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Health Care for All - AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin
Health Care for All
Achieving the global HIV goal in Wisconsin
AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin • 2006 Annual Report
Board of Directors
Dan Riedl, Chair
Northwestern Mutual
Anthony Bartell
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Michael Brophy
Aurora Health Care
Juan Carrasquillo
We Energies
Rob Gordon
SC Johnson
Mike Jones
Miller Brewing Company
Our Vision
The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin envisions a world
without AIDS and strives to assure that everyone with HIV
disease will live a long and healthy life.
G. Richard Olds, MD, FACP
Medical College of Wisconsin
Sharon Resch
Community Activist
Ram Rojas
Ram Rojas Studios
Peggy Rosenzweig
Peggy A. Rosenzweig, LLC
Larry Schnuck
Kahler Slater
Tony Shields
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Lynn Sprangers
Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
Doug Nelson, President & CEO
AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin
Our Mission
The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin is at the forefront
of HIV prevention, care and treatment and is dedicated to
providing quality medical, dental, mental health and social
services for all people with HIV disease.
In 2006, the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin became the largest
provider of HIV health care in the state. Through the ARCW
Medical Center quality medical, dental and mental health services
are being provided to 1,240 HIV patients. We provide compassionate
care through an integrated system of health and social services and we
take pride in being accountable to our patients and supporters. With
a strong commitment to accessible HIV health care, we are achieving
the global goal of health care for all here at home in Wisconsin.
te Insurance
Access to health care provides HIV patients with the opportunity for a long and healthy life. Without
access to care, disease progression will occur. The ARCW Medical Center is dedicated to providing medical,
5% 5%
dental and mental health care services to all HIV patients regardless of their economic status. Health
all. It’s our mission, and a commitment we will keep.
9% 9%
40% Increase in Medical Patients
623 medical patients
% Medicaid
21% Medicare
21% Medicare
Assuring Health
care for All
87% HIV Prevention, Care & Treatment Services
% Medicare
25% Female
Pride in Patient Diversity
01 02 03 04 05 06
In 2006, the ARCW Medical Center welcomed
a 40% increase in medical patients and became
Wisconsin’s largest provider of outpatient HIV
medical care. Our physicians and nurse practicioners conducted 2,354 patient visits.
75% Male
2% 2%
2% Public Affairs
The ARCW Medical Center takes pride in
the diversity of its 1,240 medical, dental
and mental health patients. ARCW is
Wisconsin’s largest provider of HIV health
care to people of color, women and gay men.
8% Administration
5% 5%
Insurance9% 9%
3% Fund Development
The ARCW Medical Center welcomes all
HIV patients regardless of their ability to
pay. In 2006, ARCW provided $1.1 million
in uncompensated care to uninsured HIV
Throughout Wisconsin ARCW makes HIV prevention, care and treatment services
accessible to thousands of people who are touched by the AIDS epidemic. With
ARCW offices in 9 communities throughout the state, more than 2,500 people
with HIV disease gain access to essential health and social services.
Dental Care is provided through the
ARCW Dental Clinic in Milwaukee and
Green Bay. In 2006, comprehensive
preventive and restorative dental care
was provided to 1,020 HIV patients from
all areas of the state.
Mental Health therapy is an essential
component of comprehensive HIV health
care. In 2006, the ARCW Mental Health
Clinic in Milwaukee and Kenosha provided
therapy to 165 HIV clients including a
unique psychotherapy group for gay
African-American men.
Legal Assistance is provided by ARCW
lawyers who travel to all corners of the state
to protect the rights of people with HIV. In
2006, legal assistance was provided to 773
HIV clients on issues such as discrimination,
estate planning, health care directives and
Housing Services were provided to 718
people in 2006 including $633,000 in rent
assistance and 15,000 overnight stays at
ARCW housing facilities to assure that no
one with HIV in Wisconsin is homeless.
HIV Prevention services are accessible
throughout Wisconsin. In 2006, the ARCW
Lifepoint needle exchange program opperated
in 10 Wisconsin cities, 150,000 total prevention
contacts were made and 2,508 HIV tests were
conducted across the state.
Food Pantries in Eau Claire, Green Bay,
Kenosha and Milwaukee make nutritious
food accessible to more than 1,100
individuals across the state. ARCW food
pantries provide 250 tons of food every year,
30% of which is delivered to homebound
HIV clients.
Case Management is accessible at all
ARCW offices for every person with HIV
disease in the state. More than 1,500 people
use the ARCW case management system
every year to gain access to the care and
treatment they need.
At ARCW our physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, dentists, psychologist and mental health therapists
are an outstanding, multidisciplinary health care team working to meet the complete health needs of our
patients. They work in collaboration with our case managers, housing counselors, food pantry personnel, lawyers
and prevention specialists to provide a highly integrated system of support. Through the integration of these
services ARCW is at the forefront of HIV care and treatment.
Tyrone Baldwin
Christina Colón
“People with HIV who are homeless and seek
our help often struggle with addiction to
alcohol and drugs. It’s a tremendous help to
have the unique ARCW harm reduction drug
treatment program available for them. Along
with our intensive housing case management
system and the ARCW Mental Health Clinic
we have wonderful resources that help our
housing clients gain the support and skills they
need to sustain long-term, stable housing.”
“Informing people that they are HIV positive
is a difficult part of my work. What makes it
easier is that I can immediately take them to
the ARCW Medical Center to schedule an
appointment for the health care they need
and then walk with them down the hall to see
a counselor who will help them understand
HIV and all the support they will have at
Director of Housing
Prevention Coordinator
Steve Debbink, DDS
Dental Director
“An important part of overall health for HIV
patients is quality dental care that allows
them to maintain healthy nutritional intake.
It’s so heartening to know that at ARCW we
have food pantries that provide my patients
with the healthiest, most nutritious food. It
puts a smile on my face to see my patients
walk out of ARCW with several bags of
groceries knowing they will be eating well.”
ARCW Medical Center
Integrated HIV care & treatment
Cindee Shapiro
Vice President of Health Services
“ Our goal is for all our patients to succeed
with their treatment plans so they can lead
long and healthy lives. With our medical,
dental and mental health clinics we are
integrating physical and mental health
services to provide our patients with the
most comprehensive care that addresses all
their health needs. Our strong food,
housing and case management services
also provide tremendous support that helps
our patients adhere to treatment regimens
that are often very difficult. We take pride
in our integrated approach to care that
gives our patients the best chance for
success with HIV treatment.”
