, the stability of this institution is at stake. Under the rule of Pope Leo X, the
Church was obtaining huge benefits from selling indulgences to very rich people with low moral standards;
the profits were being used to build St. Peter’s cathedral. But no matter how right Martin Luther was in his
criticism, a fissure this size would mean the breaking of the unity of the Church and, eventually, threaten
the cohesion of the Empire itself. Surrounded by enemies, Charles V, Adrian of Utrecht and the Cardinals
of Rome would have to do everything to their power to prevent a catastrophe.
An expert in history of religion, Jesús Bastante Liébana brings to life one of the most fascinating and complex
periods of time: the XVI century schism that has shaped the Catholic Church to be what it is nowadays.
| Rights s old to Polan d (Wyd an ictw o Es p rit SC .) |
historical novel
Jesús Torbado
El Peregrino l The Pilgrim
La diamantista de l a emperatriz
The Diamond-Cutter of the empress
One of the most relevant classics of historical novel in Spain, written by award-winning writer Jesús Torbado, El peregrino tells the story of “Camino de Santiago”, the route to Santiago de Compostela. Nine
hundred years ago, men and women behaved in a very different way than they do today. Sinners and
saints inhabited the same landscape, prophets and rascals dressed in a similar way, prostitutes and heroes
shared their wine. They all took the same route while following a personal quest.
This novel tells the story of men and women walking and passing by towns and people, while crossing
Spain on the most famous of roads “Camino de Santiago”. Nine hundred years later, people from all over
the world still meet on this route, now a classic in the history of Spain.
Micaela lives quietly in Toledo, where her father and brother are the most prestigious jewellers of
the Spanish kingdom. When the man she loves is killed under mysterious circumstances, the young
woman falls ill with grief and despair. To provide her with some distraction, her father asks her to
become involved with the family business, in which she goes on to demonstrate a natural talent.
Taken on tour to learn more of the trade in Italy, Micaela travels to Napoles, then Rome, and then
on to other European courts where diamond-cuttering is not the only important thing to learn.
Exhibiting mastery and ability, Pilar Arístegui composes a fascinating story that skilfully combines
romance, history, adventure, intrigue and politics into a tale of undisputed beauty.
Yo, Pablo Tarso l I, Paul of Tarsos
La Roldana l La Roldana
The hard and troubled life of the thirteenth apostle
Without distorting history or loosing its way in doctrinaire darkness, this novel recreates the hard and
troubled life of the thirteenth apostle, who describes in first person singular the world he knew twenty
centuries ago: the passions, the customs and traditions, the landscape and the hidden crimes. Saul of
Tarsus, is one of the most disturbing, influential and moving personalities of the history of the western
world. A vigorous man of action and an organizer, he travelled through Asia and Europe for thirty years,
he was jailed, beaten, persecuted, stoned and attacked by wild animals in the circus; he was shipwrecked
several times, never owned a house, lived like an exiled beggar, but he loved and hated like any other
man. Jesús Torbado puts his talent as a polemic author into play, as well as his experience as a globetrotter, in this apocryphal biography of the tireless preacher considered by many as Christianity’s real
founder. Although what is known about Paul’s life with any certainty is not much, not even through his
letters because truth has been manipulated or because some have tried to partially hide it, this adventurous tale reveals the passionate greatness of that revolutionary missionary.
Seville, seventeenth century. A shining city where the arts flourish. One woman stands out more
than any other: Luisa Roldán. As an unrivalled sculptress, she will obtain many commissions of
considerable importance. Because of her accomplishment as an artist, she demands what no other
woman has ever achieved: an appointment as sculptress of the Royal Chamber. Her fame spreads
through all the country and even beyond its frontiers: from Anadalucía to Madrid, and from
there to the rest of war-torn Europe and faraway Moscow. A thrilling journey and a fascinating
love story will widen her horizons and her views on life.
Carlos Aurensanz
Banu Qasi l Banu Qasi
The thrilling story of the rebel who became known as the third king of the Iberian Peninsula
Since his birth, Müsa ibn Müsa was destined to govern and lead his people in the Marca Superior
region during the ninth century A.D., which at that time went through a period of unrest. Together with the Arab leader, two of his contemporaries share the prominence: on one hand, Iñigo
Arista, Musa’s blood brother on his mother’s side, who at that time will become the first king of
Pamplona. On the other hand, Abd al Rahman the Second, emir of Córdoba, who in that period
was responsible for the political and cultural splendour of Al Ándalus.
Müsa and Iñigo try to preserve the sovereignty and independence of their people in the region
between the river Ebro and the Pyrenees by placing his family ties and their shared blood before
their different religious beliefs. Banu Quasi combines the brutal account of the wars, intrigues and
military uprisings with a description of life in Al Ándalus more than a thousand years ago.
Pilar de Arístegui
José Montserrat
El silencio de tácito l The silence of Tacitus
At the turn of the seventh century, the young scribe Adriano de Salerno discovers a copy of Tacitus’ Annals, a strange and unknown text. This passage contains valuable information, which would cast doubts
on the official history of Christendom and the real part played by the figure of Jesus of Nazareth. Asterio,
a relentless roman monk, has knowledge of the existence of this passage and his mission is scouring all
the libraries in Europe and destroy any copies of the Annals he can find. Adriano undertakes a fascinating
journey around the West, with the puspose of finding the copies of the Annals before Asterio finds them
and preserves that important historical legacy which, if it became public knowledge, would forever change
the history of humanity. José Montserrat masterfully and precisely reconstructs a lost passage of a classical
text and creates a fascinating and mysterious story about a real event.
Juan Gallardo
La conjura l The conspiracy
“Your honour, I think they are trying to kill me”, says painter Diego de Velázquez to the ma-gistrate in charge
of investigating such claims. Two different days, two different situations, two different murder attempts had
convinced the painter that there is a conspiracy built against him. It will be up to magistrate Baltasar Gómez
and his efficient assistant to discover who lies behind it. Digging deep into the secrets of the high and mighty,
Gómez and his aid will discover that things are not always what they seem and that the powerful keep hidden
horrible truths that would cause their ruin. The whole court of Phillip II is at stake.
The novel takes the reader through the least known passages of the palace and the court, revealing the darkest
places of all the shiny characters of the Spanish Golden Age. Written with precision and a simple language,
Juan Gallardo manages to take the reader back in time and teach him valuable lessons on art, life, and truth.
historical novel
Antonio Cabanas
El hijo del desierto l The Son of the Desert
Sejemjet, the Son of the Desert, is surrounded by an enigma that will accompany him through the
period, which is his lot in life: that of the Egyptian warrior pharaoh. This novel will fascinate readers
from the first page onward. Antonio Cabanas immerses us in a voyage through time offering all the
splendours of Ancient Egypt. With the same historical precision that characterizes all his books, the
author captures aspects of everyday life, the struggle to survive, the terrible wars that will take us from
faraway Kush to the river Euphrates, the city of Thebes, the magnificent Karnak temple, the banks
of the Nile and the desolate deserts. Sejemjet will guide us through all these scenes to tell us his own
story, the story of the mystery surrounding a man without a past whose tormented soul will revolt
against the interests of the powerful. An epic tale in which friendship and treason, love and passion,
pity and rage will drive Sejemjet to forge his own legend.
The two previous novels of Antonio Cabanas were likewise set in
Ancient Egypt with a lasting effect in readers and they have remained best sellers since its first editions until now. Via the adventures, loves, crime, conspiracy and intrigue the author always
presents us the details of daily life of that society with an original
look at a fascinating era, in which the author immerses the reader
with liveliness and historical authenticity.
| L A DRÓN D E TUM B A S : C i ce ro ( D e n m a rk) a n d G o l d m a n Verl a g , R a m d o m H o u s e ( G e rm a n y) |
| L A CONJUR A D E L FA R A ÓN : G o l d m a n Ve rl a g , R a m d o m H ous e
( G e rm a n y) |
Salvador Felip
El ocaso de Bizancio l The T wilight of Byzantium
Historical novel by a new Spanish author. Set in the days prior to the downfall of the Byzantine
Empire, the busy life continues within the city walls, where the world as the inhabitants know
it is about to come to an end. With the aid of merchants and sailors that came from Venice and
Genoa, as well as other foreigners including a Spaniard, the people in Byzantium bravely prepare
to defend their city from the imminent Turkish attack. In an action-packed novel, Felip shows the
details of daily life, reveals the intrigues of the palace, introduces us to the blossoming of new loves,
and presents the conscientious military strategy planning. El ocaso de Bizancio has all the necessary
ingredients of an unforgettable read.
El sueño de Justiniano l Justinian’s dream
Hagia Sophía, the church of divine wisdom, rises in the heart of Constantinople and is the pride of
the city’s inhabitants. Emperor Justinian, whose obsession consists in recovering the former glory of
the Roman Empire, forges a secret pact with God: he will obtain an heir if he builds the greatest Basilica ever known in human history. But keeping his promise means Justinian must destroy the most
beloved church of all Romans. To achieve this end, the emperor secretly provokes an uprising in the
city, a revolt that lets him destroy the former Basilica without running the risk of involving himself
in such a sacrilege. As violence spreads throughout Constantinople, Justinian has to admit that he
has lost control over the uprising, endangering his throne and even his own life. In this fascinating
re-creation of a bloody historical episode, Salvador Felip creates a cast of singular characters whose
voices and deeds will delight every reader.
