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saint john of god parish
84 Carleton Avenue * Central Islip, New York 11722
Phone: 234-6535 * Fax: 234-7474 * Email: [email protected]
Rev. Christopher Nowak, Pastor
Pastoral Staff
Rev. Humberto Contreras, Associate Pastor
Sr. Valerie Scholl, CSJ, Pastoral Associate / Admin.
Dcn. Ronald J. Gillette
Sr. Claudia Allen, CSJ, Apostolado Hispano
Dcn. Frank Gariboldi
Mrs. Maggie Martin, Religious Education
Mrs. Patricia Walsh, Cemetery Secretary
Mrs. Ana Sullivan, Parish Social Ministry Coordinator
Mrs. Eleanor Gould, Music Ministry
Parish Center: 234-6535
Religious Education: 234-4040
Outreach Office: 234-1884
Cemetery Office: 234-6535 x135
Parish Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9AM – 4:30 PM
Sunday: 9 AM – 2 PM
(Mass Cards)
Apostolado Hispano
234-6535 x 106
Equipo Pastoral Que Habla Español
Rev. Christopher Nowak, Pastor
Rev. Humberto Contreras,
Pastor Asociado
Hna. Claudia Allen, CSJ
Sra. Ana Sullivan,
Ministerio Social
Emergency Sick Calls Any Time
Sunday Mass Schedule
Saturday Vigil: 5 PM Chapel
Sunday: 8 AM Church
9:30 AM Church
11:00 AM Chapel
Weekday Masses
Monday – Saturday:
9 AM Church
Miraculous Medal Novena:
Monday at 9 AM Mass
Reconciliation: Saturday at 4:00 PM in the Church
or by appointment. Please call the Parish Center.
Baptism: 1st and 3rd Sunday at 2 PM. Parents must register
at the Parish Center at least 1 month before the baptism.
Marriage: Those wishing to be married must make arrangements
at least 6 months in advance. Call the Parish Center.
Our Lady of Providence Regional School
Pre-K (4 yrs.) through 8th Grade
234-1113 or 234-6324
Principal: Mrs. JoAnn DiNardo
Misas En Español
Sábado: 7:00 PM Capilla
Domingo: 9:30 AM Capilla
12:30 PM Capilla
Martes: 7:30 PM Capilla
Bautizos en Español:
2ndo y 4tro Domingo de cada mes, 2 PM Los padres de los niños
deben ir a la oficina antes de inscribirlos. Llame 234-6535 x 106
para una cita.
Confesiones: Los sábados a las 4:00 PM
Primera Comunión y Confirmación:
Niños de 6 hasta los 17años deben asistir a las clases de
Educación Religiosa de acuerdo a su edad. Llame: 234-4040
Sacramentos Para Los Adultos:
(18 años en adelante) Llame 234-6535 x 106 para más
información. Las clases para los adultos son los domingos a las
11 AM.
Matrimonio: Inscribirse 6 meses antes de la fecha de al boda.
Llame: 234- 6535 para hablar con un miembro del Equipo
Pastoral que habla español.
Nuestra Señora de la Providencia Escuela Católica
Pre-K (4 años) hasta 8vo grado
234-1113 o 234-6324
Principale: Mrs. JoAnn DiNardo
October 24, 2010  Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mass Intentions for the Week of October 24th
– 9:00AM
– 9:00AM
Wednesday – 9:00AM
Thursday – 9:00AM
– 9:00AM
Saturday – 9:00AM
– 5:00PM
– 8:00AM
– Joseph Coffey
– Joseph Katocin
– Agnes Hugo
– Mario Camacho
– People of St. John of God
– Those Enrolled in the
Society of Prayer
– 9:30AM – Patrick & Lucy Halloran
– 11:00AM – Tony and Angela Young
Monday, October 25th –
Eph. 4:32—5:8; Lk.13:10-17
9:00AM – Daily Mass –
Tuesday, October 26th –
Eph. 5:21-33; Lk.13:18-21
“God, be merciful to me a
sinner” prayed again and
again from the heart is the
key to our honest relation
to the Trinity Just as the tax
collector in the Gospel does,
we should come to know
our true place. Jesus judges us and freely lifts
us from our sins if we seek his help. Because of
his work on the cross, we can rise with him and
share his life. Say sacramentally with humble
straightforwardness, “Be merciful to me, a
sinner.” The rest is “easy and light,” for he then
takes our burden. Do you trust the Lord
Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C.
Illustration © 2001 K. Sullivan.
