St. Aloysius of Gonzaga (St. Louis) Parish



St. Aloysius of Gonzaga (St. Louis) Parish
St. Louis Church
48 West Hollis Street
Nashua, N.H. 03060
Phone: 603-882-4362 * Fax: 603-886-8923
Rev. Marcos Gonzalez-Torres
[email protected]
................. Pastor
Parish Council Members:
Susan Simard, Linda Paradise, Carmel Pawlowski, Liliana Pontoni,
Jhoanny Marte, Karen Deoleo, Rolande Suchocki,
Jean-Paul Archambault, Ludis Salazar
Finance Council Members:
Mrs. Rolande Suchocki - Chairperson, Mr. Leo Simard,
Mr. Douglas Pratt, Mr. Rafael Ruiz, Mrs. Denise Barnett
Faith Formation Team:
Jennyfher Villar ...........................................Faith Formation
[email protected]
Giselle North
........................................... Director of
[email protected]
Carmen Dussault ...........................................Religious
[email protected]
and Pastoral Care
Monica Quiñones .......................................... Youth Minister
[email protected]
Office Staff:
Anna Townsend ......................................... Office Manager
[email protected]
Hilariza Villar
......................................... Administrative
[email protected]
Jennifer McInerney
................................. Bookkeeper
[email protected]
Rafael Peña
............................................. Property
[email protected]
Bulletin Editor / Social Media
[email protected]
Misioneras Servidoras de la Palabra
Sister Sara Grimaldo ................................... Convent:
Cemetery Office:
Lareine Marquis ...........................................St. Louis,
St. Francis,
[email protected]
St. Stanislaus
Monday- Thursday 8am - 4pm
Closed on Fridays
Monday- Friday: 8:30am
Wednesday: 7:00pm (Español)
Saturday: 4:00pm - 6:00pm (Español)
Sunday: 9:00am (Français & English) -11:00am
In the Church
English & Spanish
Saturday: 3:00pm
Wednesday: 6:00pm - 6:45pm & by appointment
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
from 12 noon to 8:00 p.m.
at Corpus Christi Chapel 43 Franklin St Nashua, NH
Adoration on Wednesdays at St. Aloysius Church
from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
(If there is a Funeral Mass, adoration will commence
after Mass.)
Closed if no school
261 Lake St. Nashua, NH 03060 * 603-889-9431
Contact: Kay Golden * 603-882-6372
Emergency Assistance: 603-598-1641
Welcome to our Church family! We’re glad you came to join with us in our worship time today. We hope you come again!
Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
Sunday, March 31, 2013
Our Lady Queen of Peace
Homily Reflection
Ivan Dragicevic of Medjugorje, will speak at St Joseph’s Church
on Saturday evening, April 13th. Ivan Dragicevic, one of the six
visionaries of Medjugorje who continues to receive daily
apparitions of Our Lady, will be at St Joseph’s Church on
Tarbell St. in Pepperell, MA.
Since June 24, 1981, a truly astonishing phenomenon has been
taking place in Medjugorje, a village in a mountainous region of
Bosnia-Hercegovina. It is claimed that the mother of Jesus, Our
Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, has been appearing to six young
people and giving “messages” to the world. In Our Lady’s
“I have come to tell the world that God exists. He is the fullness
of life and to enjoy this fullness and peace you must return to
God.” Our Lady exhorts everyone to convert and to pray
always, to have a continuous awareness of the presence of God
through reconciliation with Him and with one’s neighbor,
through fasting, works of charity, reading the Scriptures and
partaking in the sacraments—particularly the sacraments of
Reconciliation and the Eucharist.
There will be, Rosary at 6 p.m. followed by a Time of silence at
6:40 , Holy Mass at 7pm, and a talk presented by Ivan at 8pm.
The activity will be held at the St Joseph’s Church 28 Tarbell St.
Pepperell, MA 01463.
Many people in our community watch soap operas
regularly. Everyone knows that, no matter how tragic the
story of evil, misfortune, lies, and injustice endured by the
heroes and heroines, the end will be favorable for those
who are good. The ending is always happy for those who
are innocent and the result for the villains is always
catastrophic. Even though such an ending is always
known, soap opera viewers follow them faithfully, day
after day, suffering and rejoicing with the characters.