Emilio Ruiz Barrachina
El discípulo l The Disciple
Almudena de Arteaga
Ángeles custodios l Guardian angels
One day, Francisco Javier Balmis, a renowned doctor who has been appointed by Charles IV of Spain
to lead an expedition that will stamp out smallpox in South America, arrives at the orphanage run by
Isabel Cendal in La Coruña. Balmis is accompanied by various children who carry the vaccine and invites Isabel to accompany him on his voyage. José Salvany, a young surgeon, joins them. Together they
undertake a long journey filled with adventure, achievements and also problems which will change all
their lives forever and will make them discover new territories, not only geographical but also emotional
ones. Almudena de Arteaga’s new novel places us at the turn of the nineteenth century, when the French
Enlightment ideas started arriving in Spain. The author of La princesa de Éboli and La Beltraneja uses
her extremely moving characters to depict a very important historical fact and, based on that fascinating
event, she creates a plot which includes romances and adventures, and which will deeply affect readers.
John the Baptist is the ringleader of a group of Jews who believe that throwing out the Romans is the first
step in preparing the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus the Nazarene, one of his disciples, is in
charge of obtaining the arms and the money necessary for the struggle. Pontius Pilate, governor of Judea,
discovers the group’s seditious activities and orders the Baptist’s arrest. In spite of this, Jesus and his men
carry on preparing themselves to expel the Romans from their land. Based on thorough and exhaustive
data, Emilio Ruiz Barrachina reconstructs the events told in the Gospels and provides them with a new
meaning by explaining them in their historical context. The film, also called The Disciple, was shown at
various festivals and triggered an interesting controversy by presenting a polemical figure of Jesus Christ.
Santiago Morata
La sombra del Faraón l The Pharaoh’s Shadow
Troubled times lie ahead for the people of Egypt. The dark forces of the followers of the god Amon threaten
to take power and displace the current pharaoh, Akhenaton. The heir to the throne, prince Tut, a voluble
and weak young man, needs to be brought over to the dark side so that the god Aton can be replaced by
Amon. It is up to Pi, a faithful slave, chosen by Tut to be his unconditional servant and ally, to prevent this
turn, which would be fatal for the kingdom. But when it becomes apparent that both Tut and Pi are in love
with the same woman, the stunning Nefertiti, wife to Akhenaton, friendship becomes jealousy and everything is at risk. In a text packed with action and intrigue, Santiago Morata builds a novel that takes the reader
back to the time of the great pharaohs. Not withholding anything, the author dares to reveal coarse details of
the life and times of these mythical characters, building a book that entertains and enthrals all readers.
Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa
— M o re t han 200.000 co pies so ld in Ed ic iones B —
Before his first birthday his family was deported to Africa due to political reasons, where he went on living between Morocco
and the Sahara until he was sixteen years old. He studied journalism and in 1962, started working as foreign correspondent
for Destino, La Vanguardia and later for the Spanish television. For fifteen years he visited almost a hundred countries and witnessed many key events of our time, among them the wars and revolutions in Guinea, Chad, the Congo, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Guatemala, etc. After a period of working as a film director, he dedicated himself completely to writing books.
He has published more than seventy books. The latest publications: El rey leproso, Vivos y muertos, Mar de Jade, Centauros, La
taberna de los cuatro vientos and La ruta de Orellana. Fourteen of his novels have been made into films.
SAUD, EL LEOPARDO l Saud, the L eopard
The historic novel about one of the best-known heroes: Abdull-Aziz Ibn Saud -whom, in the spring of
1901 at the head of thirty men decided to regain the kingdom that the omnipotent Ottoman Empire
had snatched from his family-, begins with the first stanzas of an ancient romance. His heroic deeds
would seem incredible if it wasn’t for the fact that they are documented, as some of his battles were the
first to appear in the newsreels of that time. About this incredible character, President Roosevelt said
that “of all the politicians I have known, including Churchill or Stalin, and of all the great men I’ve met
during my lifetime, none has impressed me more than Saud of Arabia.”
An extraordinary adventure in the desert about a man whose mission consists in turning nomadic people
into a sedentary civilization.
l Coltan
“Seeing that the United States Government has the intention of withdrawing from Irak leaving behind the
death and destruction that have devastated the country, we have decided that the company guilty of such
a cruel and terrible disaster: Dall&Houston, of which you are the main directors and shareholders, return
the benefits you have obtained during this barbaric and unjustified aggression. We know that the dead can’t
be brought back to life, but it is possible to partly repair the damages you caused, and for that reason we
demand that you return those benefits, which according to our calculations, amount to a hundred thousand
million dollars. In case you are unwilling to accept our just demand, every two weeks one of you will be
executed; and whatever you might say to defend yourselves will not be considered, neither where you hide
or how you try to protect yourselves. The best proof that we mean it seriously lies in the fact that the body of
Richard Marzan, the only member of the Board of Directors who is absent and whose chair is empty, now
lies within one of the earthen jars that decorate the garden of his luxurious mansion on the river’s edge. If
you decide to cooperate, we will send you a list of the hospitals, schools, buildings, bridges and roads which
must be built immediately. If this is not the case, before the end of summer only two of you will have survived, but only for a brief period. The monies which blood has defiled can only be cleansed with blood.”
Aarohum Al Rashid
KAL ASHNIKOV l Kal ashnikov
Kalashnikov begins with an appeal from the European Parliament to capture Joseph Kony, the greatest
war criminal ever, of whom it is known that, on top of murdering, raping and turning thousands of
children into slaves, he uses them as soldiers for his army.
In view of the impotence of the institutions, a small group of European Members of Parliament decides
to break the laws they have sworn to defend. After Kony’s men mount an attack on the deposits of coltan
in the Congo, in which six hundred innocents lost their lives, the group of members decides to put an
end to his life and to the lives of those to whom, in exchange for coltan, he provides with AK-47 Kalashnikov rifles used by the troops. So they offer an elephant hunter -known as Balanegra (Black Bullet) ten
million euros for Joseph Kony’s head.
Adrián Balanegra and his guide, Gazá Magalé, face the riskiest adventure of their lives: finding and killing Joseph Kony in a swampy jungle half the size of Europe and trying to get back alive.
A novel about child soldiers and other terrible African wrongs.
Luis Racionero
El cráneo de akenatón l The cranium of Akhenaton
Lucas, a researcher who lives in Cambridge, travels to Egypt to get over a disappointment in love.
There he begins studying the pharaoh Akhenaton and ends up discovering the way in which his legacy
has survived until present time: since prehistoric days, a secret brotherhood has been feeding on the
blood and the brains of famous and important figures, a sect whose activities continue today, and
which represents a much bigger danger for humanity than Lucas could ever imagine... An actionpacked novel, full of mysteries, sects, esotericism, time travel, gurus and moments of maximum tension which all readers will enjoy. Luis Racionero’s career as essayist and novelist is long and successful.
With El cráneo de Akenatón he has retaken the novel genre and has become a best-seller.
Virginia Pérez de la Puente
l a elegida de l a muerte l The woman chosen by Death
During the last six hundred years, war has shaken the kingdoms of Thaledia and Svonda, on the Ternian peninsula. Issi, the beautiful warrior Isendra de Liesseyal, is a mercenary who fights for whatever
army pays more. Amid the horror and destruction of a battlefield she finds a dying female child who
brands her with the sign Öi, a silvery sign on her forehead which turns her into Öiyya, the Chosen
by Death. Because of this, the monarchs of Thaledia and Svonda, and also the ones of the neighbouring kingdoms of Monmor and Thilia, eager for power, undertake a relentless search for Issi to obtain
the magical power bestowed by the Öiyya sign and gain victory over the continent. Virginia Pérez de
la Puente has written a marvellous and fantastic novel, sound and well constructed, which reaches
beyond all conventions.
Alejandro M. Gallo
OPERACIÓN EXTERMINIO l Operation extermination
In autumn 1946, the walls of Carabanchel prison were the mute witnesses of an ambitious plot. Luis
González Vincén, head of the Falange and in charge of putting an end to the antifranquista opposition, infiltrated a regular collaborator of the regime into the sixth gallery of the prison housing the
political prisoners. This decision meant the starting signal for Operación Exterminio, a secret manoeuvre carried out by the Intelligence Service of the Guardia Civil and the information services of the
Falange. The outcome of this intrigue did not become evident until January 27th 1948, when a series
of terrible events shook the mountains of Asturias, a horrendous wrong whose echoes were even heard
beyond our own frontiers.
Operación Exterminio is the story of one of the cruellest events in the history of the franquista repression and its dirty war against the republican guerrilla.
— M o re t han 100.000 co pies so l d in Spain —
Joaquín M. Barrero
After a lifetime dedicated to business and international commerce, in 2005 Joaquín M. Barrero (born in Madrid at the beginning of
the Spanish Civil War), burst into Spain’s literary scene and soon turned into a success. El tiempo escondido, his first novel, was acclaimed
by both the booksellers and the readers, a book which was a finalist in the XIX Semana Negra de Gijón (2006) and which until today
has reached eight editions. In 2007, Barrero returned to the literary scene with his second book: La niebla herida, and reaped the same
success as with his first novel. Both works have been reprinted periodically and have sold more than 100.000 copies. Una mañana de
marzo has won the hearts of the readers and has followed the same path of his two previous novels.
