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3g phone guide 120x120_new
mowbli’s guide to 3G phones
a quick introduction to 3G
A quick introduction to 3G
Video calls
Video messages
The mobile internet
3G Datacards
Picture messages
The best of the rest
Here at The Carphone Warehouse, we don’t like to spend too much time talking about
technology. Instead we like to talk about what the technology can do. ‘3G’ may sound
wonderfully high-tech, but it’s just an abbreviation for third generation. The original
mobile phones that arrived around 20 years ago were ‘first generation’. Then along
came digital phones. They were ‘second generation’. Now we’ve got video phones. 3G.
Simple, eh?
So, what’s changed? Well, 3G phones can send & receive information much faster than
previous models. It’s rather like the equivalent of mobile broadband. Sending loads of
information means that you can now make video calls. Older mobiles couldn’t send
much more than a single photo.
3G speeds also make it much easier for you to download music tracks, video clips & film
trailers. Waiting two minutes to hear a song that only lasts for two minutes would seem,
quite frankly, a waste of time. Waiting a few seconds with your 3G phone isn’t such a big
watch out for…
It’s a fact…
Mowbli’s tips…
Know your stuff? If not, here’s a reminder for
all you techies out there.
Learn some of Mowbli’s hottest tips to
record that perfect moment!
There you have it. 3G sends data faster than ever before, which means your mobile
phone can do things that other mobiles can’t. Any catches? Just a little one. Because 3G
uses a new network, you’ll find that some parts of the UK aren’t covered yet. If you find
yourself somewhere without 3G coverage, your mobile will connect to the existing
‘second generation’ network, so you’ll still be able to make calls, send texts & do
plenty of other stuff. Networks offering a 3G service include 3, Vodafone & O2, with
other launches planned for later in the year.
Okay, let’s get to the fun part…
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PLEASE NOTE: Some mobile phones may not offer all the features listed in this guide. Please ask in-store for full details.
video calls
Makin a video call is just as easy
as making a standard voice call.
Face-to-face video calls & 3G mobile phones
go hand in hand, like love & marriage or salt
& vinegar. That’s why most people refer
to 3G mobiles as ‘video phones’.
Making a video call is just as easy as
making a standard voice call. The only
difference is that you press the special
‘video call’ button after you’ve entered
the telephone number. This communication
tool revolutionises the way we interact.
Parents can now see their childern when
they call, also boyfriends & girlfriends
can enjoy interactive communication
even when they’re apart!
When people call you, they use the same
mobile phone number whether they’re
making a video call or a standard voice
call. It couldn’t be simpler!
It’s a fact…
60% of all communication relies on body
language, so making a video call really helps
you to express yourself! Unless you’re not
telling the truth, of course.
Mowbli’s tips…
Video calls always look better if there’s
not any sudden movement. Try to avoid
moving the camera too quickly.
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video messages
It’s the message that does
the talking - not you!
Video messages are a great way to send a
truly personal greeting, whether it’s “Happy
birthday” or “I miss you”. They’re also
perfect for avoiding lengthy conversations,
because it’s the message that does the
talking – not you!
All you do is record a few seconds of
video & send it to a compatible mobile
phone or email address. Whether you
include yourself in the shot or on the
scenery, it’s all very easy. Best of all, if
you’re not happy with the result, you can
delete it & try again.
Sending a video clip is just as simple as
sending a picture message, except that
it’s loads more fun.
It’s a fact…
You don’t need a video phone to receive a
video message. A lot of picture message
mobiles can also receive video clips,
giving you an even larger audience for
your small-screen pics!
Mowbli’s tips…
Most mobile networks restrict the size of
video clip that you can send. You’ll find
that approximately 10 seconds is the
maximum for a video message.
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mobile internet
The mobile internet may have been
around for a while, but high-speed 3G
networks have given it a new lease of life.
All your old favourites are there, whether
you’re a news junkie or you’re addicted to
entertainment gossip, but now there’s
even more to see.