Somehow, the knowledge that good will triumph gives
viewers the trust that, no matter how difficult their own
situation is currently, good will triumph. Christians know
this as well when we contemplate the Resurrection of
Christ. Only in the case of Christ, victory and triumph are
more definitive and powerful than in any soap opera. The
victory and triumph of Christ declare, not that the evils of
the present life are conquered, but that all evil, all inner
personal slavery, and all collective will be defeated. In the
end of soap operas, perhaps the characters will be happy
after a long period of suffering. But we also know that this
won’t last because inevitably sickness and death will
come. However, the victory of Christ assures us that there
is another life that has no end, that is abundant and
eternal, where all tears and suffering will be eliminated,
and where death is conquered.
Mass for the Healing of Those Affected
by Child Abuse
Our Wish For You...
In recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month in April, the
Diocese of Manchester cordially invites all those people affected by
or concerned about child abuse to join in celebration of a special
Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral Chapel on Thursday, April 11, 2013 at
6:30 p.m. The Mass will be followed by a brief reception in the
Cathedral parish hall. For more information, please contact Joseph
P. Naff, LICSW, Director, Office of Healing and Pastoral Care, at
[email protected] or 603-668-0014, ext. 233.
One of the greatest pleasures we have is to extend our
thoughts and prayers to those whose friendship and
goodwill we value so highly.
Fr. Marcos, and the Staff at St. Louis join in wishing
you all a very Blessed Easter. May the gift of faith,
the blessing of hope and the peace of God’s love be
with you and yours always.
Divine Mercy Sunday
[tÑÑç XtáàxÜ4
Next Sunday, April 7th, 2013 is the Divine Mercy Sunday. We will
have Holy Hour and confessions from 2-3pm (bilingual) and the
Chaplet of the Divine Mercy sung from 3-4pm (bilingual).
Come and join us in this amazing celebration of our Divine Mercy.
Jesus I Trust You!
Mass and Healing Service
A Mass and Healing Service will take place at 7:00 p.m., on Friday,
April 5th, at St. John Neumann Church, 708 Milford Rd. (Rte..
101A) in So. Merrimack, presided by Fr. Chris Martel, Pastor.
At the conclusion of Mass, Fr. Chris will anoint everyone present,
and prayer teams from the Rivier Prayer Community will be
available to pray with individuals for physical, emotional or
spiritual healing. Everyone welcome! For more information call
603 889-3483, or e-mail at [email protected]
In their fright the women
bowed down with their faces to
the ground, but the men said to
them, “Why do you look for the
living among the dead? He is not
here; he has risen! Remember
how he told you, while he was
still with you in Galilee: The Son
of Man must be delivered over to
the hands of sinners, be crucified
and on the third day be raised
again.’ ”Then they remembered
his words.” Luke 24: 5-8
Sunday, March 24, 2013
Struggling in your marriage?
You are not alone!
Marriage is about beautiful weddings, romance, love and
candlelight anniversary dinners, but marriage is also about dirty
laundry, confrontations, balancing budgets, and hanging in there
with teens. Retrouvaille (pronounced re-tro-vy) is a peer ministry
led by married couple who have struggled to make their
marriages work to provide concrete assistance to other
struggling couples who are undergoing difficulties in their
marriages, for those who are hurting in brokenness and
loneliness. Retrouvaille has proven helpful as well to couples
who are separated or divorced.
The 2013 New England Retrouvaille marriage renewal
weekends will be held on:
• April 5-7, 2013
• September 20-23, 2013
To register for the weekend or for more information, call 1-800470-2230 or visit All inquiries are
Cookies for Sale
We are excited to announce that we will be holding a cookies for
Sale Fundraiser starting next week to raise money for our Youth
Group. Thank you all for doing your part to make this fundraiser a
fantastic success!
Evaluation of Parish Lenten Mission 2013
No Greater Love: Encountering Christ during Lent
Please, take your time to fill out the evaluation of the Parish Lent
Mission so we can take everything into consideration for next year.