La niebl a herida l The Wounded Fog
This fascinating novel takes the reader to 1946 Madrid. Several children from a poor area disappear after
witnessing the murder of a man. The captain of the police who is in charge of the case has been ordered
to suspend the investigation.
Why wasn’t he allowed to carry on with it? What happened to the children who never came back?
Sixty years later, detective Corazón Rodríguez goes back in time to throw some light on the mystery. His
voyage will take him to France, Morocco and Venezuela, where he will search for those vanished lives.
This is an intense thriller with an engrossing plot, rich dialogues and unforgettable characters. The unexpected ending will forever remain in the memory of the reader.
El tiempo escondido l Time Concealed
An extremely thrilling novel which tells, through the investigation of a crime committed sixty years ago,
the life story of various Spanish families from the end of the 19th century to the present. The author
uses the resources of the thriller and a handful of memorable characters to immerse the reader in Spain’s
recent history (from Cuban War to Civil War, exile and present times) and presents a fascinating love
story that transcends the limits of time. Jumping from past to present, Barrero involves us in the investigation, and the parallel plots that will appear revealing a surprising end.
This novel is a puzzle where all pieces fit perfectly, combining literary quality and a story whose intensity
and drama never flags.
Una mañana de ma rzo l One morning in March
The office of Corazón Rodríguez -the detective who fascinated us in El tiempo escondido and La niebla
herida- suffers a vicious attack. All his archives disappear, but thanks to his back ups he discovers that
three of his open cases might have caused the attack: the disappearance in 1956 of a colonel of the army’s
general staff, the search for a mysterious woman who had an intense relationship with an English member
of the International Brigades at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, and the kidnapping of a young
German woman by a prostitution ring. It seems that someone wants to stop him solving these cases.
Once more, Corazón Rodríguez goes back in time and, together with the reader, discovers the courage
and the miseries of people trapped in the tragic moments of Spain’s recent history, against the touching
background of the children who were sent to the Soviet Union in 1937.
In this exciting thriller, Joaquín M. Barrero once more proves his ability to fascinate us from page one
and to move us with the character’s experiences and the magnificently described landscapes.
Juan Ramón Biedma
El manuscrito de Dios l God’s Manuscript
In an apocalyptic, gloomy and sinister Seville, where it never stops raining, three marginal characters
come face to face with an alliance going back to the Inquisition and other even darker powers in the search
for a manuscript they don’t want to possess. Juan Ramón Biedma’s writing is original, clever and daring:
he creates his own world, turning Seville into a mad city where murders are the order of the day. With an
eccentric cast of characters who express themselves with hilarious self-confidence, the author manages to
keep the rhythm flowing relentlessly, keeping the reader on edge throughout this extremely black novel.
| Rights s old to Portugal (Pres en ça) , Greece (Ps ichogios ) , German y (Random Hou se)
an d Rus s ia (Hemiro Ltd . / Bertels man n Book Leis ure Club ) |
El imán y l a brújul a l The Magnet and the Compass
Juan Ramón Biedma returns with his third novel, and is determined not to disappoint his readers.
Packed with action and mystery, El imán y la brújula is set in Seville and Madrid in 1926, and tells the
story of a deserter from the Moroccan war who survives thanks to smuggling and trading. When hired
to find some snuff movies filmed fourteen years earlier by a group of radical followers of the Marquis de
Sade’s idea, the protagonist must follow a series of clues that will make him descend to the most abject
levels of the underground world, face the interests of the colonial military and even those of the monarchy. With this daring and exacting “novel noir”, Biedma is gradually becoming a new classic of this genre
and is certainly one of the most original narrative voices of the time.
El espejo del monstruo l The Monster’s Mirror
Juan Ramón Biedma amazes us again with his new work, showing the same relentless rhythm and shrewd
psychology. This resounding thriller starts off with a series of dreadful ritual murders, in which all the
victims suffer a certain deformity. Two characters of tormented nature, a detective with scars in his face
and a lawyer who has been released from jail, will discover the sinister story hidden behind the murders.
Presented as a beautifully plotted serial thriller where every piece fits perfectly, the author offers a tough
but very real portrayal of present day society that rejects anyone not conforming to the norm. An innovative and brave work in both theme and style, proving that Biedma has created his own trademark.
Josep Lobató
Nacho Guirado
[email protected] y [email protected] l Single women and She-devils
Who decides when one is supposed to start growing up? Do things really change when you are about
thirty years old? You bet! Otherwise, ask these single women and she-devils... Sandra accesses Facebook
every half hour and is a great fan of the sticky mantis, a mysterious woman who smears unfaithful men’s
private parts. Fede is a candidate, or rather, a “tick”: while all his friends are getting married, he’s still an
impossible character. Diana catches her fiancé getting it off with a transvestite and decides she’s going to
have a hundred orgasms before she reaches thirty. Rafa writes a book about people like himself. Single
women, she-devils, heterosexuals, gays, friends, lovers, married people and desperate people... Everybody
can recognize themselves in these pages, in which Josep Lobató shows us shamelessly how to make fun
of ourselves. Amusing and surprising, extremely funny and daring, [email protected] y [email protected] is an unerring
antidote against boredom, grumpiness and existential crisis.
Lluc Oliveras
confesiones de un gánster de barcelona
Confessions of Barcelona gangster
This is the most unconventional novel of the whole literary scene: the exceptional portrait of criminal
and prison life in Barcelona in the seventies and eighties, guided by Dani el Rojo, a.k.a el Millonario, a
mythical criminal of the Barcelona underground of that time. A necessary testimony due to its surprising
freshness and authenticity, and also because it uncovers the hidden mechanisms that govern the security
forces of the nightclubs, the shady arms and drugs deals, the criminal gangs, the illegal gambling, the raids
on banks and jewellery stores... and the life in la Modelo prison at the turn of the eighties. Confesiones de
un gánster de Barcelona, written by Lluc Oliveres on his computer, and told by Dani el Rojo, is a tale that
grabs you and doesn’t let go, from the first to the last page.
Fernando de Rojas
El heredero del hombre l Man’s inheritor
While we all live hurried, controlled and success-oriented, there are still individuals who relinquish these
demands and organize themselves to try to mitigate the injustices that the powerful inflict on those who
have less and less. El heredero del hombre is a secret and powerful organization to which the reader must
gain access through the multiple tunnels and paths unfolded by this fascinating story. From equatorial
Amazonia to the village of La Celsa in the outskirts of Madrid, or from Valencia’s hot sun to London’s
corrosive dampness, from Brazil to Japan, the entire world is corroded by the ambition of a few which
subjugates the wretched majority.
Ignacio Vallejo-Nágera
They say María is crazy because she believes herself to be a Saint with a divine mandate. She’s a descendant of
Buda through the paternal branch of her family and of the Virgin Mary through the maternal. More than six
hundred years ago, God charged her with an important job, which consisted in revealing the secret to attain the
freedom of man to the world. But to do this, she has to wait until the birds form a great circle in the sky. Due to
a series of strange coincidences, an old hippy who takes drugs, a prostitute and a hacker become her followers.
All of them find themselves involved in situations which drive Madrid’s highest authorities crazy, and also the
media, the banks, the police, a particular group of Mafiosi and the citizens of La Villa (Madrid) in general.
In this his first foray in fiction, Iñigo Vallejo-Nágera presents us with a lively, fresh story full of action and revelations.
No llegaré vivo al viernes l Won’ t make it to Friday
A detective novel. A conventional couple turns to the black market to buy a gun as a defence
against muggers. Petty thieves who find themselves with two unexpected kilos of cocaine on their
hands. A thief of little standing who gets hold of a haul when it was most necessary… All the characters end up being involved in a chain of coincidences, in a story filled with action and suspense.
An immersion in the underworld at the core of the inner city.
Muérete en mis ojos l Die in My Eyes
In the midst of the Asturian woods, a man smokes a cigarette. Suddenly, a female jogger interferes
with his routine. The man waits until the woman returns, then acts surprised, and sees terror in her
eyes: this was what he was looking for. Called in to investigate, police inspector Lina Montalbán is
in charge of piecing together the puzzle and restoring peace to the town. With mastery and skill,
Nacho Guirado recreates the landscape of his native Asturias where, although everything might
seem peaceful, no one is safe until the beast is caught.
César Strawberry
Nunca quise ser como tú l I never wanted to be like you
Fernando and Marta (formerly Ripley) met in the environment of the concerts and cultural activities
organized by what became the most spirited okupa (squatter) house in Madrid in the nineties. Ripley
hoped to become a revolutionary painter, while Fernando gave his first concerts with his punk group in
a marginal environment. Both managed to reconcile their conservative and middle class family life with
their anti-establishment activities: demonstrations, concerts in aid of groups of marginal people, resisting
evictions and, in Fernando’s case, ridiculous and improvised tours. But today, all that remains are a few
unmentionable addictions which his adoption of middle class ways has not been able to put an end to:
cocaine is just another member of the family. So, what’s happened to all those dreams? A realistic, harshly
written novel, with no holds barred and politically incorrect in which César Strawberry, singer and lyricist
of the rap group Def Con Dos, investigates the contradictions of the nineties generation.
David Gistau
Ruido de fondo l Background Noise
This is the first novel by David Gistau, an important journalist and columnist.
