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The 4th Sunday of Easter
May 15, 2011
Parish Office — 595-0385
Parish Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday: 9:00am - 3:00pm
School 596-2754
Principal – Sr. Dominic, O.P. ext. 213
School Office Hours
M – F: 7:30am - 3:30pm
“We find Christ here. We bring Christ to the world.”
100 Harpersville Road - Newport News, Virginia 23601
Rev. Kenneth Wood
Parochial Vicar
Rev. Peter T. Tran
Rev. Mr. Bernie Taylor
Pastoral Associate
Janet Hassan
Facilities Manager
Hart Smith
Social Ministry Coordinator
Tina Wandersee
Children’s Faith Formation (Pre-K-5th grade)
Christa Blomstrom
Youth Minister (Gr. 6-12) & Young Adult Coordinator
Brian Crouch
Hispanic Ministry Coordinator
Francisco Anleu
Music Coordinator
Kelly Soprano
Liturgy Coordinator
Julie Hall
Family Life Director (Pastoral Care)
Jennifer DelCorso
Business Manager
Patty Nicholas
Food Service Manager (St. Michael Hall)
John Chesney
Administrative Assistants
Eileen Mazary (Website/Bulletin)
Carla Weimer (Manna/Parishioner Records)
Receptionists/Mass Intentions
Cathy Luth/Kitty Barnett
Maintenance Technician
Bill Johnson
CNU Catholic Campus Minister
Mary Lynn Murphy
Social Ministry/Outreach Office:
Pregnancy Helpline — 870-3131
Saturday: 5:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am ~ 10:00am ~ 4:00pm
2:00pm — (en Español)
Weekdays: Monday:
Wednesday: 8:15am
6:30pm (en Español)
Saturday: 3:00 - 4:00pm
or privately by appointment.
5th Sunday of Easter, May 22
Reading I: Acts 6: 1 - 7
They chose leaders to care for the poor.
Reading II: 1 Peter 2: 4 - 9
Come to the Lord, a living stone.
John 14: 1 - 12
If you know me, you know my father, also.
Adults: How are the promises of this Gospel passage made real
in your own life? How do you experience yourself doing greater
works than even Jesus did?
Youth: In today’s world, where advertising and other forces of many
kinds try to attract you, what strategies do you follow to make sure
you are following Christ, the only one who can lead you to happiness?
Children: What are some ways that you can act like Jesus would
if he were in your situation?
All information must be sent to the parish office no later than
8AM on Mondays. Please use e-mail if at all possible and send to:
[email protected] If you would like to advertise on the back of
the bulletin, please call J. S. Paluch at 1-800-524-0263.
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May 15, 2011
Catholics Come Home
Session begins Tuesday, May 24TH
7:00 PM St. Michael Hall
Parish Dinner and Town Meeting
OLMC will begin a series for non-practicing Catholics who are
seeking answers to questions about returning to the Church. Do
you know someone who has left the
Church? Most of us do not have to look
very far to find members of our family or
friends who are no longer active in their
faith. Please share your precious gift of
faith and invite them to Come Home.
They are waiting for the invitation to return! Our program will begin in a few
weeks. For more information, 595-0385
ext. 120 or email at [email protected]
This Week at OLMC
May 15 - May 22
8:00 AM
10:00 AM
11:00 AM
2:00 PM
4:00 PM
5:00 PM
People of Faith Gathering
People of Faith Gathering
Worship Center
Worship Center
St. Michael Hall
Worship Center
Worship Center
St. Michael Hall
7:00 AM MASS
7:00 PM Advocacy Meeting
Lukas Schmidt Ste.
Conversational Spanish Commons Mtg. Space
Young Adult Prayer Group
9:00 AM Women’s Bible Study Commons Meeting Space
6:30 PM MASS
Children’s Choir
Worship Center
7:00 PM Initiation Programs
Spanish Bible Study
Manion Hall
7:15 PM Praise Band
Worship Center
8:15 AM MASS
6:15 PM Madre a Madre
7:00 AM MASS
12 NOON Nifty over Fifty
7:00 PM Adult Choir
8:15 AM MASS
3:00 PM Reconciliation
5:00 PM MASS
8:00 AM
10:00 AM
2:00 PM
4:00 PM
5:00 PM
Lukas Schmidt Ste.