While ARCW is the largest provider of HIV health and social services in Wisconsin, it is the quality of
care, not the quantity that matters most to our patients and clients. We are dedicated to continuous quality
improvement in all our services so that ARCW is a center of excellence and is at the forefront of HIV
prevention, care and treatment.
Experienced Medical Providers
The ARCW Medical Center has a highly
experienced team of medical professionals
led by two outstanding infectious disease
physicians, Medical Director John Fangman,
MD and Iram Nadeem, MD. Joining them in
providing quality patient care are two nurse
practitioners and three registered nurses.
Together this seven-person medical team has 70
years of experience in HIV care and treatment.
John Fangman, MD
Iram Nadeem, MD
Outstanding Mental Health Services
The ARCW Mental Health Clinic is
Wisconsin’s leading provider of HIV
mental health services and is led by Karen
Godfredsen, PsyD and three Master’s
prepared therapists. In 2006, all mental
health clients rated the quality of their care
as good or excellent.
Distinguished Housing Programs
ARCW is the only agency in the country
with two HIV housing programs designated
as Special Projects of National Significance
by the federal government. Through housing
counseling, financial support, mental health
therapy and drug treatment, ARCW has
helped residents adhere to medical regimens,
secure employment and gain stable housing.
Effective HIV Prevention
Since the inception of the Lifepoint needle
exchange program in 1994, there has been a
66% reduction in new HIV cases among
injection drug users in Milwaukee County.
Legal Victories
In 2006, ARCW lawyers Peter Kimball and
Jacob Sonneborn won 100% of Social Security
Disability Income appeals for their HIV clients.
Peter Kimball
Jacob Sonneborn
ARCW is committed to meaningful collaborations that enhance
the quality of HIV services. Through 19 contractual collaborations
that share financial resources, ARCW partners with outstanding
agencies and expert professionals to assure that HIV services are
of the highest quality.
Other ARCW
Affinity Health System
Aurora Health Care
Green Bay, Milwaukee, Sheboygan
Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee
Central Wisconsin HIV/AIDS Ministry Project
Stevens Point
Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin
The ARCW Medical Center is anchored by a partnership with
the Medical College of Wisconsin, one of Wisconsin’s leading
medical research and health care institutions. ARCW is proud
of this collaboration that provides the ARCW Medical Center
with its medical director and infections disease physicians who
are at the forefront of HIV treatment.
Common Ground Ministry/Elena’s House
Community Action Coalition
Goodwill Industries
Healthcare for the Homeless
La Casa de Esperanza
Marquette University School of Dentistry
Marshfield Clinic
The ARCW Mental Health Clinic collaborates with Milwaukee
Health Services, an outstanding community health center
serving the African-American community, to expand access to
HIV mental health therapy for people of color. This important
partnership also works to enhance the quality and effectiveness
of mental health services for HIV-positive African-Americans.
Midelfort/Mayo Clinic
Eau Claire
Rodney Scheel House
St. Mary’s/Duluth Clinic
Sixteenth Street Community Health Center
University of Wisconsin Family Medicine
Every day there are wonderful examples of compassionate care at the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin.
Whether it is the gentle support that is given to a nervous young man who is taking his first HIV test, or the
reassuring mental health counseling that helps a single mother with HIV resolve her anxiety and fear, or the
sensitivity with which a health care provider works with a patient to create a successful treatment plan — the
prevention, care and treatment services of ARCW are always provided with compassion and respect.
Growing up within a large family in New York City, Shirley Morgan learned the importance of having
compassionate people supporting her. Today, as a recovering drug user, a woman living with HIV and a resident
at the ARCW Wisconsin House, Shirley has come to appreciate the compassionate support she gets from a
new family of counselors, case managers and health care providers.
“Life was hard for me in New York City because of my drug addiction and because of my
struggle with HIV. I knew that if I stayed there I wouldn’t be alive today. So I moved to
Milwaukee to change my life for the better, and that’s just what has happened. The
Wisconsin House is a blessing for me. The staff really does care about me and the other
residents. They put in long hours to help us work through our problems and they’re
teaching us skills so we can solve problems on our own in the future. I’ve got a big battle
ahead of me with HIV and drug recovery. But, I’ve also got a compassionate family of
supporters at ARCW who believe in me and are helping me succeed.”
Shirley Morgan
“I never would have imagined a 58-year-old man crying when he opened a gift on Christmas
morning. But I did. The gift was a soft, warm robe and a beautiful pair of pajamas. Something
I wanted very much but could not afford. It’s not easy living with this disease and the holidays
can be a difficult time. But your holiday gift program brought me real joy this year. Thank you
ARCW for being such a big part of my life through the medical clinic, dental clinic and the
wonderful food pantry.”
-- A Thank You Note Received from Walter
Barnes, ARCW Patient
Walter Barnes
Bob Bowers is a 23-year HIV survivor from Madison. He is also an outstanding AIDS advocate and educator who
shares his personal journey with thousands of people and always imparts his vision that “compassion is our cure”
in the epic battle against AIDS. Bob recently experienced the compassion he envisions at the ARCW Dental
“I had a very bad tooth causing me lots of problems and, like most people with HIV, I had a
hard time getting a dental appointment. Some clinics would take me, but only to do an extraction
of the tooth. When I called the ARCW Dental Clinic I got an appointment immediately, and
much more. I was welcomed warmly by the dental staff and then Dr. Debbink and I talked
about saving my tooth. He performed a root canal and my tooth is now as good as ever. Most
people dread the thought of a root canal. But my experience was one of quality care in a dental
clinic full of compassion. It made my 150 mile round trip from Madison worthwhile.”
Bob Bowers
To Our Friends in the Fight Against AIDS:
The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin has a long history of accountability to our donors, government
funders, patients, clients and people throughout Wisconsin who are counting on us to lead the fight
against AIDS.
We take great pride in being outstanding stewards of the resources that are donated and awarded to us.
Our record of sound financial management makes us financially strong and builds our capacity to expand
services to all Wisconsin residents who are touched by the AIDS epidemic.