When the promising journalist Eduardo Bárcena visits Madrid’s most prestigious cafes, he is welcomed
with pats on the back. This young man seems to have everything: the most beautiful girlfriend, the most
successful job and many interesting job offers. People recognize the journalist of the moment when he
walks the streets. However, a violent incident related with the ultrasur-hoolingan movement to which he
belonged years ago will take him back to the sordid and dark past he has always tried to hide. The old
fights and the “go get them” cries will no longer be a murmur in his memory. His old flings with radical
football supporters may be more lasting than the tattoos he hides under his shirt.
Evelyn Mesquida
Antonio Elorza
La nueve l The nine
This is a fascinating and forgotten story of World War II, about the group of Spaniards who were the first
to enter Paris. They were part of a company called The Nine and none of them had reached their twentieth
birthday when, in 1936, they took arms for the first time to defend the Spanish Republic. At that time, none
of them knew that the survivors would never abandon them until eight years later, and that on the night of
August the 24th, 1944, they would be the first to liberate Paris, together with General Leclerc’s Second Armoured Division. On the front and sides of the tanks were painted surprising names: Brunete, Teruel, Ebro,
Guernica… The soldiers’ surnames were Granell, Campos, Bernal, Fábregas, Royo, Pujol, Domínguez…
This book tells their adventure.
of Isl am. Reason and Violence at the Isl amic Tradition
Political Science Professor at Madrid’s Universidad Complutense and one of Spain’s most insightful columnists at El País newspaper, Antonio Elorza has spent a long time studying the not-so-well-known Islamic
progressive schools of thought that represent an alternative to radical Islam. Los dos mensajes del Islam is a
thrilling account of how Islam and Western rational thinking do not have to necessarily clash.
| Antonio Elorza will be at the Frankfurt Book Fair talking about the Islam, on the 15 of October at 15.00 |
| Rights sold to France (Le Cherche Midi Éditeur) |
Felicitas Ibáñez
MISIÓN EN ÁFRICA. Vivencias de una cooperante en un continente en guerra
Mission in Africa: a voluntar y co-worker’s experiences in a war-torn continent
Felicitas Ibáñez has participated in several international missions in Africa, as a member of Médicos Sin
Fronteras. This book is centred in the three countries which have marked her life the most: the Congo
Democratic Republic (1995-1996), Angola (1997-2000) and Sierra Leona (2000-2002). There she had
to face war and its terrible consequences, hunger, sickness… She has learned to forget the different skin
colours, the cultural differences, the mutual prejudices, the different languages and also to work in order
to survive. She has met real heroes of the daily battle to remain alive and she has given them a voice.
“After ten years in countries like Angola, the Congo and Zimbabwe, after separating the dead from the
living in a truck or amputating the legs of a pregnant woman, Felicitas Ibáñez, doctor ‘sin fronteras’ tells
horrifying episodes with an extraordinary fortitude and integrity.” El País
José Luis Espejo
EL CONOCIMIENTO SECRETO. Las claves del conocimiento oculto
The secret knowledge: The keys to the occult knowledge
This work shows the reader the ins and outs of secret societies: their ideas, which circulate through the intellectual circuit of modern societies and which belong to the category of the esoteric, the magical and the
mythological spheres. There is a hidden history beyond the official history which we ignore. There is a secret
knowledge, which constitutes a password to gain access to the central nucleus of Power. It is much more than
a hobby for the powerful: numerous literary works include these contents, sometimes in a veiled fashion and
sometimes explicitly. The initiates express them through their paintings, their literature, their movies, their
architecture and music…
José Luis Espejo was born in Barcelona in 1965. A PhD in Geography and History, he started his literary
career writing for various social analysis magazines. His visits to the United States and Great Britain, which
lasted several years, have put him into contact with the most current tendencies as far as the two subjects
which interest him the most: the Hidden History and the Social Thought. He has worked as a television
scriptwriter and has directed audiovisuals with historical themes too.
Hernán Zin
Llueve sobre Gaza l Raining Over Gaza
Current events chronicled by an Argentinian author.
Operation “Summer Rain” took place in Gaza during the months of June and July 2006. As a consequence
of the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, the Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, ordered an
operation to submit the 1,5 million people living in the Gaza strip to a series of military attacks, the
systematic destruction of infrastructures, and a fierce economical embargo. As one of the few journalists
that remained in the area, Hernán Zin collected testimonies and images that led him to produce a serious
report, not only about the brutality of the event, but also about the impassive reaction of the international
community towards this event. By showing the squalid reality and the way in which life was altered for
several thousands of people, Zin bravely gives a voice to those suffering from hunger, fear and alienation.
Gustavo Bueno
El mito de l a felicidad l The My th of Happiness
The celebrated Spanish philosopher Gustavo Bueno enters the world of self-help literature to tear it completely apart: what is known as “self-help” should be better known as “self-deception”. El mito de la felicidad is the definitive book about the great business of self-help books, and deals with the areas of happiness,
concepts and ideas that are applied to it, the theories and doctrines that exist. Starting from the principle
that all men want to be happy, Bueno uncovers the ideological and mythical components of this principle,
and mercilessly crushes them. With a style ranging from a philosophical essay to a polemic analysis, he
deals with the myth of happiness in an exceedingly acid way, turning him into one of the most critical and
controversial Spanish intellectuals of our time.
BODY, mind and spirit
— M o re t han 200.000 co pies so l d o nly in Ed iciones B —
— More than 2 00. 000 copies s ol d on ly i n Ed i c i on e s B —
Txumari Alfaro
Txumari Alfaro
This is a real bestseller. In all Spanish speaking countries, whenever we talk
about natural medicine there is but one definitive authority: Txumari. Always providing wise natural remedies and tips for beauty and health questions, he has different books at Ediciones B that never fail to teach and
convince our readers.
Natural answers to children’s health problems
Soluciones naturales para la salud de los niños includes advice, remedies and recipes which will help
our children and adolescents to grow into healthy and strong human beings in a natural way,
and to acquire healthy habits from an early age onwards. After several years of hard work, doctor
Pedro Ramos and Txumari Alfaro wrote this book which hopes to prove useful for parents, teachers and tutors, and generally, for all those who are concerned with children. Its different chapters
present the characteristics of the growth and development of small children, how to prevent accidents at home or in urban life, the importance of vaccination, the basic care of sick children,
a medical dictionary and, most importantly, a detailed description of more than two hundred
illnesses or symptoms usually suffered by children.
Pl antas y remedios naturales de los Caminos de Santiago
Pl ants and natural remedies found on the way to Santiago
de Compostel a
This is the world of plants and natural remedies that are found on the Caminos de Santiago,
written by a specialist in natural and traditional medicine and also a completely new edition of
a previously published volume of Txumari Alfaro. An anthology of more than a hundred plants
one can find on the Caminos de Santiago, their uses and their contraindications. It also includes
products that can be used due to their curative characteristics, like honeys, vinegars, wines, dried
fruits, etc., and also traditional popular recipes.
Cuidados naturales para l a edad de oro
Natural Solutions for the Golden Age
and be beautiful
Un cuer po para
toda una vida A
Body for a Lifetime
We are what we eat, and it
shows in our looks. Advice
and natural beauty remedies,
as offered by the well-known
Txumari Alfaro. Because
in spite of it’s importance,
beauty not only means taking care of the visible parts
of our body, but also of its
inside parts, with a natural
and balanced diet which will
improve our looks and our
external beauty.
This book is a summary of
the knowledge that Txumari
Alfaro has acquired during
the past twenty five years in
the field of natural medicine
and it tackles the answers to
health’s main problems, especially women’s health, but also
the ones affecting men and
children of any age group. It
offers answers to health problems and also tells you how to
live a healthy life.
This is the world of aphrodisiacs as described by Txumari
Alfaro, who specializes in natural and traditional medicine.
Advices about natural remedies which help us solve the
problems of male and female
sexuality. An anthology of
plants, drinks, oils and creams
presented in an interesting way
and easy to consult. To help us
enjoy a more satisfactory and
healthy sexuality.
naturale s para
l as mujeres
Natural Solutions
for Women
This book offers advice and
practical remedies aimed at
comprehensive female health,
thanks to Txumari Alfaro’s
natural remedies. Women’s
health has complex aspects
that, treated in a natural way,
can be solved in a manner that
is more appropriate to the
body’s natural equilibrium.
After Txumari Alfaro’s works turned into various
bestsellers -he is an undeniable referent of natural
medicine in Spain-. His works have been published in pocket edition too. The result were pocket books of limited edition, whose price was 6,95
euros and which sold more than 25.000 copies.
Complete health for the senior citizens thanks to Txumari Alfaro’s natural advice. The main
complaints and the necessary care are presented clearly and simply, and its aim is offering a better quality of life for senior citizens.
BODY, mind and spirit
Raúl de la Rosa
Raúl de la Rosa, an author and a practical philosopher, has made in depth investigations in the
ecological and environmental fields, and has also studied the religions and ancestral traditions, and
specially the mind and the consciousness. He created and directs the Dharma magazine, and gives
conferences on the themes he specializes in.