Feel free to email your answers to [email protected]
Thanks!!!!! You can find the questionnaire in our website under
Lent Parish Mission.
We gladly appreciate your time and help in answering these
questions. God bless you!
Are you sleeping?
Early in my marriage I had the horrible habit of becoming extremely drowsy whenever my wife wanted to deal with a difficult issue. It
was a highly inappropriate psychological coping mechanism, and I
had the hardest time overcoming it. Try as I might to appear alert
and interested, I kept falling asleep. Needless to say, that did little to
endear me to my wife. And so I have a bit of sympathy for the apostles who accompanied Jesus to the Mount of Olives and promptly
fell asleep. Jesus expressed his tremendous sorrow and asked them
to keep watch. But time and again they dozed. I imagine it wasn’t
only the wine from the Passover meal, nor the lateness of the hour
that had them dropping off to sleep. I suspect that fear had a lot to
do with it. Here was the person they could most count on in any difficult situation—the one who stood up to the temple officials and who
calmed the stormy seas—and he was clearly in great turmoil. I think
we all can tend to snooze—literally or figuratively—when fear
strikes. We can give in to the urge to hide in bed with the covers
pulled up over our heads when life gets uncertain or scary. But time
and again Jesus tells us, “Fear not.” On Good Friday, Jesus walks
head-on to face humanity’s greatest fear—suffering and death. If we
don’t sleep through his passion, we’ll be awake for his resurrection.
-Tom McGrath
Mass Intentions:
Monday, April 1st
8:30am Thelma Wyrrwich
Tuesday, April, 2nd
8:30am Rita Forrence by John & Linda
Wednesday, April, 3rd:
8:30am For all souls in purgatory and sinners in
our world.
7:00pm (Spanish Mass)
Thursday, April, 4th
8:30am For all our parishioners
Friday, April, 5th
8:30 am Claire Blais
Saturday, April 6th:
4:00pm Rita Forrence by
Jerry & Doris Chiasson
Ralph Desrosiers by Adrian & Yvonne Pelchat
Lionel Gagne by Adrian & Yvonne Pelchat
Lionel DuBois (19th anniv.)
by his wife and daughters
6:00pm Spanish Mass
Sunday, April, 7th:
9:00am Annette Dufour by her children
Julienne Dube (37th anniv.) by her family
Sulvio & Elizabeth St.Amour
by their daughter Lucille
Arthur Demanche by his mother Cecile
11:00am Ann & Al Pinette by their family
Leo J. Dionne by his family
David Hayward (35th anniv.) by his wife
Lionel Laine (6th anniv.) by his family
Celebration Of the Daughters of
Isabella they will bring up the gifts.
Sanctuary Lamps
Church: David Hayward by his wife and family
Chapel: Rita Forrence
A Very Special Ministry
We are looking for people that want to participate in the
ministry of the sick. Visiting with them and bringing them
communion at home. If you feel that you have a calling
upon your heart to serve your Christian community in this
way please call Carmen Dussault at the Rectory office,
St. Aloysius Parish
The Week Ahead:
Monday, April 1st:
Rectory & Cemetery Offices Closed
7:55am - 8:20am: pray the rosary for the unborn (church)
8:30am Mass
12:00pm - 8:00pm: Eucharistic Adoration in the Chapel
5:30pm RCIA for children Milette Manor lower level
6:30pm Bell Choir practice in the church
6:00-8:00pm Adult Confirmation Class
7:00pm Cub Scout meeting in the church hall.
7:00pm RCIA at Milette Manor lower level
Tuesday, April 2nd:
7:55am - 8:20am: pray the rosary for the unborn (church)
8:30am Mass
10:00am RCIA Lower Level of Milette Manor
12:00pm - 8:00pm: Eucharistic Adoration in the Chapel
Religious Education In English
Gr. K-4—4:30 - 5:45pm, Gr. 5-8—6-7:15pm
lower level classrooms Milette Manor.
Wednesday, April 3rd
7:55am - 8:20am: pray the rosary for the unborn (church)
8:30am Mass
9:00am - 7:00pm: Eucharistic Adoration in our Church
11:00am - 12noon Holy Hour with music in the church
3:00pm Divine Mercy Chaplet in church in Spanish
5:30pm: Spanish Bible Study at Milette Manor
5:30pm: Religious education in Spanish Milette Manor.