In fact, there’s even more to watch.
Forget about reading the news headlines
– a video phone lets you watch the latest
stories as they unfold. Forget about
checking the footie results – you can see
highlights of the game instead. Not sure
where you are? Don’t phone for help –
check an on-screen map for directions.
Take a good look online & you’ll also find
music tracks, film trailers & plenty of
other exclusive 3G gems.
It’s a fact…
Not sure of the difference between
‘downloading’ & ‘streaming’? Downloading a
file takes a few seconds but lets you save
it on your phone, whilst streaming starts
playing the file almost immediately but
doesn’t let you save it. Now you know!
Mowbli’s tips…
If you download a file, remember to save it
so that you can watch it again whenever
you want.
A video phone lets you watch
the latest stories as they unfold.
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3G datacards
As we mentioned at the beginning,
3G technology is fast. In fact, it’s pretty
close to broadband speed. That’s why
some mobile phone networks have
created 3G datacards. These clever little
devices slot inside your laptop & let
it connect to the internet at - you’ve
guessed it - 3G speeds. That’s up to
384Kbps if you like numbers: seven times
quicker than most dial-up connections.
Anyway, enough of the techy stuff.
Datacards let you go online, check your
email, download files & send instant
messages as you can from your PC at home.
If there’s no 3G coverage, they’re smart
enough to switch to a GPRS network,
which isn’t as fast but still does the job
perfectly well.
Mowbli’s tips…
It’s a fact…
If you often need to download large
files or email attachments when you’re
on the move, you’ll appreciate the
speed of a 3G datacard.
When you buy a 3G datacard, you’ll only
be charged for the amount of data you
send & receive – so you can stay
connected for as long as you want!
3G datacards are
up to 7 times quicker
than most dial-up
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www.carphonewarehouse.com/photos | call 0800 049 0049
picture messages
Over half of all mobile phones sold are now
camera phones, so it’s no surprise that
sending picture messages has become so
popular. Your 3G phone can send
picture messages to almost any mobile
phone & can receive pictures, too.
Video phones are perfect for taking picture
messages. Some have a single camera that
can swivel round for the perfect
self-portrait, whilst others let you switch
between two separate cameras. Most have
higher specification cameras of 1 megapixel
& above giving great quality results. So
whether you’re on the ski slopes,
on the beach or on the town, it’s now
easier than ever to show your friends how
much fun you’re having!
It’s a fact…
Most mobiles let you send picture messages
to email addresses as well as to other mobile
phones, letting you keep in touch with friends
& family around the world.
Mowbli’s tips…
If you’re serious about taking photos,
take a look at my guide to camera phones.
It includes a summary of all our top-selling
handsets & some useful tips, too. Well worth
picking up - even though I say so myself.
Video phones are perfect for
taking picture messages.
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Mowbli’s tips…
the best of the rest
Choosing a 3G phone gives you access to dozens of useful services.
We’ve covered some of the most popular ones on the previous few pages,
but here’s a quick reminder of a few more favourites.
Voicemail will answer the call & record a message if you’re not around – or even if
your mobile is switched off. It’ll then let you know that you have a message waiting.
Rather like a Personal Assistant, except that it won’t sell its story to the tabloids.
Going abroad
Off on holiday? On a business trip? Remember to pack your mobile. Just remember
to check with your network at least a week before you travel, because your account
may be temporarily barred from making international calls.
We recommend that you record a personal
voicemail greeting. It’s more personal &
reassures people that they’ve called the
right number.
Text messages are a great way to
keep in touch when you don’t want to talk.
What’s more, text messages also work when
you’re abroad, which makes them a costeffective way of checking with the folks
back home when you’re on holiday!
Text messages
If there’s no time to talk, send a text. Okay, it may not be as glamorous as a video
clip or a picture message, but it’s quick & it’s easily understood. You can also sign
up to receive all sorts of essential information as text messages – everything from
horoscopes to football scores.
