STU Contact Newsletter 2/05


STU Contact Newsletter 2/05
Fall 2009
Vol. 11 No. 1
is published by the
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Dedication of Fernandez Family Center
St. Thomas University marked a momentous point in its
history with the September 10th official dedication of the
Fernandez Family Center for Leadership and Wellness. The
62,000 sq. ft. multipurpose facility houses the University’s
world-renowned Sports Administration Programs, Bobcat
Athletics, The Miniaci Family Lead Now Program, and a stateof-the-art fitness and wellness center.
Archbishop John C. Favalora officiated at the dedication
ceremony, attended by Miguel “Mike” Fernandez and his family, board members, faculty, students and friends of the
University. The facility is named for the family of Mr.
Fernandez, chairman of MBF Healthcare Partners and one of
Florida’s leading healthcare entrepreneurs, whose generous
donation spurred its creation.
In a heartfelt speech, Archbishop Favalora stressed his
belief that participation in college athletics, with its emphasis
on team spirit, will help reverse the lack of civility in today’s
fast-paced, technology-orientated culture.
STU President, Rev. Monsignor Franklyn M. Casale, also
stressed the benefits of athletics for an academic institution. “It
is with the greatest sense of pride that we dedicate this beautiL to R: Michael Fernandez Jr., A lex
ful facility,” he said. “Designed to develop both physical well- Fernandez, Mike and Constance Fernandez
with Monsignor Casale
ness and academic leadership, the Fernandez Center will
become the heart of this campus, and a symbol of the University’s transformation into one of Florida’s
Spinal Cord Research Project
continued on page 9
The first federally-funded research project at
the new Carnival Cruise Lines Science and
Technology Building began this past summer. Dr.
Jeffery Plunkett, Assistant Professor of Biology,
together with Research Assistant Professor Dr.
Alexis Tapanes-Castillo and six undergraduate
biology students, is studying the possibility of
finding cells that can regenerate after spinal cord
With the reality of many veterans returning
from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with spinal
cord injuries, the Department of Defense has
funded this project for two successive years. Dr.
Plunkett’s laboratory will work together with the
University of Pittsburgh Medical School in a
Dr. Jeffery Plunkett
Research Consortium.
The team is studying why cells in the brain stem and the spinal cord in human beings do not renew,
continued on page 4
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Fall 2009
Michael A. Zoovas, B.S., Public
Administration, retired Chief of Police,
Miami Shores, graduate and Past
President of the FBI National Academy
of Florida, is a recognized expert in
premise liability and negligent security
civil cases. He currently resides in the
Sarasota, FL, area.
Dr. H. Dennis Harrison, B.A.,
Psychology, Medical Director for Allied
Health in Orlando, writes that he
received his Master of Public Health
(MPH) from Barry University in May
Administration, was named Vice
President and General Manager of IMG
College, the sports marketing property
at the University of Nebraska.
Lizette Lantigua, B.A., Communication
Arts, is founder and creative director of
Lantigua Designs, a company designing
invitations, greeting
cards, stationery and
gifts, specializing in
the Hispanic market.
Her company also
does original custom
work for corporaLizette Lantigua
tions and individuals. Lizette welcomes your comments
on her work on Facebook.
Administration, is the Executive Vice
President of the Oklahoma City-based
Jim Thorpe Association - Oklahoma
Sports Hall of Fame.
Administration, is entering his third season as Assistant Women’s Basketball
Coach at the University of North
Carolina Wilmington. His wife is the
Women’s Tennis Coach and they have
three children, Carly, Corey, and Kasey
(4-12 yrs).
Administration, is with Beaver Sports
Properties as the General Manager at
Oregon State University.
Teri Chenot, M.S. Marriage and Family
Therapy, completed her MSN from FAU
in 2008, and her Ed.D from University of
North Florida in 2007. She is the Chair,
College of Nursing, at the University of
Phoenix, North Florida Campus. Teri
lives in Jacksonville with her husband,
Ron, and their two sons , ages 22 and 17,
and she is training for her 7th marathon
(Jacksonville, December 2009).
Bryan Moynihan, M.S., Sports
Administration, left the Texans and is
back in the college bowl business in San
Antonio, TX. He is the Director of
Ticket Sales and Services with the Valero
Alamo Bowl.
Enrique Bradfield, B.A., Sports
Administration, is now the Director of
Ticket Operations at the University of
Marvin Julich Jr., M.S., Sports
Administration, accepted a position with
his alma mater, Samford University, as
part of the advancement team in
University Relations. This position gives
him the ability to impact the entire university, including athletics.
Jonathan Almeida, B.S., Computer
Science, currently owns and manages an
Anti Money Laundering Compliance
Consulting Company in Edgewater, NJ,
servicing 22 International Banks from
Canada, to the U.S. and the Cayman
Islands to Chile. He writes “The CS
degree is the
foundation of
my career path.
I am a husband
to my beautiful
and father to
my 12 monthold Max. Max
has taught me
one thing, and
that’s patience.”
Jonathan, Jessica, and
Max A lmeida
Scott MacKenzie,
Administration, is the Regional Vice
President of the West Region with IMG
College, the nation’s top Sports
Marketing Agency that provides sports
marketing services for several NCAA®
Division I universities and conferences.
Kelli (Lloyd) Barrios, B.A., Elementary
Education, has been teaching for the
Broward County Public School System
for 11 years. In 2008 she earned her
National Board for Professional Teaching
Standards certificate as a Middle
Childhood Generalist to accompany her
existing certification in Exceptional
Student Education K-12. Kelli teaches
5th grade, serves as a mentor to other
teachers seeking national certification
and serves as a cooperating teacher for
three student-intern teachers.
Kathy Farquhar, M.S., Marriage &
Family Therapy, presented “Mental
Health and Humanitarian Operations” on
behalf of the US military at MEDCEUR
2009 in Nis, Serbia. MEDCEUR 2009
brought together the medical military
components of 14 nations in a didactic
and live exercise format in September
2009, and was a joint effort of the US
Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.