5:30pm Sr. Sara meeting with parents of CCD children in the
church hall
Thursday, April 4th
8:30am Mass
12:00pm - 8:00pm: Eucharistic Adoration in the Chapel
5:30-7:00pm RCIA Milette Manor lower level.
7:00pm Bible Study in English lower level of Milette Manor.
Friday, April 5th
Cemetery & Rectory Offices Closed
8:30 Mass
San Damiano House of Prayer
333 Pawtucket St. Lowell MA, is now sponsoring a Spiritual
Support Group for parents who are grieving the loss of a child. They
meet the last Saturday of each month from 10AM to 11:30AM. The
Emmaus Ministry Retreat for parents who have lost a child will be
held twice this year; June 22, 2013 and October 26, 2013. For more
information please call Sr. Linda Greenwood OSF @ 978 441-0988.
“Finding God in Your Dreams", a one day seminar presented by
Sr. Caroline Smith,SSMN on June 8, 2013 @ Franco American
School, Lowell MA.
Booster Club News March 25th
Lucille M. Soucy is the winner of $47. The
parish revenues were boosted by $70 Thank you
to those who participate each week.
Your Weekly Contributions
March 23rd & 24th
Offertory: $3573.00
Total: $6681.65
Catholic Education : $322.00
We greatly appreciate the great generosity you
showed for our Christian Community. May
you be richly blessed for all that you do.
First Saturday Devotions
Starting Saturday April 6th
All are invited to participate in a time of great Grace
and Mercy in the main Church, beginning with
Eucharistic Holy Hour at 2pm and a
mini-conference from the spirituality of the Families
of Nazareth Movement followed by Benediction at
3pm. Confessions will proceed from 3pm until
Holy Mass at 4pm with the recitation of the Holy
Rosary at 3:30pm. Come with all of the cares and
concerns of your hearts and open them all to Christ,
who will be awaiting you with His unconditional
Love and Mercy. This time of First Saturday
Devotion will continue each month through the end
of the year (except for July).
Readings for the Week of
March 31, 2013
Next Sunday:
Acts 10:34a, 37-43/Col 3:1-4 or 1 Cor
5:6b-8/Jn 20:1-9 or Lk 24:1-12 or Lk
Acts 2:14, 22-33/Mt 28:8-15
Acts 2:36-41/Jn 20:11-18
Acts 3:1-10/Lk 24:13-35
Acts 3:11-26/Lk 24:35-48
Acts 4:1-12/Jn 21:1-14
Acts 4:13-21/Mk 16:9-15
Acts 5:12-16/Rv 1:9-11a, 12-13, 1719/Jn 20:19-31
©Liturgical Publications Inc.
Domingo de Pascua de la Resurrección del Señor
Sábado 30 de marzo de 2013
Esta misa es ofrecida por:
Servicios Domiciliares
Todos los feligreses de nuestra comunidad parroquial.
El primer viernes de cada mes, a partir de
diciembre, tendremos visitas domiciliarias
para los enfermos. Si usted está enfermo(a),
conoce a alguien que esté enfermo(a), si
alguien está en un asilo o conoce a alguien
que esté en un asilo y necesite de visitas para
hacer oración o recibir la comunión, favor de
comunicarse con Carmen Dussault al
Avisos Importantes
Les recomendamos a todos llevar el boletín a su casa para que lo
lean y se informen de las actividades de nuestra comunidad.
Domingo de Pascua de la Resurrección del Señor
Hoy la Iglesia se viste de gala; la fiesta de cincuenta días
pascuales ha comenzado y nuestros catecúmenos participan con
toda la comunidad en su alegría. Mediante el bautismo de estos,
se nos recuerda lo que el profeta Ezequiel en sus tiempos
anunciaba a su pueblo, el cual había vivido acciones impuras y su
corazón endurecido escuchaba estas palabras de consuelo: "Los
rociaré con agua pura y quedarán purificados; los purificaré de
todas sus inmundicias e idolatrías".Estas palabras de la lectura de
la vigilia penetran y alegran los corazones de todos los bautizados. Todos los que hemos vivido en el pecado somos lavados con
el agua viva mientras renovamos nuestras promesas bautismales
y nos rocían con el agua santa.