In 2006, the ARCW Medical Center emerged as Wisconsin’s largest provider of HIV health care and the
largest provider of care for indigent HIV patients. The continued success of the ARCW Medical Center
will determine whether Wisconsin achieves the global goal of health care for all HIV patients.
Doug Nelson
We are determined to meet this goal and give people with HIV disease in Wisconsin the opportunity for
long and healthy lives. We pledge our finest efforts and continued accountability to all who support our
important work.
Doug Nelson President & CEO Dan Riedl
Chair, Board of Directors
Dan Riedl
AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin Financial Statements
Balance Sheet
Statement of Activities
for August 31, 2006 and 2005
for Fiscal Years Ended August 31, 2006 and 2005
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
State of Wisconsin
City of Milwaukee
Milwaukee County
Racine County
Brown County
Eau Claire County
Dane County
Fund Development
5% Private Insurance
Special Event Expenses
Grants to Wisconsin AIDS Agencies
9% General
United Way
(GAMP) for Services
Other Revenue
1% Medicare
Program Services:
623 medical patients
Health Care
Social Services
25% Medicaid
Legal Assistance
Public Affairs
Supporting Activities:
21% Medicare
Fund Development
01 02 03 04 05 06
25% Female
Current Assets
Net Fixed Assets
Other Assets
$ 4,282,194
Current Liabilities
Long-Term Liabilities
Total Liabilities
Total Net Assets
Complete audited financial statements are available upon request.
2006 Investment in HIV Services
87% HIV Prevention, Care & Treatment Services
75% Male
8% Administration
2% Public Affairs 3% Fund Development
Honor Roll of Donors
ARCW is deeply grateful to the following donors for their generous contributions of $100 or more
made between September 1, 2005 and August 31, 2006 that helped us raise $2,051,170. ARCW is also
grateful to those who made gifts less than $100 and contributions to AIDS Walk Wisconsin. Thank you
for your generosity and support in the fight against AIDS.
United Way of Greater Milwaukee
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Judy and Mike Bartels
Forest County Potawatomi
Community Foundation
Miller Brewing Company
United Way Fox Cities
William Reinicker
The Comer Foundation
Dynacare Laboratories
Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation
United Way of Brown County
Wisconsin AIDS Fund - A Fund of the
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Altria Group, Inc.
Assurant Health
The Emory T. Clark Family
Charitable Foundation
Greater Milwaukee Foundation - Walter and Olive Stiemke Fund
United Way of Kenosha County
Wisconsin Housing and Economic
Development Authority
Cornerstone Foundation of
Northeastern Wisconsin
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
MAC Global Foundation
Rainbow Over Wisconsin
Ralph Evinrude Foundation, Inc.
Richard F. Swenson
Barbara Abert Tooman
United Way of Greater Eau Claire
Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation
Abbott Laboratories, Inc.
Christopher Abele
Jeffrey R. Anderson
Antoinette & Matthew Keenan Foundation
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Judith Derse Langenbach
Emergency Services Network of
Racine/Kenosha County
Anne and Dean Fitzgerald
Greater Milwaukee Foundation - Johnson
and Pabst LGBT Humanity Fund
Terry A. Hueneke
Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
National Association of Theatre Owners of
Wisconsin & Upper Michigan
Roche Laboratories
Stackner Family Foundation, Inc.
United Way of Dane County
United Way of Dunn County
Until There’s a Cure Foundation
Walgreens Corporate Office
American College of Bankruptcy
AnnMarie Foundation, Inc.
Aspirus Health Foundation
Aurora Health Care
Glorilee Balistrieri
Susan Bennett
Mary and Timothy Bowers
Community Foundation for the Fox
Valley Region, Inc.
Community Foundation of North
Central Wisconsin
Epic Systems Corporation
Virginia R. Finn and Evan L. Lenhardt
Donna and Michael Gifford
Greater Milwaukee Foundation Kopmeier Family Fund
Greater Milwaukee Foundation William J. Radler Fund
Roma and John Hanson
David Harrison
Inbusch Foundation
Michael Jones
Billie Kress
Lambda Legal Defense Fund
Nancy and Arthur Laskin
Robert Leschke, MD
Managed Health Services
Insurance Corporation
Jose Milan and Richard Beckman
Jeffry Miller and Kevin Roeder
Doug Nelson
Joseph R. Pabst
Peck Foundation, Milwaukee LTD
Pick N Save - We Care Program
Greg Plowe and Steven Debbink, DDS
Greg Ponto
William J. Radler
Dan Riedl and Rick Stabler
Lucy Rosenberg
SC Johnson, Inc.
Scott and Peggy Sampson Charitable
Fund, Inc.
Lynn Sprangers and Mike Gousha
Michaela and Daryl Stuermer
United Way Marathon County
United Way River Falls
We Energies
Timothy J. Aiken
Eric Ayala
Frances and Joseph Bachman
Sarah and Anthony Bartell
Michael J. Bento
Bioscrip Pharmacy
Brookfield Congregational Church
Ellen and Brian P. Buggy, MD
Juan Carrasquillo and Chuck Lang
Cherry Corporation
Cream City Foundation
Minda and Daryl Devorkin
Direct Supply, Inc.
Pam and Brian Dix
Duluth-Superior Area
Community Foundation
East High School
Timothy Elverman and Dennis Miller
Henry Faust
Foley & Lardner LLP
Peter Foote and Robin Wilson
Robert Gallagher and Dan Cramer
Gamma Sigma Sigma
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Greater Green Bay Community
Foundation, Inc.
Greater Milwaukee Foundation - Lois and
Donald Cottrell Fund J
Janet and Donald Greenebaum
Glen Gygax
Susan Hallberg
Tyra Hammett and Shannon Kilton
Edward Hashek and John Jors
Katie Heil
Douglas J. Hipenbecker
Fran and Harold Hoops
Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee
Muriel and William Janssen
K.C. Stock Foundation
Kimberly Clark Corporation
Sarah and Daniel Kleaveland Kupczak
Krause Family Foundation
Janine Lang
Patrick Marek and David Kotlewski
Kim and Marc Marotta
Medical College of Wisconsin
Sandra Morris
Pamela and Dan Mueller
Kathleen A. Niesen
Origen Partners, Inc.
