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August 2016
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I am proud to
As many of you have
Borinquen Medical
noticed, The Voice of the
Centers of Miami-Dade
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which allows for more
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but most importantly to
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maintain the Quality and Substance of the
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To all of our readers please make sure you
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register to VOTE and then actually VOTE! No Improving your
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local, state and federal. Please take the time –
your Vote does matter!
we go to print …
Free HIV Testing
The numbers are
staggering! Today there
are more than 1.2
million people in the
United States that are living with
HIV, and one in eight people don't
know they have it, according to the
U.S. Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention (CDC).
This year represents an important
milestone for the U.S., as it marks
the 35th anniversary of the
Country’s first AIDS diagnosis. The
CDC recommends that everyone
ages 13 to 64 get tested for HIV at
least once in their lifetime.
However, less than one-third of
people in the U.S. report ever having
been tested. For this reason, we were
pleased to join with our elected
officials in helping to educate
people about the impact of HIV, and
hopefrully encouraging others to get
Sadly, disparities continue,
between different ethnic groups,
especially among our youth and the
African American communities. The
CDC report also found that the
South is home to 50% of all new
HIV diagnoses. Cities with the
rates in 2014 were Miami, Ft.
Lauderdale and Baton Rouge,
despite accounting for just 37% of
the U.S. population. While the
overall number of new HIV
diagnoses decreased by 11% from
2008 to 2014, young people ages 13
to 24 saw an 11% increase in new
HIV diagnoses.
The most important part of
prevention is still getting tested and
it continues to be the only way to
know your status. For this reason
and in order to draw awareness to
the importance of being tested for
HIV, Congresswoman Frederica S.
Wilson, FL-24, enlisted the help of
her fellow Elected Officials to be
confidentially tested for HIV on
June 27, National HIV Testing Day.
The Congresswoman invited all of
those in the community to:
Take the Test – Take Control.
Along with Congresswoman
Wilson the following Elected
Officials all agreed to be
confidentially tested for HIV during
the event: State Senator Oscar
Braynon, II, State Senator Dwight
M. Bullard, State Representative
Daphne Campbell, State
Representative Shevrin D. Jones,
State Representative David
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of Behavioral Health
BMC at FLAGAMI Opens New
Behavioral Health Department
Just one year after its grand opening,
Borinquen Medical Centers of
Miami-Dade (BMC) expands! It’s
hard to believe that it’s already been
a year that BMC opened its doors to
the Flagami neighborhood with
much fanfare and a ribbon cutting
event coinciding with the 50th
anniversary of the National
Association of Community Health
Centers (NACHC) during National
Health Center Week. BMC is a
proud member of NACHC, which
provides services and technical
assistance to healthcare centers,
such as BMC, in support of their
mission, to provide access to
affordable, quality primary and
preventative healthcare services to
the uninsured and medically
underserved populations. Many of
BMC’s supporters attended that
event, including, board members,
local elected officials and
NACHC’S President and CEO, Tom
Van Coverden, and Bob Linder,
BMC’s CEO, who credited them all
for their part in helping to open
At that event, Paul Carl Velez,
BMC’s, CAO had acknowledged
that opening up a Medical Center in
the Flagami Neighborhood was
indeed a team effort between local
government officials, supporters and
the community, and that ever since
being awarded the grant in 2014,
County Commissioner Rebeca
Sosa had worked tirelessly with
BMC to bring additional access to
affordable primary health care to the
district. The Commissioner had
stated that she was very proud that
the clinic opened in her district and
shared that she is a cancer survivor
and values how important health
care is for everyone.
The Flagami Center boasts some
14 state-of-the-art health suites, two
different entrances, one for the Adult
Medicine Department and another
for the Pediatrics Department. This
past month, as promised, services
have begun to include Behavioral
Health and the Department has its
own distinct set of suites. Mr. Linder
feels strongly about Borinquen’s
mission to serve people who are in
need every day and says, “Our
mission is to provide the very best
health care we can at a very
affordable price and also at the same
time, doing so in a setting that gives
our patients respect. They deserve to
have a clinic like this.”
With expansion comes the
difficult task of seeking out and
contracting some of the finest
possible talent to serve in our
exceptionally diverse community.
Borinquen Medical Centers of
Miami-Dade’s (BMC) Human
Resource Department is charged
with that undertaking and knowing
the needs of our varied community
is crucial in hiring the right
candidates for the various posts.
They seek out doctors who are well
trained, knowledgeable in their field
of expertise, confident, respectful,
and personal; that can also
empathize and understand the needs
of our community.
Dr. Luis Guerrero is a long
established psychiatrist in MiamiDade County who recently joined
BMC. Dr.
a successful
practice for
20 years in
Miami, and
decided that
joining an organization like BMC
was the right move for him at this
point in his career. The addition of
Dr. Guerrero as a provider allows
Borinquen’s behavioral health
services to grow and extend to
another part Miami-Dade: the
Flagami office located at 5040 NW
7th Street.
“We are very excited to have Dr.
Guerrero with us at BMC. As we
know, our organization has grown
tremendously in the past several
years. Opening a behavioral health
office in Flagami offers us the
opportunity to provide psychiatric
services in parity with primary care
services to another major section of
our large county.” ~ Leila
Charlemagne, PsyD, Director of
Behavioral Health at BMC
Dr. Guerrero was born in Mayari,
Cuba. He came to the United States
in 1967. He studied pre-med at
Valencia University School of
Medicine in Venezuela, and later
received his Doctorate in Medicine
from Nordestana University in San
Francisco, Dominican
Republic. He completed his
>>p 5
3601 Federal Highway
Miami, Florida 33137
Ph: (305) 576-6611 * Fax: (786) 476-2819
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Editor & Designer: Susan Alvarez
Staff Photographer:…. Susan Alvarez
Contributors:..Robert E. Linder, CEO
Barbara Kubilus, CSPO, Angel
Camacho, Silvana Vasquez, Carmen
Pineiro, Leila Charlemagne, PsyD,
Helen Ponce, Toni de la Barra, RN
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
STOPP-E Program Coordinator
When you speak
to others, do you
think before you
speak or do you
blurt out the first thing that comes to
mind? Do you allow others to
express their feelings and values
without judging or imposing your
own? Ineffective
types of
such as assuming,
judging, blaming or
ignoring, can affect
all types of
It contributes to
and conflict.
keeps those we love
the most distanced
from us.
skills improves the quality of the
relationship making it meaningful
and satisfying.
What follows are 4 simple
techniques to improve
communication in any relationship.
Using these techniques could help
transform and deepen the connection
amongst those in any type of
relationship, whether it's intimate,
friendship, family or work related.
1. Mindful listening. The first step to
effective communication is listening.
Don’t talk, just listen. When others
talk, we often focus on what to say
next or get distracted by other
thoughts. Listen mindfully and pay
attention to what is said without
judging, giving advice or trying to fix
the situation. Make sure you:
Give your full attention
Make eye contact
Nod your head
2. Reflecting. When one is done
talking or explaining, acknowledge
what was said by reflecting or
paraphrasing. Restate their point of
view and feelings without adding
your own ideas or questions. Be
genuine and respectful, avoid making
sarcastic remarks or emphasizing
specific words.
I heard you say....
So what you're saying is....
Let me make sure I
understand correctly...
Is that right?
Is there anything I missed?
3. Empathize. Try to identify and
make sense of how the other person
feels. Try to imagine and understand
others feelings and put yourself in
their shoes. Keep in mind feelings
are single words and range in
intensity; finding the correct emotion
is important.
I imagine that must make
you feel....
I can see that you feel....
4. Validation. Validating is not
agreeing but seeing things from
others point of view. You can
validate thoughts and feelings even if
you don't agree with them. This
shows respect for what others think
or feel.
I can see how you would see
it that way.....
It makes sense that....
I can understand that.
That makes sense to me
Like any new skill,
communication requires practice.
You cannot learn to play a guitar by
watching videos or reading about it.
You must play it and practice often
before getting good at it. Initially,
new communication skills may feel
strange or awkward when practiced.
The more you practice, the better at it
you will become. In no time, it will
come natural and become habit.
Daily practice will strengthen the
connection between the two people,
in turn making the relationship,
whether intimate, social or work
related, stronger and meaningful.
August / September 2016
Borinquen Calendar of Events
In Observance of Labor Day, Borinquen Medical
Centers will be closed Monday, September 5th.
HEALTHY START CLASSES: held at BMC, Main Site, 3601 Federal Hwy,
2nd Floor, Miami, FL 33137, Please call: 305
Car Seat distribution and instruction is done monthly depending on availability.
Free Pregnancy Testing is available on the 4th Floor.
*TOPWA Pregnancy Testing: Monday - Wednesday 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Thursday - No pregnancy testing
Friday - 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Childbirth, Parenting & Breast Feeding Classes: held at Borinquen Medical
Centers, Main Site, 3601 Federal Hwy, Miami FL 33137, 4th Floor
Please call: 305-576-6611 Ext. 1414.
Every 3rd Saturday of the Month - Childbirth, Parenting & Breastfeeding:
10:00 AM-11:00 AM (Spanish/English).
*SMOKE CESSATION SESSIONS: By appointment only. Available in English
and Spanish. Please call Jessica Cajigas, our Tobacco Treatment Specialist at:
305-576-1675. Participants are eligible to receive FREE educational materials and
nicotine replacement therapy (patches) through our affiliation with the
Miami-Dade AHEC Tobacco Program.
Spanish. Join the Behavioral Health Resource Center’s B
B--Care Program for FREE
group counseling to quit tobacco use. Offered every Tuesday, 2:30PM - 3:30PM at
the Borinquen B
B--Care Center located at 3550 Biscayne Blvd., Ste. #710, Miami, FL
33137. The sessions are open to the community. To register for the group, please
call: Glory Ann Zapata, MS at (305) 576
576--6611 Ext. 1803.
BMC’s Chief Medical Officer,
Dr. Deborah Gracia, would like to
remind our community that our
Project Screen contract with the
Miami-Dade Department of Health
now includes additional procedures
and testing such as Colposcopy and
(Human Papillomavirus) HPV
testing. This allows Borinquen to
provide complete holistic services to
women between the ages of 50-65.
In addition, our partnership with
Florida International University
(FIU) Herbert Wertheim College of
Medicine continues to provide FREE
Mammograms with their state of the
art 3D Mobile Mammography Unit
to our patients. The 3D mobile unit is
stationed at BMC’s main site parking
lot once a month, with flexible
Setting your appointment is easy
and Toni de la Barra, R.N. OB/GYN
Clinical Office Manager, says the
best way to get on the waiting list is
to call the OB/GYN Department at
305-576-6611, X1407. You will need
to provide your name, date of birth, a
working phone number and an
emergency secondary phone number,
as well as the name of your provider,
so that the referral for the
mammogram can be pulled. In order
to qualify for the FREE 3D
mammography breast exam, you
need to meet the following criteria:
1) Uninsured
2) Women aged 40 and up
3) Lives within Miami-Dade County
4) No POSITIVE Breast symptoms,
i.e. pain in breast, nipple discharge,
lumps of any kind (these symptoms
will require further investigation and
will need more Diagnostic
The FIU Herbert Wertheim
College of Medicine is delivering
advanced technology for
mammography screenings to the
neediest neighborhoods in
Miami-Dade County through an
integrated model of care.
Congrats Carmen Pinero On New Post
as the Program Coordinator for BMC’s STOPP-E Program!
This month we would like to give a
shout out to Carmen Pinero on her
new position as Program Coordinator
for BMC’s STOPP-E Program.
Carmen is a frequent contributor to
this newspaper, The Voice of the
Caribbean. Her well-read and
valuable column consistently offers
useful material on various addictions,
depression and how to get help in
overcoming these disorders, providing
excellent information on the STOPP-E
program and all of BMC’s programs
in general. Congrats on your new
post! Here is what some of her
colleagues had to say:
“Carmen started at Borinquen in
2011 as a practicum student from
Carlos Albizu University. She was
working on her Master’s Degree.
Once she obtained her Master’s, she
joined Borinquen as a High Impact
Prevention counselor. Soon after that,
she joined the STOPP team as a
substance abuse counselor. She
obtained her license as a Mental
Health Counselor (LMHC) in 2015,
and this year was promoted to
Program Coordinator for STOPP-E.