El ermitaño que veía películ as de Hollywood
The hermit who watched Hollywood movies
In that neighbourhood, everyone knows “the hermit”. No one knows his name, few know where he
comes from, but everybody knows where he can be found. The hermit is a generous and cordial man,
whose door is always open and who has the right advice for all who visit him. Moreover, he loves
movies and has a prodigious memory. To illustrate his teachings he not only relies on parables and
philosophical quotes but also on the unexpected depth of some of the phrases heard in Hollywood
movies of all periods. For the reader, each chapter of this book will mean a unique encounter with
a very special teacher who, with his knowledge and humour, offers to all who are willing listeners a
vital and spiritual lesson
La senda del cham án l The Shaman’s Path
A young Spanish writer travels to Siberia, by the end of the nineteenth Century, to help a friend that
needs a miraculous substance that could heal his ailing son. But at the same time, he’s trying to run
from some terrible nightmares he can’t find an explanation to.
His search will lead him to Irku Iadi, one of the last great Siberian Shamans, whose teachings about
nature and creatures visible and invisible will open his mind and his heart to a new dimension.
A spiritual and inspirational novel in exotic settings, that readers of Castaneda, Redfield, and Coelho
will find especially enjoyable.
Ramón Villeró
El nudo infinito l The endless knot
The journalist Juan Vielha and his partner, the young archaeologist Sofía Hayes, travel to Greece, where she
will work in a digging. Meanwhile, driven by Sofía’s past, whose father kept a close friendship with an exiled
Tibetan lama, Juan will develop an interest in Tibetan culture and his investigations lead him to the trail of
an ancient manuscript. El nudo infinito is a spiritual novel set amid beautiful and exotic scenery and also a
tale about a love capable of overcoming space and time. A book that will please readers of Paulo Coelho and
James Redfield.
Aurora Gavino
El paciente sin rostro l The faceless pat ient
A man makes a telephone call to the office of psychologist Alba Ponz and insists that only she can help him. But
on one condition: they must not meet in person. Alba accepts the challenge and undertakes the adventure of
carrying out a psychological therapy on the telephone and discovering the secret jealously kept by the patient. In
this novel, Aurora Gavino invites us to take a look at the labyrinthine relationship between the psychologist and
the patient, and the deep emotions that are put into play.
Aurora Gavino is a doctor of clinical psychology with doctorate granted by the Sorbonne University. She has
authored several works aimed at professionals and this is her first work of fiction.
María Jesús Balbás
Guía para una menopausia (casi) perfecta
Guide for a (almost) perfect menopause
For decades, menopause has been associated with decline, shame and remorse. Pharmaceutical companies
make millions out of it. Dr. Mª Jesús Balbás, a well-known gynaecologist, has decided to write this clear and
compelling guide to help women accept that menopause is but another step in every woman’s life: a time that
can be fulfilling, enjoyable, and natural.
Un hogar sano y natural l A Healthy and Natural Home
The aim of this book is finding the causes of certain health imbalances in relation to the places we
live in: our home, our place of work or the school, and the presence and use of potentially harmful
elements. It aims at offering guidelines which will improve our consumer habits and help us to create
healthy and efficient homes, which should also include a certain design and the elements necessary to
achieve a harmonious atmosphere. Raúl de la Rosa specializes in environmental risks and geobiology,
a subject which has helped him to concentrate on living beings and earthly energies, not only the
natural but also the artificial ones. Many of his techniques resemble and are related to the well-known
Menchu Gómez / Ramón Turienzo
Aventuras de una gallina emprendedora
adventures of an entrepeneurial chicken
The authors make use of the popular tale of the chicken who crossed the road to tell a char-ming story that
inspires readers to improve their careers, to be more efficient and happy with their jobs, and to face successfully
the challenges of entrepreneurship.
A motivational reading in the vein of The Good Luck, also written by Spanish authors (Alex Rovira and Fernando Trias de Bes) and, as the latter, perfect for a business self-help list.
BODY, mind and spirit
— the argentinian aut h or s of e d i c i on e s B
Ramiro Calle
Mario Catelli
El heredero l The inheritor
La cl aridad interior l The Light Inside
In this book, Ramiro Calle, one of the first to teach yoga in Spain, offers the guidelines
to achieve inner peace and lucidity through meditation, breathing, relaxation, love, and
sexuality, proving that it is within ourselves that we always have to search for emotional
health and a perfect harmony between our bodies and our minds. Ramiro Calle has written more than 200 books and enjoys a well deserved prestige as a therapist, teacher, and
expert in various methods synthesizing the knowledge of Eastern and Western psychology that help us to achieve inner peace and stability.
El heredero tells, in a cruel and also humorous fashion, the story of the wanderings, loves, memories and funny and casual encounters of a slightly crazy argentine character who tries to survive
in a Barcelona as varied as it is grotesque, where next to the cosmopolitism of the Ramblas immigrants and local inhabitants live side by side. Writers and other members of the literary universe
of the elegant neighbourhood on the other side of the Avinguda Diagonal mingle with the fauna
of the old part of the city. A funny-tragic portrait of a displaced person, whose adventures in the
city are coloured by his traditional guile, and which also include brief and almost lyrical passages
of an agitated Argentine past and the homesickness for his lost roots. Mario Catelli, the author
(born in Rosario, Argentina, in 1957) lives in Barcelona since 1987.
| Winner of the Bruguera Award, 2009 |
Daniel Link
La otra India l The Other India
Ramiro Calle has travelled to India nearly a hundred times, thus achieving a first hand
knowledge of the Asian subcontinent. In this fascinating book, the author takes the
reader to the least known areas, to those areas where the typical traveller does not usually have access, and shows us the best kept secrets of this millenary culture. Going from
Calcutta to Orcha, then to Madras and Himachal Pradesh, visiting the tribes in the
north and south, and meeting up with gurus and yogi masters, Calle presents an original
portrait of a country that is absolutely magical and extraordinary.
MON tserrat l Montserrat
Montserrat, whose action takes place in the quarter of the same name in the city of Buenos Aires, is,
apparently, a neighborhood’s tale whose main characters are a gay couple that just settled in the area.
Being a district packed with greengocer’s and hardware stores, no one could suspect what’s really
going on. In the underground, full of tunnels that communicate temples and convents, takes place
a secret life in which the narrator and his friend get involved after another gay couple, comprised by
agents of an ancient sect, settles in the area and kidnap their cat, Tita Merello, to sacrifice it in the
altar where they carry out their rites.
In order to rescue Tita Merello, their owners throw themselves on a nocturnal raid under the
Barolo palace, which leads to entertaining and eventful situations that follow at a dizzy pace,
although with a happy ending.
Thanks to humor and unbounded fantasy, the conventional life of two young gays in the neighborhood of a big city, transforms into an exotic and passioning adventure. For the Spanish reader, Montserrat, the first Daniel Link novel published in Spain, means the discovering of an essential author.
Elena Rubio
La vida, paso a paso l Life Step by Step
Informative, insightful and entertaining, this is a book aimed at a wide audience. The author analyzes a human life cycle –from conception to old age– from the point of view of
a psychologist, emphasizing the changes, conflicts, and common problems related with
each age and giving advice and practical solutions. Elena Rubio is an experienced Spanish
psychologist and author of several business books.
Luisa Etxenike
El ángulo ciego l The Blind Angle
An intense, enlightening and formally daring novel. Terrorism puts an end to the life of the narrator’s father, but not to the power of words to defeat it. In this novel, Etxenique’s literary skill manages
to endow words with all their power, and these will give us the freedom to think and act against
barbarism, and at the same time she expresses it artistically. El ángulo ciego, a novel which doubles
in bravery, gives thought to the consequences of terrorism in people’s personal lives, and is also an
original and fascinating way of telling a story.
Luisa Etxenique is a columnist of the newspaper El País Basque Country edition. In 2007, the
French government invested her with the Order of Arts and Letters.
Nieves Hidalgo
Nieves Hidalgo lives in Madrid, where she was born. As she is an eager consumer of romantic
novels, she has a great knowledge of the genre and the reader’s taste. Her books have been very favourably received and have reaped praises in the circles of the fans of this literary genre. She obtained
the Dama 200 prize for the best Spanish romantic novel, and in 2009, the Prize for Best Romantic
Author in El Rincón de la Novela Romántica.
Ama neceres cautivos l Captive dawns
Toledo, Spain, 1521. Marina Alonso de la Vega has lost her husband Juan de Aranda and been dispossessed of practically all her property. Carlos Arteche is convinced that Juan has been murdered
and swears to find his killers. When he visits Marina to offer his help, he can’t avoid feeling attracted
to this beautiful and determined woman. In a turbulent period of Spain’s history in which Charles
I of Spain (and V of Germany) faces the uprising of the Comuneros, Marina and Carlos find themselves involved in two wars: the one raging in Spain and the other one raging in their hearts.
This is a novel which fits into a romantic collection, and also into an historic one due to its
excellent setting. Nieves Hidalgo lives in Madrid and is the author of the following novels: Lo
que dure la eternidad and Orgullo sajón. In order to write Amaneceres cautivos she has thoroughly
documented herself about that historic period.
Hijos de otro barro l Sons of different cl ay
England oppresses the American colonies with taxes to pay for the war with France. Chester
Clayton, whose mother is English and whose father is American, joins the rebels to fight for his
country against British tyranny and ends up as a prisoner in a Virginian plantation. There he’ll
meet Terry Darnell, the niece of the plantation’s owners, and this meeting triggers passions and
hates. This is a romantic historical novel, with lots of action, humour and sensuality.