Frank Parise
Robert Parrish and Richard Steele
Positive Voice, Inc.
William Pratt and
Robert Grzybowski, DDS
Prime Financial Credit Union
Timothy Radelet
Nancy and Ray Retzlaff
Mike Ryan
Sam’s Club Foundation
Katherine and Lawrence Schnuck
Cindee and Donald Shapiro
Maureen and Gary Shebesta
Nita Soref
Bonnie and Bill Stafford
Curt Stern and Jon Schlagenhaft
Grace and Mark Thomsen
Tibotec Therapeutics
Wells Fargo Bank
Mark W. West and Michael E. West, MD
Karen and John Wirch
JoAnn and Michael Youngman
Steph Zilli
Richard Adamek
All Saints Cathedral
Linda and David Arend
Arketype Group, Inc.
Arthur and Judith Saltzstein
Philanthropic Fund
AT&T Employee Giving Campaign
Katherine Barksdale and Juliana Klocek
Tyrone Bartz and Clarence Swearngan
Michael Batcho
Jeffrey Blau
Eric Bloomquist
Paul Bredael
Debra and Michael Brophy
Mary Jane and Charles Brummitt, MD
Elaine Burke
Ana Maria Calvo
City Lights Chill
Cousins Submarines, Inc. Foundation
Frank Daily and Julianna Ebert
Margaret Dethloff and Terri Zeh
Sarah Elliott and Gerald McCarthy, MD
Donella Elsen
Jessica Emerson
First Presbyterian Church
First United Methodist Church
Dianne Fitting
Donald Fritz
Barbara and Henry Fuldner
Nancy and Thomas Gazzana
Donna L. Geb
Lyn and Scott Geboy
Inez and August Gomoll
Cathy and Robert Gordon
Gregory Gowdy and Jack Balzer
Tim Grair and Alberto Maya, MD
Bea Green
Father Mike J. Hammer
Thomas Hanley
Hope Hanson
Kathryn and Matthew Herman
Ruth and Nathan Hilrich
Rebecca G. Hobart
James Hoffman
Steven P. Honkomp
Sherri and John Huff
Rick Hujet and Shelly Jensen
Jan Judziewicz and Thomas Jeske
Jerome R. Kerkman
Marian Ketterer
Elaine Klister
James Kohn and Brian Duchinsky
Jared Korn
The Librizzi Family
Edward and Barbara Levi
Philanthropic Fund
Susan and Arthur Lloyd
Kevin Loos
Matthew Luther
Thomas Mann and Katherine Bayliss, MD
Brian G. Mason
Craig Matheus
The Mathilde U. and
Albert C. Elser Foundation
Becky and Gregory Misiewicz
Dan Moorehead
Dr. and Mrs. George (Chip) Morris
Gus Moulas
Rose Mary and Dean Muller
Helen Nelson
Dick Nusbaum
Carol and Jorge Pellegrini, MD
James Pennington and Garth Peck
Plymouth Church
Quad Graphics, Inc.
William G. Rasche
Toby and Sam Recht
Stephanie and Timothy Redpath
Paul Rogers
Peggy and David Rosenzweig, MD
Rural AIDS Action Network
Mary and Keno Samudio
Anne Schilder
Jim Schleif and Bill Morley
Lois Schleif
Daniel Schmidt and Mark Berry
James Schroeder and Patrick Farrell
Michael Schwantes
John Scrum
David Shapiro, MD and
Jane A. Hawes, MD
Cathy and Tim Shaw
Jocelyn Servick and Gary Steinhafel
Vikki Stevens and Daniel Yagow
John and Mary L. Szcygiel, OD
Mike Tate
Teuteberg Inc.
Ronald J. Thate
Rev. Richard L. Thomas
Tobin Solutions
Sandra and Ronald Tunis
United Way of Jefferson/North
Walworth Counties
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Foundation, Inc.
Lynne and Thomas VanHimbergen
Gregg Vergetis and Curtis Cattanach
Wal-Mart Foundation
Glenn Ward
WellPoint Foundation
Peggy and David Wells
Charles J. Wilson, DDS
Wisconsin Council of Churches
Bettie Zillman
David I. Albert
Associate Advisory Committee
Mark Backe and Kellie Lang
Betty Baer
Margery and Irvin Becker
Kari Behling
John Bodish
Penny and Daniel Bollom
Dennis Borski
Bernice and Gordon Boucher
Tim Brown
Brown County Task Force on Hunger, Inc.
Marianne Burish
Steven Carini, DDS
Mary and Jude Carlin
Castaways M.C. of Milwaukee
Jerome and Jeremy Chingo-Harris
Diane Cooley and Tammy Jenz
Gerald Coon and Stewart Dempsey
Lucy Cooper
Polly and Giles Daeger
Kay Danen
Leneya and Jeff DeMatthew
Shirley and Robert Downey
Eileen and Howard Dubner
Seth Dubry
Michael Eckman and Roger Hyttinen
Barb Ericson
Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk and
Peter Bock
Paul Fleckenstein
Rick Fons
Judith and James Francois
Mark Franke and Mason Sherwood
Jeff Goldberg
Robert Gruling and Richard Clark
Susan C. Haertel
Michael Hallberg
Paula Hammelman
Helen and Daniel Hartsman
Steven D. Hawk
Holy Family Congregation
Mark Husby and Mark Harris
Thomas J. Huwiler
Icon Enterprises
Ellen Ihlenfeldt and Scott Stone
Lawrence A. Jacobs
Bette and Ron Jacquart
Jim Julka and Jerry Tenckhoff
K107.1 FM
John Kannenberg
James Kaufman
Lance Kelley and Jennifer Hill-Kelley
Jean M. and Russell T. Kittleson, DDS
Craig Koerth
Shirley and Stanley Kritzik
Brian Krogh
Mary Ann and Charles LaBahn
Elaine Lange
Galen Lemke
Jeffrey C. Luckow
Jeff C. Main
Lois Malawsky and Jay Larkey, MD
Judith Martin
Linda and Abe McCabe
Mary Gitschier McCarthy and
Mark McCarthy
Michael McFadden and Steven Scholze
James McFarland and Edward Aguirre
Robert McGovern
Ann L. McLean
Mary Mellowes
Memorial Presbyterian Church
Paul Milakovich
Susan and George Mitchell
John Moulder and Joan Dimow
Greg Moyer
Dale Mueller
Paul Mueller
Napalese Lounge
Anne and Dan Nowakowski
Kathy Nusslock
Helen Oberndorfer
Bridget O’Connell
Our Lady of Good Hope Congregation
Daiva Parakininkas
Mary Penn
Nancie and Jim Peterman
Gary Petersen
Mary and Robert Peterson
Joseph Pfiffner and Paul De Marco
Mary Ellen and Bruce Pindyck
Kris and David Reicher
Colleen and Thomas Remley
Stephanie Roades
Marsha J. Roecker
Jay Rothman
Emily and Calvin Rystrom
Ronald A. Sachse
Marla Satinsky and Andrew Satinsky, MD
Marilyn and Robert Savoy
School Sisters of Notre Dame
Ruth Ann Schulz and Camille Houle
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Schwertfeger
Sue and Bud Selig
Kelly Sellers
Sigma Tau Gamma
Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother
Kathleen Smith
Elizabeth and Peter Sohnle
Lynne Spearbraker
St. Eugene Congregation
St. John Lutheran Church of Ashwaubenon
Christine Stelzer
Warren Stetson
Steven C. Stoddard, MD
Barbara and Sterling Strause
The Streich Family Foundation, Inc.