Carmen has grown into an excellent
counselor and leader. She displayed
from day one genuine concern for our
clients and an ability to connect with
people. She is supportive and
encouraging of the staff that report to
her. She has taken on the additional
role of columnist for The Voice
because she wants to share knowledge
about mental illness and substance
use disorders as well as available
treatments with our community. I’m
very proud to have her at Behavioral
Health and at BMC!” ~Leila
Charlemagne, PsyD, Director of
Behavioral Health.
“Carmen is new to mental health
but she absorbs material from her
clients, coworkers, and the
professional literature. She always
shows responsibility and a quiet thirst
for knowledge. I am sure this new
position won’t be something she
grows into, but something she was
always capable of.” ~Sam Kedem,
PHD, Program Coordinator for
We are thrilled that Carmen has
chosen to stay on with the BMC team
and are delighted to have her onboard.
Changes in Managed Medicaid Plans Offered at
Borinquen Medical Centers
Borinquen wants everyone to know that we have contracts with almost ALL
available plans, as do our providers! This even includes specialty plans, like those
for clients that are HIV positive. Patients at Borinquen do not need to worry;
they can still see their provider and receive services at any one of our many
locations across the County.
If you have any questions, concerns or would like to speak with an expert,
you can call our Patient Services Department at (305) 576-6611 to speak
with one of our knowledgeable staff members.
Borinquen Medical Centers look forward to continuing to provide the
upmost quality of health care to all of our community and clients. We thank you
for your patience and understanding while these changes are being made.
Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) Program
Statewide Medicaid Managed Care (SMMC) Program
For the MMA Specialty
Plans Region 11:
1. Magellan Complete Care
2. Positive Health Care
3. Sunshine Health
4. Clear Health Alliance
For the MMA Standard
Plans Region 11:
1. Prestige
2. Coventry
3. Simply
4. Molina
5. Amerigroup
(Marketplace Only)
Sunshine Health
United Healthcare
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Borinquen Welcomes Newest Team Members
and would like to introduce them to our community.
Dr. Ramesh Ahmadi, Pediatrician
Borinquen Medical Centers of MiamiDade (BMC) would like to introduce the
new team of providers to our
Dr. Ramesh Ahmadi, the latest
addition to our Pediatric Department.
Dr. Ahmadi was born in Iran, moved to
New York City at the tender age of 4
where she spent most of her life and
where she earned her Medical Degree
from the State University of New York,
Downstate College of Medicine, in
Brooklyn, before moving to Miami in
2008. Ahmadi has a well-rounded
education with a Masters of Public
Health, Specializing in Population and
Family Health, from Columbia
University, and a Masters of Science,
International Agricultural Development,
University of California at Davis, and a
Bachelor of Arts, Third World
Development Studies, Columbia
College, Columbia University, NYC.
Dr. Ahmadi has lived in Miami since
2008 and is familiar with the needs of
our local community, besides her
extensive international work, before
arriving at BMC she provided outpatient
care in a busy urban practice in
Aventura. When asked why she chose
BMC, Dr. Ahmadi said, “I have always
wanted to work in community health. I
have a Public Health degree, and a great
interest in working to provide health
care to communities with less access to
services. I really enjoy being able to
provide services to patients regardless of
their ability to pay. It is wonderful to be
able to care for kids who may otherwise
have great difficulty seeing a doctor due
to financial constraints.” Which is
evident by her impressive Healthcare
Volunteer Work and Fellowships that
include several trips to Guatemala with
a Medical Brigade, Global Penicillin
Girl Project, Department of Solola,
Guatemala, providing healthcare to rural
communities; with Global Healing
International Elective in Pediatrics,
Roatan Volunteer Pediatric Clinic,
Roatan, Honduras, where she provided
pediatric care in a local clinic staffed by
a nongovernmental organization.
Her fellows include Healthcare in
Developing Countries Fellow, at St.
John’s Medical College and Hospital,
Bangalore, India, as recipient of
international health scholarship, served
Dr. Wilfredo Lopez-Reyes OB/GYN
Dr. Rafael E. Campo, Infectious Diseases
Rosita Atilus, ARNP
as intern in rural and urban community
clinics. And Fellow in Population and
Reproductive Health, at Dominican
Institute for Integrated Development,
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic,
where she conducted baseline health
survey in low-income suburban
“My greatest passion is travel and
especially to work internationally.
Before going into medicine, I worked in
agricultural development. I've lived and
worked in Kenya and Cuba, and spent
shorter periods working in Honduras,
Guatemala, Dominican Republic and
India. I've also participated in medical
brigades to Haiti and Ghana.” She goes
on to say, “I have 3 daughters, who are
wonderful travel companions!” Dr.
Ahmadi is already a frequent contributor
to our newspaper providing valuable
information concerning young children
and teenagers. She advises “As a parent,
model the behavior you want to see in
your kids.”
With such an impressive list of
practice and involvement, Dr. Ramesh’s
volunteerism work speaks volumes to
her compassionate character. BMC is
fortunate and absolutely thrilled to have
such a seasoned individual such as Dr.
Ramesh join us in providing quality
health care our community.
OB/GYN at Carolina Area Hospital
Dr. Federico Trilla in San Juan, Puerto
Rico; and a post as an Assistant
Professor at UPR.
“I am very excited to be a part of the
team,” states Dr. Lopez. He was
interested in working on an outpatient
basis in the state of Florida and
Borinquen fit that bill. He goes on to
say, “I have been teaching Obstetrics
and Gynecology to OB-GYN and
Family Medicine residents for 15 years,
in hospital and outpatient basis.” Dr.
Lopez is skilled in the art of teaching
Forceps and Vacuum assisted deliveries.
When taking a break from his
extremely busy work life, Dr. Lopez
enjoys following his favorite athletic
teams as his passion is sports,
specifically baseball, football and
BMC welcomes Dr. Lopez and is
pleased and grateful to have such an
experienced team member on its roster.
Infectious Diseases Research Unit of the
University of Miami. Dr. Campo is
currently the Vice Chair of the Board of
Directors of the HIV Medicine
Association of the Infectious Diseases
Society of America and is scheduled to
become Chair of the Board in 2017-18.
Dr. Campo is also a founder,
principal, and Chief Medical Officer of
Discidium Biosciences, LLC, a
biotechnology diagnostics company
dedicated to developing cost-effective
solutions for unmet clinical needs
primarily in resource-limited settings.
BMC is honored to introduce Dr.
Wilfredo Lopez-Reyes, MD, FACOG,
(Fellow of the American College of
Obstetricians and Gynecologists) the
newest addition to its Obstetrics and
Gynecology Department. Dr. Lopez
comes from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico,
where he graduated Magna Cum Laude
and received his Bachelor of Sciences as
a Biology Major from the University of
Puerto Rico’s (UPR) Rio Piedras
Campus and his Medical Degree from
the University’s Medical Sciences
He completed his internship and
residency under the direction of Dr.
Eduardo Garrido at Caguas Regional
Hospital and has an extensive list of
postgraduate and graduate courses in a
wide variety of related fields.
Dr. Lopez’s extracurricular activities
include preceptor for Family Nurse
Practitioner Program, Midwife Nurse
Program, participation in various
Hospital Committees; Acting Chief of
Dr. Rafael E. Campo is a Professor
of Clinical Medicine in the Division of
Infectious Diseases of the University of
Miami Leonard M. Miller School of
Medicine and an attending physician at
various hospitals of the University of
Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical
Center in Miami, Florida. His work in
infectious diseases focuses on therapy
for HIV infection, resistance to
antiretroviral agents, and salvage
therapies for treatment experienced
patients. Dr. Campo has performed
funded research for many organizations
including the National Institutes of
He is active in many professional and
community activities, serves as an
editorial board member and reviewer for
several national and international
medical journals, is a former and current
member of the board of directors of
multiple professional societies, and is
also a member of the organizing
committee of several national and
international meetings.
In the recent past, Dr. Campo has
served as the Safety and Quality Officer
for the University of Miami Health
System and as the Chief Medical Officer
of the University of Miami
Hospital. Dr. Campo is the director of
the Clinical Core of the Center for AIDS
Research and the director of the
Rosita Atilus is a Family Nurse
Practitioner certified by the American
Association of Nurse Practitioners.
Atilus started her employment at
Borinquen Medical Center on February
8, 2015. She wanted to work at
Borinquen to help care for a more
diverse population within the
community. Her scope of practice
encompasses health promotion, disease
prevention, diagnosis and management
of common and complex health care
She earned her Associate Degree in
Nursing from Miami Dade College and
Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing
from Florida Atlantic University,
graduating Magna Cum Laude. She later
obtained her Masters Degree in Nursing
from Florida International University.
Mrs. Atilus has accumulated 17 years of
experience in various clinical and
community setting, which includes
Pediatric, Medical Surgical,
gerontology, and School Health. She
obtained additional certification as a
Certified Medical Surgical Nurse.
Mrs. Atilus strives to provide the best
health care possible and believes in
building a long-lasting and trusting
relationship with clients and peers. To
get the best results for their needs, she
advises the clients to always ask
questions and be active participants of
their care. Since joining Borinquen, her
greatest experience has been when
clients ask for her by name and wanting
her to continue to be a member of their
medical home.
BMC is honored to have such an
impressive group of providers on its
roster. Welcome aboard!
National Immunization Awareness
National Immunization Awareness Month.
Shots can prevent serious diseases like the
flu, measles, and tuberculosis (TB). It’s
important to know which shots adults and
older teenagers need and when to get them.
given at certain ages. If you have a child
age 6 or younger, please refer to the
Childhood Immunization Schedule on
page 5 for a complete list of vaccinations
and timeframes. For more information,
This handy guide (below) can please call: 305-576-6611.
Back to School
help you determine whether or not you are
due for your recommended shots.
Immunizations Reminder
If you are already coming to Borinquen With all the things busy families have
Medical Center to update your child’s
going on these days, it’s not too soon to
vaccinations, why not take that opportunity start thinking about getting the kids ready
to make an appointment for yourself and
to go back to school especially considering
make sure you are up to date with your
all the little details and preparations that
own shots as well. Everyone age 6 months need to happen before August 22, 2016;
and older needs to get a flu shot every
Miami-Dade County elementary and
year. Other shots work best when they are secondary grades’ first day of public
Take the Shot
Did you know as adults, we still
need to keep up with our shots?
The Government’s Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) advises everyone to talk
to your doctor or nurse to make
sure that everyone in your family
gets the shots they need. We all
need shots (vaccinations or
immunizations) to help protect
us from serious diseases. To that
end and to help keep our
community safe, Borinquen
Medical Centers is proudly participating in
2016 Recommended Immunizations for Adults: Age 19 to 65+
PCV13 / PPSV23
There are
several flu
Talk to your
about which
flu vaccines
are right for
*If you are
pregnant, you
should get a
Tdap vaccine
during the 3rd
trimester of
every pregnancy
to help protect
your babies from
get a
even if
There are two
different types of
vaccine: PCV13
(conjugate) and
(polysaccharide). Talk
with your healthcare
professional to find
out if one or both
vaccines are
recommended for you.
Your healthcare
professional will
let you know
how many doses
you need.
measles, mumps,
If you were born
in 1957 or after
and don’t have a
record of being
vaccinated or
having had
measles, mumps
and rubella, talk to
your healthcare
professional about
how many doses
you may need.
Human papillomavirus
For women / for men
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
There are two HPV
vaccines, but only one
HPV vaccine (Gardasil®)
should be given to men.
If you are a male 22
through 26 years old and
have sex with men, you
should complete the
HPV vaccine series if
you have not already
done so.
>>p 5
Type b
Your healthcare
professional will
let you know how
many doses you
Recommended for
for you
you ifif you
you did
did not
not get
get itit when
when you
you were
were aa child.
If you are traveling outside the United States, you may need additional vaccines.
Ask your healthcare professional about which vaccines you may need at least 6 weeks prior to your travel.
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
S.U.P.E.R. Hero Discipline
~by AMY BAEZ, OTR/L, The Smart Play Curator
children can
be a
Many parents feel like they are doing
it wrong and seek help and
suggestions. My experience as a
therapist has led me to create a
simple way to remember key
elements to help parents have a
positive and more productive
experience when disciplining their
It is critical that discipline is
presented in a way that allows both
the child and the parent to be
successful. Below I have listed 5
essential components required. The
acronym SUPER is used to simplify
this concept. It is also how I hope
you will feel
when you
achieve the
results you are
seeking, like a
super hero!