Adam Wald, M.S., Sports Administration,
was promoted to Associate Athletic
Director for External Relations with Long
Beach State.
▲ C ont a c t
Fall 2009
Organizational Leadership, was recently recognized for 30 years of continuous and loyal service to Miami-Dade
Angel is currently the
Assistant Superintendent, Pump
Stations Division of the Miami-Dade
Water and Sewer Department.
Juandell Brunner, B.A., Business
Studies, with his wife, Riikka, and son,
Jordan, lives in Finland where he
coaches some of that country’s best
tennis players, including some international players. He also helps recruit
Finnish players for American
Universities, with one of his top players currently attending Harvard. His
illustrated children’s book, Beefy’s
First Lesson, is now in the bookstores;
some of the
proceeds from
this book will
go towards creating
for underprivileged children
Juandell Brunner
Erik Burkhardt, J.D./M.S., Sports
Administration, works as a Sports Agent
with Premier Sports & Entertainment
Management. In April he had his best
draft which included six college players
drafted, including three second
rounders. As a whole, the company represents 42 current players along with
several coaches.
Ricel A. Valdes, B.A., Political Science,
is a Project Support Specialist with
Research Triangle Institute (RTI), one of
the top five contracting organizations for
the United States Agency for
International Development (USAID).
She works with the Malaria Indoor
Residual Spraying project (IRS) which
helps fight the spread of malaria and
reduce the number of overall deaths due
to this disease throughout 14 countries
within Africa. Ricel is based at the RTI
Center in Washington , DC.
received a full
scholarship and
a stipend. He
also continues to
be active in Pax
Romana. Cesar
is happy to
announce that in
August he wed
his high school
sweetheart, Aileen
Cambridge, MA.
Cesar and A ileen
Michael Singer, M.B.A, Sports
Administration, recently started his own
company, Solo Events Group Inc., a
full-service events company that caters
towards professional sports, festivals
and fairs.
Cesar J. Baldelomar, B.A., Global
Leadership, and B.A., Religious Studies,
is currently a graduate student in the
Religion, Ethics, and Politics track at
Harvard Divinity School, where he
STU Alumni Update Form
Year Graduated:__________Major:__________________________________Degree: ________________________
Home Phone: _____________________________Work Phone: __________________________________________
E-mail: _______________________________________________________________________________________
Employer:______________________________________Title: __________________________________________
Work Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
News for Contact:_____________________________________________________________________________
Please fax to the Office of University Advancement at (305) 628-6703 or mail to 16401 NW 37th Ave., Miami, FL 33054
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Fall 2009
Spinal Cord Research Project, continued from Page 1
whereas zebra fish are able to regenerate cells in their spinal
cord after it has been severed. Dr. Plunkett explains that after
six to 12 weeks zebra fish are able to regain a certain portion of
the nerves in the spinal cord and regain 70% - 80% of their ability to swim. Although this knowledge has been around for many
years, no one understood how it happened.
L-R: Dr. Tapenes-Castillo, Taimi Perez, Ana Amador, Francelethia
Shabazz, LaToya Leary
The Plunkett Research Lab is examining the cells in the
area of the newly healed spinal cord of the fish to try to understand the genes that are responsible for this phenomenon and to
learn if they can be applied to human beings with spinal cord
damage. The cells in mammals do not regenerate because of the
presence of inhibitory molecules known as CSPGs that can also
These same molecules are present in the fish but for some reason some of the cells still manage to regenerate in spite of them.
The researchers isolate the cells that do regenerate and compare
their genes with the genes of the cells that do not regenerate to
identify genes associated with regeneration.
In Pittsburgh, Dr. Plunkett’s colleague, Dr. Martin Oudega,
and his research group are translating the findings from the
zebra fish into mammals, beginning with rats. Dr. Oudega will
take the rat versions of the regeneration-associated genes identified by Dr. Plunkett and transplant cells with these genes into a
spinal-cord-injured rat to determine whether they help the rate to
recover from the injury. The ultimate goal of this project, to
translate the result from the research lab to the clinical lab and
eventually to humans, is known as “translation from bench to
The uniqueness of this project is that at STU undergraduate
students are working with their professors in this research. The
students are Science and Mathematics Fellows, a program for
top Hispanic and other minority students in response to the
shortage of minority professionals in the sciences.
“This is a wonderful opportunity to see themselves as scientists,” says Dr. Plunkett.
“Research teaches students practical skills and techniques
that can be used in the workplace, as well as in any type of grad-
uate program, including medical school,” says Dr. TapanesCastillo. “They leave the lab with a tool box. They know how
to address problems using the scientific method, communicate
their findings, and perform basic laboratory procedures.”
The students’ career goals vary – from surgeon and clinical researcher, to physician’s assistant and university professor.
“My experience in the lab has given a practical dimension
to the theoretical concepts I learned in class,” says junior Marc
Singer, an aspiring surgeon.
“I am privileged as an undergraduate to have the opportunity to not only gain research and lab experience, but also to
work under grants funded by the Department of Defense and
the National Institutes of Health,” says junior Francelethia
Shabazz, who has the extra responsibility of working as the
lab’s research technician.
In the summer of 2011,
this project will be taken one
step further. A number of
STU students will be selected
to travel to Pittsburgh for an
internship working with Dr.
Oudega. At the same time,
students from the University
of Pittsburgh will travel to
Miami to work in the Plunkett
laboratory. In Pittsburgh, the
students in Dr. Oudega’s lab
Taimi Perez
are also undergraduate and
minority students from the inner city.
Drs. Oudega and Plunkett recently presented their findings for the first three months of the grant at a “product line
review,” a showcase of national programs all involved in
spinal cord regeneration, in Ft. Detrick, Maryland.
The University is grateful to Congresswoman Debbie
Wasserman Schultz and the other South Florida Members of
Congress for helping secure the funding from the Department
of Defense for this research. Dr. Plunkett also received funds
from a National Institutes of Health Extramural Associates
Research Development Award to support this project.