Jamie Sudikatus Homan
Joe Szews
Michael D. Tarney
Bruce Thompson
Jill Trapp
Carol and Dennis Trinastic
United Airlines Employee
Giving Campaign
Caitlin and Chad VanDierendonck
Scott Wallace and Ron Via
Patrick Walsh
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Vance Werner and Jeffrey McEathron
Victory and Robert Weske
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Lana and Robert Wiese
David Wiggins
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Suzanne Wosoba
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Susan and James Andracchi
Angels of Hope Church
Appleton North High School
Gary Balcerzak
Janet C. Balding
U.S. Representative Tammy Baldwin
Cynthia Barnicki
Rose Marie and Alan Baron
Tonya and Tim Baumstark
David Baxa
David A. Bedore
Kathy and Jon Beggs
Lisa Beppler
David G. Berger
Sarah Bernstein
Kathleen H. Bink
Robert A. Bjerke
Brian Blanchard and Michael Hughes
Brynn and Gerald Bloch
The Blue Lite
William R. Boerschinger
Ginny and T. Michael Bolger
Karin Borgh and Bill Christofferson
Norma J. Boyd
John Boyle
Anne and Ted Brantingham
Joan Brengel
Carri and Curt Brewer
Briggs & Stratton Corporate
Foundation, Inc.
Suzanne Brockmann
Jill and Fredrik Broekhuizen
Rachel Brosseau
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Bill Buresh and Erich Krueger
Sister Mary Paula Bush
Patrick T. Butler
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Maria Cadenas
Cafaro Law Offices, SC
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Kay Koerster Campbell
Donna Carew and Michael Miller
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Jim Christie
Janice Chumas
Andy Cicero
Kristine and John Coffey
Linda and Curtis Connor
Craig Cornelius
Angela Cottonaro
Diane Cozza
Creative Community Living Services, Inc.
Fran Culbert
Christine D’Angelo and Bradley Davies
Richard Dannhausen
Thomas Darow
Davis & Kuelthau, SC
Kathleen A. Day
Vivien M. De Back
Rachel de Hartog
Stephen V. DeLeers
Jean and Victor Delisle
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Russ Desotell
Suzanne and Stanley Dorf
Governor Jim and Jessica Doyle
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Eugene Farley, MD
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Robert Fink Jr.
First United Presbyterian Church
Kay E. Fisher
Barbara J. Fitzgerald
Katherine and Daniel Flaherty
Kevin Flaherty
Patrick Flaherty and Kurtis Dyer
James Flynt
Footstep Fellowship, Inc.
Timothy Fortmann and John Dopke
Judy and David French
Margo Walther Frey and James Frey
Wade Gease
Geraldine and George Georgoulis
Judy and Arnie Gertsma
Julie A. Geyer
Ward Ghory and Anne Ghory-Goodman
Hilary Giffen
Virginia Gilmore
Marlene Gisser and Thomas Gaudynski
Elaine and Harold Goetz
Rachel Goff
Peter Goldberg
Janet Goldman
Brian Goldshlack and Gary Burkhardt
Diana and Leonard Goldstein
John Goldstein
Burton Goodman, DDS
Douglas K. Gradecki
Mary Christine and James Grall
Rev. Ronald J. Gramza
Greek Orthodox Ladies
Philoptochos Society
Tim Greene and Michael Karl
Jesse Greenlee
Ginny Gribble
Marie Gross-Wesolek
Jo and Bill Guenzel
Angie Guerra and Allyn Tiisler
Robert Gulig
Susan and Richard Hackl
Janice and Leonard Hand
Liz and Michael Hanna
Harbor Credit Union
Lindy Hauber
Daniel Haworth
Sandra Hays and Walter Kelly
Mrs. Herbert E. Heilbronner
Kathryn Hein
William Heinzelman and Patrick Brady
Cliff Heise
Arthur Heitzer and Sandra Edhlund
Tony Heller
Evelyn Henn
Colleen Hilbert
John Hnilicka and Charles Cushing
Diane E. Hochrein
Joan and James Hogan
Judith Holbrook
Steve Holt
Mary Houseman and Janis Shogren
Marilyn and Joseph Huber
Gretchen and Richard Hudock
Mrs. Peter D. Humleker, Jr.