Nieves Hidalgo
Richard the Lion-Hearted commands the Second Crusade as England lies bleeding to death due
to the intrigues and the feudal fighting. Normans and Saxons battle to gain control and King
Richard grants Kellinword Manor and the hand of a Saxon lady to his most faithful servant,
Wulkan, and orders him specifically to unite and pacify the territory. Wulkan agrees to take on
the mission, but without conviction, and although he strives to attain peace and quiet, he will
not find it waging war.
Notwithstanding, Lady Jacqueline Lynch, his fiancée, has sworn to avenge the death of her parents
and refuses to be a vassal to any Norman. She escapes to avoid marrying him, but destiny finally
drags her to Kellinword, where she will become prisoner of the attraction she feels for her enemy.
Noe Martínez
Cenicienta siempre quiso un Wonderbra
Cinderell a always wanted a Wonderbra
Paulina, Olvido and Coro are three thirty year old female friends who suffer a great tendency to
fall in love with the wrong person, and who are convinced that something in the cosmos must
have plotted to complicate their love life. The reader follows these three likeable friends through
several hilarious situations that illustrate the problems, happiness, misunderstandings and the
need for love of a whole generation.
A fresh, amusing and positive novel which fits perfectly into a collection of commercial literature
aimed at the feminine public. The author is a scriptwriter for Galicia television and has written
several novels.
Mariam Agudo
Lo que dure l a eternidad l For As long As Et ernit y L asts
Cristina, a young Spanish art expert, is commissioned by an Irish castle owner to value some
antiques. Cristina finds the castle and its people fascinating, and she smiles when she hears stories
about a ghost walking around… until she bumps into Dargo, the handsome son of the man that
owned the castle four centuries ago and was murdered along with the rest of the family by a rival
lord. A story of ghosts, legends and love, filled with adventure, sensuality, and lots of fun. A very
good novel that will fit nicely into a romantic or women’s commercial fiction list.
Luna de Oriente l Moon of the O rient
England, 1800. Christin Landless is a beautiful young woman of gipsy origin who has grown
up in relative freedom. When an aristocrat tries to buy her favours, she mocks him by giving
a sedative, robbing and leaving him naked in the woods. She is hunted and she ends up in the
hands of slave traders and in the harem of the Bey of Baristan, an Arab country invented by the
author. There she once more faces the nobleman she humiliated, who had sworn he would take
his revenge from the gipsy girl with whom he fell in love.
Luna de Tor l Moon of Tor
When Áurea returns to the small village of Tor after her grandparents’ death, she only means to
stay long enough for her wounds to heal. She is dazzled by the magnificent landscape and also by
a local man whose strange look and fascinating smile hide secrets beyond anyone’s imagination.
Destined to meet one another, their story will prove that love really conquers all.
Ángeles Ibirika
Entre sueños l Among dreams
When Beatriz, who lives in a city, inherits land from her grandfather in a lovely valley in the
Pyrenees, she decides to sell it. There she meets Jon, an attractive veterinarian who is in charge
of her grandfather’s business, and who always thought that he would inherit the estates, and
who considers that Beatriz is a soulless woman. An entrancing novel about feelings, grudges and
clashes, in an idyllic setting.
illustrated books
Nacho Sierra
PERROS, CÓMO SON l Dogs: This Is How They Are
We all have questions about dogs: Can they really look like their owners? Can a puppy be
depressed? Are all breeds as good? With more than 25 years of experience, Nacho Sierra,
Spain’s favourite pet expert, has written a definitive guide to learn all there is to learn about
your dog.
Sobreviviendo en pareja l Surviving in Couple
The difficulties of living in couple can be approached from numerous points of view. Colombian Nani (Adriana Mosquera) approaches them from humour, with her main character
Magola, who has already spent 10 years living into comic strips. Surviving in pair laughs off
daily things, life and reality of couple. But it is a laugh where her protagonist, Magola, does
not accept to lose her clams and she insists on erasing differences between women and men.
Nani is one of few Latin-American women authors who produce daily comic strips. She publishes in numerous news media (Metro, Interviú, etc.) with a great success.
Gatos l Cats: This Is How They Are
After the success gained by his latest book: PERROS, Cómo son, Nacho Sierra this time
brings us the world of cats, an animal which in spite of having lived next to human beings
for more than five thousand years, remains an unknown quantity. The domestic cat is an
enigmatic animal that acts in a highly instinctive way, which has helped it to develop an
excellent adaptation to its environment, and its results are the key of its survival. Cat owners
must know the character and the basis of feline conduct to establish a good relationship with
their pet, far removed from the typical humanization which we are used to.
An enlightening book about the origins of cats, their races, their health and, above all, their
Hasta que l a realidad nos separe l Until Realit y do Us Part
A novel approach to life as a couple, seen through the humorous eyes of Nani (Adriana Mosquera), a Colombian draftswoman, and her character Magola, who’s been active in comic
strips for more than ten years. It’s the continuation of Sobreviviendo en pareja which was
publi-shed with great success in April 2007. Magola returns to show us that she hasn’t lost an
inch of her fighting spirit in her battle against male chauvinism in the home and out of the
home, and to prove that, in spite of everything, reality can be fun (lots of times).
Nani is one of the few Latin-American women authors who produce daily comic strips. She
has been published in many media (Metro, Interviú, etc.) with a great success.
Juanjo Amador
EL MAQUILL AJE DE L AS ESTRELL AS l Make-up of the sta rs
The world of make-up revealed. Juan José Amador, make-up artist for Antena 3 Television and with ample experience in the matter, has written a book which includes
advice on how to apply make-up to each face according to its characteristics. It includes photographs of stars and famous movie and television personalities (Belén
Rueda, Neus Asensi, Lucía Bosé, etc.), and even some Spanish political figures. He is
the heir to Kevin Aucoin.
Francisco Ibáñez
— M o re t han 75.000.000 co pies sold —
— More than 75 . 000 . 0 0 0 cop i e s s ol d —
Francisco Ibáñez
clásicos libros de cómic l Cl assic Comic Books
Mortadelo and Filemón, the most famous figures in the world of Spanish comics, were created by the brilliant Francisco Ibáñez almost fifty years ago and have since become a classic
enjoyed by children and adults alike. The delirious and hilarious adventures of these two
inept secret agents, Mortadelo’s disguises and his boss Filemón’s tantrums still cause fits of
laughter in children. But moreover, Ibáñez’s refreshing, richly detailed drawings and mature
stories sprinkled with irony also work to fascinate adults. The result is an incredible success,
with over 150 titles published and 75 million copies sold in Spain and Germany alone.
Francisco Ibáñez
Mundial 2010 l WORLD FOOTBALL CUP 2010
The Superintendent calls on Mortadelo and Filemón to reinforce the Spanish football
team, and cheer The Roja with their presence at the 2010 World Cup. Maybe the Spanish
team has never had so many chances of winning the cup. Will Mortadelo and Filemón be
able to help the team?
| Rights sold to Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Holland, Slovenia and Poland |
Francisco Ibáñez
marrullería en l a alcaldía
Antoni Guiral
De 13 Rúe del Percebe a Rompetechos
EL UNIVERSO DE IBÁÑEZ l Ibáñez’s universe
It is a well-known fact that Francisco Ibáñez is the creator of characters like Mortadelo and Filemón, Rompetechos or the bell-boy Sacarino. But during his long career of more than fifty years,
this author has created other paper figures. The book includes the most important series of his
career, bearing on not only his most popular characters but also on others who have remained
in the collective memory of this country. This revision of Ibañez’s career includes anecdotes,
information and pages from twenty of the series that have marked his professional life.
Other publications
Together with the original comic book series published in varying formats, Mortadelo and Filemón
appear in other publications such as theses two
atractive examples:
Games and puzzles for the whole family. The undisclosed handbook used at the T.I.A., the crazy spy
agency to which Mortadelo and Filemón belong,
where everything you always wanted to know about
becoming a secret agent but were afraid to ask.
Mortadelo and Filemón play the leading roles in this adventure in the small town of
Valdeporretas, where the Superintendent has sent them on a especial mission to fight
corruption in the City Hall, divided into two political parties: the PSAO (Party for the
Suppression of Archpriests and Bishops) and the PEPO (Party Determined on Imposing
Order). Unfortunately, this affair is closer to reality than it seems.
Francisco Ibáñez
La gripe “U” l THE “U” FLU
The adventure begins when the Super has
caught a terrible flu. But things won’t stop
there, not by a long shot, because the epidemic is affecting the staff of the T.I.A and
the Super has decided to discover its origin,
with the help of Mortadelo and Filemón.
During their investigations everyone is a suspect, from professor Bacterio to Ofelia, the
in-house accountant and even the Director
General! Nobody’s safe from the “U” flu,
neither Mortadelo nor Filemón.
Or a photo album that shows you how to draw its
famous cartoon characters in this book, the funniest drawing manual around.
Children’s books
Mario Catelli & Carles Arbat
Sofía Sánchez Adalid
Milvus is a “star counter”, a young astronomy enthusiast who gets involved in a great adventure due
to a crazy scientist whose activities endanger nature, and whose consequences are immeasurable.
Milvus and his grandfather live in the country, far from modern life and dedicated to the study of
the stars. One day, they receive a mysterious telegram in which a friend warns them that not only
they but also all of nature are in danger. So they immediately decide to undertake a perilous journey
during which other brave environmentalists will help them.