S is for
Your body,
mind, and soul
must support
any regulation
that you set.
This means you must be able to
follow through physically, meet any
expectation in relation to time, and
be in agreement with whatever you
state you will implement. For
example, if you say to your child that
you will take away their iPad for a
week, you should stick with the week
timeframe you stipulated.
U is for Understood. The child must
understand what the disciplinary
action is. If the child doesn’t
understand, you are setting your
child up to fail. It helps to ask your
child to repeat back to you what you
say so that you know your child was
aware of your demand and the
P is for Presented. The disciplinary
action should be presented in
advance when possible. If you have a
conversation with your child before a
situation arises, the child will
understand the expectation and
aftermath before acting. For
example, before going to a store, you
can say that you expect good
behavior or the privilege to go the
next time will be lost.
E is for Executed. The most
important part of discipline is
honoring what you say. Children
respond well when they sense
consistency. If you execute authority
consistently, a child will respect that
you are sincere and can expect the
consequence for his or her action.
R is for Related. Discipline should
be related to the behavior. If you
attach penalties that have nothing to
do with what
the child is
doing or not
doing, it will
not make
sense to the
child and
will be more
difficult for
you to
execute. For
you should
not threaten to prevent your child
from attending a party if the party is
not related to your request.
I hope you find these tips helpful.
If you have difficulty controlling the
behavior of your child and need
professional help, consider
consulting with a behavioral or
occupational therapist.
Have a playful day!
Amy Baez is a pediatric occupational
therapist, award-winning handwriting
author, and founder of Playapy. For
more information about Playapy
services and products, please visit or email
[email protected]
Borinquen Medical Centers’ (BMC)
School Health Program (SHP)
deploys nurses and social workers to
31 schools across Miami-Dade
County to serve the health needs of
local school children. From
administering medications to
nutrition counseling, and tending to
illness or wounds, these individuals
work with schools and their students
to create a healthy environment
where kids can learn and strive! The
SHP wants BMC’s patients and
clients to keep in mind the simple
steps that they can take to help make
the next school year take off to a
healthy start! Above are some tips
offered by the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) and to help you prepare
for the upcoming school year.
In addition, you can start planning
now by:
1 - Schedule a medical, eye and
ear exam with your doctor.
2 - Get kids up-to-date on all
recommended immunizations.
(see full list on page 5)
3 - Make sure kids make healthy
food choices every day.
4 - Help kids stay active.
5 - If your kids play sports, then
know about concussions.
Please visit
for additional information and
educational materials. Be on the
lookout for monthly contributions on
the subject of health in our schools
from the SHP staff!
Did you Know? Baby rattlesnakes are born in August.
And, August is the month with the highest percentage of
human birth rate!
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Childhood Immunization
The Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade
County's Immunization Program is urging parents
to check their children's immunization record to
see if they are due for a vaccine. Children
entering Kindergarten and 7th grade are
normally due for a vaccine and need to meet
the requirements for school entry. If you
didn’t have a chance to do so yet, we are open
for your convenience on Saturdays from
8am to 2pm at three of our locations.
Make an appointment with your
pediatrician, if necessary, NOW! At BMC we
have you covered. Our pediatricians speak
English, Spanish, Creole and French and we are located right in your
neighborhood. To set your appointment now, please call: 305-576-6611.
At Birth
Vaccine and Dose
Protects Against
Hepatitis B
Dose 1 of 3
Hepatitis B virus (chronic inflammation of
the liver, life-long complications)
1 to 2
Hepatitis B
Dose 2 of 3
(part of well
-baby visit)
Hepatitis B virus (chronic inflammation of
the liver, life-long complications)
2 months
(part of well Dose 1 of 5
-baby visit) Hib
Dose 1 of 4
Diphtheria, tetanus and
pertussis (whooping cough)
Infections of the blood, brain, joints, or
lungs (pneumonia)
Polio (IPV)
Dose 1 of 4
Pneumococcal conjugate
(PCV13) §
Dose 1 of 4
Rotavirus **
Dose 1 of 3
4 months
(part of well Dose 2 of 5
-baby visit) Hib
Dose 2 of 4
Polio (IPV)
Dose 2 of 4
Pneumococcal conjugate
(PCV13) §
Dose 2 of 4
Rotavirus **
Dose 2 of 3
6 months
(part of well Dose 3 of 5
-baby visit) Hib
Dose 3 of 4
6 to 18
Pneumococcal conjugate
(PCV13) §
Dose 3 of 4
Rotavirus **
Dose 3 of 3
Hepatitis B
Dose 3 of 3
Polio (IPV)
Dose 3 of 4
6 months or Influenza
Dose 1 of 2
Dose 2 of 2
12 to 15
Dose 4 of 4
“Dr. Guerrero is an excellent
physician loved by his patients. We
look forward to this fruitful
partnership.” ~ Dr. Deborah Gracia,
Chief Medical Officer
Infections of the blood, brain, joints, inner
ears, or lungs (pneumonia)
“Dr. Guerrero and I trained
together at JMH. He is an excellent
psychiatrist and a great person. He
expresses genuine interest and
concern for his patients. We are very
lucky to have him here at
Borinquen!” ~ Nancy Navarro Gonzalez, MD, BMC Psychiatrist
Upon being asked about his
current position at BMC,
Dr. Guerrero stated, “I feel very
comfortable being here at Borinquen.
The staff has been very pleasant and
Welcome aboard Dr. Guerrero and
thank you for your dedication to
serving the Miami-Dade community!
Rotavirus diarrhea (and vomiting)
Diphtheria, tetanus and
pertussis (whooping cough)
Infections of the blood, brain, joints, or
lungs (pneumonia)
infections of the blood, brain, joints, inner
ears, or lungs (pneumonia)
Rotavirus diarrhea (and vomiting)
Diphtheria, tetanus and
pertussis (whooping cough)
Infections of the blood, brain, joints, or
lungs (pneumonia)
Infections of the blood, brain, joints, inner
ears, or lungs (pneumonia)
Rotavirus diarrhea (and vomiting)
Hepatitis B (chronic
inflammation of the liver, life-long complications)
Flu and complications
Flu and complications
Infections of the blood, brain, joints, or
lungs (pneumonia)
Pneumococcal conjugate
(PCV13) §
Dose 4 of 4
Dose 1 of 2
Dose 1 of 2
12 to 23
Hepatitis A
Dose 1 of 2
15 to 18
Dose 4 of 5
18 months Hepatitis A
or older
Dose 2 of 2 (follows 6
months after Dose 1)
4 to 6 years DTaP
Dose 5 of 5
Polio (IPV)
Dose 4 of 4
Dose 2 of 2
Dose 2 of 2
11 to 12
MCV4 *
Dose 1
Dose 1 of 3
Dose 2 of 3
Dose 3 of 3
Emilio Lopez Pavilion
3601Federal Hwy.
Miami, FL 33137
Tel (305) 576-6611
date here)
internship and residency at
Metropolitan Hospital Center in New
York and at Jackson Memorial
Hospital in Miami, respectfully. Dr.
Guerrero joined BMC in June 2016.
He is fully bilingual in English and
Spanish and specializes in Adult and
Geriatric Psychiatry.
Dr. Guerrero’s personal hobbies
include reading and painting.
Infections of the blood, brain, joints, inner
ears, or lungs (pneumonia)
Measles, mumps, and rubella (German
Hepatitis A virus (inflammation of the
Diphtheria, tetanus and
pertussis (whooping cough)
Hepatitis A virus (inflammation of the
Diphtheria, tetanus and
pertussis (whooping cough)
Measles, mumps, and rubella (German
Diphtheria, tetanus and
pertussis (whooping cough)
Meningococcal conjugate vaccine
Free HIV Testing
from p1
Richardson, State Representative
Cynthia A. Stafford, State
Representative Barbara Watson,
Miami-Dade County Commissioner
Audrey M. Edmonson, Miami
Commissioner Keon Hardemon, West
Park Commissioner Thomas W.
Dorsett, and North Miami Councilman
Scott Galvin.
Borinquen Medical Centers, 3601
Federal Highway, Miami, FL 33137,
was one of the six district wide
locations chosen to offer FREE testing
to the community. The other sites
included: Frederica Wilson/Juanita
Mann Health Center, 2520 NW 75
Street, Miami, FL 33147; Jessie Trice
Community Health Center, 4692 NW
183 Street, Miami Gardens, FL 33055;
New Horizons Community Mental
Health Center, 1469 NW 36 Street,
Miami, FL 33142; Center for Haitian
Studies, 8260 NE 2 Avenue, Miami,
FL 33138; and Koinonia Worship
Center, 4900 Hallandale Beach Blvd.,
Hollywood, FL 33023. Other partners
included Care Resource, AIDS
Healthcare Foundation, Florida Health
Miami-Dade County, and Florida
Health Broward County.
According to the Florida
Department of Health in Miami-Dade
County, nearly 45,000 people find out
they have HIV every year. HIV testing
is the gateway to prevention and care.
People who test negative have more
prevention tools available today than
ever before. People who test positive
can take HIV medicines that can keep
them healthy for many years and
greatly reduce their chance of passing
HIV to others. More than 90% of new
HIV infections in the United States
could be
prevented by
testing and
diagnosing people
living with HIV
and making sure
they receive early,
ongoing treatment
“HIV testing is
the first step
towards taking control of your health.
We encourage individuals to take the
first step and get tested at our partners’
free HIV testing events on June 27th,”
said Lillian Rivera, RN, MSN, PhD,
Administrator/Health Officer, Florida
Department of Health in Miami-Dade
If you missed the date, you can still
get tested for FREE! Please call
BMC’s main number, 305-576-6611,
to find out the closest testing site
location near you.
Human Papillomavirus
Human Papillomavirus
Human Papillomavirus
North Miami Medical West-Dade/Sweetwater
708 NE 125th St.
10528 SW 8th St.
North Miami, FL 33161
Miami, FL 33174
Tel (786) 433-8815
Tel (305) 552-1201
Disclaimer: This immunization schedule is based on the 2015 Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedule
recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), the American Academy of Pediatrics
(AAP), the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), and the American College of Obstetricians and
Gynecologists (ACOG). This schedule provides generally recommended dates for immunizations based on your
child's birth date. Some diseases or treatments for disease affect the immune system. For children with these
diseases or for children receiving these treatments, the recommended immunization schedule may need to be
modified. If you have questions or concerns, consult your child's physician or other healthcare professionals for
advice about your child's immunization schedule.
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Looking Ahead…..
Image courtesy of sattva at
As we look ahead to the month of
September, there are numerous
observations coming up to help
remind us of the importance of
keeping fit and many of
them are intertwined
and related, such as:
Healthy Aging Month,
Women's Health and
Fitness Day, Family
Health and Fitness Day,
National Childhood
Obesity Awareness
Month, National Yoga
Awareness Month,
World Alzheimer's
Month. We try to cover
as many of these
important topics as
possible so that we can
all get on that path to living a healthy
life style by providing information on
how to stay healthy and what options
might be available.
Watching older friends and family
members being stricken by
debilitating diseases, which might
have been preventable with informed
and healthy life style choices, is
heartbreaking. I hope that we can take
control of how we would like to age,
preferably healthy of course, and
maybe, even gracefully. We are
always researching the latest findings
on how diet and exercises can help
prevent disease, keep us healthy, fit
and active well into our golden years.
We found, that we have to
‘MOVE’, simple. In order to keep
things working properly, we have to
do a bit of work. The trick is to find
the “Work-Out” that you are willing
to stick with and that you look
forward to doing because you 'like' it.
I recently heard someone say, “I
stopped going to the gym, I hate it, I
never liked it, and I just don’t want to
do it anymore.” Well of course, if you
hate something why would you do it?
These days there are many FREE
choices of work-out activities around
town for you to try and see if there is
something that works for you. Maybe
you don’t like being inside. Have you
noticed all the exercise equipment in
Miami-Dade parks? The equipment is
installed there for YOUR use and the
best part is, that it’s FREE for you to
use. There’s no need to sign up with a
costly gym when you can just walk to
your local county park’s ‘Fitness
Zones’ to take advantage of this fun
activity with your entire family. Our
City wants us to be fit!