Miriam S. Hynek
Inviting Ideas
Natalie Isensee
David Jach
Kathy and Thomas Jackson
Joan and Jonathan Jacobs
Kris Jarantoski
Julie E. Jaworski
Paul Jazdzewski
Nancy Johnston
Darlene Kadlec
Alan Karbel
Kendall Karst
Jeffrey Kassel and Alison Einbender
Kathleen Kaufelt
Maxine and Rodney Kaufman
Marilyn and Jonathan Kay
Patricia Keating-Kahn and
Judge Charles Kahn
John Keegan
Patricia and James Keir
Peggy Kelsey and Michael Teich
Joe Kender
Paul Kern
John Ketchum
Patricia Kiernan and Thomas Wells
Stephanie Kissel
Rev. Richard H. Klingeisen
Mary and Daniel Klos
Carol and Randall Knox
Dennis Kois and Jennifer Overholt
Kaye L. Kolbe
Axel O. Kotch
Ellen Kowalczyk
Juanita and John Kowalkowski
Edith Kraus
Janice and Thomas Krautkramer
Douglas F. Krimmer
Margaret and Andrew Krupp
Konrad Kuchenbach and John Holland
Vicki Kuharske
Tina and Joseph Kurhajec
Kvapil & Beranek Investments, LLC
Barbara La Barbera and
Anne Marie Peterson
James V. Lacey, MD
Dan Lagerman
Kathleen A. Lambert
Cosette Lang
Loretta and John Larkey
Michael Larkey
Ryan P. Larkey
John Larson
Carol and Chester Laskowski
Debra Laster
Barbara Lauderdale, MD and
Bradley Lauderdale, MD
Mary Jane and Lynn Laufenberg
Timothy Lebens
John Locke
Cherie A. Lockwood
Muriel Loe
Mary and William Lorentz
Eddie R. Lowry, Jr.
Douglas Luedke
Margaret Mary Luke
Leonard Lutzke
Pam MacArthur
Malone’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Heidi Manak
Bill Manly and Darrel Donahue
Susan M. March
George Marek
Ann and Marvin Margolis
Dolly Martinez
Tamara Martinsek
Peter Mastalir and Dennis Bartley
Laura and Robert Mauermann
Robert Mayer
Meridee Maynard
Shirley McCann
William L. McCown
William McDonald and Jeffery Barthen
Marilyn and Dennis McGoldrick
Randall McKee
Marie Menz
Adrienne and Burton Miller
Rose Marie and James Mischo
Linda and C. E. Moore
Tomas Morden
Marleen and Dwight Morgan
Brad Morrison and David Bluma
Danielle and Joe Morton
Morton Drug Company
Frederick Moss and Martin Schneider
Mount Olive Evangelical Lutheran Church
Clayton Mrotek
Connie and Al Mueller
Michael Murray and Kurt DePrey
Lucia and John Murtaugh
My Place
Elaine and Howard Myers
Mary Jo and Dwight Nelson
Matthew Neu
Richard Nondahl
Notre Dame De La Baie Academy
Elizabeth and Kirk Obear
Kelly and Robert Olejniczak
Miriam Oliensis-Torres and Jose Torres
James Ollrogge
Denise Olson and Cheryl Myers
Jason Olson
Julianna Olson
Kris Olson and Terri Refsguard
Tom O’Reilly and Anne Perina
Winston Ostrow and
Lise Lotte Gammeltoft
Rosanna Padron-Gutierrez
Luke Allan Palese
Marshall Pepper
Lowell Peterson
Nicholas Petrovits
Gina Picciurro
Suzanne and Richard Pieper
Judy Pierotti
PPC Foundation
Lisa and Gregory Primuth
Jarvis Racine and Christopher Corona
Beverly C. Rautenberg-Panko
Miriam Reading and Richard Miller
Kathy and Joe Regan
Desiree M. Rembert
Sharon and Dick Resch
Donovan Riley
Carlos Rodriguez and
Christopher Leichliter
Ram Rojas
Mary Ann Roper
Paul Rushizky
Barbara and Morris Sable, MD
Barb and Joe Saiia
James Santelle
David Santori
Jane and Charles Sauer
Virginia and Robert Savrnoch
Nancy and James Schacht
Andrew Schaidler
Aaron Scheller
Bonnie Abramoff Schmalzer
Susan Schmitz
Jill Schneider
Marilyn Schroeder
Robert A. Schuler
Jean and James Schwerdt
Gerald Sedmak and Denise
Fran Serlin and Michael Cohn
Penny Seymoure and Jeffrey Roberg
Bill Shaw
Mary and Joseph Shea
Christa and Tony Shields
John Shier
Barbara and Melvin Shikora
Diane Sisler
Michael Skogg and Susan Stary
Elizabeth and James Slocum
Mary Ann and John Smilanich
Jack Sneesby
Ginny and Todd Sommer
Katy and Justin Sommer
Michael Sperling
Mary and John Splude
St. Mark African Methodist Church
John Stauske
Richard Stemper
Kevin Stephanie
Terri Boxer Stern
Alan Stevenson
James Stewart
Jake Stillings
Dawn and Scott Stokes
David Stowe, MD and Gene Webb, MD
Ruth and Wayne Streck
Arlene and Jerome Strunk
Stephanie Strzalka
Adel and Robert Sucher
Chester Suski
Michael W. Sussek
Barbara and Michael Sweeney
Ronald Thelen
Cheryl Thiede
Michelle Thiede
Deborah Thomas
Kimberly Thomas
Harold Thompson and Randall Pierret
Wendy Thompson
Ronald Thrash and Bruce Kohnke
Barb and Randy Tisai
John Tomlinson and Donald Krause
Keri Torgerson
Teresita and Kevin Torrence
Karen R. Trembath
Robert Treu
Jim Tucker and Lee Steinke
Margaret J. Tungseth
Marilyn and Timothy Tyre, MD
Universal Mortgage Corporation
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Karen and Samuel Urdan
Marilyn Van Lanen
Jack Vandelist
Tom VanDenBogart
David Vander Linden and Ross Goldberg
Robert Vaughan and Satchi Hiremath
Kate Venne
Katherine Venskus and William Keeton
Glen Verstegen and Larry Heath
Mary Renee and Lee Waldhart
Walworth County Arts Council
Brian Warnecke
Randall Watkins
Waukesha South High School
Wauwatosa Avenue United
Methodist Church
Lynn and Don Weber
Christine and John Weidner
Kristine Adams Wendt and Gene Wendt
Wesley United Methodist Church
Teresa Wetzel
Rev. Edward Wieland
Steve Wiese
Laura Wiesmueller
Adria and Neil Willenson
Paul Williams
Jo Willis
Thomas Wilson
Ann and Peter Wilt
Laura Winterstein
Richard Wittkopf
Sharon Wolf
Katherine A. Wolter
David Wolz
Melvin Wunsch
Barbara York
Nancy and Richard Young
Joseph Zanotti
Anthony Ziebert
Daniel Zimmerman
Jane M. Ziol
Salvatore Zizzo and David Chapdelaine
Charlotte and Burton Zucker
Special Events
ARCW is grateful to the following corporations and individuals for their support of
ARCW fundraising events.