STU Alumnus is US Ambassador
to the Vatican
Monsignor Casale
traveled to
Washington, DC,
August 21 to attend
the swearing-in of
Miguel Diaz, Class of
1988, as the new US
Ambassador to the
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Fall 2009
Alumni Seminar on International
Business Development & the
Challenge of Globalization
L to R: A l Novas, Manuel Fernandez, A lberto Quintana, Dean Tony
On October 2, the Office of University Advancement, in conjunction with the School of Business, hosted a seminar for local
alumni from the School of Business. The three panelists, all STU
graduates, are corporate leaders who conduct their business on a
global basis. Ably moderated by Tony Villamil, Dean of the School
of Business, the discussion focused on the changing global environment and the challenges of doing business on both a corporate
and entrepreneurial level in developing and established international markets.
The panelists were: Alfred Novas, ’86 MS, CEO of
Interactyx; Alberto Quintana, ’86 MS, Sr. VP & General Manager
at Axis-Weber Shandwick; and Manuel Fernandez, ’92 MBA, VP,
Mobile Commerce Latin America for MasterCard Worldwide. We
are grateful to New York Life for sponsoring this event.
New Jersey Chapter’s Annual Day
at the Races
Mark Bratus, Bill Delfinis, Pete Davis, all from the Class of 1973
More than 40 alumni from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s attended the 5th
Annual Day at the Monmouth Park. An excellent trackside lunch was courtesy of the Class of 1973.
Alumni News
Sports Administration Alumni
STU is hosting a Sports
Administration (SPOAD) Alumni
Conference January 27, 2010, in the new
Fernandez Family Center for Leadership
and Wellness.
The Conference will start at noon
with a luncheon and keynote speaker and
then will break into two afternoon sessions. Each session will have two panels
Michael Kelly
–for a total of four panels. The event will
close with a brief closing presenter and a networking mixer.
The four panel topics are Sports and the Economy,
Sports and Character, The New Sports Marketing—Social
Media Platforms: and Sports Facilities—Building &
STU is considered to have one of the top three Sports
Administration Programs in the
nation. Our alumni are athletic directors and coaches at various universities, top executives for professional
sports teams (MLB, NBA, NFL,
NHL, etc.) and sports media professionals.
The keynote speaker is Rick
Horrow, Sports Business Analyst for
CNN, Fox Sports and the Fox
Business Channel. Known as the
A l Avila
“Sports Professor,” Horrow has been
the architect of 103 deals worth more than $13 billion dollars.
Panelists already confirmed for the various topics
include Michael Kelly, ’94, (Former President of the Super
Bowl Host Committee and Associate Commissioner for the
Atlantic Coast College Football Conference); Bob Moss
(Moss & Associates, builder of the new Florida Marlins stadium); Rodney Barreto (Chairman of the Super Bowl Host
Committee); Bruce Schulze (President of Land Shark
Stadium); Michael Godoy, ’95, (SMG–Worldwide Venue &
Entertainment Management); Dr. Jayne Greenberg (Director
of Physical Education for Miami-Dade Public Schools); Al
Avila, ’86, (VP of the Detroit Tigers); Andy Elisburg, ’89
(VP of Operations for the Miami Heat); Michael Nichols,
’95, (VP of LPGA Sanctioned Events) Mark Geddis
(President of Collegiate Images); Laura Christine, ’94
(National VP of Marketing for Skechers); Kirby Hocutt
(UM Athletic Director); Bob Agramonte, ’90 (VP, Leesfield
Marketing); Kim Stone (GM, American Airlines Arena);
Eric Poms (President, Orange Bowl Committee); Sean
Flynn, ’96, (VP of Marketing FL Marlins); Jeff Craney, ’87
(VP of Marketing-Miami Heat); Ethan Skolnick
(SunSentinel); and Ross Devonport, ’04 (CBS Sports
For more information and to sign up, please contact
Gigi Laudisio at [email protected] or (305) 628-6796.
▲ C on ta c t
Fall 2009
Capital Campaign Honor Roll
Listed below are gifts received between October 20, 2008 and October 1, 2009.
United States Department of Energy
ARAMARK Corporation
Siegfried Wiessner
G. Tate, Tate Enterprises
Florence Bayuk Educational Trust
Mark J. Wolff
Gregory & JoAnn Swienton
BlueCross BlueShield of Florida
Isaac Wright ’07
Calder Race Course, Meg Garza
The Florida Bar Foundation
Neil Gonzalez ’96
Paul A. Garcia & Family
Daniel R. Gordon
Holy Cross Hospital
“Take a Seat Campaign”
Michael and Patricia Lamia & Family
Hugoton Foundation
Msgr. Franklyn M. Casale
Alfred and Mollie Light
Kalliopeia Foundation
Gregory and Sandra Chan
Thomas W. Light
Maria S. Hughes ’01
Joseph W. Lawrence
John and June Mary Makdisi
McCann Worldgroup, John J.
Jose G. Lebron ’84
Brad McCormick ’93
Dooner Jr. ’70
Bob and Pam Loconto ’05
Dominick Miniaci
Jose and Gloria Navarro
Rev. Gary N. McCloskey
Carlos Pastor ’98
North Dade Medical Foundation
Bill and Nancy Nesselt ’83
Ricky Patel ’09
Ryder System Charitable Foundation
Terry and Marlene O'Connor
Herman J. Russomanno
*Tomas and Agueda Ogazon ’97
Suntrust Bank
Carlos Santiesteban ’05
United States Department of Defense
Paul R. Pierson
Masoud and Maria Shojaee
United States Department of Education
Richard Raleigh
Annual Fund 2008–2009 Honor Roll of Donors
This list includes donors of $25 and above received between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009
Camille Buccellato
The Thomas & Agnes Carvel
Jorge L. Lopez ’84
$10,000 & Above
Bank of America, MBNA
Joseph and Suzanne Lacher
Victor and Lisa Mendelson
Commissioner Natacha Seijas
Gregory and Jo Ann Swienton
Mario Trueba ’80, BNY Mellon
Frank E. Walsh, Jr., Sandy Hill
$5,000 & Above
Amaturo Family Foundation Inc.,
Joe & Wini Amaturo
BankUnited, FSB, Douglas B.