To remind families of the
importance of physical activities, the
last Saturday in September is set aside
for everyone to participate in the
annual Family Health & Fitness Day.
Families are encouraged to participate
in family oriented events at parks,
schools, healthcare organizations, and
YMCA/YWCA facilities on
September 24, 2016. This event, in its
20th year, focuses on the positive
impact that regular physical activity
plays on one’s health, as well as on
the family unit as a whole by inspiring
families to get out and get moving
together. Be sure to get your family
involved on Family Health & Fitness
Day by taking them out to play a sport
or a game, go for a walk, or engage in
any other activity that gets everyone
involved and moving as a family!
Moms, daughters, sisters and even
grandmothers, can get together on
Wednesday, September 28, 2016, for
the nation’s largest annual health
promotion event for women, when
National Women’s Health & Fitness
Day, takes place across the country.
This event focuses on women’s health
and the important role that regular
physical activity plays in it. More than
500 groups across the United States
will take the time to host health and
fitness events for women at a variety
of venues including health facilities,
senior centers and parks. It will be a
day filled with fun activities all aimed
to encourage women to take control of
their personal health and to find the
time to get engaged in physical
activities on a regular basis.
Many now parks offer Free Yoga
Classes. Over 21 million Americans
have already tried and are enjoying
practicing the mindful work-out that
is, Yoga. Here are some locations that
offer free classes: North East - The
Little Haiti Cultural Center offer Free
(donations welcomed) Yoga classes to
the beat of the drums on Thursdays,
6:00pm, at 212 NE 59th Terrace.
305-960-2969. Downtown there are at
least three (3) free classes weekly
(many others by donations) taught by
certified yoga teachers at Bayfront
Park, (Tina Hills Pavilion) every
Monday & Wednesday: 6:00pm and
Saturday: 9:00am. Participants must
be at least 18 years old. All welcomed
from beginners, to intermediate, and
advanced. In the event of rain, classes
take place inside the Bayfront Park
office. Info: 305-358-7550 The
trendy Upper Eastside classes are held
beneath the beautiful shady oak trees
at Legion Park, 6447 NE 7th Ave,
10am, Saturday mornings. Led by
Anamargret Sanchez of the Daily
Offering Yoga, who reminds us, that
“We are only as young as our spines
are flexible.” Instructors embrace an
assortment of yoga styles. info:
(305) 456-6406 or
At the Beaches: Green Monkey studio
offers FREE power Yoga classes at
various locations in Miami Beach and
in Coral Gables. If you’re serious
about getting in shape and being the
strongest you can possibly be, you
might want to show up on any given
Monday or Wednesday night 6pm at
North Beach, with an Ocean View on
the Patio of the UNIDAD Community
Center, North Shore Park, 7275
Collins Ave, also at Collins Park, in
front of the Bass Museum, 2100
Collins Ave, Other classes are held
Saturday at 5pm, in South Beach at
South Pointe Park, 1 Washington Ave,
info: 305-673-7779 or
So go forth and get your Zen on!
Please bring your own mat, water and
towel. You will be asked to sign a
waiver. These are just a few of the
many places where you can practice
yoga. Pending weather, it might be a
good idea to confirm before heading
out to make sure classes are still
scheduled for that day.
Clinical Office Manager
September is national
ovarian cancer
awareness month, and
we at the BMC
Women’s Health
Department want to
share with our
treasured patients and readers some
potentially lifesaving information
concerning this disease. Cancer is a
rapid overgrowing of abnormal cells.
Ovarian cancer is an overgrowth of
these abnormal cells within the
ovaries of a female’s body. Some risk
factors that your medical provider will
take into account when you come in
for your annual checkup are:
(have already gone through
greater than 30
pregnancy after the age of 35
>>p 15
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
federal pague
parte de la deuda
isleña. La misma no pide que se use
dinero de los
Todavía no se sabe la
contribuyentes estadounidenses.
situación final del
Pero también es importante recordar
proyecto cameral federal que la actual deuda no es culpa de
permitiendo una
ninguna administración PNP ni PPD
restructaración de la
en particular, sino de las dos. Vean las
deuda de Puerto Rico bajo cifras:
ciertas condiciones, entre ellas la
* Luis Muñoz Marín - Heredó una
desagradable de crear una junta federal deuda de $79 millones, mas o menos el
sindical de supervisión a las finanzas
11% del GDP (total de ingresos brutos
de la isla. Importante de saber es que la de la isla) de entonces (unos $800
medida no implica que el gobierno
millones). Dejó una deuda de unos
$910 millones.
* Roberto Sánchez Vilella - Dejó una
deuda de $1.47 billones.
* Luis A. Ferré - Dejó una deuda de
$3 billones.
* Rafael Hernández Colón (primer
período) - Dejó deuda de $5.95
* Carlos Romero Barceló - Dejó
deuda de $8.80 billones.
* Rafael Hernández Colón (segundo
término) - Dejó deuda de $14.25
* Pedro Roselló - Dejó deuda de
$27.15 billones.
* Sila Calderón - Dejó deuda de
$40.26 billones.
* Anibal Acevedo Vilá - Dejó deuda
de $58.40 billones.
* Luis Fortuño - Dejó deuda de $64
García Padilla intentó aliviar la
situación mediante varias iniciativas,
entre ellas reformar el Sistema de
Retiro de los Maestros, cuyo déficit ¡es
de mas de $26 billones¡ También
prometió el gobernador reducir la
deuda actual a la mitad…pero acabó
subiéndose el sueldo de él y su gente.
En el actual proyecto se estudia reducir
el salario mínimo federal. ¿Todavía les
gusta el ‘mantengo’?
Noticias de PUERTO RICO
Noticias de AQUI
*** La Autoridad de Energía
Eléctrica de Puerto Rico anunció que
pedirá un aumento del 20% en sus ya
abultadas facturas a los
consumidores. Con ello, la AEE
espera ayudar en la reestructuración
de su actual deuda de $9 Billones y
reducir su dependencia en el petróleo.
El aumento sería progresivo,
empezando en agosto con un 10% a
los consumidores residenciales,
llegando a un 23% a mediados del
2017. Los comercios e industrias
comenzarían con un aumento de un
4% que se elevaría al 22% o 24%. La
ciudadanía ha puesto el grito en cielo
ya que en Puerto Rico hoy se paga
casi el doble de lo que se paga en
La AEE solicita un aumento en sus facturas.
*** La Comisionada de Seguros de
Puerto Rico, Angela Weyne (quién
una vez fuera clienta de nuestro
‘publisher’ Francisco Guell, como
presidenta de South Continental
Insurance Agency), aseguró a la
prensa que lo peor ya pasó en el
asunto de los ajustes en
recapitalización y sobrantes de las
aseguradoras, causado por el
desplome de los bonos de Puerto
Rico. Según sus datos, al cierre del
2015, las
aseguradoras tenían
aproximadamente $243
millones en
bonos de
Puerto Rico,
algo menos
de la mitad
que en el
La Comisionada de Seguros
tenían una
afirma lo peor ya pasó.
inversión de
unos $418 millones. “La suscripción
conservadora de nuestros
aseguradores ha logrado que
mantengan sus niveles, posición y
solvencia”, expresó la Comisionada.
*** La compañía YouGov realizó
una encuesta entre 2,000
norteamericanos, del 6 al 9 de mayo
pasado, preguntando sobre qué
sabían del status de Puerto Rico. La
consulta demostró que el 56% no
sabe a ciencia cierta cual es la
nacionalidad de los puertorriqueños.,
quienes desde 1917/18 tienen la
ciudadanía estadounidense por
nacimiento. Un 41% contestó que su
ciudadanía sería “puertorriqueña”, el
15% no estuvo seguro y solo un 43%
contestó correctamente. Preguntados
sobre cuál debería ser el status de
Puerto Rico, un 20% dijo que
“independiente”, un 29% dijo que
debería ‘anexionarse a EEUU’, el
25% dijo que debería seguir como
está, y un 26% no tiene clara la
situación. Un 66% dijo que no está
siguiendo de cerca la actual crisis
financiera de la isla y solo un 7%
dijo que lo hacía.
de esa región.
La selección de
volleyball de
Puerto Rico capturó el boleto a los
Juegos al arrollar a la representación
de Kenia en tres cómodos parciales
en el Coliseo Roberto Clemente de
Hato Rey. Con ello se unieron a
Brasil, China, Serbia, Estados
Unidos, Rusia, Japón, Argentina,
Camerún, Italia, Holanda y Corea del
Sur como los equipos clasificados.
**Dieron de alta a Prichard Colón,
anunció el padre del boxeador a
través de Facebook. Tras 221 dias en
un centro de rehabilitación en
Georgia, Prichard Colón Meléndez
ya se encuentra en la casa de su
madre, Nieve Meléndez, en Orlando
Florida. Colón quedó en coma luego
de su pelea con Terrell Williams en
Fairfax, Virginia. “Prichard sigue en
coma, pero estable. Los médicos lo
dieron de alta, para seguir
recuperando en su hogar, en donde
esperamos ese calor hogareño lo
ayude a salir del estado comatoso”,
expresó su padre.
*** El puertorriqueño
Carlos Beltrán se acercó
al museo de los
inmortales del béisbol
cuando conectó el cuadrangular
número 400 de su carrera,
convirtiéndose en el 54vo. toletero en
la historia de las Grandes Ligas que
lo consigue. Bateando a la mano
derecha en la parte baja de la sexta
entrada, el nativo de Manatí
desapareció el lanzamiento del
relevista zurdo Zach Duke de los
Medias Blancas.
***El ex astro de los Yankees de
Nueva York, el boricua Bernie
Williams desfiló entre un centenar de
jóvenes de la Escuela de Música de
Manhattan para así alcanzar un logro
más en su vida. El ganador de cuatro
Series Mundiales en Grandes Ligas,
obtuvo su diploma de bachillerato en
composición de Jazz, su otra pasión
además del béisbol en el que militó
por 16 años.
*** Puerto Rico clasifica
por 1ª vez a Olimpiadas en
volleyball femenino. Podrían ESCUCHE A
llamarse las 'Nuevas
en Z-92.3 FM - Lunes a Viernes:
Morenas del Caribe', pues
Show de la Mañana - Sábados: 9:00 AM,
será el único representante
Tributo a los Grandes
*** El mes pasado
falleció en Miami el
veterano hombre de
radio, periodista y
publicitario, Pepín Navarro (José
Fortuño). Pepín, comenzó en la
Radio Progreso, en Cuba, antes de
trasladarse a Puerto Rico, donde
vivió mas de 30 años, durante los
cuales programó, dirigió y/o fundó
innumerables estaciones radiales en
la isla, en la vecina República
Domimicana, y en la Florida. En
Puerto Rico,
se hizo
famoso al
programar y
dirigir su
de ventas, a
la emisora
la cual
Recientemente falleció
convirtió en
en Miami, Pepín Navarro
una de las
mayor éxito en San Juan. Mas tarde,
ayudó a fundar otra, con el mismo
nombre, aquí en Miami. Le sobrevive
su esposa Lilian Manito y dos hijos
de anteriores matrimonios.
*** Puerto Ricans Organized
Overseas in Florida (PROOF),
celebró hace poco su tradicional
Torneo de Domino y Pasadía
Familiar, en el North Trail Park, de
Miami. PROOF es presidida por el
Dr. Héctor Collazo y es actualmente
la organización puertorriqueña activa
mas antigua del Sur de la Florida, y
un verdadero ejemplo para las demás
organizaciones en términos de
actividades a miembros e invitados.
LAS 10
Colaboración de
1) BIEN: Esta es la palabra que usan
las mujeres para terminar una
discusión cuando creen que tienen
razón y te tienes que quedar callado.
2) 5 MINUTOS: Si la mujer se está
vistiendo significa media hora. Si tú
estas viendo el juego de baloncesto
del año y tienes que salir con ella,
son sólo 5 minutos.
3) NADA: Peligro. La calma antes de
la tempestad. Debes estar alerta.
Discusiones que empiezan con
NADA normalmente terminan con
BIEN (leer punto 1).
desafío, casi una trampa, no un
permiso. Ni se te ocurra hacerlo.