Text, Philip J.Sandstrom, STD © 2001,
OCP. All rights reserved.
9:00AM – Daily Mass
7:30PM – Misa en Español – (Capilla)
Wednesday, October 27th –
Eph. 6:1-9; Lk.13:22-30
Sunday Collection
Late Repairs
Late Respect Life
$ 8,616.50
Sunday Collection
Late Respect Life
$ 6,065.50
9:00AM – Daily Mass –
Thursday, October 28th –
Saint Simon and Saint Jude, apostles
Eph. 2:19-22; Lk.16:12-16
9:00AM – Daily Mass
Friday, October 29th –
Phil. 1-1-11; Lk.14:1-6
9:00 AM – Daily Mass
Saturday, October 30th –
Phil. 118b-26; Lk.14:7-11
9:00AM – Daily Mass
5:00PM – Mass – English – (Chapel)
7:00PM – Misa en Español – (Capilla)
Sunday, October 31st –
Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time
Wis 11:22—12:2; 2Thes. 111—2:2; Lk.19:1-10
– Mass – English
– Mass – English
– Misa en Español
– Mass – English
– Misa en Español
Monday, November 1st—All Saints Day Not a Holy Day of Obligation with year.
There will be 7:00PM Mass in the Chapel.
Mass Attendance
Week of October 16th & 17th
5:00PM (English) —
7:00PM (Spanish) — 120
8:00AM (English)—
9:30AM (English)—
9:30AM (Spanish) — 328
11:00AM (English) — 189
12:30PM (Spanish) — 352
Restoring the Glory….
to welcome…to worship…
to grow…to serve…
Pledge Report:
$ 1,287,597.75
Total Paid to Date: $ 1,137,729.75
$ 149,868.00
Remember in your thoughts and
prayers, the Sick of the Parish...
Joseph Acciarito
Jacob Aceiedo
Felix Acevedo
Mary Alfieri
Frances Barnhurt
Helen Boeke
Maureen Bose
Steven Braille
William Campbell
Suzanne Celery
Gerri Eshun
Ron Gillette II
Virginia Gonzalez
Joan Growich
Carol Hemmerich
Elaine O’Mara Hulbert
Alice Hydell
Karen Kelly
George Kuehne
Alfred Lapadula
George Liebe
Eddie Linz
Joan McCarroll
Peggy McNamee
Mike Meola, Sr.
Liz Mouzakes
Gladys Oakley
Rocco Palatucci
Margaret Petrie
Cole Pletman
Jean & Joe Pipitone
Carmen Ramos
Shirley Ramsey
Grabiel Riviera
George Santiago
John Santiago
Josephine Seymour
Marie Shay
Linda Smith
William Stottler
Stanley Tesoro
George Tintugo
Joseph Vereline,Jr.
Mary Weber
Barbara Warfield
Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed
(All Souls Day)
Cemetery Field Mass
November 2, 2010 (Tuesday)
Queen of All Saints Cemetery
Most Reverend John Dunne
Principal Celebrant
Prayer for All Souls Day:
“Father, I bring you my concern
for my loved ones who have
died. Bring us all into the light
of your presence.” From: the WORD among us®
“Memories of Father Jim”
Submitted by: Kathleen Murphy
My sister and I would bring our elderly mother to mass
every Sunday. She looked forward to hearing Father
Jim’s Homily and speaking to him briefly before and
after mass. At times we would be running late and
Father Jim would be standing outside the doors to the
Chapel seeing us walking up slowly. He would wait
that extra minute until we got our mom up the steps and
seated in the church before he would begin mass. One
Sunday, mass ran late and by the time we walked mom
out to descend the stairway, there was a deluge of people climbing the steps to enter for a Spanish mass.
Father Jim saw our dilemma and came and took my
mother by the arm, said a few words in Spanish and the
crowd parted. That scene from “The Ten Commandments” popped into my head where Moses parted the
seas. Father Jim walked my mom down the stairs and
as soon as he and my mom passed, the crowd engulfed my sister and I, but he waited at the bottom of
the stairs until he could safely pass her off to us. My
mom passed away on October 12th. Father Jim made
sure he visited her at the hospital. He helped us get
through her passing. Who would ever think that shortly
after that he would be taken from us. I can hear his
voice so clearly in my head saying, “You have to be
ready, you never know when your day will come.” I
know he was ready. I hope he knows how much we all
miss him.
