comics and graphic novels fibd angoulême rights list 2015


comics and graphic novels fibd angoulême rights list 2015
Dream Team
Artur Laperla & Mario Torrecillas
16.5x23.5, color, 414 pages.
World rights available.
Enzo is a suburb's boy with a big passion: football. Football is his only way to escape from his life, and this is why he dedicates to it
almost every hour of the day. However, Enzo's life is not easy; his father, Luis, drinks too much, and loses control easyly, and even
if he's really proud of Enzo, sometimes he makes a scene.
One day, an Arsenal's talent scout goes up to his suburb to have a look at the boys playing and notices Enzo. At this moment, Enzo
decides that what his father really needs to overcome his life is a good new such as Arsenal has signed up with him. So this is how
Enzo's lie starts, a fantasy that can illuminate his and others' lives
John Mortonson's Funeral
Ambrose Bierce & Tatúm
169 x 27,5 cm, color, 80 p., Publ.: Edicions de Ponent
World rights available.
Collection of seven short stories by the well-known North-American writer and journalist Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914), exploring
in a dark and satirical voice the main subjects of Bierce's work such as death, war and ghosts.
Short stories included are the following: One Summer Night; The Crimson Candle; John Mortonson's Funeral; Father and Son;
The Man and the Snake; Mr. Swiddler Saumersault; Parker Adderson, Philosopher.
This work has won the Palma City Award of Comics 2013.
Dios ha muerto (God Is Dead)
Irkus (m) Zeberio
17 x 24 cm, color, 112 p., Publ.: Bang Ediciones
World rights available (except Spanish & French).
Thus Spoke Zarathustra had a special origin, mystical and contemplative, born from two "visions" Nietzsche had in 1881 and in
1883. In GOD IS DEAD, Irkus attempts to reveal these images to the reader. A wordless comic (Thus Spoke) trying to return to
Nietzsche's mind before he translated his visions into words.
Nietzsche's book is a kind of secular Bible against Western values, using the actual figure of the prophet Zarathustra as spokesman
of his own ideas. He tells the successive "declines" Zarathustra made from his mountain retreat to explain to men his findings. The
style is lyrical, full of metaphors and neologisms. It parodies constantly religious texts, especially the Bible and its parabolic shapes.
Nietzsche has no sympathy in his efforts to destroy philosophy and the most common ideas about religion, God, art, literature, the
educated, virtuous, culture, poetry...
17x 24 cm, color, 104 p., Publ.: Bang Ediciones
World rights available (except Spanish & French).
Serge is a free comics adaptation of the Gospel according to Saint John. The story reminds the one of the author's childhood,
punctuated by catechism classes. His character, Serge, traces the life of a Catholic family in Buenos Aires (Argentina), that
resembles a lot with that to the one of the author.
F.Sánchez & N. Bustos
17 x 24 cm, b&w, 184 p., Publ.: Glénat
Rights sold: French, German, Japanese and Korean
Behind a catastrophe there's always a human story. This is the story of one of the many families which after the terrible nuclear
accident of Txernobyl decided to leave their home convinced they would come back within only few days. But it was too late, the
invisible enemy had taken over all their belongings, houses, lands and was decided to stay there for thousands of years.
Black is Beltza
F. Muguruza, H. Cano & J. Alderete
23 x 31 cm, color, 144 p., Publ.: Bang Ediciones
World rights available (except Spanish & French)
October 1965. Load-bearings of Pampelune's giants, tipical image of San Fermín's Feast, march along the 5 th avenue of NYC.
However, due to the racial discrimination, US authorities forbide the participation in the parade of a couple of black giants. Max
Unanue, one of the load-bearing, dissapointed because his colleagues have decided to go on with the parade, decides to leave the
group and doesn't go back home. He's going to stay in Harlem and will become a witness of the turmoil events taking place in the
60's american society: racial riots after Malcolm's X death and the excentricities of the guests of the mythical The Factory where he
meets Amanda, a girl from Cuba working for the secret services and of whom he's going to fall in love and who he will follow to La
After several years in Cuba receiving a diverse training, he meets El Che who, before traveling to Bolivia, will propose to him a
special mission: taking out from the US one member of the Black Panthers, who is in danger of being murdered, and taking him to
Cuba. To do so, he must avoid all the CIA agents around the world suspecting Cuba does this kind of actions.
The Sachetti
Francisco Sánchez & Víctor Araque
17x24 cm, color, 110 p.
World rights available.
