Year 12 Student, Joan Munar, Competing at the 2012 London



Year 12 Student, Joan Munar, Competing at the 2012 London
Monday October 22nd
Year 12 Student, Joan Munar, Competing
at the 2012 London Paralympic Games
Read the interview with Joan Munar inside.
Years 10 to 13 Cross-Curricular Excursion
More information and photos from the excursion inside.
King Richard III College, Portals Nous. Mallorca. www.kingrichard
Primary School News
Years 5 and 6 Explore La
On October 8th Years 5 and 6 went on their
Autumn Term excursion to La Reserva in
Puigpunyent. It gave them a great opportunity to
observe, first hand, aspects of Science and
Geography being taught in the class. As the pupils
followed the trails through La Reserva, they
participated in an information gathering quiz,
which required them to find out about the flora,
fauna and geography of La Reserva.
Watching bears and gathering information about
Alicía Font captivated by the waterfall.
Chloe Clarkson, Lodewyk Holleboom and Cedric
Laufenberg getting close to the mouflons.
Spot the bear!
Grace Boreggio obviously can’t believe her eyes!
King Richard III College, Portals Nous. Mallorca.
Primary School News
Year 6 History
Year 6 are learning about the Victorians in
History. Many Victorian children lived in
workhouses, where they were very cruelly
treated. They had to work long hours every day,
doing very boring tasks, and they were beaten if
they did not do it properly!
Year 5 Numeracy
The Year 5 Numeracy class participated in a maths
investigation to see whether the recorded landings
of a ten-sided dice tallied with what would be
expected. They recorded the results in a “Tally
Morgan Bibiloni and Marcos Juan taking it in turns to
roll the dice for their investigation.
Year 4 News
Here Julian Salleras, Jordi Kegel and Jannis
Athanasakos are "picking oakum" which was
pulling pieces of rope apart to use to waterproof
ships. What boring work it must have been!
Year 4 recently learned and performed a poem called
“The Scary Skeleton” for their assembly. The poem
was related to the term one Science topic, Moving
and Growing.
When did King Richard III reign in
The first five pupils
from Secondary or Primary
to present
Mr. McCormick
with the exact dates
will receive 10 points.
King Richard III College, Portals Nous. Mallorca.
Primary School News
Year 3 Blue Art
Year 3 Numeracy
Lian Ramadani, Jan Ortiz and Norwin Hug
improving their sketching skills.
In Numeracy, the pupils from Year 3 are learning to
use a tape measure. “We measured lots of things
in our classroom, and we even got to measure our
teacher! We really enjoyed it!”
Year 2 Survey
Year 2 have been collecting data and drawing
conclusions for their Favourite Fruit Survey.
Year 3 Blue: Teeth
Year 3 Blue have been learning about different
types of teeth and how to look after them. They
were able to perform their "Teeth" poem in our
Primary Assembly.
Year 1 Español
Los alumnos de Year 1 aprenden a escribir en
How many wisdom teeth should an adult
have and what type of teeth are they?
The first five pupils from Primary
to present
Mr. McCormick
will receive 10 house points.
Un trabajo bien hecho, Year 1!
King Richard III College, Portals Nous. Mallorca.
Primary School News
Reception 2 Floating and
Reception 0
Reception Zero have been building and creating
new structures.
Reception 2 have been investigating “Floating and
Sinking” in Science.
Ada Ortiz and Lucás Laraudogoitia
Kjell Laudon, Antoine Berry and Ramon Nyppeli
Reception 1
Raul Berry, Marlene Hansen ad Jenny Stahl-Vives
busy building
Reception One students are proud of their number
Who invented Lego and where was the first
Legoland built?
The first five pupils Primary
to present
Mr. McCormick
with the exact dates
will receive 10 house points.
Reception Zero, painting triangles
King Richard III College, Portals Nous. Mallorca.
Primary School News
French in Primary
Students from years 1 to 6 have started their
weekly French lessons again. Years 3 to 6 have
been revising the vocabulary learned last year
with games, songs and fun activities, whilst years
1 and 2 have just started learning numbers and
Phoebe Wesson showing her work on colours.