Submitted by: Virginia Daus
I always enjoyed Father Jim’s homilies. They were
spiritual, inspiring and interesting. You could tell he
loved being a priest. Quite often he had a funny story
to share with us—such as—”I often stopped in 7-11 for
a cup of coffee when out in the morning. This one
morning it was quite crowded including a woman I saw
in there often, probably looking for someone to buy her
a cup of coffee. All of a sudden, I heard her say “hello
sexy” and of course, I knew she was talking to me.”
He always made us laugh and I’m sure he is keeping
them laughing in Heaven. Their gain is our great loss.
Religious Education Office
Mrs. Maggie Martin, Director
Telephone: 631-234-4040—Email: [email protected]
Office hours for the week of October 24:
Monday, Oct. 25:
Tuesday, Oct. 26:
Wednesday, Oct. 27:
Thursday, Oct. 28:
Friday, Oct. 29:
Saturday, Oct. 30:
Sunday, Oct. 31:
9:00am – 6:00pm
11:00am – 4:00pm
9:00am – 11:30pm
9:00am – 3:00pm
Schedule of Classes for Week of Oct. 24:
Mon., Oct. 25: Levels 9 Confirmation
Rehearsal — 7:00pm
Level 8 Regular Session
7:00pm — 8:15pm
Rites of Christian Initiation
7:00-8:00pm in Chapel
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
In this Sunday’s Gospel, the tax
collector’s prayer allows God to be
God and so allows God to pour
mercy into his heart. When we pray and give
alms to the poor, we allow God’s mercy to be
poured into their hearts.
It was precisely because the Pharisee
despised others that he was not accepted by
God, nor his prayer either. It is easy to
despise others almost without knowing it.
Before we enter the “Temple” we should take
a moment and ask if we despise anybody. It
is acknowledging who we are before God:
sinners in need of mercy. When we have
answered with a “no”, we too can enter and
begin our prayers.
Through your gifts to the Society of St.
Vincent de Paul, you also can give God’s
mercy to your neighbor who is hungry,
hopeless, frightened, and alone.
Wed., Oct. 27: NO CLASSES
Sat., Oct. 30: Levels 1-7 & Miss Sandy
Regular Session 8:30-945am
or 10:30-11:45am
12th Annual Turkey Run
Upcoming Events:
Wednesday, Oct. 27: Celebration of
Sacrament of Confirmation
4:00pm Bishop Paul Walsh
will be the celebrant
Chapel doors will open at
2:45pm for photos
8th Annual Trick or Treat Safe Haven
FREE Food, Fun & Games
Knights of Columbus Hall, Carleton Avenue
Sunday, October 31 — 3PM to 7PM
All are Welcome!!!
12th Annual Turkey Run &
Blessing of the Bikes & Riders
November 21st (Sunday)
St. John of God Outreach Center
Come out and welcome this wonderful
group of riders. They have done so much
for our Outreach Thanksgiving Project.
Without their generosity many families
would not have Thanksgiving Dinner.
If you own a motorcycle and would like to
ride in this benefit, call: 631-585-5200
Confraternity of Christian
Mrs. Jo Ann DiNardo, Principal
There are still a few seats available at Our Lady
of Providence , your regional school. If you are
interested, please call us for a visit and check
out our website, for more
students have peanut allergies. This
involves very serious reactions and
places a child in grave danger.
Therefore, we ask that no peanut products be sent
to school for lunch or snacks. Please read your
labels. As parents, we are concerned with the
welfare of all the children, not just our own.
THE CLASS! Birthdays may be celebrated with
goody bags sent in by the parents. Goody bags
may include items such as crayons, coloring books,
special pencils, etc. Teachers will celebrate your
child’s birthday with special attention.
FUNDRAISING Please register at Stop and
Shop so the store will give us a percentage of the
money you spend on groceries. You do not pay any
EXTRA money but they will give the school a
donation based on sales. You can shop at any Stop
their website put in
your information and your Stop and Shop
card number. It is so easy!
We are also still collecting
Boxtops for Education,
Campbell Soup, Prego,
Franco-American, V-8,
Pepperodge Farm.and
Spaghettio’s labels .
Annual Halloween
Bake Sale
and 50/50
October 30th & October 31st
After All
the Masses
Your support will be greatly
appreciated. If you like to bake
and would like to help this
worthy cause, your donations
(cakes, breads, cookies, cupcakes
and other delicious desserts) will be
graciously accepted.
Proceeds go to our
Christmas Adopt-a-Family. With
your help, Christmas for less fortunate
families will be a little brighter.
