PCO Entheos Academy Newsletter
September 2014
Meet our new Director
Dr. Meeks comes to Entheos Academy with a
great deal of knowledge and passion for
education. He has a Graduate Chiropractic
Degree and a Bachelors Degree in History. He
spent 16 years of his career working as a
Chiropractor in the Ogden area, but wanted
to get more involved with education. He is a
strong believer that “Education changes the
world.” Twelve years ago he opened a private
school called Legacy Leadership Academy.
He worked there for 3 years and taught a
Classical Liberal Arts curriculum. This was the
start of his education career. Recently he
comes from working at Maeser Preperatory
Academy. There he taught biology,
government and leadership. Last year he
received “Teacher of the Year” award which
was a very high honor. He has been a School
Board Member and a mentor in his schools.
Dr. Meeks is married with 4 children. He loves
camping, playing racquet ball, and spending
time with his family. He and his wife are avid
readers and have enough books in their house
to have a library of their own. He LOVES
Entheos Academy’s mission and values. He’s a
firm believer that Expeditionary Learning is the
best style of teaching and knows Entheos
Academy can be one of the top schools. We
are excited you’re here! Welcome to our crew.
Welcome to Entheos!
Summer break is over and now it’s
time to get back into our school
welcome all of our current and new
students, teachers and staff to
Entheos Academy. We will have a
great year!
Important Dates to Remember:
Sept. 1 – Labor Day / No school
Sept. 3 – Discovery starts for 1st-3rd grades
Sept. 4 – 9th grade CLAS Ropes Course
Sept. 4 – 9th grade Expedition kick off
Sept. 8 – Discovery starts for 4th-6th grades
Sept. 8 – 7th grade Expedition kick off
Sept. 16 – Picture Day
Sept. 17 – Town Hall meeting at 7:00pm
Sept. 1 to Oct. 3 – Box Top Competition
Oct. 8 to Nov. 19 – Love and Logic Class
changes the
Dr. Meeks
Parking Lot Reminders:
 Do not leave car unattended in the loading/unloading zones
 Please have students ready to drop off in the morning. If
students or parents are not ready, PLEASE PULL AS FAR
FORWARD as possible in the loading/unloading zones so you
are not backing up traffic.
 Please remember not to turn left on to 7200 West when
dropping off/picking up students. Parents who turn left create
a safety hazard, back up cars in the parking lot, and back up
cars trying to enter the parking lot.
 If it’s 8:30am or after you will need to pull in the parking lot and
check in your student at the front office.
 When driving through the parking lot please use extra caution.
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Entheos Academy –
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Discovery Program
**Friendly reminder**
We are accepting donations! With
your donation (suggested $35 per
students per school year) we are
more able to fund the amazing
instructors, classes, and
transportation that make Discovery
so meaningful for your Entheos
student. Please make your donation
to the office.
To volunteer please email:
[email protected]
This program can’t run without
our parents and grandparents.
This is a great way to interact
with your student(s)!
~ Thank You ~
Box Top Program Earned Over $1500.00 Last Year
Box Tops can be found on several products bought at the store. The school earns
$0.10 for every box top that is collected and turned in. That may not sound like
much but you would be surprised how fast that adds up. If every student turned in
10 box tops a month times 500 students that would be $500.00 a month for our
school. Here are a few ideas what products Box Tops can be found on: Betty
Crocker, Nestlé Juicy Juice, General Mills Cereal, Green Giant Vegetable’s,
Pillsbury, Land O’ Lakes, Hanes, Avery, Kleenex, Hefty, and Ziploc products.
***Also some products have bonus box tops, don’t forget to cut those as well and
turn them in. You can also earn ebox tops online for our school at btfe.com.
Watch out for the expiration date on them.
We will be having a Box Top Competition Sept. 1st thru Oct. 3rd. This will be
between the grades and who can turn the most in the most box tops. Get your
friends and family to collect them for you. This money helps us tremendously for our
school! More information about the competition will be coming home soon!
Parenting with Love and Logic
classes will be held October 8th thru
November 19th from 7:00 to 9:00pm
at Entheos Academy.
Parent Reminder: Please make sure you
are logging all of your volunteer hours. You
can do this by filling out the log in the front
office or emailing your name, hours and what
your volunteering was for to
[email protected]
Town Hall Meeting
Please join us on September 17 @
7:00pm. All parents are encouraged
to attend. There will be performances
by students and information about
Title One schools. Also, this will
give parents an opportunity to ask
questions to Dr. Meeks, PCO and a
member of the School Board.
Hope to see everyone there.
Crew Organization
Organization (PCO)
Suzanne Adams, President
The PCO is run by the parents of the students.
[email protected]
Without the PCO many of our school
Suzanne Adams, President
programs wouldn’t be
possible. At registration
parents were given an opportunity to sign and
[email protected]
help on a crew. Those crew coordinators will
Branderburg, Mentor
in touch
year to have you
[email protected]
when needed. Heather
We are stillKauffold
looking for 3
Sabrina Branderburg, Mentor
[email protected]
Crew Coordinators (see below). We
need you!
[email protected]
Please consider signing up to be a coordinator.
Bowers, Secretary
PCO meetings are held the 2nd Saturday of
every month at 9:00am for 1 hour. This time
[email protected]
will count as volunteer time. Please contact
Shylah Bowers, Secretary
Suzanne Adams, President if interested.
[email protected]
Jesse Meeks, School Director
Thank you,
[email protected]
Shylah Bowers, PCO Secretary
Dr. Jesse Meets, School Director
[email protected]
Crews and Coordinators
Box Tops, Labels, Recycling
Coordinator: Heather Kauffold
[email protected]
Literacy Coordinators:
Brandie Miera
[email protected]
Brittany Kirby
[email protected]
Service Learning/Expert
Coordinator: Antonia Oviedo
[email protected] 801-661-8725
Fine Arts/History Book
Coordinator: Denise Dennis
Crew Grounds Safety
Coordinator: Darlene Valtinson
[email protected] 801-676-9771
Values/Appreciation/Field Day
Brandie Smith
[email protected]
Nichole Rilk
[email protected]
After School (4H)
Coordinator: Need Parent Volunteer
Charter Advocacy/Public Relations
Coordinator: Need Parent Volunteer
Community Partners & Donations
Coordinator: Need Parent Volunteer

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