5) GRAN SUSPIRO: Es como una
palabra, pero no verbal. Los hombres
no lo saben interpretar. Un GRAN
SUSPIRO significa que ella piensa
que eres un idiota y se pregunta por
Un grupo de socios de PROOF disfruta
su dominito.
*** El Centro Cultural de Puerto
Rico en el Sur de la Florida celebró
su actividad “Recordando la
Constitución al son de Plena”, con
Pedro Vilanova y sus Pleneros, el
pasado 24 de Julio en la Hacienda La
Isabella (18290 SW 122 St., Miami,
FL 33196). Como siempre, además
de buena música y buena compañía
y camaraderia Boricua, El Centro
ofreció antojitos criollos a precios
***El Departamento de Educación
federal calcula que mas de 1.3 niños
sin techo están asistiendo a clases en
este país. La mayoría ocurre en
edades pre-escolares y 9no. grado,
según CNS News. En Tennessee, el
número se duplicó del 2013 al 2014.
En Alabama, al contrario, el
porciento bajó un 35% en el mismo
periodo. CNS informa que en 2011,
Alabama pasó algunas de las
restricciones mas fuertes a
inmigrantes. Muchos de estos niños
viven en refugios para deambulantes
o residencias temporeras, otros están
en espera de ser colocados en ‘foster
homes’…y algunos viven de día a
día en carros, parques y otros lugares
que está perdiendo su tiempo
peleando contigo.
6) OK: Es una de las palabras mas
peligrosas que una mujer puede decir
a un hombre. Significa que una mujer
necesita pensar muy bien antes de
decidir cómo y cuando hacértelas
pagar...en otro momento.
7) GRACIAS: Si una mujer te
agradece algo; no hagas preguntas o
no te desmayes; quiere sólo dar las
gracias (pero si dice MUCHAS
GRACIAS no te está dando las
gracias de verdad...y eso no se va a
quedar ahí).
8)COMO QUIERAS: Es el modo
gentil de la mujer para decir ¡¡¡ándate
a “buen sitio”.....!!!!
LO HAGO: Otra frase peligrosa.
Significa que una mujer te pidió algo
varias veces, pero se dió por vencida
y va a hacerlo ella. Esto llevará al
hombre a preguntar “¿pero qué hice
de malo?” La respuesta de la mujer
es el punto número 3.
10)¿QUIEN ES?: Esta es sólo una
angelical pregunta, pero cada vez que
una mujer pregunta '¿quién es?' en
realidad te está preguntando:
CONTIGO? Ojo, mucho ojo.
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Disclaimer: The articles in this newspaper are provided for and contain general information about various health care topics. The information may not be complete or comprehensive. You should not rely on the information in this
newspaper as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or healthcare provider. Nothing contained in this newspaper should be construed nor is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in
place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers. Should you have any healthcare related questions, please call or see your physician or other qualified healthcare providers promptly. Always consult with
your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before embarking on a new treatment, diet or fitness program.
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
La Opinion Del Caribe
Noticias de Cuba
*** República Dominicana y Cuba
están haciendo un esfuerzo por
aumentar las relaciones comerciales
entre ambos países y están
actualmente discutiendo la
posibilidad de establecer
encadenamientos productivos para
elaborar y producir distintos bienes y
productos. Esto significa que el
producto podría comenzar a
elaborarse en Dominicana y
terminarse en Cuba, o viceversa.
Cuba y República Dominicana
tuvieron un intercambio comercial
entre el 2011 y el 2015 que ascendió
a US$385.88 millones, con una tasa
de crecimiento promedio de 8.5 %,
pasando así de US$61.70 millones en
2011 a US$92.89 millones en el
Hay escacez de helados en Cuba, hasta en Coppelia
obsoleto y la dificultad de transporte
de la leche. Sea cual sea la razón, lo
cierto es que Coppelia está cerrando
muchas veces mas temprano en
algunos días, y en otros no abre. Esto
provoca grandes colas en el
establecimiento. Se alega también que
en el mercado negro se han visto
recipientes grandes de helado para
venderse “a trasmano”.
*** Hace escasa semanas, el
vicepresidente del Consejo de
Ministros de Cuba, Ricardo Cabrisas,
y la embajadora de Suiza en La
Habana, Ms. Krauer Müller, firmaron
un acuerdo multilateral entre la isla y
un grupo de países acreedores del
Club de París, en La Habana, para la
regularización de la deuda contraída
Cuba y República Dominicana aumentarán sus
relaciones comerciales.
por Cuba. La isla llegó el pasado 12
de diciembre a un acuerdo con los
*** El pésimo estado de la
quince países acreedores del Club de
industria lechera cubana, que el año
París, para reestructurar su deuda de
pasado dejó de entregar 937,000 litros 11,100 millones de dólares en
de leche, se está apreciando en un
impagos desde 1986. Los acreedores
inesperado renglón, la escacez de
perdonaron a Cuba 8,500 millones de
helado aún en la conocida Heladería dólares que correspondían a intereses
Coppelia, de L y 23, en el Vedado,
y Cuba se comprometió a pagar los
anteriormente llamada “la catedral del 2,600 millones restantes en un plazo
helado”. Se aduce que el problema en de 18 años.
la industria es causado por equipo
Noticias de Venezuela
*** El “bachaqueo” domina el
comercio en Venezuela. Bachaqueo
es la práctica ilegal de comprar
productos básicos, la mayoría de las
veces haciendo filas en la madrugada
donde quiera estén vendiendo algo, y
luego irse a otra esquina a
revenderlos a 4 y 5 veces lo que
pagaron. Según el Banco Central de
Venezuela, la inflación llegó el año
pasado hasta el 180,9%. El Fondo
Monetario Internacional opina que
este año superará el 700%. La
violencia registra niveles nunca antes
vistos pero la población se arriesga a
este mercado negro nocturnal. “Que
la mitad de la población se dedique a
adquirir masivamente los productos
de primera necesidad para
revendérselos a la otra mitad a cien
veces su precio…es un acto
genocida”, comentó Miguel Ángel
Campos, sociólogo de la Universidad
de Zulia.
*** Dos aerolíneas, Lufthansa y
Latam , han anunciado la próxima
cancelación de vuelos a Venezuela.
Las dos compañías alegan lo mismo,
el escenario caótico de la economía
de Venezuela, el estado de excepción
y emergencia declarado por el
Gobierno de Nicolás Maduro y las
dificultades para cambiar las
ganancias en bolívares, la moneda
local, a dólares estadounidenses o a
El bachaqueo domina el comercio.
*** El secretario general de la
Organización de Estados Americanos
(OEA), Luis Almagro, activó en dias
pasados la Carta Democrática del
organismo para Venezuela, un paso
nunca dado que abre un proceso que
podría llevar a su suspensión de la
entidad. “ La crisis institucional de
Venezuela demanda cambios
inmediatos en las acciones del Poder
Ejecutivo", señaló Almagro
recientemente en su extenso
documento, "a riesgo de caer en
forma inmediata en una situación de
Noticias de Nicaragua
*** Según la ex comandante
guerrillera Dora María Téllez y de
Carlos Tünnermann, al actual
presidente de Nicaragua, Daniel
Ortega, lo ciega el ansia de continuar
en el poder. Ortega quiere postularse
por séptima vez a la Presidencia de la
República. “Esto demuestra el control
absoluto que tiene del partido, donde
no hay debate, discusión ni opinion
de mas nadie que él”, expresó
Tünnermann, exdiplomático y
analista politico nicaraguense, quién
añadió, “Incluso con Somoza, había
debates en las asambleas, pero eso no
lo vemos en el actual Frente
Sandinista”. La exguerrillera es de la
misma opinión, “Ortega es el dueño
del Frente Sandinista. El seguirá
siendo candidato hasta que se muera
porque esto es una dinastía orteguista,
una dictadura familiar, creado a base
de la cooperación venezolana”. Según
analistas, con unas elecciones
nacionales medianamente honestas,
Ortega perdería el poder porque hay
una oposición unida a través de la
Coalición Nacional por la
*** Roger Alvarado, ex fiscal
miembro de la Unidad
Anticorrupción del Ministerio
Público, dijo a la prensa que debería
investigarse a fondo a los
funcionarios envueltos en la alegada
malversación de fondos públicos en la
Alcaldía de Managua por simulación
de contratos para la ornamentación
del Paseo Xolotlán y el parque
temático Belén. Se alega que Fidel
Moreno, secretario del municipio,
autorizó el pago de mas de
US$50,000 para construir el parque
temático, escondidos dentro de un
contrato llamado “Reparación de
andenes en calles de barrios y
avenidas de Managua”. Alvarado
opinó que este es solo la punta del
“iceberg” en este tema.
Noticias de República Dominicana
*** Tras una larga espera, la Junta Juan Bosch y encabezó uno de los
Central Electoral otorgó al Partido de grupos que se opuso al Coronel
la Liberación Dominicana (PLD) la
victoria en las pasadas elecciones,
reeligiendo al Presidente Danilo
Medina al cargo. El PLD tuvo el
61.70% de los votos mientras que la
oposición, el Partido Revolucionario
Moderno (PRM) obtuvo el 35.09%. A
nivel municipal, el alcalde del
Distrito Nacional, Roberto Salcedo,
perdió frente a su opositor David
Falleció el General Imbert Barrera
Collado. Salcedo llevaba 14 años en
el cargo.
Francisco Caamaño en su intento de
devolver a Bosch a la presidencia, en
lo que se llamó “La Guerra de Abril”.
Tras esta, fue brevemente presidente
provisional del país, en 1965. Con su
renuncia al cargo, terminó dicha
Guerra, dejando a Héctor García
Godoy, como presidente provisional.
El estado le confirió el rango de
General de por vida, asi como el
título de ‘Héroe Nacional”, que
muchos ciudadanos aprobaban y otros
*** El gobierno construirá un largo
Danilo Medina fue reelecto presidente de
túnel en la avenida capitalina 27 de
Febrero, que irá desde la Avenida
Privada y cruzará las intersecciones
*** A fines del mes pasado, falleció de la Plaza de la Bandera y de la
el General Antonio Imbert Barrera,
Isabel Aguiar, para tratar de
considerado héroe nacional por gran solucionar los tapones que allí se
parte de los dominicanos. Imbert,
forman. Ya se comenzó a trabajar en
nacido en Puerto Plata, en 1920,
las rampas de entrada y salida al
formó parte del grupo conspirador
túnel. Se entiende que los actuales
que asesinó al dictador Rafael
tapones se deben a, entre otras cosas,
Leonidas Trujillo, en 1961. Además que en el 2015 entraron a circular
de Luis Amiama Tió, fue el único
20,000 nuevos vehículos y a la falta
sobreviviente del grupo tras las
de educación en manejo de muchos
represalias del gobierno trujillista.
Dos años mas tarde, participó en el
cada cinco años, como está
golpe de estado contra el presidente
contemplado legalmente.
Noticias de Haití
*** Según la Red de Sistemas de
Alerta Temprana contra la Hambruna
(Fews Net), 3.6 millones de haitianos
(la tercera parte de la población)
viven hoy en una situación de crisis
fase 3. Es decir, una situación de
inseguridad alimentaria aguda. El
Programa Mundial de Alimentos
(PMA) señala que la falta de agua (el
país lleva tres años de sequía
extrema) ha provocado la pérdida del
70% de los cultivos que habían en el
2015. El país prácticamente vive de
su agricultura. Se calcula que 1.5
millones pasan hambre. Esta cifra es
el doble de la que existía hace tan
solo 6 meses. La pregunta clásica
obligatoria es ¿qué ha pasado con los
millones de dólares que se recaudaron
para ayudar a Haití después del
trágico terremoto que la sacudió y
destruyó no hace tantos años?
*** Cicilia Laurent, nacida en
Enero 31, 1896, según su pasaporte
haitiano y una copia de su certificado
de nacimiento, había celebrado su
cumpleaños número 120 con un
enorme bizcocho, cuando falleció
recientemente en Montreal, Canada,
según el Consulado de Haití en dicha
ciudad. Cicilia falleció rodeada del
cariño de sus hijos, nietos, biznietos,
tataranietos y amigos. Un biznieto,
Ronald Chery, expresó que oficiales
del Guinness Records estaban
investigando en Haiti la veracidad de
los documentos pues la fallecida
estaba considerada la mujer de mayor
edad del mundo, pero representantes
de la compañía negaron dicha
*** El Indice General de Precios
del Consumidor enseñó un aumento
promedio de 15.2% en Haiti para el
2016, comparado con los precios del
2004. Las comidas, bebidas y tabaco
mostraron un aumento anual de 0.9%;
ropa, textiles y zapatos aumentaron
un 0.8% anual; renta de hogar,
energía y agua, subió un 1.4%, y
otros bienes y servicios enseñaron
una subida del 1% anual.