Confraternity of Christian Mothers
Communion Brunch
November 7th
Guest Speaker:
Father Francis Pizzarelli
Fr. Pizzarelli will celebrate the 11AM Mass
and speak at the Brunch..
Reservation Forms are at the main
entrance of the Chapel
Brunch will follow at Knights of Columbus
Cost: $16.00 per person
All members of the Parish are invited.
For more information, call:
Sandy at 234-6786
Telephone: 234-1884
Ana Sullivan, Coordinator
Thank You
to all the parishioners that support our efforts to
help our community. It is with your support
that we are able to help many families in need.
Our Thrift Store is open on Sundays
10:00 A.M to 2:00 PM
Come and browse around!
Thanksgiving Day is
approaching and we are
getting ready to serve our
Any of our clients who would like to
receive a Thanksgiving Basket, please
stop at our Outreach Center to sign up.
We will start signing up on October 12th.
Our thrift store has a baby stroller
in very good condition and at a
very good price.
Our Food Pantry is very low
or out of the following items:
- Tuna
- Jelly
- Canned Meat
- Baby food
- Tomato Sauce
- Beans
- Peanut butter
- Rice
- Canned Vegetables - Mac & Cheese
- Diapers—Size 3, 4 & 5
Thank you and God Bless You
for your continued support.
Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors
We need more parishioners
to serve in these ministries.
Our Lord is calling you to
help serve at his Mass.
Speak to Fr. Chris
or Deacon Ron.
Saturday, Oct 30, 2010 9:30- 3:30
activists, will share their story and invite us to
reflect on our call to work for peace now. This is a
wonderful opportunity to meet the founders of the
Center for Nonviolent Action and Mary’s House, a
Catholic Worker House in Birmingham.
Jim’s book on peace. JFK and The Unspeakable,
Why He Died and Why It Matters, (Orbis 2008) will
be available for purchase.
We offer a special invitation to all
who are seeking a nonviolent path.
St. Joseph Church, Garden City,
Sorry, not handicap accessible.
Donation: $20 (includes breakfast snack and lunch)
$25 after October 15. Registration required. Please
make out check to “Pax Christi Long Island”, include
your name and address; mail to 3496 Jerusalem Ave.
Wantagh, NY 11793 or email registration to
[email protected] and pay at the door.
RCIA– Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
Need a Sacrament or Two?
We Can Help!
* Never Baptized but thinking about it
* Baptized in another Christian Faith
but thinking of joining us
* Baptized Catholic but missing
Communion or Confirmation
If you or someone you know is
18years or older and needs any
sacraments of Initiation, please
call Father Chris or Deacon Ron.
Mark Your Calendar
October 25th – Atlantic City Resorts
Casino Bus Trip sponsored by Society of St.
Vincent de Paul For information, call: Irene Miller
at 234-8593
October 30th-31st – Conf. of Christian
Mothers Annual Halloween Bake Sale Your support will be greatly appreciated. If you wish
to donate baked goods, please drop them in the
School Lobby before Mass.
 November 1st – Confraternity of
Christian Mothers will hold their monthly
Meeting at 7:30 PM in the Small Cafeteria of the
School. All women of the parish are invited.
 November 2nd – All Souls Day -
Cemetery Field Mass - 11:00AM in Queen
of All Saint Cemetery Most Rev. John Dunne
will be the principal celebrant.
 November 7th – Communion Brunch
sponsored by Confraternity of Christian
Mothers Father Francis Pizzarelli will
celebrate the 11AM Mass. Brunch will follow at the
Knights of Columbus Hall.
 November 13th – Mass of Remembrance
- 2:00PM in the Chapel A Mass for the people
whose funerals have been celebrated here since
November. 1, 2009. Also a time to remember own
family members who died.
 November 14th – Holy Name Society –
8:00AM - Members will gather at 8:00AM Mass.
Monthly meeting to follow in the Small Cafeteria of
School. All are welcome!!!
 November 14th – Ministry to Catholics
of African Ancestry will hold their monthly
Meeting at 12Noon in Room 11 of Our Lady of
Providence School. All are invited.
 November 25th – Thanksgiving Mass
10:30AM (Bilingual) in the Chapel.
All are invited to this very special Mass.
What better way to begin your Thanksgiving Day.
 December 9th – 7:30 to 9:00PM –
Evening of Advent Renewal In the Chapel led
by the Cenacle Sisters –
 December 18th – Anniversary Mass
in Remembrance of Father Jim’s death.