Illustrated by Carles Demiguel.
Ana Díaz Barge
A fortress out of time, between the past and the present, in which extraordinary beings searching
for their shadows and for their own selves, find shelter. A place where friendship and love survive
between the past and the present. Sákara is a fortress and a shelter for special children: their shadows are faulty and they have to learn to live with them. You can only stay in Sákara until you’re
fourteen years old. Actually, the fortress is a meeting point of past and present time: the southern
wing and the northern one are the same place, but occupy different moments in time. Four friends:
Ari, Aldo, Elene and Silvana must solve their problems with their shadows, and at the same time,
solve their own future.
María Vallejo-Nágera
Lola Torbellino is an eight-year-old girl who lives in a Madrid neighbourhood with her parents, her
grandfather, her five-year-old brother Felipín and Petra, her dog. Although she tries very hard to do
things the right way, in the end -and without knowing how- everything ends up the wrong way.
The fact is that adults are very unfair!
Some very funny characters parade through this book: her girlfriend Malú, grandfather Toño, the
porter and former seminarian don Sancho, aunt Pelosfritos (Fried Hair) and her Rumanian chauffeur, Britnispirs the hairdresser, don Emiliano the kind priest... and also the most amusing pranks:
at school, in the small town, in the neighbourhood and in the park.
Dogs are forbidden in the Kingdom of Murnania. But when the king and queen of Lavonia
come to visit with their elegant little poodle bitch, the Murnanians need a dog to welcome
her and there’s only one enormous and flea-bitten Saint Bernard left in the whole kingdom!
He’s so flea-bitten that a whole circus lives within his pelt, a circus unique in the whole
world: the Flea Circus!
Complications are guaranteed and you will have to save the Flea Circus and avoid disaster.
How? The answer is inside, so off you go!
Read, play and have a wonderful time! A board and a fantastic pop-up are included in the book.
Moisés Andrade & Mª Luisa Barnuevo
This is a comic book with spectacular double page illustrations in which the reader must search
for small details hidden amongst the drawings and solve amusing mysteries. The story’s main
characters are a brother and a sister, and their pet. The boy is called Martín (10 years old, and a
fan of Sherlock Holmes), his sister is called Carlota (12 years old, and a computer expert) and
their pet is Goody (a squirrel who is a cartographer and who loves chocolate). In this case, their
mission will involve stopping the machinery that the evil Doctor Nightmare has activated in
the various rooms of his castle, so that he can’t go on creating children’s nightmares.
Óscar Martín
El terrorífico mundo de bobby l Bobby’s terrifying world
Bobby is a normal, commonplace, intelligent, curious, intrepid and fun-loving boy. He lives
in a peaceful housing development, surrounded by mountains and far from the noise and
contamination of the city. No one knows why, but due to some strange mystery, all sorts of
monsters and evil beings have been visiting the development for some time where they have
committed all kinds of monstrosities. Fortunately, Bobby is there to prevent them. These
stories are chock-full of thrilling suspense, frightening events and screams.
Children’s books
los CUBOLIBROS l The cubic books
Jesús Ballaz y María Espluga
Mi primer castillo de dragones l MY FIRST CASTLE OF DRAGONS
Iso, Grand Master of Dragons, is on the point of turning into a shining star of the Draco constellation. DraGus, who is young, likes to sleep and is a bit vain, wants to succeed him as the
person responsible for the security of the Castle of the High Peaks. Will he pass the tests he will
have to face to get the job? The destiny of the castle and of Princess Rosalind can not remain
in the hands of someone whose heart isn’t made of gold and who is unable to prove that he is
wise, strong, determined and a formidable flame thrower.
It will make a marvellous Christmas present.
Cristina Salas y Fátima García
Discover the cubolibros (cubic books), books like you’ve never seen before: folding books that turn into a cube. You
can fold it and unfold it as many times as you like and watch for the surprise! All ready? Now turn out the lights and
surprise!: it lightens up.
In November 2009 we will publish two cubolibros: one dedicated to the most prestigious literary detectives and the
other to the most romantic stories of all times.
Each side of the cubolibro includes very detailed pictures of each character, a brief biography and an index card containing the anecdotes and the solution of the situation.
Now it’s your decision: is it a book or is it a cube?
Romantic characters
— Tristram and Iseult
— Romeo and Juliet
— Doña Inés and Don Juan
— Marguerite Gautier and Armand Duval
— Ana Karenina and Count Vronsky
— Guinevere and King Arthur
— Scarlet O’Hara and Rhett Butler
— Sherlock Holmes
— Auguste Dupin
— Hercules Poirot
— Charlie Chan
— Miss Marple
— Philo Vance
— Kentano
El gran libro de l as hadas del mundo
The big book of the world’s fairies
Have you ever heard about fairies? Have you tasted laurel leaves with pitiminí candy?
Have you wandered into the forest on your own? Have you suffered the icy breath?
Have you seen a drifting ship or one that finally got stranded?
The great book of fairies of the world opens the doors to a magic world and reveals
the most intimate secrets of these beings, their language and their secret names.
There, the fairy of technology awaits you, the fairy of the home, the fairy of the forest and many more, with charming stories never told before.
All the fairies of the world meet in this magical book. We will discover what the forest, ice, water, home and technology fairies are like, and also all their heroines. We
will discover where they come from, how tall they are and also their powers, what
they like, their large and small secrets and a lot of other things.
This is a didactic book which will delight parents and children.
Children’s books
T he a dv e n tu r e s o f o u r m i sch i e vo us X unguis which began in 1997, o f which mo r e
t ha n 15 0 . 00 0 co p i e s h ave b een so l d in Spain, have o btained an unpreced ent ed succes s
in our coun try a n d a l so b e yo n d o u r fro nt iers —
Juan Carlos Ramis & Joaquín Cera
Haroldo Maglia / Jesús Gabán
XUNGUIS 16: “XUNguis versus Monsters”
El libro de los cuentos de princesas
The Book of Princesses Stories
The Xunguis travel to the planet of the monsters, but they don’t know what
they have done!
There, they will go through adventures of all sort, and they will confront
all kind of monsters. It’s going to be REALLY FRIGHTENING!
Join the little Xunguis in their fantastic adventures and try to defeat with
them the monsters they will find on their way, while, at the same time, you
enjoy entertaining pastimes.
Far from being a classic anthology and following the aims of our previous collections, this magnificent work presents a selection of stories featuring princesses from the most varied ages, cultures, and places in the world. The marvelous illustrations by Jesús Gabán, bursting with color
and exquisite charm, and the freshness of the texts, combining tradition and a sense of humour,
make this book a unique work to be kept forever.
About the new book: “XUNGUIHOLMES’S CASES”
A Xungui who upholds the law? Well, not all of them are hooligans. When it comes to solving
especially difficult cases, Detective Xunguiholmes is the shrewdest of them all, a bloodhound
that never –or almost never– misses a thing.
About the authors
J. C. Ramis career started in 1979 as a self-taught person, collaborating in magazines like El
Papus and El Jueves. From 1983 till 1986, he publishes his work in Norma Editorial and from
the on has never stopped publishing in Ediciones B, in magazines as well-known as TBO,
Mortadelo, Superlópez and Zipi y Zape, with characters as amusing as Sporty, Alfalfo Romeo,
Estrellito Castro and the Xunguis, in this case in collaboration with Joaquín Cera. In 2000,
Ediciones B also asked them to reintroduce the naughty Zipi y Zape, the Escobar characters.
J. Cera decided he wanted to be a comic book artist due to the fact that his teachers were
always failing him. When he was eighteen years old, he begins publishing the series Rebuznos
en el espacio (Braying in outer space) in Bruguera. In 1987 he created Pafman -the stupidest
superhero of all times- for Ediciones B, followed by others like Dr. Pacostein and the above
mentioned Xunguis and Zipi y Zape.
With an educational aim in mind yet at the same time highly amusing and crafty, each page
is a challenge in which readers have to look for the Xunguis in mazes, games, and puzzles.
Fourteen original volumes and five activity colouring books have been published until now.
Gloria Méndez / Nuria Luna
Juan, el arbolito viajero, y otros cuentos
John, the travelling Little Tree and Other Stories
These ten marvellously written stories will help parents to explain to their children in an amusing way that there are a lot of things to be done before getting bored, protesting or getting
angry, and tackle things like order, rest, sincerity, responsibility, and time with humour and
imagination. Gloria Méndez reached the final in the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Literary Award
for her first book, and was elected FNAC New Literary Talent in 2005 for her second one. The
author’s seven year old daughter illustrated the stories with amusing and delightful characters.
| R i g h t s s o l d t o D e n m a r k , N o r w a y, S w e d e n a n d Po r t u g a l |
| Including PC games in several languages|
Several authors
El Ratoncito Pérez l The mouse Pérez
A colorful and modern activity book for toddlers that revives an unforgettable myth:
the Tooth Fairy in Europe, or restless Ratoncito Pérez, as it is known in Spain. Using the
illustrations, children must follow clues to discover what this charming character has
brought them for their milk tooth. If they guess, they will receive a small present hidden
at the end of the book: some coloring pencils so that they can continue playing.
Joaquín Cera
Pafman is face to face with Pafdark, his worst enemy. A dark and evil version of the superhero from La Rioja whom everyone believed was dead. We also discover past mysteries, for
instance Tina’s origins and why Pafman disappeared in 1996. Meanwhile, Logroño City faces
its biggest disaster! This is the end! We’ll all die, alive!