Corporate Sponsors
AAA Wisconsin
Affinity Health System
Assurant Health
Aurora Health Care
Blockbuster Entertainment Corp.
Braden Plumbing, Inc.
Creative Communication Concepts
Dynacare Laboratories
GE Healthcare
Johnson Bank
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Kimberly Clark Corporation
L.E. Phillips Family Foundation, Inc.
Metavante Corporation
Miller Brewing Company
MM Insurance Associates, Inc.
Modine Manufacturing Company
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin
Phoenix Care Systems, Inc.
ProHealth Care
Ritz, Holman, Butala, Fine LLP
Riverview Antique Market
Roche Laboratories
SC Johnson, Inc.
Stein’s Inc.
Time Warner Cable
United Healthcare of Wisconsin
UnumProvident Corporation
von Briesen & Roper, S.C.
Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy
WEYCO Group, Inc.
Wisconsin Department of Tourism
WS Packaging Group Inc.
AIDS Walk Wisconsin 2005
Top 10 Teams
1. We R the Strongest Link
2. Miller Brewing Company
3. Team DEVO
4. Foley & Lardner LLP
5. Camp Heartland
6. Olympia Brown Unitarian
Universalist Church
7. Sheboygan County Cares
8. Goetz Team
9. Corpus Christi Parish Walkers
10. Milwaukee Health DepartmentNo Condom? No Way!
Top 10 Walkers
1. Robert D. Parrish
2. Greg R. Plowe
3. Michael J. Ryan
4. Kenneth J. Augustine
5. Elizabeth A. Hancock
6. Kathleen A. Fried
7. Shirley A. Brey-Traas
8. Scott A. Stokes
9. Nita G. Soref
10. David M. Brazeau
Have a Heart Gala 2006
Table Captains
Arketype Group, Inc.
Eric Ayala
Kay Danen
Dean Dayton and The Blue Lite
Russell Desotell
Keller Inc.
Loretta and John Larkey
Positive Voice, Inc.
Rascals Bar & Grill
Kevin Roeder and Jeffry Miller
Triangle Distributing
Union Congregational Church
Jolly Holly Folly 2005
Beans & Barley Market & Cafe
Bella Caffe
Cempazuchi Comida Brava
The Cooking Store
Crawdaddy’s Cajun Creole Restaurant
Eat Cake
Fish Bones
The Knick
La Perla
Mia Famiglia Ristorante & Steak House
Osteria del Mondo
Ouzo Cafe
Palermo Villa Restaurant
Pizza Man
Potawatomi Catering
Ristorante Bartolotta
The Soup Market
Gary Balcerzak
Rick Fons
Michael Gronert
Paula Hammelman
Steven D. Hawk
Thomas Jeske and Jan Judziewicz
William J. Radler
Anne Schilder
Jocelyn Servick and Gary Steinhafel
Lynne Spearbraker
John and Mary L. Szcygiel, OD
Vicki and Robert Weske
Suzanne Wosoba
Make a Promise Gala 2006
Table Captains
Athlone Consulting LLC
Judy and Mike Bartels
Jeffrey Blau
Mary and Tim Bowers
Direct Supply, Inc. and Jeff Leypoldt
Dynacare Laboratories
Timothy Elverman and Dennis Miller
Fair Wisconsin and Milwaukee LGBT
Community Center
Dianne Fitting
Anne and Dean Fitzgerald
Foley & Lardner LLP
Stewey Freund
Donna and Michael Gifford
Susan Hallberg
Father Mike J. Hammer
Roma and John Hanson
Thomas Jeske and Jan Judziewicz
Michael A. Johnston
John Kannenberg
Les Ciseaux
Managed Health Services
Insurance Corporation
Medical College of Wisconsin
Paul Milakovich
Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
Pamela and Dan Mueller
Joseph R. Pabst
Frank Parise
Timothy Radelet
William J. Radler
Dan Riedl and Rick Stabler
Jim Schleif and Bill Morley
Cathy and Tim Shaw
Michaela and Daryl Stuermer
Teuteberg Inc.
Scott Wallace and Ron Via
We Energies
Wisconsin Housing and Economic
Development Authority
In-Kind Gifts
ARCW is grateful to the following individuals, organizations and businesses for
their contributions of goods and services.
Acacia Theatre Company
Adventure Rock
Susan Allen
American Folklore Theatre
American TV
ARCW employees
Art Bar
The Art of Hair
Artist & Display
Assurant Health
Aveda - Salon Systems
U.S. Representative Tammy Baldwin
Bally Total Fitness
Bartolotta Group
Rita and Randy Bash
BBC Lighting Company
Beans & Barley Market & Cafe
Bella Caffe
Belle Fiori Floral Design
The Beloit Inn
Gabrielle Bielen
Ronald Bielen
Birch Creek Music Center
The Blue Lite
Boston Store Funiture Gallery
John Brennan
Joseph Brooks
Gary Burkhardt and Brian Goldshlack
Caffe’ Espresso, Inc.
Carma Laboratories, Inc.
Carroll Studios of Photography
Cascade Tissue Group
Cempazuchi Comida Brava
Chanticleer Guest House
CheeseCake Heaven, Inc.
Chip & Py’s
Chives Restaurant
Nancy and Jon Christiansen
Circus World Museum
City Lights Chill
Clear Channel Outdoor
Clear Channel Radio
Clock Place
Cocoon Arts
The Cooking Store
Copp’s Food Center
County Market
Coventry Glassworks
Crawdaddy’s Cajun Creole Restaurant
Kay Danen
David Barnett Gallery
Pat and Brian Davitt
The Day Spa
Dean Dayton
Diva Salon
Martha and Andrew Dolan
Door County Maritime Museum
Shirley and Robert Downey
Duke Roufus Gym
Duluth-Superior Pride Committee
Dykeman Family Corporation
Eat Cake
Eden Florist
Elements East
Elite Fitness & Racquet Clubs
Ellen Zilli’s Catering
Erv’s Mug
Bernice Falkner
Joan Bartels Farrell
Patrick Farrell and James Schroeder
Fashion Ninja
Festival Foods
Fish Bones
Dianne Fitting
Flagstone Landscaping
Four Seasons Coffee
Fox Cities Performing Arts Center
Frank O. Kloiber Jewelers
Frank’s Dinner Theatre
Fred Astaire Dance Studios
Stewey Freund
Gallery 505
Genie’s Mail Order & Shopping
George Watts & Son, Inc.