Bishop William Murphy will be the principal celebrant.
Please send in your “Memories of Father Jim” to
share with the parish.
Adult Choir Rehearsal Schedule:
October 27th
November 3rd -- 7:30PM in the Chapel
November 10th -- 7:30PM in the Chapel
November 17th -- 7:30PM in the Chapel
November 24th -- NO REHEARSAL
December 1
-- 7:30PM in the Chapel
December 8
December 15th -- 7:30PM in the Chapel
December 22nd -- 7:30PM in the Chapel
December 29th -- 7:30PM in the Chapel
Children’s Choir Schedule:
October 28th
November 4th -- 7:00PM in the Chapel
November 7th…… SING—at Sunday Mass
November 11th -- 7:00PM in the Chapel
November 18th -- 7:00PM in the Chapel
November 25th -- NO REHEARSAL
November 25th -- SING—10:00AM Mass
December 2
-- 7:00PM in the Chapel
December 5
-- SING—at Sunday Mass
December 9
December 16th -- 7:00PM in the Chapel
December 23rd -- 7:00PM in the Chapel
December 30th -- 7:00PM in the Chapel
Parking, Parking!!!
St. John of God Parishioners are now able
to park inside the gate by the school and the
Hockey Rink to attend Mass. Lines will be
painted to delineate parking spaces. Please
know that Hockey games will not begin until
11:00am on Sunday.
Carrabas Luncheon
The Ministry of Catholics of
African Ancestry would like to
thank all who supported,
attended and donated to the 1st Annual
Lunch fundraiser. It was truly a table of
We had 87 adults and 4 children.
All had a great time and the food was
“deliciosa” (excellent)!!
Thanks again and God Bless!!!
Rev. Rogan / Fr. John P. Halpin
Knights of Columbus Council #1816
62 Carleton Av, Central Islip
Telephone: 631-348-3507
Meetings: 2nd & 4th Tuesday
of each month At 7:00PM
New Members Always Welcome
Rev. Rogan / Fr. John P. Halpin
Knights of Columbus Council #1816
62 Carleton Av, Central Islip
Hall Rentals For All Occasions
Call us at: 348-3507
Interfaith Conference Video
Rev. James V. Rogan-Father Halpin Council #1816
will have an open house on Tuesday, October 26th at
7:00PM to show the Interfaith Conference Video.
Conference was held at Saint Joseph’s, Brentwood in
May. The discussion is on “Three Traditions, One
Root, The Abrahamic Faiths. The speakers are:
Rabbi Ronda Nebel(Temple Beth Chai in Hauppauge),
Muslim (Dr. Yufef Durgaf (Professor at Queens
College) and , Professor Thomas Petriano, Ph.D.,
Professor of Religious Studies at Saint Joseph’s
College in Patchogue. Coffee, tea and cake will be
served after the showing.
Bethlehem, Pa.
December 4, 2010
Includes: Admission to Christkindlmart (European
style Christmas Market) including: Gobel,
Local Wineries, 80 other vendors,
Entertainment & Large Food Court
Other Activities Available:
Christmas Community Putz
Carriage Ride through Bethlehem—
Cost: $49.00 for four persons
Bring your Christmas cards to have special
“Christmas City” postmark.
Trip Cost: $44.00 Per Person
If only going to Sands Casino—Cost: $37 per person
For Information, call: Richard Watkins 761-6015
Profit to: St. John of God Brothers and other Charitable programs.
Somos La Parroquia de San Juan de Dios - comprometidos a La Fe, La Familia, y La Comunidad!
Para Acoger….Para Alabar
Para Crecer….Para Servir
Cantidad total de los compromisos
Cantidad total de los pagos
Hay un ligero pero muy real cambio en el
enfoque bíblico en las cuatro últimas semanas del
año litúrgico. Por muchas semanas hemos venido
escuchando sobre lo que significa ser un discípulo
fiel. Ahora nos enfocaremos en el premio que aguarda
a los que perseveran en el largo camino de la fe. Este
domingo escuchamos que la justicia será imparcial
en el tribunal del juez eterno.
Primero, Eclesiástico nos enseña que “el
Señor es un juez… escucha las súplicas de los
oprimidos” y a “quien sirve a Dios con todo su
corazón” (Eclesiástico 35:12, 13, 16). Luego oímos
que Pablo hace eco a lo que proclama el salmista
cuando el justo “grita, el Señor lo escucha… salva a
los abatidos” (Salmo 34:18, 19). Finalmente, la parábola del fariseo y el cobrador de impuestos que fueron
al templo a rezar afirman que Dios exaltará al que
clama por misericordia.