Star Pupils and Merits
For the week ending October 5th
Star Pupils
Mario Roig León
Quentin Bruckner
Felix Albers
Y3 B Ava Bahms
Y3 R Eleanor Bee
Xima DeLacy
Lucas Jackson
Merit Pupils
Leon Liebichen
Estefania Liebichen
Martin Deyanov
Y3 B Jasmine Guthrie
Y3 R Ivan Burdeinoi
Maddy Asher
Lena Zins
Sapp Mansaker
For the week ending October 12th
Year 2 enjoying a game in French.
Drama Club
We are having lots of fun at the Primary Drama
Club. We have been participating in a variety of
activities to help us get to know one another and
become more confident when performing in front
of others.
Star Pupils
Mina Kami
Asia Bailer
Anita Koteja
Y3 B Ava Bahms
Y3 R William Lamprell
Aniela Berry
Olimpia Sennacheribbo
Merit Pupils
Ella Holm
Quentin Bruckner
Leonard Holm
Y3 B Sam Mora
Y3 R Marlon Nyppeli
Lucien Bailer
Cayetana Gonzalez
Lucie Bruckner
Here we see the Drama Club focusing on
King Richard III College, Portals Nous. Mallorca.
Secondary School News
Years 10 to 13 Visit
Mondragó National Reserve
On October 3rd 2012, students from years 10-13
worked on beach surveys, coastal erosion,
carbon sequestration, chemical analysis of rocks
and wave refraction, employing skills in Maths,
Science, Art and Geography.
Pupils surveyed the beach using equipment they
had constructed to produce a beach profile, PH
data and Primary Vegetation Succession.
Conducting a Chemistry experiment to determine
the type of rock which is dominant in Playa
Geography students are counting wave patterns
to determine the type of process building up the
On Thursday the 4th of October, Years 12 and 13
had a visit from an IE University of Segovia
We were told about the application procedure and
about finding characteristics in a University that
would suit us the best.
We finished the session off by doing a test in
Emotional Intelligence. We all enjoyed the visit
very much and learned a lot.
By Stephanie Reuszner (Head Girl)
Head Students: Harry Wilbraham, Stephanie
Reuszner & Toni Bergas with Elisa Melendez from
IE University
King Richard III College, Portals Nous. Mallorca.
Secondary School news
English Department News
Key Stage 4 English Literature
The thought of embarking upon IGCSE study can be
a little daunting, however our momentary fears are
a distant memory and we are eager little book
Prior to starting to read Harper Lee’s classic, To Kill
a Mocking Bird we carried out research on aspects
of American history and culture. We each focused
on a particular area, from the Declaration of
Independence through to The Great Depression.
We learned from each other and shared our
findings, so we were very well prepared.
We have been analysing the characters presented
in the early chapters of the novel and our favorite
so far is, without doubt, the narrator, Scout. She is
curious, intelligent, outspoken (maybe a little too
much at times) and a tomboy! We are really
looking forward to learning how her character
We tried to link our studies with National Poetry
Day to broaden our knowledge of the term
mockingbird, which is a repeated motif in the
novel. Believe it or not we analysed the lyrics of
Eminem’s song Mockingbird and, in complete
contrast, James Taylor and Carly Simon’s song of
the same title. You can see that it is possible to link
classic American literature with contemporary
We have just completed a piece of analysis on how
Harper Lee uses language in chapter four. It’s our
biggest challenge so far but it develops our skills in
learning how writers use a variety of literary
techniques for different effects. We’re looking
forward to receiving our grades soon!
We´re also looking forward to participating in
drama activities associated with the novel: we’ll be
taking it in turns to play Scout! We’re really
enjoying the novel, even at this early stage, and we
are eager to see how the plot and characters
develop. We can certainly understand why it is
many people’s favourite book!
Written by:
Astrid Melin-Shearer, Emma Gow, Zoe SheridanPasch, Beatriz Juan and Borja Laraudogoitia
Year 10 discover Boo Radley’s hidden messages.
A Level English
Below is an extract from Bradley Williams’ (Year 13) Alevel creative writing portfolio ‘The Gothic and
Supernatural’ for English Language and Literature.
Staring into the Void
Time passes slower, when you are staring over the
edge of a cliff. It seems that staring death in the face,
without a hint of fear, can be a character-building
experience. If you stare for too long into the void; it
stares back. It seems natural, death that is, it’s socially
accepted. It’s normal. Death is easy, and living is
hard, wouldn't you like to just let go? All the worries
and bad memories won’t matter anymore. You can sit
back, for once, and take a backseat. Let whatever death
welcomes you with take you away. Nearly everything in
nature is painless, why would death be any different?