Susanne Gidan
Trudy Gidan
Benjamin Giese
Donna and Michael Gifford
The Gift Itself
Kristy Goggio
Goldi, Inc.
Gordy’s County Market
Grasch Foods
Great Frame Up - Whitefish Bay
Great Harvest Bread Company
Green Bay Packers
Hahn’s Meat Market
James Hardie and Thomas Hart
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Harleys The Store For Men
David Harrison
here! Networks
Hilly Haven Ski & Golf, Inc.
Ann Hinderholtz
Holiday Inn Milwaukee - City Centre
Judy Houston
Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee
Gregg Hutterer
Incentive Gallery
InterContinental Milwaukee
Paul Jacob
Jewel Osco
Johnson Outdoor, Inc.
Karl’s Rental Centers, Inc.
Maureen and Gary Kavalar
Laura and Peter Kimball
Kirkwood’s IGA
Stephanie Kissel
Sandra Klingbeil
The Knick
Koss Corporation
Uwe Kuttig
La Perla
Lakefront Brewery
Lamar Transit
Lamers Bus Lines, Inc.
Patricia Lane and Martha Benewicz
Lawrence University
Les Ciseaux Salon
Lorraine and Morry Mitz
Philanthropic Fund
Los Banditos
Mall of America
Marcus Center for the Performing Arts
Market Basket
Marketplace Foods
Marquette University
Massage Connection
Bette McAnulty
Michael McCrea and Ann Marie Uselmann
McDonald’s Corporation
John McGivern and Steve Brandt
Mega Pick’n Save East
Mia Famiglia Ristorante & Steak House
Midwest Airlines, Inc.
Paul Milakovich
Miller Brewing Company
Milwaukee Admirals
Milwaukee Art Museum
Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee Chamber Theatre
Milwaukee County Zoo
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Milwaukee Magazine
Milwaukee Public Museum
Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Inc.
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Milwaukee World Festival, Inc.
Minnesota Vikings
Pamela and Dan Mueller
Carol J. Mullen
Muzic in Motion
Napalese Lounge
New Life Christian Fellowship
Nicolet Restaurant
Jan Nitz
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Jeremy Novy
Old Country Buffet
Oneida Bingo and Casino
The Onion
Open House Estate Sales
Optix on Downer
Osteria del Mondo
Ouzo Cafe
Paintball Dave’s Inc.
Palermo Villa Restaurant
Palmer Johnson Yachts
PDQ Car Wash
Peninsula Players Theatre
Ron Pitts
Pizza Man
Potawatomi Bingo Casino
Premium Waters, Inc.
Present Music
Prevea Health
PrideFest, Inc.
Prime Quarter Steak House
Progressive Farm CO-OP
Property Damage Appraisers
Quality Inn
Queer Life News
Christine Rademacher
Radisson Hotel & Conference
Center Green Bay
Katharine Reilly
James R. Reinke
RIMM, Inc.
Rock Garden Supper Club
Rohr Jewlers
Ram Rojas
Ron’s Castle Foods
The Rug Company
James Schroeder and Patrick Farrell
Schroeder’s Flowerland
Michael Schwantes
Second Harvest Food Bank of Wisconsin
Kevin Servais
Cindee and Donald Shapiro
Maureen and Gary Shebesta
Shepherd Express
Dale Shidler and Ken Pitt
The Soup Market
Michelle Speiser
Sprecher Brewing Company, Inc.
Stano Landscaping, Inc.
Stein Optical Express
Steinhafels, Inc.
Kenneth Strmiska
Studio D’Angeli
Michaela and Daryl Stuermer
Super Natural Distributors, Inc.
Sybaris Pool Suites
Theatre Council
Cheryl Thiede
Thomasville Home Furnishings
Three Graces
Time Warner Cable
Titletown Brewing Company
The Turkey Store Company
U.S. Oil
University of Wisconsin
Intercollegiate Athletics
Roger L. Uscila
Vito Valenti
Van Galder Bus Company
David Vander Linden and Ross Goldberg
LeeAnn and Greg Venne
Nichole Vesperman
Toya Washington
Washington House Inn
Mark Webster and Mell Boretsky
Weidner Center for the Performing Arts
Todd West and Robert Willems
Wisconsin Athletic Club - Waukesha
Wisconsin Center District
Wisconsin Farm Marketing
Woodland Marketing of Medford
Suzanne and Gary Wulff
Ziegler Kettle Moraine Jazz Festival
Arlene Zimmerman
Zoological Society of Milwaukee
ARCW is grateful to
Jason (Stewey) Freund
for his contribution of
Graphic Design and Photography
for this Annual Report.
103 E. Washington St.
920-733-2068 • 800-773-2068
Eau Claire
505 Dewey St. South, Ste. 107
715-836-7710 • 800-750-2437
Green Bay
445 S. Adams St.
920-437-7400 • 800-675-900
1212 57th St.
262-657-6644 • 800-924-6601
La Crosse
1707 Main St., Ste. 420
608-785-9866 • 800-947-3353
121 S. Pickney St.
608-258-9103 • 800-518-9910
Visit Us Online
To find out more about HIV/AIDS contact:
The Wisconsin HIV/STD/Hepatitis C Information and Referral Center
A Program of the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin
414-273-2437 • 800-334-2437
820 N. Plankinton Ave.
414-273-1991 • 800-359-9272
1507 Tower Ave., Ste. 230
715-394-4009 • 877-242-0282
1105 Grand Ave., Ste. 1
715-355-6867 • 800-551-3311
At the 2006 International AIDS Conference in Toronto, 25,000 people gathered
to address the worldwide AIDS pandemic. While they were from many different
countries and highly diverse cultures, they were united in setting a bold new global
goal of universal access to health care for everyone with HIV disease.

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