Brenda Dipanfilo
John J. Dooner Jr. ’70, McCann
ExxonMobil Foundation
Matching Gift Program
Rainier Gonzalez
Jennie P. Janulin
Martin Lister & Alvarez, Tim
Martin ’87
Dominick F. Miniaci
Jose and Gloria Navarro
Guy Protano, Protano & Sons Inc.
Rodger and Grace Shay
Stanley G. Tate, Tate Enterprises
American Airlines Incorporated,
Peter Dolara
Anchor AUDI, Inc, Edward T.
Walsh ’71
Beacon Group Inc., Donald E.
Dresback ’69
Calder Race Course, Meg Garza
Patrick L. Cordero ’87, Law
Offices of Patrick L. Cordero PA
Bob and Jodi Dickinson
J. Patrick Fitzgerald, Esq., J.
Patrick Fitzgerald & Associates PA
Florida Power & Light Company,
Aletha Player
Paul A. Garcia, Paul A. Garcia, P.A.
KPMG LLP, Hector Mojena
Link Construction Group,
Guillermo Fernandez
Morrison Brown Argiz & Farra
LLP, Tony Argiz
Modular Contractors Inc., Shaun
Mercedes Ricon ’00, Killian Oaks
Jeanne A. Revene
Stephen H. Schott
Squire Sanders & Dempsey,
Alberto del Castillo
The Haggard Law Firm, PA,
Jeannete Lewis ’93
University Credit Union, Sally Sims
Julian J. Rodriguez ’73, Julian J.
Rodriguez PA
$1,000 to $2,499
All Go Construction Systems,
Inc., Jose Garcia
Lydia C. Amy
Aramark Corporation
Beverly S. Bachrach
Gary T. Blandino ’77
Jane F. Bolin ’07
Ben H. Chen, Chen & Associates
Craig T. Chindemi ’82
The Continental Group, Inc.,
Gary Pyott ’79
George L. Cuesta, Cuesta
Construction Services, Inc
Philip P. Crowley
Dell & Schaefer, P.A., Dennis L.
Barbara Del Castillo
Ricardo Lierra Desoto
Dorothy DiBuono
Thomas P. Dougherty
Donald E. Dresback ’69
Andrew M. Elisburg ’89
Warren Fink
FOLLETT Book Store, Gary
Jose K. Fuentes ’90
GEICO Direct
Gibraltar Bank & Trust, Luis
Rudolph J. Graf ’70
Great Florida Bank, Obdulio J.
Piedra ’84
Laurie Johnson
Barry Kates
Daniel W. Katz ’93
James McKinley, McKinley
Financial Services
Isabelle L. Kirchner
Charles V. Lanza ’89
LeMartec Engineering &
Construction Corp,
Guillermo Garcia-Tunon
Ann P. Machado
Frank E. Marley, The Marley
MasTec Inc., Jorge Mas Santos
Robert A. Moe
New York Life Insurance
Company, David G. Walter
Alfred R. Novas ’86
Leif G. Novie
Agueda ’97 and *Tomas Ogazon
Rafael M. Olloqui ’90
Sandra R. O'Neil
Ramon F. Oyarzun ’73
Order of Malta South Florida,
American Association USA
James & Susan McDonald
Personal Injury Legal Team, PA,
Eduardo Olivera
Paul R. Philip, Sr.
Plexus M/2 Holdings, LLC, Hal
Rasco Reininger Perez Esquenazi
& Vigil PL, Ramon E. Rasco
Richman Greer PA, Mark A.
Romance ’94
Beatriz G. Robinson
Rafael J. Roca ’87
Francisco J. Rodriguez ’94
Earl G. Rubley, South Florida
Herman J. Russomanno
St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church,
Nick Ziccardi ’79
Shay Investment Services, Inc.,
David Wallace
Jose Sierra, Seaboard Marine Ltd.
▲ C ont a c t
Fall 2009
Annual Fund 2008–2009 Honor Roll of Donors
(continued from page 6)
Joseph T. Cooney ’68
Kevin T. Corcoran ’81
Herbert Cousins, Jr., Cousins &
James A. Cox ’68
Eric T. Davidson ’95
Roberto J. Diaz
Charles J. Domino ’82
Brett A. Elam ’02
Mary Flannery
Lewis B. Freeman
Ernesto Gandara, Gandara Lock
& Key
Genesis Systems Consulting,
Carlos Perez-Abreu
Peter L. Gerety
John Glover
Douglas R. Beam
Marilyn Gonzalez ’03
Audrey Bernstein
Arthur P. Grabowski ’70
Richard Buckley
Bob Butterworth and Marta Prado Ray Guzman ’96
Joshua J. Hertz ’01
Peter Byrnes ’69
Charles Hoffner ’68
Ileana Casais
Guiyou Huang
Rev. Msgr. Franklyn M. Casale
Eric Hoskins
Gail Casale & John Priber
Arthur W. Kane
Peter J. Cawley ’71
Janine “Gigi” R. Laudisio
Michael DeLucca ’88
Ray Lopez
John D. Doyle ’03
Joan R. Lyons ’04
Anthony Falor
Geneva and *Stanley Gondek ’69 Paul D. Maxwell
Rudolph Moise
Nicole Grandmont-Gariboldi
Robert M. Perez
Brian J. Huott ’97
Perez Abreu Aguerrebere,
James P. Lake ’88
Ken M. Lerman
Joseph Sous
Florida Marlins, L.P.