Lunes: Ef 4:32 — 5:8; Lc 13:10-17
Martes: Ef 5:21-33 [25-32]; Lc 13:18-21
Miércoles:Ef 6:1-9; Lc 13:22-30
Jueves: Ef 2:19-22; Lc 6:12-19
Viernes: Flp 1:1-11; Lc 14:1-6
Sábado: Flp 1:18b-26; Lc 14:1, 7-11
Domingo:Sab 11:22 — 12:2; Sal 145 (144);
2 Tes 1:11 — 2:2; Lc 19:1-10
¿Cuándo? A las 12:00 mediodía
¿Idioma? Español
¿Dónde? El Cementerio de Reina de
los Santos, localizado a Wheeler
Road antes de Motor Parkway.
Venga y orar por su ser querido.
El Día de Acción de Gracias, el 25
de noviembre, todos los miembros de la
comunidad están invitados a comer y disfrutar este día como una familia al Salón de los
Caballeros de Colón. El Padre Chris quiere
comida hispana—pernil, empanadillas, pupusas etc. para que los feligresis hispanos
van a sentirse comodos.Si puede comprar y
cocinar estas cosas, la parroquía va a pagarle por los gastos. Hable con Sister Claudia si puede ayudarnos. Gracias.
Los que hablan español en nuestra
parroquia pueden unirse en la celebración
de las culturas hispanas en la Misa a las
12:30 PM Despues de la Misa habrá comida
tipico en la cafetería para compartir.
From Fr. Chris N.:
The main theme of today’s gospel is that true humility must be the hallmark of our prayer
life. However, the central focus of today’s parable is not prayer itself, but rather pride, humility and
the role of grace in our salvation. In the second reading, Paul celebrates the fact that he is near the
finish line of his life, like a runner running a race, and that he has kept the faith right up to this
point. He humbly awaits "the crown of righteousness" that only God can give him. "I have fought
the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith!"
In today’s gospel parable about the Pharisee and the tax collector, Jesus reminds us that
God hears the prayers those who approach Him in prayer with humility. God did not hear the prayer
of the Pharisee because he exalted himself. His prayer was a prayer of thanksgiving, announcing to
God his freedom from sin and detailing his fidelity in observing the prescribed fast and in giving
tithes. The tax collector’s prayer, “O God, be merciful to me, a sinner” was heard because he
humbled himself, acknowledging his sins and requesting God’s mercy.
The message from last week was: persevere in prayer even to the point of being a nag to
God. This week’s message is that when we pray, we do so from a posture of humility and not pride.
When we are filled with pride and arrogance we can’t open our selves completely to God’s grace
and movement in our lives.
God’s Blessings Always, Fr. Chris N
De Padre Chris. N.
El tema principal del Evangelio de hoy es que humildad de verdad tiene que ser la distintiva
de nuestra vida de oración. Sin embargo, el foco central de nuestra parábola no es la oración en sí
mismo, sino orgullo, humildad y el papel de gracia en nuestra salvación. En la segunda lectura,
Pablo celebra el hecho que él se acerca la fecha límite de su vida como un corredor corriendo la
carrera. Celebra también el hecho que ha perseverado en la fe hasta este punto. Él espera la
“corona merecida” que solamente Dios puede darle. “He luchado el bien en el combate, he corrido
hasta la meta, he perseverando en la fe.”
En el Evangelio de hoy, la parábola sobre el fariseo y el publicano, Jesús nos recuerde que
Dios oye las oraciones de los que se acercan a Él en la oración con humildad. Dios no oyó la
oración del fariseo porque se exaltó. Su oración fue una oración de acción de gracias, anunciando
a Dios su libertad del pecado y detalladamente mencione su fidelidad en observando el ayuno
prescrito y en dando limosna. La oración del publicano, ‘Dios mío, apiádate de mi, que soy un
pecador’ fue escuchado porque se humilló, reconociendo sus pecados y pidiendo la piedad de
El mensaje de la semana pasada fue: persevere en la oración hasta el punto de ser un
molestador a Dios. El mensaje de esta semana es que cuando oremos , hacemos de una actitud
de humildad y no de orgullo. Cuando estamos lleno de orgullo y arrogancia, no podemos abrimos
nosotros completamente a la gracia de Dios y movimiento en nuestras vidas.
Las Bendiciones de Dios Siempre, P. Chris. N.

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