Noticias Variadas del Caribe
El gobierno de Dominica está
defendiendo el controversial
programa “Citizenship by
Investment” (ciudadanía a cambio de
inversiones) afirmando que el mismo
ha contribuído significativamente al
desarrollo socio-económico de la isla.
El Primer Ministro Roosevelt Skerrit
expresó que han habido muchas
malas interpretaciones sobre como
algunos inversionistas extranjeros
obtienen la ciudadanía de Dominica a
cambio de invertir en áreas
específicas del país. El CIP promueve
la inversión en los sectores agrícolas y
de manufactura. Según Skerrit, la
investigación de los candidatos se
hace por firmas reconocidas
internacionalmente, algunas de las
cuales mantienen relaciones con el
FBI, MI5 y MI6.
Las cortes salvadoreñas liberaron a
Maria Teresa Rivera, condenada a 40
años en 2012 por un aborto en su
casa, tras un largo proceso de
apelación contra las duras leyes
antiaborto del país. El juez admitió
que “hubo debilidades en la autopsia
realizada al cadaver del niño” y que se
carecían de “elementos probatorios
que determinaran que fuera ella la que
le quitara la vida a su hijo”.
Rivera, hoy de 32 años, perdió al feto
de 21 semanas por un alegado
problema obstétrico que le causó una
grave hemorragia que obligó a
llevarla al hospital, donde los
médicos dieron parte a la policía. En
El Salvador, uno de los países con
mayor porciento de embarazos
adolescentes de Latinoamérica, el
aborto está prohibido en cualquier
circunstancia. Da igual que la vida de
la madre corra peligro o que la
gestación sea debida a violación o
incesto. La pena mínima es de ocho
años y la máxima 50 años.
Marion James, de 44 años, se
convirtió en el primer autor
jamaiquino en recibir el Premio Man
Booker, por su libro “A Brief History
of Seven Killings”, basado en un
intento de asesinato a Bob Marley en
los años 70s. El premio otorga la
cantidad de 67,000 euros.
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
¡Llegue a miles!
Usted puede ahora hacer que su
mensaje impacte mas de
75 mil personas de la comunidad cada mes,
en Inglés, o en su sección en Español,
La Opinión de Puerto Rico.
Image courtesy of stockimages at
Para anunciarse en
The Voice of the Caribbean de la
Borinquen Medical Centers
of Miami-Dade, llame:
INGLES: Ben Neji; 305-576-6611
[email protected]
ESPAÑOL: Paco Guell; 305-505-3294
[email protected]
Informe de Departamento
de Estado sobre el
Narcotráfico internacional
El Departamento de Estado de EEUU
envió recientemente su reporte anual
sobre el Narcotráfico Mundial al
Congreso federal. En el mismo se
señala que Bolivia y Venezuela,
además de Birmania, son los países
del mundo donde existe un “fracaso
demostrable” en implementar sus
obligaciones internacionales en la
lucha contra las drogas.
Entre los mayores productores y
países de tránsito de drogas del mundo
se encuentran también Colombia,
México, Costa Rica, República
Dominicana, Ecuador, Perú, El
Salvador, Guatemala, Haití, Honduras,
Nicaragua, Panamá y Belice, según el
informe del Departamento de Estado.
El informe se refiere al 2015, y está
basado en las recomendaciones
emitidas por el presidente de Estados
Unidos, Barack Obama, en septiembre
pasado, cuando designó a Bolivia,
Venezuela y Birmania como
responsables de una política fallida en
la lucha antidrogas en los doce meses
Aunque esa denominación puede
implicar sanciones de Estados Unidos,
el Presidente recomendó en este caso
al Congreso que no interrumpa la
ayuda económica a Venezuela y
Birmania, porque hacerlo está “en el
interés nacional de Estados Unidos”,
según el Departamento de Estado.
Mujeres que han sido
candidatas a Presidente
En vista de la actual campaña
presidenciasl, todos pensamos que la
senadora Hillary Clinton es la primera
mujer que corre como candidata a la
mas alta posición ejecutiva de la
nación, y al momento de escribir esto,
es, aparentemente, el candidate con
mayor probabilidades de lograrlo.
Pero los libros de historia nos dicen
que han habido tres anteriormente.
Victoria Woodhull (1838-1927)
Como candidata a la presidencia
nacional por el Partido de Derechos
Iguales (Equal Rights), fue la primera
mujer en luchar por la posición. Tenía
32 años de edad y recibió una increíble
oposición de la prensa. Antes de su
candidatura, Woodhull tuvo muchos
Victoria Claflin Woodhull by Mathew Brady
c1870. Created: between 1866 and 1873
históricos “primera vez”…fue la
primera mujer en hablarle a un comité
congressional y en trabajar como
corredora de valores en Wall Street.
Curiosamente tenía un fascinante
pasado como ‘sanadora espiritual’ y no
tenía una educación formal.
Margaret Chase Smith (1897-1995).
Smith fue la primera mujer en ocupar
sillas en ambas cámaras del Congreso
y fue la prtimera mujer en representar
al estado de Maine en ellas. Fue una
firme oponente al McCarthismo en un
momento en que hasta los legisladores
tenían miedo del histérico ‘caza
comunistas’. Smith anunció su
candidatura en enero de 1964 y fue la
primera mujer candidate a la
nominación presidencial por uno de los
dos partidos principales.
Shirley Chisholm (1924-2005). Ella
fue la primera congresista afroamericana, y el primer afro-americano
en correr para president del país,
nominación a dicha candidature que
buscó en 1972 por el Partido
Demócrata. Llegó hasta la convención
tras sufrir varios intentos de asesinato.
Tuvo que demandar para conseguir
que la incluyeran en los debates por tv.
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
The Power of Appreciation
One of my
authors and
Dr. Wayne
Dyer, has
said, “The
secret to
is to stop
focusing on
what you
1. Look for the good in others.
It is not always easy to find the good in
another person. However, it is there if
you look for it. Focusing on what is
good will help you recognize the
goodness that is happening around you
as well as find ways to acknowledge the
good in others.
2. Express gratitude to others often.
Say “thank you” to others at every
opportunity. People never tire of
hearing words of sincere appreciate.
Hand-written notes are nearly a thing of
do not have, and shift your
the past, but are so appreciated. Take a
consciousness to an appreciation of all
few minutes at the end of each week to
that you are and all that you do have.”
hand-write a “thank you” note to a
Thinking about Dr. Dyer’s words
customer, a friend, an employee or
brought an awareness about how often
someone you appreciate.
we focus on what is lacking in our lives. 3. Take time to appreciate yourself.
On a daily basis, we are bombarded
Don't wait for others to acknowledge
with messages reminding us of what is
you. Allow yourself to reflect on your
missing. From songs that drone on
actions and accomplishments at the end
about lost love, to ads that remind us
of each day and truly appreciate
that we are not good-looking enough,
yourself. You deserve it! You may feel
healthy enough or smart enough, the
uncomfortable at first. Try easing into
stream of a lack of
self-appreciation by writing down
5 things you
“There is more hunger for love are
of each
and appreciation in this world evening
You only
have to listen to
than for bread.”
our daily chatter
for a few
minutes to hear
the focus on lack.
How many times do you hear people
4. Begin the day with an attitude of
say things like, I didn't get enough
sleep, I don't have the energy, I don't
There is so much to be grateful for if
have enough time, I don't have enough
you choose to focus on it. As you
money, I don't have enough
continue with this exercise on a daily
__________ (just fill in the blank)…
basis, you will begin to notice that
confidence, help, appreciation, talent,
being grateful opens the possibility for
education, and on and on and on. What
increased blessing and goodness in your
we focus on expands. We create more
of it with our thoughts and words. If we
are not careful, we will miss the
Pat Morgan, MBA and Professional
richness and goodness that we have.
Coach, works with busy professionals
What could our world look like if we to become more profitable and
shifted our focus to what we have
productive by capitalizing on their
instead of what we lack? Try these tips
strengths and taking focused action to
for expressing gratitude and see what
create powerful change.
magic you create.
Every 67 Seconds Someone in the U.S.
Develops Alzheimer’s
If you are a Caregiver to someone with Alzheimer's
or Dementia, this course can help you.
Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s
- Memory loss, Decreased or poor judgment,
changes in mood/personality
Hands-on Care
- Safety (preventing falls)
- Medication management
- Behavior management
- Feeding / Aspiration
- Turning / Lifting Techniques
Challenges of Caregiving
And more…
Please inquire about dates and times available for registration. Course to be
held at various locations in Miami-Dade. Ask about Scholarships and
Respite Care, if needed.
(305) 856-8940
EXT. 102
BMC’S Rock Star Kids!
Here at Borinquen Medical Centers
(BMC), not only are our employees
rock stars, their kids are rock stars,
too! Some are already showing signs
of just what wonderful, talented and
amazing humans they will become.
And it’s not just the little ones that are
making waves in the activities and
sports they love, many of their adult
children are excelling in their
passions and professions, too! Let’s
take a look at a handful of these
amazing ‘kids’ and check out their
impressive achievements.
Congrats to all of our Grads!
What a proud year for Borinquen’s
kids! This year a
bunch of BMC
kids graduated
from every
scholastic level of
academics from
pre-kindergarten to
Congratulations to
all the hard
working students!
We continue to be totally impressed
with BMC’s Rock Star Kids’
achievements. Many happy and proud
parents and grandparents wanted to
share their excitement and delight in
their children’s accomplishments.
Long-tenured Milagros Sifonte is
super proud of her granddaughter,
Ariana and sent us the following
words from the parents, Jose and
Suheily Nazario, “We just wanted to
share how proud we are about our
daughter's achievements. She has
been a Borinquen Health Care Center
patient since she was born in 2003
and she has always been seen by Dr.
Ileana Fuentes. Now, with only 13
years old she just finished Middle
School and is on her way to High
School. In this past award ceremony
she received the Presidential Award
sent by the President of the United
States, she also received recognition
for her roles in the National Junior
Honor Society, and for having a 4.00
GPA during the whole year. We are
so proud of her.”
graduated with full cap and gown and
was awarded a diploma from
Kindergarten at the Gertrude K.
Edelman Elementary this past June
3rd, 2016, and is moving on to first
grade. Joanah's sweet littlest daughter,
Nancilee Destima, at 4 years old just
graduated Pre-K at Sable Palm
Edelman Elementary school and is
headed to Kindergarten next year!
In another proud moment for this
editor, one of my
many nieces,
Alyssa Lenae,
has graduated
from high school
with honors and
is headed to
college in the
fall. Pictured here
“Alyssa” sporting
her honor Bengal
Cords of Pride in
the school colors
she received for
TV Production.
The proud dad,
Andrea Acevedo
had this to say,
“Congrats Baby!!! Proud of you and
love you with all my heart! I can't
believe you are a High School
graduate! Where did the time go?
You still my baby Girl though.”
I feel the need for speed!
We all get a kick out of how these
cute kids love to zip around in their
toy race cars & motorcycles & things
that go. Check out these cool kids!
Odile Lora, Executive Assistant,
Medical Affairs, reveals that her son,
Eli Noboa Lora at just 3 1/2 years old
has already developed a passion for
horseback riding. He is a natural at it
and is shaping up to be an expert
rider. When he's not trotting around
on a mare’s back, he's speeding down
the side walk in his race car, another
one of his passions. The precocious
Eli is fascinated by dinosaurs and
boasts a collection to rival any natural
history museum.
Human Resources Specialist,
Yosjany Mesa shares that her son,
“Likes and is passionate about riding
motorcycles and driving cars….