Roger Scott ’93
Mariela P. Martinez ’05
Bryan M. Raymond ’96
Francis Maus
Welta Rice
Brian D. McAuley
Charles Steinmetz ’75
Mario Murgado
Susan M. Smith
Edward J. O'Donnell ’96,
Albert P. Tobia
O'Donnell & O'Donnell
Mark E. Tudino ’94
Maria M. O'Reilly ’95
Simon N. Vaz ’84
Adrienne Vynne
Stephen H. Putman
Mary Carter Waren ’85
Richard Raleigh
Keith Wilhelm, Athletic Attic
Wayne A. Rotolante ’67
Kenneth Wise
Patricia Schmergel
John P. Zarrella ’76
Maureen Sheehan Paparella ’79
Sun Microsystems Foundation
Matching Gift Program
UPS Foundation
Michael J. Adrian ’68
Wood Business Systems, Inc,
Brenda Alfaro
Steve Dessingue
Mark N. Arata ’87
Elizabeth K. Wysong ’87
Jorge Azor
Rev. Edward D. Blackwell
Erika Blanco ’08
Marc Boucher
Simon M. Azarnia ’03
Robert L. Boyle
Drew J. Bauman
Thomas R. Bresnahan ’80
Gregory J. Blackburn ’02
Jimmie L. Brown ’79
Michael J. Blank ’76
Kelly Browning
Leslie Bowler
Lenny Burgess
Salvador Castaner
Shutts & Bowen LLP, Anitra
Anthony J. Soto, Esq. ’89
Daniel J. Stermer
Michelle G. Trca
Tropic Supply Inc., Charles Del
Edward T. Walsh ’71
Waste Services of Florida, Inc,
Frank Chiliberti
Natalee Willis ’05
The Mary & George Zimmerman
Charles J. Zwick
Barbara C. Buzzi ’84
Gerard B. Byrnes ’75
Marilynn Campanile
Gary E. Cardenas ’95
Raul J. Carrillo
Bruce Carrington
Thomas P. Casey ’70
Paul Casmass
Robert R. Chafey ’78
Michael G. Clancey ’80
Robert E. Constant ’01
Michael Cornely
Laura J. Courtley-Todd ’95
& Sean Todd ’96
Douglas A. Cuddy
Janie & Thomas Cundy, CUNDY
Michael E. Deitche ’77
Rosemary T. DeVito
Mario del Valle
Anh T. Do ’05
Elizabeth V. Donovan
Margaret Elliston
Maria V. Errickson ’88
Brenda Fam
Thomas Fassanella
Molly N. Ferguson ’04
Juan H. Fernandez ’78
Dominick and Phyllis Ferrara
Barbara B. Fisher ’90
Kevin G. Fritz ’70
Bryan T. Froehle
Pamela Gadson
Paul Gentile
John E. Gilger ’94
Curtis R. Gilpin ’05
Robert M. Golson ’98
Elda Gonzalez ’80
Barbara J. Graham
Laura P. Greeley
Hagai Gringarten
Brian F. Groden ’82
Srabana Gupta
Marta Gutierrez
Maria A. Hare ’84
Michael S. Harmon ’94
Sharon Henderson
Lisamarie A. Hickey ’83
John C. Higgins ’73
George S. Hill
Mary F. Holleran ’91
Richard K. Hrebik
Theodore F. Itzoe ’87
Giselle Jamison
Patricia H. Johnson ’05
Richard J. Kelch ’78
Edward Kelly ’92
Michael J. Kreder
Muriel Kroll ’96
Benjamin Kudary ’92
Nancy Ladd
Pamela L. Loconto ’05
Harry Loubriel
Robin L. Lovett
Henry F. Lubben
Mary Jo D. Macro ’93
Michael E. Madden ’70
Patricia M. Maldjian ’82
Carlos F. Marrero ’93
Ivelisse R. Martinez
Rev. Gary N. McCloskey
Timothy J. Mehaffey
Miami Archdiocesan of Catholic
Barbara G. Millender ’79
Lloyd A. Mitchell
Julio C. Montiel ’97
Kevin R. Moroney ’78
Elvira “Toni” Mountain ’04
James D. Murphy Jr. ’78
Richard E. Murray ’70
Joseph W. Nealon
Daniel W. O'Brien
Alex Penelas ’81
Barbara A. Perez ’04
Steven J. Perricone
Fernando L. Pujalt ’00
Lourdes Pupo
Rosalyn Renda
Rev. Walter T. Richardson ’89
Gary L. Richter ’86
Steven R. Ripley ’79
Ileana M. Rodriguez ’04
Sylvia Rodriguez
Josefina G. Rolando
J. Michael Samway
Frank J. Scardilli
Joseph M. Sciortino
Sandra M. Secord ’05
Rami Shmuely ’05
Anthony M. Sloan ’92
Christine Steel
Ronald Surin ’94
Maria A. Tilson
Michael H. Toomey
Reuben N. Trujeque ’82
Wachovia Nonprofit &
Philanthropic Services
Jerry Weinberg
Joseph A. Woerner
James P. Whelan ’68
Helen L. Woods ’80
Ann Marie Yee
Shan-Shan 'Sherry' Yeh ’04
Juan M. Zamora
Ronald J. Ziccardi ’81
Genelle G. Alexis ’02
Brian W. Babin ’91
Brion T. Bailey ’98
John P. Bannon
Annual Fund 2008–2009 Honor Roll of Donors
Orlando R. Barreto
William L. Baumner ’96
Alicia M. Benesh ’88
William B. Berger ’78
Richard H. Berry ’79
Weldon J. Brenton ’77
Jackie Butler
Jose Bueno
Alvin G. Bullard ’80
James R. Cahill ’77
Daniel P. Carlson ’93
Arthur A. Carrione
Bruno Catrambone ’77
Antonio R. Cejas ’06
Anthony R. Ciel
James M. Condon ’73
Sheila A. Costello ’95
Karen E. Danzeisen ’85
Leslie Deely
Arthur A. DeRostaing ’72
Ross H. Devonport ’04
Anthony DiGiorgio ’02
Sheri A. Dooley ’07
John Duderstadt
Jeffrey M. Eisen ’87
Richard J. Elliston ’80
Monique T. Farach ’88
Robert C. Favarato
Kathryn A. Fedina’79
Brian P. Fitzmaurice ’84
Eugene W. Fitzpatrick ’68
Brian S. Freedman ’90
$10,000 & above
(continued from page 7)
Kimberly Freeman
Patricia S. Freyre ’08
David E. Funes ’95
Ana C. Garcia ’'79
S. Charles G. Garofalo ’04
Joan C. Glenn-Barr ’85
John T. Glennon ’70
Loraine Godinez ’87
Ronald E. Golembieski ’77
Thomas A. Grey ’86
John P. Griffin ’85
John M. Guertin ’79
Gloria Gyori ’81
Edward Halsey ’90
Thomas E. Harvey ’92
Lilia P. Hogges ’76
Raymond Hospitalet ’00
Jorge Iber ’84
Rosario A. Infiesta ’83
Marlene V. Izquierdo ’97
Igor N. Jansen ’80
Debra H. Jerry ’86
Juan E. Jimenez ’74
Gary P. Jones ’81
Jacquelin J. Kelly ’87
Diane M. Kledzik ’93
Jodi LaChapelle-Glass
James Lacovaro ’68
Kenneth Lancaster
Cynthia M. Lee ’03
Elizabeth M. Levitz ’03
Javier A. Ley-Soto ’05
* deceased
This list includes donors of $25 and above received between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009
Patrick L. Cordero ’87, Law
Offices of Patrick L. Cordero, PA
Philip M. Gerson PA, Philip M.