Víctor Mora & Ambrós
El Capitán Trueno l Captain Thunder
Set in the Middle Ages, after the Third Crusade. This series tells of the adventures of a knight,
Capitán Trueno who, together with his inseparable comrades Goliath and Crispín travels the
world in search of adventures which will prove that he fights for the weak, defends justice and
frees the oppressed.
Juan Ramón Biedma / Sergio Ibáñez
Riven: La ciudad observatorio l The Watchtower Cit y
Spain, about the middle of the nineteenth century. Atalaya, a northern harbour city, is turning
into a world which is a combination of all the worlds, into the presbytery of purgatory. To restore
order, the court has sent the Council of Penitents, judges whose methods may be even bloodier
than the methods of the accused.
That’s where Eduvigis was seen for the last time; she is the depository of God’s Manuscript, the
book which harbours the wisdom of all books. To find her, sent by the secret fraternities in charge
of guarding the accursed book, comes Riven, who will have to face supernatural forces, the strangest characters and his own visions, only to discover that the accursed city is nothing but the starting
point of his pilgrimage to Hell.
Víctor Mora & Francisco Darnis
El Jabato l Wild Boar
Set in the year 73 of the Christian era and after Spartacus’s death. It tells of the adventures of
an Iberian peasant named Jabato, whom Rome has turned into a slave and a gladiator. After
managing to escape, he is exiled from the Roman Empire together with his friends Taurus and
Fideo, and this makes him turn the fight against Rome and the tyrants into his cause.
Jabato, who has just celebrated his fiftieth birthday, is a clear referent of Spanish comics, together with Capitán Trueno.
Joaquín Cera “Jan”
Superlópez: ¡a toda crisis! l superlópez: CRISIS AHOY!
Crisis strikes and López is fired when personnel is reduced. So Superlópez retrains and becomes a financial investor and travels all over the world trying to collect the money due on
some peculiar and worthless mortgages. This will lead to the discovery of certain financial
engineering manoeuvres, which we are all paying for, one way or the other.
Víctor Mora & Ambrós
El Corsario de Hierro l Iron Corsair
Set in the seventeenth century after the Great Fire of London. It tells the vicissitudes suffered
by our main character as he tries to avenge his father’s death, at which he was present due to the
evil Lord Benburry. He will dedicate his life as a pirate to achieving it. El Corsario de Hierro
constitutes the crowning sublimation of Ambrós and Mora, possibly the most effective team of
Spain’s classic comic.
Joan Boix
GRANDES DE LO MACABRO l Great authors of the macabre genre
Graphic anthology of terror in which the author, Joan Boix, intersperses his own tales with adaptations inspired in the great classics of the genre: Lovecraft, Bécquer, Conan Doyle, Poe, Kafka,
Victor Hugo, William Irish, Block… All with a common denominator: terrifying the reader
throughout its 160 magnificently drawn pages in black and white.
historical novel
Santiago Posteguillo
Alfonso Mateo-Sagasta
Antoni Guiral
Bárbara Pastor
Jesús Sánchez Adalid
This is an in-depth analysis of the life and works of the great Manuel Vázquez, in which the author offers a complete analysis of the characters that have left their imprint on the public and the
professionals alike. There is “Las hermanas Gilda”, created in 1949 by a very young Vázquez, and
also classics like “Anacleto”, “La familia Cebolleta”, “La abuelita Paz”, and many more, that make
a complete immortal work. But this book also analyses Manuel Vázquez’ human aspects, which are
almost more fascinating than his graphic work.
Reading this book is essential if you want to gain understanding of one of the most important creators of comic strips.
Several authors
100 años de bruguera l BRUGUER A’S 100 YEARS
Jesús Bastante Liébana
Jesús Torbado
Carlos Aurensanz
Pilar de Arístegui
José Montserrat
Juan Gallardo
Antonio Cabanas
Almudena de Arteaga
Salvador Felip
A review of the history of Editorial Bruguera since its beginnings in 1910 under the name of El Gato
Negro to the present time, in which Ediciones B is still committed to publishing new comics and reprinting lists of titles, as a means of keeping the cultural heritage of this country alive.
In 1910, Juan Bruguera created the Editorial El Gato Negro, which gave birth to Pulgarcito the popular magazine. In 1939, he changes its name to Editorial Bruguera, which from the forties onwards will
keep on gaining importance until it becomes the most important publishing house in the country.
In 1986, after a long and brilliant history, Bruguera closes up. And that is when the Grupo Zeta buys
Bruguera’s list of titles and awards it to Ediciones B. And this same publishing house goes on publishing new comic books written and illustrated by historical authors, such as Francisco Ibáñez or Jan.
And at the same time, it goes on reprinting the list of titles of these and other important authors, as
for instance Víctor Mora, Escobar, Nené Estivill, Peñarroya, and an almost endless list.
Emilio Ruiz Barrachina
Santiago Morata
Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa
Luis Racionero
Virginia Pérez de la Puente
Alejandro M. Gallo
Joaquín M. Barrero
Juan Ramón Biedma
Paperback cómic
Zeta Bolsillo, our paperback division, pays tribute to timeless comic books! At an affordable price, in a great format, we offer the
unforgettable classic adventures of the six most indispensable comic characters in the history of Spanish language: Rompetechos,
Zipi y Zape, El Jabato, El Capitán Trueno, el Corsario de Hierro and La familia Ulises.
Josep Lobató
Lluc Oliveras
Fernando de Rojas
Ignacio Vallejo-Nágera
Nacho Guirado
César Strawberry
David Gistau
Evelyn Mesquida
Felicitas Ibáñez
Hernán Zin
Antonio Elorza
José Luis Espejo
Gustavo Bueno
BODY, mind and spirit
Txumari Alfaro
El ermitaño que veía películas de…
Las Legiones Malditas
La senda del chamán
La traición de Roma
Un hogar sano y natural
Ladrones de tinta
El nudo infinito
El gabinete de las maravillas
El paciente sin rostro
El olor de las especias
Guía para una menopausia (casi) perfecta
El secreto del Mediterráneo
Aventuras de una gallina emprendedora
El mozárabe
La claridad interior
La Sublime Puerta
La otra India
El cautivo
La vida, paso a paso
La luz del oriente
El caballero de Alcántara
El heredero
El Peregrino
Yo, Pablo Tarso
El ángulo ciego
Banu Qasi
La diamantista de la emperatriz
Amaneceres cautivos
La Roldana
Hijos de otro barro
El silencio de tácito
Lo que dure la eternidad
La conjura
Luna de Oriente
El hijo del desierto
la conjura del faraón
Cenicienta siempre quiso un Wonderbra
el ladrón de tumbas
Luna de Tor
Ángeles custodios
Entre sueños
El ocaso de Bizancio
El sueño de Justiniano
El discípulo
La sombra del Faraón
Sobreviviendo en pareja
Hasta que la realidad nos separe
clásicos libros de cómic
Mundial 2010
marrullería en la alcaldía
La gripe “U”
El terrorífico mundo de bobby
Mi primer castillo de dragones
El gran libro de las hadas del mundo
XUNGUIS 16: “XUNguis versus Monsters”
El Ratoncito Pérez
Juan, el arbolito viajero, y otros…
El libro de los cuentos de princesas
Riven: La ciudad observatorio
Superlópez: ¡a toda crisis!
El Capitán Trueno
El Jabato
El Corsario de Hierro
100 años de bruguera
Paperback cómic
El cráneo de akenatón
la elegida de la muerte
La niebla herida
El tiempo escondido
Una mañana de marzo
El manuscrito de Dios
El imán y la brújula
El espejo del monstruo
[email protected] y [email protected]
confesiones de un gánster de barcelona
El heredero del hombre
No llegaré vivo al viernes
Muérete en mis ojos
Nunca quise ser como tú
Ruido de fondo
La nueve
Llueve sobre Gaza
El mito de la felicidad
Plantas y remedios naturales de los…
Cuidados naturales para la edad de oro
Un cuerpo para toda una vida
cuidados naturales para las mujeres
Raúl de la Rosa
Ramón Villeró
Aurora Gavino
María Jesús Balbás
Menchu Gómez / Ramón Turienzo
Ramiro Calle
Elena Rubio
Mario Catelli
Daniel Link
Luisa Etxenike
Nieves Hidalgo
Noe Martínez
Mariam Agudo
Ángeles Ibirika
illustrated books
Nacho Sierra
Juanjo Amador
Francisco Ibáñez
Francisco Ibáñez
Antoni Guiral
Children’s books
Sofía Sánchez Adalid
Ana Díaz Barge
María Vallejo-Nágera
Mario Catelli & Carles Arbat
Moisés Andrade & Mº L. Barnuevo
Óscar Martín
Jesús Ballaz y María Espluga
Cristina Salas y Fátima García
Several authores
Juan C. Ramis & Joaquín Cera
Several authors
Gloria Méndez / Nuria Luna
Haroldo Maglia / Jesús Gabán
Joaquín Cera
Juan Ramón Biedma / Sergio Ibáñez
Joaquín Cera “Jan”
Joan Boix
Víctor Mora & Ambrós
Víctor Mora & Francisco Darnis
Víctor Mora & Ambrós
Antoni Guiral
Several authors
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