Life ends every single split second; what kind of cruel
joke would it be, and how pointless, if whatever
happened after you die were bad. How likely is it to be
a cruel experience? Why would it be?
People tell us that we don’t know what happens after
we die, and that’s true. But maybe nature does.
Humans, as creatures, have developed into beings of
higher intelligence through evolution, or at least that’s
the commonly accepted theory, and this all happened
through nature; right? We know nothing of death by
ourselves, but what if nature knew? What if nature had
evolved past the living, or whatever we call it? What if
it had a plan, written and developed by nature itself?
Death is natural, no? Why wouldn't we assume that we
evolve after death too? It’s been around since time
began, it’s had plenty of time to write that plan.
Why don’t you find out? Solve, for yourself, the
greatest question we have. What happens after you
die. Maybe nature has already answered that question.
We just don’t know it yet.
By Bradley Williams
By Bradley Williams, Year 13.
King Richard III College, Portals Nous. Mallorca.
Secondary School News
English Department News
ENGLISH Years 7 – 9
Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have been enjoying
reading their novels.
Year 7 students are studying the story of The Boy in
the Striped Pyjamas and they are learning the skills
of narrative writing and of empathy. Indeed they
empathise very strongly with the experiences of
young Bruno and how he became drawn into the
terrible events of the Holocaust during World War 2.
Year 8 are enjoying life on Animal Farm and singing
their song, “Beasts of England”! They are learning
about the use of allegory and metaphor in storytelling. They have been involved in dramatic
improvisations based on the events of the story and
have written some stirring and persuasive political
speeches of their own, as well as making masks
representative of the various animal characters for
use in their dramatic presentations. They are
learning something of the Russian Revolution and
the years of Stalin´s rule in Russia, as the book is an
allegory based on this tumultuous period.
Year 9 are in the Jazz Age and Prohibition in New
York. They are reading F.Scott Fitzgerald´s powerful
story of The Great Gatsby; both as a love story and a
social commentary on the period of the Roaring 20s
in America. They have enjoyed the parties at
Gatsby´s house and his over-generous hospitality
and are suspending judgement, for the moment, on
The American Dream! The students are learning,
from a master, how to write effectively and
powerfully about people and places.
Lecciones de Inglés Para Padres
Si deseas mejorar tu inglés, ven a las clases para padres
que realizamos los martes por la tarde. Actualmente,
estamos trabajando la expresión oral centrándonos en
diferentes temas, por ejemplo la comida y la bebida. La
semana pasada realizamos una tarde de té y pastas y
con ello practicamos el cómo desenvolvernos a la hora
de pedir lo que queremos tomar en una cafetería. De
esta forma trabajamos el inglés que podemos usar en
nuestra vida cotidiana.
¡No importa el nivel que tengas, te damos la bienvenida
y esperamos que te unas a la diversión!
English Lessons For Parents
If you want to improve your English, come along to the
English classes for parents on Tuesday afternoons. We
are currently developing our oral skills by focusing on
different topics, for example food and drink. Last week
the students had afternoon tea and cakes as they
participated in active learning to make ordering in cafes
a little bit more real life! All levels of English are
welcome to come and join in the fun!
Year 8 made masks of the key characters in Animal
Farm, to aid their dramatic reconstructions of
important scenes:
Auditions are under way for our big school show this
year which will be the rock ‘n’ roll hit musical ‘Grease’.
We will be performing it at the Palmanova Auditorium
in March 2013.
Set in Rydell High School in the 1950s, this fantastic
show is packed with fun, drama and showstoppers such
as ‘Summer Nights’, ‘Go, Greased Lightning’ and ‘We
Go Together’. Students in Years 5 to 13 will be taking
part and auditions are happening as we speak! Could
YOU be our next John Travolta or Olivia Newton-John?
King Richard III College, Portals Nous. Mallorca.
Secondary School News
Business Studies
Charley’s Fizzy Friends
During our Business Studies class we made some
lemonade, as part of the lesson on “Division of
Labour”. The lesson included organising your
available labour pool to its most efficient state.
We decided that the practical lesson would be selling
all of the lemonade to other students during break
time and again at lunch time. Year 10 were very
successful in their sales campaign and made 55
euros in profit.