William H. Kennedy III ’03
New Hope Charities, Rev.
Patrick O’Neill
The John Charles & Kathryn S.
Redmond Foundation
Bruce G. Roberts ’79
Henry L. Robinson ’77
Patricia A. Russillo
John A. Sabatino
Edward Sallie ’71
Angela Scott
Kenneth M. Shepard ’87
Paul R. Silitski
Michelle L. Smith ’00
Graciela Solorzano ’05
Curtis K. Spann ’08
Mary K. Stark
Walter D. Stewart ’88
Dayren L. Suarez ’08
Arturo R. Tigera
Jill S. Toney
Thomas F. Toscani ’70
Michael Towle
Anthony Tripodo
Carla L. Valeriani
Jeff Van Craenenbroeck
Ana Veloso
John A. Venturella ’91
Frank W. Viggiano
Joseph J. Walsh ’81
William H. Williams
Gloria H. Wood ’78
Pamela L. Young ’82
Tomas and Katherine Zita
School of Law Annual Fund 2008–2009
Charles K. George
Edward M. Ricci
Craig S. Litt ’03
Susan B. Loretta ’99
David G. Luchetti ’86
Norberto Mahecha
Ivan A. Marin ’95
Isaura Mariota
Margee D. Martinez ’06
Elizabeth T. Melvin ’88
Sylvia A. Mitchell-Sanders ’03
Kasey M. Mueller ’05
Nancy M. Nesselt ’83
Robert A. Nicholas ’88
Daniel J. Ninestine ’82
Maria L. Noyola
Louis A. Occhetti
Aileen B. O'Gilvie ’06
Austin F. O'Malley ’77
Nancy J. Olson ’81
Jose F. Padro ’80
Sylvia Palermo
Erajh M. Panditaratne ’03
Adriana A. Pessoa ’08
Dorsena A. Picknell ’80
Byron S. Plummer ’90
Michael P. Plummer ’97
Jean A. Plummer ’90
Philip E. Pouey ’96
Angel F. Prada ’07
Gary C. Pyott ’79
Ronnie Quinteros ’04
Lilia R. Rada ’81
Ronald G. Radloff ’68
Arthur J. Roberts ’76
▲ C on ta c t
Fall 2009
Ad Valorem Title LLC
Austin Burke, Ken Stager
Context Medical Group, Inc.
Bill Dickey ’91
Peter T. Fay
Jeannette F. Hausler
Felix M. Lasarte ’94,
The Lasarte Law Firm
PCM Medical Center, Inc.
Rodier & Rodier PA
Anthony J. Soto, Esq. ’89
Daryl E. Trawick
Valle & Associates Rehabilitation
Mark J. Wolff
Armando A. Brana ’90
Carol L. Zeiner
Thomas T. Demas ’94
Brett A. Elam ’02
Jose R. Fernandez ’01
Monica L. Gomez
Felix J. Mendigutia ’87
William C. Mitchell ’96
Jerry B. Murphy ’04
Isaura M. Pino ’02
Amy D. Ronner
Law Office of Brandon A.
Rotbart PA
Paul H. Bersach ’98
Felix M. Caceres ’07
Thomas J. Giblin ’07
Neal B. Lechtner ’93
Christopher J. Metcalfe ’95
Jason K. Psaltides ’87
Tony J. Rodriguez ’89
Juan M. Saiz ’88
Bryan J. Sinclair ’93
Suzanne A. Singer ’92
Monica G. Arriaga ’08
Roy Balleste ’03
Amanda Barak ’04
Helen J. Bennett ’06
Elizabeth A. Comeaux
Jude M. Faccidomo ’04
Rene J. Garcia ’05
Karl T. Gruben
Melanie E. Horowitz ’94
Matthew Kwasman ’08
Christine M. Limbert-Barrows ’03
Jorge L. Lopez ’84
Linda A. McVeigh-Matlack ’95
Christopher M. Pardo ’07
Ramon G. Regal ’05
Wanda I. Rufin ’88
Orin S. Shakerdge ’96
Emily A. Thomas ’07
David J. Tybor ’08
▲ C on ta c t
Fall 2009
In-Kind Gifts 2008–2009
This list includes donations received between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009
Advantage Golf Cars
Tammy Alvarez
American Airlines Inc.
Aramark Corp.