It’s a fact…
There are quite a few 3G networks outside the
UK, which means you may still be able to make
video calls when you’re abroad. Check with
your network before you travel – & prepare to
make your friends very jealous!
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www.carphonewarehouse.com/photos | call 0800 049 0049
3G netorks
Aquí en El Almacén de Teléfono
móvil, nosotros nos ponemos’T
como gastar demasiado tiempo
que habla acerca de la tecnología.
En lugar nosotros quiere hablar
acerca de lo que la tecnología
puede hacer. ‘3G’ puede sonar
maravillosamente de alta tecnología, pero’s apenas una abreviación para tercera generación.
Los celulares originales que llegaron alrededor de eran hace 20
años ‘primero generación’.
Entonces por vino teléfonos digitales. Ellos eran ‘segunda generación’. Ahora nosotros’ve obtuvo
3G phones & services
video teléfonos. 3G. ¿Sencillo, eh?
¿Así, qué’s cambió? Bien, los teléfonos 3G pueden mandar & recibe
información mucho modelos más
rápido que previos. ’S quiere más
bien el equivalente de la banda
ancha de móvil. Mandar las cargas
de medios de información que
usted ahora puede hacer las llamadas video. Couldn más viejo de
móviles’T manda mucho más que
una sola foto.
matográficos. Esperar dos minutos
de oír que una canción que sólo
dura parecería durante dos minutos, bastante francamente, una
pérdida de tiempo. Esperar unos
pocos segundos con su isn de teléfono 3G’T un trato tan grande. Allí
usted lo tiene. 3G manda los datos
más rápidos que jamás antes, que
significa que su celular puede
hacer las cosas que otros móviles
pueden’T. ¿Cualquiera agarra?
3G apresura también lo hace
mucho más fácil para usted descargar los vestigios de la música, el
video sujeta & remolques cine-
Apenas un poco uno. Porque 3G
utiliza una red nueva, usted’el hallazgo de ll que algunas partes del
aren del RU’T cubrió todavía. Si
usted se encuentra en algún lugar
sin alcance 3G, su móvil conectará
al existir ‘segunda generación’ la
red, así que usted’ll es todavía
capaz de hacer las llamadas,
mande textos & hace la abundancia
de otro material. Las redes que
ofrece un servicio 3G incluye 3,
Vodafone & O2, con otras lanchas
planeadas para luego en el año.
Bueno, permitió’s llega a la parte
www.carphonewarehouse.com/photos | call 0800 049 0049
www.carphonewarehouse.com/photos | call 0800 049 0049
Bluetooth in-car solutions
Once you’ve chosen a video phone, you’ll want to make the most of it.
Here are a few suggestions…
Choose from a Bluetooth headset, a plug-in
Bluetooth carkit or a fitted Bluetooth carkit. They’ll all
let you talk & drive with both hands on the wheel.
Hang up or go handsfree! We have a wide selection
of personal handsfree kits & fitted carkits for you to
choose from. Please ask in store or call our
hotline on 0870 161 6626 to arrange a professional
carkit installation at one of our installation centres
or at a location of your choice.
Bluetooth PC adaptor
If your PC doesn't have Bluetooth yet, give it a
Bluetooth connection. Simply buy a Bluetooth
adaptor or ‘dongle’ that plugs straight in.
Memory cards
Bluetooth does away with wires, making it easy to
connect compatible mobile phones with handsfree
headsets, carkits, computers & PDAs. If your video
phone has Bluetooth, you’ll want to get connected.
If you have a memory card on your video phone,
you’ll soon discover how irritating it is when it fills
up. The solution? A spare card – or a card with even
more memory. We have memory cards for almost
every mobile phone, so you’ll have no excuse for
forgetting anything!
www.carphonewarehouse.com/photos | call 0800 049 0049
www.carphonewarehouse.com/photos | call 0800 049 0049
your 3G phone…
…your movie!
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