Vroom vroom!” But wait, there's
more - - when he's not zipping around
on one of his favorite bikes, little
Patient Services Representative,
Florence Denis, is full of pride and so
pleased that her daughter, Kimberly
Dumay is going into the 5th grade
with the highest of honors. Florence
says, "I'm the proud mother of a
beautiful and very smart little girl, my
Xavier Jesus Gonzalez, is fond of
is bursting
singing and can be heard belting out
with pride
his favorite tunes around the house in
and is
both English and Spanish! "He likes
to sing, Hasta Que Seque el
excited to share Malecon, Little Einstein's theme song,
that both of her A Whole New World, PJ Masks'
theme song, the list goes on and on."
little girls are
advancing onto laughs Yosjany.
Great job everyone! Hopefully you
the next grade
level. The proud are all enjoying your well-deserved
summer vacation and we wish you all
mama's oldest
the best of luck in your future
Gracey Destima undertakings.
Don’t Forget to
Check Us Out
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Fruits, Veggies &
the Fight Against
Victor "Vic" Manuel Torres Jr., a Democratic member
BMC did in the community and its mission, and was
of the Florida House of Representatives, since 2012,
impressed that the majority of a patient’s medical
for the 48th District, which includes parts of Orlando
needs could be taken care of all in one place.
in Orange County, was in South Florida recently
It is of the upmost importance to meet with these
Registered Dietician and
meeting with
representatives so
Nutritionist, with ANNA SMITH constituencies and
that they understand
With the start of a new school community leaders.
that our mission
year, a question comes to
The Rep. was already
provides access to
mind; what will you be putting acquainted with
health care to
into your child’s lunch boxes Borinquen Medical
thousands of people
this year?
Centers of Miamiin our community.
September not only brings awareness to the
Dade (BMC)’s
These types of “meet
importance of eating more fruits and veggies, it is also
Senior Staff and
and greets” are a
Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Studies in obesity Board Members
starting point for
are showing that many adults facing obesity problems
since they had
building a
trace their roots to their childhood years. A recently
previously met in
relationship with
published article in the Miami Herald titled Are Standing Tallahassee during
future legislators.
Desks the Solution for Childhood Obesity, tackled one of the opening of
Pictured from Left:
the contributing factors to this major health issue. The
“Session” when the
Mrs. Eva Perez, BMC
article discussed the growing interest in placing standing Florida Association
Board Chair; Karyn
desks in schools as a response to the obesity epidemic in of Community
the United States, as sedentariness is believed to be a
Health Centers, (FACHC) held its annual Legislative
Councilmember, District-1, The Village of Palmetto
major contributor to obesity. However, let us not forget
Bay and member of United Teachers of Dade; Robert
that what we eat is also a chief component to the
CEO Bob Linder invited Torres to take a tour of
E. Linder, CEO; Victor "Vic" Manuel Torres Jr.,
problem. In fact, the article continues by pointing out that the center while visiting Miami and the Rep. was
Florida House of Representative, District-48; Paul
children who eat a healthy diet (such as a Mediterranean, interested in seeing an example of what a “Medical
Carl Velez, CAO; Luis de Rosa, Board Member
French or Japanese diet) and engage in regular physical
Home” facility looked like. He was aware of the work
activity are more likely to become healthier adults.
While this may seem like a “no brainer,” I cannot
stress enough the importance that nutritional education
plays in helping children to grow into healthy adults. We
There are three Ways to Vote
all know that eating fruits and veggies is good for us, but
1. Early Voting: Why wait? Avoid the lines and last
many families still struggle with preparing healthy meals
minute rush to get your Vote in by voting early. For early
for their children. In fact, many so called “healthy foods”
voting schedules for upcoming elections please visit the following website:
that contain some form of fruits or vegetables in them are
actually not healthy at all. Instead of buying fruit roll-ups,
2. Absentee Ballot: Here is the link for more information on requesting & submitting a ballot for registered voters
fruit flavored yogurt and other processed fruit and veggie
eligible to vote: An absentee ballot can also be requested
snacks, buy the real stuff and encourage your children to
by email, fax, telephone or in writing at the following: Email: [email protected] / Fax: 305-499-8401,
enjoy raw fruits and vegetables by making homemade
Telephone: 305-499-8444 / TTY Number: 305-499-8480 / Mail: Supervisor of Elections, Attn: Absentee Ballot
smoothies, adding fresh fruit to yogurt and making your
Section, PO BOX 521250, MIAMI, FL 33152
own dips for veggies at home. This all falls into the
3. Election Day: Voters who choose to vote on Election Day must go to their assigned polling places. Precincts are
category of mindful eating which goes hand in hand with
open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day. Visit the Voter Toolkit to know what information you need to bring
fighting obesity and encouraging kids to eat more fruits
with you to vote.
and vegetables. It can also be a great tool for families to
Miami-Dade County Elections Department
use when it comes to raising healthy eaters. Just take the
time to think about the types of food your family is eating
Dates to Remember in 2016
and be mindful of the foods you bring into your home. Be
Deadline to
Deadline to Request
sure to stock the cabinets and refrigerator with whole,
Early Voting Availability
Absentee Ballot
healthy foods and take the time each week to prep healthy
Monday, August 15
snacks that the kids can grab on the go. Making these
August 30, 2016
foods available and convenient is one of the keys to
Primary Election
August 1, 2016
August 24, 2016
Sunday, August 28, 2016
getting kids (and yourself) to be an overall healthy eater.
Instilling these habits in your children early on will also
Monday, October 24
help decrease their risk of succumbing to childhood
November 8, 2016
obesity while increasing their odds of growing into a
General Election
October 11, 2016
November 2, 2016
6, 2016
healthy adult. The real battle against the obesity epidemic
starts with our children and putting an end to childhood
Your voting location may have changed: Some Miami-Dade voting precincts have changed due to reprecincting. This may affect
where you vote. Confirm your current precinct and voting location before heading to the polls on Election Day online at
obesity. or by calling 311.
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Recently Borinquen Board and Staff
members stopped by the Dorothy
Quintana Community Center, Senior
Arts program, located at the Roberto
Clemente Park to check out the
sprucing up of the art room with new
terrazzo floors. Board Chair, Mrs. Eva
Perez and BMC Admin., Belinda
Flores took off on their lunch break
and joined the seniors for a potluck
style lunch! Belinda brought in two
trays of homemade lasagnas that she
herself baked using her father’s secret
recipe, to share with all. Helping serve
lunch to the seniors is the Program’s
Art Instructor, Mrs. Maribel Camacho,
along with volunteers, Felisha
Macherie and others.
The Dorothy Quintana Senior Arts
Program, located at the Roberto
Clemente Park, 101 NW 34th, Miami,
33127, serves the seniors of the
Wynwood community with arts and
crafts instruction, special art projects,
lectures addressing issues important to
seniors, and the opportunity to come
together and celebrate a variety of
special days. The project was named
after Wynwood’s legendary Puerto
Rican community activist, Dorothy
Quintana, who passed away at
the age of 101.
North Miami MAYOR, DR.
LIBRARIES. Summer is the
perfect time for students and
families to unwind from the
hectic school year, but it’s
also a time when learning loss
books are shared in
Little Free Libraries.
The city of North
Miami will house six
little free libraries.
Books for the libraries
were donated by The
Children’s Trust and
the Early Learning
Coalition of Miami
Dade County and
“The City-wide
literacy movement
began with me just
can occur. According to the United
taking an hour to read
States Department of Education,
with students at the
“summer slide” occurs when children North Miami Library
do not engage in educational activities and now has
during the summer months. This
summer, everyone’s invited to “Take tremendously. The
a Book, Leave a Book” at the NoMi idea to have these
Mayor’s Little Library and enter to little libraries started
win fabulous
with my wife, Patricia
St. Vil-Joseph who’s
an avid reader. It’s
our hope that these Little Free
LeapPad, iPad
Libraries will sprout everywhere as
mini, or
the project is embraced by
Kindle, with
neighborhoods, schools, homeowner
the Library’s
associations, and businesses.” said
Mayor Smith Joseph.
The North Miami Public Library,
Program. A new Little Free Library is with the generous support of the
located at the Mayor’s Monarch
Friends of the Library and The Miami
Butterfly Garden in front of the
Foundation for a Greater Miami, offers
Community Planning & Development an array of programs, activities,
office. Little Free Libraries are
reading challenges, and incentives to
spreading across the world bringing
make reading a community-wide
people together and creating
family experience for all ages. For
communities of readers. The small,
more info, visit the Library’s website
at To
front‐yard book exchanges number
learn more about Little Free Libraries,
36,000 around the world in 70
countries from Iceland to Tasmania to please visit
Pakistan. Each year, nearly 10 million Media Contact: Kassandra Timothe,
Public Information Specialist,
305-895-9888, ext. 12106 or
[email protected]
continues through August 9th at N.
Miami Public Library, 835 NE 132 St.
The entire family is invited to read for
the fun of it with the North Miami
Public Library! No matter your age,
everyone is eligible for a chance to
win fabulous prizes by simply
reading and report on the books you
read throughout the summer. Enjoy the
summer with innovative, entertaining
programs at your library. Enjoy
exciting activities and meet some of
your favorite book characters at the
Library this summer!
RECYCLING AT HOME if you are a
resident of North Miami, that is.
Through a partnership with
RecycleBank, each household earns
points based on the amount of their
recycling in the community. In order
to earn points, you must first register
or reactivate your RecycleBank
account by phone at 1-888-727-2978
or online at
By participating in the RecycleBank
rewards program, you can earn
hundreds of dollars in reward value
each year just by recycling as much as
possible. Rewards include discounts at
local supermarkets, coupons for
household items, and discounts for
local entertainment and attractions.
The RecycleBank program is operated
at no additional cost to the City; it is
simply the rewards component of its
curbside recycling service.
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Regions Bank Building
3550 Biscayne Blvd., Suite #508, Miami, FL 33137.
The following is contact information for all case managers:
TEL: 305-576-6611 / FAX: 786-476-2830
Ryan White Medical Case Management Team
Our Ryan White Medical Case Management Team offers ● Medical Case
Management ● Health Insurance Services ● Outpatient Medical Care ● Mental
Health Therapy/Counseling ● Food Services ● Legal Services ● Oral Health
Care ● Outreach Services ● Prescription Drugs ● Psychosocial Support
Services ● Substance Abuse Counseling – Outpatient Treatment and
Residential Treatment ● Transportation Services ● Transportation Voucher
Rosemonde Francis, Medical Case Managers Coordinator, x1712
Angel Camacho, Prevention Case Manager, x1711
Case Managers: Oscar Galeano, x3316; Aline Pierre Jean, x1706;
Victoria Garcia, x1709; Rhonda Wright, x1707; Marie Fleurimond, x1708
Medical Case Managers:
Jorge Rodriguez and Kirk Palmer
Susana Chinchilla, Case Manager
Assistant and
Christine Rene, Benefit Specialist
Pac Waiver Case Management Program
Our Medical PAC Waiver Program provides home and community-based
services to eligible recipients that are at risk for hospitalization, but are able
to be maintained safely in the home.
Armides Pena, PAC Waiver Coordinator, x1701
Diana Ramirez, PAC Lead Case Manager, x1702
Case Managers: Mayte Su-Lanza, x1703; Carlos Garcia, x1704
Rose Louis, x1705; Priscilla Reyes, x1723; Helen Ponce, x1721
In the event that you cannot get in contact with a case manager, please contact
Rosemonde Francis x1712 for Ryan White or Armides Pena x1701 for PAC Waiver.
Lunch & Learn
~ANGEL CAMACHO, Prevention Case Manager, with SUSAN ALVAREZ
The ever popular and extremely informative BMC Lunch & Learn
series continues with knowledgeable speakers and vital information
for your well-being. Lunch & Learn’s core focus is on adherence,
HIV retention to care and treatment. Clients are empowered and
educated on managing HIV, understanding their labs and living a
healthy lifestyle.
The next Lunch & Learn will be held Thursday, August 18th,
2016, and will be presented by Donna Sabatino, RN, ACRN, and
Community Liaison Manager from Janssen Therapeutics, Miami-Dade Partnership
Presentation Recruitment with a core topic of: The Importance of Adherence.
The subsequent Lunch & Learn takes place on Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 and
is offered by Allyson Ruby of MERCK Pharmaceuticals. Today's Merck is a global
healthcare leader working to help the world be well. The core topic for this presentation
is: I Take Charge.
Both Lunch & Learn events will be held at its NEW Location: Borinquen Medical
Center, Main Building, Emilio Lopez Pavilion, 3601 Federal Highway, 3rd Floor
Conference Room, Miami, FL 33137. Time: 12pm - 1pm.