Gary Ashworth
Atlanta Braves Baseball Club
Bacardi USA
The Biltmore Hotel
Brickell Motors
Broward Center for the
Performing Arts
Calder Race Course
Carnival Cruise Lines
Chen & Associates
Cincinnati Reds Baseball Club
Coral Ridge Country Club
Phillip Crowley
Rick DeSoto
Bob Dickinson
Dolphins Stadium/S. FL Stadium
Doral Golf Resort & Spa
DoubleTree Miami Mart Airport
Hotel & Exhibition Center
Perry Ellis
Fallon Fine Art
The Family of Justin Steel
Geomantic Designs
Gigi Laudisio
Good Conscience
Grand Cypress Resort
Guayabera Lady
Hilton Bentley Beach Hotel
Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina
Hotel Intercontinental Miami
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Indy Car Racing
JW Marriot Washington, D.C.
McKinley Financial Services
Methuslash Rhum
BNY Mellon
Miami Dolphins
The Miami Institute for Aesthetic
New Orleans Saints
Sandy O’Neil
Palm Aire Country Club
Paramount Industries
President’s Country Club
Pristine Limousine
Quiroga Jewelry Designs
The Rookery at Marco Island
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel &
South Florida Communications
Tampa Sports Authority
Weston Country Club Golf Course
Wometco Enterprises
Fernandez Family Center for Leadership and Wellness, continued from Page 1
leaders in higher education.” Turning to the assembled athletes and students, he wished them “great times in this facility.”
Members of the university's athletic teams paraded with
the Bobcat, their official mascot.
The Fernandez Center’s uniqueness is the fusion of athletics, fitness and community-oriented activities with the
academic aspect of sports
The facility will serve as a laboratory for college students interested in managing or owning sports facilities or
business ventures. STU is nationally acclaimed for its Sports
Administration degrees, which focus on sports as a business and
include Bachelors, Masters and a joint Masters degree with the
School of Law.
STU will host many University and community events in this
multi-use facility. The first basketball home games are October 30
(men) and November 21 (women), well-known comedian Dom
Irrera will perform November 6, the winter commencement ceremony will be December 19, and the Alumni Sports Seminar will take
place January 27. We look forward to seeing you there.
Campus News
STU and MDC Sign Cooperative
Front Row: Monsignor Casale, MDC President Eduardo Padron.
Back Row: Dean Tony Villamil, Provost Dr. Gregory Chan.
The STU/MDC agreement establishes a smooth transfer for MDC's
Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Management graduates to STU’s Master of Science in Management with a concentration in Justice Administration. This is one way to create a seamless
pathway towards advanced degrees which begins with Miami Dade
County Public High School students who enroll in dual enrollment
courses at MDC while in high school and ends with a master's at
STU. The agreement provides an early path to careers that are in
demand and recession proof.
Dr. Judy Bachay teaches in Kosovo
After teaching
a class in leadership at the Zagreb
School of Economics
and Management
this past summer,
Dr. Judith Bachay,
Professor in the
Social Sciences
and Counseling, L to R: Shekelzen Sh. Maqi, Director, Department
traveled to Pristina of Legal A ffairs, Republic of Kosovo; Dr Bachay;
Ehat Miftaraj
to meet with Ehat
M i f t a ra j , ’ 0 8 ,
L.L.M., Intercultural Human Rights.
Mr. Miftaraj currently heads the Division of International Legal
Assistance in the Republic of Kosovo. He provides ethical leadership within the field of law, working tirelessly to promote the development of a democratic and multi-ethic nation. He commented that
his education at STU prepared him to deal with the entire spectrum
of issues in human rights and international law.
▲ C on ta c t
Fall 2009
Dr. Pilar Maul Receives Fellowship
Last summer, Dr. Pilar Maul, Assistant Professor of
Biology, received the 2009 Kika de la Garza Science
Fellowship from the US Department of Agriculture.
She first spent one week
at the USDA headquarters in
Washington DC to learn about
scholarship, internship and
job opportunities for students.
The following four weeks she
worked at the USDA’s
Research Station in Miami
exploring the various possiDr. Pilar Maul
bilities of collaborating with
USDA research scientists. She partnered with Dr. Alan
Meerow who works on the improvement of flower bulbs.
Vanessa Sanchez and Jorge Verdecia, both juniors and
Science Fellows, worked with her on this project. At the end
of the summer, Vanessa was offered a paid part-time job as a
“biological aide” in the USDA plant genetics lab.
Another biology major, Emer Bajuelos, also works in the
lab as an aide studying molecular biology techniques in plant
genetics. Jorge has decided to pursue the pre-med major at
Dr. Maul also duplicates this research in her own laboratory in the Carnival Cruise Lines Science & Technology
Building with her other students.
Current and New Grants at STU
Under the leadership of Dr. John Carpenter, Dean of
Academic Resource Administration, and his team, STU
has applied for 16 federal and state grants over the past two
years, mostly to support recruitment of well qualified students and their retention, new technology, and specific
academic programs. New grants recently awarded to the
University are as follows:
US Department of Education Title V—$2.25 million
for 5 years for undergraduate retention
US Department of Education CCRAA—$1.2 million
for 2 years for the Science and Math Fellows Program
State of Florida Department of Education 21st.
Century Centers—$3.2 million for 5 years to establish
STU centers in local high schools
State of Florida Department of Education/ICUF—
$352,500 for 3 years to enhance secondary-school Social
Science education
Ongoing grants include the Upward Bound ($1 million for 4 years) summer program for high school students
and Project Success ($1.5 million for 5 years) to train faculty and secondary school teachers in ESOL (English for
Speakers of Other Languages) teaching methods.
Campus News
▲ C on ta c t
Fall 2009
All You Can Eat Stone Crab Dinner at the Fernandez Family Center
Sunday, November 1, 2009
5:00 p.m. – Cocktails, Hors d’Oeuvres & Silent Auction
6:00 p.m. – Dinner begins
The first All You Can Eat Stone Crab Dinner will
celebrate the opening of the Fernandez Family Center for Leadership
and Wellness. A silent auction will also take place. All proceeds
will go to STU athletics. Help your favorite STU sports team by
purchasing your tickets directly from an athlete or coach, or purchase directly online. Tickets are $80 per person. To purchase
your ticket and reserve your spot, please register at
We are excited to have Paul Mainieri, Louisiana State
University Head Coach and STU alumnus (Class of 1982 with a
Masters in Sports Administration), as our featured speaker.