St. Michael Hall
Worship Center
Reconciliation Room
Worship Center
Worship Center
Worship Center
Worship Center
Worship Center
St. Michael Hall
Join your fellow parishioners at our next Parish Dinner and
Town Meeting on Wednesday, May 25! Dinner will begin at
6:00 PM, followed by a Town Meeting at 7:00 PM.
Tickets for the dinner are $5 and are available in the Parish
Store after all Masses and in the Parish Office during the week.
No tickets will be sold after Sunday, May 22.
Dinner includes: an open faced Italian roast beef sandwich,
herbed green beans, tossed salad and dessert.
Tentative topics for the Town Meeting are:
• Parish Building Expansion/Renovation Projects
• Introduction of the New Roman Missal
• Questions from Parishioners
Some topics to think about:
• Are the needs of parishioners being met?
• Is OLMC performing all of its core functions?
• Are there areas the Parish can work on to better serve the
• Are there ideas and opportunities for new ministries or
improvements to existing programs?
Baseball Trip!!
Save the Date:
Thursday, July 18
Grab your glove and join Fr. Ken for a trip to Washington, DC
to see the National’s play the Florida Marlins!
Where: Washington, DC at National’s Park
Thursday, July 28, 2011
Game starts at 12:35PM; Bus leaves OLMC Parking Lot at 8:00AM
Transportation: Charter Bus Service
Tickets (includes park admission and transportation
to and from the game on a charter bus) will be approximately $80 and will be on sale SOON at the
Parish Store! First come first served. There are a
limited number of tickets, so get them fast before
they are gone. Ticket for the game without transportation will also be available.
Our New Easter Candle
Are you one of the parishioners asking who made this year's
Easter candle? The beautiful artistry was the result of a small
group of talented parishioners: Lauri Hale, Anne Brooks, Angel Figueroa, and Carolyn Greaud. The group gathered many
times to plan the design and then many hours were spent meticulously hand-painting the candle. A great big thank you to
each of these talented artists!
Inclusive Ministries
BREATHE Do you have a child with special needs or know
someone who may want to participate in our BREATHE
Respite night? Call now to make your child’s reservation
for our next BREATHE fun night! Our next BREATHE
fun night will be May 27th.
For more information or to register, call Christa at the parish
office or e-mail [email protected]
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May 15, 2011
Children’s Faith Formation
Visit us on the web at olmc.org and
click on Youth and Children and
Volunteers check out our new
Facebook Event:VBS!
In just a few short months, our parish
will go wild with kids seeking fun and
adventure at our PandaMania Totally Catholic Summer
Program! They’ll be learning about God through songs and
prayer, making Bible Point crafts, and bringing our Catholic
faith to life in fun and memorable ways. Mark your calendars
now, more information to follow in the upcoming weeks.
To have the best adventure possible, we need lots of volunteers
who can give some time, energy, and love to the kids who will
attend. If you are interested in serving as Station Leader, Crew
Leader, Photographer, Registration team or Decoration
Team please contact Christa at 595-0385 ext. 119.
Children’s Liturgy of the Word is celebrated on the second
and the fourth Sundays of the month at the 10:00am and the
4:00pm liturgies. Children ages 4yrs to 8 yrs. are invited to
gather in the Daily Mass Chapel during the liturgy to listen to
and participate in the Liturgy of the Word in a way that is
relevant to their young lives. They return to their family before
the celebration of the Eucharist. No registration is necessary.
Junior & Senior Youth
Youth Group will be gathering next Sunday, May 22, after the
4:00pm Mass.
LASER TAG LOCK-IN All youth, 8th grade through High
School, are invited to an all night (11:30pm-7am) laser tag
lock-in at Laser Quest in Virginia Beach on Friday, May 27.