Bill is a lonely man working as an emergency doctor. His monotonous life changes completely the day in which a guy having a
heart attack arrives to the hospital. Bill can recognise the guy as James Fontain, the well-known actor playing the role of the
mobster Joe Sachetti in the TV series [title to be decided]. The life the actor he adores is now in his hands, regardless what it
happens, nothing will be the same.
This story has its origin in the unexpected and lamented death of James Gandolfini. A tribute to The Soprano through Joe Sachetti,
an erudite mobster reciting literary pieces in the well known TV series.
El bien más preciado
Francisco Sánchez & Inés Vázquez
17x24 cm, color, 110 p.
World rights available.
When one has spent all his life in the same place, don't want to move. A little district is planned to be demolished to build offices
and houses for rich people. Most inhabitants leave the place, but some few resist: living there become more and more difficult, but
they organize themselves and start to fight. We'll discover the life of this gang of old people, who has spent all their lifes and
different events in this district, and will also accompany them in their revindication in fight for justice.
Marcello Quintanilha
17 x 24 cm, b&w, 188 p., Publ.: La Cúpula
Rights sold: French, Portuguese (Brazil).
Salvador de Bahía. Somebody is fishing with explosives in the beach, behind the fort. Mr. Ney, a retired army's sergeant, cannot
tolerate something like this. Caju, an insignificant dealer, affirms to have abandoned his business with marijuana. To gain immunity,
he was forced to provide the police with some names, and it put himself in a delicate position. Richard, one of his contacts in the
police, lives in a perpetual marriage crisis. His wife, Keira, has just finally made a decision.
Maritime thriller with details of social account, taking its name from a heavy and useful chemical element of contemporary life. The
metal with the higher melting point known.
Ricardo Vilbor & Vicente Montalbá
17 x 24 cm, b&w, 144 p., Publ.: La Cúpula
World rights available.
Scavenger is the story of a twilight hero, a warrior who was great once, but has buried his greatness in alcohol, errors and excuses.
Set in a medieval world at war, in decomposition, Fhou Khanis's story and the battle for Tarsis is a story about defeat and pain, loss
and the indelible mark of remembrance.
Paradise Lost
John Milton & Pablo Auladell
17 x 234cm, color, 320 p.
Rights sold: French & English.
Adaptation into graphic novel form of the epic poem by John Milton. As it's well known, Paradise Lost brings into play the parallel
story of a double fall. The one of Satan, to whom the divine wrath will precipitate him into the farthest side of abyss, to the depths
over which the fallen angel will reign for all eternity, wounded his pride and plotting and endless revenge. And the one of Adam and
Eve, who will be expelled from the Garden of Eden and thrown to mortality, to a world already inhabited by wreck, finitude and
sin. Thus, the rebel angel causes the downfall of the new creature, who will always carry on him this dual nature, angelic and
infernal, and opens a new board game for his eternal dispute with God.
Various authors
17 x 24 cm, color, 148 p., Publ.: La Cúpula
World rights available.
Collection of erotic stories by different authors exploring the moments of life in wich we turn in red.
Habitaciones íntimas (Private Rooms)
Cristina Spanò
17x 24 cm, color, 112 p., Publ.: Bang Ediciones
World rights available (except Spanish & French)
Private Rooms tells us the life of a young
Italian girl, Camila, at the time she lived in
her parents' house and when she goes
back, during holidays (from 7 up to 35
years old). Every chapter is a memory she
has kept from this house. Thanks to all
these private pieces, the reader can rebuild
her life. We can see her when she was 16,
smoking a cigarrete with a friend and
hiding from her parents, discovering love
and death or leaving to look for a job in
another country.
Camila is a common girl, indecisive and complex. Her father is a worker and her mother an Argentinian inmigrant working as a
cleaning woman. Camila will grow up in a prosperous family context, even if outside exists a huge economical crises,
unemployment and factories closing down. Even the low education of her parents, she has been able to understand how life really is.
The house is, not only a place, but also a mixture of feelings, where every chapter is a memory of each room.
Croquette & Small Pasty
Ana Oncina
14 x 20 cm, bitone, 124 p., Publ.: La Cúpula
Rights sold: French.
This is the book that Romeo would had given as a present to Juliet!
When someone is a croquette, its destiny is deeply falling in love with a small pasty. And like any other couple, they decide to go to
live together, but nobody said it was going to be easy!
Croquette and Small Pasty is tender, funny and transmits good vibes.
For further information or reading copies, please get in touch with:
Montserrat Terrones
[email protected]

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