Mainieri was the STU Head Baseball Coach from 1983 to 1988.
He took over the Bobcat program when it had yet to post a winning season and turned the program around posting an average of
30 wins per season during his six-year stint. In 1984 he was
named Sunshine State Conference coach of the year. Four of
Mainieri’s teams at St. Thomas were ranked in the NCAA
Division II Top 10, and 15 of his STU players entered pro baseball, with Joe Klink, Dane Johnson, and Dan Rohrmeier each
going on to appear on Major League Rosters. Klink played with
the 1987 Minnesota Twins and 1989 Oakland A’s World Series
Championship teams while also pitching with the Florida
Marlins in 1994.
In addition, his father Dr. Demie Mainieri was an
adjunct faculty member for
the Sports Administration
program in the 1980s.
Recently, Mainieri and
his LSU Tigers won the
2009 NCAA National
Baseball Championship. In
his pursuit of winning the
College World Series he
Southeastern Conference
Paul Mainieri, Class of 1982,
Coach of the year and 2009
LSU Head Coach
National Coach of the Year
(Baseball America, Collegiate, and We are
honored that Coach Paul Mainieri will be joining us to kick
off our first Inaugural All You Can Eat Stone Crab Dinner.
Bring your appetite and make sure to wear sneakers as
this event will be held on our brand new basketball court.
For those few who do not eat Stone Crabs, we are offering
Grilled Mango Chicken Breast.
For more information, please contact Laura CourtleyTodd at (305) 628-6677 or [email protected].
Update from the Office of University Advancement
Dear Alumni and Friends:
Once again this fall we are celebrating a new facility at St.
Thomas University. On September 10, less than a year after the
dedication of the Carnival Cruise
Lines Science and Technology
Building, the dedication of the
Fernandez Family Center for
Leadership and Wellness took place.
Students, staff and faculty are all ready
to take advantage of the services
offered by this wonderful facility.
With its opening, our first Capital
Campaign has met its goals for new
Beverly Bachrach
We continue to welcome alumni
to our University boards. Peter Prieto, BA, Class of 1982, a
Partner, Holland & Knight has joined the Board of Trustees. New
alumni members of the President’s Board of Advisors are: Ciro
Buttacavoli, BA, Class of 1981, Partner of Audit Services at Grant
Thornton; Chief Randy Heller, MS, Class of 1993, North
Operations Division of Miami-Dade Police; Jorge “Buck”
Martinez, BA, Class of 1980, Senior Director of Project
Development at Florida Power & Light; and Manuel
Fernandez, MBA, Class of 1992, Vice President of Latin
America for MasterCard.
Thank you to all our donors – to the Annual Fund and the
Capital Campaign. Your support is crucial to the success of
St. Thomas University. We are grateful that the percentage of
alumni that give continues to grow; we need to increase this
percentage as it reflects on the ranking of the University.
In the next few days you will be receiving First Giving
e-mails from fellow alumni requesting your support for this
year’s Annual Fund. This will be followed up by a letter in
the mail. Your support for the Annual Fund is greatly appreciated.
Best Regards,
Beverly S. Bachrach, VP, University Advancement &
Marketing and Communications
16401 N.W. 37th Avenue
Miami Gardens, Florida 33054
Homecoming Weekend 2009
“MoveMoment” an exhibition of
contemporary art work from Slovenia
Friday, November 6
Alumni Welcome Tent, 6:00 pm
Complimentary beverages and light hors d'oeuvres
"An Evening with Dom Irrera" 8:00 pm
Fernandez Family Center for Leadership and Wellness.
Saturday, November 7
10:00 am Campus Tour, Homecoming Tailgate Lunch Alumni
Basketball game 2:00 pm
Men's basketball scrimmage 3:00 pm
. Dance party at Club Mix in Hollywood. 9:00 pm
Sunday, November 8
Alumni Mass 11:00 am, Chapel of Saint Anthony.
President's Brunch 12 noon - 1:30 pm
Evelyn & George Goldbloom Convocation Hall
For more information please contact Jerry Bernfeld at
(305) 474-6857 or [email protected]
First Basketball Games in the Fernandez
Family Center
Saturday, October 30, 7:00 pm
Men’s Basketball vs. Broward College
through February 15, 2010, Sardinas Gallery
The collection features the work of 24 painters, sculptors and
printmakers from Slovenia. The Sardinas gallery is located
on the second floor of the main library of the University.
First Congressional Debate for Candidates
for District 17
November 4, 2009, 7:00 pm, Moot Court Room
Moderator: Michael Putney, reporter for WPLG, Channel 10
For more information contact Jason Stewart at (305) 764-9151
Center for Earth Jurisprudence Workshops
November 12, 2009, 10:30 am, Moot Court Room
“In It Together: Protecting the Everglades & Florida Bay”
Superintendent of Everglades National Park Dan Kimball
December 3, 2009, time TBA, Moot Court Room
“Restoring the Everglades”
Terrence Salt, Principal Deputy Asst. Secretary of the Army
For more information contact Mary Munson at (305) 623-2328
Alumni Sports Seminar
Saturday, November 21, 7:00 pm
Women’s Basketball vs. College of the Bahamas
Wednesday, January 27, 2010, noon-6 pm
For more information contact Gigi Laudisio at
(305) 628-6796. See Page 5 for more details
All You Can Eat Stone Crab Dinner
Sunday, November 1, 5:00 pm
Fernandez Family Center for Leadership and Wellness
STU Leadership Golf Tournament
Friday, April 30, 2010, at Doral Golf Resort & Spa
For more information contact Gigi Laudisio at
(305) 628-6796.
Please contact Laura Courtley-Todd for more details at
(305) 628-6677 or [email protected].
See Page 11 for more details

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