We will offer transportation from the Church. The cost is $35,
which covers unlimited games of laser tag for the night. We
will be joining with St. Gregory the Great Church for this
event. It promises to be a fun night for all. We will provide
beverages, but I ask that you bring snacks to share. There are
places to sleep so a pillow and sleeping bag are recommended,
unless you plan to play laser tag all night. We will leave the
Church parking lot Friday, May 27, at 10pm. Return time to
OLMC will be Saturday, May 28th, around 8:30am.
You may pick up a permission form at the Church office. The
forms and payment may be turned in there as well. This event
is on a first come, first serve basis. Please don’t procrastinate
turning in your forms and money. If you have any questions,
contact Brian Crouch at the parish office.
Registration for Steubenville/Atlanta
Summer Conference!
If you would like more information, or would like to register
for this conference, please let Brian Crouch know. I can be
contacted at [email protected], or by calling the parish office.
This conference is open to rising 9th graders through graduated
high school seniors. It's an awesome experience!
Baptisms at OLMC are celebrated throughout the year at the
regularly scheduled liturgies. We are now scheduling baptisms
for June. Parents are asked to attend two Baptism Preparation
sessions on June 1 and June 8 at 7:00pm in the Daily Mass
Chapel. Please call Christa Blomstrom at 595-0385 ext. 119
to register.
The 1st Eucharist celebrations will continue the weekend of
May 21 & 22! Parents please arrive 30 minutes prior to the
liturgy and check in at the Daily Mass Chapel.
People of Faith
Final meeting for this academic year is next Sunday: May 15th.
Thought about People of Faith sessions
and never attended???
Come give this one a try on us! The program this year has centered on Acting with Justice. The focus of the May 15th session
will be: Caring for God’s Creation. Come listen to our guest
lecturer, Bruce Weilicki, discuss this topic and its relationship
to our climate. Promises to fascinating and challenging. We
meet after the 10 am Mass and again after the 4 pm Mass..
Come try a session!
Thank You! It takes many hands to prepare for our People of
Faith gatherings, thank you to all who helped in some way this
year with home kit preparation, program planning, set up, serving meals and clean up at the end of the sessions! A special
thanks to Jessica Dame and the Nursery volunteers and the PreK/K team: Jessica Achorn, Mary Litzinger, Margaret Goggins
and Cheri Benkowski!
Monthly Justice Challenge for May
In today’s Gospel Jesus explains that he has come to us so that
we may have life and have life more abundantly. The abundance of life that God has given to us in Christ can be seen
throughout creation with all the beauty, uniqueness, and variety
of plant and animal life. Caring for God’s Creation is the theme
of Catholic Social Teaching for this month’s People of Faith
session. Your challenge this week is to think of how you can
care for God’s creation as a way of thanking God for the sacrifice that Jesus made out of love for us. What can you do to take
care of our earth? What can you do to ensure that you leave the
earth a little bit greener for future generations?
RCIA Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
Consider attending an inquiry class to learn
about the process of becoming Catholic or
completing your Sacraments of Initiation. We
meet this Tuesday, May 24th at 7 pm in St.
Michael Hall. For more information call
Janet at ext. 120 or [email protected]
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May 15, 2011
Ladies of Carmel
Social Ministry
All LOC members are invited to attend on Sunday June
5th. Social at 11:30; Brunch at Noon in St. Michael Hall. $10
tickets are available at Parish store or at the OLMC office. Contacts: Maureen Foust: 238- 3846 or Linda Ellis: 8906045
Reflecting Christ
ST. MICHAEL'S GUILD will meet on Tuesday, May 17, at 7 pm
at Kathy Ferrare's house. Please RSVP to Kathy (868-4817).
ST. VALENTINE'S GUILD will meet on Thursday, May 19, at
7:00 at the home of Inge Hamilton. Her co-hostess is Eleanore
Farpour. Please let Inge (599-5721) or Eleanore (599-1101)
know if you are unable to attend.
Family Life Ministry
MARRIAGE MOMENT: Does your spouse have friends? This
week get to know a little bit about your spouses’ friends- what
are they like? Why does your spouse like this friend? Quickly
you will learn what matters to your spouse from an entirely new
angle. If your spouse doesn’t have friends, then talk about why.