In the next lesson we had to decide what to do with
the profits from our business venture.
Emma Gow came up with the perfect answer.
Invest the money… No!
Make more lemonade and make more profit… No!
Buy chocolate for everyone… No!
Give the money to a small, local boy, Charley Crooks,
who is disabled and needs to raise funds to pay for
his health care… Yes!
Well done everyone!
Article by Emma Gow – Year 10
ICT Department News
We would like to extend a warm welcome to a new
member of the ICT department, Miss Conway. Miss
Conway is teaching Primary ICT to Years 1, 2 and 3 and
also teaches Year 8 ICT in Secondary School.
This year we are utilising the electronic upload facility,
‘Google drive’. Instructions are given to pupils during
lessons. To view the files or question papers students
log on to the ‘Google drive’ website with their
username and password. They select the Secondary
folder and the year group they are in, and finally
choose the folder relating to the unit currently being
studied. Files are downloaded to their workstation as
well as any questions papers that they could be
working from. This facility is fantastic and we limit the
amount of paper used in the ICT room for all year
groups, whilst also looking after our environment.
The department is also running new ICT Clubs, during
which time the room is also open for IGCSE and A Level
students to use for revision or to access software that
they may not have on their own personal computers.
In the ICT Club students can now have a go at
photography, digital media and animation. Currently,
we are working with Primary students using a
programme called ‘Dance Mat Typing’, which is an
introduction to touch typing for children aged 7 - 11
years. It will make them very fast writers indeed!
Dance Mat Typing.
IGCSE French and German
Students have once again achieved excellent results in
the Cambridge IGCSE exam with 100% of them
achieving a A-C grade. The MFL department has been
very successful over the past 10 years, ensuring
students are fully prepared for their exam and achieve
their full potential.
Year 10 Business Studies presented the donations
raised to Linda Ledwidge, the´Support Charley´coordinator, on Friday, September 28th.
Year 10 students practising their verbs.
King Richard III College, Portals Nous. Mallorca.
Secondary School News
Entrevista Joan Munar
¿La retinosis dificulta la competición y
entrenamientos en horas de poca luz?
A la hora de competir se me hace complicado, ya que a
veces tengo que correr sobre todo las curvas por
intuición, ya que pierdo de vista las líneas. Entrenar me
resulta algo más fácil porque mi entrenador, José
Solomando, me ayuda mucho corriendo a mi lado.
Hace pocos meses te proclamaste en Holanda
campeón europeo paralímpico de 100 y 200 metros
¿Esperabas algo así?
La verdad es que ni me esperaba una medalla, pero
fueron dos finales que me salieron casi perfectas y que,
por pocas centésimas, logré las dos victorias. Sin duda
fue una alegría inmensa.
Joan es un nuevo alumno de Year 12 del King Richard
III College. En pocos meses ha sabido ganarse el
corazón de sus compañeros, se ha adaptado al ritmo
de las clases y ha demostrado que con esfuerzo se
pueden superar muchísimas barreras.
Joan padece una enfermedad denominada Retinosis,
una dolencia degenerativa que produce ceguera
nocturna o lenta capacidad para adaptarse a la
oscuridad y una pérdida progresiva del campo visual
hasta formar una visión en túnel. Durante años
practicó fútbol, pero en los últimos años mostró sus
dotes en el mundo del atletismo y se hizo un hueco
entre los mejores de España.
Este año se ha proclamado campeón de Europa
paralímpico, lo que le abrió las puertas para
participar en los Juegos Paralímpicos de Londres
¿Te imaginabas participar con 16 años en unos
No, la verdad es que nunca se me había pasado por
la cabeza, pero cuando me dijeron que iba a
participar en los Juegos Paralímpicos de Londres fue
una de las mayores alegrías de mi vida.
Tras tu participación en Londres 2012 ¿qué
experiencia te llevas?
Me quedo con unos cuantos momentos de las
Paralimpiadas de Londres 2012. En primer lugar, el día
de la inauguración cuando entramos al estadio, y dimos
la vuelta delante de 80.000 personas, fue un momento
que nunca olvidaré. Tampoco podré olvidar el
momento antes de correr los 100 metros lisos, cuando
todo el estadio hace silencio antes de la salida. Es una
sensación extraña, no oyes nada, pero sabes que a tu
alrededor hay 80.000 personas. Y por último, y el más
emotivo, fue cuando el día de la semifinal de los
relevos, ganamos, y tuve el honor de entrar en primera
posición en un estadio olímpico.