The Lunch & Learn series are ongoing monthly by RSVP ONLY per case manager
invitation. RSVP or info contact, Angel Camacho: [email protected],
(305) 576-6611 Ext. 1711, or Adonis Acuna @ Ext. 1722.
Transgender (adj.) True Identity
Cont. from May 2016, The Voice of the Caribbean
As you may be aware and might even be following along in a series of short articles in
this newspaper, the documentation of our team member, Helen’s, laborious journey of
transition. It is her wish to assist the community in
understanding what it means to be transgender,
possibly provide a bit of encouragement or
assistance to someone else who might be
struggling with their choice, and let them know
that they are not alone.
Last month we learned how Helen’s decision
affected some of the people around her, especially
her family and co-workers. To shed some light on
how lengthy the process actually is, this month
Helen shares some of the steps that she has already
gone through and a little bit about what they entail.
The Steps:
Helen stresses that every transition is different and
you have to personalize your timeline to necessity.
First Step:
 Going to a psychologist/therapist: without the diagnoses of Gender Identity
Dysphoria (GID) you cannot be prescribed hormones.
 Challenges that she has faced include issues with her insurance company that won’t
cover the cost of hormones because men cannot be prescribed women’s hormones.
Most of the medications and treatments with exception of one that is used as a
blood pressure medicine are not covered and have to come out of pocket.
Second Step:
 After 6 months of therapy and a GID diagnoses, you will receive your “W-Pass,”
which is a document that states that you have Gender Identity Dysphoria.
Third Step:
 Go to a physician. First, they look at the levels of testosterone and estrogen in your
body. The goal is to lower the testosterone
levels to a certain level and then begin to raise
estrogen levels. This step is little by little, not
 HRT: Hormone Replacement Therapy,
replaces hormone patterns.
 Process is exciting, but very difficult.
 Hormonal Castration: Within one month
or less of HRT, you become sterile and cannot
reproduce. This is another major, irreversible
decision that must be made.
 It hurts to never be able to physically
reproduce and it makes Helen emotional, but
she is learning to accept it. She knows when
she wants to become a mother that there are
lots of babies in the world that need homes.
There is the option of freezing sperm prior to the treatment, but Helen did not do this
and went straight into the therapy and transition. Looking back, she would have liked to
do this, but she was eager to jump into the transition and become the person she always
knew she was.
Helen’s journey will continue on these pages in the coming months, as it will be a
fairly long one, and we are honored to follow her with an ongoing informative
blog-style series of articles in this newspaper, The Voice of the Caribbean. We invite
you to follow along with us through her transition. For more info on Transgender and
Transitions, please visit:
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
Free Monday Morning
Concerts At
Government Center
Metro Return.
PAXy’s 2016 Wake up Miami Series
include Summer and Fall Concerts, a
Master Class with Arturo Sandoval,
concepts and issues of intersectionality,
namely the ways in which oppressive
institutions are interconnected and cannot
be examined separately from one another.
“Intersectionality relates to the multiplicity
of social phenomenon that intersects the
body as more than one oppressive force
simultaneously manifesting through
held at The Fillmore Miami Beach,
was funded and developed by ViiV
and a Kickstarter Campaign.
Following last year’s successful Wake
up Miami! series, PAXy returns this
year with an expanded schedule. Wake
up Miami! showcases local
talent ranging from established figures
like Nestor Zurita and a variety of
well-known and emerging local
musicians, to FIU School of Music’
students, and collaboration with
The summer series features
Matthew Sabatella and the Rambling
String Band, The Amber
Buddha-Lizard, Brothers of Others,
Sean Dibble & Jared Bistrong, KJ
Circles Band, Ariel Alejandro de la
Portilla, Brasoul Trio, Nestor Zurita,
and Shanti-Celli-Nightingale. Free and
open to the public, each event runs
from 45 - 60 minutes starting at 8:30
am. There will also be a fall series. To
top it all off, legendary trumpeter
Arturo Sandoval will teach a master
class as a collateral event.
The concerts are scheduled for
Mondays, July 11 – September 26,
Miami Government Center
Metromover/Metrorail Station.
To find out more, please visit: and or call
Maudie Valero at 786.597.3704 /
[email protected] and Yaima
Arbona at [email protected]
combinations, not limited to the following:
racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia,
xenophobia, classism, ableism, sexuality,
faith, nationality, citizenship, urbanism,
environmentalism, colonialism. Artists in
this exhibition address this simultaneity,
directly or indirectly,” said Richard
Above: JESSI HAMILTON, Smokestacks, 2014, gouache and
ink on paper, 5 x 5 feet. (Daniel Bock Photography)
on view at MOCA through August 14,
2016. 770 NE 125th Street, North Miami,
FL 33161
For more information on this show,
other events and programs at MOCA, I
invite you to call 305-893-6211 or visit the
MOCA wesite:
Above from L standing: BMC’s Ryan
White Medical Case Management
Team Members: Jorge Rodriguez, with
BMC board member, Nestor Chardon,
Angel Camacho, Prevention Case
Manager; Kirk Palmer. Sitting: Case
Managers: Rhonda Wright, and Marie
We have made some changes to the
way we distribute this newspaper to
the community and the frequency of
printing. At least until the end of this
year and possibly beyond, The Voice
of the Caribbean publication will be
printed every other month instead of
on a monthly basis. In our effort to
save funds, with the ease of being able
to send out the newspaper via email
and the capability of downloading a
PDF copy from our website,
Various BMC teams and board, it is to
members attended an Educational HIV everyone’s advantage, to print only the
Event, titled, “Living with HIV?” for
minimal amount necessary.
the healthcare professionals and the
You may have also
public, where they could hear inspiring
noticed that one of
stories, learn about the latest in
exhibition at the Museum of
our regular writers is
Contemporary Art North Miami (MOCA), treatment options, ask questions and
absent from these
curated by Richard Haden and focusing on join the conversation, and connect
pages. We would like
the works of South Florida artists, explores with local organizations. The event,
to inform our readers
that fellow writer,
ROSA NADAY GARMENDIA, Rituals of Commemoration, 2014-present,
bricks dimensions variable (Daniel Bock Photography)
Anna Smith has
moved on to a new
and exciting post with a another
company. We wish Anna well in her
new endeavors and all the best to her.
Borinquen would like to say thank you
so much for your years of service to
our team and to The Voice. We want
you to know that you will be sorely
missed in our “newsroom.”
The Sin Vergüenza (Without Shame)
webseries encourages people to get tested
as a routine part of their medical care and
to seek HIV medical care should they test
positive. This exciting webseries
introduces you to dynamic family
members who each represent a different
age group, sexual orientation and marital
status. You'll quickly learn that each
Medical Case
from p6
infertility with medications
or Colon cancer
Borinquen Health Care Center, Inc., is an equal opportunity
employer. BHCC provides an excellent benefit plan, a friendly
environment, offers opportunity for growth and is family oriented.
Current Job Openings for:
Chronic Disease Management
Billing Manager
Billing Specialist
Front Desk
School Health Program LCSW
Assistant Controller
Early detection is key for a greater
chance of survival. Early symptoms of
ovarian cancer are vague, but with the
help of your health care
provider and diagnostic tests,
we can collaborate and help
you make informed decisions
on any needed treatment
plans. Please visit us at the
Women’s Health Department
to schedule your Annual
checkup at Borinquen Medical
Centers of Miami Dade.
Healthy Start Care Coordinator
Medical Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Staff Accountant
Peer Educator
To view the full job descriptions & to apply online:
If you have any questions regarding employment, please call the
Human Resources Department at 305-576-6611 Ext. 1339.
If you would like to fax in a resume, please fax to 786-476-2824.
person is at risk of getting HIV. The
videos address difficult issues that families
face, but also portray the unconditional
love and support that carries this family
through such a challenging time.
Get the facts and tips on how to start your
conversation at
Learn more about the telenovela
web-series, please visit
Disclaimer: The articles in this newspaper are provided for
and contain general information about various health care
topics. The information may not be complete or
comprehensive. You should not rely on the information in this
newspaper as an alternative to medical advice from your
doctor or healthcare provider. Nothing contained in this
newspaper should be construed nor is intended to be used for
medical diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place
of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare
providers. Should you have any healthcare related questions,
please call or see your physician or other qualified
healthcare providers promptly. Always consult with your
physician or other qualified healthcare provider before
embarking on a new treatment, diet or fitness program.
Leo July 23 – August 22
Mercury Retrograde begins August 30th and
extends all the way through the 22nd of
September, so fasten your seat belts, it’s going
to be a bumpy ride. In reality, Mercury
Retrograde is really just an optical illusion, as
the planet doesn’t really move backwards.
According to NASA, Mercury is the closest
planet to the Sun so its orbit around the Sun is
much shorter than Earth’s. Hence about 3 or 4
times a year, as Mercury is speeding past Earth,
it seems like it’s going backwards and this is when we experience Mercury
Leos, stick to the limelight as it’s just your innate nature, but know that
you can also learn to lead a simple life and that’s when a steady surge of
resources and ideas start to flow. Career-wise you might be tempted to
relocate, but do your research before jumping in as there could be some
obstacles in your personal love life. You must try to balance your
relationship with your professional life.
August 2016 / Issue No. 54
Independent Supplement produced by Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami -Dade for Miami Herald
“La Salud del Pueblo es la Maxima Ley”
Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami-Dade provides a comprehensive range
of health and social services to our culturally diverse community.
• Outreach,
HIV/STD Testing and
• Adult Internal Medicine
• Pediatrics / Adolescent
• Obstetrics - Gynecology
• Healthy Start - TOPWA • Case Management
• Chronic Disease Care
• Family Planning
i.e. Diabetes/
• Deliveries
• Dental Health
• Behavioral Health
• Psychiatry
• Substance Abuse
• Nutritionist
• School Health Program
• Podiatry
• Orthopedics
Services Provided
• Cardiology
• X-Rays / Sonograms
• Electrocardiograms
• Pharmacy
340B Discount Program
• Eligibility Services:
Medicaid, PEPW, ACA
• Speech Therapy
• Diabetes
• Child Birth
• Breastfeeding
• Parenting
• Interconceptional
(By appointment)
Drop-In Education &
Access Center
681 NE 125th St.
North Miami, FL 33161
Tel (786) 476-1005
Carrie Meek Clinic
7801 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33138
Tel (786) 235-7020
North Miami
Medical Center
708 NE 125th St.
North Miami, FL 33161
Tel (786) 433-8815
BMC Women’s Center
12603 NE 7th Ave.
North Miami, FL 33161
Tel (305) 576-6611
Sweetwater Center
10528 SW 8th St.
Miami, FL 33174
Tel (305) 552-1201
Borinquen Main Site
Emilio Lopez Pavilion
3601Federal Hwy.
Miami, FL 33137
Tel (305) 576-6611
BMC at Kendall
11880 Bird Rd.
Ste. #101
Miami, FL 33175
Tel (305) 576-2639
BMC at Flagami
5040 NW 7th St.
Miami, FL 33126
Tel (305) 438-2348
Wellness &
Specialty Center
100 NE 38th St. Ste. #3
Miami, FL 33137
Tel (305) 576-1675
The Village South
3180 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33137
Tel (305) 573-3784
BMC Case Management Center
(located in Regions Building)
3550 Biscayne Blvd. Ste. #508
Miami, FL 33137
Tel (305) 576-6611
Please bring all of these items to Registration, as applicable:
For children under 18 years of age:
Their Birth Certificate and parent’s Government Issued Photo ID.
Social Security Card or Government Issued Photo ID.
BMC B-Care Program
(located in Regions Building)
3550 Biscayne Blvd. Ste. #710
Miami, FL 33137
Tel (305) 576-6611
Behavioral Health
Resource Center
100 NE 38th St. Ste. #5
Miami, FL 33137
Tel (305) 576-1599
Address verification (only one):
Rent Receipt, Light Bill, Telephone Bill, Government Issued Photo ID,
Voter’s Registration Card, Driver’s License.
For sliding fee discount program,
income verification documents are required:
3 Paycheck Stubs, or Government Issued Program (such as: WIC, Food
Stamp) Income Tax Return, Verification of Unemployment,
Notarized Self Employment Letter.

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