Even though your spouse is your best friend, it can be very
draining to be the only friend in your spouse’s life.
Healing Ministry
Hospital Healing Minister
Needed: The healing ministry is
seeking an outgoing, warm,
friendly individual to bring Eucharist
to those in the hospitals on Mondays (before/after work, or during
the day). If interested, please contact Jenn Del Corso ext. 129 or [email protected]
Our nursery is a Co-Op Nursery, currently at the 10:00 a.m.
Mass, staffed by parents who utilize the nursery and volunteer
about one Sunday per month. It is a place for children ages 1
year to 4 years old to come together to worship, learn about
God and grow in their faith development through bible stories,
songs and activities. As per Diocesan requirements, we are required to have at least 2 caregivers present in the nursery at all
times. In addition the volunteers must complete the 3 hour VIRTUS training (go to virtusonline.org to register). Please call
Jessica @ 236-0064 or Christa @ 595-0385 x119 for more information or to register.
VIRTUS TRAINING The Diocese mandates that all those that
minister with children or youth must take this training prior to
volunteering. All parents using the Cooperative Nursery at
OLMC must also be trained.
Upcoming VIRTUS TRAINING will be offered at:
St. Bede (Williamsburg): Wed, June 15 - 5:30 PM
St. Bede (Williamsburg): Wed, August 24 - 5:30 PM
Register for the 3 hour session online at Virtusonline.org.
Click on Registration to the left of the page.
Transformed by The Eucharist…
Reaching Out into community.
Pet Pantry Collection
The Peninsula Pet Pantry is a newly created non profit
organization providing temporary pet food and supply
assistance to pet owners and caregivers facing hardships
on the Virginia Peninsula.
OLMC will host a Pet Pantry Collection the weekends
of: May 21&22 and May 28 & 29
Current Pet Needs:
Cat Litter, Cat & Dog Food, Flea Treatment or
Gift Cards—Manna—to pet places only
Manna: PetSmart
The Pet Pantry currently has plenty of pet toys and such.
They are in desperate need of the above items.
You can visit them on the Web at
A great deal of thanks to Joan Berger and
Mary Dunn who are coordinating this effort!
Advocacy Group
We will meet again on May 16th at 7pm in Manion Hall.
Our topic will be: Housing Matters. All are welcome!
This is a group you can join at any time each session
stands alone. Please consider joining us!!
All are welcome to check out the Outreach Office and
see what is happening! There are lots of ways to volunteer in Outreach. With summer approaching possibly
you would like to come out one day during the week
with your young ones and help stock/sort the pantry.
Call Tina, ext. 118, and find out more.
Pharmacy Outreach assisting those who are uninsured
with prescription medications. If you would like to see
what they do and possibly Volunteer some time in Pharmacy
Outreach please don’t hesitate to call to find out more: The
Pharmacy Outreach Team returns calls on Wednesday
mornings at 9:00am.. Time commitment of 1-2 hrs.
Tina 595-0385 ext. 118
Thank you all so very much for your tremendous support of
the Outreach Pantry. For the mo. of April we sent out over
160 bags of groceries into the community.
Food Pantry Needs: Peanut Butter/Jelly, Pancake Mix/Syrup,
Dry Milk Packets, Spaghetti Sauce, Cake Mix/Frosting
Extra Needs to prepare for Summer: Juice Boxes, Kool-Aid,
Mac n’ Cheese, Chef Boy R D Products (canned pasta)
Feeding 100 families with our 4th of July Food Bags:
Pasta Salad, Baked Beans, Canned Vegetables, Ketchup/
Mustard/Mayo/Relish (picnic packs)
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May 15, 2011
Community News
OLMC Parish Store
Available now at the Parish Store:
OLMC T-shirts, hoodies, and nylon jackets
Baptism candles
First Communion gift items
Whole bean & ground coffee from Guatemala
Bibles - Catechisms - Rosaries
and a variety of faith-enhancing books.