¿Cuáles son tus objetivos después de estos Juegos?
Seguir entrenando más y mejor y prepararme para el
Mundial de Lyon que se celebrará en el mes de julio de
Entrevista realizada por I.Meylán y C.Trobat
¿Por qué cambiaste el fútbol por el atletismo?
Porque a medida que iban pasando los años me
costaba mucho seguir la pelota. Mucha gente me
decía que corría mucho y que probara el atletismo.
Llegué a un punto que tuve que decidirlo, y así lo
hice, me metí de lleno en el atletismo.
En atletismo, tus marcas figuran entre los mejores
velocistas de Baleares ¿Cuál es tu mayor hándicap a
la hora de competir?
Concentrarme lo máximo posible y, sobre todo,
pensar que lo hago porque me gusta competir,
aunque a veces resulta difícil.
King Richard III College, Portals Nous. Mallorca.
Joan Munar Year 12
King Richard III College,
Calle Oratorio, 4, 07180,
Portals Nous, Mallorca,
Tel. +34 971 67 58 50/51
Fax: +34 971 67 68 20
[email protected]
Editor – Mr. McCormick.
Contributions welcome.
Email address –
[email protected]
Next Newsletter Due Out
Monday November 12th
Joan is a new Year 12 student at our
In just a few months Joan, with his
positive, cheerful attitude and wicked
sense of humour has managed to win
the hearts of his classmates and has
adapted well to the rhythm of his new
school. He has shown that with great
determination many bridges can not
only be crossed, but conquered.
Joan suffers from a degenerative eye
condition that renders him almost
blind, called Retinitis Pigmentosa.
The little sight that Joan has is akin to
tunnel vision. However, he is slowly
losing what little sight he has.
Joan’s sight, when natural light is
extremely bright, is almost like seeing
the world through the lens of a rifle.
When darkness begins to descend Joan
becomes blind.
During many years Joan played
football, until his loss of vision denied
him this sport.
Enjoying sport very much, Joan did not
give up and turned his talent to
athletics and has made a name for
himself among the best in Spain.
This year he became European Para
Olympic Champion and through this
achievement was selected by his
country to participate in the London
Para Olympics 2012!
He was the youngest member of the
Spanish national team.
Joan, did you ever imagine you would
participate in the Olympics at only
age 16 ?
The truth is, no! It was such a dream
that it never entered my head. When I
was told that I was to participate in the
Para Olympics it was one of the
happiest moments of my life.
Why did you leave football for athletics?
I left football due to my visual impairment
as it became increasingly difficult for me
to see the ball and follow the game. As I
enjoyed running, it was suggested that I
try athletics. I made the decision
therefore to immerse myself fully in the
world of athletics.
In athletics your running times compare
with the best sprinters in the Baleares.
What is your greatest handicap when it
comes to competing?
Concentration is difficult, but I always
think that I am doing this because I am
competitive, although at times it is a
Does the lack of light at certain times of
the day create difficulties with training
and competing?
Competing becomes very complicated
when the light is poor. I have to run using
intuition anticipating where the track
curves and I am unable to see the lines
that mark the lanes. Training is easier
thanks to my trainer José Solomando who
runs alongside me.
A few months ago in Holland you
became European Para Olympic
Champion in the 100 and 200m. Were
you expecting such success?
Well the truth is I was not even expecting
to win a medal! However, in the two
finals everything went well and with just
milliseconds difference managed to win.
Without a doubt, I felt euphoric.
What experiences did you gain after
your participation in London 2012?
There are many special moments from
my London experience. The first was the
Opening Ceremony, entering the stadium
with 80,000 spectators, it was an
unforgettable moment. Nor will I forget
the start of the 100m when the silence
descended over the entire stadium. It was
a strange feeling; you heard nothing but
knew there were 80,000 people
surrounding you. Lastly, and the most
emotional, was the 200m semi-final relay
race. We won! I then had the honour of
taking first position in an Olympic
What are your plans after the
experience of the Games?
I want to train even more and improve as
much as possible in preparation for the
World Games in Lyon in July 2013.
King Richard III College, Portals Nous. Mallorca.

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