Jesús ha resucitado de la muerte. Las mujeres no habían
removido la piedra, pero sí removieron la incredulidad. El
Evangelio nos dice que dos hombres con ropas fulgurantes les
preguntaron cuando más asustadas estaban: ¿Por qué buscan
entre los muertos al que está vivo? Las mujeres creyeron, pero a
la vez no les creyeron a ellas cuando fueron de prisa a compartir
su experiencia con los discípulos. Ellas ya estaban envueltas de la
Resurrección, pero a ellos les faltaba creer para estarlo. ¡Qué
contraste! Ellas fueron apóstoles de los apóstoles. La Pascua es
vida nueva para todas aquellas personas que se sienten menos
apreciadas, inadecuadas y despreciadas. Es por eso que la Iglesia
celebra la Nueva Evangelización. Es decir, el mensaje del
Evangelio debe ser nuevo en nuestros corazones. ¿Creemos esto?
Entonces celebrémoslo junto con los recién bautizados: ¡Aleluya!
©2013 Liturgical Publications Inc.
Venta de Galletas
Estamos muy contentos de anunciar que estaremos realizando una
venta de galletas para recaudar fondos para nuestro grupo de
jóvenes a partir de la próxima semana Gracias a todos por hacer su
parte para que esta recaudación de fondos un éxito fantástico!
Adoración al Santísimo Sacramento
~Adoración en la capilla de Corpus Christi todos los lunes,
martes y jueves desde las 12pm hasta las 8pm. La capilla está
ubicada en el 48 Franklin St. Nashua, NH.
~Adoración todos los miércoles en nuestra Parroquia, San Luis
de Gonzaga, desde las 9am hasta las 6:45pm. Todos los miércoles durante la Adoración en la parroquia tendremos, Hora
Santa con música de 11am – 12 del mediodía y a las 3 de la
tarde tendremos la coronilla a la Divina Misericordia.
~ El segundo sábado de cada mes tenemos Adoración Nocturna
desde las 10pm hasta las 5am en la Parroquia San Luis de Gonzaga. El próximo sábado de Adoración Nocturna será el 13 de
abril del 2013.
¡Están todos invitados! ¡Tener la Adoración al Santísimo es una
gran bendición, vengan todos a visitar a nuestro Señor!
Una Nueva Luz
Alcohólicos Anónimos en Español
Día: Todos los Sábados
Hora: 7:30 – 9:30pm
Lugar: Milette Manor ¡Bienvenidos!
¡¡¡Invitamos a todos a los Nuevos
Cursos Bíblicos!!!
Recuerden que es necesario aprender a
alimentarnos de la palabra del Señor. Para
más información por favor de comunicarse con
la Hermana Sara al convento.
Lecturas para la semana del
31 de marzo de 2013
Hch 10, 34. 37-43/Col 3, 1-4 o
1 Cor 5, 6-8/Jn 20, 1-9 o Lc 24,
1-12 o Lc 24, 13-35
Hch 2, 14. 22-33/Mt 28, 8-15
Hch 2, 36-41/Jn 20, 11-18
Hch 3, 1-10/Lc 24, 13-35
Hch 3, 11-26/Lc 24, 35-48
Hch 4, 1-12/Jn 21, 1-14
Hch 4, 13-21/Mc 16, 9-15
Domingo siguiente: Hch 5, 12-16/Ap 1, 9-11.
12-13. 17-19/Jn 20, 19-31
©Liturgical Publications Inc.
Bautismos y fechas:
*Requisito indispensable, traer los certificados
de Confirmación de los padrinos antes de fijar
la fecha. Para más información favor de
llamarnos a la
*Los proximos bautismos serán, domingo a las
12:30pm: 14 de abril y 28 de abril de 2013
Fechas de proximas charlas bautimales:
*Sábados en el Milette Manor a las 2pm:
13 de abril de 2013 y 11 de mayo

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