OLMC Community News
On Saturday June 4th, following the 5 PM
liturgy, we will gather on the lawn in front
of the church for hot dogs, chips, and birthday cake. Please plan on joining the celebration and singing Happy Birthday to Fr. Ken.
The Nifty over Fifty will meet Thursday, May 19th at 12 Noon
in St. Michael Hall. Please bring your favorite dish for this covered dish luncheon. We will also enjoy a special movie. Looking forward to seeing you!!
Soul Sisters: Friday, June 3rd
Come try out some exciting
dishes from Chef John Chesney as he teaches us the secrets of his craft and how to
make some exciting dishes.
A tasting party; demonstrations; questions answered and
of course fun, fellowship and
drinks to compliment our food. Please sign up for this time
together with your Soul Sisters.
The program is on Friday night, June 3rd at 6:45 pm.
Signups are essential: Call Carla at 595-0385 ext. 126 or
email [email protected] A free-will offering will be collected to help cover the costs of the program. Thanks!
PRAY THE ROSARY Everyone is invited to join us in the Blessed
Sacrament Chapel for the recitation of the Holy Rosary every
Wednesday and Friday following the 8:15AM Mass, and Tuesdays at 11:15AM, after the Women's Bible Study.
Manna Parish Fundraiser
Friends, as you're planning your summer vacation,
remember Manna. Whether it's gasoline or motels, you can
buy what you need with Manna. Thank you or supporting
our parish fundraiser.
MARRIED COUPLES: A Worldwide Marriage Encounter
Weekend is like Spring-time. It’s a weekend of fresh air, the
rebirth of romance and new beginnings. If you’d like to make
your marriage even more special than it already is register for
the upcoming Richmond weekend scheduled for June 3-5,
2011. Visit www.wwmeva.org to register or call Brian and
Diana at 804-379-4297.
Knights of Columbus Fr. Michael Bader Assembly 2430 is
hosting a fundraising event Wednesday, May 25. Proceeds to
benefit Virginia Pregnancy Care Centers to help purchase Ultrasound machines. Social begins at 6:30 pm, dinner to follow. Menu is Chicken Parmesan, spaghetti with meat sauce,
garden salad, rolls, dessert. Cost is $ 15.00 per ticket and can
be purchased Mondays or Thursdays 12 noon to 8 pm at the
K of C Hall, 100 Columbus Way, Newport News, or you can
call Harold Hairston at 877-1566.
50/50 Raffle, Basket Raffle and Cash Bar. DJ Thai Nguyen for
your listening pleasure during the evening. Should you wish to
do "take out" this can be arranged.
Music Teacher (4-year preschool to 8th grade)
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School is in need of a full-time general
music teacher for the 2011-2012 school year for grades 4-year
preschool through the eighth grade. Teacher certification is
required. Applications available at www.richmonddiocese.org.
Inquiries and applications should be directed to Mrs. Tucker, 52
Harpersville Rd., Newport News, VA 23601, 757-596-2754.
Email: [email protected]
Two Part-time Custodial Positions Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
School has two part-time custodial positions available; one effective May 16, 2011 and the other effective July 1, 2011. Custodial experience is preferred. Applications are available on the
diocesan website (www.richmonddiocese.org). Inquiries and
applications should be directed to Mrs. Tucker, 52 Harpersville
Rd., Newport News, VA 23601, 596-2754.
WOMEN’S RETREAT - Ever wondered how you can respond
to God’s universal call to live a life of faith?
Join us on Saturday, June 4th for a workshop/retreat, facilitated
by Kathleen Ferguson Casey, which will help you uncover the
spiritual gifts given to you by the Holy Spirit, gifts to be a sign
of God’s loving presence in the world. Knowing your gifts also
helps you discern the next step to take in your life and ministry
to do the work of God in the world.
The retreat will include a light breakfast and lunch and will be
from 8:30 until 3:00. The cost is $20.00 with checks made out
to St. Nicholas. Please mail your check to St. Nicholas Catholic Church, 712 Little Neck Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23452.
Kathleen’s book, Sabbath Presence, will be available for purchase. For additional information, please call Karen Jennings or
Mary Ann Menoche at 340-7231.
What can we answer for you?
E-mail any questions you have about our parish,
the Catholic faith, why we do what we do, etc. to
[email protected]
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May 15, 2011
Sunday, May 15, 2011
8:00 – For the People of the Parish
10:00 – John Berger
2:00 – Geri Wegener
4:00 – John Riebe
Mon – (7am) Marian Mosier
Tue – (6:30pm) Marie Bousquet
Wed – (8:15am) John & Carol Lockwood
50th Anniversary
Thur – (7am) Kathleen Holder
(6:30pm) Robert Morry
Fri – (8:15am) Lucy Sullivan
Saturday, May 21, 2011
5:00 – Steven Rutherford
E-Giving for April 9 - May 5: $2,435
Joan Berger
Cathy Luth
Lynne Garrison
Katie Braig
Vivienne Wilson
The Lockwood Family
Paul & Maureen Coon
Florence Fiscella
Sunday, May 22, 2011
8:00 – John Riebe
10:00 – Jolyn Rivenbark
2:00 – For the People of the Parish
4:00 – Doris Tempelmeyer
Last Year
Romaine D’Errico
The Rivenbark Family
The Wahlert Family
Thank you for your generosity
Flowers for the Worship Center may be given as memorials
for a loved one or special occasion. To schedule a memorial
floral gift, please call Eileen, ext. 116 at least two weeks in
advance of the date you wish. The suggested donation to
cover the cost is $85.
Offertory Processions:
Parishioners are invited to carry the gifts during the
Offertory Procession at all of our liturgies. If
you are celebrating a memorial, birthday, or
anniversary, please sign up on the Gift Bearers
poster in the Commons.
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish would like to thank
all of our advertisers
for advertising in our parish bulletin.
Please patronize our advertisers and thank them for supporting our parish.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School News
Saturday, May 21st
Barnes & Noble Book Fair @ the Patrick Henry Location
New Student Testing
Tuesday May 24th thru Thursday, May 26th
8th Grade Exams
Monday, May 30
NO SCHOOL ~ Memorial Day
Tuesday, May 31st
8th Grade Graduation at 6:30 pm
Pre-K and Kindergarten Show at 2:00 pm
Page 7
Ministerio Hispano
Coordinador: Francisco Anleu
TEL. Oficina: (757) 595-0385 Ext. 136
TEL. Celular: (757) 846-0628
Misas en Español
Domingos: 2:00 PM y Jueves: 6:30 PM
Quieres ser parte de algún ministerio en nuestra parroquia como ujieres, ministros de eucaristía, lectores, llevar la comunión a los enfermos, entrar las ofrendas del vino y el pan, llevar la cruz en la procesión
de entrada y de salida? o algún otro ministerio de tu interés, favor de
contactar al coordinador indicado en la lista siguiente.
Directorio de Ministerios en la Parroquia
Coordinador de Misa:
Carmen Lane
Rosarios, Novenas, Visita a los Enfermos:
Domingo y Gladys Malpica
Eucaristía/Interprete: Rafael Benet
Proclamadores/de Madre a Madre:
Shorty Meléndez
Monaguillos: Francisco Anleu
Ujieres: Ricardo Miranda
Música: Ive González
RICA: Guillo González
Bautismo: José y Alejandra Sánchez
Hospitalidad, Convivíos: Maritza Reyes
Clases de Ingles: Nora Mendivil
Jóvenes 9no a 12vo: Christina Chapman
Educación Religiosa en Español: niños de Kínder a 5to:
María Angélica Tuquer
Ayúdanos a celebrar la Eucaristía y ser parte de nuestra gran
familia Cristiana. NECESITAMOS TU AYUDA.
Padres y padrinos deben estar inscritos en la parroquia y asistir a
las charlas pre-bautismales.
Padrinos deben estar casados por la Iglesia. Presentar acta de
matrimonio. Constancia de charlas y de que son miembros activos de la parroquia. Padrinos que vienen de otra parroquia deben tomar las charlas en su parroquia y traer la constancia, junto
con el acta de Matrimonio.
Los niños deben ser menores de 7 años.
Las personas interesadas deben estar inscritas en la parroquia y
con los catequistas, antes de la fecha de las pláticas. No podrá
inscribirse el día de las charlas.
Si usted no cumple los requisitos mencionados por favor, espere
las próximas pláticas pre-bautismales
Para mas información comuníquese con los catequistas. José y
Alejandra Sánchez.
MAYO A LAS 10:00 AM.
Sacramento de Confirmación: Si eres una persona activa dentro de la Iglesia, eres adulto y te falta el sacramento, habla con
Francisco, para el programa de preparación para la confirmación en 10 semanas. Dios te espera siempre.
15 de mayo del 2011
Encuentros con Cristo
Mas de 200 personas de la parroquia en general han asistido al
Retiro, Encuentro Con Cristo, durante un fin de Semana. El
retiro que estaba programado para Mayo (mujeres) y Junio
(hombres), ha sido cancelado. Posteriormente se dará información de las nuevas fechas y horarios.
Gracias por su comprensión.
Atención Jóvenes de 8vo. A 12vo. Grado
Están todos invitados a LASER TAG, LOCK-IN, el 27 de Mayo
por la noche. 11:30pm-7:30AM. Ofreceremos transporte desde
la Iglesia. El costo es de $35, el cual cubre un ilimitado numero de
juegos, de laser tag durante la noche. Estaremos reuniéndonos con
la Iglesia de St. Gregory the Great para este evento. Esto promete
una divertida noche para todos. Proveeremos algunas bebidas,
pero si ustedes quiere traer algún snack para la noche, puede
hacerlo. Habrá lugar para dormir, así que es necesario que traigas,
una almohada y una bolsa de dormir, amenos que quieras jugar
toda la noche. Saldremos del parqueo de la Iglesia el 27 de Mayo
a las 10:00PM, hacia Virginia Beach para el evento y regresaremos a la parroquia de OLMC, el sábado 28 de Mayo, alrededor de
las 8:30 de la mañana.
Pueden recoger una forma de autorización en las oficinas de la
Iglesia. Las formas y el pago de los $35, pueden también ser
hechos en la oficina o algún coordinador designado. Hay solamente 35 espacios disponibles así que los primeros en inscribirse
serán los que tendrán oportunidad de asistir. Por favor no tarde en
tomar esta decisión, en cuanto a las formas y el dinero. Si tiene
alguna pregunta Brian ó Christina Chapman, podrán ayudarles.
DYC: Convención Juvenil Diocesana Viernes 29 al Domingo 31 de Julio. 2011, en el centro de Convenciones de Richmond. Este evento es realizado en un fin de semana, en el que
todos los jóvenes de todas las Iglesias de la Diócesis de Richmond, se reúnen, durante el verano de cada año. Esta conferencia es para energizar, y poder atraer a todos los jóvenes de
escuela superior a reunirse como una gran comunidad dentro de
la iglesia. Y poder celebra en conjunto las maravillas de nuestra fe Católica.
La fecha limite para registrarte es el 1 de Junio y el costo es de
$200., cualquier información favor de contactar a Brian y/o
Christina Chapman.
En donde Dios siempre esta interesado y pendiente de nosotros, a través de su grande y eterno amor.
Guarda las fechas en tu calendario.
En la semana del 11 al 15 de Julio
Dentro de unos pocos meses, nuestra parroquia estará reunida
con los niños, buscando una aventura divertida
PandaMania Programa de Verano totalmente católico
!Estarán aprendiendo sobre Dios, a través de canciones y oraciones, haciendo manualidades con la Biblia, y trayendo nuestra fe católica a vivir en diferentes actividades.
Las registraciones para los participantes y para los voluntarios
están ya disponibles, pregunta al coordinador de educación religiosa, o llama a la oficina del ministerio Hispano..
595-0385, Francisco Anleu.
Habrá mas información en los pizarrones.

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